Instagram Video Marketing 9 Tips – How to Make Impressive Instagram Videos

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Instagram Marketing through Videos: Tips for Beginners for Video Marketing on Instagram Social Media


Learn How to Generate some real business with Instagram Videos with these Killer Tips for Beginners

Editing forms to be a very important part in videography. Be it a video related to any field, journalism, documentary, social media, marketing, advertising, corporate, music videos or anything.


A good editing leaves no room for errors. Keeping other areas of videography aside, lets talk about Instagram videos. Instagram as we all know is becoming a huge craze amongst people especially youth and now not only pictures but we can also post videos to Instagram very easily with 4.1 update.

The videos be it in your phone, laptop, computer can be uploaded without much a do. You can add effects, fast or in slow motion mode, add sound and play around with lots of other stuff the video has got to do with.

How to Use Instagram for Marketing your Business?


Instagram Social Marketing- Make Impressive Instagram Videos

Instagram has got such amazing filters that you feel like no less than a model in your pictures and videos provided if you capture the moments nicely. Imagine the videos without editing. There would be no cuts, starting or ending. In order to become the master of taking videos for Instagram, you need to know about various tools, apps and other tips to make it a killer one.

Here’s bringing to you a few tips, Check them out!


1- Video Shooting:

Shooting videos on Instagram is not necessary rather you can use your phone’s native camera app or another interesting camera app which has got cool filters that could enhance your video. Multiple clips can be shot and arranged in a proper sequence to be posted on Instagram like you wish it to be.


Apps like vintagio, 8mm, KitCamera, imovie  etc are available for you to assist in video making. In case you want to take videos from another camera to your mobile device than with the help of  EyeFi wireless card, you can do so. Also you can transfer files from other devices like DSLR, laptop, computer etc to your phone by making use of iFlash Drive.

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2- Apply Transitions:


Although there are apps like iMovie, WeVideo that helps you add special effects transitions for the videos, but other than that for a more cinematic view what you can do is, cover up the camera lens with some object, say with a piece of paper or any other to get a black screen in between shots. This will act as divider between two different scenes.

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3- AKA Rack Focus:


It is a technique in which you change focus during a shot. You would have seen in the movies that often there are scenes in which the object in the foreground appears to be sharp and that in the background looks foggy and when the background comes into focus and appears sharp, the foreground appears to be out of focus.


This happens because of the Rack focus technique that adjusts focus from one object to another to give the video a more dreamy and dramatic feel leaving the viewers focusing more attention on certain object. Now how you do that in case of Instagram video is the concern here.


You can do it in 3 different ways:-


a) – By Tapping To Focus:- Tap your screen to keep what you want in focus.
b) – Using Telephone Photo Lens:- The focusing ring lets you manage your focus.
c) – iPhone SLR Lens Mount:- Use SLR lenses while shooting videos from iphone.

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4- Editing:


Extremely important stage which further consist of 3 stages namely; Planning, Chopping & Sequencing.

Planning:- Plan the beginning, middle and the end of the video. This is the initial stage.

Chopping:- Trim down the video after you load it on Instagram (if it is too long). Upload, Hit Next, Use the slider to cut short the video length as per you want.

Sequencing:- You can adjust the order of your clips and the transition therein. You edit as the video gets shot within Instagram too. Adding and deleting scenes. You can try editing videos by taking it to your computer, rearranging the order and transferring file back to your phone.


5- Speed Up Or Slow Down:


To make the video scenes more impactful by showing them in slow motion or fast one then you can use these tools like vintagio, twixtor, hyperlapse etc that respectively does the work of giving the effects you want. Some best for slow motion effect, other for speeding up the shots and likewise.



6- Sound & Music:


You can add sound effects, edit the same before posting your video on instagram. Add music or recording (whatever you like), import it from your phone’s library or take it from another device to your phone and add. Mute if you prefer.

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7- Apply Filters:


Various apps are available to do this part amazingly. You can either use the tools like 8mm, iMovie, Vintagio etc or Filter the video by hand. Wondering how to do it? Use stuff like plastic, coloured glass over camera lens and others to give required effects according to the demand of the scene.

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8- Panning Time Lapse:


Time-lapses are when the film frames taken over a long period of time appears to happen quickly at set intervals but panning is slightly different, It is when your camera moves in a way like someone is shaking their head from side to side of an aircraft moving into a different angle.


Therefore, a panning time-lapse is when your camera pans across a landscape and at the same time shoots a time-lapse. Two ways to make a panning time-lapse are; Using a slider that moves your camera horizontally or using the rotating mount (known as Camalapse) that slowly and steadily turns your camera 360 degrees.

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9- Stop Motion:


You can even make a stop motion on your phone by using these three cool tips:-


– Let your camera NOT move. Either put it on a tripod or place it somewhere it stays still.

– The light where you are shooting should be stable.

– Prevent your phone from inadvertently moving by using camera phone remote. This will make shooting short clips easy.


Instagram Increased its Video Limit to 60 Seconds: Check out why?

Instagram increased its video limit to 60 seconds have left marketers amused as video marketing is one of the very adored tool of marketers that too on a popular platform like Instagram makes it all the more worth.


Why has Instagram Increased its Video Limit to 60 Seconds from the Previous limit of 15 Seconds?

More creativity, more fun, more flexibility, more engagement, more clarity. Yes, everything is going to be double if we say for that matter. Wondering what we are talking about? Well, there’s a good news. Who doesn’t love Instagram? We all do. Right?


Now to all the insta fanatics, guess what? Instagram has now increased its video length limit to 60 seconds which was 15 seconds. How cool is that.  This new update allows the users to upload 60 seconds video on Instagram.

Instagram Increased its Video Limit to 60 Seconds: Check out why-380x285
Instagram Videos Limit


The fact that one cannot showcase his/her creativity within 15 seconds of a video that they post is now actually realized by the company and so this step is being taken and a better and updated feature is being offered to the users across the world.


Instagram wants to bring more fun for their users. People love to watch the videos posted by their favorite celebrities, tutorials be it makeup, hair video, cooking etc. 15 seconds video was not enough and creativity of the video was not enhanced as a result of it.


Videos were not able to deliver the complete message or tell a complete story and had to miss out on one or the other thing by cropping it short to fit it into 15 seconds time frame. But now that’s no more an issue left.

There’s a logic behind this 60 seconds time frame that is finalized for Instagram. This time limit makes complete sense if we see it in the light of optimizing viewership metrics. It’s all about keeping Instagram users in feed as said by Sephi Shapira, the Chief Executive Officer of performance mobile advertising company MassiveImpact.
When the videos are longer like we take example of YouTube, people tend to switch from one video to the other real soon. In order to make users watch the complete video this 60 seconds video slot is one best idea.
As said by Shapira, “Instagram wants users to finish videos.”

This is the strategy that will also prevent users to switch to other platforms like Snapchat or YouTube for that matter.


As per the information on a blog, it is revealed that there has been more than 40% increment in the time spent by people in streaming videos. It gets difficult for the bloggers to plan out their videos be it for tutorial or fun or learning to fix it up and cram in 15 seconds video. The content that way could be less engaging and must be missing out on one or the other thing.


In the words of Kathleen Chaykowski from Forbes,  she said that perhaps Facebook has realized that videos are key to boosting Instagram’s business, considering the impact of video ads on Facebook.

Alongside, Instagram is also working on one more aspect and planning another good news but for iOS users.

That is enabling to make videos out of multiple clips right there in your camera roll. Yet another uber cool effort by Instagram to make the platform more creative and more fun for the users. This one’s for iOS users though.

It is also expected that users can see more new video related features in near future, it could be later this year itself too.

The fact cannot be denied that videos are the key factor in the success of Instagram business. Exploring ways to make things better for the users would only take it higher and higher.

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