Corporate Etiquettes- Do’s and Don’ts at Workplace [ Professional Communication Tips ]

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Professional Etiquettes: How to Place yourself Aptly in a Workplace?

Industry to Industry & company to company work etiquette differs. They might differ in the way of interaction between people therein, the dress code followed, formal & informal approach to communicate with each other or the rules and regulations and so much more.

If you are switching to a new company then you would realize that things are different everywhere.

Professional Etiquettes: How to Place yourself Aptly in a Workplace?
Corporate Etiquettes: Do’s and Don’ts of communication at Workplace

The atmosphere will not be the same, the rules will not be the same, the behavior of people at the new workplace will be different.

There will be so much doubt in your mind about so many things related to your job, company and fellow colleagues.


How to handle yourself in an organization in the best manner can be best described by illustrating few do’s and don’ts of workplace that are acceptable in almost all kinds of organizations.

Here they are:-

Professional Etiquettes: Don’ts

1- Do not be rude to your fellow colleagues as they are the ones with whom you have work even if you do not want to if you want to stay in the organization.

2- Do not indulge yourself in any kind of controversy taking place in the organization.

3- Do not gossip about your boss or your colleagues because there are chances that this gossip can lead you into trouble later. Maybe in the form of termination or in the form of criticism from fellow colleagues.

4- Do not try to be an attention seeker or try to show off about your previous achievements. Be self-effacing and humble.

5- Do not try to impress your boss with sugarcoated words or mere talking. Remember actions speak louder than words. Try to show them your capability by your great performance. Let your job do all the talking about you. Everyone will notice.

6- Do not be judgmental on the basis of cultural differences, color, caste etc.

7- Do not assume things. Confirm what is acceptable and what is not in the organization and the act accordingly.

8- Do not carry on personal conversations at your desk be it with your family or friend or anyone who not related to work.

9- Do not try to argue or talk back to your boss even if there is not much of the age difference between you two.

10- Do not feel shy or nervous to put forth your opinion or point but in a respectful manner.

11- Do not draft emails full of emoticons or exclamations for professional purpose.

12- Do not tell your personal stories or problems in work setting. Be professional and keep your personal issues and emotions away from workplace.

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Corporate Etiquettes- Do’s

1- Be polite in your tone without being loud as loud is considered as annoying.

2- No matter if you do not like a person at your workplace at all, don’t let anyone notice this.Be courteous and respect all.

3- Assist your colleagues whenever they need you but make sure they are not taking you for granted. Help them without compromising from your work. Offer to help if only you have time.


4- Follow the dress code. If there’s no dress code than do not dress up in a way that you end up looking the odd one out in the organizational setting. Dress formally.


5- Follow the ‘code of conduct’, rules, regulations properly.


6- Concentrate on your job and not other useless stuff be it chatting with colleagues or friends you make at work place. You are paid to do your job. Never forget that.


7- Be punctual and arrive at workplace on time.


8- Meeting and greeting people at work place is considered as a good gesture. Networking is good with people who share similar interests as you. List of top 50 Social Networking apps to connect.


9- Have a proper e-mail address separately for work. Make sure you have professional username unlike rockchick@—.com.


10- Be flexible and accept the changes taking place according to new trends. Being unadaptable will only disappoint and demotivate you.


11- Learn to be positive even if the thing doesn’t go right and as you desired.


12- Be active in your work performance. Take full interest in your job. You are on a job role because the company trusted on your abilities.


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