Chitika Ads Platform Reviewed for Publishers and Advertisers

Last updated on July 15th, 2023 at 09:41 am

Why Chitika is better than other ad networks for New Publishers, Advertisers, and Novice Bloggers?

The last week we have Infolinks reviewed for their services for advertisers and publishers. This week we thought to briefly review Chitika – one of the most popular ad platforms for advertisers, marketers, and bloggers- in terms of earnings, ad CPC, CPM, traffic quality.

Chitika has been used by most of the bloggers as an alternate to Google AdSense. Their CPM or CPC is very good for USA and Canada traffic and Chitika is specially good for those bloggers who have a Gold account with them.

Chitika ads have become very common to the sight while browsing Internet, so you may easily guess what impact it has made on the whole of the paid advertising system on the internet.


Update: On April 17th, 2019, Chitika announced that they were going to shut down their business soon.


Chitika Online Paid Advertising Network for Advertisers

What is Chitika? Learn briefly about Chitika Inc.

Chitika is an Ad network or paid online advertising platform for publishers and advertises.


Chitika for Online Publishers and Bloggers-

Chitika is used by around 0.35 Million publishers around the world to monetize their content. They use Chitika ads on their blogs or websites to earn money via showing paid ads served by the advertisers on Chitika Inc.

Chitika pays their publishers based on daily Ad impressions, ad CPM and CPC, but they don’t disclose their CPC. Chitika is not too hard to join. They easily accept most of the publishers who apply for their channel.

Ad Network List


Chitika for advertisers and Internet marketers

For advertisers, Chitika offers real time bidding (RTB) platform where they can choose from 300K publishers available for showing paid ads on their blogs or websites.

It offers paid advertising solutions to small level advertisers as well as it does to big companies or media agencies. Chitika provides first party ad solutions.

They have been in the market for long enough to be included in the leading ad networks, like Google Adwords, Yahoo-Bing ads (, Kontera, Infolinks. Chitika provides contextual base ad solutions, like Adwords, and also Intext and popup ads, like Infolinks.

Why to Use Chitika Ads on your Blog/website to monetize Content or advertise




Chitika ads for publishers and advertisers


#1. As an online advertising paid network, Chitika places the advertisement to the target audience at the right time, when the audience want to see it. Specializing in publishing, advertising and blogs, Chitika Inc holds a very impressive list of ad network clients.

#2. Chitika accomplishes what they do so well by the use of their real time bidding platform. With this technology, advertisers can capitalize on their yield by the use of “precision targeting.” Precision targeting provides the ability to connect just the right advertiser to just the right publisher.

#3. Along with precision targeting ; the use of data analyzing also comes into play. The data that is analyzed is collected by the use of an individual loading a page that has the Chitika code attached to it. While it does not collect information from individuals it does collect overall web usage.

This usage is then used to determine the browser information and any device information the person is using. This information is referred to as impressions. The impressions are only tracked through the US and Canada.


While, at times there may be a not entirely accurate data provision. It is because a particular device has not yet been added to the database. New devices are added as they appear on the marketplace.


#4. For advertisers the primary advantages in using Chitika begins with the fact that you will have a specific targeted audience and access to the technology. You will also be able to include local ad units and find yourself in good company such as Yahoo.


#5. For the publisher you will have flawless and smooth advertisement assimilation with your already existing content. You will also be provided a free account as well as a selection of ads.


#6. The blogger will also benefit from the blogger as well will be the receiver of the publisher benefits. Your space is as important to you even if you are not a major publisher. Take advantage of the ad choices and free account availability.


#7. Founded in 2003, Chitika has managed to take its technology of data impressions and take it in a far different direction from their competitors. Their methodology has proven to be effective and a monetary advantage to its advertisers.


#8. It appears that Chitika will be a leader in ad networking for a long time to come. They are consistently reinventing their databases and systems to offer their customers the best service and yield that can be offered in such a competitive field.


#9. For further information and to speak to someone regarding your advertising, publishing or blogger site, simply go to the website and look under contact us. Their website is informative and unique in their explanations in what they do and how they do it.


They have got a dedicate space for Chitika Ads help and support regarding anything about your account.

#10. For advertisers, There are well over 4 billion targeted ads as well as over 300,000 publishers on their award winning roster. There are more than 5 awards or accolades given to Chitika for their technology. Consider Chitika and their reasonably priced services for your advertising needs.


Chitika, Inc. Headquarters

1800 West Park Drive, Suite 300

Westborough, Massachusetts 01581

USA Toll free : (866) 441-7203

Phone: +1 508 449 3870Fax: +1 508 366 5789


Apply now for Chitika:-


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