7 Best Website Marketing Tools to help you Step up the Marketing Ladder

Last updated on November 7th, 2021 at 11:57 am

Website Marketing Tools for Ranking your Content with the Help of Digital Marketing Techniques


Online Marketing Tools for Business Leads and Sales.

Explore the 7 Best Marketing Tools that you should start using now.

With so much of advancement in technology, there are ample amount of tools & techniques coming up for every kind of issue.

Be it for ones personal satisfaction and ease or for easing out business/professional work. Now that we re talking about marketing, there are numerous tools and applications designed to ease out marketing tasks,improve marketing efforts and increase productivity.

Let us throw light on 7 best marketing tools that can prove to be extremely advantageous if utilized pin the best way.

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Here they are:


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Online Marketing Tools

Top 7 Digital Marketing Tools for Content Promotion

1. BuzzSumo


One of the most important tools to be used for content marketing and Search engine optimization campaigns.

How the content is performing online on certain topic?

We know that not all marketers can be good in marketing and without any research or insights.

Building your content marketing would take you nowhere if you don’t research and analyse your success.

With BuzzSumo tool today, you can easily find out what kind of content your audience, prospects actually wants.

With the help of topic, keywords or backlinks you can get to see a complete report depicting the status as to how the previously posted content on that topic performed.

BuzzSumo comes up with the list showing the most shared content on social media.

It shows figures of Total shares as well as across each social media site separately.

This way you understand what kind of content is attracting audience, what topics they are looking to read about and what is that interests them etc.

You even get to know what is that working best for your competitors and encourage you to up your game.

Wasting money on content marketing without proper research and validation is not sensibility.

BuzzSumo is a must have tool for improving your content marketing efforts.

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2. Mention


If you want to keep an eye on what people are saying about you and your competitors in the market than this tool ‘Mention’ is the one for you.

The key to making the most out of social media as a marketer is to know what your audience has to say about you. This will help you in improving your marketing strategy based on the data you have via this medium.

Now you will know your customers better than before.

With ‘Mention’ you will be able to reply then & there as this is a real-time tool.
You can monitor your brand’s online status, find buzz about your business as well as that of your competitors, identify influencers, track clients’s PR campaigns, engage with your social community, create awareness about your business/brand, prepare reports and lots more.

This tool is of great advantage for every aspect of your business and therefore marketing.

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3. Canva.com


Graphics designing forms to be an important part for the growth of any business and its online presence.

Today every business needs to have a website to reach out to the masses. A business surely would require to invest in a good graphics designer at some point of time in order to take it to higher level and build its goodwill.

Canva is a very simple, easy to use graphic design software with the help of which you can create your own graphics and visuals to generate and attract traffic to your website.

No creative skills needed here just the plain use of this tool and you can become a designer.

Right from your social media to website to presentations, etc you can generate a professional looking designer content for all the aforesaid.

Canva increases your creativity as well as productivity which ultimately leads to great traffic on your site, potential customers and great revenue as a result of it.

4. Autosend


One of the tools that could help data-driven marketers to do a better job without bugging anyone.

Autosend helps you automatically send personalized, targeted email and text messages to every customer that visits your website.

These automated emails, messages etc sent are based on what your customers do on your website.

This marketing automation tool has made it easier for marketers to talk to their users. This allows you to personally reach out to every single person that joins your website.

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5. Duckboard


This is a real-time dashboard for monitoring your business growth.

With this tool you can analyze different types of data related to your business like evaluating your websites performance, the performance of email & social media marketing, how many customers you get day to day, how much traffic you are able to invite to your website on daily basis and other such important areas.

Ducksboard is more like all-in-one dashboard that lets you know about all the analytics related to your business’s online presence.



6. Oktopost: Social Engagement Platform for B2B


Standing amongst the best social media marketing tools that helps you amplify all your social media marketing.

Oktopost allows you to manage your social media be it content sharing, managing conversations, checking customer’s response towards you etc all in one single place. It has certain unique features that supports in increasing marketer’s efforts.


Few of these are:-


  • Tracking conversions from social media posts.
  • Capturing information on social leads.
  • Integrating with marketing automation and CRM platforms to get the best leads.
  • Analytics on social campaigns.
  • One on one customer service.

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7. Full Contact: Identity Resolution and Data Insights Solution

Online presence & Marketing goes hand in hand with relationship building.


There is no point existing on virtual platform for a business if there is no focus on building relationship with people that can grow your business, get you business or be your customers.

Creating good personal relationship can only be possible if you know about your prospects in detail.

For that you need to have a lot of relevant data like real name, picture, links of profiles on social media platforms and other such stuff.

With ‘Full Contact’ tool you can easily get to know the information you require to build a long term relationship with your prospects. As the prospect joins your site, full contact tool will help you get the important data you need to have about the user which could be your lead & loyal customer in the long run.


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