What are the Top Offline Apps for Android Phones to Use without Internet

Offline Apps for Android Phone Users.

Survive without Internet with these Offline Apps for Android based Phones.

What if you don’t require the internet to enjoy your shows, read stuffs like articles/news, locate places, listen to music & so much more to have a pleasant offline experience on phone.

You might be thinking how is that possible? Well, with so many amazing apps that’s coming up or already available, you can experience this wonder.

Below listed are the few apps for android that works offline. Check it out!
Top offline apps for Android users
Best Offline apps for Android based Phones

1. Wikipedia Offline Free


The application allows you to download any Wikipedia article so you can read them in offline mode, wherever you are, whenever you want. You can download the whole Wikipedia into your Android phone or Android tablet and use it when you are offline.

Image loading needs you to be in online mode though. The app is available in a customized format. Free downloading of top two million Wikipedia articles in English with Wikipedia offline application installed in your android.

2. English Dictionary – Offline


With the database containing about 160000 words and about 68000 inflected forms, English Dictionary .- Offline is an application wherein the definitions are based on English Wikitionary. It has easy and functional user interface, optimized also for tablets.

It works offline without any need of further downloading of file. Also, the app is very fast and can also be installed on SD. Option to backup your bookmarks also available therein.

3. Maps with me Lite

With Maps with me lite app in your phone you can get instant access to detailed maps of all countries from anywhere in the world without the need for internet connection. Yes, the application works offline & guides you map directions to a specific location.

It has over 30M downloads worldwide & got featured in Forbes, TechCrunch and Washington Post. You can download any map for free be it home or while traveling. Also you need not to worry about any roaming charges when traveling abroad as its free & works offline.

4. My Chef Offline

The app as the name suggests, acts as your offline chef & provides you with offline collection of different kind of Recipes.

One of the finest & loved apps free offline app for Android which offers you more than 7000 various recipes for all occasions be it festival, daily eating food, snacks, drinks & lots more.

You can also search recipes by cuisine & list of ingredients with cooking instructions for each recipe. Overall a very brilliantly designed app which is extremely helpful in case of emergencies, or if you want to discover new recipes or simply for being a good cook.

5. PlayerFm – Offline

A very user-friendly app that works offline with over 1 million downloads. This podcast app syncs across devices & helps you discover great shows to be enjoyed offline.

It has got amazing features like video playback, interactive notification, lock screen facility, Sleep timer & best thing is that you can search about 3 million episodes.

As far as advertisements are concerned, then you don’t need to worry about that because it is ad-free. A total package to have a fun time enjoying shows without the need for internet.

6. FeedMe – Offline

Not everyone but many people love to read & be informed about what’s going on around the world. Well, TV is the source to provide news but when you’re traveling or somewhere at the place where you don’t have TV available nor the internet connection.

Here’s when FeedMe app serves its purpose. The app allows you to read the news offline & aims at providing the best user experience for you to read and manage your favourite articles. It is ad-free with a simple user interface. It has automatic synchronization. Also, you can custom feeds you want to sync. Lots more to explore ones you install the app.



7. Transit App – Offline

With millions of users, this app too is of huge benefit to all. Everyone of us in our daily life for some or the other purpose need to commute here & there to different locations. We need transport facility for the same.

Now this is the app helpful when you commute from the sources other than your own conveyance. With this app in your phone you’ll never miss the bus. The app keeps you inform when your bus is arriving with real-time predictions. You can see exactly where your bus or metro is on the map in real-time.
In case public transport is nor available, you can just request an Uber, reserve a car2go or grab the closest bike share. Very helpful application for day to day life.



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