Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Advertising via Pinterest Ads

Last updated on January 8th, 2019 at 08:23 am

Pinterest Advertising: Learn What you should do and what you should abstain from


Facebook,Twitter, Google Adwords are some big names in social media advertising world. Well, to your knowledge, here we have a new one added in the list which can benefit the marketers and business houses if used in a planned manner with complete knowledge.
With a highly active user base, Pinterest has a lot to give you to grow your customer base and business. although advertising on this platform is new and so not much has been explored.


Do's and Don'ts of Pinterest Social Media Advertising
Do’s and Don’ts of Pinterest Marketing



10 Advertising Tips for using Pinterest Social Media Ads Effectively


Once you learn about the do’s and don’ts of advertising on Pinterest, your half battle is already achieved. Rest depends on how you execute & implement things.
For now let us throw some light on the do’s and don’ts of advertising on Pinterest as said:


Do’s of Pinterest Advertising



1- Do keep on trying out different variations in order to see what campaign works best for. What image can impress your target audience, you never know. So testing variety and therefore adjusting the campaign according to what comes out to be the best option is important.


2- Do put Call To Action button in description of your pin as it allows you to do so. Why not make the most out of it. You can use ‘Sign Up’, ‘download now’ etc to get clicks. Users love to see beautiful images, creative things on this space and not merely advertisements.


3- You can associate up to 150 keywords in one promoted pin but that doesn’t mean you would use up to the highest limit. No. It is recommended to use 30 keywords per promoted pin and that too the relevant keywords that relate your industry, brand, product/services, target audience etc, both to your pin as well as the landing page (where users will land on clicking).


4- Do use targeting options provided by Pinterest. Via these, based on users location, gender, device or language, you can show pins to them.

The targeting options allow you to send your pins to the right audience at the right time.


5- Do optimize your clicks and conversions by experimenting different options and bid aggressively because this will let you see your return in starting when you bid more. Also it will lead to more conversion which would increase your ads relevancy no matter if you bid less later.


Don’ts of Pinterest Advertising


1- Do not use CTAs in the image you pin because your pin might not get approved. Don’t use direct call to action in the image rather soft & catchy CTAs can be used instead as an impressive cover. Being upfront with CTAs on images won’t be allowed.


2- Don’t use the images that doesn’t suit the design of the platform say horizontal or landscape images as users won’t be able to see . Long & vertical images suits this space. Too long won’t be good either because user will have scroll to have a complete look of it. Therefore, appropriate longer images must be used.


3-  Do not send users directly to a landing page where they would convert rather send them to a blog post where they can reach to the landing page.


4- Don’t use hashtags on this platform as they look spammy. If you want to use one that is your company or brand specific than surely you can use with your ad campaign. The keywords used in your pin will do the work for you. Hashtag won’t do any wonder here.


5- Don’t use redirect links and interrupt the flow when users click. Once it gets detected by Pinterest, it will shut down your pin.



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