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SEO Campaign Planning – What to Do When SEO Campaigns Fail [ Ranking Tips ]

SEO Campaign Planning Tips for Website Ranking and Business Marketing


Tips to Plan Successful SEO Campaigns for your Online Business


Watching your SEO campaign fail is very disappointing and frustrating. You leave no stone turned to do rigorous research of your topic area, collate all the points, draft the content and create this wonderful piece of work.

You even marketed your content, advertised it over the various social media platforms, pitched the right people with e-mails and newsletters, sent tweets and much more. But nothing worked! Even all this couldn’t get you any shares, links!


SEO Campaign Planning tips for website content ranking business growth-560x315
SEO Campaign Planning Tips for Webmasters, SEO managers, and Marketers


Unfortunately, the sad part is that a number of SEO campaigns eventually fail because of one or the other reasons. It is a fact that every marketer has to face. Remember, your every campaign can’t be a great success but just because the campaign didn’t succeed doesn’t imply that it was a failure! Rather it’s an experience which indicates that there is still a room for improvement.


SEO Campaigning for Website Ranking and Business Marketing


Thus, if your SEO campaign fails, it’s high time that you overcome your disappointment and frustration. Try to find out what went wrong and work in the direction to ensure things work better in the next effort. Take a lesson from the experience, apply all the strategies learnt and get your campaign back on track of success.

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Why the SEO Campaigns Fails?


There are numerous reasons as to why the SEO campaigns fail. However, the most prominent of them are:


a. Budget


When we talk about budget as a reason of a SEO campaign’s failure, we don’t mean the amount but what leads to failure is the “unrealistic budget”. Yes, setting an unrealistic budget for your SEO campaigns and efforts can lead to the failure of a SEO campaign.

You don’t have to spend much on your SEO campaign but it is extremely important to handle the budget wisely. Don’t expect unrealistic results with little efforts. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day and any SEO campaign can’t work overnight!

Worldwide Popular SEO Companies


b. Goals


Like with the budget, a number of companies set unrealistic goals with their SEO campaigns and end up fail at the planning stage itself. If you want to attain success in your SEO campaign, then it is important that you set realistic objectives. You might not rank the highest for your target keyword in one month or even in three months but that is quite fine. You got to have patience. Imagine if this would have been so
easy, would everyone not have wanted what they need.


Start small. Start your campaign by thinking objectively. Many people plan to immediately rank for 10 different keywords, which is completely wrong approach. Try to start with optimizing only one keyword or product at a time.

After getting success in that, build your SEO campaign on that basis. Thus, by building small success, you can attain your objectives and see the things progressing.


Remember, an SEO campaign doesn’t work overnight. You need to set realistic goals and timeline. You might even have to wait for a period of two to six months to get your link in the the top of the search engine result.


Even if it doesn’t work at the pace you desired or imagined, don’t lose hope and keep working. Many people take this delay as a failure and stop working towards the campaign. Believe me, this is one blunder that brings them the failure. Don’t pause, keep moving and constantly work towards improving the constant and the keywords.

SEO Tips for eCommerce Sites



What Should You Do If Your SEO Campaign Fails


After your SEO campaign fails, it can be very tempting to wash your hands off with it but do you really want to throw all the time and effort you put in initially? Well, we know you would not want that.


Here is exactly what you can do after your SEO Campaign fails:


Re-Evaluation of the SEO Campaign


Go over the entire content and analyse. Ask yourself if your content is still that awesome as you initially thought? Well, be your own critic and try writing a high-quality, engaging and relevant content.


Take suggestions from others on how can you improve the content. Incorporate their feedback create a wonderful piece of work. Look at the entire campaign and the results. Analysing what went wrong and where and taking preventive measures is the key to the success of any SEO campaign.

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Look at your Outreach


Outreach is where 70% of the SEO campaigns fail. You can’t get success by sending unwanted e-mails after all!Identify your target audience and before sending them your content, try to initiate a relationship with them and build their interest.


Communicate with them professionally, posts comments on their social media posts and tweets. It should be anything important. The idea here is to engage with them to make them aware about you and your work. Don’t forget to pick the right platform too.


After establishing a relationship, when you decide to send your content, don’t miss to track your outreach. This will help you see and analyse how interested your users are in the content you sent.

Press Release Sites for Business Ranking Online


Try the Campaign Again


After getting a hook onto what went wrong, consider retrying the campaign. There might be a possibility that even the second time also, you earn some results only but that’s absolutely fine. If you feel that you have a good piece of content that can be useful and interesting for your audience, keep trying.

If your content is good, you will get good results and your campaign will eventually work.

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Revamp it


Finally, if you don’t get very good results with your campaign, consider revamping your content. Don’t just keep it aside, rather use it in different ways and see the results. There is always something you can do with it so it!




Watching your SEO campaign fail is truly disappointing but everything can’t be a huge success. Learn from your failures and move forward. Remember, only those fail who don’t try! And while you try and work hard, success is bound to come tomorrow, if not today!


To know more about the various techniques that can help you build a great SEO campaign, go through this Step by Step Guide to Build SEO. We wish you all the very best with your campaign!

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Best Marketing Tools To Market & Monitor Your Business Agency’s Brand

Best Tools for the Business to Market and Monitor their Brand Online.

Getting more mentions or referrals paves way for the agency’s growth. It leads to more engagement and as a result of it more visibility.
But are agencies really giving attention to this aspect of marketing? Building a brand online is challenging which needs due focus and time. But it gets hard when an agency has to look into the issues of its clients and new projects that comes up and other such things.

Marketing Tools to Market your Agency Brand
Marketing Tools to Market your Agency Brand

When advanced technology today solutions are available in bulk. So here’s presenting the top 5 tools that can help you stay on the top, make the most of your time & efforts and build a strong agency brand.

15 Best Marketing Tools for Small Business owners ]


Tools for Business Branding, Marketing, and Monitoring.

Most of the new business don’t pay much attention to market and monitor their brands. They are majority concerned about getting more and more sales. However in long run this brings the business towards the downfall. Check out some of the best tools in this article to market and monitor your brand.

Have a look!

1. Moat

It is a tool that works as a search engine for display ads. It lets you see what ads are running across the Internet. With moat, brand advertisers can figure out which ads are getting most engagement and for the ones which are not working that better, it provides the tools to fix them.

Moat is basically an analytics tools that tracks ad view ability and ad metrics. You can take ideas & inspiration to make your as campaigns better by viewing the ads that doing best on internet or your competitor’s ads maybe. Talking about the price then the ad search tool is available for free.

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2. Monitor Backlinks


A must have tool for the SEOs and Web Marketers. You just need to connect with your Google Analytics account and there this tool will alert you through emails whenever your site earns or loses backlinks.

As the name indicates, with monitor backlinks tool you can monitor your keywords in Google and see where you stand in comparison to your competitors i-e you can compare the rankings. To put it in brief, the competition can be easily monitored with this tools and whenever your competitor get new links with good SEO value, you are alerted.


It even let you see the domain and page authority of the referring site for every link, the referral traffic for each link and number of social shares of that post. In all, you can stay updated with this tool as far as mentions & links are concerned. Coming on to its price, depending on number of domains and usage $24-90 per month is charged.

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Sumo.Me offers many easy to install different marketing tools that can help to increase your website’s traffic. It has plenty of tools like List builder, heatmaps, share, discover, google analytics, content analytics, welcome mat, scroll box and many more.The figure shows 4 lakh plus websites powered by SumoMe. The list builder helps to catch email addresses of the visitors right before they leave.

Talking about Heat Map function, it lets you see where your visitors are clicking on website so that the pages can be improved and visitors can get to see more of what they want. In total, every tool/feature/function by SumoMe helps ultimately to improve and build your brand online. The price is free-$100/month.

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4. Narrow

If you want to drive traffic to content and lead generation campaigns then it is much needed that you have relevant following on Twitter.

When you have engaging and targeted following, the visibility of your brand increases in your target market. To identify the relevant users on Twitter who use your brand Narrow is a tool that helps you.

By using keywords, hashtags and locations it identifies your target audience and attract relevant users to your profile. In brief, it is one of the finest Twitter marketing automation tools that help you build targeted following.

5. Mediatoolkit

Mediatoolkit monitors more than 10 million websites & social networks and that too in real time. Even blogs, forums  are not ignored by this tool. It provides valuable information to the users by notifying them every time their brands are mentioned online.

You can get the most important updates in a glance, track and analyze your competitors’ online presence, receive email and push alerts when your queries are mentioned. To stay aware of what people have to say or are saying about your brand is extremely important to keep up your business strong.

When your brand is mentioned in positive respect online than a sweet gesture of thank you can strengthen the relationship. If something wrong is written about your brand which is not true then you can clarify things then & there and also turn the situation from negative to positive so that the image doesn’t get damaged.

That’s the importance of staying aware about these mentions. This mediatoolkit is a saviour to the business/ agencies.Next: Top 10 Sites to Write a Review for your Agency


SEM Rush Tool – 10 Reasons Why I Use it for Ranking my Website

“SEM Rush” – Why i think it’s an amazing Web Ranking Tool to Market my Website online.


SEMRush- One of most popular web based software program tools for Website Market Research.

SEM Rush is a tool used for finding profitable keywords for your site. In the fast pacing world, web content has gone SEO friendly.In order to make your blog a success and have a top ranking among Google rank results, you have to be ahead of your competitors and this SEM Rush tool can create all the difference.

It’s a tool developed for you to optimize your sites, create the content your audience wants and create a better experience for your visitors.

With increasing number of it users, SEM Rush is gaining importance among upcoming startups.


SEMrush- SEM Rush Tool for Website ranking
SEMRush – Does it have what it says? Find out!


Here are the ten reasons why SEM Rush usage is must for your website ranking:

1. Ranking Meter- Increased blog traffic




Get Full Organic Keyword Researching for your Blog


SEM Rush prepares a fresh ranking of all your web projects and websites in every 24 hours and you get to see your current rankings.
Overall ranking- It serves you with modified rankings of your web projects ( you can have several websites as projects in your account as per your monthly or yearly subscription plan). You get to know about the latest overall rankings of your websites everyday for different countries and different search engines.

Keywords level ranking-This is really an outstandingly great feature in SEMRush. It tells you everyday about the ranking positions of all of your keywords. You get to know which keyword went up or down and how much! It provides you all that in a listing format and you can see the results in ascending and descending orders. I mean, which keyword went up with highest percent increment and vice versa. You see then in green and red colors.
SEO optimization tips- It tells you what pages of your blog you need to optimize and what are the errors and what kind of improvement you can do with them.

Visibility score and trends-It is also a very useful feature forany website or blog. It tells you where your blog or webpage stands online in terms of overall search engine visibility score. Is your score improving or decreasing over the period of time? You can have a very clear clue about how your blog is faring in SERP’s .
It’s a dream for every blogger to generate traffic for its blogs and nowadays this is not easy as there is a lot of competition in the internet industry. In such a scenario, this tool is like a boon for your site and can help you in improving blog traffic.
This tool will help you learn more about your competitors’ research, will show their traffic from organic search and ads keywords. By using all such information you can create your strategy and increase your blog’s traffic.

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2. Social Media Analysis-

SEM Rush is a requisite to fulfill every need of your website. It helps in doing keywords research, keyword tracking, back links, audits, site audits, doing advertising research for PPC campaign, social media analysis etc.This tool helps you to move ahead in the competitive social media world.

3. Niche Finder –

It’s a handy tool in helping you to decide your niche for you so that you can narrow down your work and can easily generate lots of traffic for your site or blog. It tells you about which type of keywords, pages, posts, and content of your blog is most dominant.


You get to know What kinds of keywords you should focus in and what your competitors are ranking in. It lets you know what kind of keywords to use more in your content by comparing it to the sites similar to yours! Overall, it keeps you focused and informed about your niche. It saves you from being diverted from your main niche!

4. Easy to Use-

SEM Rush is a very convenient tool and helps you in keeping track of your present along with the past ranking reports. The bloggers or site owners who are not familiar with this tool are not armed with the updated information regarding the most conducive keywords which can do wonders for you in generating lot of traffic and making your blog or site a hit among the visitors.

This tool keep you updated with the new keywords as the keywords which gave you benefits in the past may not work in present.

5. Detailed Information-



This is how Your Dashboard looks


This tool is the answer for your every need regarding SEO and website ranking. It is a bundle housing all the detailed information about your websites which gives you go-ahead in making changes as per the requirements and needs.

6. Performance Measure-

SEM Rush helps you in knowing the actual scenario of your site. Through this tool you will get an insight of the traffic overview screen which will help you in knowing about the actual traffic which you are getting through organic as paid channels.This result will give you a systematic position about your site or blog performance with respect to your main keywords and your ranking through SEM Rush.


SEM Rush makes you became an active master towards every minute decision which you take for your blog and bring pleasant changes in the site and this will lead to success of your site and blog.

7. Paid Advertising-

This tool provides you the paid advertising prospects. SEM Rush offers you an easy and better way to advertise for your site or blog by connecting you with the companies based on the keywords, you want to rank.You get to see who is spending how much on a particular keyword and you can have a good idea about how and what to invest in your paid advertising campaigns

This tool helps you have ideas to generate paid traffic without hurting your budget by paying hefty charges.

8. Preview Facility-

With the help of SEM Rush you can trace the actual ranking scenario of any website or blog before you think to make a guest post there. Nowadays, guest blogging is one of the best tools to generate traffic for any sites or blogs.
As we all know, Guest blogging is an art which if practiced in an intelligent manner will yield you great results and helps you making your site and blog a success.
But sometimes you encounter the the sites and blogs that use unethical ways to change their real authority stats. If you get backlinks from these pseudo high page rank or authority sites then this may mark a negative impact on your own blog or site. This is very SEMRush comes in as a handy tool to determine the real essence of any web property.
So, by using this tool you get a real chance to review or research a blog before making any advancement for getting a backlink from it.

What type of Advertising you should Select to Market your Website

9. Positive Feedback-

There is a penalty if you practice Black Hat SEO practices, in this you have duplicate content, invisible text and stuffed keywords, links from sites with non-relevant content and SEM Rush comes handy during this scenario as it helps you generating new keywords, keeps you updated with the fresh content and other benefits.


SEM Rush will change your situation and will make your blog as lively as you actually want it to be. This tool helps you in following White Hat Strategies that are having relevant content well labeled images, relevant links and references and unique and relevant page titles.

This will help you in generating positive feedback for your blog and sites.

10. Competition Awareness-


sem rush Competition analysys-table-300x200
Get Total Competition Analyses for your blog rankings


One of the best ways to be ahead of your competitors is to have all the important web ranking information about them. You should be aware of all the strategies and rankings of your competitors so that you can also plan your moves according to this.Through SEM Rush you can enter the certain websites for locating the competitors and this will give all the information by going to Domain analytics followed by choosing organic research and then competitors.
These relevant uses of this tool will help you generate traffics for your site and will make your site or blog a success.

SEMrush tool-best seo tool for web ranking


Website Conversion Tips- 10 Secrets to EARN more from your Online Store

How to Increase the Conversion Rate of your Website- 10 Must Follow Tips for Online Store Owners


How many of your prospective customers actually end up buying from you is what your conversion rate is. If you see it in case of website then conversion rate is the number or percentage of visitors that make a purchase.Or if you are simply doing blogging and earning by displaying ads from advertisers (i.e, Google AdSense) then the number of page views per visitor would be conversion rate of your blog or website.

Increasing number of visitors should not be the sole aim of the websites rather these should concentrate on improving the conversion rate.

Working on this front is not a tough task. Few simple techniques and you can improve your website’s performance increasing conversion rate.

Here are some of these stated below, check them out!


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Tips to Improve your Website Conversion Rate




10 Secrets of Websites with High Conversion Rates:


Check out what are the 10 Secrets using which you can really higher the conversion rate of your Website:-


Secrets of Websites with High Conversion Rates

What are the Secrets of Websites with High Conversion


1- Be Informative


This is one of the signs of a good website that it provides the users with all the necessary information. It does not stands like merely an online catalog rather it includes articles, reviews, advice, etc to support and guide the users in their buying process.

The users look around to gather information by checking out website initially just like they do research offline. Now if you succeed in creating an impression at that very point of time than chances are more that the users will get back to you for purchasing the products. Therefore, try and make the experience memorable for them.

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2- Your USP Matters

Each and every company has its Unique Selling Preposition(USP) but not all of them are aware of it. Know your USP and let others know about it as well because this is the tool that will get you going amidst tough competition.
If you are offering free delivery, good customer service, low priced products or any other service that others are not providing than count it as your USP and emphasize on it.

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3- Upselling & Cross-selling


Do not just stick to show only the items that the customers are viewing rather list out all the similar items to what the customers viewed because they might change their mind and not buy what they selected at the first attempt instead switch to the other product in line.

Give value to the visitors when they come to buy from your site.

Up-selling and cross-selling are the strategies that come out to be the best here.

➤ Why you must adapt upselling strategy for your online business



4- Keep Users Updated


People get impatient about the delivery once they order something online.Therefore, the users/buyers must be kept informed on things like estimated delivery date, product dispatched date, online tracking details, and more.

This will leave them happy and they will think about buying from you again in future.

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5- Reasons To Trust


Give your customers the reasons to trust you. There are people who get skeptical about shopping online thinking that their card details would be needed, the delivery might not be assured and other doubts.
Design your website well and infuse the content in a way that it shows you take pride in what you do and your customers are your priority. Give the reflection of honesty, trust, transparency, surety, promise through your website to help your users trust you without a doubt.


6- Good Returns Policy


Yes, now that’s what impresses the users. A good returns policy means the chances of users turning into buyers gets increased.

Return policy like 28 days from delivery, free shipping, No pay to return things, etc can be some impressive features that can motivate the users to buy from you.


7- Don’t Ask Unnecessary Questions

Dont Ask Unnecessary Questions for improving website conversions-300x200
Don’t Ask Unnecessary Questions to your customers 

Time is a precious thing. Nobody wants to waste it.

When websites ask for too much information from the buyer then it gets irritating and he/she might end up saying goodbye to you.

Do not ask for the things you don’t really require information on.

Don’t force registrations or ask for email id or phone number compulsorily unless you need it.

Provide them with the options to do so.


8- Maintain Clarity, Transparency, and Honesty



Maintain Clarity Transparency and Honesty for improved web conversions-300x200
Maintain Clarity, Transparency, and Honesty towards your users 
If the product is not in the stock then do not fake that information. Say it is out of stock & not available for now.No hidden fees should be there. Shipping charges, commission, etc everything must be clearly shown to the users.

Do not keep them in dark for it will do no good to you.


9- Accessibility


Inaccessible website tends to go low on sales as compared to the accessible ones.You may lose on many of your potential customers if the site is not accessible as you might not be shown up in search engines as a result of it.

Make your site easily accessible.

Shift your web hosting immediately if it is the cause of trouble.

Make sure that as per the number of unique visitors your server is quite robust and strong enough to bear the extra spikes in traffic on some specific days. Find here the list of Best website hosting companies.

Every movement and every thing counts when it comes to boosting online visibility of your business or online store.

Don’t ever let your website go offline for it will create a very bad impression to whoever comes to visit it.

10- Payment Options


Offer multiple payment options to your users/buyers. Not every person uses credit card or if he/she uses then possibly not every time. Make sure you don’t complicate user’s life. Make easier for them. Consider various alternative methods of payments so that users are left with a wide choice to make.➤How to use Twitter to Increase your website traffic dramatically?


Job Board Promotion- 10 Brilliant Ways to Advertise and Promote Job Portal

Advertising and Marketing a Job Website- 10 Practical and result oriented Tips for promoting a job board.

Employment websites are designed for posting job openings by the employers and are commonly known as job boards. If you have recently launched a new job website then you need to promote and market it to get the visitors to it. The first thing would be to create an effective business plan for your portal.

For that, you need to ask some questions to yourself:


How do you want to market it?

what would be the source of earning?

How much time you can sustain till it starts yielding returns and benefits?

But, here we will focus only on one thing: How to market and Promote your job portal?

The tips mentioned here regarding the job website promotion are also applicable to the old websites that want to enhance the search engine visibility of their web.

Most of the job or employment website want to attract job posters, employers, recruiters, and consultants. So that they can submit more jobs to their website. More live jobs means more traffic and more success!


Advertise and Promote your Job
Tips for Job Board Portal Owners: Marketing Strategies for Job Portal Promotions 



Top 10 Marketing Strategies for Job Portal- Tips to Promote your Job Board Successfully


10 Best Ways for Marketing and Promoting your employment job board to get huge numbers of candidates and employers.

Use the below mentioned methods and techniques to make your job portal well known among job seekers and employers.

The first thing that you should make sure is that you start using your website url or link in every online profile you may have.

Also create profile at the two most common places as given below:

  • Create an account at About.Me and write about your career website.
  • Make an account at Gravatar and insert link of your job portal there.

#1. Word of Mouth Marketing (MoM)-


word of mouth marketing tips for promoting a job board

This is the classic and traditional way to spread the news about anything new. Obviously, we discuss such things with our friends, family, and relatives. But, you need to go a step further when you really want to promote your job board widely and quickly.


People tend to buy the things or take the services that are recommended and suggested by their friends and family members. They get emotionally inclined to such products and services. Take advantage of this tremendous effect of Word of Mouth Marketing for your job portal.


People start talking about the things that appear to them as useful, interesting, and unique.
So, start pondering over what could be the unique and useful features of your site so that people can take interest in it.

Tell about the job website to the people who are interested and ask about your website.


You need to do branding by providing people with the business cards or other physical objects.

Word of Mouth Marketing Tips


#2. Take help from Blogging-

Blogging can also be used for promoting job website which is search engine friendly and is organized and provides specifications of you being an expert in your work. Blogging helps in developing trust of the people in your work.Find here a full guide on how to start blogging from scratch and be successful with it

It also helps in increasing your base audience and encourages people to try your services. Writing for other blogs also provides advantage as at the end you can mention your job website link which can draw new visitors in the form of employers or job seekers.

You can and should attach a blog to your job website. Most of the businesses today also run a blog on their main business website. The biz website and blog stand apart from each other and also complement to each other.


Adding a blog to your job portal


You can learn here how to attach a blog to your job site and use it as a great weapon to gain traffic and recognition to your main website.

#3. Social Media Promotion-



To increase the number of registered candidates and recruiters on your portal , the best way is to utilize the web by sharing and connecting on the social networking sites. It is the best possible way to become visible and share the online content. Some of the best social networking sites include:



  • Facebook– Facebook is the best medium of social media and it also offers a fan page creation service as well. A fan page can be used in connecting and communicating with the candidates and employers for promoting your job board further.
  • TwitterTwitter is the best method to update your followers with the message in less than or equal to 140 characters.
  • Google Plus Google Plus can also be used to promote the board websites as it is indirectly connected to the #1 search engine: Google! A fan page can also be made on Google Plus.

Social media can also be used for word of mouth marketing. It is also a great tool for customer inquiries and real-time communication. It helps in knowing about what people are talking and the recommendations they provide.





People love videos and so video marketing can be used to promote your job board. People love watching more than reading and it is the best way to connect to people to your website, as a person.


YouTube can also be used to have your video in the community. Google indexes your content from YouTube and others can embed your video and share it on other social media. Videos can also be posted on Facebook as well as it has higher engagement rate. You can also advertise by buying targeted ads on the others video submission sites.



#5. Photo Marketing-


You should incorporate the idea of photo-sharing of your website. Images play a good role in improving on-page and off-page SEO for a job portal. When you share good looking pictures from your job board then they might catch attention of the active community on Photo sharing sites. Plus, your site gathers good one way high authority inbound backlinks. Which is really important for SEO.


So, have at least 5-10 images designed from professional designers and share them on photo sharing websites with a link back to your job board.


Find below a list of some of the best networks for sharing the photos:

  • Instagram+Facebook- Posting photos of your websites on Instagram followed by Facebook. Instagram are owned by Facebook, so they favor Instagram photos.
  • Pinterest-This can also be used for sharing photos along with the link to the post where the photo is attached.
  • Photobucket A great platform for digital content marketer where they can easily store, and share images to the world.
  • Flickr: This is a great community where millions of users share the unique images.

#6. Audio Marketing (Podcasting)-


Podcasting can be used to promote websites when people are away from the computer. People prefer podcast while walking, driving and commuting.

#7. Forum and Guest Posting-


Joining and commenting on people’s issues and problems on the Internet forums is the best way to tell people about your website. Read forum rules and follow them. Also writing guest posts on other career and employment related blogs is the best way to promote your job portal.


#8. Email Marketing-



Also whenever you send an email, your email signature should include your website URL and other social network links. The best way for making online promotion is to include your website in the email list. It distributes information to the registered subscribers.


You can connect to people on their personal email. Aweber is a paid service to use for email marketing services. Mailchimp is a free email marketing service and it can also be used.

Find here a list of best email marketing service providers on the Internet.

#9. Make use of Paid Advertising-


A fast way of getting visitors and customers on your website is through paid advertising.  The advertisement on the Facebook and the links and advertisement on the Google Searches are part of paid advertising for promotion.


Google Adwords and Facebook Ads can be used to set the daily budgets for the ad campaign. Retargeting ads is a process in which visitors start seeing ads to come back as soon as they leave the website.


This can be done by placing a tracking cookie on the visitor’s computer.


#10. Start Implementing Basic SEO-


Search Engine Optimization is used to optimize website according to the big search engines,  like Google, Yahoo, etc. Use main keywords throughout the content wisely, create a descriptive title for your posts, and provide relevant links. SEO is a time consuming process and provides significant results in months.


Also Use Content Marketing Optimization (CMO).

( Website promotion best methods- SEO, SEM, SMM, marketing and advertising )

Other Ways to Promote your Job Board



Some other ways to promote your job board, include submitting your website to every search engines , Blog directories, Instantly approval directories, etc.


You can also exchange your URL with others as long as you put their link on your websites. It is called link exchanging. Use it cautiously.


Also use banner exchanging websites to generate more traffic to your job board.  You can also pay for the services which will auto generate links to your website from other websites. But you may get banned on Google on doing so; hence it is not long term solutions for getting visitors on the website.

You can also provide value-added services and special discounts, deals, offers to your existing candidates and employers.


You need to regularly update your database containing information of the customers and provide updated information to the customers through emails and messages. Also provide 24 hours voice mail for easy availability to the customers and visitors.This voice mail can also be used for advertising about the website services and products. Use your company forms to promote business.


Making advertisements on online classifieds websites is another great way to make sure that you don’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to promoting and marketing your job portal. There are countless ad posting webs on the Internet, but i would rather suggest using only the high quality and popular advert sites.


Here is a great list of free advertising websites where you can market your job recruitment website effectively without paying anything!

Being an owner of a new job board,  If you are planning to offer premium listing then you should hold the idea for a time and instead offer free job posting services, considering that your website is quite new. If you want more employers to register at your website then keep it free until it gets popular among job seekers and recruiters.
You can list your services, products and value-added features of your website. You can also advertise about your website in any of the publication you want to. You can also be part of Job fairs where you can directly meet the recruiters and employers and tell about your employment website services.

Public relations (PR) strategies can help build your reputation and influence to bring visitors to the company website. PR also builds credibility and proves expert in the work. ( Tips to choose a good PR agency )


You can measure your success by adding analytics to the website as this will measure engagement on your website and will also calculate the visitors on your website.


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List of Job Websites for your Inspiration:

26 Quick Ways to Increase Sales Conversion on your Website

Increase Conversion on your Website and reduce the Per Customer Acquisition Cost


Online business tips to generate leads and convert them into sales.

Improving website conversions is a matter of concern and cannot be overshadowed. Converting site visitors to paying customers is indeed the game all about. The existence of your business depends on customers. More the customers, bigger and better the business.

How to make sales via Facebook- Social Media Marketing tips ]

[ The Important Reasons why your site not ranking higher in search engines ]

[ What to online advertising to use for marketing your site ]


There is a technique called “Split Testing” which is also known as A/B Testing used for the purpose of increasing website’s conversion rate.


Increase Website Conversion- Online business Tips-517x285

Tips to Increase Website Conversion

26 Tips to Grow Sales and Conversions on your Site


Attracting lot of traffic to your website would be easy but are you able to convert those potential leads into customers? Are they buying from you? That’s the question arises.

For conversion optimization and turning website visitors to buyers, a few tips which can be followed are stated below:-


Take a look!


1- The customers/ users should not be forced to register themselves before they place or complete their order as this would be unnecessary waste of time for them.


2- Live chat option should be taken into consideration and made available for the users. This would help in grabbing the attention of those who would otherwise hardly take interest in you.


3- Unnecessary links that doesn’t serve any purpose should be removed from the lead capture pages. The entry page of website and other important sections should depict the clear objective of the business/brand.


4-Try use ‘Order now’ call to action button instead of ‘Buy now‘. It gives a more positive vibe.

Make your website landing page more appropriate for conversions


5- You need to search out the proper way for privacy policy and other terms and conditions. Try to find out how can make the complicated technical language easier so as to make it understandable for the customers giving them assurance while securing yourself.


Remember your customers do read them for the purpose of decision making.


6-Write stuff keeping/making your customer as the center of your business.


Lay emphasis on ‘you/ your’ instead of ‘i/ we.’  As you know that every business or service exist just because of the customers. Your customers must be in the center of anything you say about your business. This shows that you are running the business to help and assist others and not merely making benefits for yourself.


7- Stretch the guarantee span and test which one is doing well for you. No matter if you’re required to make it more than what’s the industry standard. Go ahead!



8-Text that create urgencies should be supported by active language like “Buy”, “Register”, “Subscribe”, etc.


10 Rules to follow to increase number of email subscribers


9- The white space should be effectively used in your design. This will help in attracting users towards the ‘call to action.’


10- The most important information should be kept on the top and bottom of your pages as these are read first by the users. Use Website Loading time optimizer


11-Make your site navigation easier for the visitors. Make sure the format is such that allows them to reach wherever they want to go on the site in less than 3 clicks. eCommerce Website navigation – 5 Mistakes to remove


12- The entire process after ‘call to action’ button/ stage should be smooth, easy and moreover anticipatory.


13-Tackle the issues of customers with direct confrontation. Do not get upset of or avoid complaints or bad reviews. Take them as a guiding tool to deliver even better and resolve them.

5 Terrific Techniques to improve sells from your storefront


14- Try testing different kind of offers and schemes with your products. Also try tying-in some bonuses like free-shipping, free-gift etc that would help you in getting the leads converted into customers.


15-Use Web Progress Indicator Bars at register, login, and Checkout pages. Sometimes the design of a website is such which involves series of steps in checking out process. If similar is the case with you, showing a progress indicator can be of help to let the users know what next step they need to go on.

Best ways to promote a website


16-Real photos of staff as well as stock should be used. Realistic things help in building trust and generating excitement.


Read this product photography guide for creating awesome photographs of your products.



17-Forms validation is imperative. Your form doesn’t accept error code. Mention clearly, it accepts A-Z or a-z so that the process doesn’t stops in between and you may not lose the lead.


18- Avoid shocking customers by surprising them with certain hidden charges or other issues once they are near to checking out. Make the experience pleasant for them.


19-For more clear directions to certain pages or to take them to the next step/ page, you may attract their attention towards arrows, asterisks, links or other signals/ indicators. Excess usage of such may distract the customers though. Keep them limited. [ How to Sell products in International Markets ]


20- You can use audio or video display on your website for the demonstration of your product and its details. Also you could include helpful and interesting tutorials to guide your customer on product’s usage.

21-Make your products look tangible by including micro pictures of them so that customers do not miss out on them or discontinue further interest.

22- Freshen up your old pages for new visitors.The content should not be one that becomes outdated with the passage of time. Make sure it is undying, eternal and evergreen.

23-Be ready with the answers to the general questions which you think your customers might ask. For instance, how is your product better than the competitors product. Genuine answers would make a difference.


You should also check out these question and answer sites and consumer forums where customers publish their honest opinion and reviews about the services they strongly like or dislike.


24-Try to make the page sharing steps easier for the customers in case they want to share it with friends via social media or email. It should be a one step process with the scope of personalized messages. See, the example of Amazon website.


Amazon puts the social media sharing option in front of their customers who have just made a purchase. Generally, at the time of purchasing anyone happens to be in a good mood and they want to share or tell their friends about what they have just purchased. 


25-Lay down precisely all the benefits of your product before asking for order.


Not every customer may be well educated and aware about what you are offering. So, take the responsibility to make them educate and aware about the benefits of your products or services. Give them some good reasons to why they should buy your service or product.


While explaining all this, make your write up or sales copy impressive and properly formatted to enhance its impact.

Make good use of eye catching headlines, impressive photographs, and easily readable content.


26- Take feedback from customers on the working of product after they receive the order. Ask them if they need any kind of help, guidance or assistance. This will lead to repeated patronage of customer. 

[Tips to Promote your Business Blog Successfully]
Best Classifieds Websites to Sell Products FREE]


Top 6 Types of Online Advertising for Marketing your Website

Online Website promotion- Tips to Choose the Right Kind of online advertising Methods for Website Ranking

When it comes to choosing the right kind of digital advertising for your website it becomes quite difficult. To solve this, We have highlighted Top 6 Methods of Online advertising for Website Promotion.

Which Type of Online Advertising to Choose to Market Your Website?

Internet advertising of the site is very important to attract visitors, but at the same time right advertising of a website is not the easiest task. Creation of a site that is beautiful, functional, with a clear and user-friendly interface and navigation system, it is not even half of the story, but only the first step in the birth of a demanded portal or site.

The main task that the creator of the site is facing, is to attract as much visitors as  possible, namely those users, who are the target audience for the site, in accordance with its theme.


Only competent online advertising of a site can solve this difficult problem. Even an experienced PC user who has decided to present itself on the network through the  creation of the website, will not to be able to conduct an advertising campaign independently due to the absence of necessary experience.

Best Classifieds for Business advertising on the Internet

What type of-online-advertising-to-choose-Ads2020.Marketing-500x498
Tips to Know What type of online advertising to choose 


6 Most Popular Methods of Online Advertising for Website Ranking


There are many kinds of the Internet advertising. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. It becomes quite a tough task to select only the best for your website. We have explained all the basic and most popular methods in the article to help you make a choice.

Let’s discuss the most popular forms of online advertising and the scope of their use.


#1. Social Media Advertising


At this time, the most relevant social networks for advertising are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that allow to use different approaches. The most popular is the SMM (Social Media Marketing), which is presented by the creation of communities, brand-pages, placing materials, etc., and extensive targeting advertising aimed at a particular group of potential customers.


Social Network Advertising-to-market-website-300x200
Use Social Network Advertising to market your site




Through the use of a variety of different settings, extensive targeting ads are shown only a certain category of users. It is a good base to present the audience new brands. The main disadvantage of social network advertising is that there is no 100% guarantee of the result. Moreover, usually it is not possible to calculate the budget of advertising accurately.


And this type of advertising is for patient people, because it does not give immediate results, a significant amount of time may be required to achieve visible results.

Social media marketing- How and why to use it to promote your website
Best Sites for Premium Online Advertising


Banner Advertising for website promotion

Banner advertising– Such advertisements are also called media advertising, although this concept is much broader and includes video advertising. The placement of graphic media (static and animated) on web pages allows you to reach a larger audience and increase brand awareness. However, it is costly. Media advertising has a negative side.



Banner Ads-advertising-to-market-website-300x200
market your website with Banner Ads and advertising




Due to the abuse of banners by some sites your brand can receive bad image. Banners cannot be displayed in case of ad-blocking by a browser and they have low efficiency due to the lack of competent targeting.

Free banner exchanging opportunities


Product Placement


This term refers to hidden advertising in a neutral context. This type of advertising is common in online games and is part of the game play or periodically appears on the screen. Product placement can be effective for the launch of a new brand on the market or in case of exact choice of the target audience.


But it has several drawbacks: it is quite difficult to predict and assess the extent of its effectiveness; negative response from the audience is possible; and this method of advertising is not suitable for any or every kind of products.


Free advertising sites to promote your products online


Viral Advertising


The peculiarity of this type of online advertising is distributing promotional materials by the users themselves: they view a promotional video that does not leave them indifferent, and share it with friends and acquaintances. The main advantage of this method – the possible awesome result at the low cost, although “low-costs”is a questionable matter.


You need to find a team of experts, screenwriters and others to create a video. And this leads us to main disadvantages: difficulties with creation of material, capability to cause the desired reaction, unpredictable result and short duration of its effect.


10 Video Marketing Tips

Several ways to make Free Advertising on Google



Search Engine Marketing, SEO


Search Engine Optimization (SEO or website promotion) – this is the placement of sites on the first page of search engine such as Google. This type of advertising is the most effective in terms of cost to attract customers and result.


To raise a website on the top of search engines pages, a team of professionals needs to work on its structure, materials and tags carefully, as well as to create as many useful links as possible, as they are considered by search engines when determining the place of your site in the search results.


Using SEO allows to reach a wide audience and to do it gently. Clear direction of this type of advertising enables users to find relevant information easily and quickly. But SEO has certain disadvantages.


First of all, you need to understand that SEO promotion is a slow process. If you’re lucky, the effect will be visible after two months or perhaps even after a year.


Second, no one can guarantee the result.


Third, it can be very expensive. Services of the quality SEO-copywriters cost a decent amount of money. Interestingly, the customers are willing to transfer their money each month on accounts of various companies engaged in the promotion, taking into account that a good result might be possible only in half-year. Or it may not be.


The negative side of SEO advertising is that various search engines can apply sanctions. You can be banned or your position in the SERPs will be lowered.

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Website promotion and marketing via SEO


Contextual Advertising


Contextual advertising is showing the advertisements of the relevant category of the page on which they appear. Contextual ads can be searchable (on pages of search engines) and thematic (on the sites that participate in the ad network).


The use of this type of the Internet advertising allows you to reach the desired results almost instantly. It is very simple to monitor the effectiveness of advertising and display ads only to users that belong to a given target audience.


But at the same time ads are not shown in case of ad-blocking by a browser. There is one more downside of this type of advertising. It requires significant financial costs and deep knowledge to set the right efficient settings.


10 Best websites for Contextual Advertising




To sum it up, any kind of advertising can bring a huge success, or it can become a big failure. So you have to choose the most suitable kind of online advertising based on the specific situation. The most optimal approach is to use several forms of advertising in the complex, but it requires human and financial resources.


7 Ways to Use Twitter to Increase Website Traffic and Sales


Twitter Tips to Increase the Website Traffic and Get more Sales and Leads.


How to use Twitter for Generating more Referral Traffic for your Website, Youtube, or Ecommerce Platform?


For sales and web traffic prospecting, Twitter has emerged as one great platform. According to the sources 97% brands use Twitter to up their sales game. Twitter leads to increased visibility and web presence. Therefore, brands find it of huge importance. You have a great opportunity to increase your website traffic using Twitter.


You can discover, conversations, people who need your offering and so much more. There are so many tools coming up now a days like Hootsuite,, and others which makes it even easier to manage your regular tweets or say Twitter marketing.


If you get the right followers, in a short time you can increase your website traffic or business sales as well as your customer base. That’s the power of Twitter in the website marketing field provided if used in the most accurate way possible.


Use Twitter to Increase Website Traffic
Best ways to use Twitter to Increase Website Traffic


How to Generate Traffic to your Website with Twitter?

How to Use Twitter to Increase Website Traffic and Sales?

Read below the most important points to implement while being engaged on Twitter. Read Here Twitter Marketing Tips for eCommerce Website



1- Find Your Target Audience


Find Your Target Audience at Twitter-300x200
Find Your Target Audience at Twitter


Twitter gives you the opportunity to choose from over 300 million people. The game is all about followers and following. A little brainstorming on your part is required so as to think what could be the keywords and hashtags your potential readers or buyers might be using.


Think about what your ideal customer profile would look like and follow all the people who fall under this. You should even keep an eye on the followers of your competitors websites as well as who your competitors are following.


This will help you in understanding the bigger picture. You can make use of various tools available to aid the tracking and searching on Twitter & one of such tool is TweetDeck.


Make sure your following list is full of relevant people. When you get tweets or retweets from people do thank them for this gesture as this will benefit you later.

How to get Huge referral Traffic from Quora?

How to use Twitter for Business


2- Profile Optimization


Make Twitter Profile Optimization for website traffic-300x200
Make your Twitter Profile Optimized for more website traffic

Your profile should reflect who you are, which industry you belong to, your website, your brand etc. Make use of your website logo, taglines/ slogans on your Twitter profile to enhance its visibility.

Craft your twitter account well so that it helps you build your twitter presence and let people identify you by your website or brand/ business.

15 Tools to increase traffic for your website
How to get more engagement and followers on Twitter
How to Generate traffic


3- Monitor Your Feeds


Notice what the newsfeed says once you started following the relevant people, keep a check on what they are tweeting.

See how can you able to help them via your product or service. You will get to see various buying signals say for instance; certain needs that your product can fulfil or if you see the people are showing dis-satisfactory reaction towards the competitors etc.

Now, this is the time when you can come in spotlight and exploit such opportunities to grab the leads.

Paid advertising websites to get traffic via PPC, CPM, CPA ads

Best Twitter Tools


4- Research On Companies


You can use twitter to gain insights on the companies as a whole and not just sticking around or dependent on one or two prospects.

Twitter is very wide, here you get to know what issues people are facing, what challenges your competitors are facing etc and how can your product an be the savior for them. This research will help improvisation strategies for making a good sales pitch.

[ 15 best ways to get free traffic for your website ] [ Start using Banner ads for increased web traffic ]

5- Hosting Twitter Chats



Hosting Twitter Chats


This will facilitate people in giving feedback on your brand and suggestions for improvement. This will automatically give your website or brand more space on the web.

People will talk about your website and hence more viewership. Hosting Twitter chats is one great strategy to tell people about you and your website/ products/ services as well as taking feedback from them as well as know about the issues they face.

Top 50 Social Media apps to stay Connected with Loved Ones
How to get search traffic from Pinterest

6- Spark Up Conversations

Spark Up Twitter Conversations


You cannot attract people by forcing them to buy the product. Tell people what you know, what you offer and help them in solving  their issues.


Respond to your followers, Retweet them and let them notice you. Positive Twitter experience can bring you great amount of prospects which can be your loyal readers in future.

If you want to move the conversation away from public forum and if the prospect is following you then you can move conversation to direct messages.


Sharing of private information like contact number, email ids, prices or other queries etc can be better done via direct messages. To sum up in brief, have conversations with followers. Will e of great advantage.


Use these Free advertising sites to increase traffic for your website
Best Social Media Tools for Small Medium Business


7- Establish Relationships


Establish Relationships at Twitter to increase traffic-300x200
Establish Relationships at Twitter to increase web traffic

You need to identify the most influential people on Twitter. The number of followers certainly depicts the status of how influential the person is. Their tweets gets retweeted and liked by number of people.


Here in order to interact more and develop relationships, you can reply under the comments section on their tweets as well. Also retweet their interesting stuff. In this way you will gain attention from the industry influencers and they might follow you back and visit your website links given in your profile description and timeline page.


Now, when you see that they started noticing you the you can put forth your own website content and alert them. Make sure you don’t spam them as it will take you nowhere.


Make proper use of this space, identify the right accounts with influential capability and establish relationship. This way your content would get retweets from their end and  you will attract/gain more followers.


Tips on Making an effective Marketing Video
16 Free Twitter Tools for Business

14 Best Social Media Tools for Small Medium Business Marketing

Social Media Tools for Marketing a Business : Post Scheduling, Quiz and Contests, Management, and Integration.

Are you looking to boost your social media campaigns?Discover in this article how to give a push to your social media campaign by contests, sweepstakes, viral media, pictures, content, contests, polls, surveys,  advertising etc.

With the help of these tools you can dominate your niche over various social platforms. They are very effective and time saving tools which are used by smarter users all over the world to enhance their overall engagement and conversions over social platforms.


Social Media Tools for Small Medium Business

They offer all in one solution, like- Sharing, management, Analysis, and lead generation for your social media marketing success.

Content Marketing Tools to promote your Blog or website



A. Tools for Post Scheduling:

1. Post Planner


Visit here to make Killer social media Engagements using PostPlanner ]


Post Planner is an ideal platform to boost engagement by scheduling Facebook and Twitter posts to your pages.

“Post Planner is like aspirin for your Facebook marketing pain.” – John Haydon, Author, Facebook Marketing for Dummies.

Post Planner- A Great tool for making and scheduling posts for maximum engagement


Post Planner makes postings easier as you can get to schedule your posts and forget about sitting in front of your computer all the time and keep posting. You always have consistent posts, news feeds, likes and leads even when you are busy somewhere else.

Pricing: There is no free account or Trial. Paid account Starts at USD 7 / month.

How to Generate Social media Leads via LinkedIn


2. HootSuite

Enhance your social media management with Hootsuite ]

With more than 10 Million Users across 175+ countries, HootSuite is the most widely used social relationship platform.

While Post Planner manages only Facebook and Twitter Hoot Suite has more social media networks than you can manage including LinkedIn.

Hootsuite – The best Tool for Social Media Management and Sharing

Hootsuite is the largest open social relationship platform with 100+ partner integration in the HootSuite App Directory and used by 744 of the Fortune 1000 companies. HootSuite has more than 600 staff worldwide at Vancouver HQ and offices in New York, London, Singapore, and San Francisco.

Pricing: They offer free accounts for up to three social accounts and charges 9.99 USD/ month for a paid account.SocialAdr – to Promote your content over 30 Social media sites


3. Buffer

Buffer – A Very Popular Social Tool that Shares Smartly on Social Media ]

Buffer is the easiest way to skyrocket your engagement on to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+. It saves many hours of finding selecting and/or writing about what you wish to post and enables you to schedule all immediately.

Buffer-  Social Media Sharing Tool for Publishers and Businesses


Buffer has about 1.3 million users including 2500+ agencies and publishers.

Pricing: Buffer offers 30 Day unlimited free Trial without credit card. The paid account starts at USD 10/ month.

Free tools for Twitter for Business marketing

4. Sprout Social

Sprout Social – Social Media Management and Small Business Tools ]

Sprout Social has an automatic post scheduling feature called queue which allows the content scheduling automation. Sprout social also has a genius analytics to give you a promising insight of your social activities.

Sprout Social-socialmedia-tool-marketing-400x250
Sprout Social-a Great Tool for Social media marketing


Sprout Social platform supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and RSS. Its paid version also allows to connect to Google Analytics. Sprout Social is a social media management and engagement platform for business. Sprout Social is known for its intuitive, easy-to-use web and mobile platform.

Pricing: It offers a free account and the paid version costs USD 999/month.

Best Tools for LinkedIn Marketing



[ Dlvr.It Web Tool for Publishers to Share their Content over Social media Platforms ] helps people like you attract and engage audiences across the web with powerful tools that make sharing content easy.


dlvr-it-tool-for-marketing-business-social-media-400x250 an easy and effective social media tool for marketing your business


In you can select the routes and destinations from where you have to share the content and to where. To reach the target audience users can use hashtags, Google Analytics, target content and media as well as share links. supports sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, Tumblr, Delicious, etc.

Pricing: offers a free version but with limitations. The paid version starts at USD 9.99 /month.


18 Awesome tools for Content marketing

B. Tools For Quiz and Contests:

6. Agora Pulse

Agorapulse- Manage all social media messages in one place. Schedule and publish content ]

Manage your Social Media accounts and qualify your fans & followers.
Agorapulse simplifies your daily Social Media Management tasks and helps you measure value by surfacing your key users.

Pricing: Agora Pulse offers free trial and paid version starts from USD 29 /month

7. Woo Box

Woobox- Trusted by Over 4 million brands to help them run effective campaigns ]


Woobox provides millions of brands with an affordable suite of viral applications to grow and engage their fan base. Our apps include custom page tabs, coupons, contests, sweepstakes, and more that also work on mobile and embedded on your website.

We innovate features to maximize viral spread of your campaigns such as bonus entries when friends enter a sweepstakes.

Pricing: Woo Box offers free plan.

7 Top Tools that you should start using for marketing



8. Antavo

Antavo- loyalty marketing software for eCommerce companies ]

Antavo is a complete Software-as-a-Service solution to launch point-based loyalty programs.

Users can run sweepstakes, contests and giveaways to collect email addresses and win customers. Apps have smart, inbuilt game mechanics, sharing incentives and triggered emails. Everything you need to make your campaign go viral.

Pricing: Antavo offers free trial. Starting price is USD 499/month.

Tools that are used for Social Media Marketing via Instagram



9. Survey Monkey

[ SurveyMonkey- Create and publish online surveys to Engage your Audience ]


SurveyMonkey is the world’s largest survey company, helping customers collect over 2+ million online survey responses every day. SurveyMonkey has revolutionized the way people give and take feedback, making it accessible, easy and affordable for everyone.

Pricing: SurveyMonkey offers free basic trial plan wit a starter plan of about USD 12 /month

Ultimate list of logo designing programs and tools



10. Ripe Social

Ripe Social- Custom Facebook Page designing Solutions ]


Ripe social provides 11 apps to customize Facebook business page and also enables effective branding.

It helps increasing brand awareness, drive more traffic, ignite viral marketing and generate sales leads.

Pricing: Ripe social costs USD 99 for an year.

Ultimate SEO Tool for ranking your website higher in Search Engines


C. Social Media Integration Tools:

11. Pagemodo

Pagemodo- design your Facebook social media posts and create contests ]


Pagemodo provides cutting edge social marketing tools as part of the Webs online marketing platform. Webs was founded by three brothers with one goal in mind: to help people get online without technical skills or a big budget.

Over 3 million users already use Pagemodo for their social engagements. It helps made page more appealing by professional pictures, cover pictures and custom tabs etc.

Pricing: It offers 14 days free trial and the basic version starts at USD 6.25 / month.

12. Tabsite

TabSite-helps businesses grow more leads and engagements with promotion apps ]


TabSite allows pages to easily create and manage custom lead capture and promotion apps. You can create and use multiple custom apps to run contests, promos, and more, all without coding or programming!

Key features include ability to run Contests ( photo, video, essay), Deals such as Pin Deal and Friend Share Deal Reveal, Sweepstakes, and more. As well, plans include features making it easy to add a Like Gate for fan gating, import a blog and Twitter feed, create custom forms, incorporate YouTube videos, develop product slideshows etc.

TabSite is a great solution for small and medium sized businesses wanting to easily customize tabs and run promos on their fan pages to engage users and build social interaction.Pricing: It offers 14 days free trial and paid version starts at USD 25/month.

Best tools to optimize your website speed and loading time


13. Iconosquare

[ Iconosquare- Instagram analytics and Optimization made easy. ]


Leading Analytics & Marketing Suite for Instagram – Manage your Instagram activity, Analyze your performance, Engage your community.

Pricing: Iconosquare offers a free trial and then the basic version starts at USD 199 / month.


14. ShotStack

Shortstack- build engaging social media marketing campaigns – contests, promotions ]

ShortStack helps you build contests, sweepstakes, data-collection forms and more for social, mobile and the web.

The platform contains more than 40 widgets and applications where users can integrate contests, sweepstakes, RSS feeds, Twitter, YouTube, and MailChimp newsletter signups that maximize their online presence and potential.

Pricing: ShotStack offers free trial and basic version starts at USD 23/month.

eMail marketing tools for marketers and bloggers

SEOPowerSuite – is it Truly an All in One SEO Software for Website Ranking?

Why SEO PowerSuite Software has become the Best Answer to ‘All in One SEO’ needs for website ranking and content optimization?

‘All in One’ SEO tool for analyzing and improving a website’s rankings in various major Search Engines with the help of on-page and off-page Search Engine Optimization.

SEO Power Suite is software designed to be more or less like your wing-man when it comes to making maximum use of the opportunity that is e-marketing and SEO. The whole essence of having this software is to help you get a better ranking on search engines and also to increase your web traffic and at the same time keep your clients satisfied.

SEO Power Suite makes SEO easier and friendlier to you as a developer and as an entrepreneur. It keeps you in charge of all your SEO needs. Contrary to the overall perception that SEO software are expensive, SEO Power Suite is absolutely free.

SEO PowerSuite : for that Rockingly High Website Rankings !


SEO and its use in a website’s search engine rankings

There is so much that every business owner can appreciate when it comes to the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO has revolutionized the trends in e- marketing and currently every entrepreneur’s goal is simply to make it to the first page of Google or other search engines.This is the only way to ensure that your site has more web visitors and this directly translates to more profits for your business.

Currently, it goes beyond the use of keywords and having attractive images; SEO has become a gruesome competition and a battle of online supremacy.

It is important for any business owner to be fully prepared to go the extra mile to cut a niche for themselves and this is where SEO Power Suite software comes in.

Best marketing tools for small business


SEO PowerSuite Review : is it really an Ultimate Tool for SEO and website rankings?

[ Related Read: Best seller tools for email marketing ]

SEO PowerSuite is easy to use, safe and highly effective. If this software is not heaven sent; well, I do not know what is. SEO Power Suite places the entire concept of SEO at the palm of your hands. It enables you to gauge your search engine rankings and to help you have a content optimization to keep your clients coming back.

With this very basic understanding of what this software is all about, there are quite a number of appreciable features of this software. Just to mention a few :-

Keyword Research

Keywords are everything when it comes to SEO. SEO Power Suite allows you to find the best keywords to attract more users to your website. It broadens your scope of thoughts and you can discover new, more profitable keywords that are relevant to your website.

Professional Reporting

Even online marketing demands professionalism. This can be reflected in the manner in which you present data analysis and reports. This software allows you to create refined report structures by teaching you how to do your reports.

There is also the provision to upload and email your reports courtesy of the same software.  [ Also check: Web designing killer tips ]


Content Optimization

Content is everything and SEO Power Suite is the right tool when it comes to helping you have refined content to suit your clients’ needs. It allows you evaluate the validity of your content and how informative your content is. [ Related Read:  10 Best Tools for content marketing ]

SEO PowerSuite is an 
Optimized Software for local and international searches

Growth is paramount for any business and SEO Power Suite is simply the right tool to broaden your scope and to give you more exposure. It gives you the provision of having exposure to both international and local search engines.

If you have been thinking of going global, well it simply starts with good international search engine rankings. [ Must check: Reasons why your website is not ranking in Search Engines ]

SEO PowerSuite Works on any Operating System

One of the greatest advantages of the SEO Power Suite Software is the fact that it is compatible with virtually all Operating Systems.

Be it Windows, Linux or an Android you can be up and running any times as soon as you download the software and start your journey towards SEO liberation.

Best software tools for Internet marketing


SEO PowerSuite is Easy, Fast and Reliable!

SEO Power Suite has been tested and tried and by far it is the best software available in the market to keep you on top of the game when it comes to SEO.

It is easy to use since it has more or less a personal guide to help you navigate your way. It is reliable software that will not disappoint you.

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4 Online Tools in SEO PowerSuite that are Crucial for SEO and Website Ranking


There are 4 tools that are characteristic of the SEO Power Suite software. These four are essentially what define the functionality of this very resourceful software: 


1. Rank Tracker

This tool allows you to get a bearing of where you are when it comes to search engine ranking. It is indicative of progress and it offers suggestions and additions to the keywords already in use in your website.

There is the provision of making worthwhile comparisons to assess the validity and functionality of what you offer your clients. Through the templates that are available, it is possible to upgrade your keyword formats and also have a change of perspective when it comes to SEO ranking.

This is the only sure way to keep your website in check. Keywords are the mainstay of SEO and having the very best when it comes to the appropriate use of keywords should be primary to any website developer.  [ Also check: 18 Tools for content marketers ]


2. Website Auditor

This is virtually on page SEO. The entire purpose of website auditing is to safeguard your ranking. This tool allows you to have an analysis of your keywords and also to identify the issues in your websites such as broken links and typos.

By auditing your website you can be sure that you will be able to keep your content optimization in check and this directly translates to increased web traffic. [ Related Read: Tools to Check website speed and loading time ]


3. SEO Spyglass

SEO is a competition and keeping an eye on your competitor is very necessary. The SEO spyglass more or less allows you to keep track of what your competitors are doing. Through access to your competitors back links it is possible to build your own.

There is the threat of having potentially harmful backlinks but the SEO Power Suite allows you to remove and filter harmful backlinks. [ You may also like: Buy SEO Services ]

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4. Link Assistant

The link-assistant is your friendly companion when it comes to link management tasks. It makes link building easier and also gives the provision of enhancing your content through guest posting.

It enables you to filter the website and blogs to reach out to for getting good quality backlinks, so as to make sure there is variety of incoming links for your website. You can also keep track of your new web partners.

Simply putting, the SEO Power Suite software is a basic need for any business owner running a website or a blog and understands the importance of SEO. Try it today and you will never look back

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