Affiliate Ad Networks List 2021 – Top 5 Referral Programs for Affiliates and Advertisers

What are Top Ad Networks for Affiliates and Referral Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is one of the very well known terms in present date, and it needs no introduction. It is because it is one of the fast ways of earning money online if done proper way. There are many ways by following which anyone can be a part of affiliate marketing. As we all are aware that affiliate marketing platforms are for both of the following-

#1. For those who want to promote their business by running a referral program for affiliates.

#2.  And for those who are interested in making money as an affiliate. Such affiliates join the referral programs run by such businesses. The Affiliates promote these products and earn commissions after joining these referral programs.


Best Marketing Platforms to generate Leads, Traffic, and Sales via Online Referral Affiliate Marketing-550x400
Best Marketing Platforms to Generate Leads, Traffic, and Sales


Thus, by keeping the same thing in mind, today I am going to share some of the top affiliate networks which not only work best for the publishers but also for businesses to generate leads and sales.


Who Should use these Affiliate Ad Networks:


➤ Business owners ( to generate leads and sales for their business).

For achievement of your business goals of lead generation, traffic generation, and sales generation you can select one from these five best affiliate ad networks for marketers.


➤ Affiliates ( to make money by earning sales commissions from the products they promote).


➤ Online Publishers and Bloggers ( By placing the referral banners and links of the affiliate programs from the ad networks)


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Top 5 Ad Networks for Affiliates and Marketing


Checkout the below mentioned ad networks for affiliate marketers. Though, the list only names the ones which are the foremost in 2021-22. There should be many more such platforms which are used by online affiliates for generating steady and passive income regularly.


I would suggest you should try more such networks as the earning potential depends on person to person. For some affiliates, modest networks are making more money compared to the popular ones. It depends on product niche and skill level. So, be open to try new ones. Check out this list of ad networks here for more such platforms where you can try your luck and skills!


1. Linkshare


Linkshare, also known as Rakuten Affiliate Network is one of the known names in the field of affiliate marketing. It is the platform which stands out for both marketers and publishers. It is because it has been in #1 position from past five years.

Its promising Omnichannel technology, tracking and payment system are just outstanding as they make it easy for you to understand everything. The network has made several evaluations in their system performance, digital channels, and tracking.


➤ Thus, if you are an advertiser and want to get your product or business advertised then you will get a dedicated expert account manager.

➤ The account manager will provide you all kinds of theoretical, practical, and technical help so that you can achieve your business marketing goals.

➤ They identify top publishers for your business and design best service levels as per your business.

There are some certain factors which you must know before joining the program like, rates, payment methods, programs and tools offered, etc.

They are as follows:-

Rate: – One-time implementation fee of $2500. (You can also select package according to your needs)

Payment Methods: – PayPal, Cheque and Direct Deposit.

Programs offered: – CPL, CPA, CPS, and CPC

Minimum Payment Amount: – $50.


Top CPA Networks

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2. ClickBank


ClickBank is second in the row and also comes under the category of the best affiliate ad networks where advertisers can place their ads.


The only thing the advertiser has to do is that the advertiser has to pay a nominal fee for selling his products on the network.And the biggest benefit of this (nominal fee paying) is that it provides a large variety of good offers. The platform provides great tools to enhance lead generation chances for your business by leaps and bounds.There are also certain factors which you must know about the Clickbank like, rates, payment methods, Programs Offered, minimum payment amount which is as follows:-

Rate for advertising: – Clickbank provides different packages according to your business needs.Payment Methods: – Wire Transfer, Cheque, Direct DepositPrograms offered: – CPAMinimum Payment Amount for Affiliates: – $10.


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3. Commission Junction or CJ Affiliate


Commission Junction or CJ Affiliate is third in the row and also one of the best affiliate ad networks for advertisers or marketers. It is the affiliate ad platform which has around more than 500 top companies as a marketer for advertising their business.


And the more interesting thing about the platform is that advertisers pay premium commission rate to the publishers’ often. Thus, if you think you are the advertiser who also wants to be on that list of merchants, then CJ Affiliate is for you.


Along with that, the other things which draw you towards CJ Affiliate as an advertiser are its customer support and fantastic user interface.


There are also certain factors which you must know about the Clickbank like rates, payment methods, Programs Offered, minimum payment amount which is as follows-


Rate for advertising:- You can find rates for CJ Affiliate advertising by visiting them.

Payment Methods: – Direct Deposit, Cheque

Programs offered: CPA, CPC, CPL, and CPS

Minimum Payment Amount: – $50 – Direct Deposit, $100 – Check.


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4. Skimlinks



Skimlinks is another great affiliate network platform to promote your business as a marketer or merchant. It is because the platform is very dedicated towards its work and do review each publisher site to check whether it qualifies its quality terms or not. And also to provide appropriate placement of your business content on publisher’s site.


The network has around 20,000 merchants and around 1.5 million publishers. Thus if you become a part of the network, you will get the opportunity to come into the list of those advertisers and the same time opportunity to get more exposure, mention, purchase opportunities and incremental sales with the help of huge base of publishers.


There are also certain factors which you must know about the Skimlinks like rates, payment methods, Programs Offered, minimum payment amount which is as follows:-


Rate for advertising: – For that you can contact at [email protected]

Payment Methods: – PayPal, Direct Deposit

Programs offered: CPC, CPL, CPA, and CPS

Minimum Payment Amount: – $10.


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5. MaxBounty


MaxBounty is last in the list but not the least. It is also one of the best affiliate networks for advertisers or marketers and why it shouldn’t be as the advertiser has only to pay when an acquisition is achieved. Along with that platform provides merchant protection which includes Random audits, the vetting process, traffic analysis and guideline monitoring.


It is one of the best ad platforms to acquire your business goals concerning mobile installs, new consumer leads, receive paid calls,  an increase in sales, etc.


The platform also excels in providing the different form of affiliate traffic to your business website as it has more than 18,000+ affiliates which help it to do so outstandingly.  Depending on your need you can become a part of this affiliate network either being an advertiser to buy lead and sales from MaxBounty or also can go for partnership with the platform.


There are also certain factors which you must know about the MaxBounty like rates, payment methods, Programs Offered, minimum payment amount which is as follows:-


Rate for advertising: – You can get a complete list of pricing for different categories at here for MaxBounty.

Payment Methods: – Bitcoin, Wire Transfer, PayPal, Payoneer, Cheque, Direct Deposit.

Programs offered: CPA

Minimum Payment Amount: $100


➤ Mobile Ad Networks for Advertisers


Hope this post will help you to select the best affiliate ad network depending on your need as an advertiser. Also, let us know about your experiences with these networks in the comment section below and don’t forget to share this post if you like the post.

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