Best Online Sports Shops in India- 7 Most Popular Shopping Websites to Buy Sports Fitness Goods

Online Sports Stores in India: Top Ecommerce Websites to Buy Sports Goods


7 Best Shopping Websites to buy Sports Goods Online in India


India has been announced to be the fastest growing e-commerce market among the BRIC countries. Reports have confirmed this pattern to be seen for the next five years or so.

Revenue generated by the Indian sports market in 2010 was assessed to be 1.489 million U.S Dollars.Sports category is witnessing a consistent growth in Indian e-commerce.

The market Size of Sports and Fitness Industry in 2011 in India was at INR 138 billion and is expected to grow to INR 300 billion by the end of 2015.

Other than cricket which is followed like a religion in India people are becoming more and more inclined towards other sports like soccer, hockey, volleyball, etc. It has also been noted that IPL has swollen sports merchandise sale growth multi-folds.


List of the best eCommerce Sites in India for Buying Sports Goods 

Fitness and Sports Wear Trends in India



People are also getting more aware about health and fitness and learning to deal with lifestyle problems. With changing lifestyle people have been encountering more lifestyle diseases like diabetes, heart problems, cancer and various other problems.

They understand how their busy lifestyle and the polluted environment is affecting their health. The more they get to know the more they are rushing towards their health and physique maintenance.

People have also realized health as fitness not just be an integral part of their lives but have also become a fashion statement. From six pack abs, to perfectly curvy body is what they are inspiring their followers to maintain.


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With the commercial success of Indian Premier League (IPL), and coming up of Indian Super League, Hockey India League and monetization of sports and all high-end Celebrity owned teams the young and burgeoning middle class and upper middle class in India offers huge potential for sports retail consumption.

The consumption of community sports has also increased owing to increase in per capita average disposable income.



List of Best Online Shopping Sites to Buy Sports Goods in India


Find out a List of best shopping websites in India to buy sports goods, fitness and gym equipment, health products, well being products. Buy Sport Items Online.

Sports Shopping Sites in India for 2021-22: Read and find out where you should shop online in India for your sports and fitness requirements. We have prepared this list after a good research about the online marketplaces in India for sports items.


1. Planet Sports Online – For all kinds of Sports Items in India []


Planet Sports Ecommerce Platform to buy sports goods-318x40
Planet Sports Ecommerce Platform 


It has over six categories highlighted as Mens, Womens, Sports Goods, footwear, fitness and converse. It houses renowned brands like Adidas, Puma, Nike, Reebok, Converse, Wilson, Speedo, Prince, Callaway, Airwalk, Spalding, etc.



2. Decathlon- French sports wear company []


Decathlon- Ecommerce Site from French Sports Wear-400x100
Decathlon- Ecommerce Site from French Sports Wear  


The website promises low price across all categories. It has more than 40 categories and over 4000 products in total. Founded in 1976, Decathlon is a french sports equipment and sportswear company.

It has a wide range of sports accessories collection also.

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3. Khelmart – Started in Meerut in 2012 []


Khelmart- A Popular Ecommerce from Meerut-400x95
Khelmart- A Popular Ecommerce from Meerut


Started its operations from Meerut city in November 2012 with 2000 SKU’s, Khelmart is an online retailer of sports goods. It was founded by a team of 5 sports enthusiasts with a vision of becoming largest sports goods retailer.

Now it is selling across 8 different sports sub – categories that are Team Sports, Racket Sports, Adventure Sports, Other Sports, Shoes, apparel, fitness nutrition and personal care.

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4. Sports 365- more than 35,000 sports products- [ ] for shopping sports goods online-241x209
Sports 365


Cofounded by Mahesh Bhupati and Vishal Gupta spots365 is a promising online sports portal in India. It offers more than 35,000 sports products across 50 sports disciplines. It has over 150 spots brands on board selling on sports365.

The company already has over 250 institutional customers which include schools and colleges, professional sports teams, sports academies, corporate houses and Multi- National companies, etc.

Some big names include Google India, Amazon India, Facebook India, Accenture, and professional sports teams from ISL.

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5. Snapdeal- Sells more than 75 Cr Sports Items Monthly [ Snapdeal Sports Fitness Store]


Snapdeal- A popular Site for Sports Wear Items in India-238x74
Snapdeal- A popular Site for Sports Wear Items in India


Snapdeal launched sports and health category in 2012 after its acquisition of esportsbuy was then the India’s largest sports retailer.

The monthly sales of Snapdeal sports category increased from 20 Crore from last year to about 75 Crore per month in this year. With an annual sale of 1 Billion it has an assortment of about 50,000 products in the sports category.

Other than sports equipment related to cricket, hockey, football, basketball, table tennis, squash, badminton etc, it has fitness equipment like treadmills, stationary bikes, elliptical trainers, as well as nutritional products.

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6. Flipkart – 17+ categories of Sports Items [ Flipkart Online Sport Store ] ecommerce platform to buy sell sports products online in India-400x108 – Number#1 Ecommerce Portal in India 

Flipkart added sports and fitness category in 2012 with around 2,435 SKU’s across sections like outdoor and adventure sports, team sports, racquet sports, indoor sports, other sports and fitness accessories.

It sells under auto and sports category with over 17 sports disciplines and 50 + subdisciplines.

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7. Sportsjam- Leading Online Sports Shop [ ]


sportsjam- One of the leading online sports shops in India

Sportsjam is also a leading online sports shop in India for buying sports goods for Football, Cricket, Squash, or any other types games. They offer free shipping for the purchase of items more than Rs 1000.

They mainly sell sports goods for the following games-


Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Football, Golf, Hockey, Squash, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Volleyball.

It houses over 60 brands in total, with an assortment of 4000 products across 32 sports categories.


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