How to Promote your Business on the Local Radio Channels

Sales and Marketing Made Easier Through Radio Channels




Radio is one of the most reliable source of marketing. It is used to reach a large population with different demographics within minutes in one single advertisement. It is very reliable and convenient to both advertising companies and their clients.


To generate sales and leads, companies needs to understand their market in a given geographical area and the cost of doing it.

You can Promote your business effectively on the local radio channels.



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Local Radio Channels could be the right answer to your marketing needs


9 Steps to Generate Sales, leads and marketing through radio channels


Step 1.  Your demographics should be understood.


Research the age set of people who listen to radio news, music and other radio programs and relate the finding with the products to be advertised.


Step 2.  Calculate your budget.


Approximate the size of marketing, and the needs for the event to be a success through relating the past experience and the current budgeted one.


Step 3. Consider time of doing your marketing.


One day sales and marketing event needs to be advertised between 7 to 12 day prior to the event. Advertising new products needs an extended time of say 12 weeks.


Step 4. Do a brief press release.

Review your event by writing a short press release and send it to radio stations.


Step 5. Choose and negotiate with radio stations that seems fit for your promotion.

Do an inquiry on how each radio station is doing the marketing and consider the best station.


Step 6. Do a script and present it to a radio station of your choice.

The script may include music, artists, presenters and the time the marketing will be on air.


Step 7. Revise and review your promotions before it goes live.

This will keep track on errors.


Step 8. Schedule for sales and marketing advertisement placement.

It should be done during pick time.


Step 9. Keep track on the promotion.

Make sure it goes down to the public well.


By following all these steps, be assured to generate sales, leads and marketing on radio channels successfully.