Ultimate Apps for Health, Fitness Training, and Lifestyle Management

Keep yourself Fit and Healthy with these Ultimate Mobile Apps.

Eating the right food and keeping yourself fit help you to cope with stress, fight illness & many more benefits later in life. 

Everyone wants a fit & perfect body but for that you need to exercise regularly, eat healthy low-fat food, follow proper workout routine but one needs to take out time for doing all this and in such a busy life it gets difficult to manage everything.

With these mobile apps nowadays the problem has been solved to a great extent that people at least, have a hope as well as scope to follow the fitness routine.

Apps for Health, Fitness Training, and Lifestyle Management
Fitness and Lifestyle apps


List of Health and Fitness Training Apps

1. Fitstar- Personal Trainer App


With Fitness Personal Trainer in your phone you can enjoy a customized workout at home, on the road, in case  you are unable to take out time for the gym, or can’t afford a costly personal trainer who can train you on fitness/ workout.

The app helps you burn calories and lose weight with video fitness workouts. FitStar is extremely interesting that keeps on bringing new moves and sessions to keep things fun, fresh, and fit just for you.

Fitstart has dynamic HD videos show you the moves along with tips from famous coaches. Every month new sessions such as “10-Minute Abs” and “7-Minute Workout” are added. Available in English, the app allows you to keep an eye on your fitness journey.
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2. Runtastic Six Pack abs

To get six packs requires a lot of focus, input & time. It’s not an easy job which you could do in a day or two. With Runtastic Six Pack abs app, those who can’t afford gyms & trainers can make it possible to get six packs.

Yes, this app help you get the flat stomach, core strength and overall fitness you’ve always wanted. It gives you 10 Week Six Pack Plan wherein male and female avatars guide you on the variety of core exercises & that too step by step procedure.

The most interesting part being that no gym equipment required. For more details you need to go through & explore the app to the fullest. 1 million users already taking advantage from this.

3. Fitnet App: Real Time Feedback with Webcam Scoring


Fitnet converts your phone’s (any smartphone or tablet) camera into a powerful biometric sensor providing you real-time feedback while you exercise. It keeps a check on how well you’re keeping up with the workout.
It has about 180+ free video fitness workouts with webcam scoring alongside new workouts which are posted every week. Not only confined to this, it also offers multiple workout styles in order to give variety. The app works on 7-day plan or in other words it can be framed as it has weekly goals to be achieved that helps you keep on track in terms of your fitness.

4. Sworkit -Personal Workout Trainer App

When you think about workout/ gyming, fit body, flat belly etc, what comes to your mind is cardio, yoga, stretching, energy, stamina, running, push ups & so many exercises. Isn’t it? What if you don’t have time to go to the gym? Or maybe some other such reason? Well, here’s when Sworkit app comes to your rescue.

Sworkit acts as your personal workout trainer for circuit strength, cardio, yoga, and stretching. Unlike other apps where you see videos, this app allows you to create your own or modify the workout according to your comfort & requirement using any exercise in the app’s library. It acts like your personal trainer. The app is free & has lots of features in it. Every single feature is unique in itself. So is the reason it has 1 million users & more counting.

5. Map My Fitness- GPS based workout tracking app


With the help of this app that uses GPS to track your 24/7 activity graph i-e track Workouts, Running, Cycling, Walking, and Calorie Counter etc.

It also has gear tracker which lets you add your athletic shoes to start tracking mileage in order to avoid common injuries & notice when it’s time for you to get new running shoes.

The app is very user-friendly & benefits your friends & near ones too. You can share nutrition & fitness data by syncing your account with other health and nutrition apps like MyFitnessPal and Google Fit. This app also has 1 million users with 4.3 ratings given.

6. Noom Coach App for Health Eating Habits

One of the finest apps ever. Noom coach has 10 million downloads. Well, we all know that healthy eating habit can increase our life expectancy & keep us away from all types of health issues.

Noon coach does the same job of helping the users to improve their eating habits. The app says it acts like a nutritionist in your pocket providing you with all the tools and guidance needed to get rid of bad eating habits.

The app is such a success that it has been featured in The New York Times, Women’s Health, Shape, Forbes, and ABC News & many more. Personalized fitness challenges, meal logging, calorie tracking, and a simple traffic-light food-logging system helps you understand & keep a check on what you’re eating every day. Not just calorie counting rather it also gives motivation & guides you for keeping your weight in control.

7. Healthy Out

Home cooked food is healthy but we all love to eat outside as well, not regularly though. Whenever we plan to go out for  dinner or lunch, all we wish is to enjoy yummy food without much concern about calories.

Now with healthy out app you can find a healthy restaurant and prepared grocery store meals that fit your personal preferences or  Nutritional preference, like Low Calorie, Low Carb, Low Fat, High Protein, Low Sodium etc.

You can filter by cuisine, ingredients and even the type of dish. The app is very beneficial & a must if you really want to eat healthy outside.


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