Top 10 Mobile Ad Networks for Advertising on Android and iOS Platforms

What are the Top 10 Mobile Advertising Companies that offer advertising options on Mobile devices.

Small Guide on Mobile Advertising- Introduction, Tips, Benefits of using Mobile ads for your Business Marketing.


Content Digest: Top 10 Mobile ads Networks. Mobile ads companies. Various types of Mobile ads and their advantages. PPC, CPA, CPM, eCPM based Mobile advertising Networks for Android and iOS Platforms.

As the number of mobile device users increase, advertisers have to come up pragmatic advertising policies that are specifically designed for mobile phone users. Using Mobile based advertising has proved one of the most effective means of advertising.


Mobile Advertising : Types & Benefits of Mobile Ads. 10 Best Mobile Ad Networks
Mobile advertising is an exciting new frontier in interactive advertising where adverts are placed on small, personal and ubiquitously accessible mobile device. Though, every big ad network offers a mean to advertise on mobile devices.
They include an option to advertisers where they can choose to allow publishing ads on mobile devices. But, this is very general and ambiguous type of mobile based advertising. But, the top 10 mobile ad networks as mentioned below are dedicated towards providing mobile based advertising solutions to their clients.

Why use Mobile based advertising?

Mobile ads have become very popular means of the paid marketing and advertising for any business today. From small to popular ad agency , everyone is recommending mobile ads to be included in your mainstream advertising and marketing strategies for promoting any type of business or company. In this case, ads are placed on basic mobile phones, feature phones, smart phones and iPhones. Obviously, the ability to support various ad formats depend on the various phone specifications. Here is a sneak peak of the types and advantages of mobile ads.

4 Types and Forms of Mobile Advertising:

1. Mobile Web site

Websites that have a mobile version offer mobile users the opportunity to access website content on their mobile phones. Adverts of various forms like banner ads can be placed on this website.

This medium is especially suitable for advertisers who want to generate leads to their websites.

2. Mobile Applications


The growth and development of mobile applications has changed the way businesses advertise. A mobile application is basically a software that can be downloaded an pre-installed on the mobile platform. An application can be a game, lifestyle tool or even a news reader.

There are several applications that are developed every day, and they allow ad placement. There are also branded applications that advertise specific brands of businesses. Mobile applications are good for branding among other uses.

3. Mobile messaging


In this case, a short message text or multimedia text is send to a mobile user. Messages can have the common short codes which are numbers on which messages can be send and/or be received.Text ads, banner ads and animated images can be send via the mobile phone, helping in lead generation and branding. Mobile messaging is a great for Customer Relations Management. It also serves as the building blocks of other advertising methods.

Mobile video and TV. The ability of most mobile devices to support video and TV capabilities is good news to advertisers.
This is because videos can be streamed or downloaded from a site that is usually send through a text message to a mobile phone user.

Pre-roll, mid-roll and post roll video ads can be used with most mobile devices.

Static images, video clickable overlays and branded videos can also be used.

How to Increase App downloads in Playstore

4. Other forms of Mobile advertising include:

Games: Mobile games feature visible banners during game play or interstitial ads that are shown as you move from one level of play to the other. There are also adver-games that have been specifically designed for mobile users.
Push publishing: Advertisers can also “push” advertisements in the backgrounds of phone resident applications so that the advert can be instantly viewed by the user.

Ticketing/ Couponing: Mobile phone ticketing applications can incorporate display advertising on the ticket or coupon.

Passive display: Some advertisements can also be featured on the display of mobile phones like screen savers.

Advantages of using Mobile Ads:-

Mobile advertising has its own strengths that make is better than other forms of advertising in some cases.

For instance, with all these advert types, clicking on the links of the mobile ads wherever they are placed can either take the visitor to the landing page or initiate a message or a call, depending on the features that the device can support.


Some of the click-based options include:

Click to locate- users can click on the links to locate the nearest movie theatre or car dealer, for instance.
Click to order marketing materials like brochures.
Click to enter a competition like charity sweepstake.
Click to receive an email.
Click to download and/or forward content like logos, ringtones and wallpapers.
Click to watch a video.
Click to vote.
Click to receive a mobile coupon.

Click to buy.

On the other hand, some of the most common call based responses include:

Call to vote.
Call to buy.
Call to get additional information.
Call to renew your subscription.
Call to complete a survey.
Call to chat.
Call to receive the available promotion.

Text based messages are almost identical to the call based responses, except for the fact that with text messages, you can text to refer a friend. This widens the scope of the advertising objectives.

Generally, immediacy, cost effectiveness, increased engagement and reach as well as ability to provide various objective-oriented actions are some of the benefits of mobile advertising.
Indeed, mobile advertising offers the potential for personalization and high engagement. The mobile phone is a very personal device, and every mobile phone is linked to an individual and it always remains on hand.

This means that adverts are received and read immediately they are send. As a mobile advertiser, you can also align your adverts with the intended audience, as mobile advertising is a precisely targeted communication channel.➤Must Read: 15 Ways of Free advertising on Google

Top 10 Ad Networks for Mobile Advertising:


1. AdMob – The Number One ad network by Google


admob-Mobile based best ad Network for Paid Advertising300x200
AdMob- Mobile based best ad Network for Paid Advertising


Google is a great advertising platform, and you have an idea of what to expect from it. AdMob is a great ad network by Google that features a Software Development Kit that allows you to use iOS, Android and Windows Phone for your advertising campaign.

There is a wide range of ad formats to choose from, such as standard banner ads, full screen ads and interactive ads.

AdMob is designed to leverage the best of Google ad platforms. Its smart app promotion, robust ad filters and intelligent reports make marketing as easy as ABC.

The convenient CPC medium is the icing on the cake.


2. mMedia

[ Advertise on iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry, Symbian, Java and WebOS Platforms ]
mmedia-now-AOL-one-Mobile ad Network for Paid Advertising-300x200
mMedia: now AOL-one! Popular Mobile ad Network for Paid Advertising

mMedia allows you to use a myriad of self-service mobile advertising tools that leads to growth of your business.

It is wonderful on iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry, Symbian, Java and WebOS. It allows CPC, CPM and CPA, and the format of ads it supports include banner, interstitial, interactive video and rich media ads.

With mMedia, you can easily advertise your business across various mobile apps and sites, control your mobile advertising creative and manage your ad campaigns.

Update- mMedia is now ONE by AOL: Mobile.


3. Adfonic

[ Advertise on iOS and Android Platforms. Based on CPC and CPM models ]
The smarter platform for buying Mobile ads

It works well on the iOS and Android platforms, and uses CPC and CPM models. It supports banner, interstitial, video and rich media ads.

It takes care of both integration and performance of your advertisements, ensuring that your marketing campaign is successful. Adfonic works directly with international agencies to be able to do so.

It also supports AdMob mediation and Ad Serving API.


4. Chartboost

[  Mobile Games-Only Ad Platform ]


The top Mobile Network for games-Only Advertising Option

You can easily grow your businesses with Chartboost. This is one of the best ad networks as it offers the greatest mobile games-only platform that allows you to increase your revenue as you discover new players.

If you are a game developer, you will like the up-to-par integration and analytics technology offered by chartboost alongside other creative and professional advertising services. It also optimizes your eCPM, accentuating your marketing campaign.

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5. InMobi

[ India based Mobile Ad Platform for banner, expandable, interstitial, video, text and rich media ads. ]


InMobi Big Data – The Top Mobile Advertising Company in India

InMobi has grown from a humble background since it was incepted in India and it is now a great mobile advertising medium that is slowly conquering the international mobile advertising market.

93.4 billion impressions, 578 million consumers in 165 countries is not a mean achievement. It allows banner, expandable, interstitial, video, text and rich media ads and works well on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone platforms.


6. AdsMovil

This is a great paid marketing for mobile ads across the Americas. On AdsMovil, you can start, grow or monetize your business.

You can take advantage of the AdsMovil technology in the Hispanic market for instance to target your audience.

The brands and publishers that work closely with AdsMovil deserve a standing ovation, as they give an idea of what to expect.

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7. Tapjoy

Gamers can earn virtual currency on Tapjoy through the incentivized download. They are able to reap several virtual rewards and content.

The large number of supported games, approximately 20,000 and more than 1 billion network devices and 77 million active users in a month assures you that your are working with the right mobile ads network.

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8. Komlimobile

Business advertising has never been easier than with Komlinmobile. This is a Global mobile Ad Network that works on a performance-based platform that allows targeted mobile advertising.

As an advertiser, you get access to performance mobile ads and Mobile Video ads.

Real-time Analytics and global reach accentuates your marketing campaign, ensuring that you achieve your goal and move to the next level in your business.

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9. Aditic

If you know the importance of mobile ads in business advertising, you cannot afford to miss a chance to work with Aditic.

This mobile ad network has a strong background in advertising on the mobile platform and its wide experience has seen it through several development milestones.

It supports iOS, Blackberry, Android, Samsung Bada as well as Java. Several ad formats are accepted, allowing flexibility and scalability.


10. Admoda

Admoda allows business advertising on the CPC and CPM models. It also accepts flat rates.Its straightforward integration and elaborate customer service ensures that your business marketing is successful.It is the mobile ad network of choice for affiliate and performance marketing strategies. It cannot miss in a successful mobile marketing plan.

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Glossary of Top 10 Advertising Terms used in Paid Search Engine Internet Marketing

Glossary of the highest used ad terms in paid advertising: CPA, CPC, CPL, CPM, CPS, CPT, CPV, CTR, PPC & PPV


[Meanings and definitions of the Popular terms used in Search Engine Advertising, banner advertising, and paid advertising]


For those of you who are new to online paid advertising and search engine marketing, should be well versed with the important terms and glossary. For this reason, we decided to publish a new post dedicated to important glossary for advertisers and marketers for online paid advertising and marketing industry.


Though, there could be lots of methods of paid advertising and so there exists many such terms. But, we have included only the most widely used terms and definition of the commonly used advertising methods- PPC, CPA, PPA, CPM, etc. More than 90 % of the paid online advertising websites provide paid ads through these methods only.


Advertising Terms: Glossary of 10 popular & commonly used words



Simple definitions and Meanings of the 10 popular words/terms used in “paid advertising” terminology:


#1. CPA (Cost Per Action)


CPA is an acronym for Cost Per Action or Cost Per acquisition. In this form of payment for online advertising, the advertiser only pays when a user of the site completes an action, hence the name Cost Per action. It is based on the Post-click Tracking system which reports the activity of a user on a certain web page after clicking on the ad.


The activity or action can be anything from filling an enquiry form to completing a business transaction.


Compared to CPC (Cost Per Click) and CPM (Cost Per Impression), CPA is more efficient and cost effective.


For instance, with CPC, the advertiser pays for all the clicks on the ad, irrespective of whether the clicks result to buying or not. Click fraud is also more common in CPC than in CPA. It happens when a person just clicks on an ad on the site without genuine interest.


Related reading: 10 best ad networks for CPA based advertising


#2. CPC (Cost Per Click)


With Cost Per Click, the advertiser pays for all the clicks on the ad irrespective of whether the click leads to an action or not. This exposes this method to the risk of click fraud which is the main challenge of online advertising in the modern world.

If your aim is simply to boost your brand name, this is the best method for you.

The ability to generate high Click Through rate by use of a widespread ad-network adds color to the already good package.


#3. CPL or CPI (Cost Per Lead)

Cost per Lead or Cost per Inquiry is a payment method where advertisers pay for leads that come as a result of clicking on their ads by a visitor. In other words, payment is required whenever a visitor to the site is converted into a lead. Consequently, this is the cost of having one person to inquire about your site.

#4. CPM (Cost Per Mile)


With Cost per Mile, the advertisers pay for the number of impressions of their ads. Simply, CPM means cost per thousand impressions. This method is ideal for those who aim at enhancing visibility of their ads and therefore their websites, because they are informed on the number of times the ad will be shown.


However, impression fraud pours cold water on this program. Popular platforms for CPM : Infolinks ad network, Tribal Fusion, Advertising.com, ValueClick Media, etc.


#5. CPS (Cost Per Sale)


Cost per sale is a special form of Cost Per Action where the action involved is a sale. Alternatively, the advertiser only pays whenever a sale results from a click on the ad by a visitor to the site. The actual amount of money paid in this case depends on either the cost of sale, cost of the lead or a faction of the sale’s revenue.


#6. CPT (Cost Per Thousand)

CPT is more or less similar to CPM. With this method of online payment, the cost is calculated as per a thousand impressions. In other words, it is the cost of buying advertising space per 1000 people reached. For instance, a CPT of $ 50 means that the advertiser should pay $ 50 for every 1000 impressions or times the ads appear on the site.


#7. CPV (Cost Per View)

Cost Per View online advertising payment system requires the advertiser of video ads to pay only when a visitor to the site watches the video. No payment is made for other forms of interactions except when the visitor watches the video in question.


#8. CTR (Click Through rate)

Cost Per Click normally depends on the Click Through Rate to determine the actual amount of money to be paid by the advertiser. CTR is simply defined as the number of times on which an ad is clicked as a percentage of the number of times that the ad is displayed on the site.



#9. PPC


In the simplest terms, Pay Per Click is the amount of money required to get an ad clicked. The advertisers pay the publisher whenever visitors click on their ad. It is also called Cost Per Click. This is one of the most popular methods which is being used for online ad placement. For ex- Google AdSense, Yahoo Bing Contextual ad network, Chitika ad network, etc use this method for their advertisers.


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#10. PPV (Pay Per View)


PPV is closely related to CPV. The advertiser pays only when a visitor views a video after clicking on the site. All the other activities leading to watching the video are ignored. Impression fraud is the main challenge of this online payment system, just like it is with Cost Per View and Cost Per Thousand.

Further reading: Find here the list of over 150 commonly used advertising words and terms.

Top 100 Ad Networks that are Best Online Advertising Platforms for Advertisers and Publishers

Ad Networks List 2020-  Top 100 Advertising Platforms to Buy/Sell Online  Advertisements


A List of Top 100 Ad Networks for anyone looking for advertising via PPC, CPM, CPV, CPA, Contextual ads, In-Text, Banner ads, PPV.


In today’s age of digital marketing most of the businesses thrive on advertising. And, online advertising is constantly increasing in its shape and size. Digital advertising is on the top 3rd place where most of the money is spent when it comes to branding and promotion. The first 2 are Television, and Print media.


Ad platforms or networks are the mediums/providers of digital advertising. There are many types of online platforms where online advertisements (in many forms/ways/shapes) is being bought by advertisers and sold by online publishers.


Considering their demand and role for digital marketing, we thought to publish a list of such networks which would be very useful for both the parties involved.


Searching for such online platforms could be daunting task for new comes who don’t have any work experience in this trade. So, we researched and came up with this listing of ONLY the BETTER ONES than the rest of thousands of such companies!


We have handpicked them from a herd of thousands of digital advertising networks that exist today in 2019.


If you want to drive traffic to your site or monetize your content, want to opt for paid advertising or need to generate revenue from your content- here are 100 plus such online advertising companies that help you achieve the same for yourself.

This list of ad networks is very handy for publishers too. They can visit them and apply for a free publisher account to monetize their content.


We all know that there is no absolute good, bad, or ugly in the entire universe. For some advertisers, a low profile online advertising platform may prove best than the other so called top networks. There could be many reasons to be so. But, one thing is for sure that a major chunk of digital advertising is being spent through all of these ad platforms in the list given below.


Buy Ads from these Top 100 paid advertising companies for online marketing. Visit the Popular Ad Networks Websites using this list. Ad Platforms are given in Alphabetical order. for advertisers, Marketers & publishers. Their services could work wonders to your search engine marketing goals for business branding, development, and success.


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100 Best paid advertising networks and ad platforms list


For Whom we have Prepared this list of ad platforms?


For Individual Advertisers –  Use these advertising networks to drive leads and traffic from around the world for your online publishing house.


Companies, Media house, and ad agencies-  May use these top advertising platforms to offer services to their both types of the clients : advertisers and publishers.

Publishers- Bloggers, webmasters, developers, site owners, video uploaders, games monetize their content using these finest ad networks for using paid ads on your site or apps. ( Top 10 Ad Platforms for Bloggers )



Ad Networks List : Top 100 Online Advertising Platforms for Digital Marketing

Are you from real estate industry or eCommerce? Or do you have a business related to auto markets that needs leads in fastest way possible?


If you are searching for a good list of ad networks, then perhaps this list is what you need as it showcases around 100 top of ad networks that are very popular around the world for their huge ad inventory and effective technology to drive unlimited ad impressions within your budget.


Most of their happy customers include Media Companies, Marketing agencies, Developers, and Website Owners.

Please mention in the comments if we have left out any good ad networks from including in the list here.



List of the Most Popular ad networks all across the World


Are you an advertisers, media manager, Marketers or online publishers?  If so, then these systems are going to offer you a great opportunity to dominate your niche!


You can use their paid ads for search engine marketing for business via various models, like PPC, CPA, CPM, etc.

These networks work based on Premium Search Engine Marketing methods for online lead generation.

Read the Pros and Cons of Search Engine Marketing


Alphabetical list of Top 100 Digital Advertising Companies that provide Paid advertisement Solutions to Advertisers:

This is a complete list of Ad Networks for you that are popular in USA, UK, Europe, Asia, South Africa, Australia, UAE. The advertising companies are popular all across the world for what they offer to their clients. The online platforms are for small businesses, SMB’s, and brands.


I am sure these 100 paid advertising networks will provide you a great digital marketing start and a wide range of options to choose from. The given ad networks are in Alphabetical order.


#1.  4w Marketplace- have 600 Clients and media agencies


Basically, this network hosts Italian sites and is engaged mainly in Native Ads , Video and Display ads.


#2.  Ad4Game- In Game Ads (Image and Text)


Ads4Game attracts Advertisers, Publishers, Developers, and Affiliates across the globe.

The online advertising platform works based on CPC, CPM and CPA/CPI ad types.

The network has clients from gaming companies, and also includes big brand names, such as Electronic Arts, Disney, Supercell, Ubisoft, Sony, etc.

The Platform mostly caters in gaming, entertainment and anime categories.


#3.  Adconion Media Group- have 2000 Advertisers and agencies


They have more than 700 million users who are engaged with their advertising platforms in 21 countries, including North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia.

Amobee make usages of all kinds of advertising channels, such as TV, Web based, social media and they cover all types of ad formats and devices.


#4.  Mobsuite- growing ad network and digital media company


Mobsuite is an Ireland based advertising company which operates in more than 17 countries in the World. They work for Brands, E-commerce sector, Games, Finance, and Apps developers and companies.

YouTube Video Ads, Paid social media ads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Search engine marketing (SEM), Google Ads, and Native Ads.


#5.  AdJug- Providing Online Advertising Exchanges


This is online advertising exchange based in UK, AdJug was established in 2007. They connect buyers (advertisers) and sellers (publishers)  of advertising.


#6.  One By AOL- Mobile Monetization Platform


#7.  Adnboost- for your apps & sites in real-time


#8.  Admeld (Google)- Now in DoubleClick Ad Exchange


#9.  Adperio- Advertising in the Open


#10. Adverline-25 Million Unique Visitors




#12. Advertising.com- A Division of AOL Platforms


#13. Advideum.com- for Advertisers and companies


#14. Alfy Video Network- Now Optimatic


#15. Ampush- Facebook and Twitter Advertising Platform


#16. Appatyze- platform for Advertisers and Developers


#17. Applifier- Video Ads for Games


#18. Appnext- monetization platform for native app developers


#19. APP Prizes- Video Ad Platform for Games


#20. apps savvy-Advertising options for Mobile ads


#21. Be On- AOL Platform- 40K publishers in over 90 countries

#22. Bidvertiser

#23. BrightRoll- Monetize Video, Apps, Games, etc

#24. Casale Media

#25. Chitika Ads

#26. Mobile Ad Network for Advertisers and Publishers

#27. Clicksor

#28. Actiplay

#29. affiliate marketing networks

#30. CPMStar

#31. DSNR Media Group

#32. Engagebdr

#33. Evonia (Affiz.com) (Affiz CPM)

#34. Facebook Ads- Advertise on FB

#35. GLO Gaming

#36. Google AdWords- Advertising by Google

#37. Harren Media

#38. Improve Digital for Content Monetization and Marketing

#39. Infolink intext ads for advertisers

#40. Inlinks ads- for Organic Link Building and SEO

#41. Innity-Right Audience and Real engagement

#42. Jun Group

#43. Komli Media Inc

#44. Kontera intext ads for Marketers

#45. Lifestreet Media

#46. LinkedIn ads

#47. Receptiv

#48. Audience Network

#49. NextPerformance

#50. Advertising Alliance

#51. Peanut Labs

#52. Promote Clix

#53. Publicidad

#54. PubMatic

#55. RockYou

#56. Rubicon Project

#57. Selectable Media

#58. Sharethrough

#59. Social Game Media

#60. SponsorPay

#61. SpotXchange

#62. Sticky Ads

#63. SupersonicAds

#64. TokenAds

#65. TradableBits Media Inc.

#66. Traffective

#67. Tremor Video

#68. TrialPay

#69. Tribal Fusion Media

#70. Tube Mogul

#71. Underdog Media

#72. Unified

#73. Unruly Media

#74. WildTangent

#75. Xaxis (24/7 Media)

#76. brightcom.com

…..we will add more later…we will keep you updated on this while we continue our research on these platforms.


About the Digital Advertising Platforms Listed here:


You will definitely agree to one thing that these ad network websites are great for providing paid advertising solutions to small business owners, advertisers, Internet marketers, affiliates, publishers, companies, media agencies, large groups, media houses and ad agencies around the world.


The Ads Networks serve great sources of paid traffic and leads based on different advertisement methods, ie PPC (Pay Per Click), CPM (Price per thousand ad impressions), PPV (Pay per Views), etc. You should take premium advertisement services form these paid sites according to your budget and the Internet Marketing plans and campaigns you pursue.


More paid advertising options for online marketers and publishers:


Want to drive sales higher using Internet based advertising ? Use free or paid channels to beat your competitors by staying ahead using every kind of online advertising.

Ads2020.Marketing is dedicated to provide you news, techniques, tips, information, and resources concerning Internet marketing and advertising.

Paid and free advertising websites for businesses, Internet marketers, publishers around the world. Promote your campaigns by cracking the success code for the overwhelming sales of your business services or products.


60 Plus best options for paid advertising via PPC, CPM, PPV, etc

Top 100 Paid Websites for Local Advertising

Top 10 CPA Ad Networks

10 best Ad Networks for UK

Search engine marketing

UK Top 10 Ad Networks for Advertisers and Publishers

10 Best Ad Networks for UK. List of UK’s highest Paying Advertising Platforms for publishers and Advertisers


Content Monetization and Digital Advertising Platforms in UK via CPC, CPM, PPC Ads.


UK Top 10 Ad Networks for Entrepreneurs, Advertisers, Small Business Companies & Content Publishers.


Ad Networks play a vital role in monetizing a website or blog. Entrepreneurs, small business companies, or content publishers largely depend on ad networks for their digital marketing needsAnd, at the same time Ad Networks are very crucial for getting huge paid traffic and leads. So, Ad Networks play a vital role in paid online advertising and in monetizing or generating revenues via showing ads from them.


We all are aware that how Infolinks (text based) and AdSense (for contextual based) has been popular among publishers and advertisers for a long time. But, if due to any reason, you are looking for some good alternatives to these networks, then try some of the below mentioned platforms for a variety or change.


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Ad Networks for UK based Advertisers & Publishers

List of UK Ad Networks for Digital Advertising (CPM, PPC, Contextual, In-texts ) Success in 2019


If you have tried to make money online you definitely understand the importance of paid advertising networks. There are thousands of advertisement networks available for one to choose from, some being local or country-based while others are universal in terms of their access.


Choosing suitable Ad networks for your content can be overwhelming as it is a vital tool that should help you reach as many clients as possible. Through extensive research, this article should be able to provide a basic guide to help you make an informed decision when it comes to choosing an effective advertising network.


Monetizing or advertising on your content is as lucrative as any top business out there; most of the thriving online businesses are successful basically due to the paid advertising on their websites gotten from the paid ad networks. Below is a list of UK top 10 ad platforms from different ad networks you should always consider if you are to make good money through advertisements.


#1. Google Adsense & Google AdWords


For many years now, Google Adsense has been one of the best content monetizing platforms in the universe in regards to contextual adverts.This is the brightest ad platform for publisher today on the whole of the Internet world!


It provides two options for the advertiser; one can opt to use as a CPC or CPI whichever suits his or her needs. In relation to the trust Google has acquired across the globe it makes this platform the best when it comes to advertisement. Google AdWords is the counterpart of Google AdSense and it is for advertisers. This is UK’s top #1 ad Network undoubtedly!


15 Ways to do Free Advertising on Google



#2. One by AOL ( Earlier Advertising.com)


This platform is also known as ad.com. It is owned by the famous and established Internet organization commonly known as AOL.They usually run a CPM based adverts and have previously been able to generate close to 2 Billion ad impressions. With such trends it sure looks as a good platform to bank on and trust to yield returns.


#3. Exponential (Earlier “Tribal Fusion”)


This platform offers quite a wide range of ad formats, and it is definitely one of the best paying advertisement networks on the internet. To join Tribal Fusion you should first ensure that your website receives more than 500,000 exceptional visitors every month.


One of the best CPM based networks for UK


#4. Casale Media



Casale Media pays monthly with a minimum payout of $25. They offer great yet attractive CPM rates; they also have got friendly staffs that are always willing to help in any way. It is regarded as the better option especially if you use pop-unders.Casale Media Ad Platform


#5. ValueClick Media



Known to be one of the best  ad networks in the United Kingdom due to the good support and the technical staff that they have got. The best part is that you can choose how you want your adverts to display in the website to ensure that it is visible to the clients.

Value Click Media is now conversant media



#6. Clove Network


It is a quality media house that has been online for many years which makes it very reliable. For you to join this platform as a publisher you will need to deliver a minimum of 50,000 impressions from Canada, USA, Australian countries and UK. They offer numerous methods of monetizing your content including CPA, PPC, CPC, CPM and CPL.


#7. Epom Market


This is an international advertisement network which connects publishers with advertisers across the world. They are very strict with their payment time which is on a monthly basis with a minimum payout of $100. They also have a good customer and technical support who respond to issues within a day or two.

Epom- One of the best Paying Ad Networks


#8. Vibrant Media



Vibrant media was established in the year 2000 and its Ads reach more than 250M users monthly. They do offer every type of advertisement including for the mobile and computer users. They specialize in styles such as in-image and in-text ads and have their own your unique approach.

Vibrant Media has got good visibility over all of the United Kingdom user base. Vibrant Media is the leader in contextual advertising.

Vibrant Media for advertisers and Publishers




#9. Chitika


Chitika have come a long way, they have over 300,000 websites plus blogs on their platform. So as to advertise with Chitika your company should be making a minimum of $1M/year as revenue for online ads.


Chitika Review for publishers and advertisers



#10. Burst Media (Now, Acquired by Blinkx)


Burst Media was established in the year 1995 and had slowly gained popularity to become one of the best advertisement networks in UK. The Ad platform gives good opportunity to generate more profits; they are good marketing tools to venture into. Always ensure you do your research well and ensure you choose ad network that will generate traffic to your content page or website.


Now, Burst Media has been acquired by Blinkx PLC (Internet company) which connects video publishers and advertisers through their Video Advertising based platform.



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Top 60 Best Ad Networks for PPV, CPV, CPS, PPS, PPC Ads

Paid advertising Options – 60+ Premium Ad Networks for Advertisers, Companies, and Online Marketers


List of Ad Networks for PPV, CPV, CPS, PPS, PPC Ads. 


Best websites for Internet Marketing Professionals for paid advertising in 2019 via PPC, CPM, PPL, PPV, CPV. Premium online marketing resources for Internet marketers from UK, USA, UAE, Europe.

Looking for the names of the famous PPC or PPV networks? Find out the hand picked collection of the most widely used advertisement platforms all over the world to promote or market a business or company online using premium ads.

[ Best Native Advertising Platforms ]


65- Best-options for online  paid advertising for advertisers, companies, publishers, businesses



The platforms mentioned here are used most widely to generate quick leads and sales with business and affiliate marketing. Though, most of the companies and business services use them to support their promotions through the local advertising options


In this way you get to post banner and text adverts over the best of the publishers blogs or websites which are using these media platforms to monetize their content.


We always recommend our business clients using these best websites for banner advertising for getting maximum online exposure for their content and business brand.


Though, using paid clicks from these networks is more successful for your website if you combine this with social media advertising and marketing for great benefits and leads for your content. If you use any of these ad networks for paid traffic campaigns, i am sure your business or content will be benefited a great deal!


Best Websites list for PPC, CPM, CPV, CPA, CPC, CPL, CPT, Intext, PPV ads based Paid Ad Networks for the following countries- United States America (USA) , South Africa, Poland, Turkey, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Iraq, Spain, China, Brazil, Sweden, Kenya, Cameroon, Malaysia, Russia, Nigeria, Philippines, Germany, Bangladesh, Egypt, France, Italy, Thailand, The Netherlands, Nepal, Europe.


Advertising Networks and Media Houses for Paid advertising.


➤ You can quickly Improve the filtered traffic to your website, business, local services, or storefront website by using the following types of ad terms and strategy-


  • Based on number of Clicks or page views/ impressions,
  • Pay Per View (PPV), Cost Per View (CPV), Contextual Online Advertising,
  • In text ads, link based adverts, banner ads,
  • CPM, PPC, PPL, PPS based advertising through worldwide ad Networks.


These Paid advertising platforms are available for International locations. They are the most loved and famous platforms for PPC and other types of paid traffic. They act as Premium sources to generate leads and sales online for your business or services.


These are best online advertisement media agencies and platforms used by reputed companies and organizations to get web traffic. Try any of these options from the list and get as many as daily visits as you want. This is called targeted search engine marketing. The networks list has some common names, like Google Adwords, Bing ads, msn advertising, Yahoo ads (Media.net), Infolinks, Chitika, Kontera. Buysellads.com, etc.


You will find high authority online publishers, website owners, web masters, and bloggers in these ad networks and you get boundless opportunity to advertise on the top performing websites and blogs on the Internet for your business niche via these super ad networks.

➤ Need to hire someone in your organization/ company for managing Paid or Digital Advertising Campaigns? – I think you should check out these 50 job websites for employers


[ Best Social Media Advertising Sites ]


List of 60 Best Ad Networks for Digital Marketing


[ Top Websites and Platforms used by advertisers and companies for display and text ads via PPC, CPM, PPV, PPS ]

The list is arranged in as per the ad types available for advertisers. Though, many advertising platforms offer various types of advertisement options, yet it’s better to check them yourself as they keep changing their options.

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PPC (Pay Per Click), CPM, Pay Per View ( PPV), Cost Per View (CPV) Advertising Networks List



PPC Pay Per Click CPM Pay Per View PPV Cost Per View CPV Contextual Online Advertising Networks-450x200
Advertising networks for PPC, CPM, PPV, CPV and Contextual Ads 


  1. Google Adwords – AdWords for PPC Ads from Google
  2. MSN Advertising Network for Display and PPC adshttps://adcenter.microsoft.com
  3. Looksmart – LookSmart > Pay-Per-Click Search Advertising
  4. 7Search – 7Search | Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Advertising Network
  5. Facebook Ads – Advertising on Facebook
  6. Clicksor – Contextual Advertising Network
  7. Adblade – Adblade – Content Style Native Ad Provider
  8. POF Ads – https://ads.pof.com
  9. Advertise.com – Online Advertising Company : PPC Email Traffic Remarketing Display Advertising Pay Per Click Advertising Network
  10. AdClickMedia – AdClickMedia Advertising Network – Pay Per Click CPM Advertising,online text advertising, banner ads, and Interstitial advertisements
  11. Bidvertiser – BidVertiser – Pay Per Click Direct Advertising Network
  12. Adknowledge – Adknowledge.com | The leading long tail marketplace
  13. AdManage – Admanage affiliate and advertising network – PPC, CPC Banner, In Text, Display Ads, CPV, Domain Parking
  14. AdMarketplace – Performance-Driven Search Advertising | adMarketplace.com
  15. Ezanga – ezanga- Online marketing firm for PPC PPC and display Advertising
  16. Chitika Ads- A Cheaper PPC Network for Advertisers and publishers
  17. CPV Marketplace
  18. 50 on Red


If you are Interest ed in generating leads and sales in fastest way possible then you should try using social media advertising If you are not already utilizing that. Social networks, like Facebook, StumbleUpon, Twitter, etc are already favorite means of social ads.


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Pay Per View Ad Networks List:


➤ Media Traffic – Media Traffic – CPV PPV Contextual Ad Network

➤Trafficvance – Trafficvance -Advanced Display & Text Link Traffic

➤ DirectCPV – Pay Per View PPV Cost Per View CPV Contextual Ad Network



Pay Per Text Ad Networks List:


Pay Per Text advertising channels-list-350x250
The Popular channels for Pay Per Text Advertising


➤ Infolinks – Pay Per Click Advertising – In Text Ads for Websites by Infolinks

➤ Kontera – Kontera- a Very Popular Ad Network to Buy intext ads

➤ 50onRed – Performance is Paramount

➤ Vibrant Media – Vibrant – The Leaders of Contextual and In-Text Advertising

➤ Linkworth – LinkWorth | Search Engine Marketing – Text Link Advertising

➤ Inlinks – inLinks – In Content Link advertising Market Place

➤ InText – InTEXT advertising options

➤ 7 Most popular channels to buy Intext advertisements


Media Buy Traffic Sources:



Media Buy Traffic Sources-350x250
The Best places to Buy Media Traffic and ads


➤ Casale Media – Casale Media- Paid advertising Traffic

➤ Valueclick – Valueclick to Buy Paid advertising

➤ Tribal Fusion – Buy Paid advertising -Exponential ( Earlier Tribal Fusion)

➤ Yahoo AdReady – AdReady – Online Display Advertising Campaign Software for Agencies and Advertisers

➤ BuySellAds – Buy Ads | BuySellAds- digital advertising. Banner ads

➤ DoubleClick – DoubleClick: One of the best technology foundation for digital advertising

➤ Dashboard Ad – Dashboard Ads

➤Undertone – Undertone-Buy Traffic

➤ Ad Pepper – ad pepper media

➤ Top 15 Ad Networks for Ad Exchange programs



Contextual Pop Ups Advertising Channels:


Adoori – Adoori – Reinvent Your Advertising
Infinity ads – Contextual Advertising | Pop Under – Pop Up Ads – Targeted Internet Advertising Services

➤ 10 Superb Places to buy contextual ads


Retargeting Advertising Networks:


AdRoll – Retargeting and Display Advertising | AdRoll Retargeting
AdRetargeting – Ad Retargeting – Behavioral Retargeting – Behavioral Marketing – Search Retargeting
Fetchback – FetchBack – The Retargeting Company
Recrue Media – Retargeting Advertising | Retargeting Companies | Recrue Media

➤ Tips for Marketing your Mobile App


Ad Networks for Domain Traffic


Domain traffic is received from parked domains that are not in existence/live. The traffic from such sources is cheaper, obviously.

Elephant Traffic – elephant-traffic -Domain Traffic

Domain Advertising


What Kind of advertising to Select to Market your Website


Ad Networks for Mobile based Advertising:


Admob – Mobile advertising with AdMob: Google Ads inMobi – InMobi | Global Mobile Ad Network

Find out rest of the 10 Best Mobile based advertising networks


More Options for Paid Advertising for Internet Marketers and Digital Advertisers


Post premium ads. Paid Online advertising sites to get huge web traffic via Search Engine Marketing. post banner and text ads using PPC, CPM, Intext, Mobile, Video, and various other types of ads on the top publishers networks around the World. List of Best websites for paid advertising 2017 for USA, India, UK, Canada, Australia, Asia, Europe, etc.


For free and paid advertisements and marketing resources keep visiting our blog ( Paid ads for United Kingdom. Premium advertising and marketing options online in UK )


Free advertising sites for online marketing on the Internet
Ad Posting Tips for Business marketing
How to Promote a Business Site



Chitika Ads Platform Reviewed for Publishers and Advertisers

Why Chitika is better than other ad networks for New Publishers, Advertisers, and Novice Bloggers?

The last week we have Infolinks reviewed for their services for advertisers and publishers. This week we thought to briefly review Chitika – one of the most popular ad platforms for advertisers, marketers, and bloggers- in terms of earnings, ad CPC, CPM, traffic quality.

Chitika has been used by most of the bloggers as an alternate to Google AdSense. Their CPM or CPC is very good for USA and Canada traffic and Chitika is specially good for those bloggers who have a Gold account with them.

Chitika ads have become very common to the sight while browsing Internet, so you may easily guess what impact it has made on the whole of the paid advertising system on the internet.


Update: On April 17th, 2019, Chitika announced that they were going to shut down their business soon.


Chitika Online Paid Advertising Network for Advertisers

What is Chitika? Learn briefly about Chitika Inc.

Chitika is an Ad network or paid online advertising platform for publishers and advertises.


Chitika for Online Publishers and Bloggers-

Chitika is used by around 0.35 Million publishers around the world to monetize their content. They use Chitika ads on their blogs or websites to earn money via showing paid ads served by the advertisers on Chitika Inc.

Chitika pays their publishers based on daily Ad impressions, ad CPM and CPC, but they don’t disclose their CPC. Chitika is not too hard to join. They easily accept most of the publishers who apply for their channel.

Ad Network List


Chitika for advertisers and Internet marketers

For advertisers, Chitika offers real time bidding (RTB) platform where they can choose from 300K publishers available for showing paid ads on their blogs or websites.

It offers paid advertising solutions to small level advertisers as well as it does to big companies or media agencies. Chitika provides first party ad solutions.

They have been in the market for long enough to be included in the leading ad networks, like Google Adwords, Yahoo-Bing ads (Media.net), Kontera, Infolinks. Chitika provides contextual base ad solutions, like Adwords, and also Intext and popup ads, like Infolinks.

Why to Use Chitika Ads on your Blog/website to monetize Content or advertise




Chitika ads for publishers and advertisers
#1. As an online advertising paid network, Chitika places the advertisement to the target audience at the right time, when the audience want to see it. Specializing in publishing, advertising and blogs, Chitika Inc holds a very impressive list of ad network clients.

#2. Chitika accomplishes what they do so well by the use of their real time bidding platform. With this technology, advertisers can capitalize on their yield by the use of “precision targeting.” Precision targeting provides the ability to connect just the right advertiser to just the right publisher.

#3. Along with precision targeting ; the use of data analyzing also comes into play. The data that is analyzed is collected by the use of an individual loading a page that has the Chitika code attached to it. While it does not collect information from individuals it does collect overall web usage.

This usage is then used to determine the browser information and any device information the person is using. This information is referred to as impressions. The impressions are only tracked through the US and Canada.

While, at times there may be a not entirely accurate data provision. It is because a particular device has not yet been added to the database. New devices are added as they appear on the marketplace.

#4. For advertisers the primary advantages in using Chitika begins with the fact that you will have a specific targeted audience and access to the technology. You will also be able to include local ad units and find yourself in good company such as Yahoo.

#5. For the publisher you will have flawless and smooth advertisement assimilation with your already existing content. You will also be provided a free account as well as a selection of ads.

#6. The blogger will also benefit from the blogger as well will be the receiver of the publisher benefits. Your space is as important to you even if you are not a major publisher. Take advantage of the ad choices and free account availability.

#7. Founded in 2003, Chitika has managed to take its technology of data impressions and take it in a far different direction from their competitors. Their methodology has proven to be effective and a monetary advantage to its advertisers.

#8. It appears that Chitika will be a leader in ad networking for a long time to come. They are consistently reinventing their databases and systems to offer their customers the best service and yield that can be offered in such a competitive field.

#9. For further information and to speak to someone regarding your advertising, publishing or blogger site, simply go to the website and look under contact us. Their website is informative and unique in their explanations in what they do and how they do it.

They have got a dedicate space for Chitika Ads help and support regarding anything about your account.

#10. For advertisers, There are well over 4 billion targeted ads as well as over 300,000 publishers on their award winning roster. There are more than 5 awards or accolades given to Chitika for their technology. Consider Chitika and their reasonably priced services for your advertising needs.

Chitika, Inc. Headquarters

1800 West Park Drive, Suite 300

Westborough, Massachusetts 01581

USA Toll free : (866) 441-7203

Phone: +1 508 449 3870

Fax: +1 508 366 5789


Apply now for Chitika:-


Apply Now for Chitika Ad Network


Buy Traffic To Your Website 2020 -Best Places to Find Paid Website Traffic

95 Websites for Paid Online advertising on the Internet for 2020. PPC, CPC, CPM, CPA based ad networks


  • 95 best paid advertising websites useful for BIG business promotions, web traffic, Online Brand making.
  • PPC ad networks List for advertisers.
  • Premium quality paid search engine web traffic.
  • Buy traffic for your website.
  • Pay Per Click Internet marketing.
  • Top paid classified ad sites.
  • Top paying ad networks for publishers around the world.


Paid advertising is a must not only for big names but also for small businesses, companies, service providers, organizations, or industry. Paid advertising is the fastest mean to generate leads, create brand names and awareness for a company or product.

Use these advertiser networks to promote a small business using local advertising . Don’t forget to visit this page for the list of more Ad Networks. 


Ad networks list for Paid advertising

You should use Paid Advertising to Generate leads and bulk web traffic in the fastest way possible. You can quickly promote a brand online using the best websites for paid advertising online. This is a very useful resources for premium advertising 2020.

Use these best websites to drive your campaigns for paid advertising. The sites mentioned below in a list format are very helpful, directly or indirectly towards taking maximum benefits out of paid online advertising.

The list of best sites for paid online advertising is latest and has been updated as par the year of 2020.

Advertising – for a company – is a type of marketing interaction that are used to urge, encourage, or control a viewers (audiences, audiences or visitors; often a particular team) to proceed or to take some action or activity. The preferred outcome is to drive customer habits relative to an industrial products or services.

Advertising and marketing goes to the front of generating the appropriate message to consumers and possible clients The objective of advertising and marketing is to persuade clients that a firm’s gadgets or solutions are the very best. Advertising is done to boost the image of the firm, and used to build a brand name.

Content digest– Advertising sites, paid advertising, best websites, local advertising, Online advertising, advertising tips, Submit your business, business, list, marketing.

List of Paid Advertising for 2020

Top 100 advertising Websites for buying Advertisements online. List of sites for making advertising with PPC, CPM, banner ads for Business Marketing.

Please Note: The below given list has many types of websites which are related to paid advertising somehow. Like, paid ad networks, useful posts, articles, resources, marketing tips, etc.

Please mention it in the comments if some sites are not working and we will update them as soon as we know. 

  1. adwords.google.com/
  2. webprofits.com.au/payperclick.html
  3. bidvertiser.com/
  4. names.co.uk/site-promotion/pay-per-click-advertising
  5. webprofits.com.au/payperclick.html
  6. quicksprout.com/2012/11/08/what-spending-66372-09-on-paid-advertising-taught-me/
  7. hongkiat.com/blog/top-paying-cpm-advertisement-network/
  8. Banner advertising on Top websites 
  9. google.about.com/od/moreaboutgoogleaps/p/adsenseprof.htm
  10. wordlinx.com/
  11. Popular advertising agencies in USA 
  12. names.co.uk/site-promotion/pay-per-click-advertising
  13. voices.yahoo.com/using-paid-online-advertising-small-business-6995738.html
  14. adwords.google.co.uk/
  15. 10 Best ad networks for mobile based paid advertising
  16. blacktiedigital.com/marketing/web-advertising-pay-per-click/
  17. imforza.com/blog/online-advertising-options-to-drive-more-traffic/
  18. pinstorm.com/
  19. adsolist.com
  20. Infolinks advertising network review
  21. adpaid.com/
  22. clixsense.com/
  23. webopedia.com/TERM/P/paid_search.html
  24. wordlinx.com/
  25. neobux.com/
  26. 10 Best Internet Marketing companies in the United States
  27. Adsnity.com
  28. sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/01/140122091315.htm
  29. attorneyatwork.com/paid-online-advertising-for-your-law-practice/
  30. dummies.com/how-to/content/understanding-pay-per-click-ppc-advertising.html
  31. onlineinnovations.com/marketing
  32. blogsuccessjournal.com/web-site-and-internet-marketing/pay-per-click-and-other-top-advertising-methods-video/
  33. amazon.com/Best-promote-Websites-Online-Advertising-ebook/dp/B00CMHNITO
  34. google.com/ads/
  35. leads.com/pay-per-click/
  36. toltech.co.uk/internet-marketing/paid-advertisingppc/
  37. webopedia.com/TERM/P/paid_search.html
  38. dmoz.org/Computers/Internet/Web_Design_and_Development/Promotion/Pay-Per-Click_Advertising/
  39. fairgroundmedia.com/paid-ads-on-websites-and-blogs
  40. bruceclay.com/ppc/pay-per-click.htm
  41. adage.com/article/digital/facebook-admits-organic-reach-brand-posts-dipping/245530/
  42. pcgdigitalmarketing.com/services/digital-advertising-sem-pay-per-click-ppc/
  43. forthea.com/pay-per-click-houston.html
  44. Top Ad exchanging networks for ad exchanging
  45. bmcommunications.com/int_ad.htm
  46. echoditto.com/insights/online-advertising-paid-promotion
  47. 7search.com/
  48. thecrossagency.com/digital-agency/
  49. portent.com/services/ppc/pay-per-click-explained
  50. fosterwebmarketing.com/library/four-ways-to-use-paid-advertising-in-online-attorney-marketing.cfm
  51. forthea.com/pay-per-click-houston.html
  52. strathcom.ca/pay-per-click
  53. huntinternetmarketing.com/internet-marketing-services/advertise-online/
  54. dmoz.org/Computers/Internet/Web_Design_and_Development/Promotion/Pay-Per-Click_Advertising/
  55. Buysell ad network for banner advertising
  56. networksolutions.com/pay-per-click/index.jsp
  57. websolutions.com/Pay_Per_Click_PPC_Advertising/
  58. es-es.facebook.com/advertising
  59. wordlinx.com/
  60. nytimes.com/2013/04/08/business/media/sponsors-now-pay-for-online-articles-not-just-ads.html
  61. domainz.net.nz/marketing/pay-per-click-advertising
  62. netregistry.com.au/resources/what-is/online-marketing/what-is-pay-per-click-advertising-ppc/
  63. pagemodo.com/blog/paid-promotions-online-advertising-glossary-common-terms/
  64. scottshorter.com.au/internet-advertising/
  65. htpcompany.com/
  66. salon.com/2013/09/02/the_internets_next_victim_advertising/
  67. webfuel.ca/pay-per-click-advertising/
  68. advertise.bingads.microsoft.com/
  69. unionstreetmedia.com/internet-marketing/pay-per-click-advertising/
  70. networksolutions.com/pay-per-click/index.jsp
  71. paidhitz.com/
  72. Chitika advertising network
  73. thewebsitepromoter.com/is-paid-advertising-worth-it/
  74. nibusinessinfo.co.uk/content/pay-click-advertising-social-networking-sites
  75. hostway.com/web-resources/online-marketing/online-advertising/three-simple-tricks-to-optimize-your-pay-per-click-advertising-efforts/
  76. adwooz.com/
  77. whatis.techtarget.com/reference/advertising-terminology-on-the-Internet
  78. velvetblues.com/web-development-blog/why-you-should-never-pay-for-advertising/
  79. examiner.com/article/free-online-marketing-with-paid-online-advertising-quickens-your-business-growth
  80. searchenginewatch.com/
  81. melbourneit.com.au/online-marketing/
  82. Contextual advertising platforms for Context based ads
  83. hochmanconsultants.com/articles/je-hochman-benchmark.shtml
  84. glasgowwebdesign.co.uk/pay-per-click.html
  85. digitalblitzseo.com/pay-per-click/ppc-tips/entry/why-use-pay-per-click-online-advertising-for-a-new-businesses.html
  86. register.com/product/webpromotionmarketing/sem.rcmx
  87. webseoanalytics.com/blog/10-paid-methods-to-increase-traffic-online-visibility/
  88. hochmanconsultants.com/articles/je-hochman-benchmark.shtml
  89. southboroughwebsitedesign.com/services/pay.htm
  90. htpcompany.com/
  91. allaboutjazz.com/php/advertising/glossary.php
  92. blogsvertise.com/
  93. adsharkmarketing.com/
  94. paidcontent.org/2013/03/19/massive-bot-network-is-draining-6-million-a-month-from-online-ad-industry-says-report/
  95. directom.com/dom/semresources/internetmarketingtermglossary/
  96. freeadvertisingclub.com/
  97. wahm.com/articles/8-proven-online-advertising-strategies.html

Paid Advertising – a very useful resource for marketers, companies, businesses, service providers and online businesses in order to make BIG promotions, generate web traffic and online leads AND to Brand your company image.

Stay connected with us to get quick, easy resources based on Online advertising, paid promotions, search engine marketing, social media traffic, content marketing, lead generation, sales making, etc for local as well as global audiences around the World.

Best websites for ad posting, business submission, content marketing, web traffic, Internet marketing, etc for 2020 for USA, India, UK, Canada, Australia, Asia, Indonesia, Europe, Brazil, Germany, Mexico, Bangladesh, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Sweden, Italy, etc.

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