200 Online Ad Posting Sites in USA Similar to OLX, Backpage, Craigslist, eBay, Gumtree

200+ USA Classifieds Sites Similar to OLX and Craigslist. Free Online Advertisements Sites in USA for 2019


USA Classifieds. 200 Free USA Advertising Sites 2019 to Post Classifieds Online


Free classifieds sites where you can browse ads or post your own advertisements for online advertising in 2019 for USA. Post classifieds for anything on these online adverts websites.Post free classified ads without registration in USA. Classified advertising websites List.

Get list of awesome advertising sites, like Backpage, Gumtree, OLX, Quikr, eBay, Adoos, Craigslist, etc.

Post free ads in USA on 200+ ad posting classifieds sites for buy sell, real estate, property, homes for sale, pets and animals, automobiles, education, products, business services.

Fresh new latest updated list of USA classifieds for 2018-2019.

All classifieds links are working. Free to register and some of the classified advertising websites offer online ad posting even without registration.


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Post free ads on these good
classified advertising websites. The Online advertising sites mentioned here to post classified ads offer free online ad posting for any part in the World. The classified advertising websites listed here are some of the best ad posting websites for 2018-2019. You may post free ads for USA for business, products, buy-sell ads.

Search and browse free ads and advertisements for what you are looking for!


USA Classifieds Sites where you can post adverts similar to OLX, Backpage, eBay, Gumtree, Craigslist


200+ sites to Post Free Advertisements online for United States


Local Classifieds ads Websites List for United States America Local Places-500x277
Good USA Classifieds Websites List


Sites Similar to Gumtree in United States:



Gumtree United States



Classified Sites in USA like Craigslist


Craigslist USA


Sites Similar to OLX USA:


OLX usa


Sites Similar to Backpage




Sites Similar to eBay




Classified advertisements websites List to post online ads free



  1. 50statesclassifieds.com
  2. http://www.sun-sentinel.com/classified
  3. www.a9ad.com
  4. Post free ads for United States
  5. ablewise.com
  6. abudhabiclassifieds.com
  7. add-your-biz.com
  8. Adsriver.com- International Ad Classifieds
  9. Advertigo.net
  10. agads.net
  11. airbanks.freeclassifieds.com- US Buy sell ads
  12. alamonet.com- San Antonio Classifieds
  13. http://albany.freeclassifieds.com/
  14. http://albanyga.freeclassifieds.com/
  15. 15 Best Classifieds list 2019 for Florence 
  16. allentown.ebayclassifieds.com
  17. allindiaads.com
  18. american-classifieds.net
  19. advertising websites list 2019 for Auburn Alabama
  20. amman.adpiece.com
  21. http://www.soavo.com/
  22. www.azbestclassified.com
  23. www.classifieds.click4choice.com
  24. www.cycleclassifieds.us
  25. www.salespider.com
  26. www.theworldforsale.com
  27. www.webclassifieds.us
  28. www.american-classifieds.net
  29. anaheimca.global-free-classified-ads.com
  30. Submit your business listing free in USA for 2019
  31. anaheimhillsca.global-free-classified-ads.com
  32. anchorage.freeclassifieds.com
  33. Paid advertising websites 2019 for US
  34. andaberaya.com
  35. angelesclassified.com
  36. Full Job Advertising in USA
  37. 50 Free advertising websites for Newyork
  38. anypup.com
  39. Local business directories for US
  40. argentina.global-free-classified-ads.com
  41. arizona.olx.com
  42. Real estate advertising websites list
  43. arizonafreeclassifieds.com
  44. article-library.totalindiadirectory.com
  45. Best advertising websites for Los Angeles
  46. atascadero-ca.ziply.com
  47. atlanta.craigslist.org/
  48. atlanta.ebayclassifieds.com
  49. atlanta.freeclassifieds.com
  50. atlantaga.global-free-classified-ads.com
  51. atwater-ca.ziply.com
  52. auckland.gumtree.co.nz
  53. augustaga.freeclassifieds.com
  54. http://autoclassifiedshopper.com/
  55. http://autoexplosion.com/
  56. baghdad.adpiece.com
  57. baltimore.freeclassifieds.com
  58. http://bargainnews.com/
  59. http://beachandbartolo.com/
  60. bermuda.global-free-classified-ads.com
  61. http://bestfarmbuys.com/
  62. bestlankahomes.com
  63. http://bey3.com/
  64. bharatkaguru.com
  65. biggestclassifieds.com
  66. bismark.wclassifiedads.com
  67. blog.daype.com
  68. bloomington.freeclassifieds.com
  69. blueplanetclassifieds.com
  70. blythe-ca.ziply.com
  71. Free Ad Posting Sites without Registration Required
  72. bocaraton.freeclassifieds.com
  73. bombayclassifieds.indiagrid.com
  74. boston.craigslist.org/
  75. boston.ebayclassifieds.com
  76. boston.freeclassifieds.com
  77. boulderclassifieds.indiagrid.com
  78. brea-ca.ziply.com
  79. Best Classifieds sites
  80. brokencontrollers.com
  81. brokencontrollers.com/
  82. brooklynny.global-free-classified-ads.com
  83. buffalo.freeclassifieds.com
  84. buffalonewyorkclassifieds.com
  85. Car selling websites
  86. burbank-ca.ziply.com
  87. burlington.craigslist.org/
  88. cachevalleydaily.kaango.com
  89. http://cafreeclassifieds.com/
  90. http://cairo.ixpat.com/
  91. camarillo-ca.ziply.com
  92. classifieds1000.com
  93. Best Sites for buying selling online
  94. http://davis-ca.ziply.com/
  95. https://hub.fm/post.html
  96. http://findnsave.indystar.com/
  97. List of Online Classified sites
  98. High PR Classified advertising sites
  99. Top 10 Ad Agencies in New york USA
  100. detroit.freeclassifieds.com
  101. detroitclassifieds.indiagrid.com
  102. dover.freeclassifieds.com
  103. http://eclassifieds.massagetoday.com/
  104. eg.selldude.com
  105. egoota.com
  106. eharaj.com
  107. elkgrove-ca.ziply.com
  108. elsuperremate.com
  109. en.advisto.com
  110. enam.wordpress.com
  111. equimarket.equestrianconnection.com
  112. erie.allinoneplace.com
  113. estia.com
  114. euro-classifieds.net
  115. eurodragster.com
  116. everydaybusinessonline.com
  117. expatads.com
  118. ezclassifiedads.com
  119. ezinearticles.com
  120. ezinearticles.com/
  121. ezyclassified.com
  122. FastCupid.com
  123. fayettevillega.global-free-classified-ads.com
  124. finance.nrn.com
  125. firearmlist.com
  126. fish-for-sale.freeadsaustralia.com
  127. Fiverr.com
  128. flag2flag.com
  129. forodesoporte.com
  130. forsale.c4.net
  131. fortlauderdale.freeclassifieds.com
  132. forum.e46fanatics.com
  133. forums.digitalpoint.com
  134. found-4u.com
  135. france.global-free-classified-ads.com
  136. franglo.com
  137. freclassifiedsites.blogspot.com
  138. frederick.areaguideclassifieds.com
  139. free4uclassifieds.com
  140. free8ads.com
  141. freead1.net
  142. free-ads.eu
  143. freeads.org
  144. freeads.residualwealth.net
  145. freeadsonline.biz
  146. freeadssell.info
  147. freeadsspace.com
  148. freeadvertisingexchange.com
  149. freeadvertisingforum.com
  150. freebestads.com
  151. freeclassified2all.blogspot.com
  152. freeclassifiedads.eu
  153. freeclassifiedadsonline.com
  154. freeclassifiedadvertising4u.blogspot.com
  155. freeclassifieds.indiagrid.com
  156. freeclassifieds.netau.net
  157. freeclassifiedsads.us
  158. freeclassifiedsdirectory.com
  159. freeclassifiedsites.org
  160. freeclassifiedsitespk.blogspot.com
  161. freeclassifiedssblog.blogspot.com
  162. freeclassifiedssites.com
  163. freeclassifiedwebsites.net
  164. freeclassifiedwebsites.org
  165. freeclassifiedweekly.com
  166. freecollegeclassifieds.com
  167. freecommunityclassifieds.com
  168. free-countyclassifieds.com
  169. freehomeschoolclassifieds.com
  170. freeindianclassified.com
  171. freemichianaclassifieds.com
  172. freeonlineads.net
  173. freeusalistings.com
  174. freewebads.biz
  175. friesianhorseclassifieds.com
  176. gardencity.freeclassifieds.com
  177. geboon.com
  178. generator.andaberaya.com
  179. gerbangmalam.com
  180. germany.global-free-classified-ads.com
  181. getadvanceseo.blogspot.com
  182. ghpop.tripod.com
  183. gigauz.com
  184. global.nytimes.com
  185. globalclassified.net
  186. globegazette.com
  187. goa.indiadynamics.com
  188. gobichettipalayam.indiacitys.com
  189. gocounty.com
  190. goeasteurope.about.com
  191. goeasyget.com
  192. goforclassifieds.com
  193. golsn.com
  194. goodclassified.com
  195. got4you.com
  196. greetings.bruneiclassified.com
  197. guides.wkbw.com
  198. gypsybug.com
  199. hagerstown.freeclassifieds.com
  200. highlandclassifieds.com
  201. hilo.freeclassifieds.com
  202. hindlist.com
  203. hongkong.asiaxpat.com
  204. hong-kong.global-free-classified-ads.com
  205. horseville.com
  206. host.madison.com
  207. hot-ads.com
  208. hot-job.webs.com
  209. houston.backpage.co
  210. houston.craigslist.org
  211. houston.ebayclassifieds.com
  212. houston.locanto.com
  213. houston.olx.com
  214. 100 Best business submission sites for USA
  215. online ads for New York.100 best ad posting sites list
  216. 10 Free Local Business Submission Websites for USA



Disclaimer: All the sites mentioned in the list are not from United States. The given classifieds belong to various different countries, BUT users from the USA can also post ads on these advertising sites.


Best way to use the list- Please type your city or country to search only the specific classified sites based on your locality. The ad posting list is geo based, hence there are many classifieds that have been repeated here.


Read this before using these classified Sites:-


Classifieds lists need to be updated and maintained regularly in order to keep them relevant. This is true! The reason is simple that lots of new ad posting sites go offline or shut down due to the owners being unable to run them successfully. It’s normal and happens every now and then.


So what we do? We constantly update our ad posting sites lists.

But, this update can happens faster if we get feedback from our readers. So, Please help us maintain the list accurately by simply telling us in your comments if a url is broken or a classified site is shut down. We will remove non-working urls quickly. Thanks.


We will keep improving on this (we have updated this second time till the number# 100 and will resume the updation work in a few days. (why to tell all this to you? simply ‘coz we care for you!  🙂 


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  1. I get 'not set' as the location in Google analytics…
    But, 'not set', does not mean that they are not from that country? I mean i have lots of traffic coming from United States and when i click the country links it shows most of the cities + 'not set as location for United States . My question is, in this case, though the visitors are from United States, even if it's not clear from which city they are , right?'

  2. Classified ads are a great way to list items, services, or properties for sale without creating an auction-style or fixed price listing. Classifieds also helps you to promote your local business. Use free classified ads to let millions of buyers around the country see your listing, or choose Classifieds (free classified ads) and focus your selling locally. Promote your business or service for free.

    I am an advertiser in India and i post ads all the day so i know the tricks of the business, so any one interested please contact me on 9891037374..we can work together to generate more leads and business via advertising..thank you

    • Search Classified ads for United States locations for housing property business services. list your classified ad for buy-sell, service, education, mobiles, real estate, online shopping, advertising and marketing sector, website ads, vehicles, tuition, loans, products, etc. Free ad posting classified website for United States America for any location or cities.

  3. Try this top 100 free classified ads . I have published here top 100 best free classified ad posting directories list of year 2014.

    This best list of top free ad posting webs for any buddy and ad posters is mainly popular in the countries including, US, UK, India, Australia, UAE, Germany,France, Italy, Japan,China, Pakistan, etc.
    This top free ad posting blogs mostly contains name of those free classified ad posting webs that are
    -very popular and
    -largely traffic driven, and
    -they provide good resource for the best free ad posting options and features.
    -posting of classified ads without any registration required
    -100% working without registration required to post classified ads

  4. Impressed with your exhaustive list of business submission sites and this is really cool thing getting all you wanted at a single place in a well formatted and listed way 🙂 Kudos to the list creator !!

  5. And these are the Top Classified webSites for United States America! The whole America depends on them for posting their advertisements online 🙂 hahah
    And believe me you wont need anything extra than this list for posting free ads for USA.


  6. Topbestlisted.blogspot.com provides free classifieds listings for US.Post free ads for USA. 100% free classified ads posting sites list. Top 10 and top 100 best classifieds for local places in United States. If you are new to advertising or online marketing, visit our blog site and grab collections of thousands classifieds webs that offer free adverts services to international users from all the countries in the World. Get lict of ad posting webs in Excel, Google Docs, or PDF files. If you are a classified owner from USA, visit our blog and sub,it/list your site before thouands daily users on our site. We are online since 2011. So, what are waiting for? Visit our site to post free advertisements online for any categories. Post ads free online for buy-sell, real estate, computers, mobiles, website services, digital products, businesses, etc.

  7. here is one more best free classified ads site


  8. Are you from USA? do you want to advertise in United States for its local locations, cities, and towns? Post free advertisements using our cool list of top classified sites for United state of America. You can post free ads to trade anything online except some prohibited ad categories. We have compiled several list of online ad posting portals for advertisers, ad posters, businesses, companies, sellers, buyers, and common visitors who are interested in online shopping through classifieds.

  9. Loan-man, Newyork, USA

    No doubt, it's a great list of USA Based classifieds. I would appreciate if you arrange the existing or publish a new post listing USA Classified sites to post loan ads. We are in need of loans classifieds to promote our finance and credit related small business which is located in Newyork, USA.

  10. World's best clasified web…provides free classifieds services in more than 100 countries across the world…Easy, simple and useful!

  11. post quick Free classified ads in usa with photos,without registration. Find houses and apts for rent, personals, jobs, cats and dogs for sale.

  12. ClassifiedYou offers free local classified ads in throughout the USA. Search and post classified ads For Sale, Cars, Jobs,Apartments, Housing, Pets, Personals, and other categories.


  13. Thank you all for sharing this list. It would be helpful

  14. I suggest a <a HREF="WWW.VEHICAD.COM>USA Auto classifieds</a>website that called vehicad for buy sell automobiles only in USA

  15. my self alim khan
    and i want online job if anybody have online ads posting jobs plz contact me 9984501300

  16. Free Classified sites in USA
    top usa fress sites for classifieds
    content="0; url=http://www.zazspot.com

  17. Free Ads sites in USA
    American Free ads sites list
    Newyork free classifieds list
    California free classifieds list
    Dallas free classifieds list

  18. Thanks for sharing a huge list. Really it’s more valuable for seo link building and local business promotion. Please add one of my colleague’s classified ads website http://www.clickepage.com/ it’s a completely free international classified ads website.

  19. please help me dear 500 usa classifieds ad posting websites please send my email [email protected]
    thanks…….replay me ..

  20. plaese dear 500 difrent websites usa ad post plz help me

  21. Some websites are really very nice to post free ads given in this list. I want you to ad one more classified website which is known as backpage alternative – http://www.ebackpage.com

  22. Great list thank you

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    This is one of the nice and quality link Thanks for giving such a great blog. Keep it go

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