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How to Join Snapdeal Affiliate Program and Make Money with it?

Beginners Tips on How to Earn Income Online with Snapdeal Affiliate Marketing Program

How To Make Money with Snapdeal Affiliate Program?

Like several other things, the Internet has evolved a lot. Gone are the days, when people used to access the Internet for just emailing and finding information.Now, Internet not only provides you info but also allows you watch movies, play games, connect to your loved ones and shop online, and it also helps you to earn money online.



A Beginners Guide on How to Make Money with Snapdeal Affiliate Marketing Program


In this article we will discuss the Snapdeal affiliate program and how can you use it to make extra money working from your home.

What is Snapdeal Affiliate Program?


Snapdeal Affiliate Program


Snapdeal is one of the biggest e-commerce websites existing in India, established in the year 2010 by Rohit Bansal and Kunal Bahl. You can find all type of products on this site ranging from electronic gadgets to kitchen equipment and from trendy apparels to makeup essentials. It’s the versatility of the products found on this website which makes it a people’s favorite.


Snapdeal launched its affiliate program which you can call a mutually beneficial program. All you have to do is advertise Snapdeal products on your blog or website and earn money for the same.


For this, you need to place a link to the products on your blog/website.➤ How to Join eBay Affiliate Partner ProgramHow to be a seller at Snapdeal eCommerce site

How does Snapdeal affiliate program work?

As already mentioned above, you need to place links to the Snapdeal’s products on the website or blog that you own. Now every time, a person clicks that link and visits Snapdeal website and buys that product, you earn a certain percentage of commission on the sales value. The percentage of commission varies for different products.

To take part in the affiliate program, you need to register with the Snapdeal affiliate program. For this, visit the website and sign up for the service. After providing the mandatory information such as name, age, address, email ID, phone number, bank account details and the websites on which you will advertise the products of Snapdeal, etc.You will have to wait for few days for the approval. In the standard procedure, you will have the approval in three working days.

Once the registration process is over, you shall receive an affiliate ID which you need to add to the link of the product you are promoting so that every time a customer purchases a product using the link with your ID, you earn a referral fee.

For example, the product that you want to advertise is mixers, then your affiliate ID for this would most possibly be –  Your Snapdeal Affiliate ID. This affiliate program is absolutely free and open to all people. You don’t have to pay anything to become part of it. Another interesting part is that if the customer purchases some other product and not the one you are promoting, then also you are entitled to a commission.

Snapdeal Affiliate Program: Commission Structure


Commission Structure snapdeal affiliate program-600x300
Commission Structure  at Snapdeal affiliate program. Photo credit:


Snapdeal affiliate commission varies from product to product. The commission rate is also different for new customers and existing customers. New customers are the ones who have never purchased anything from Snapdeal before. Existing customers are people who have placed orders on the website before.


If the new customer installs the Snapdeal app, you also get a commission of Rs.52. However, no commission will be paying if the customer buys the products from following categories: automobiles, jewelry, precious jewelry, Snapdeal gift vouchers, TV shop, click and collect and real estate.


If you wish to check the different rates offering by Snapdeal for the sale of various products, you can verify on the commission rates page ( ). If the customer applies any voucher, then the commission shall be providing on the deducted selling price of the product.

How can you Track the Referrals you Make?

It’s very easy to track the referrals you’ve done. Just log in to your affiliate account and click on the affiliate panel. Every purchase by following your referral link shall be reflecting on that panel. It will help you to keep track of the money you are making. You can also access the conversion report, and the performance report will let you know how successful you are in this affiliate program and what steps you need to take to make it more online money.

How Do you Get Paid as an Affiliate @ Snapdeal?

There is no minimum payout in the affiliate program of Snapdeal. The commission shall be paying via bank transfer. For this, you need to provide necessary information, like bank account holder’s name, bank account number, bank name, IFSC code, branch and your pan card number.The entire process is easy and just takes few minutes. However, you won’t receive any commission for the orders which got eventually canceled by the customers.

Is Snapdeal Affiliate Program a Scam?

Is Snapdeal Affiliate Program_scam-560x315
Is Snapdeal Affiliate Program A Scam?
No, not at all. As you may be knowing that is one of the biggest ecommerce companies in India. It has trust from its millions of users who have made online shopping from it and had a good buying experience. It has earned a good reputation being an ecommerce shopping store in India.

Several hundreds of users have earned a decent amount of money from Snapdeal referral  program. The payout is good, and you don’t even have to put in much effort.


All you have to do is to generate good traffic to your blog/website. And, if your blog or website is related to E commerce industry then you stand good chances to earn really handsome money every month compared to the others.


How to get paid more from Snapdeal affiliate programs?



The answer would be: By Generating Traffic to your money making affiliate site


If you own a website or a blog which got good traffic, you will be successful in this program. The work isn’t technical, and pasting of links on your site will not take much of your time either. It’s one of those programs where you earn money easily.


Also, Affiliate programs are not something unheard of in India. Earlier too e-commerce giants like Flipkart , eBay, and Amazon have launched their affiliate programs with great success.{ read about them here:  Tips to be successful with Amazon affiliate program How to make money from Flipkart affiliate program  }



Here are the blog posts that would be very helpful for you in getting a lot of traffic to your site-


SEO Tips to increase traffic to your affiliate site

Good ways to get free referral traffic from Quora

How to get Traffic from Twitter

SEMRush- a Great Tool for SEO

Best sites to put banner ads for your affiliate products



Snapdeal’s affiliate program is among some good ways to earn money for website owners and bloggers. With the laid back work and popularity of this program, more and more people are getting attracted to it. One thing that matters the most here is the business conversion.

Make sure to promote those products on your blogs/website only which will eventually provide a good business conversion. Which, means you should develop that products which have more chance of being purchased by the customers as it is going to ensure that more money reaches your hands.

➤ Most Popular WordPress Plugins for Affiliate marketers
➤ How to Join Amazon Affiliate Partner Program

Top 15 Affiliate Marketing WordPress Plugins for Affiliates and Online Marketers

Top 15 Affiliate Marketing WordPress Plugins that are used by Expert Affiliate Marketers


Best WP Plugins which have Proved to be the most helpful for the Affiliate Marketers.


Affiliate marketing, one of the coolest and quite an effective way to earn money online.


Although you need to manage a lot of stuff altogether as an affiliate marketer which includes managing various websites, promotion of different affiliate products or services which becomes a tedious task eventually.


To put it in simple words, Affiliate marketing basically involves you advertising and promoting the products or services on your website or blog.

Now each customer you attract who comes and end up buying the product or service, you receive a share of revenue for the customer you brought.


Usually these affiliate campaigns are dependent of the success of network & good rapport between the vendor, the publisher & the customer.


As, mentioned earlier, affiliate marketing is not something which can be done with the click of fingers instead it takes a lot from you in the form of efforts.

Wordpress Plugins for the Affiliate Marketers-1024x768
Best WordPress Plugins for the Affiliate Marketers


But we are fortunate enough to have some great WordPress plugins which can be made use of by the affiliate marketers to save their time and make the most out of the efforts they put in thereby making lots of money as well.

>> Try out these Plugins to Convert your WordPress Blog into an e-commerce Site


WordPress Plugins for Affiliate Marketing


There are various plugins available, need is to find one that compliments your requirement. Each plugin is helpful in one way or the other depending upon its functionality.

These are available for free as well as we have premium ones that are paid.  Now that our aim is to list down the best ones which are available so we will focus on those.


Therefore, we have these top uber cool plugins available for free that can be of immense support to you if you are planning to go for affiliate marketing program on your website or blog.



Top 15 WordPress Plugins for Affiliate Marketers


Managing affiliate marketing campaigns to maximize earning and keep the track of each and every sale and analyze to forecast the future planning is a tedious task for WordPress bloggers.


These WP plugins come as a savior for the marketers to focus more on content and manage affiliate marketing for their blog with easy and precision.


Check these out:

How to make money from Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Program

1. Thirsty Affiliate


This plugin tops the list because the features it offers are much bigger in number than what other affiliate plugins are offering. No downloading or using charges therein. The payment is only required when you opt for ads-ons.


This is a suite of affiliate marketing tools through which the average WordPress blog owner  with great efficiency monetize their content. No more annoying affiliate link URLs that looks ugly instead they get replaced by sense making links using your website’s URL.


Its functionality is not merely restricted to this rather it can be extended to various other additional features covering automatic keyword linking, geolocated links, stats, handy importing tools, and different other add-ons that are extremely cool.


Most Popular Networks for Affiliate Marketers

2. EasyAzon


The easyazon plugin is perfect for the affiliate marketers using Amazon affiliate program to monetize their blog. Its features that makes it one powerful solution for your WordPress blog. This plugin let’s you enjoy making more money in less time.


With it you can quickly create Amazon affiliate links from within your WordPress post editor. You’re not required to go through tiring procedure of manually creating links from within the website which becomes quite a time saving thing.


It allows you not to miss on your commission by redirecting the user automatically to the Amazon store of whichever country user comes from.


There’s this “Add to cart” feature through which the product can be directly added to the cart by the reader. This plugin has got various other amazing features and pro features that makes it a complete package you won’t let go.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program Guide for Beginners


3. Pretty Link Lite


For those who want to clean up their affiliate links or maybe desire to track clicks from emails, their links on Twitter to come from their own domain, or in general want to extend the reach of their website by spreading these links on forums or via comments on other blogs, thus plug-in works apt for you.


There’s this unique advantage of of using pretty link lite plugin in WordPress that you as a user can test & try with using your domain names. The URLs herein are simple and clean.


The number of hits as well as unique hits per link can be easily tracked.


You get a full, detailed report of where the hit came from, the browser, os and host. Also a reporting interface where configurable chart of clicks per day can be viewed as well as intuitive Javascript /AJAX Admin User Interface.


You can even send your Pretty Links via Email directly from your WordPress admin. The features go on and on as this plug in has a lot to offer and so it falls in the list of best ones.

Affiliate Marketing Tips for the Beginners


4. SkimLinks


Skimlinks does the work of allowing you to add affiliate links in your blog post. Putting it in other words, basically by converting product links in your post into their equivalent affiliate links on the fly, this WordPress plugin skimlinks helps you in monetizing your content with ease.


The valuable links you include in your posts, it gets you commission for that and manages all your efforts that’s related to affiliate marketing.

The keywords that can be easily monetized with affiliate links are automatically linked in the blog post and as/if the customer buys the product, this plugin makes money for you through it.

Some of its  features that are of great use includes its easy installation, SkimLinks and skimwords integration, earn from your RSS feed, earn from affiliate marketing with skimlinks,  zero admin, increases the click through rates, etc.

Start Making Money as an Affiliate Marketer


5. Adsanity

Adsanity is a great tool for the affiliate marketers that comes as a savior when it comes to managing the ads.


Using Adsanity Wordpress plugin we can create and manage the ads that we target to run on our website.Other than this it also assists to keep a close eye on the statistics of the ads. It gives us the number of clicks and views that our ads are getting helping us to organize our promotions in the right direction.



6. Google Analytics

Google Analytics plugin is the best tracking tool for a website. It does not require any paid up-gradations and comes as a totally free analytics tool. It uses Google’s asynchronous tracking method helps track the websites traction.One of its most significant features is Trending Content which shows how your content is performing across your audience. This is very effective in selection and future content planning.


Other features include: traffic sources, referral links, email alerts, real-time tracking, mobile optimization, etc.


In case you don’t have a Google Analytics account, Sign Up Now


7. Amazon Affiliate



To ease the links selection and copy pasting the product links manually Amazon Affiliate Plugins have made life easier for Amazon affiliate marketers.


It is one of the most popular automation tools for the affiliate marketers. All you have to do is just select the appropriate product category for your website and the popular relevant products automatically start displaying on your website.

How to become an Amazon Affiliate

It minimizes the time and effort in selection of the product links and manually copy pasting them on your websites. Your amazon ID is tagged in the shared link and gets you the optimum ads display with minimum efforts.



8. WordPress RSS Aggregator


It is one of the best aggregator tool for RSS feeds. The free core version of this plugin allows to aggregate unlimited RSS feeds from as many resources as we wish.

For optimum performance it also staggers the updates using individual updating and batch updating.


Some of the key core features that comes with the free version of RSS Aggregator are:


– Import Unlimited number of RSS Feeds from Unlimited resources.


– Display the Feed items using the shortcut code and its parameters.


– Display the feed items using the display Function.


– Linking to the enclosure tag.


– Importing feed items with unique titles.


– Manage and Import feed items.


– Opens video directly from youtube, vimeo, dailymotion, etc.


– Multilingual functionality.



9. SEM Rush


SEM Rush is one of the best keyword analyzer tool which gives a clear insight and full report of the money keywords and traffic keywords. Other details that it brings out are: Keyword position and trends, traffic percentage and traffic estimate and Adsence CPC.

SEMrush Tool Reviewed

It helps get the keyword ideas and the best performing keywords in your niche.

You can get the links of the most popular blogs or websites in your niche and find out the keywords that are generating more money for them.


Signup for Your Free SEMrush Account


10. CueLinks


A complete monetization tool for the affiliate marketers. Once you signup with CueLinks and your account is approved you instantly gain access to all the affiliate marketing partners of CueLinks from around the globe.


Once you have installed CueLinks, whichever link you paste on your website or blog it automatically gets converted into affiliate links and earns you respective commissions on the same.Free CueLinks Signup



11. Affiliates Manager

Affiliates Manager WordPress plugin has been designed especially for e-commerce store to drive more traffic and sales to your website.This tools helps in selection and registration of the appropriate affiliates for your websites. It also helps keep record of the sales commissions and tracking referrals.


Some of its key features are:


Real-time tracking and reporting, unlimited affiliates, payout tracking and report, Paypal integration, manual adjustments of payouts, unlimited creatives and ads, autoresponder, custom affiliate registration, multilingual.


12. Convert-a-Link


Convert-a-link as the name suggest is a tool for publisher where whenever they paste a link on their website it automatically gets converted into an affiliate link and start earning them the commissions.

Convert-a-link has a huge network of affiliate partners across the globe which makes this possible.


13. Affilinet Performance Ads


Affilinet Performance ads WordPress plugin facilitates automated ads display services on your website.It becomes very easy for a non technical person as using this plugin one does not need to get into technical details of ads displaying.

Other key features of Affilinet Performance Ads Plugin: no minimum traffic levels required, 15 days payment commitment after action validation, mobile and tablet compatible tracking, optimization technology to maximize earnings, user friendly performance tracking platform and API.


Click Here for Affilinet Free Registration for Publishers


14. Affiliates


A complete tool for affiliate marketers to successfully run, manage and track their affiliate marketing campaigns and earn more commissions.


Prominent features of Affiliates WordPress Plugin:


– easy setup.

– accurate affiliate tracking.

– complete integration.

– real-time reporting.

– unlimited affiliates.

– unlimited creatives.

– affiliate coupon tracking.

– easy affiliate management.

– automatic affiliate creation.

– manual affiliate approval.

– affiliate area.

– referral link generator.

– referral rate types.

– easy affiliate registration.

– affiliate Urls.

– customizable e-mails.

– simple shortcodes.

– export data to csv.

– payouts logs.

– developer friendly.

Sign up here for Affiliates Plugin for WordPress


15. eBay Feeds for WordPress


It allows affiliate marketers to start displaying eBay partner network feeds instantly on WordPress blogs.

>> Affiliate marketing Program of e-Bay

This is the most popular plugin for those affiliate marketers who are actively promoting eBay products on their blogs and aim to earn more and keep a track of the same.

Download eBay Feeds for WordPress


Infographics by


How to Make Money from Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Program for Affiliates

Tips to earn Income as an Affiliate Marketer with Flipkart Ecommerce Online Shopping Site


Beginners Tips to get Success with Flipkart Affiliate Program.

Flipkart is one of the most popular online shopping sites in India. You could earn as much as Rs 20,000-30000 per month by being an affiliate to Flipkart. Sounds interesting, right? This is a fact too. The affiliate is a digital marketing term, which means the direct or indirect transmission of potential customers.

Being an affiliate site/person or an institution, your objective is to directly or indirectly increase sales revenue for Flipkart.


How to Make Money from Flipkart Affiliate Program-560x315
Tips for Beginners to Earn Money Online by being an Affiliate at Flipkart Website

How to make money on Twitter with Sponsored Tweets

How can this be done?


There are two ways of doing affiliate marketing. The first one is direct and the second one is indirect. Astonishingly, the indirect way of affiliate marketing is quite effective and popular in the digital world today. It is more beneficial too.

However, you can use direct and indirect marketing approaches simultaneously to beat your operating costs and increase your overall revenue.

How to make money with Ebay Affiliate Program


Direct way of partnering with Flipkart-  Become a Seller on Flipkart


A direct way of partnering with Flipkart is to become a seller on its site. The process of registration of Flipkart is very simple and you can be a registered seller on Flipkart by inputting some basic details about your business.


You can bring more traffic or potential customers to Flipkart’s site from your site. This will not only increase your overall sales, but also will bring you some affiliate points too.


Flipkart values affiliates and has lucrative plans for people, institutions or website that brings traffic and sales to its site. There are specific commission amounts released (which is based on the traffic, sales, etc.) for affiliates encouraging them to bring in more potential customers.

How to make money over Craigslist


The commission rates can go as high as 15%. You can promote traffic from your personal blog or business site to Flipkart for purchases. You also have rewards for referring your friends/partners as sellers or affiliates on Flipkart.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Success Tips


Indirect way of partnering with Flipkart-  Become a True Affiliate of Flipkart



The indirect way of earning commissions goes on the lines of some successful websites online. Many review sites, particularly relevant to the mobile, gadget and other electronic categories have earned huge amounts of money consistently using the concept of affiliate marketing.


These sites not only review some exclusive mobiles, laptops and various other gadgets & stuffs, but also feature a link to buy that product in the description.


These links when accessed by potential customers prove rewarding not only for affiliate review sites, but also lead to higher sales conversion ratios for Flipkart.


This trend is getting increasingly popular nowadays. Many sites just feature relevant information and move traffic to Flipkart. These sites are blogs or simple articles that have some product listed on Flipkart relevant to the post.

Making Money as a Mystery Shopper

How to accomplish a perfect or close to the perfect affiliate site?



Earning money through affiliation is not easy. It is a series of procedures that may eat up a considerable amount of time and effort. The first step towards building the most profitable site is research.

The first stage is all about determining content, topic, name, objective, etc., of the proposed site. You can target smartphones, clothing fashion, electronics in a broader sense, etc.



Finalizing your idea



Finalizing your idea for affiliate success at flipkart-600x300
Finalize your idea for getting Affiliate Success at Flipkart


It is essential to focus on a broader category of products (for instances electronics, includes smartphones, television, refrigerators, etc.) or a single product dimension (includes only smartphone or only television). Identifying name for your site is the second task.

Make sure the selected name has a domain available and is short and sweet.

Do check GoDaddy or any other domain offering sites. You shall get a unique ‘.com’ or ‘.in’ domain in the range of Rs 100-900 per month.

You can use the below links for domain name search or related queries:‎ or

Finding a good hosting service provider


The next task is to find a good hosting agent. and similar sites offer reliable hosting services that are very much essential for making the site live. Going for a reputable hosting agent makes your site very user friendly.

Poor hosting could put you in deep losses and lower traffic. So, always go to the trusted and reputed hosting service providers.


WordPress and SEO plugins


You will need some additional tools like WordPress and SEO plugins to publish, edit and review content on your site. WordPress is free and some SEO plugins are also available at reasonable prices to enhance your content.

SEO Tips to Rank in Google Search engine



Content or Vitamin C


Vitamin C is the vitamin in the body but, content is probably the most vital part of an affiliating site. Without relevant content, SEO optimized content and engaging content, no site can make sustainable profits. Your site should be in accordance with Flipkart and hence, any changes in schemes, offers or discounts should be tweaked or modified on your site regularly too.

SEO Tips for Ecommerce sites


Make articles/posts on trending news/updates to attract more traffic. Write reviews, user guides, price comparisons, etc., about Flipkart products to stimulate buyers.


Never end your post by a dilemma. Make it a point to give a straightforward ‘recommended’ or ‘not recommended’ type of posts that will keep readers interested and hooked on for future posts! Always try using a Flipkart banner links to encourage your readers to check out the store for more information.


Promoting your website



Promote your Affiliate Website to get Success with Flipkart Affiliate Program



Your new website cannot be noticed overnight by many people across the globe. You must promote your site to gain more visibility and hence more traffic. You can optimize your content with content marketing or SEO to gain more visibility and traffic. Or, you can also use Google Ad words, affiliate marketing, etc., to promote your site.


All this depends on the budget. SEO optimization is the most cost effective one, as you must focus only on your content, which you will eventually!


Tracking Results

After all this, you need something to re-assess the situation and to understand what is not working out and what needs to be continued. Since, it’s a continuous process, tracking results become an important part of all this. Results are measured in different units. The straight figures which lead you to results can be revenue or monthly income.


But, there are more numbers in question which will need thorough analysis for planning the future. For instance, traffic comparison, affiliate traffic comparison, sales figures, conversion rates, etc., are some figures that could determine the future programming of the website.


Being an affiliate is a profitable task, but it is not easy for sure. The above information shall help you plan in becoming a good and profitable affiliate to Flipkart.

To gain more insight on the Flipkart affiliate marketing, kindly visit

Tips to get Free Backlinks


How to Earn Income with eBay Affiliate Program- A Step by Step Guide

How to Make Money as an Affiliate with eBay Partner Program ( Full Steps and Ideas)


eBay Partner Network Tips for Affiliates


eBay is one of the Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in USA


A few years ago it was unimaginable for peoples to earn money from home or online. But in present date, things have changed, and now there are uncountable ways to make money online and one of those ways including earning money Online through affiliate networks.


eBay Affiliate Program-how to make money on ebay partner program-560x315
eBay Affiliate Program- EPN- How to Make Money Working as an Affiliate over eBay


Also, there are many affiliating networks or websites present online which helps us to do so. eBay is among one of those networks or websites through which a person can become an affiliate marketer and earn money. The name of this affiliate program of eBay is known as eBay Partner Program.


Making Money Online with eBay Partner Program


Affiliate Marketing Tips for eBay Partner Network


Before we discuss on how to earn income via eBay affiliate programs, lets see what are other prominent ways to make money on the Internet:


➤ How to Make money as a Mystery Shopper

➤ Tips for Earning Income from Craigslist- the Classifieds Giant

➤ Making Money with Empower Network Blogging System

➤ Advertising Networks for Bloggers

➤ Best freelance websites for designers

➤ Ways to Make Money with Twitter

➤ Get paid from Microjob Sites

➤ Best sites for part time Jobs

➤ Ways to Make Money using Social media

Today we will discuss how to make money as an affiliate over eBay website. But before that, we need to understand about it thoroughly that what eBay Partner program is? How does it work? How an affiliate get paid, etc.


So let’s start with eBay Partner Network:


eBay Partner Network or Program is a combination of affiliate marketing and the way in which users buy the products from eBay means by bidding for the products.

Now when we are aware of what eBay partner network is, then we should lead towards the steps to become a part of EPN.



Steps to Join eBay Partner Network

Watch this Useful Video on Youtube to Get Started on eBay as an Affiliate


On that note, when you want to become an affiliate on eBay then first step to follow is to apply for becoming a partner in EPN program.
For the same, you have to sign up for their eBay Partner Network and feel in all the necessary details required.


As soon as you get approval as a partner over the EPN network then immediately after that, you can begin to promote your referral links with your target audience. And also can check or track your performance on your eBay Affiliate Network Dashboard.


Now when you become a partner in eBay Network what the next step is? If you are thinking the same way as I mentioned, then let I clear all your doubts regarding the topic.After becoming a partner all, you need to generate sales to earn commissions or revenues.

➤ How to get more Views on eBay Listings


Thus, here I am going to share:-


Tips to Generate Sales on eBay to Earn Commission


➤ Thus, first of all, you have to find a listing on the eBay to promote from 800 million listings present on the eBay platform for different niches.

Choose those listings which you find profitable or find in which in you can generate maximum sales depending on the group of followers you have. If you want to know how much you earn for promoting a listing of particular niche category you can refer this eBay’s Rate Card.

➤ The second step includes bringing the traffic to the eBay website or to the eBay listings which you have selected for promotion or earning commission. And you can do so promoting that listing over the different platforms including social media platforms with your family and friends.

➤ You can also promote those listings with the help of different EPN tools provided by eBay Network on your blog, website or social networks which include Bookmarklet Tool, Link Generator, Smart Links, Custom and creative banner generators, RSS Feed Generator, APIs and product feed.

➤ There are also other ways which you can adopt to promote your eBay listings like marketing articles, PRs, search engine optimization, guest posting and so on.


How to Sell Products over eBay website

How to increase ebay sales


When you follow the tips mentioned above step by step, then you earn the commission from eBay you deserve. Now if you are thinking how then let me tell you.

As soon as the listing you have shared over any of the channels of your promotion got clicked, and that click makes a purchase, you earn the
commission of your part.

Now the important thing here is that the acquisition should be done by the person within the 24 hours of his arrival on the eBay website through your (eBay) referral link irrespective of the time of the auction ending. You will also get paid when you referred users’ sells.

eBay Partner Network keeps track of all the things, like how many purchases are done with your community and so on and for that, you will get paid every month.



How Much Money Ebay Partner Network (EPN) Pays



eBay Shares commissions with its partners of the eBay Revenues generated and not for the price of the item sold. eBay shares 40% to 80% of the eBay’s revenue generated depending on the category you have selected. Along with that eBay also pays for the registrations, each new sign up which are made through your website, blog or referral links up to $25 to $30. eBay also pays with increased performance rewards to its affiliates.

How to Join Snapdeal Affiliate Program



When does An Affiliate get paid?


eBay pays commissions to its partners on a monthly basis. And the minimum requirement is $25 to get paid via direct deposit.


How does an affiliate get paid?


To provide you the full commission you have made, eBay keeps track of all the earnings, campaign stats and commissions with the help of EPN Publisher Portal and shows the record of all your sales or earnings after the day of sales occurrence.


Hope this post will help you to become an affiliate over eBay website and in earning money online. Thus, give the eBay site a try as it has millions of active users, daily great deals to offer, free shipping on all regular sales and many benefits to offer. Also, don’t forget to share your experience and views with us after trying the portal.


And if you like the post don’t forget to share the post and show your love for the post with your family and friends and making others also aware of it. For more updates on the same or affiliate networks do subscribe to us to get latest updates direct to your inbox.

How to become an Amazon affiliate


How to Become a Successful Amazon Affiliate?

How to Start Making Money Online from Amazon Associates Affiliate Program. A Beginner’s Guide!


Amazon Affiliate Program Success Tips. How To Become an Affiliate at Amazon. A Success Guide For Beginners.


If you are a newbie in the market with a website or blog, the Amazon Associates program is an excellent way to add affiliate money making opportunities. A perfect way to add up money to your account on the commission basis with just clicks that too by someone else. You can easily make your own ‘aStore’ with an individual selectivity and choices of the products from the Amazon website.

[ Best WordPress Plugins for Affiliate Marketing ] [ How to make money as an affiliate over Flipkart ]


how-to-start make-money-with Amazon Associates affiliate Program-600x400
Amazon Associates affiliate Program: A Guide for Beginners


Although earning substantial income will take some time, you need to be calm and have the patience to make money from Amazon affiliate program. As an Amazon affiliate, you do not require a product store or hold the product in your account.

[ How to Make Money with eBay Affiliate Program ]

Further, you do not need to sell any product. Selling will be the sole responsibility of Amazon, and they will do it. With systematic planning and effort as an affiliate, you can make moderate income.  Now learn the quick and easiest way to become an Amazon affiliate.


Easiest Steps to become Amazon Associates



affiliate join Amazon affiliate program-600x300
Steps to Join Amazon Affiliate Program

Set up your website or your blog


To become a successful Amazon Associate partner, you need to have a website address, with all its specifications and details revolving around your products or listings and who the audience you are targeting.

➤ How to Increase Amazon Sales


Navigate to


If you already have an Amazon account, just sign in to your account. It will make you log in to Associates account under your old existing account. If you wish to make a separate account, register to Amazon through new Amazon option. Scroll to the bottom and tap on to “Join Associates.”

Visit here to Join Amazon Affiliate Program


➤ How to Choose the Right Ecommerce Products to Sell


Tap on “join free”


Now, click on the new customer option on the login screen. Enter all your personal details such as name and email address and select a perfect password for your account.

➤ How to Select the Apt Marketplace for your Products

Fill in the necessary details


After the above steps, it is time to fill all your personal details such as name, address, zip code and other information required.

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Get Familiar with the features


As you are now a part of Amazon associates, you need to be familiar with all the features of associates program. You can find the discussion forums, the Associates blogs, and other features helping you to learn knowledge about the program.

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Enter your website address or URL


After the above steps, you should enter your website domain. Also answer the questions such as about your website, its products, and all the details revolving around your website.

➤ Affiliate Marketing Tips for beginners


Read the Agreement Carefully


After reading the Amazon Associates agreement, you are free to click on the finish option. It is necessary to read the agreement carefully to avoid any future misunderstandings.


Wait for notification to activate your associate account


After completing the above steps, you need just to relax and wait for the approval from the Amazon. After approval, you can start adding affiliate products to your website. From this moment onwards, you are on the threshold to start earning money.

The above were some easiest steps, which can help you in becoming an associate with the Amazon and can make money quickly.

➤ Pros and cons of Selling Online


Pros of becoming an Amazon Affiliate


Trusted brand: Amazon is a perfect online store to buy all the products easily from home. It is the safest and fastest e-commerce website among the rest.

Commission as high as the product values: Although commission on a book is mere 4%, you can earn more when you promote high-value products. The commission amount increases when the costs of the product increase.

Customers end up buying many products: It is evident with human nature, ending up buying more than 2 products with one search option. It will add up commissions as the product number increases.

Seasonal sale: Amazon is perfect partner at seasonal holidays with bumper sales. It will help you in adding bucks to your commission accounts.

A broad range of products: You can easily find all the stuff you are looking for at Amazon, whether it is educational or trendy. Almost every niche is covering under Amazon proving an ideal place to have a kick-start career.


➤ How to Sell your Products in International Markets



Cons of Online Affiliate Marketing


Although affiliate-marketing companies are proving to be the best option for earning, there exist some disadvantages too.

Every coin has its two sides; the same way is with the online affiliate marketing companies.

Mere commission: The commission of the Associates is quite low. They start up with mere 4% and ends as high as 8% depending on the products. Often people buy low priced products such as books; the commission adding to your account is quite low.

Low cookie time: As you affiliates to Amazon, the cookies send by you should have to use within 24 hours; otherwise, it would stop working.

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Amazon Affiliate Program Success Tips for Affiliates


Start as early as possible:


The bloggers should start using Amazon’s Associate program as soon as possible. It is the best way to populate your blogs with the links converting into the best earning option.

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Experiment out with widgets


Experiment out with the tools and can visualize the best result with your audience. Try to rely on the widgets and aStore of Amazon and you can get the best outcome from it.


Transparency with your readers


Should it necessary to disclose your links are affiliate links or not? The answer will probably lie depending on your location. If you stay in US or Australia, you are required to disclose, but in other parts, this is not necessary.


Your readers on top priority


When you are engaged in affiliating marketing, you should keep your readers’ interest at the highest priority. A solid reputation and
loyal leadership should have to develop in between you and your readers.

➤ Tips to Make Money as an Affiliate at Clickbank Network


Pick up high-quality products


If you promote quality, it becomes easier for you to be genuine at same times you can gain commissions too. Whenever you recommend any product, ensure its quality.

➤ Top 10 CPA Networks for Affiliate Marketers



Keep an eye on Amazon


The best and the most important tip are to keep an eye on Amazon. You should be totally involved with them as what they are doing, learn from them, and learn the perfect art for online marketing.


➤ Top Ad Networks for Affiliates



Amazon Affiliate Marketing Success



Most of the people who join affiliate programs are finding a quick way to find easy money. First of all what comes to your mind when you hear the word Amazon affiliate marketing?

This is a marketing program where web advertiser trains some freelancers or webmasters to place the merchant’s advertisements banner or buttons on their websites.


The advantageous part is whereby the webmasters get a commission from every sale the dealer makes. This can happen when the customer has clicked the affiliate link. Interestingly, Amazon has an affiliate program.


Let’s take an example if I was a web designer, then I would put the Amazon link on my websites and every time a customer clicks on the link, I get a commission out of it. So if I am to getting involved with Amazon affiliation in order to have a market success.


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Having an active blog or website


If I want to make sure that I have a market success, then I should make sure that I make blogs and websites that I am able to manage. I can use this chance to tell my followers or my customers of the services that am providing apart from the Amazon products, or what is on the website.


After some time during my interaction with them, they would have gained my trust. This means that I could I could stick the Amazon affiliation on my website. I could have a better chance of increasing my commission. And by so doing I would have approached the horizon of Market Success.


➤ Tips to Make Money from Craigslist



Social media:


Anything that is related to the internet, must have the aspect of the social media. I could use this to my advantage too. As an Amazon affiliate, I should ensure that I have many followers, subscribers, and friends all over the social media handles.


When I put the Amazon affiliate links in all my accounts, there should be a number of customers who are going to click the link. As much as few they may be, there is going to be a huge impact after all. Market success counts for the little that you do as an affiliate.

➤ Best ways to earn Money Online using Social media



Product relevancy:


It would be better for me if I centralized in one particular niche of products. When I do this, I am meant to attract more customers who are interested in the products. Not only that but also they would be longing to get other similar products from me in the future.


They would be familiar with me as their platform for getting such Amazon affiliation. All this will require me to market relevant products at all times to achieve a market success.

➤ Low Investment Business Ideas





This is the most important aspect of such businesses. In order for me to have a market success, I don’t spend most of the time just throwing links everywhere to the customers. I also take the time to talk to the customers at a personal level. When they know that I can be approachable, I can be in the position to advise them on the products that they need.

If all I do is push products to the customers, our conversation rates are going to decrease. Hence my tips to them would be irrelevant.


➤ How to make money by opening a Coupon Site




When I observe all these tips, being an Amazon affiliate would be so much fun and also beneficial. My marketing success is supposed to be elevated to greater heights. This can be a great deal since I know that once the customer has made contact with the Amazon, then there is 99% chance that I would get the commission out of it.


The above steps and tips are the best way for the beginners to learn and become a successful Amazon Associates. Everyone wants to earn money, and this could be the easiest and the best way to make money.


Although generating money may take some time, it will surely bring success, and you can have a regular income. You just need to be alert and be a regular Amazon user.


➤ What are the Most Popular Affiliate marketing Networks Apart from Amazon Associates


Affiliate Ad Networks List-Top 5 Referral Programs for Affiliates and Advertisers

What are Top Ad Networks for Affiliates and Referral Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is one of the known terms in present date, and it needs no introduction. It is because it is one of the fast ways of earning money online if done proper way. There are many ways by following which anyone can be a part of affiliate marketing.

As we all are aware that affiliate marketing platforms are for both-

#1. For those who want to promote their business by running a referral program for affiliates.

#2.  And for those who are interested in making money as an affiliate. Such affiliates join the referral programs run by such businesses. The Affiliates promote these products and earn commissions after joining these referral programs.

15 best WordPress Plugins for Affiliate Marketers

Best Marketing Platforms to generate Leads, Traffic, and Sales via Online Referral Affiliate Marketing
Best Marketing Platforms to Generate Leads, Traffic, and Sales


Thus, by keeping the same thing in mind, today I am going to share some of the top affiliate networks which not only work best for the publishers but also for businesses to generate leads and sales.


Who should use these affiliate ad networks:


➤ Business owners ( to generate leads and sales for their business).

For achievement of your business goals of lead generation, traffic generation, and sales generation you can select one from these five best affiliate ad networks for marketers.


➤ Affiliates ( to make money by earning sales commissions from the products they promote).


➤ Online Publishers and Bloggers ( By placing the referral banners and links of the affiliate programs from the ad networks)


what are the cool ways to make money on social media


Top 5 Ad Networks for Affiliate Marketing


1. Linkshare


Linkshare, also known as Rakuten Affiliate Network is one of the known names in the field of affiliate marketing. It is the platform which stands out for both marketers and publishers. It is because it has been in #1 position from past five years.

Its promising Omnichannel technology, tracking and payment system are just outstanding as they make it easy for you to understand everything. The network has made several evaluations in their system performance, digital channels, and tracking.


➤ Thus, if you are an advertiser and want to get your product or business advertised then you will get a dedicated expert account manager.

➤ The account manager will provide you all kinds of theoretical, practical, and technical help so that you can achieve your business marketing goals.

➤ They identify top publishers for your business and design best service levels as per your business.

There are some certain factors which you must know before joining the program like, rates, payment methods, programs and tools offered, etc.

They are as follows:-

Rate: – One-time implementation fee of $2500. (You can also select package according to your needs)

Payment Methods: – PayPal, Cheque and Direct Deposit.

Programs offered: – CPL, CPA, CPS, and CPC

Minimum Payment Amount: – $50.


Top CPA Networks

➤ How to Become a Successful Amazon Affiliate


2. ClickBank



ClickBank is second in the row and also comes under the category of the best affiliate ad networks where advertisers can place their ads.

The only thing the advertiser has to do is that the advertiser has to pay a nominal fee for selling his products on the network.

And the biggest benefit of this (nominal fee paying) is that it provides a large variety of good offers. The platform provides great tools to enhance lead generation chances for your business by leaps and bounds.There are also certain factors which you must know about the Clickbank like, rates, payment methods, Programs Offered, minimum payment amount which is as follows:-

Rate for advertising: – Clickbank provides different packages according to your business needs.

Payment Methods: – Wire Transfer, Cheque, Direct Deposit

Programs offered: – CPA

Minimum Payment Amount for Affiliates: – $10.


How to Earn Income on Clickbank

➤ Native Ad Platforms for Advertisers



3. Commission Junction or CJ Affiliate


Commission Junction or CJ Affiliate is third in the row and also one of the best affiliate ad networks for advertisers or marketers. It is the affiliate ad platform which has around more than 500 top companies as a marketer for advertising their business.


And the more interesting thing about the platform is that advertisers pay premium commission rate to the publishers’ often. Thus, if you think you are the advertiser who also wants to be on that list of merchants, then CJ Affiliate is for you.


Along with that, the other things which draw you towards CJ Affiliate as an advertiser are its customer support and fantastic user interface.


There are also certain factors which you must know about the Clickbank like rates, payment methods, Programs Offered, minimum payment amount which is as follows-


Rate for advertising:- You can find rates for CJ Affiliate advertising by visiting them.

Payment Methods: – Direct Deposit, Cheque

Programs offered: CPA, CPC, CPL, and CPS

Minimum Payment Amount: – $50 – Direct Deposit, $100 – Check.


➤ Online Advertising Platforms for Paid Marketing

➤ How to Earn Money as an Affiliate at Flipkart 


4. Skimlinks



Skimlinks is another great affiliate network platform to promote your business as a marketer or merchant. It is because the platform is very dedicated towards its work and do review each publisher site to check whether it qualifies its quality terms or not. And also to provide appropriate placement of your business content on publisher’s site.


The network has around 20,000 merchants and around 1.5 million publishers. Thus if you become a part of the network, you will get the opportunity to come into the list of those advertisers and the same time opportunity to get more exposure, mention, purchase opportunities and incremental sales with the help of huge base of publishers.


There are also certain factors which you must know about the Skimlinks like rates, payment methods, Programs Offered, minimum payment amount which is as follows:-


Rate for advertising: – For that you can contact at [email protected]

Payment Methods: – PayPal, Direct Deposit

Programs offered: CPC, CPL, CPA, and CPS

Minimum Payment Amount: – $10.


➤ Banner Exchange Programs for Advertisers

➤ How to Make Money Online with eBay Partner Program



5. MaxBounty


MaxBounty is last in the list but not the least. It is also one of the best affiliate networks for advertisers or marketers and why it shouldn’t be as the advertiser has only to pay when an acquisition is achieved. Along with that platform provides merchant protection which includes Random audits, the vetting process, traffic analysis and guideline monitoring.


It is one of the best ad platforms to acquire your business goals concerning mobile installs, new consumer leads, receive paid calls,  an increase in sales, etc.


The platform also excels in providing the different form of affiliate traffic to your business website as it has more than 18,000+ affiliates which help it to do so outstandingly.  Depending on your need you can become a part of this affiliate network either being an advertiser to buy lead and sales from MaxBounty or also can go for partnership with the platform.


There are also certain factors which you must know about the MaxBounty like rates, payment methods, Programs Offered, minimum payment amount which is as follows:-


Rate for advertising: – You can get a complete list of pricing for different categories at here for MaxBounty.

Payment Methods: – Bitcoin, Wire Transfer, PayPal, Payoneer, Cheque, Direct Deposit.

Programs offered: CPA

Minimum Payment Amount: $100


➤ Mobile Ad Networks for Advertisers


Hope this post will help you to select the best affiliate ad network depending on your need as an advertiser. Also, let us know about your experiences with these networks in the comment section below and don’t forget to share this post if you like the post.

Also, do subscribe us to get the latest updates related to affiliate marketing direct to your inbox.


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10 Best Affiliate Programs for Affiliates to Make Money Online

Affiliate Marketing – 13 Highest Popular Networks for Affiliate Marketers.


Make Money Online vi Affiliate Marketing- Top 10 Best Affiliate Systems or Networks for Affiliates.



When you have a blog or business, you would obviously want to increase traffic and make sure that you have the network and connections. With a website, you will need to create a network in order to further your success and get the right people you need when the time comes.

How to Start Making Money as an Affiliate Marketer.


That is why affiliates are very important to have. Being an affiliate will definitely help both you and the person you work with. You get paid for every click (or however you agreed upon), and they get more traffic going to their website. But what exactly is affiliation and where can you find it?

We show you the top 10 best affiliate systems or networks for affiliates.


Top 10 affiliate marketing Networks for Affiliates Marketers-550x400
affiliate marketing – Top 10 Networks for Affiliates Marketers

Importance of Affiliates:


Affiliation is connecting or hiring companies or people to sell your product in order to create profit. You do so through creating a network with others and in exchange of something, they will feature or advertise you.

Affiliate marketing can be transacted through the form of cash, featuring of their websites, or through other means as accepted by both parties. This is very important, as it boosts your business without the need of looking for other marketing strategies. It’s a quick way to gain traffic and sell your items and services.

There are tons of ways where you can find good affiliates to work with. You can find them online and in other websites, through companies or freelancers. You can even affiliate with bloggers and pay them through features, cash, or the products and services you have to offer.

This is where the Internet can be the key to your finding of good affiliates.

Top 10 CPA Networks for Affiliates

Top 10 Best Affiliate Programs to Make Money as an Affiliate Marketer.


Here is the List of The 10 Best Affiliate Networks for Affiliates:


1. CJ Affiliate Network


cj-affiliate_program-make-money-online-500x250 The Most Popular Affiliate Program to Make Money Online


CJ: The Most Popular of them all Affiliate Networks Worldwide


CJ helps your website create profit through their various advertisements that can be found on their website for you to post. They are a legitimate company that can track sales through the people who visit their page from your website.

CJ (Commission Junction) often have impressive list of many demanded environment-friendly donations of the “Green” product categories. Such as: Beauty, Clothing/Apparel, Food and Drinks, Electronics and Computer, Health & Wellness, Home & Garden, Recreation, Gifts & Flowers, and Leisure and travel.

Consumers demand has often shown a steady growth for many years with no slowing down signs.

Advantages to join CJ affiliate system or network:


➤ CJ targets a larger merchant compared to ShareASale.

➤ Better quality products compared to ClickBank.

2. ShareASale- ShareASale Affiliate


Shareasale-a Globally Popular Affiliate program for making money online


They have over 4,000 affiliates to work with, and they are one of the most popular and admired companies out there chosen by bloggers and other website owners.

ShareASale is one affiliate program mainly servicing more than 2500 merchants (advertisers) and over million affiliates. ShareASale is a merchant mix, which goes well with many niches such as web development, green products, Internet marketing, or niche fashion.


Advantages of joining ShareaSale Affiliate Network:


➤ Product or services convert well in many niche that is many “likes” to affiliates.

➤ Provide niche brands with the strong ability of connecting with major brands unlike Google that offers niche products.

➤ Affiliate interface is very user-friendly.

➤ Offers more transparent ranking compared to its competitors such as LinkShare.


3. ClickBank



ClickBank-a-great-program for affiliates-500x250 very popular affiliate program to make money


Advantages of joining Clickbank


It deals with digital products that can be easily downloaded after purchase. It holds a wide variety of products mostly software products such as gambling, Health & fitness products, eBooks, green products, wine, cooking, food, and e-business, self-help eBook products and e-marketing.

➤ Easiest network to do as an affiliate marketing program.

➤ It has always shown high or quality score system shows of products.

➤ Unlike Adsense, can easily promote many products of your liking.

➤ Deliver almost 70 percent commission per product price.


4. Rakuten Affiliate Network


For those who want to be paid through surveys, then Rakuten is the one for you. They don’t have the huge number of advertisers as compared to the other top websites, but they are reputable and easy to work with.

Rakuten Affiliate Network is useful especially for aspiring merchants who often research on popular brands with niche affiliate marketing options.


Advantages of joining this affiliate network

➤ Convenience to both merchants and affiliate.

➤ All demanding merchant services saving time and efforts.

➤ Affiliate can easily choose partners through comparing commission rate, products, and benefits.

5. Affiliate Window


They are one of the best found in Europe, with thousands of publishers working with them. They give you marketing strategies you’ll be able to work with as well.

Affiliate Window is among the largest and award-winning affiliate marketing companies in the UK with more than 75,000 registered affiliates and 750 blue-chip merchants. Affiliate Window is a perfect option for publisher (affiliate) or advertisers (vendors/ merchants) networks.

Advantages to join this Affiliate Window


➤ Offers a wide range of products or services in ecommerce marketplace thus enabling partners to grow through engaged traffic, technology, and profitable ROI.

➤ Analytics help in taking critical business decisions.

➤ Affiliate will get you get lump sum commission.


6. PepperJam Affiliate Network


PepperJam has that peppy interface that makes you want to work with them because of their modern professionalism. They have over 200,000 publishers and over a thousand advertisers to work with.

PepperJam is becoming popular and biggest affiliate website with most trusted brands. It offers best products for bloggers and website owners who earn through affiliate marketing.


Advantages of joining PepperJam Affiliate Network


➤ Link all your favorite products.

➤ No nasty and cheap books to read.

➤ Options of direct link products that has variety of links, which includes text, images, banners or buttons.

➤ Reasonable statistical information.


7. Amazon Associates Program


This may be one of the most popular of all affiliation programs because of the website alone. You can get up to 10% commission working with them.

Amazon Associates Program is the most well-known and largest affiliate networks over the world with more than 40,000 products and 100,000 book titles in hundreds of subcategories or categories.


Advantages of joining this Amazon Associates Program:


➤ Amazon is the top rusted brand according to the Reputation Institute.

➤ Affiliate often offer personalized ads for visitors, have online stores and display product reviews.

➤ Offers modest user interface when compared to other competitors such as CJ.

➤ Affiliate will give you an access to the Associates Central – Amazon’s associates for building links, viewing traffic, latest news and earning reports.

How to Increase your Sales on Amazon


8. eBay Partner Network

Depending on the items you are selling, you get to earn a lot for every share and sale you make with your customized link.


➤ Ebay affiliate


Ebay affiliates can always diversify their offerings with many developing new marketing channels alongside the CJ merchants that often focus on green products or services.


Advantages of joining PepperJam Affiliate Network:


➤ Wide a variety of products/ companies/services to promote.

➤ Exclusive network, which offers green products.

Tips to Sell on eBay


9. Neverblue Affiliate Program


NeverBlue is another global affiliate marketing network, which bring online advertisers and affiliates together as partners.

Advantages of joining Neverblue Affiliate Program:


➤ Competitive commission approximately 10 percent on each sale, which you  generate distinct other network of 8.5 percent.

➤ Loves their affiliates thus giving instantaneous support and great in their problems.

10. Link Connector


LinkConnector is another well-constructed affiliate marketing program that fits professional business model, helping affiliates and merchants increase online sales.

It includes cloth & fabrics, electronics, food, common metal, extreme sports, Alternative fuel, farm and gardening.


Advantages of joining this LinkConnector:

➤ Offer pay-per-click pay-per-sale and , pay-per-lead commission.

➤ Offer assured earnings and better with no CDR policy worry.

➤ LinkConnector Treat affiliates fairly well and trusted in all the time payment.


11. Trade Doubler


They have over 2,000 advertisers and are popular in both US and UK, making it easy to work with them when around the area.


12. iTunes Affiliate Program


You earn a commission every time someone purchases songs or albums from iTunes thanks to your sharing!


13. SkimLinks


If you are looking for a new and cool way to affiliate with a company, then SkimLinks and their 20,000 merchants have got it all for you.


In Conclusion


With your business or website, you must learn how to create close connections and be able to work with people who can help you boost your traffic and audience.

With affiliation, you can do just that! It’s a very important thing to do when you want to make yourself and your website grow, so hopefully, these top 10 best affiliate systems or networks for affiliates will have you be able to meet the right website owners you can work with. So what are you waiting for?

Find the best affiliates for your website today. You’ll definitely reap the benefits of it in the long run.



In conclusion, these are the List of the Top 10 Best Affiliate Systems or Networks for Affiliate Marketers.


Did you enjoy the article or have any suggestions on finding the right affiliate to work with? Then comment down below, we’d love to hear what you have to say about the topic!

4 Tips to Make MORE Money with Clickbank Affiliate Program

Making Money Online at Pros and Cons of Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Network.

Make Money Online Tips for Clickbank Referral Programs.


The most reliable source of income that people choose to make money on is affiliate marketing. By promoting a certain product of some organization, you get a commission on it online.

➤ How to Start Making Money as an Online Affiliate Marketer

The customized hoplinks to the product allows people to make purchases from your site when they find the product relevant to the blog or some article you have posted about it.

Tips to Make Affiliate Money on Clickbank network-550x350
How to be Successful in Making Money on ClickBank
Clickbank is an online marketplace whose aim is to provide a link between the digital content makers and the affiliate marketers and then these affiliate marketers introduce it to the desired consumers. Clickbank displays digital content information of the tons of products.

Clickbank Affiliate Program Review -What are benefits and disadvantages of Clickbank Referral System


If you have been selling digital products online, it is very likely you have heard of Clickbank for affiliate marketers. Clickbank is one of the world’s largest affiliate networks. It currently brings together some 12,000 vendors with well more than 100,000 affiliates.

I first joined it a few years ago after I heard a couple of good things being said about the network. If you are thinking of giving this world’s biggest affiliate network some serious consideration, here is Clickbank Review; the good and the bad.

➤ What are the best Freelance marketplaces to Make Money Selling SEO Services


Benefits of Clickbank Affiliate Program:


We start with the benefits first; for the last five years I have been an affiliate marketer on Clickbank, there are some few things I really like about the company. Personally, I have had a not so good experience with a number of networks before, but Clickbank is the best because of a number of reasons.


Easy to sign up and promote


One of the most appealing things about Clickbank is the fact that anyone can sign up and become an affiliate right away. Unlike most networks, Clickbank allows virtually anyone to sign up and the best part, people don’t have to go through a pre-approval process.

Irresistible commission


If you are looking for a way to make really good money, Clickbank is where you should be heading to next. Compared to what other players across industry are offering, Clickbank has some of the highest commissions among all affiliate marketing networks. I mean, with commission going as high up as over 70%, what else can you possibly ask for?




Another great thing about Clickbank is that it allows affiliates to promote products in four different languages. While it may still have to bring other languages on board, many people will find this feature quite valuable.

Disadvantages of Clickbank Affiliate Program


Just like other major networks, Clickbank comes with its own share of problem. One of the biggest issues I don’t like about Clickbank is the vast amount of valueless junk being peddled.


They have emphasized so much on quantity rather than quality. But, you can avoid the cons by researching your products very well before starting to promote them.


➤ Ideas to Make More Money On the Internet

Tips for Making a Good Money working with Clickbank Affiliate Program:


I am going to tell you about the ways to make money through the Clickbank Network as an affiliate marketer.

Here are 4 things you should know:



1). Choose the right products you would like to promote


The best thing about being an affiliate marketer is that once you get started on Clickbank you can choose any items you would like to promote and benefit you in process. There are literally unending products there so by choosing the right products to promote and sell can help you rise and excel above the game.

Select 10 products that you would like to promote and have them on your product list. Once you do that create custom hoplinks for each product as this will be used in your blogs or articles later.

What is a Hopelink?–  A HOPLINK™ is a URL which is encrypted and carries the necessary Information about your referral ID and the Vendor’s product sales page link.]

The promotion of the product is all done once their hoplinks are present to the related topic or article you have presented.

2). Creating keywords for the products

By coming up with the keywords or by choosing keywords for the product online, you can create a massive traffic gainer for your article.
Choose the most eye catching yet, less word consuming keywords for your product because other people would be doing the same for the same product that you are trying to promote.

Cleaver and effective impact is always the key elements here because that’s what gains traffic and convinces a mind to actually know about what it has to offer.

3 ). Start Blogging

[ 30 Best Free Blogging Platforms to create blogs ]

The main element here is to start blogging about the product as an interesting topic that can gain attention. Since your articles or blogs that you posted have to impress the audience, you have to be keen and vigilant that you don’t go off topic or that you don’t discuss about the  issue that can arise not obtaining the product.

Create a temporary setback in you talk and let your audience not feel like that they are reading your blogs forcefully, by creating an open minded thoughts on the problems and the issues you can redirect the attention towards the topic.

Tips for Designing and running a referral program



4 ). Promote your Affiliate Links (Hoplinks ) tactfully


Once you have discussed the matter or the blog simply place the hoplinks where the blogs discuss about it the most, it’s all about making money of the products the blogs are simply there to assist remember that.


You should note that don’t give false information on the product because that’s what will make a different impact on the viewers and readers because honesty is something hard to come by. Don’t consider the readers are money leeching machines because that won’t help your viewers and readers rather it will cause a massive loss for you.


Your clever thinking and effective impact on the people is all that matters here, if you are not keen and vigilant about what you write and what you discuss, you can easily be checkmated by someone with more knowledge of the product. So always know about the product and the best way to do that is by buying the product. This helps you to note every smallest details about it and helps you to know how to persuade others.

You can also create backlinks to the product. It’s quite simple, effective and can’t go wrong. All you need is three things; the link to your site, the keyword phase used in the description and usages of that keyword phase as ‘anchor text’.

The key thing here is having patience along with all your effort. If you perform your role right and get the blog posts creative and engaging then soon it would fetch you your first commission from Clickbank.

Keep promoting the products and make sure that you keep your audience engaged by asking relevant questions because the customer knows the best as we would say.

➤ Tips to Make Money Blogging as a starter


Affiliate Marketing Beginners Tips- How to Start Making Money Online

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners : A Step by Step guide for you to start your journey as an affiliate marketer!


Tips for New Affiliate Marketers on How to Join, Promote, and Earn Money Online.  

Affiliate Marketing, a term from which every digital marketer is aware of and if he is not then he should be, as in present date affiliate marketing has become one of the best ways to earn money online. On that note when it is a good source of income it is necessary to understand that what affiliate marketing is.

Affiliate marketing in simple terms is the process of earning commission by selling products of others by any means you can. The general ways which count are through free advertising sites, Craigslist, blogs, social media sites , etc. You receive commission when a user clicks on your mentioned link and make a purchase then you get your commission for that purchase.

Affiliate marketing guide for Beginners-Step by Step lesson-start-affiliate marketer-500x300
Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners on How to become an affiliate marketer

How to make money with affiliate marketing – A Guide for Beginners:

Thus, if you also are going to be an affiliate marketer then this post will help you with the useful tips written for the beginners like you for start making online money with your affiliate marketing endeavor.

First of All: Be Dedicated


If you want to make money with affiliate marketing as a beginner then, first of all, you have to be dedicated and severe as everything needs dedication and sincerity to get succeeded.

Being fully dedicated to your affiliate marketing work is the foremost imp


And being a beginner first you need to learn the skill of affiliate marketing thoroughly to make big amounts latter, which demands time. And for that dedication and sincerity is the key.

Select Your Affiliate System

We all know that there many affiliate systems or networks are present over the internet like AmazonFlipkarteBaySnapdeal and so on. All of these and other affiliate networks like ClickBankShareaSale, and RevenueWire deal with different types of affiliate products and subscriptions.
Select Your Affiliate Systems-350x200
Select the Best Suited Affiliate Systems after a good research

Thus, from these affiliate networks select an affiliate network which is best suited according to you, it just means that select an affiliate program which is highly related to the content of your website or in simple words niche. As it will help you to serve your audience better thereby sticking to what you know.


I have created a post dedicated to this section where you would get to know about the most popular affiliate networks for affiliates. It will give you a great boost and will save you a lot of time as you will find them all at one place. Visit here for a list of the most popular affiliate Networks today on the Internet!


Thus, select an affiliate system to get started with affiliate marketing and earning money online followed by an in-depth research.

Select the Products you want to be affiliated with

After selecting an affiliate network, the second step is to choose the affiliate products from those affiliate systems which appeals most to your customers. It means that to choose those products for which your audience is probing for.

Select the affiliate products you believe are best and start marketing them

Now you can do this by researching the market that what is trending and what is the need of the audience and what affiliate products results in high sales.  Thus select those products in your niche which are in demand by the audience, which helps the audience to solve their queries and problems etc.

You can also analyze your competitors who are also in affiliate marketing and are doing best in it, via social media shares with the help of tools ( like Buzzsumo ) to know what’s popular.


For instance, if you have a blog related to digital marketing then you can choose a digital marketing tool as your affiliate product as it seems the highly reliable according to your content. Not only it will look genuine but also will help you to generate actual sales . Because, if the audience is showing interest in what you are saying then they will show their interest in purchasing that item which you are recommending them.


Thus choose your affiliate products sensibly as you’re going to present it in front of your audience via placing links in blog posts, social media or any other channel, who already trusts you. So suggest them only those products on which you totally trust and discover them as the greatest & worth cash spending for your audience. How to Become an Affiliate at Amazon

Purchase the Product or ask for a review copy


Now the third after selecting the product or products is to make a purchase of the product. Now if you are thinking that how does it will help in making money with affiliate marketing for beginners? Then let I tell you how. You can recommend someone a product (or anything else) only when you are totally aware of it. In simple words, you can better explain someone about it when you know what that product or service is.
Thus to know about the product in a complete manner, it is must purchase that product. [ 15 Best WordPress Plugins for Affiliate Marketers ]

Be Loyal and Honest

After purchasing and using the product the next thing to do, is that be loyal and honest. By being loyal and honest means that provide the exact information about the product which you have used and are going to recommend them – your audience.


Be Loyal and Honest to your readers-in affiliate marketing-600x300
Be Loyal and Honest to your Readers

You can do this by publishing an honest review of the product on your blog (on which you are operating your affiliate marketing) or other or social media platforms. YouTube channel or even with live streaming with the means of an app Periscope which helps you to talk to your audience and in response they can also join and reply via comments (can answer a question or can ask a question or query).

You can also use ZapstreamGlide for live streaming. Here honest review means just tell your audience about the product that what you have liked it in and what you have not because genuine reviews are more likely to generate leads and sales rather than a complete sales pitch consideration of the product.

Online Promotion

Now, what’s next after honest review? The next thing to do is to a proper promotion of your blog and review page to generate the actual traffic and to let the people know about your blog and affiliate products.
Now Start Promoting and marketing the affiliate products you have chosen

You can do promotion via videos on YouTubeGoogle Adwords, Guest Posts on different sites (some of which accepts guest post are: – outbrain, copybloggerdaily blog tips, etc.), free PDF download linking back to your review page,  Facebook Groups and dedicated FB pages related to the product, Twitter, etc.

If you can invest some amount of money in getting a refined, dedicated, and filtered traffic for your content then it could boost your earnings further in no time. Here is a blog post where you could find the genuine and popular ad networks for affiliate marketers.
Thus when you have become aware of affiliate marketing to an extent then on that note, you can also join some great affiliate forums to solve your doubts and queries (if any) thereby get helpful and valuable feedbacks. The forums are – Affiliates4UWickedFireaffiloramaaffiliaefix, etc.

Hope this affiliate marketer starter guide will help you. If it helps, then doesn’t forget to show your love thereby sharing the post on different social media networks and to your friends & colleagues via email.


CPA Ad Networks List- Top 20 CPA Advertising Companies for Affiliates & Advertisers

Most Widely Used Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) Advertising Platforms for Advertisers, Affiliates, and Publishers.

Paid ad Networks – Now-a-days Various Companies drive their sales using CPA model as in this method the companies only pay affiliates whenever there is an action. The action could be in the form of a lead or sale. This could be a very good idea for small businesses.


List of 10 Best CPA Ad Networks in the Year 2018- 2019


CPA Ad Networks List for Global ad posting via Premium marketing methods for small businesses. CPA based Best websites for paid online Advertising.


What is a CPA model? Well, simply put, CPA stands for Cost per Action. CPA model is one of the best suited paid advertising option for companies as they only pay for a validly recorded action towards their advertising goals set by them to enhance sales.


Read Glossary of popular words and terms in advertising

Top 10 Ad Networks for Bloggers



Top 10 CPA Advertising Networks on the Internet



What is CPA Advertising and Why to Use it?



CPA advertising-cost par action 400x300
CPA advertising- What is it and How to Use it


There are many ways through which we can achieve business goals as we are living in the digital world. And among these ways, there are certain methods and models which help online businesses in achieving their business goals. And these approaches and models include PPC, CPC, CPM, and CPA. And today we are going to discuss on the same topic that is CPA – Cost per Acquisition.


‘Cost per Acquisition’ is a method where the advertiser has to pay only when an advertisement conveys an acquisition. And that acquisition can be anything depending on the purpose and goal of your business. CPA model is the best as in this an advertiser has to pay only when the advertisement met the purpose of advertising.


Thus, on that note, if you also want to utilize this model for your business then let me tell you about the 10 best sites for CPA advertising.



Top 10 CPA Networks for 2019: CPA Advertising Companies for Advertisers and Publishers


Best Sites for CPA (Cost per Acquisition) Advertising. Paid Ad Networks for Business Marketing.

CPA is also known as Cost Per Acquisition. CPA is a popular method or model of paid online advertising. It is used by all the types of companies, small and big alike. CPS is also similar to CPA, but it is more strict model and in this the advertiser only pays to an affiliate or publisher while there is a valid sale is made. This model is in the complete favor of the advertiser.


#1- SiteScout- Self-Serve Advertising Platform


SiteScout is one of the best CPA sites as it helps the advertisers to achieve their business goals and at the same time, they have to pay only on gaining.


SiteScout-The No#1 Self-Serving advertising Platform and ad server


➤ It is an easy to use and real time network to help the online businesses who want to advertise their business efficiently. Here at SiteScout, you can go for any advertising you want for instance display campaigns, video campaigns, Mobile Campaigns and retargeting campaigns.


➤ With SiteScout you will get the benefits of Real-time bidding, instant, and granular reporting, campaign efficiency and monitoring, etc. It is the top CPA network where efficiency and effectiveness meet.




#2- Clickbooth CPA Network


Clickbooth is second in the row and among one of the best CPA networks. The Site of Clickbooth claims 90M+ customer acquisitions along with 1B+paid out also with being in the list of top 100 best private companies.


Clickbooth CPA network logo-400x300
Clickbooth – The Popular CPA Network for Publishers and Advertisers



➤ It is a platform of higher returns and zero risk factor. Here Advertisers are capable of assigning their marketing budgets to exact, immediate, quantifiable results.


➤ Clickbooth follows programmatic performance-based marketing model which enables it to present the best offer to the user according to his needs.


➤ Thus, as a consequence of this model helps users to get the best offer and also to advertisers thereby providing every single click or fulfilling of business purpose.


➤ According to Clickbooth users, it is a platform which provides stability and time freedom over the different Cost per Acquisition platforms.


#3- Revenuehits ( A Self-Service Ad Network Platform)


Revenuehits is third in the row and also among of the best Cost per Acquisition Platforms. Revenuehits works on all the models CPM, CPC, CPV, and Auction along with CPA.


Revenuehits- A Top CPA ad network for publishers and advertisers


➤ Here at Revenuehits, you can go for any advertising which includes text ads, apps, pop-ups, XML feeds, widgets, etc. It is one of the best platforms which displays right ad at the right time in front of the right audience and by GEO location.


➤ Along with that at Revenuehits, you can also go for custom ad formats according to your needs, and for that, you have to do a simple thing – just have to contact them.


How it Works for Online Publishers?


#1. First of all, signup an account with them. After signing up comes the next step which is about filling your website name and ad placement details.


#2. After filling up ad placement details you get a code which you have to put in the theme of your website.


#3. Once you paste the code the ads start showing on your website.


#4. See full stats of your ads in your Revenuehits account. Analyse how it works and make appropriate changes in your ads if needed.



#4- ShareASale


ShareASale is the also among one of the great CPA Websites and also among one of oldest CPA networks.


shareasale-com-Top_cpa-ad-network-600x400 Top CPA based ad network



➤ This CPA website contains exciting offers for the customers so that they can’t overlook it and if you are a business/merchant advertising on it then nothing can be better than that for you as it will leave no stone unturned to make your business bigger and better.


➤ And, the best thing about ShareASale is that it is not bounded by specific country restrictions so you get traffic from any point of the globe and hence can make conversions as well. Thus, if you are about to make a start in CPA advertising then don’t forget to include ShareASale in the list.


#5- Panthera Interactive LLC


Panthera Interactive LLC is fifth in the top 10 list of CPA advertising networks and also one of the best quickly expanding networks. It is a great platform for affiliates, publishers, and advertisers.




It has transformed into a notable CPA advertising company via its acquisitions and planned partnerships, transforming itself into an international behemoth. Here you can go for many types of advertising for your business which includes the display, mobile, video, email, incentivized, social, survey based, CPL, CPS, etc.


➤ It is a platform which leads your business from complexity to opportunity as they provide their services for different domains. For instance, they are also an expert in increasing ROI of the game industry, finance industry, healthcare, dating, insurance, home services, software, education, e-commerce, mobile content, entertainment, mobile apps and utilities.



pantherainteractive-com-CPA-advertising-network-600x400 A leading CPA advertising network




#6 Google Affiliate Network


#7 CJ Affiliate by Conversant (earlier Commission Junction


#8 ClickBank for Affiliates


#9 LinkShare


#10 Affiliate Window


#11 LinkConnector


#12 Skimlinks


#13 Plimus


#14 Banner Exchange advertisers


#15 Ad exchange Networks


#16 Max bounty- one of the best CPA networks


#17- Adwork Media

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Paid advertising and Internet marketing options for small business companies and advertisers across the world.


Here are some more useful resources for advertisers and marketers who can afford to generate traffic via paid advertising methods and ways .




Hope this list of top sites for Cost per Acquisition advertising will help you to establish your effective advertising network. Thus, try out these CPA networks and share your experience with us in the comment section below.


You can also share other networks which are best in CPA Advertising. We would love to hear from your end. Also, don’t forget to share this post on different channels and with friends if you like the post.


Advertisers, Companies, Internet Marketers, Publishers should use these Lists of Advertising Networks:-