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8 Killer SEO Tips to Rank your Website Higher in Google Search


Search Engine Optimization Tips for Website Ranking: How to Rank better in Google Search Engine Result Pages


Increase your Ranking on Search Engines Like Google with these 8 Quick SEO Tips



Blogging Tips for getting Search Engine Traffic from Google SERPs. Every website wants to show up in the top results of any search engines. But what does it take to make it possible?

Moreover it is seen that entrepreneurs struggle hard on this front. Well, here is a piece of advice for them in the form of this article which lays down certain tips to improve ranking in Google.


SEO is the most effective of all the ways to get free organic traffic from various search engines. It costs you nothing. But, you would have to learn it the right way. SEO could be very tricky at times and it can even harm your search engine ranking if done incorrectly and wrongly.



8 Killer SEO Tips for Website Ranking In Google Search Engine
8 SEO Tips to Rank In Google

Take a look and see if you can get a hint of what exactly you need to do to achieve good ranking goal.



SEO Tips for Ranking your Website higher for Google Organic Searches


With increasing competition and more and more websites coming up in the different categories it has become crucial and difficult at the same time to get a good rank on search engine.

Find out 8 of the best SEO practices to make the website ranking job easier.



1. Keyword Selection:



The first thing you need to do is pick the right keyword which you want your post to show up for. If you are confused about what keyword to go with then to help you there is a tool called Google keyword Planner which gets you keyword ideas and ascertains how a certain keyword would perform.

This tool is available for free although you might need to create an Adwords account to gain access to this tool, if you don’t have an account there already.



2. Know Your Competition:



Learn to use the keywords researching and see all the content that appears in the top search results pages on Google. That’s where your competition lies. Look deeply what they are missing out on.



Know Your Competition-to-rank-your website blog higher with SEO tips-400x250
Beat your Competition by using the right tools in the appropriate ways



Can you deliver better than them? In what way you can stand out from the competitors and attract the traffic towards you? Strive hard to provide what competitors are missing on. This will improve your ranking in the search results and give you space in top results.


Best Tools available Online for Spying on your Competitors

➤ In House Agency or Freelancer? who is better to get your SEO work done?



3. Powerful Content






It is difficult but important either. Your content is what makes your audience stay and listen to you. Powerful content that blow the competitors out must be created and shared.


You have to be better than all others existing in the competition. Let your audience notice you amongst the crowd. Give due focus on your content and create outstanding one.


Which is better between SEO or Content Marketing ]



4. Framing Page Title:


You must consider putting keyword in your page title. The title should be exciting enough to motivate the audience to click on it. Boring, ordinary and regular titles would hardly get you any audience.



5. Keyword Phrase in Header Or Sub- headers:



It is important to properly organize your webpages. Title, header, sub-headers all makes a part of it. This organization helps Google know what the blog/article is all about & accordingly it appears in the search engine results.

Try to put keyword at least once in your header or sub-headers for better placement in google search results.


➤ Crack the competition- The Best web based SEO Software and tool



6. Use Keywords in the Name of your Image or When Renaming it:






If you are using image or images in your blog post than do put keywords in the name of your images. This is quite easy.


All you need to do is change the name of the file saying “ 264932.jpg” and rename it with your keyword phrase on your computer before you upload it.


 How to Write SEO friendly content



7. Keyword in The URL & Post:



Yet another way to show Google what your blog is about. Put keyword in your URL. Not getting it?

Well, let us put it in this way, in your website URL what comes after .com, .net or .org etc.

Now when you use keyword in your URL, it shows up something like this;

(Example)>>> instead of


The later can ruin your SEO efforts while the former can help you in getting good placement in search results by Google.



8. Internal & External Links:



External links are like third party votes and are most important source of ranking power. When your content is great, it can get you links easily. Link building becomes an important part here.



Insert your best links no matter if they are old, you can edit and adjust it and link it to other pages on your website. Let audience notice  your best content.


They will see when you will show them otherwise why would they bother until you yourself are not caring to put your best work forward. Coming onto the big thing at last which is external links.


In order to decide how good your post is, google depends on external links to a great extent. You praising yourself weighs less than others praising you, It can be simply put this way.


Have you not submitted a press release about your online business yet? I strongly recommend adding 2-10 PR articles in some well ranked PR sites.



Top 10 Blog Directories to get backlinks

➤ Visit here to find free press release submission sites list

➤ How to get backlinks for Promoting and Ranking your Website


Blog Directory Submission Sites List 2020 – Top 20 SEO Blog Directories [Free/Paid]

Find here a list of the 20 Top Blog Directory Sites where you may Add url free and can get one way free backlinks for SEO and Website Ranking: Blog Submission sites [Free/ Paid]


If you are a serious blogger then you must already be knowing that earning good backlinks to your blog is very important in terms of SEO. There are several methods by following which you can get backlinks from various high authority websites. Blog directories are such of the submission sites where you can promote your blog and get free one way backlinks.


If you submit your url to good blog submission sites then it could be very helpful for ranking your blog in Search engines. Having good number of backlinks from such blog directory sites can increase SEO for your blog or website.

Today, blogging is not just about writing articles and answering the comments of your readers, but much more than! You would have to make it search engine friendly and for that you will have to follow some primary SEO rules.


List of the Top 20 Blog Directories on Internet-932x700
List of the Top 20 Blog Directories 


List of 20 Most Popular Blog Submission Sites to add url Free for SEO and Backlinks

[ With Free/ Paid/ Reciprocal link addition options available ]


Free and Paid Blog Directories with High PR+DA and Great backlink Quality 


These are some of the best Blog directories for you. Most of them have High PR and High DA. Use these blog submission websites to promote your blog online. It will be a great thing to boost search engine optimization (SEO) for your blog.


Your blog will get good quality backlinks from these High Domain Authority (DA) directories.


Apart from SEO, you need to market your blog on the Internet using social media platforms as well.


Because, similar to SEO, Social Media is a very strong indicator and search engines rely on them while ranking a blog or website. They notice the social media signals for your blog and based on that they rank your blog in organic searches.

#1. Dmoz- the Biggest Blog Directory on the Internet, edited by humans



DMOZ - The Directory of the Web_dmoz-odp_600x400
DMOZ – The Number#1 Directory of the Web


DMOZ is the largest human edited directory. It is the oldest, most authentic, and most respected directory sites for blog submission. All the blogs are organised very systematically on this site. It is very dynamic and and is updated regularly for the ne submissions. It maintains a high sense of quality.


It has kept pace with the growth of the Internet making your blog reach a multitude of people on the net. DMOZ powers the directories of the largest search engines such as Google and AOL search.

Add your blog to Dmoz


#2. is a free blog directory



All for Blog I Lifestyle_Business Blog-allforblog-com_600x400 A top Blog Submission Site


Here you can post your blog URL and get massive traffic for your blog. The site is well organised and neat so that it will be easy for you to find the relevant category to put your blog. There is a real variety of blogs which are published on this site.


The biggest catch with this site is that you do not have to pay for a thing but your blog gets promoted and receives the traffic it needs., is human edited blog submission site which ensures that you get high quality traffic.


This site is reviewed meticulously by humans which is a great advantage as it ensures that only the quality blogs get ranked. There are a variety of blogs listed on the directory for different categories, such as health, art, news, advertising and marketing, blogging, SEO, digital, tech, entertainment, etc.


Submit your Blog free at All for Blogs


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➤ 25 Top Bookmarking sites for SEO



#3. is a service where you can add your blog or website for free


It automatically informs subscribers about new content once it is posted on the site. This is great for those who frequently write blogs as anytime they post anything, many people will be notified at once. increases the speed with which search engines index your content. It supports visibility of your content across the online space not just on search engines but also on social media sites, ISPs and aggregators.


Visit Webblogs to add blog url

#4. Scoobe Business Directory


Scoobe is a major directory site which allows you to improve your website’s publicity and to get your website known so that people actually find it online. Blogs are organised well so that anyone visiting the site will find what they are looking for.


When you list your blog in this directory it will give you visibility on search engines. You submit your links for a price on this platform.

You have two options here- regular Links (Free) and and Featured links ($29 for lifetime).

Scoobe Biz web directory


#5. Sportsblogs- The Directory also show latest content from your blog via RSS feed


Sportsblogs is a sports oriented directory and it helps to improve search engine visibility of the blogs related to sports based content. It has an aggregation of RSS feeds which gives this site the ability to enlist latest posts from the submitted blogs.


It is a site which helps people keep up to date with their sports giving information to sports lovers on their respective sports. Once you contribute with an article covering the sport of your choice.

For advertisers, Sportsblogs offers custom ads and custom text ads in order to reach many audiences.


Sports Blogs Directory


#6. BlogCatalog- a Free and Paid Blog Submission site


BlogCatalog has both options: free and paid. You pay for business blogs. On this directory, you are able to get traffic and make money off the internet. There are paid options which are designed to help your blog rank up.It is a search engine optimized directory which helps your content more valuable in terms of SEO.

Blogcatalog- Ads2020 Online advertising marketing blogs for business


#7. Jayde- Blog Submission Directory and a B2B search engine


Jayde is both a web directory and a business to business search engine. Everything is designed to help users find what they want. It has been around more than a decade giving business people exposure and marketing power.

You can list your blog for free on Jayde. It uses a search algorithm known as ClickRelevance which pushes your blog up or down in search results for the related keywords as per the user interaction.

Submit your blog free on Jayde



#8. EatonWeb


EatonWeb is an invaluable directory. Your blogs will be listed on huge sites like Huffington post and Gawker. If you consistently produce good content, it will be placed on top of the listings.

Your blog is measured on strength, momentum and overall performance.

Eatonweb Blog directory


#9. Ping-o-matic- The Powerful Ping System that helps your blog for better crawling and indexing


Ping-o-matic gives your blog free exposure. It does not do listings but ping other content hungry directories and platforms. It lets people know that your blog has been updated and there is new content been published on your blog.


Once your websites and blogs get that ping, the directories and content syndication channels crawl and index your blog or site.


Add your blog’s post urls to Pingomatic whenever there is a new post published



#10. Best of The Web (BOTW) – a PR8 Paid Blog Submission Directory Engine


Best of the Web is a collection of websites which aims to look for the best blogs and sites. Their blog directory is not free and it is edited by humans.This directory has a high authority score. It has various categories.

Its services should be paid for. Their annual fee is $149.95 and for life time listing they charge $299.95.


Add your blog or site into Best of the The Web Blog Directory


#11- Blogarama: One of the Oldest Blog Directory

[ 138000 live blog listings and counting ]


This is an oldest blog submission directory site on the Internet. They have Millions of visitors who come to their blog directory for browsing, reading, and submission purposes. Blogarama has hundreds of thousands of blog subscribers.


So, you stand to get a very good visibility and SEO benefits if you submit your blog there. Blogarama offers Free url submission and hence you get free advertisement of each of your blog posts! They offer Free, premium and business packages for blog submission.


You can submit a blog url free for the following main categories at Blogarama:

  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Blogging
  • Books & Literature
  • Business
  • Design
  • Education
  • Fashion
  • Finance
  • Food & Drink
  • Friends & Family
  • Gambling & Games
  • Green
  • Health & Fitness
  • Home & Garden
  • Internet
  • Life
  • Marketing
  • Politics
  • Shopping & Gifts
  • Software
  • Spirituality
  • Sports
  • Technology

Submit your blog Free at Blogarama


#12. Ontoplist


ontoplist_com-Free_Blog_submission_site_600x300 Free Blog submission site



Ontoplist offers both free and paid services. It is free and human edited but you can make Paypal payments to hasten the listing process. Your blog is ranked according to authority.


It receives a high number of submissions due to its efficiency and ability to reach many people. It has a wide range of audience, so your blog gets good exposure across their online community of bloggers.You need to register an account at there for submitting your blog url.


Ontoplist also provides analytical details and performance of your added blog where you can see the important stats for your listing.

They also publish feed urls of the newly published posts from your blog. Hence, your latest publications are also seen by your blog subscribers and fans at

OnTopList- High PR Free and Paid Blog Submission Site


#13. Loaded Web




With Loaded Web, you can get sufficient traffic on your blogs. It deals with other platforms such as social media, like Twitter, Facebook, etc. It is a geo-centric directory.

They accept Blog or business submissions from the following countries only-

  1. United States.
  2. United Kingdom
  3. New Zealand
  4. Canada
  5. Australia

Submit your Blog or business Free at Loaded Web


#14.IndiBloghub- the Largest Blog Directory for Indian Bloggers





This is a hub place for influencers bloggers from India.


Submit your blog links and home page url here for free. A PR4 well Indexed Indian blog directory platform where you can add a Blog and promote it further to a big community of Indian bloggers (Free/ paid).


IndiBlogHub is a quite popular platform for bloggers in India where they can showcase and promote their blog in front of several thousands of community members. It is well SEO improved online directory for any kind of bloggers. You can also add blog feed as well, so that your latest posts are published there.

This Blog directory has good reputation and domain authority. Even its inner pages have good Page Rank.

Submit Link URL has hundreds of sources with SEO tools which ensure that your blog ranks well in search engines.

Submit blog url at IndiBlogHub



#15. Blogville blog directory


Blogville blog directory offers a great way to promote your blog online. Your listing will be manually reviewed and the highest quality blogs rank higher.

You can tag your blog with suitable and relevant keywords. All blogs are checked against Safe Browsing malware.


Blogville – USA Blog Directory Site

#16. WordPress Blog Directory for the WordPress made Blogs


Here you can submit only the blogs made on WordPress platform.On WordPressBlogDirectory  you get advanced customization options, you can have your articles published apart from url links.

It is simple, flexible and search engine optimized as well as multilingual so that you can reach a wide variety of people.


WordPress Blog Directory- Submit your WordPress Blog


5 More High PR Blog Submission Sites where you could add a blog url Free:-


#17. Link center

#18. Blog 

#19. Submit Biz Web Directory

#20. InfoListings – For regular and Featured Links

#21. Blog Hub

#22. BlogFlux- add your blog free


Submit your blog Free at Blogflux. Blog categories for Art Blog, Business Design, Entertainment, Family, Fashion, Food, Health, Humor, Internet, Life, Marketing, Movies, Music, News, Parenting, Personal, Photography, Politics, Reviews, SEO, Technology, Travel, and Writing.

Next similar articles >>


You can optimize your blog by submitting it to the popular blog directories mentioned in this list. The blog Submission sites list 2019 is manually checked/verified and it includes the best online places on the Internet for SEO.

It is time you visit these blog directory sites and rank your content higher in search engines.


Top 10 Websites for Watching Movies Online for Free

Watch Movies Online for Free: What are the Best Sites where you can Watch Movies Online for Free


Stop Wasting Time and Money on Booking Movie Tickets

Entertainment has become an important part of our lives. Amidst so much pressure of work & life balance we feel like having some fun time not necessarily by going out for playing or something rather sitting at home with snacks watching your favorite movies online.

There are numerous websites to watch movies online.

You don’t really need to depend on torrent & all to firstly wait for the movie to get downloaded and then after so much of patience watch it offline.

[ Top 10 Video Player Apps ]

Top 10 Online eCommerce websites in India to Buy Sell Mobile Phones ]

[ 10 Best Websites for education and eLearning ]

Watch Movies Online



List of Top 10 Websites for Watching Movies Online FREE:-

  • YouTube
  • Tubi TV
  • Sony Crackle
  • Vudu
  • Hotstar
  • Popcornflix.
  • IMDb Freedive
  • MoviesFoundOnline


# 1. Watch Movies Online []

The website is dedicated to the users who want to “watch movies online” as the name itself says. This website has bifurcated the movies on different basis. It has got various folders depending upon the genre of movies for instance cinema, A-Z movies (alphabetical order),  new movies, action, adventure, comedy, animation, crime, documentary, Drama, family, fantasy, horror, romance, mystery, sport, thriller, war, sci-Fi, western etc.

The site covers all sections of entertainment & makes it easy for users to enjoy the movies for free.

[ Top 10 Mobile Apps for Students ]

# 2. Movie25 []


A mobile friendly website for all. Said to be one of the biggest free full movies library that comprises of great collection of interesting & popular movies.

It is seen that many online movie websites covers TV/drama section too for the users but this website doesn’t have any such kind of section.

It is purely movie based & allows you to select from amongst various links available of the movie. This is so in order to ensure that in case any link is not working properly than user should not suffer rather alternative links are already made available therein.

You can watch your favorite movies for free without any hassle. The best part of this website is, it gets updated time to time which makes it much in demand by prospective users.

[ Top 10 Apps for Food Lovers ]


# 3. Movie4K

The site can be accessed from any of your devices be it android, iOS, Mac, windows etc.

One of the pros of Movie4K is that you can stream unlimited free HD high quality movies and TV shows for free. Free browsing & streaming of movies on your device. 

Formerly the site was known as Movie2K. It is the video on demand type of site & registration is optional here.

[ Top Camera Apps for your phone ]


# 4. Streaming Movies

The site keeps the updated collection of movies and so is the reason it is rated amongst the top 10 websites for movie streaming.

No registration is required in this site to start watching movies. You just need to browse your favorite movie choosing its genre & the year of release and now you can enjoy watching it online.

The site requires you to have flash player in your device be it android, iOS, or PC etc or whichever you are going to watch on.

It is basically supported by flash player.

[ Coolest Apps for Fitness and Lifestyle ]

# 5. Vumoo


A great looking website with about 60,000+ movies is one of the best to watch movies online.

You can search your favorite movie by its name, genre, name of the actors and many more options for search, this way the movie you need comes out accurate in short time rather than unnecessary scrolling & effort because of the reason that what you needed was not on your list.

The quality of movies are extremely good.

It is fastly growing & accepted by its audience that is increasing at a great speed.

[ Best Mobile Apps for Downloading Music Free ]


# 6. Crackle


With Sony as its owner which is one of the most trusted brand, crackle is an online distributor of original web shows, Hollywood movies & TV shows.

Crackle is available in 22 countries & 3 languages namely English, Spanish & Portuguese. 

The genres featured in this site are action, comedy, drama, horror, crime & sci-fi. A commercial free site.

You just need to register yourself & start enjoying online movies for free. Also there’s an app for this service which can be downloaded on iOS as well as android.


# 7. YouTube


Well, who would have not heard about YouTube? Today if ask children about YouTube they are also well aware of it. Kids are seen enjoying rhymes on YouTube.

It has got millions of videos from all over  the world. You get to see all kinds of videos at this single platform be it movie trailers, song videos, TV shows, awards, news, sports etc everything.

In order to watch latest movies one needs to be patient in case of YouTube as it takes some time (months for instance) after the release of that movie to upload it online.

[ 10 best Video websites on the Internet ]


# 8.

This website provides amazing collection of both Hollywood as well as Bollywood movies to watch online for free.

As it is a ‘Video on demand’ oriented site so it also provide streaming of various popular events example sports and others for specifically Indian clients on demand basis.

You can watch any movie of your choice which you demand on this site. It is designed keeping in view Indian audience. Registration is required herein.

[ Best Live TV Apps for Free ]


# 9. PrimeWire


Website with one of the biggest library of movies. PrimeWire is such a trusted website as it gets updated on minute basis.

It requires you to create an account like you do for any social networking site & after that you can watch as many movies as you want online for free.

It has a huge database of movies. About thousands of movies are available. Once you log in to your account you can avail the benefit of enjoying the movies of your choice.

[ 5 Top Apps for Learning English ]


# 10. Popcornflix


Good news is, no registration is required for this website. Clients can have direct access to it. You just need to surf the website search your movie and enjoy it for free.

Simple browsing of movies by their genres eg; comedy, romance, Horror, Drama, Action, Kids, Documentary, Sci-fi, short, etc and you are ready to watch without having to download.

It also streams the reality shows which nowadays has become a trend on TV and has massive audience for it. So is the reason Popcornflix covers this section too.

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What is Alexa Ranking and How to Use it for Website Evaluation and SEO and Alexa Ranking- An Introduction, its Usefulness, and How to Use it to Analyse a Website


There are many factors which make a blog or website well-known. So what are these factors which a webmaster should know to make his business or blog stand out in the marketplace?

Thus, to know about these factors, there are many websites and tools present in the digital marketplace by using which you can make your online business or business blog even more successful than ever.

And one of among these useful tools is Alexa Tool Bar, and one of these ranking factors is Alexa Ranking.

Alexa Ranking is basically an indicator for a website and it is not very accurate, but gives you a general or vague idea about a website’s popularity, in terms of visits, traffic, and SEO value!


What is Alexa Ranking and How to Use it for Website Evaluation SEO-550x400
Alexa Ranking – What is it? How and What it Indicates about a Website


What is Alexa and Alexa Ranking?


Alexa or Alexa Internet is California based company which deals with providing the information related to a particular website regarding popularity and Ranking. Thus, in short, it is a web Analytics Company provides analytical insight of about 30 million websites, which was founded in the year of 1996 and later owned by Amazon in 1999.


What is Alexa and Alexa Ranking-350x200
What is Alexa Ranking?


How it Analyses various websites?


The primary factor behind which Alexa works is the eminence of a company in terms of traffic. Thus, according to that the Alexa Ranking or Alexa Traffic Ranking is the measure of traffic recorded by Alexa for a company from its users who use its Alexa toolbar installed in their  browser extension within the duration of 3 months. This measure of three months is a combination of the average of daily unique visitors and pages.

Download Alexa Toolbar Extension for your Browser


Also, Alexa collects the information about traffic stats through their “Certify Your Site Metrics” option. Although Alexa shows results publicly if you have certified your metrics on Alexa and want to keep your certified metrics private, then you can go for it.

The parameters which Alexa includes in the calculation of its traffic stats are reaching and page views of a particular website.


How to Use Alexa Rank Indicators for a Website’s Evaluation in terms of SEO and User Engagement?


It is well-known that Alexa categorizes websites popularity in terms of traffic it possesses. But it is also a truth that it is not limited to it; it also provides some other factors which can be used to evaluate a website effectively.

So how to use it for website evaluation and SEO, let I tell you that:-


Audience Geography


Along with providing the traffic details, Alexa also provides data related to audience geography which helps to demonstrate the popularity of the company location wise. In simpler terms, it helps you to find the visitors of a website from different location means how popular a site is in various places.


Audience Geography for a website in Alexa Ranking-350x200
Audience Geography for a Website – Find where most of your Viewers come from!


It shows its statistics in the form of the percentage of visitors and rank in the particular country. Thus, you can also see the Alexa ranking of any website in a particular country as well.


Bounce Rate


Alexa also provides the detail related to bounce rate which is, in fact, important in both the conditions – for evaluation of a website and SEO.

It shows the bounce rate of a particular website along with the daily time on that particular site. As lower the bounce rate of a website, the better it is for the visitors of the site.


What Indicates Bounce Rate for a website in Alexa ranks-350x200
 Bounce Rate – The Lower the Better


Low bounce rate indicates your site is good enough to engage users and compels them to stay on your site without pressing back button of the browser to search for another option in search engine results.

Thus, in this way by putting emphasis on this factor, you can better optimize your website to lessen bounce rate and hence to get higher chances of ranked well in search results.


Top Queries from Search Engines


Under this section, Alexa provides the information about the search queries or keywords. It shows the keywords or search queries which send maximum traffic to that particular website.


Top Queries Keywords in Alexa Ranking for a site-350x200
Find the Top Queries and Keywords related to a site in Alexa Ranking


It will not only help in the evaluation of a site in terms of keywords it uses but will also help you to better target those keywords which
bring traffic to your and hence helpful in SEO as well.


Sites Linking with Your site


Yes, Alexa also provides the information about the sites linking to a particular website. It will help in evaluating a site concerning how strong the link profile of that particular website is and how authorized, trusted the site is.

Also if you are performing a check for your competitors, it will help you to make you aware about their backlinks.


Impact Factors


Yes, it is also a factor about which Alexa provides information and which can be a perfect factor to consider under evaluation of a website. This element tells that how impactful your site or blog is for any particular keyword.

The better the impact of your used keywords the better will be your place in search engine results. Also if your keywords are of high competition and are still having a good impact factor, then it is icing on the cake.


Impact Factor in Alexa Ranking-analysys of a site-350x200
Impact Factors- The Crucial Indicators for any Website


Also, if you want Alexa even to track the users who visit your website and do not have Alexa toolbar installed on their browser, then you can insert. before website URL of yours. It will permit Alexa to consider redirected links even when users do not have the tool.


Hope this post will help you to provide a deep insight about the Alexa and Alexa ranking. Along with that how it is useful for the evaluation of a website and SEO?


Thus, if you liked this post or have some questions to ask, please feel free to ask in the comment section below. We would love to answer them. Also, don’t forget to show your love by sharing the post over different social media channels.


Google Webmasters Tools and Website Ranking -A Beginner’s Guide

A Beginner’s Guide on How to Setup and Use Google Webmaster Tools for Ranking your Website


Google Website Tools, earlier known as ‘Google Webmaster Tools’ (GWT) and recently renamed as ‘Search Console’, helps you with website optimization. It helps to monitor your site’s performance in terms of online ranking of various keywords, overall website ranking, etc. And it also helps in identifying any issues like crawling errors and malware issues.

[ Tips to Use Google Adwords for Search engine Marketing ] [ Beginners Tips for Using Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool ]


Google webmasters Tools-beginners guide-560x315
Google Webmasters Tools-A beginners guide


Search console is easily accessible. All you need to have is a Google sign-in account from where you can visit the Search Console. Just go through its guide to make yourself familiar with its various tools and features.

How to generate traffic to your website with SEO ]


Using Google Search Console, it becomes quite easy to assess your website’s current performance globally. Also, it facilitates your official launch in the website business.


The lower the ranking number, the better it is and becomes a useful tool to determine the traffic on your site. Please  note that personal pages as well as blogs are ranked in the same format like those of other websites.

Best of the Internet Marketing Software


However, you would need to follow the below simple steps:


Step 1 – Sign in to Google Search Console


(you need to have a Google sign-in first)- Google Webmasters Signin

SEO Tips for Website Ranking



Step 2 – Add your website-


You would be required to add your website on the Search Console. You can do it either by clicking on ‘Add a Property’ link to your Console page or you can do a right click on the name of your website and click on ‘Add Site’.

Once your site is added, you have to go through the authentication process to verify that you own the site.

Website Promotion and Ranking Ideas



Step 3 –Create Your Dashboard-


Click on the ‘Search Traffic’ tab on the left side hand bar, followed by ‘Search Analytics’ tab. It asks for certain information, hence you can select the options you want to add in your dashboards.

You can select all the four metrics to have a view of your website, i.e. No. of clicks, Impressions, Click Through Rate (CTR) and Position. The function of these metrics is to know the total and average number of clicks on certain keywords and the number of  times your website has been searched. ‘The Click Through Rate’ is clicks divided by impressions in percent.

The higher, the better!


– The second set of radio buttons, asks for what data you want to view like queries and pages. For website ranking, you would need to select ‘Queries’. Queries provides the information about certain keywords for which search results make the users to view your website.


– Select the appropriate filters, in terms of geography, search type, devices etc. Select the country’s name, update the search type as ‘Web’ and leave the devices’ filter as blank since it will give you a holistic rank instead of just focusing on a single medium through which your website has been viewed by the end user.


– Define the date range, you would like to view the ranking for. It’s advisable to select a shorter date range, since it will give you the current and the most updated ranking. The historic data or rank will not really give an accurate current position. It also depends on your purpose of viewing the website rank – whether its short term or long term data that you want to analyze.



Step 4 – Review your Dashboard-


The tool summarizes the outcome data as well as visual format. There are three different visualized analyses shared on the tool which include sitemaps, crawl errors and search analytics. These give you an overview of your site’s health and performance.


On the dashboard page, you can also view its settings to understand the different features like search traffic, google index and the messages. Although the visualization covers all the updates and messages, yet the Console will keep on sending you messages with every update on your site’s performance.


It is indeed quite straightforward to view your website’s ranking through Google Search Console, however, there are a lot of other quick links which you can use to view immediate results:


In case, you would be required to change the website’s address or add owners, if there are multiple websites in your Console, you can do it by using the settings option in the tool.


For change of address, you would need to add the new link (please ensure that you are using this option only if you are replacing your primary website). Once you’ve added the new link, you have permanently transferred the content of old to the newer one. However, do check the verification methods before submitting the change of address request.


On the other hand, you can view the user access levels on the ‘Users and Property Owners’ tab. You add multiple users and can define the level of access. Every user who has been added, would have the access to view all the reports and tools.


The users who have been given full permissions, can use the tool in totality accept adding additional users. There is an option to give restricted access as well, wherein you would have to define the restrictions in terms of reports, also, they can’t submit URLs, sitemaps, etc.


How to Write SEO Friendly Content

Duplicate Content Checker Tools

 Successful SEO Campaign Planning Tips



Advanced Web Ranking


It’s a Google Analytical Tool which was initially a desktop application only but is now accessible through mobile phones as well. It provides advanced options to further track and analyze your website.

Ranking tracking is one of its tools which gives the accurate ranking from more than 50 countries with an option to customize Google’s location and select specific keywords.

You can compare your website’s ranking with other competitive websites by

i.) identifying your competitors,

ii.) comparing all the websites at the same time, and iii.) effective tracking performance over time.


There is an advanced filter which is set up for you to decide upon the frequency of the rank report you would like to view. It could be daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly or on demand. However, it is a paid tool, hence, less popular.

Hope you have got a fair insight on how Google Search Console assists in the website ranking work.Online Grammar Checker Tools


For more details, kindly visit:

Go through the given link to have a look at the features in detail:


Get Free Backlinks for Website Ranking


Beginners Guide for Using Google Analytics Tool for Online Ranking

Steps to Setup a Google Analytics Account and Tips for Measuring how your readers spend time on your Website

Google Analytics is used for assisting in the analysis of the traffic on any website using 3 simple steps. To start using it, you need to sign up for it with your basic details about the website; followed by adding a tracking code provided to your website so that Google Analytics can track the timings and number of visits to the website.


Online Ranking using Google Analytics is generally used for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking. Practically, one cannot specifically track the exact position of the keyword which was clicked on your website, however, a ranking tool does tell you, at what position your website or certain keywords are.

➤ Best Online Tools for GooglePlus Marketing


Guide for Using Google Analytics for Online Ranking-560x315
Guide for Using Google Analytics for Online Rankings


Just be mindful that there is a direct influence on the ranking because of your website’s settings, i.e. whether it’s personalized search or local results.


A Beginners Guide on How to use Google Analytics Tool


Step 1 – Signing up for Google Analytics


To get the rankings through Google Analytics Tool, you need to sign up for it via the given link:

It states all the terms and conditions. You just need to follow the simple steps to sign up and yes, it is absolutely free!

Beginners Guide for using Google webmaster tools


Step 2 – Create a filter for a standard ranking model


A filter is like a script or coding which you use to set up the basic rules of the ranking pattern which you can create a filter via the Admin button in your Google Analytics account, it asks for certain information, like Filter Name, its type, output etc.

Please use the given information for the different fields.


Filter name: it could be either Ranking 1, 2 or 3. It’s advisable to select Ranking 3 as a title since 1 and 2 consider everything except Google’s organic traffic, hence selecting 3 means covering every possible thing.


Other fields should be filled as suggested:


—   Filter Type: Customer filter, choose the advanced option.

—   Field A: this field is for Extract A. Select ‘Referral’ from the drop down and write the code as (?|&)q=([^&]*).

—   Field B: this field is for Extract Select ‘Referral’ from the drop down and write the code as  (?|&)start=([^&*).

—   Output to: Constructor, Select Users defined, range to be selected.

  • —   Field A required: Select Yes or No
  • —   Field B required: Select Yes or no


(Choose any one of these fields as yes, instead of both, to keep the configuration simple and to avoid any data mismatch)


  • —   Override Mismatch: Select Yes
  • —   Case Sensitive: Generally selected as No, however you can select Yes, in case there is a specific requirement.


It’s important to follow the format else there is a high possibility that the outcome may disappoint you.


A couple of things to keep in mind: in case you want to make any changes to a filter, it’s always better to create a new one instead of editing the existing one. It helps to avoid any data mess.


Also, this filter only works for Google, in case you are using a different search engine like Bing or Yahoo, the filters will be different. Given fields need to be updated as below and the rest remains the same.


  • —   Field A: this field is for Extract A. Select ‘Campaign Term’ from the drop down and write the code as (.*).
  • —   Field B: this field is for Extract A. Select ‘Referral’ from the drop down and write the code as  (?|&)(start|b|first)=([^&]*).


It’s quite straight forward if you have a bit of technical background and know the scripts. Else, you can visit the given link as well to find further guidance with screenshots available. ➤


Alternate way to create a filter through custom variable


A standard ranking model, at times struggles since it is dependent on the region’s servers, whereas it becomes pretty simple with a custom variable ranking wherein you define the additional segments as per your requirement.


#A –


Extract CD, which is a value from the referrer string. For details of the snippet which you can use, visit the given link:




Call CD i.e. a value in our Google Analytics snippet.





Create an IF Statement which is coded in  PhP, so the CustomVar isn’t called every time. Post this, we will check if the rank has any value, if yes, include the value in the custom variable, else run the google analytics as normal.



Step 3 – Viewing the Ranking results in GA



You can view a user defined report to confirm if you have created a right filter. The information which is provided isn’t a real ranking, but the number of the first results on the page. The ranking format could be different for different search engines. For example, if the rank is 20 in Google, it will appear to be 21 in Yahoo.

In case there is no number appearing, but just a page, it implies that the keyword is on the first page itself and if you want to filter the list, you can use a code: “(page: d{1,2,3})” where d stands for a digit and 1,2,3 stands for number of digits.

➤ Beginners Tips for Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool



Step 4 – Analyze the output


The final step is to analyze the outcome. You can customize it as per your requirement using different features since, which enables you to do the analysis, based on different criteria like city, region and country. You can also analyze it, based upon the historical and definite data or perhaps ranking the data as per the e-commerce or bounce rate.


For a professional, who is always engrossed in huge data, installing analytics in excel is highly recommended and prove to be very helpful!


Anyhow, ranking data via Google Analytics Tool is self-explanatory and quite lean. What is more helpful is the fact that you can further build advanced filters which can give you deeper insight, its vast, so it depends on you, how much you want to extract from the tool.


Another point worth keeping in mind is that it only captures work from the time you have started using it, hence it doesn’t really take the historic information in consideration for analysis.

I hope you’ll find this blog post helpful, sleek and a value add!


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SEO Campaign Planning – What to Do When SEO Campaigns Fail [ Ranking Tips ]

SEO Campaign Planning Tips for Website Ranking and Business Marketing


Tips to Plan Successful SEO Campaigns for your Online Business


Watching your SEO campaign fail is very disappointing and frustrating. You leave no stone turned to do rigorous research of your topic area, collate all the points, draft the content and create this wonderful piece of work.

You even marketed your content, advertised it over the various social media platforms, pitched the right people with e-mails and newsletters, sent tweets and much more. But nothing worked! Even all this couldn’t get you any shares, links!


SEO Campaign Planning tips for website content ranking business growth-560x315
SEO Campaign Planning Tips for Webmasters, SEO managers, and Marketers


Unfortunately, the sad part is that a number of SEO campaigns eventually fail because of one or the other reasons. It is a fact that every marketer has to face. Remember, your every campaign can’t be a great success but just because the campaign didn’t succeed doesn’t imply that it was a failure! Rather it’s an experience which indicates that there is still a room for improvement.


SEO Campaigning for Website Ranking and Business Marketing


Thus, if your SEO campaign fails, it’s high time that you overcome your disappointment and frustration. Try to find out what went wrong and work in the direction to ensure things work better in the next effort. Take a lesson from the experience, apply all the strategies learnt and get your campaign back on track of success.

SEO Promotion Tools


Why the SEO Campaigns Fails?


There are numerous reasons as to why the SEO campaigns fail. However, the most prominent of them are:


a. Budget


When we talk about budget as a reason of a SEO campaign’s failure, we don’t mean the amount but what leads to failure is the “unrealistic budget”. Yes, setting an unrealistic budget for your SEO campaigns and efforts can lead to the failure of a SEO campaign.

You don’t have to spend much on your SEO campaign but it is extremely important to handle the budget wisely. Don’t expect unrealistic results with little efforts. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day and any SEO campaign can’t work overnight!

Worldwide Popular SEO Companies


b. Goals


Like with the budget, a number of companies set unrealistic goals with their SEO campaigns and end up fail at the planning stage itself. If you want to attain success in your SEO campaign, then it is important that you set realistic objectives. You might not rank the highest for your target keyword in one month or even in three months but that is quite fine. You got to have patience. Imagine if this would have been so
easy, would everyone not have wanted what they need.


Start small. Start your campaign by thinking objectively. Many people plan to immediately rank for 10 different keywords, which is completely wrong approach. Try to start with optimizing only one keyword or product at a time.

After getting success in that, build your SEO campaign on that basis. Thus, by building small success, you can attain your objectives and see the things progressing.


Remember, an SEO campaign doesn’t work overnight. You need to set realistic goals and timeline. You might even have to wait for a period of two to six months to get your link in the the top of the search engine result.


Even if it doesn’t work at the pace you desired or imagined, don’t lose hope and keep working. Many people take this delay as a failure and stop working towards the campaign. Believe me, this is one blunder that brings them the failure. Don’t pause, keep moving and constantly work towards improving the constant and the keywords.

SEO Tips for eCommerce Sites



What Should You Do If Your SEO Campaign Fails


After your SEO campaign fails, it can be very tempting to wash your hands off with it but do you really want to throw all the time and effort you put in initially? Well, we know you would not want that.


Here is exactly what you can do after your SEO Campaign fails:


Re-Evaluation of the SEO Campaign


Go over the entire content and analyse. Ask yourself if your content is still that awesome as you initially thought? Well, be your own critic and try writing a high-quality, engaging and relevant content.


Take suggestions from others on how can you improve the content. Incorporate their feedback create a wonderful piece of work. Look at the entire campaign and the results. Analysing what went wrong and where and taking preventive measures is the key to the success of any SEO campaign.

Free SEO Submission Sites



Look at your Outreach


Outreach is where 70% of the SEO campaigns fail. You can’t get success by sending unwanted e-mails after all!Identify your target audience and before sending them your content, try to initiate a relationship with them and build their interest.


Communicate with them professionally, posts comments on their social media posts and tweets. It should be anything important. The idea here is to engage with them to make them aware about you and your work. Don’t forget to pick the right platform too.


After establishing a relationship, when you decide to send your content, don’t miss to track your outreach. This will help you see and analyse how interested your users are in the content you sent.

Press Release Sites for Business Ranking Online


Try the Campaign Again


After getting a hook onto what went wrong, consider retrying the campaign. There might be a possibility that even the second time also, you earn some results only but that’s absolutely fine. If you feel that you have a good piece of content that can be useful and interesting for your audience, keep trying.

If your content is good, you will get good results and your campaign will eventually work.

Buy Search engine Optimization Services Online


Revamp it


Finally, if you don’t get very good results with your campaign, consider revamping your content. Don’t just keep it aside, rather use it in different ways and see the results. There is always something you can do with it so it!




Watching your SEO campaign fail is truly disappointing but everything can’t be a huge success. Learn from your failures and move forward. Remember, only those fail who don’t try! And while you try and work hard, success is bound to come tomorrow, if not today!


To know more about the various techniques that can help you build a great SEO campaign, go through this Step by Step Guide to Build SEO. We wish you all the very best with your campaign!

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7 SEO Tips to Double your Website Traffic and Search Rankings

7 Advanced SEO Techniques That Can Help You Increase Your Search Engine Traffic

In the age of technological evolution, today more than 75% of the people use web to research products and services. According to a study, the first link in the search result gets approximately 17% of all the clicks and 80% of website traffic begins with a search query. That is the reason search engine optimization (SEO) is so important.


Are you also looking forward to double search engine traffic for your website?


SEO Tips Techniques to Double your Website Traffic-550x400
SEO Techniques to Double your Website Traffic


How to Generate Traffic to your Website with SEO?

7 Advanced SEO Techniques that can help you double your Search Traffic:


1. Optimize your Landing Pages:


A properly-designed landing page can do wonders. It can help generate leads and improve sales. Many a times, companies focus only on the homepage while landing pages are no less important. In fact, they are the ones that help you commence a relationship with your website visitor. The more landing pages you create, the more gateways you open up for search traffic.

Try to create engaging and SEO optimized content for each landing page. Write such content that people feel connected to and share it on social media platforms. Create more optimized standalone pages and build an independent landing page for every marketing campaign that you do.


But how can you optimize your landing pages?


Some SEO techniques to optimize landing pages include, picking a long-tail keyword, insert keywords seamlessly, add proper Meta tags, a Meta description, add new content. Don’t forget to add headline, subtitle, bullets, images, and more.

The main aim of the page is to keep people engaged, so ensure that whatever you write, adds value to the reader. Finally, remember link building is still an important factor in Google ranking.  Build quality links to your landing page. There is no substitute to link building.


2. Create a Mobile-Friendly and Responsive Site:


With the growing usage of smartphone across the globe, mobile searches have seen a 7x growth over the past 3 years. Now you have the perfect opportunities to get increased search traffic by targeting smart phone users.


More and more people now use their mobile devices to access internet and perhaps that is the reason why millions of retailers are investing in mobile marketing. Thus, making your site responsive opens your door to search traffic. If you’re searching for a detailed tutorial to make your site responsive to any mobile device, have a look at The Site Wizard.


3. Implement Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)


Google algorithm is updated frequently and to come up in search results, it is important that you adapt the changes continuously. One of the important components that Google considers in ranking the websites is the Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI). The Latent Semantic Indexing or LSI is a technique that identifies patterns in the text content of the paragraph.

The search engines crawls the entire content of a web page for additional keywords with synonyms for the main keyword.

LSI helps improve your search rankings as it indicates Google about the relevance of your topic to a particular search query. LSI is a great tool to increase your ranking and yield significant results for you. But ensure that you don’t over-optimize the LSI keywords or you Google can penalize your site. Write naturally in a flow and ensure that the LSI keywords don’t override the main keyword.


4. Spy and Target Competitor’s Live Keywords


Well, this is something that can save you efforts and time. Research your competitors who already rank high in Google. Analyse the keywords they are ranking for and create more useful content by using just the same keywords. This is a very simple technique that work wonders if used correctly. You can simply now about their entire e-mail marketing strategy by signing up for your competitor’s newsletter.

This will help you audit the competition and stay ahead. Now that you are aware of their strategies, you prepare strategies based on the data rather than the assumptions.

Use these online spying tools to analyse your competitors website.


But how to know the keywords of your competitors?


To know about the keywords of your competitors, open the website SEMrush. Enter the URL of your competitor’s site in the search box, set the country to U.S. and then click the search button. Now do the analysis of their live keywords. You can now easily target those  keywords and create high-quality and engaging content to rank your site on Google.

SEO Tips for Ecommerce Sites


5. Linking to Internal Pages:


‘Linking’ refers to the usage of anchor text for linking other pages inside your blog. This indicates Google about the relevance of your site pages.

Most of the website owners focus to get search visitors on their homepage and often forget to get their internal pages rank too. This is where you need to work upon. You would be surprised to know that your old blog posts and landing pages can help you get new traffic to your site.



Link to Internal Pages for better SEO-400x200
Linking to Internal Pages for better SEO


By interlinking your other pages, you will actually improve the SEO value for those internal pages and improve their search rankings. It will also improve the Page Authority for internal pages. By consistently interlinking your internal pages, it will be easier for the search engines to quick find and index your website pages.


6. Make your site Fast to Load:


According to a study, Most of the visitors wait under 8 seconds for the web page to load. If the page doesn’t load before that time, you lose traffic.

So, what is it that you can do to decrease the loading time of your website?


Well, here are a few tips that can help you optimize the loading time.


  • a)  Uninstall useless plug-ins from the website.
  • b)  Download or install wp-sweep plugin and clear junk like, spam   comments, etc.
  • c)  If you have technical wordpress knowledge, you can even opt to disable useless JavaScript and modify the theme of your website.
  • d)  Use these Tools to check the loading time of the website regularly.


7. Update your Old Posts:


Do you know that even your old post can help you bring traffic? When you update an old post, Google treats it as a new post and ranks it accordingly.


So, which posts should you update?


You can update any old post you like but updating the ones that are not getting enough traffic will help you present good new content for Google to rank.


These 7 SEO websites are sure to double your search traffic. Are you looking to make money through your website? Well, here are 10 advertising networks that can help you Monetize Your Website and Earn Revenue



20 Best FREE Directory Submission Sites List 2020 for SEO for Website Ranking


Top Directory Submission Sites List with High PR for Ranking your Website Higher in Search Engines

Top SEO Directory Submission Sites for 2020


If you have  your own website, may it be for blogging or business purposes, then you will need to have good traffic. But the question is: How can you let traffic in? This is where backlinking ( ) will help. Backlinking is a list of links that direct back to your website, having people visit your page.

There are many types of ways following which you can earn backlinks to your website, similar to marketing strategies in order to sell your product. One of them would be using directory submission, specially the ones with high Page Rank (PR).


What is a Web Directory?


A web directory ( What is a Web directory ) is to register or submit your website into a directory of links and other pages in certain categories in order for more people of your target audience visit your page.


Best Free SEO Directory Submission Sites list at Ads2020-marketing-550x350
A Must to Use Directory Submission List for SEO and Web Ranking


10 Best Directory Submission Sites for SEO


Directory Submission sites that are good for SEO



While there are paid blog directories, there are many that offer free services as well. In this article, we show you the top 10 best free directory submission sites for SEO.


Here are some of the free directory submissions you are able to work with:


1. DMOZ No #1 Directory on the Internet


Dmoz – The Best of all directory sites on the Internet!


Dmoz is the oldest and largest of them all! This directory site is loved and used by all the countries around the World. The most authorized and reputed web directory on the entire Internet!


This is a human edited directory and they have a good number of voluntary moderators and editors working there. So, it becomes quite tough getting listed at them considering that they have thousands of sites pending in their moderation queue.


But, it’s worth a lot the wait.

This is a website that’s very easy to use, with the categories already lined up for you once you visit the page. It’s international, so anyone around the world will be able to use and take advantage of it.


➤ If you are interested in directory submission list then i am sure you would also like never miss the opportunity to submit your links into the best social bookmarking sites for SEO here.

Local Directory Sites in India

2. Dizila Directory


dizila_com-top-directory-page-rank6-400x300 a top web directory with Page Rank 6


A perk about Dizila is that they have a directory up on their page and a search bar to easily check a specific category. You also get a database of the top links and categories to easily navigate.Article Submission Sites with Instant Approval


3. EnviroLink


envirolink-org-high-pr-directory-600x400 : A High PR directory site


EnviroLink is a great way to submit directories on websites regarding the environment and other forms of sciences, focusing on non-profit organizations. You can also sign up for their newsletter through submitting your e-mail address.

They have a sitemap to make it easy to navigate around. They also have a forum as well based on Ecology and community at





somuch-high-pr-directory-600x300 High PR Directory is quite an old site and hence carries a lot of good reputation over the Internet. Its trust value and authority is good. The site is constantly maintained and taken care by the owner who has got more than 15 years of experience running such sites.

They approve quickly and let everyone submit their site provided that the listing is valid and not a porno, illegal, or gambling related site.

How to Submit your site at


Free Links Submission:

You can submit a link for free at They will review your link and then manually approve it. It may takes 2-3 days to even weeks time depending upon the length of the queue. If you want to jump the queue and want to be ahead of the herd then you need to pay something for one time.


Accelerated 12 hr Link Approval plan:

If you don’t want to wait and make sure that your link get approved quickly then you need to pay a one time fee of $8.95. They will approve your link within 12 hours provided that your site meets their criteria.


Enhanced Link Submission Plan:


This is the best offer from them and you need to pay yearly to take this plan. Your link will be approved within 12 hours and it will be included in the list of special links which are randomly displayed on each page load. Plus, your link will be displayed on their Facebook page as well. This plan will cost you $22.95 per year.


A perfect Procedure to Follow while Submitting to Different Directories


5. Submission Web Directory


At “Submission Marketing Web Directory” you can submit a link or an article or both!This is a very simple site to go through, as it already has all the categories to choose from. You are also able to find cheap web hosting and relevant blog posts on tips regarding how you are able to increase traffic and enhance your website for more audience and visitors.


6. Site Promotion Directory


Another web directory that is simple to use, all you need to do is to submit your website URL to the appropriate category. Once it is reviewed by their team and approved, your website is now up for others to view!


➤Are you panicked for waiting the manual approval processing time? I would suggest you to also check this list of directories that don’t moderate and publish your listing straight away.


7. AbiLogic Local Search


This has a nice interface to use, as they show all the latest websites, countries and top categories to choose from. You can also find their partners and more information on directory submission through their website.


8. High Rank Directory


Not only can you submit links to add to their directory, but you can submit articles as well. You also have the links and articles of the latest submissions, if you are interested in checking them out.


9. ABC Directory


Like other websites, you can list down both links and articles into various categories.These are entirely free, but they also have premium listings you can join for a fee.

You open up to all the latest listings and can easily submit your link or article with no registration required.


10. A1 Web Directory


A1 Web Directory has an easy to navigate feature where you are able to search websites through the region, country or category. You can easily get to the website you are looking for or submit your own to be easily found by your target audience all over the world.


Top 20 Directory Submission Sites for 2020


An illustration of Directory Submission Process

Directory Submission List to Rank and Promote your website

Unsur Penting Saat Akan Submite Website

Top 10 Video Submission sites for marketing, Blogging, and SEO

Top 30 PDF Sharing Sites where you could add good number of links urls

Free Business Directories for Marketing Promotion in USA


Bonus: A Must to Use Site for SEO and Submission:


Scrub The Web


Scrub the Web-Search Engine and Meta Submission Directory-550x350
Scrub the Web- Free Search Engine Submission and a place to find useful tips on Meta Data


Just like its title, Scrub The Web focuses on building on page and offpage SEO by optimizing meta data on your site as well as submitting it to major search engines. It is giving people the chance to submit their sites without the need to pay.

Their website may be a bit old-fashioned, but they have been working since 1996, making them a good website to work with.

Add you Business or Website in Bing Local Search Maps


In Conclusion


With the many methods on how to increase traffic, backlinking and directory submission is one of them. With these best free directory submission sites, you will hopefully be able to boost your SEO and website visibility. If you think that your website or blog is not ranking well in search engines, then read this post which is based on- The Reasons Why your website is not ranking well in SERPs.So what are you waiting for?

If you would want to boost your website’s traffic and audience, then start submitting your website or blog into these directories today. It’s a quick and free way to get more people coming to your website and spreading the word of your articles or the products and services you have to showcase.


Did you enjoy the article and has it helped you in any way? If you have more suggestions or thoughts, then comment down below! We would love to hear what you have to say about backlinking and SEO


Watch the Useful Youtube Video about- What is Directory Submission? How to Submit a Website URL? | Why to use Directory Submission?

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Top 20 Microblogging Sites List for SEO and Free website url Submission


SEO Tips for E-Commerce Sites- 10 Ways for Better Optimization Scores

Top 10 Ecommerce SEO Tips that Every Online Store Website needs to Implement

Find out How to Optimize your Online Store for Better Search Engine Rankings.


If you run a small ecommerce business, then it is probably true that you have a limited budget for sectors like search engine optimization, advertising, website design and email marketing. Among the mentioned sectors, one of the most important ones is known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO for your ecommerce site.


In such case, you would probably look for the most efficient and effective SEO tips which can help you to go your ecommerce business further enough to make you a successful entrepreneur.


SEO for E-Commerce Sites-howto-rank-optimization-tips-550x300
SEO Tips for E-Commerce based Online Store


SEO and Ecommerce Sites


However, most of the ecommerce businesses do not touch the pinnacle of success as the owners fail to give importance on the SEO sector of the site. But, you have to remember that following effective SEO techniques can help you reaching your goal by becoming a successful ecommerce entrepreneur.


For these reasons, we have researched a lot on this topic and then, we have come up with 10 most fundamental Tips for SEO for E-commerce website owners and entrepreneurs.

We believe that following these search engine optimization tips would help you running your ecommerce site smoothly and eventually, you will reach your destination. Therefore, you have to give proper attention to the following SEO tips which we are going to be described in details.


10 Most Helpful SEO Tips for Ecommerce Sites


SEO is a very important aspect for any ecommerce website. If you make a list of the most important things to be done for an ecommerce business then SEO for its website comes in the first top 5!Just like care for promotion and marketing, pay close attention to improve the search engine visibility of your online store website.


Follow the below given basic tips to correct the SEO process of your site.


1. Performing keyword research


The best thing to start with, in this case, is to begin with performing keyword research. In such case, you can find different types of keywords tools like Google Keyword Planner. With the help of this software, you can have estimation about how many times each keyword is being searched by the users for the keywords you are going to set as target for your ecommerce site. In this case, it is better idea to perform this keyword research after the end of each period of six months.


keyword research for SEO for Ecommerce Storefront site-400x250
Doing SEO keyword research for Ecommerce Storefront


Actually, the popularity of the keywords does change with the passage of time. Therefore, you cannot rely on a particular group of keywords for all the time. For example, one of your keywords which was much popular two to three months ago may not have the same popularity after the end of that particular period of time.

For that situation, you must have to change your popular keywords otherwise search engines will not find your page when the customers make a search for the products your business is selling.


2. Never ever Rush about the Launch of your Ecommerce Site

The most common mistake usually done by most of the unsuccessful entrepreneurs is to rush about the launching of the ecommerce site. In this case, you have to remember that famous quote, “First impression is the best impression.”

In your ecommerce business, you will never get a second chance for launching your site. If you fail at the first attempt, then you can never become successful through doing that ecommerce business.


Launching an Ecommerce Website


However, you can purchase the domain name in the earlier time otherwise someone else may buy that. But, never ever put the content unless the content and SEO is done. For such cases, you can put a sign board of “Coming Soon” on the homepage of your site. When the Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, paid advertising and all other necessary things are done, then you can think of
launching your ecommerce website.

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3. Try using the Top Keywords in the URL page:


While you make a list of your keywords for your ecommerce site, you have to separate the keywords’ list according to their popularity.
And, when you give the name of your category page, you should use the top keyword on that URL link. For example, your top keyword is best baseball bat and you’re your domain name is

In that case, you have to name the category page like
However, you have to be careful in this case because the search engines avoid the URLs which have longer characters.


So, if your top keyword is too long, then try to shorten it and make it fit enough within 75 characters. In your case, if your category page already exists, then you can think of creating a new page and then perform a 301 redirect in order to alert all the search engines about the change you have made after changing the URL name.

4. Putting focus on the customers/users:


One of the biggest disadvantages of any ecommerce business is that the customers do not get the chance of smelling, feeling, touching and seeing the product before they take the final decision of purchasing the product.

Although there is no alternative way to avoid this obstacle, but there are some ways which you can apply in order to give priority to your customers. For example, using high quality photographs for your products, offering free shipping, fixing appropriate pricing and making the easiest way of completing the order procedure.


5. Keeping the page Titles as short as possible:


Another important tip for the ecommerce entrepreneurs is that they have to think of the page title very carefully. The general rule you can follow is that the page title length should not be more than 60- 55 characters. It is to be maintained because the latest Google algorithm avoids the longer page titles. If you really want to keep your full title to be shown, then you have to keep that title short, simple, and unique.


6. Avoiding Content Repetition


For every ecommerce it is to be informed that you have to avoid content repetition as the search engines hate the duplicate content or, repetition of the same content.

It has been found that many ecommerce businesses face the failure because of putting the same content in  different pages of the site.

Additionally, they were also penalized by the search engines because of the content repetition.


So, the owners of every ecommerce site give much concentration in finding out ways to avoid content repetition or, reduce the amount of relevant information in different pages of the same website. In order to avoid such sort of problems, owners can use the tip like meticulous label, for instance, rel = “canonical”.This will help them to identify and reduce the number of relevant or duplicate content in their website.


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7. Getting attached to the Social Media


In order to become successful in running an ecommerce site, the business owners have to get attached to the social medias as closely as possible. At the current time, the internet users spend most of their time in surfing different types of social media like Twitter, Facebook, and many others.


For such cases, if the ecommerce business owners can link their sites to those social medias, then there is a chance of getting huge response from the potential customers.

For example, paid advertisement on Facebook is a great tip to be followed as the users find the ad of the product on their home page of Facebook when they scroll the page down. At the same time, they can also tweet about their new and existing products in order to let the users know about their products in an easier way.


8. Using the Meta Descriptions Correctly


Most of the ecommerce business owners are not aware of the fact that meta description plays a great role in case of earning success to their businesses with SEO.

Although, the meta description alone does not improve your site’s ranking in the search engine’s result page, but this description are shown in blue color in the result page.


It helps the users to identify whether the searched word or phrases are listed in the web page or not. This basically helps the users to understand whether they should go to visit that page or not.


At the same time, the website also get clicks because users have the tendency to visit that particular web page when they find the searched keyword or phrase in blue color in the result page of the search engines.


9. Using Keywords in the Right Place of the Content:


In case of using the keywords in the content, the site owners have to be very careful. You cannot just place the keywords wherever you want to place them within the content. Instead, you have to be strategic in this case of placing the keywords in the content of your web page.


Make sure that you place the top keywords in title, url of the page, the 1st paragraph, last paragraph and in the middle of the page. For other LSI keywords, you need to maintain keyword density and this density should be 2% to 3% depending on the total word limit of your content.


If you fail to place your keywords in the exact place, then the search engines would overlook your web page and at that time, your ecommerce site would not get a higher rank in the result page shown by the search engines.


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10. Adding Properly SEO Optimized Images to your Products



Image optimization Tips for an Ecommerce Website



Search engines see an image through its Alt tag ( Alternative tag). The file name of the image becomes its url.So, for the full optimization of an image you must pay attention on:


  • File name of the image ( give a keyword rich name to the file) 
  • Alt tag ( <img src=”image.png” alt=””> )
  • Title of the image ( write descriptive name)
  • Caption of the image
  • Proper compression of the image ( for reducing its overall size so that it loads faster. Speed is also an SEO factor today!)


At the current time, proper images attached to the products carry great sort of importance in case of getting a higher rank in the result page of the image search engines. After the latest update of the Google Algorithm, the image search has got huge amount of popularity for earning success for the ecommerce business.

That is the reason; you must place relevant keywords in the caption of the images so that search engines can find those images whenever the users make a search using those particular keywords.To make your images search engine optimized, you need to add ALT and Title tags to your images as given below:




SEO for an ecommerce site is different from other websites and blogs. As per design and SEO, an ecommerce site has qualities that are found in combination of many types websites.For an example, an ecommerce site has user generated content similar to forums and review sites.

Similarly, an ecommerce site is also like a directory/classified/job site as well where the content is uploaded and updated by external users.

Actually, there are lots of effective tips and tricks of SEO which ecommerce website owners need to follow, if they want to reach their actual destination.

We believe that we have properly described the crucial SEO Tips which the ecommerce entrepreneurs must follow in order to bring success to their online business.


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