Mastering Sales Negotiations via 7 Psychological Strategies- Sales Marketing Tips for Beginners

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Tips for Beginner Sellers- Learn How to Master the Art of Sales Negotiation using the Psychological Strategies

As a sales person you have to manage a lot of things amidst which negotiation becomes one fearing task. Preparing for negotiation is itself a battle.

To make negotiation successful and converting it into sale, there is need to have positive & clear approach towards the desired outcome. Salesperson must not surround his mind with negative thoughts.

If he/she does so, means half the battle is already lost. So you have to be very clear as a sales person and have a positive outlook with fearing things.

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Mastering Sales Negotiation Via 7 Psychological Strategies


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Many sales professionals who are good at sales opening are still not so successful because when it comes to negotiation they terribly fail. Negotiation is an art which is crucial for every sales person to master to be best at his profession. Let’s learn the techniques in this article.

In this article you will read about some of the psychological strategies that will help you master the sales negotiations. Let us take a look at these:-

1. Never Assume


Smaller win can get you bigger results later. Do not assume things beforehand. You never know how a potential customer will react to your offering. It is better not to assume that he/she will say yes to anything and everything that is offered.

Usually it is seen that before ordering in bulk, customer likes to try with one or two products initially. Therefore, if satisfied with the first experience, customer will return with big order later. So, try to win these small orders too & don’t take them lightly.


2. Remove Anxiety


When negotiating, having more options always brings confidence in the sales person.

Therefore it is good to have more than one opportunity as it results in less anxiety, increased confidence and less desperation in the sales person which ultimately leads to better outcomes.

3. Listen


Pushing too hard to convert sales is not the way out. There is a reason you are given two ears and one month. Listen more and talk less.

Same goes for the sales people, they should listen patiently what the customer has to say.
Give them and their point due importance. When a sales person listens to the customer twice and in a relaxed manner then he/she is able to learn the language of the customer which enables the sales person to convince the customer in a better way.

4. Approach Customer As Partner & Not An Opponent


To create an environment of agreement and not the acts of desperation, it is needed that the sales person must approach the customer as partner and not an opponent.

This brings more confidence in the sales person and changes the whole mindset of both the parties and they tend to understand each other’s point which leads to good selling/buying experience.

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5. Get Into The Shoes Of Customer


In order to see the bigger picture, it is important for a sales person to think from the point of view of customer. Doing so helps in carrying out the negotiation process easily as the sales person gets to understand the strength, weaknesses and demands of the potential customer.

Also it helps in building trust in the customer as he/she feels that his/her views are considered which leads to positive impression as well.

6. Avoid Desperation Or Urgency


Never let a potential customer sense the desperation of converting into sale. When he/she smells the neediness in a pitch, there are chances that the salesperson will be taken advantage of.

So better not to rush into making sale by forcing things on customers or getting desperate of closing sale too fast. Relaxed and indifference behavior on the part of sales person will create an urge and tension in the customer.
Now he/she will be more inclined to try your offering. It’s all about hitting on the psychological aspect. The sales person must limit her sense of urgency and show a more relaxed & intelligent behavior.

7. Put Customer First


As a sales person, you must not criticize the needs, demands, motives or behaviors of the potential customer. It is important to put your customers first before anything else.

A smart, rational and calm sales professional can keep the focus off the offer and create the situation of fairness beneficial for both the parties as far as the discussions about the numbers are concerned.

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