10 Contextual Advertising Tips for Creating Effective Contextual Marketing Campaigns

Contextual Advertising Tips – 10 Killer Tips to Manage Context based Ads.


It is not a secret that contextual advertising is one of the most effective forms of online advertising, since it is based on compliance of the content of advertisements with the subject of the page where it is placed.


It is not a secret that contextual advertising is one of the most effective forms of online advertising, since it is based on compliance of the content of advertisements with the subject of the page where it is placed.If you thought that knowing these contextual networks is all you need, you have more fish to fry.


This is because coming up with a successful contextual advertising plan is easier said than done. It requires careful consideration of the following tips :-


Work with a good fit for your website. Contextual advertising is not for all. It does not depend on the amount of traffic but rather the type of traffic on a website. For this reason, work with the websites whose visitors are in the buying mood.



Read the terms and conditions and adhere to them to the latter. Contextual advertising is very terms and conditions must always be followed if success is to be achieved.


  • Use the available data to make future projections and decisions.
  • Diversify your keywords. Do not put all your eggs in one basket.
  • Make your site more Search Engine Optimized as per on-page and off-page SEO practices.
  • Try long tail keyword marketing as it will get you more traffic which is easier to achieve and is relevant too.


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10 Rules for Effective Contextual Advertising Campaign



Online Contextual Advertising:


➤ Contextual ads are more successful methods of advertising as they appear on the related content. They also appear as per the interest of the reader.

Most of the advertising networks know the interest of the readers by their browsing history and cookies saved on their computer.


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Online Contextual advertising tips for business marketing



So, it works based on the present content a user is reading and as well as the interests and online behavior of a particular user.


Proper advertising campaign ensures almost 100% of result, so to do everything properly, it will be good to know these ten basic rules.


10 Basic Rules for Contextual Advertising:


1. Scope Local Market with your Advertising:



Search local markets for your advertising-512x250
Target the local markets with your advertising



➤ There is no need to make a standard novice mistake of trying to grasp the immensity. At first conquer the local market, fill it with contextual advertising of a product, because the main buyer of goods (or services) is in your area.

➤ People trust companies that are located close to them.

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2. Demonstrate the Ads 24 hours a day:



Demonstrate display contextual ads 24 hours a day-300x200
Displaying your contextual ads 24 hours a day makes it more effective


Forget about the fact that the working day lasts from 9.00 to 18.00. Those who shop online, often do it after the working hours. And even if you are working hard only at this time, make sure that your ad is set to night shows.

➤ People dont not make purchases on the web on a whim, they think, analyze, compare and only then buy.

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3. Learn to distinguish contextual media ads and search ads:


As it is known, contextual advertising can work not only upon request in the Google search engine, but also on thousands of partners sites that are not linked to the search engine results.

Contextual ads are performed based on two principles:


 behavioral targeting and category pages.

Behavioral targeting works as follows  your TV ad can be shown to the visitor of grocery online store, who decided to order a rare kind of cheese, but recently was searching for addresses of home appliance stores offering similar goods.


A second case – when the same buyer was looking for your proposed product using the directory of thematic online stores. So, use both. But use wisely.

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4. Use keyword matching options:



Use-keyword matching options-Phrase-Broad-Exact-Modifies-350x220
Make sure to use different kinds of Keyword match types in your ad campaigns



➤ There are some types of keywords in Google AdWords that allow to increase significantly or intelligently narrow the scope of audience, thus attracting traffic with different percentage of conversion and at different prices.


➤ Use keyword matching options, like-

  1. Exact keyword match type (Minimum Reach and Maximum relevancy)
  2. Phrase keyword Match type
  3. Modified Broad Match type
  4. Broad Match type ( maximum reach, minimum relevancy)


So, do not limit yourself by using just one type of matching, because thus you lose the entire list of possible options for optimizing the current advertising campaign. This can lead not only to the ineffectiveness of advertising, but also the threat of budget overrun and the increase in cost of sales.


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5. Exclude some words. (Negative Keywords):


Excluding some keywords can be a powerful tool for saving your budget. The advertising can be considered effective only in case it was shown to people that are interested in your product/ service, but not to the greater amount of people.

All this is easier than it seems. For example, exclude the words «was used» if you are offering a new product and a significant number of “second-hand” fans won’t see your ad.

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6. Relevancy Rules! Always use relevant content in your ads to make your advertising Effective:


Relevancy Rule matters Second to None in the Contextual Advertising


The Relevance Rule Should Always Work. Never forget the basic rule of contextual advertising. Only present your audience with the relevant content. make no guess, but only go by the known interest of your user.

➤ While creating the text of your ad, don’t forget to add a keyword that will help buyers to find you. And make sure that the buyer will see the page with the requested goods and services after the click on your advertisement.

➤ If a user needs «replacement of brake pads», the title of your advertisement is obliged to include such phrases as: “Replacement of brake pads with a guarantee, “urgent replacement of brake pads”, “brake pads: sale and replacement.

➤ At the same time, remember that any user that was redirected to the page with no matching products or services, will not search the site to find them.


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7. Systematically Work on the Qualitative Indicators of Your Advertising:


It not only saves budget, but also allows to take a higher position in SERPs than your direct competitors. Search engines are primarily concerned about the relevance of the response to a user’s request. Even if you pay more without taking care of the relevance and quality of your ads, you will still be displayed on lower position than competitors.

It all depends on you, because if your ad does not meet the request, users will not make transitions. As a result, Users inaction will force the advertising system to recognize you as a poor-quality advertiser.

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8. Sales Increment Depends not on the Contextual Advertising as it provides traffic, but on the quality of content and services:


➤ The feature of the online trade is that the product, which you even have in stock is quite real for you, but for the potential buyer it is still only a picture: he cannot assess the quality of the proposed product independently.

➤ Therefore, the primary task for you is the attention to the product – you need to describe what you are selling with all the details. Create your Ad Copies in this way to make an awesome statement of what you are offering!

➤ Therefore, high-quality photos, concise and detailed description of the materials, features, equipment, availability, and price – all this should be presented as a matter of course.

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Attract the buyer and show the advantages of your products and make gifts. For example, if you are buying a camera, we will give your memory card as a gift; the printer – a pack of paper.

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9. Assess the quality of traffic with analytics system:


➤Google Analytics is a tool that can be used absolutely free of charge. It is enough to make a few simple steps to get a competent traffic tracking site.

What it gives you?

You can track the sources of traffic, the number of new and repeated visitors, their time spent on the site, popular topics and pages, etc.

So, it helps to conduct an advertising campaign better.

There are lots of free advertising options on Google which can benefit you immensely



10. If the Advertising Campaign has High Quality it will become Cheaper to the Advertiser with Time:



Prepare that you will have to prove that your ad is high-quality, and while planning it don’t forget that the search engines will check it for relevance for some time.

If the user clicks on the ad and lingers on your website, then search engines will regard it as a reliable resource. And, therefore, over time, you will be charged certain bonuses, for example, in the form of preference of your price over a higher price of a less reliable resource.

In a nutshell, contextual advertising is one of the most important forms of advertising for businesses. That is why most of the small businesses consider contextual advertising as an essential part in digital marketing for business growth and development.


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