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Native Ad Networks – Top 10 Advertising Companies for Native Ads

Native ad Networks List: Top 5 Native Advertising Platforms for Publishers and Advertisers for using Native Advertisements.

What are the Top Native Advertising Companies that Offer Great Opportunities for using Native Ads.


Advertising is necessary for every domain to make that field successful and recognized among its target audience. And one of the most important advertising methods to do so is using content, quality content. But what if your content doesn’t get noticed the way it should. So here the role of native ads comes in, with the help of which you can get your content noticed and targeted traffic to your business website.


Thus, to get that desired attention for your content you can for native advertising over the different platforms which place native ads for your business on leading media channels. So, yes today I will share the top advertising companies list that offers excellent platforms for native ads.

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Top advertising Companies for Native Ads-600x400
Native Advertising- Top Companies for that offer Native Ad Solutions


But before we head towards the list, it is necessary to understand “What Native Ads are”?


As per Google Definition:-


“Native advertising is a type of disguised advertising, mostly online, that matches the form and function of the platform upon which it appears.”

Thus, in simple words, it means that native ads are the ads which use the same look and feel of the platform on which it is placed. native ads are well merged into the content and can be placed in between an article or at the end of content streams. Mostly you might have seen them at the end of an article in the form of recommended articles or sponsored content.


These companies provide native advertisements in different forms so you can select from these forms according to your need, budget and business objectives.


So, here the list of Native Ads Companies starts:-


List of Top 10 Native Ad Networks

1. AdNow


Adnow-  Best Native Advertising Platform


AdNow is first in the row and is an excellent native Ad platform. AdNow places advertisements in the form of recommendation widget in front of its users. AdNow serves these recommendation Ads to users both on the website and mobile app as well.


According to the stats, the AdNow Company has partnered with 190k partners, and it has around 900 million users around the globe, and it presents around 4 billion impressions of these native ads to its readers in a month. Thus, if you are planning to get into native advertising for your business then AdNow is a must try whether by being a publisher or advertiser depending your business goals.

On being a publisher, you will get paid, and on being an advertiser, you have to pay for only real visitors or traffic.

How to Start an Advertising Company



2. Outbrain



Outbrain- A great Platform for Native Media Ads



Outbrain is second in the row and is among one of the best Native Ad Advertising Company. Outbrain also does brand your content with the help of recommendation widget. If you are an advertiser, then it will publish your content on the top publisher websites to provide your business an identity and leads for your business.


You can promote yours any content with the help of this native Ad Company, the types of content can be articles, videos, presentations, Infographics or any other visual content. Thus, if you are planning to make usage of Native Ads for your business, then you should give a try to Outbrain a try. It is because Outbrain reaches 557 million global audiences every month and serve about 200 billion recommendations every month as per the statistics mentioned on Outbrain’s website.


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3. AdsNative


AdsNative is next in the row and also counted as one of the native Ad platforms which works as per the expectations of brands and helps them to generate high revenues. AdsNative promotes your brand with different strategies which include in-app, in-feed, in-article, end-of-the-post, in-ad and custom placement as well.


The company has partnered with 1000 publishers who do place your content on their website. Thus, if you want to go for native advertising of your any content, then AdsNative is a good choice to select.

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4. DistroScale



DistroScale is also amid the best platforms for Native Ads Advertising. Here with DistroScale you can brand your content (video and other digital content) on more than 3000+ publisher sites as DistroScale has partnered with more than 3000+ publishers. Along with Video, there are many other ways to which they promote your content which includes out streaming, custom content (in-feed, sponsored post, Brand
Channel, etc.).


And the best thing is that DistroScale works across all devices including desktop, tablet, and mobile. Also along with that provides 24/7 access to publisher analytics & reporting. So if you want to go for native ads then don’t forget to try it once.


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5. OneSpot



OneSpot is last in the row, and it also comes under the category of companies who provides best native ads advertising. OnSpot also recommends content based the history and preferences of user search and thus due to this you can get real targeted traffic and real visitors to your website and increase in traffic.


OnSpot remarkets the content of the advertiser with display advertising, mobile, personalized emails and social.  Also, OneSpot has partnered with top publishers (like Contently, GroupSJR, mxm, NewsCred, Skyword, Swaygroup and a lot more) to promote your content and thereby provide you the benefits of access to data and insights, service integration, combined expertise.

Thus OneSpot is a complete package to choose for native advertising of your content.


#6. Revcontent

#7. ContentAd

#8. Earnify

#9. YahooGemini

#10. TripleLift




Hope this post on native ads advertising companies list will help you to find the best native advertising partner of your content. Thus, don’t forget to subscribe us to get the latest updates on the trending topics and latest updates.

We would love to serve you with the best. Also don’t forget to share your views, comments, and suggestions with us in the comment section below and sharing of the post over different social media platforms to make others also aware of these platforms.


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Banner Advertisements – Designing and Placement Tips for Ad Banners

Tips to Design Banner Ads that gets you more Hits and Conversions.


Banner Advertisements – How to Design and Place Banner Ads for More Conversion?


Banner Ads if designed professionally can be a great source of advertising. It can generate more and more leads and get conversions. Explore the art and the science behind designing a sellable banner ad.


About Banner Ads


Banner ads are online ads through banners. A rectangular advertisement that is placed on either side of website. It could be below, above or on any side where the website’s main content is. This is linked to the own website of advertiser which means when you click them, the web browser will take you to the advertisers website.


How to Design your Banner ad that sells?
How to Design your Banner ads that sells?


Earlier when technology wasn’t so advanced, these ads used to be in the form of text or graphics images but later with so much advancement in technology & superior technologies in existence like flash banner ads have become quite complexed.


There are animations, sound, graphics & more. Banners ads are like hypertext link but of special type. Here the link does not merely appear in the form of text rather it appears in the form of box with textual or graphics elements & animations too.

10 Best Websites for Exchanging Free Banner Ads


Issues for Webmasters with Banner Ads


Before proceeding on with the tips, the reason for listing the two drawback or shall we say problem with banner ads must be sorted out. This was imperative because you must understand the issues therein & know how can you help web surfers out with your banner ad or get their attention to up your sales.


1- It slows down the website and the system as well.

2- Disrupts the working of visitor. As someone clicks on banner ads, what he/she was doing at first place will get disturbed. Review
What are the ad networks that are dominating the contextual advertising

Banner Designing Tips For Making Your Ad Banner Successful



Here are few tips listed below to guide you through for making your banner ads more effective and beneficial:


1- Websites Selection Must Be Relevant


Do not try to place your ad everywhere or anywhere possible because by doing so you would end up paying huge price with no good performance of your ad.

Things works when there exist relevancy. Same is the case here. Choose the relevant websites to place your ad.

Find your niche & look out for the Banner ads selling websites where you have your target audience. Focus on your target audience and only put up your banner ad on the the relevant websites because that will get you leads & sales.

How companies use advertisements for branding themselves


2- The Game Is All About Creativity


Address the problems of web visitors in a creative manner. You will be able to grab their attention as well as they will take interest in you.


Give them the reason to listen to what you have to offer. Many retailers hardly work on creativity part and face consequences in the form of poor performance.

Make your ad creative so that customer feel attracted towards it. Address the issues they face in a unique way. Creativity is all what matters here.

How to create an ad copy that sells better


3- A/B Testing



AB Testing and Banner Ads


As far as the first ever ad from you is concerned, you just need to see if it manages to stick there. Next when you get into this banner ads format, keep tracking the performance of the ads as to which ads are performing the best & going great with your web analytics.

Stick to those kind of ads. Make more of these kinds.

12 Popular ways to Advertise your Business Online ]

4- Ad Placement



Ad placement tips in banner ads-800x400
Ad Placement Tips for Banner Advertisements


Now that earlier we mentioned about the importance of creativity here, let us see what more is important to make sure the banner ad is successful. Well, that other thing is placement of your banner ad. You must decide on which websites to place your ad & where in those websites. Location also matter.


Now this involves a lot of research & thinking. What you can do is, prepare a list of 10-20 websites where you would like to see your ad displayed.


There will be some of the websites from amongst these who may directly allow you to advertise via them. It would be great of you develop relationship with the owner of these websites as chances are these could be the key influencers in your target segment or say niche.

Ad Placement best Methods for Facebook
Top websites for selling online


5- Landing Pages


You must see what your banner ad’s message is and accordingly decide to which page you want your audience to land on.

It could be a promotional page (if you want them to enter a contest), a category page (if you want to show the items according to price range- low priced or high priced), a product page (when you are advertising a specific product), home page ( if you want to let them know about your brand), etc.

Think wisely where you want to send your banner ad audience/ traffic. And, most importantly prepare and design your landing pages accordingly. make them well optimized.
Sometimes a not so impressive or capable landing page may spoil your money.

I would suggest you to read this article here about designing your website landing pages to convert your visitors smartly


Watch the below given good video on YouTube about How to design dynamic or banner advertisements for your sites.



Banner Exchange Advertising- 10 Best Sites for Free Banner Exchange

Free Banner Advertising Sites and banner exchange programs for Free online advertising.

An online business without a successful banner exchange advertising plan is like a directionless boat in the sea.

Banner exchange advertising is different from banner advertising in that banner exchange advertising involves display of other sites’ banner ads in exchange for display of your banner ads on their sites. Banner advertising is similar to contextual advertising where you control the niches of sites you want to target.

As per my own work experience, making banner advertisements on various other similar sites is one of the most popular advertising methods on the Internet.

➤ Must Read : 10 Best ad exchange networks

Conventional banner advertising on the other hand is a form of paid online advertising where advertisers pay a certain amount for per the number of impressions displayed, depending on the specifications of the advertiser.

If you don’t want to exchange banners, i mean, don’t want to put other sites banner on your site, then you may use these paid banner advertising sites  >> 10 best websites for banner advertising

Banner Exchange Advertising- Best Sites for Free Banner Exchange Advertising-400x350


3 Important Aspects of Banner Exchange Advertising:


The first one is the exposure ration. This ratio indicates the number of times you need to display a banner in order for your banner to be displayed on the specific banner exchange site.

For instance, a 2:1 exposure rate means that you are required to display 2 banners for yours to be displayed once.

There are also limitations in terms of the size of banner used in the banner exchange program. These limitations vary from one site to the other.

Earning credits is the other aspect of free banner exchange advertising. The participating websites display each other’s’ banner ads in exchange for credits. These credits are used to purchase ad spaces for posting banner ads on the other sites on the network.

Lastly, a click on banner sends a visitor to the correct site, and the rate at which this happens is called the Click Through Rate (CTR).


Banner Swapping and Banner exchange program:

A banner exchange program is an advertising program of group of websites that advertise for one another using banners. Banners are stored and displayed from one central server. In other words, this is a program that facilitates trading of advertising among websites.

Banner Swapping is an advertising method where you put ads from other sites on your website and in exchange others show your banner ads on their websites. And the mediator company that offers this services is called a banner ad exchange. There are many banner d exchanges today. They are like online markets for exchanging and buying-selling ads.

“What is Banner Exchange?”

A banner exchange is an advertising service that allows you to display banners for other members of your ad exchange network and they show your banners on their sites. There is a large number of websites that offer this service, but here are a few best of them :


10 Best Banner Exchanges for Exchanging Banner Ads

[ Cheaper Banner Advertising with Various Banner Sizes ]


1. Banner offers free banner exchange services and free link exchange services which will boost your website traffic a big deal. You are simply required to place your banner on this site and it will be distributed to other websites for free.

There is a huge network of websites on which the banners can be placed, and you are assured of success with this site. You will actually get more exposure rate than most of the other banner exchange sites.

The exposure rate is 4:3, meaning that 3 exposures are offered for every 4 visitors, unlike most other sites which offer an exposure rate of 2:1. Banners of all sizes from the largest to the smallest types are accepted here.

On top of free membership on this site, you get 1000 free credits once your account is activated.

For Publishers:

It offers 1000 Credit points as signup bonus.
Free Banner Ad Exchanging program.
Referral program where you earn commission for getting others in the network.

For Advertisers:

Offers Lowest CPM as 5 Cents.
Real time statistics and anti-cheat protection.

Visit here- >  Banner Exchange .Net

2. Banners go MLM is one of the fastest growing banner exchanging websites that helps webmasters and website owners to grow their businesses in the most profound way. Advertisers get a 1:1 exchange rate and 10% of all the impressions generated by their referrals.

Targeting ads is one of the most important online advertising facets, and is keen on this matter to ensure that you beat your competitors.

Visit Here->  Banners go MLM

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3. Hit 4 Hit


Advertise your website today by taking advantage of the various banner exchanging opportunities offered by Hit 4 Hit.Banner exchange is one of the most popular website promotional tools, and the packages offered ensure that all your banner advertising needs are met.

Getting started is quite easy, as you are only required to provide the HTML code given to you by the program, and you are ready to go.

Visit -> Hit4hit for Banner exchanging programs

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4. Show Your Site

You can post banner ads for free on and enjoy a 10:9 exchange ratio. Both text and image banners of up to 468×60 in size are acceptable, and you can decide which of your banners you would like to show first.

You can also block unwanted banners and take control of your own ad exchanging campaign.

Visit- > for Banner exchange

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5. Free Banners


Joining Free-Banners gives you an opportunity to advertise yourself while still earning income. With over 150000 member sites, there is no doubt that this is a banner exchange site to work with.

This is actually one of the free banner advertising sites that will increase the popularity of your site within a very short period of time.

Visit ->

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6. 5000 Banners


A 2:1 banner exchange ratio, a click ration of 2:1 and 5000 FREE credits on signing up are some of the features that you get at JPG, GIF or SWF (Flash) banners are allowed, and the available banner sizes are:

  • 120X60 Button,
  • 120×600 SkyScraper,
  • 125X125 Square,
  • 160X600 Wide SkyScraper and 234X60 Half Banner,
  • 468X60 Standard Banner.

Visit ->

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7. Exchange-it


Your search for free advertising for your web site ends here. You display a banner ad of the participating sites and your ads are displayed on theirs in return, and you just watch the number of unique visitors to website growing every minute.

You get 0.5 credits every time a banner is displayed on your site, and you are able to rotate 5 banners in one account.

Visit- >

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8. Link buddies


LinkBuddies continues to provide awesome banner exchange advertising solutions to its clients since 1997. With an ever-growing network of member sites, you can move a great proportion of internet users to your site by joining LinkBuddies.

The exchange rates are flexible here, but the dominant rate is 1:1. You get 500 free impressions once you join and you have access to banner credits protection tool, wizard-based banner creator, advanced banner targeting and visitor tracking statistics, to name but a few.

Visit- >

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9. Banner co-op


The banner exchange advertising services offered by can be used by websites of all types. Advertisers earn 1:1 credit and 10 cents for hosting banner ads of other sites on their websites.

Additionally, continues to incorporate the market changes in the banner ad exchange services, keeping in mind the fact that online advertising styles change by the day.

Visit ->

➤ Tips for Local advertising for Geo Targeting


10. Exchange ad


Both advertisers and webmasters have their traffic generation needs met by With more than 65 million banner exposures per month, there is no doubt that is a great banner exchange advertising site.

There is free advertising and paid advertising for those who would like to enjoy more banner exchange advertising features. The exposure rate of 4:3 is really rewarding, not to mention the high CTR, ability to rotate 8 banners and ability to deliver unique visitors.

Visit ->

➤ Superb web properties to advertise an Insurance Biz online

11. The Banner Exchange


The Banner Exchange offers advertisers reliable ad exchange services that deliver great results. Statistically, boasts of 15794 active users today, 966876747 impressions displayed and 3051 unique websites displaying banners.

This enough prof that by joining this site, you are making a very important step in your digital advertising life.

Visit – >

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Contextual Advertising Networks List – What are Top 10 Contextual Ad Platforms

Top 10 Contextual Advertising Networks in 2019 for Advertisers and Publishers


Find here a List of Most popular Contextual Ads Websites in 2018-19 to Promote your business using Context based targeted ads (via in-text, PPC and banner advertisements.)


An ad network connects advertisers to sites that are willing to host advertisements. It aggregates ad space supply from publishers then matches it with the advertisers demand.

Contextual advertising on the other hand is a form of targeted advertising in which the text contained in a website is scanned for keywords then adverts based on these keywords are produced.


A contextual ad network is thus an ad network for contextual advertising. You can drive keyword targeted relevant traffic on your content by using such type of context based paid advertisements.



What Makes Contextual Advertising so Unique?


Contextual advertising is really very unique in one aspect that it provide you the chance to advertise yourself in front of the people that are already verified to show interest in the content that you advertise for!


The contextual ad networks make full use of their inherit technology to find out details on two most important aspects:


#1. About the page where the contextual advertisement is to be placed.


#2. About the people who are going to watch the actual contextual ads. Though, Google Adwords is the leader in this aspect while others don’t have that much historically data of their users.



Context Based Ad Networks List for Paid Advertising 



Top 10 Contextual Ad Networks for Digital Marketing and Content Monetization through Contextual ads


The contextual ad networks as given below are the most popular on the Internet for their outstanding services, features, robust ad management platform, and customer centricity.


1. Google AdWords (now, Google Ads)

Contextual ads through AdWords (for advertisers) on the Network sites using Google AdSense.




Google Adwords: The Most Reliable and  Popular Contextual Ad Network


From the definition, Google AdSense is the greatest network for contextual advertising.

Google Adwords ( Now, known as Google Ads) is the most reliable ad network if you are looking for context based advertising solutions.


It is equally popular in all the countries across the world for its powerful and budget friendly advertising services for businesses and companies. Even small advertisers love it for their amazing features and reliability.


Google uses contextual advertising system to display advertisements on the Search Engine Results Pages depending on the keywords used for the search. It also shows your ads on their network of publishers ( through Adsense).


No keen advertiser can ignore the power of Google AdSense and Google AdWords to convert visitors into buyers and perhaps that is why everyone uses it.


It is a bit expensive but the costs are nothing compared to the advertising solutions it provides.


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2. Kontera ( Now, Amobee)


Kontera cannot miss in this list. It is a contextual ad network to reckon with as it provides brand intelligence measures and dashboards that provide insightful information to advertisers and publishers.




It also offers strategies, tactics and procedural processes that make it easy for publishers to monetize their sites and advertisers to get access to the ad space inventory of their choice.

In-text contextual ads from Kontera

Offices of Amobee company:


Headquarters – Redwood City
901 Marshall Street
Suite 200
Redwood City, CA 94063
Phone: 1.650.353.4399


675 Ponce de Leon Ave NE, Suite 7500, Office 119, Atlanta, GA 30308


1800 South Oak St, Suite 209, Champaign, Illinois 61820


233 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 850, Chicago, IL 60601, Phone: 1.312.985.5626

New York

352 Park Avenue South, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10010

San Diego

10201 Wateridge Circle, Suite 400, San Diego, CA 92121, Phone: 1.858.638.1515

Santa Monica

3250 Ocean Park Blvd, Suite 200, CA 90405, Phone: 1.310.382.5500

San Francisco

128 Spear Street, 2nd floor, San Francisco, CA 94105


276 King Street West, Suite 202, Toronto, Ontario M5V 3C6

EMEA, United Kingdom

The Place, 2nd Floor 175 High Holborn, London WC1V 7AA, Phone: +


3. Bing Ads: Microsoft Ad Center



Bing Yahoo Contextual Ad Network is quite popular among advertisers and Publishers


Microsoft, through Yahoo and Bing network for contextual ads offers web publishers the opportunity to earn advertising revenue through a well-structured paid advertising plan.


You are required to have a Microsoft account for you to join the Yahoo and Bing contextual advertising network.

Bing Microsoft Network for Context based Advertising


4. Clicksor: Contextual Advertising and Behavioral Marketing


Clicksor is one of the reputable top ad platforms that allows contextual advertising. Both advertisers and publishers have access to ad technology and tools that will enable them to monetize their sites in the most efficient way possible.


During these tough economic times, you cannot afford to miss a chance to make a coin or two with the advertising solutions offered on this site.

Contextual advertising with Clicksor assures advertisers of delivery of the most relevant ads to the right audience in the right time. This boots return on investment.


Use Contextual ads via Clicksor


5. BidVertiser


BidVertiser simplifies contextual advertising for publishers and advertisers. It allows you to advertise across hundreds of websites and pay through PPC (Pay Per Click) basis. As a publisher you get really good CPC and CPM for your ads if your traffic is basically from USA, UK, Australia, and European countries.

It has a wide network of websites from different channels of business from which you can choose your keywords, set your geographical targeting and make your pay per click bid.


BidVertiser Network for Context based ads


6. Chitika


All those who have used Chitika agree with me when I say that it offers valuable contextual advertising solutions for both advertisers and publishers. Chitika delivers ad solutions that make your website more valuable day in day out.

It collects information about various activities on your site and sends targeted advertisements based on these activities.

This is the cornerstone of contextual advertising.

Chitika Platform for advertisers and publishers



7. eClickZ


eClickZ is a great advertising marketplace that helps advertisers in targeting the right user at the right place and at the right time. As an advertiser, you can maximize your budget simply by distributing ads on the channels that are available across your PPC ad networks.

On the other hand, publishers or owners of authority websites and blogs can monetize their sites by selling their ad space inventory.

Transparency in reporting and effective handling of data creates a good platform for both advertisers and publishers to accentuate their advertising plans and monetization plans respectively.

eClickZ for Context based advertising






ads.hsoub- Leading contextual advertising network for Arabians



This network is for businesses and publishers from Arabian countries. boasts of cutting-edge ad technology and a unique network of publishers that make it a contextual ad network of choice for many publishers and advertisers.


They have more than 2K good quality sites in their platform and they are one of the leading online advertising platforms for making contextual advertising in Arab countries (UAE).


Its advertising programs include a display network, affiliate network and an enabling marketplace that rolls out the easiest way to buy ads from thousands of websites in an automated process.


You are able to advertise in a few minutes and you pay a fixed sum of money at the end of the month. This makes budgeting easy and convenient.


Hsoub Ads



9. Info links


With, you can monetize your site using smart ad units that allow you to break from the norm and advertise inside the lines. Content on the site is scanned in real time and the most valuable keywords noted.


Relevant ads are then placed based on these keywords, and a proper balance of relevancy and payouts smooths content and earnings flow. The inText ads on the site attracts visitors and encourages them to click and learn more on your business.

Infolinks for Intext Contextual Ads



10. Digital Marketing Agency




digital-marketing- agency-contextual-ads-600x300
DMA digital Marketing Agency


This is a leading contextual ad network that combines all internet and computer-based business services with a comprehensive PPC plan that transforms businesses from one level to the other.

It is a digital marketing agency that offers all marketing services under one roof.


The main Digital marketing Services offered by DMA


  • SEO, PPC
  • Enterprise SEO, Content Marketing
  • Local SEO, Social Media Optimization
  • Ecommerce SEO,
  • Reputation Management
  • Shopify SEO
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Video SEO
  • Web Design
  • Mobile SEO
  • Web Development
  • Amazon SEO
  • Link Building
  • Spanish SEO
  • Mobile App Development
  • International SEO
  • WordPress Development
  • Display Advertising
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Twitter Advertising
  • LinkedIn Advertising

Visit Digital marketing Agency DMA

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Also read the important tips about context based paid advertising through In-text ads, PPC ads, Banner ads on the various ad platforms on the Internet.


What Makes a Top Banner Ad Network for Publishers and Advertisers


Banner Advertising from BuySellAds: For the Irresistible Banner Ads experience for both Advertisers and Website Publishers

There are several ad networks out there but deserves a standing ovation. Indeed, it is one of the best banner advertising networks for most of the publishers and advertisers. It offers a myriad of options for both advertisers and publishers to leverage and make the best out of their online marketing for businesses.

Putting banner ads for your business or services on quality blogs and websites is a great way to advertise your business online.

Banner advertising is included in the top advertising tips for getting high traffic for your website or business.

Want to find out more ways to paid advertising for your business or company? Get here an ultimate list of top 100 paid ads networks . One of the Top Ad Network for Banner Ads Advertising



Here is a quick review of banner ad network :-


General overview: provides an online marketplace that bridges the gap between online publishers and advertisers. It allows advertisers to find blogs and websites that suit their ads and budgetary constraints, while at the same time allowing publishers to sell their ad spaces to the most suited advertisers.

Founded in 2008, this is a great advertising platform that has transformed businesses.


How it works:

You can make easy money by selling your ad space at BuySellAds has a publisher directory where publishers can add their blogs easily once they are registered and approved.

Registration is free so you don’t need to worry about anything. But, getting approved as a publisher is not that easy as compared to other platforms, like Infolinks, Chitika, etc.

However, the services are not free, as you are charged 25% per transaction. You can also choose between the Deal Manager Direct and the Self Serve Direct payment options.

As advertisers look for blogs and sites where they can place the banner ads, they will come across your blog, and they can buy an ad space once they are convinced that you have what they are looking for.

Remember that the advertisers will be able to know your site’s Alexa rank, Google page rank, Complete rank and other bits of information that touch on the quality of the site.

Buying of ads is a sweet piece of cake as advertisers buy the space directly form without involving the publisher in question.


Why is good for Publishers and advertisers? provides awesome opportunities for publishers to sell their advertising space without hustle and bustle. Once you set the rate of payment, you just need to wait for advertisers to buy space from you by contacting directly.

The only thing that you have to do as a publisher is to set rates that are competitive so that you remain at par with your cutthroat competitors. You can set all your ads to be automatically approved or you can approve them manually.

This means that you are in control of all the ads that appear on your site. The fact that you can offer ads of various sizes, prices and locations shades light on the versatility and flexibility of BuySellAds for publishers.

In short, BuySellAds does all the donkey work for publishers, right from the time the publisher’s site is listed to the time purchases are made and payments delivered

There are no barriers to entry, as on top of being free registration, there is no publisher language requirement and traffic minimum. However, the publisher’s content should be unique, and rightly so.

On the other hand, advertisers have access to display, sponsored tweets and email advertising types.

Publishers can also sell traditional desktop display advertising, mobile website display ads, RSS feed text ads, banner ads, mobile app display ads as well as desktop app ads. In general, traditional display advertising is common

Creating an ad unit is straightforward and WordPress plugin is available. Compatibility with AdSense is a great addition. As if that is not enough, the publisher reporting and admin control panel is a fully fledged system that flows smoothly from the intuitive control panel to workable reporting tools.

Cost Per Impression model is the dominant model here, and payments can be made through check, PayPal and wire.

As expected, customer care is elaborate to ensure that you do not get bogged down in the process of buying or selling inventory on this site.

Another point that makes BuySellAds tick for publishers is the fact that getting approved takes more than having a website. The site must have a good design and the quality of the site must be very high.

This means that if your listing is accepted, you are only competing with publishers of the same class. It is therefore important for publishers to accept the ads that are relevant to their niches and to avoid spammy ads that add no value and put their integrity into question.

Concisely, is one of the highest paying ad networks. Paid advertising has its place in this ad network, but Beating the competition is a huge challenge for small publishers who have to struggle for stand out from the crowd.

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Website Banner Advertising- 10 Best Websites to use Banner Ads to Advertise Online

10 Best Websites for Banner Advertising: Post Banner Ads to Increase Traffic to your website.

Without increasing your website traffic, you are just like a boat that is in the sea and directionless. Do not wait for the traffic of your website to run so low. Go for the best websites that can put your banner ads near new market and get more traffic. The below given websites can get you the desired results from banner advertisements. 

Banner Advertising Networks to Buy Ad Space on Websites

Banner ads are a great form of paid advertising used for business marketing.
If you have been worried on how you can increase traffic for your website then worry no more. Banner advertising helps you solve the problem once and for all. Before you get there, here are the top 10 websites that can assist you achieve this milestone.
You have a list of choice to get traffic services from the best paid advertisement network websites. The websites are described below.
Banner Advertisements for Rapid Paid Advertising

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Tips for Using Banner Advertisement


Paid advertising could be very costly if not used wisely. So, it’s always better to start safely with a lower budget. Spend some time to understand how a particular ad network works. Always analyse the statistics and the quality of the traffic.
If the traffic received from the banner ads fails to convert into leads then it’s of no use. It will be a completely waste of money! So, think wisely and analyse everything.
Keep experimenting and learning the important things regarding the paid methods of getting premium traffic from banner advertisements and find what advertising is effective for your business or website in long run. 

Top 10 Banner Advertising Sites to Place Banner Ads

[ 10 Best Websites for Using Banner Advertisements to Increase Traffic to Your Website ]

Below given networks or websites offer great opportunities to use banner ads for advertising your website, products, business, or company online. You can get unlimited ad impressions depending on your daily budget. These networks provide direct or indirect banner advertisement options. If you buy banner ads from the below mentioned networks then it would definitely help you in achieving your goals of content marketing.

1. Facebook Advertising Banner Ads


Your website traffic can be increased by adverts done on Facebook. The social website has many people visiting and using it every day. Due to the large numbers of users, if your banner is posted on Facebook, it receives more clicks as they want to know what it is. The visits to your websites will proportionately increase because the users who think the information on your website is relevant will go for it.

2. Twitter for Business Advertising


The possibility of getting more traffic on your site is certain when you use twitter for banner advertising. Your banner will get more followers everyday once this is your advertising strategy.You will not feel the pinch of paying for this service since twitter banner ads increase traffic. You only need a free sign up to the website and prepare an ad that will suit your site best.


3. YouTube Ads Advertising

There is an estimated 1 million visitor each month on this website. Paid adverts can be posted and appear before anyone could play a video that they want to on YouTube. Youtube offers several types of video ad placement options to its advertisers. The Ads though, to some look disturbing, many of the visitors on Youtube always crave to know about the websites being advertised and therefore give them a click.

Your ads are shown in Youtube videos based on the two important factors:

#1.  Ads are shown to based on the search queries made by its viewers on Youtube search bar.

#2. Ads are shown based on the interest and behavior of the viewers. There are other factors which Youtube takes into account to find the suitable viewers to your ads.


4. Post Banner Ads Free


This website allows free signing up to for free and they advertise your website for you. It does not matter whether it is a new website or an existing one that has previously had low traffic.

The site allows banners of four types; 480 ×60,160×60,728×90 and 300×250.


5. AdWords (now, Google Ads)

Popularly known by its search engine, the website can be paid to advertise your website. Once your website is hosted by Google, then the banners that are paid for can be displayed in the before the search results of the users.
Google Adwords is one of the top 10 ad networks for paid banner advertising. They show your adverts in their Search Engine Result Pages SERP’s as a ‘sponsored listing’ as well as on the publishers websites that use Google AdSense account.
This way the banners receive more clicks and increase the visits that are recorded on your website every month. This makes your website popular and more income generating.


6. Pinterest Ads

( )

Pins to be followed by any of the users who are signed in this website carry the trending Ads. The estimated 250,000,000 unique monthly visitors of the websites have pins on the accounts. There are also lists of suggestions of pins to the users. This is where the banners of the websites are placed.

Put foremost, they are easily recognized and pinned hence making them popular.
If you want to generate referral and search traffic from Pinterest follow this post and to increase your Followers at this social media you need to follow some workable strategies and techniques as mentioned here.

7. Amazon Online Advertising

This is one of the best websites to market products on the internet. The website can also place Ads that attract more traffic in the process of product marketing. At the top of the website and in between the product descriptions, banners can be placed for your website to gain popularity among the users of Amazon.
You only have to pay for the Ads and your website is increase.


8. LinkedIn Ads

Creation of topnotch profiles on LinkedIn that have the business banner can attract new website traffic conversion rates. Many connections and joining of professional group that suit your industry can create a platform of placing Ads on the website.

There is an option of buying space for Ads and the placement of your banners for easy connections to other professionals.

9. Yahoo Advertising


Yahoo has a specific platform that is used to advertise online websites and businesses. The website has different display ad formats that can fit the screens of desktops and even mobile phones. Weather is a standard banner or a rich one; the banners can be placed over mail when opening the mail app or on the Yahoo homepage.


10. eBay – Sell with Classifieds banners

This community places banner ads on top of various pages to market your website. The different programs like adMarketplace and Advertical help in doing this for your site banners to appear in this product selling website.

Buy sell The best of them all for Banner advertising! is one of the quality online advertising networks for advertisers and publishers. is based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. It offers automated guaranteed media buying that converts greatly!Here at Buysellads you could find thousands of quality publishers as per your niche. You get transparent pricing without any hassles. But, before starting here you should analyse first what kind of advertising works best for your site.

They are claiming to sell over 6 billion guaranteed banner ad impressions per month.

You can use Display and custom ad placements to drive ROI.
You can purchase banner space directly from 1,500+ publishers in their high-quality content networks.
You will find only the quality publishers at there because they do not approve average quality publishers. They have a strict review team that picks the websites that are rich in quality content and traffic volume.
Read Full review of banner network

Other Means of buying banner Ads:

Apart from buying banner ads from the above networks you should also make a list of good sites for placing banner ads. Whenever you find out that a website or blog is good and has content that you are interested in then include it in your self prepared list of sites where you would want to place banner advertisements.

The next step would be contacting such website owners and ask them if they allow placing third party banners. If they do so, then negotiate on pricing and other things.

Banners on Forums: You can also use banner ads on various niche based business forums. Get here a list of 50 Top business forums for banner ads.

Find Suitable webmasters on LinkedIn:
LinkedIn is a place where you can find most of the noticeable website owners and bloggers. Grab this opportunities and connect with such members and negotiate new opportunities with them to place your banner adverts.

Try Online classifieds Sites: Most of the classifieds offer free advertising opportunities. They also allow images or banners in your ads. For example, and are such classifieds where you could make use of banners as well as HTML elements in your advertisements.

Post online buy sell ads Free