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Last updated on January 3rd, 2019 at 04:04 pm

e-Commerce: Shop directly from Youtube channel and increase the traffic on your e-commerce site also

From over a decade now YouTube has grown tremendously. It has seen 50% annual growth in video viewership as per the sources. The time spend by people on watching videos over this network is increasing like anything. With the YouTube mobile application the rate of increase is getting even bigger. People come here to watch, share and engage with video.

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eCommerce news about youtube- Now you can Shop Directly From Youtube
Now you can Shop Directly From Youtube


Interactive Videos:

In order to make videos more interactive, a lot has been done by youtube over the years. Initially it launched Cards that allows you to share the content (product information) directly within your videos over all the screens.


Later it took a step higher by introducing TrueView which was an addition or say upgrade version to the latter (Cards). Now this was more like ‘automatic’ cards. TrueView ads format is such that it allows the user to skip the advertisement after five seconds or select the ads they want to watch.

This helps the advertiser to save money and reach out to more targeted audience.

Shop Directly:

Today Youtube has introduced a new ad unit that allows you shop directly from its videos you are watching. The concept of these shopping ads is quite similar to that of what you find on Google.

Usually people skip ads as they find it useless but shopping ads are different. When the user will notice these shopping ads, its going to excite them as they can now buy the products from within the video. What more one could ask for.

The pairing is decided by Google as to which video will get featured with which ad. Although the ads can be attached to any video but that depends on what Google has to deliver to the users as this is a Google owned video site. The combine features of Youtube’s Cards and True view together is what makes shopping ads.

As the video plays, a small box on the top right corner will appear and by clicking on that, a drop down menu appears where you see the pictures as well as pricing information of the products.

Underlying Opportunities:

There are about millions of channels on YouTube that are related to product review videos. It has now become a one point destination for all to search & learn about the products. About 40% views on product review videos takes place and this indicates that people do have interest in searching for stuffs to buy, reading about which product is doing well, etc.

According to a survey, it was found that about one out of five 18-24 yrs of age group people go to youtube in order to search what cool and interesting stuffs to buy. Now the point here is, when people are so keen to search on youtube as to what they should buy then providing them with the platform to shop for products directly from the videos they watch is an idea that could generate immense amount of traffic to the videos and huge profits to the creator and site.

Without a doubt Shopping ads are new source of revenue for the creators bringing brand and video creators/ influencers together. These shopping ads are a way to monetize the product related videos.

The shopping ads convey more information than that of others and allow viewers to make up their mind for the product ad seen so and ultimately leading to purchase action.Overall, this format of ads i-e ‘Shopping ads’ are beneficial for merchants, viewers/buyers/prospects as well as creators.

Creators will make money off the sales, merchants will be able to sell off their products and get more leads and targeted audience and viewers will be able to shop directly from within the videos, getting all the necessary information they need to know about the product.

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