13 Killer Tips to Increase Employee Engagement for more Productivity

Last updated on December 29th, 2018 at 11:34 am

Increasing Employee Engagement for Better Productivity: Find out How.


Increase Employee Engagement
Increase Employee Engagement


It gets monotonous for the employees to regularly hush for their job, work for hours, get back home and repeat the process everyday. To get the best out of them is the task of the employer. The success of any company depends on the effective working of it’s staff.


The need to keep them motivated and energetic is crucial to the business growth. Often it is seen that the employee gets distracted from his/her job, takes less interest in regular tasks performed and this hampers the organizational growth.

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1- Open Communication


Acknowledge the dedication and commitment of your employees. Encourage them to give suggestions to various problems arising. Listen to what they have to say without criticising them. This will make them feel their importance to the business and give them the reason to work more effectively and efficiently.


2- Clear Goals & Expectations

Set realistic goals and meaningful targets so that employees feel motivated. Show them the bigger picture and how these goals are attached to larger organisational ambitions.

Boost up their morale to make them work harder and tell what you expect out of them as a capable employee.

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3- Personalize Development



Through personalized trainings, forming groups of people sharing common interests, by letting employees access their own strengths and weaknesses and many other such ways are there for employee’s personal development which will lead to the growth of employees and simultaneously the growth of company.

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4- Build Trust and Engagement


Establish good rapport with the employees. Allow them to express their views. Show trust in them so that they are able to share even the bad news without any flurry.

Encourage them to be more transparent and that falls on your part as well. Keep your employees informed as this will make them feel a sense of worth and ownership which will encourage them to contribute in the best way possible for the organizational growth.

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5- Support your Employees


Support your employees for more Productivity


Focus on not only getting work done ‘BY’ the employees rather work ‘WITH’ the employees.

Be a good leader and not just a manager. But make sure the employees are not dependent on you for every problem.

Develop a sense of responsibility in them to take decisions and work on the problems on their own with the joint efforts of the team members. Provide them education, training and other things that could enhance their skills and they can grow as an employee.

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6- Delegate Tasks


Delegation helps in making an employee more responsible towards the job. It means you are showing faith in your employee for doing the job in best way as expected by you.

The employees will feel take it as their growth opportunity and will be more inclined to work harder.


7- Talk About Employee’s Career Plan


Ask your employees as to whether they are satisfied with their job, their role assigned? Are they able to utilize their strengths to the fullest? What training & development they require to up their skills?

Any new projects they think they are capable working on? Is their career moving in the right direction and are they growing with the time being in that organization? etc. Feedback from employee is important.

This will make them feel how caring is the organization towards him/her and he/she will try to deliver to the best of their abilities.


8- Sense Of Autonomy


Grant them freedom to do things in a better and improved way. Let them experiment on new ideas of working. Make them a part in the decision making process.

This will develop a sense of belonging and ownership. They will feel the work they do is valued by the organization and as a result of it more engagement from their end can be noticed.


9- Cohesive Team Environment


How well the employees get along makes a huge difference in the efforts they put in and output they generate. Therefore, a strong team environment where employees communicate and interact with each other and actively participate in the team work must be created and ensured.


10- Promote Sharing Of Ideas


Let the employees bring their opinion and views to the table. Let them express and share ideas of doing things in a different and better way or solve a problem. Make them feel there views are crucial to the business.


11- Feedback


Take feedback on daily issues and work. Show them how their feedback is being used to improve the things. Their opinion matters is what they should feel at the end.

Also provide regular feedback from your end on the positive results when you feel the employee is working hard and giving good performance.


12- Encourage Innovation


When employees feel free to share ideas and get appreciated for positive results, they get motivated and this is the time when you can ask them to think out of the box and be more innovative. Look for better ways of doing things.

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13- Recognition & Rewards


The most imperative part in improving employee’s performance. No employee would work hard for the organization unless he/she gets recognized and appreciated for his/her handwork.

Therefore due recognition should be given to the employees who deserves. Incentives in the form of bonus and others  should be given. This will motivate them to work even better and also other less competitive employees perform their best to reach that level and get rewarded.

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