Amazon Plans to Introduce an exciting New Mode of Payment: Now Pay Using Selfies

Pay Using Selfies: Isn’t it cool ?

Well, Yes! Now you don’t need to bare the frustration of forgetting your passwords and getting your things delayed as a result of it. But surely you would have to make sure you’re not looking horrible when shopping late at night.

The trend of ‘selfies’ today has reached to the extent that there are apps introduced to enhance the selfies and whatnot. In this ‘selfie obsessed’ age where people never feel frustrated or lazy when it comes to selfies, Amazon came up with this idea of payments via selfies.

You do not need to take the latter seriously. The ‘Selfie pay’ system just need your selfie, it doesn’t say ‘beautiful selfie.’

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Pay Using Selfies


Wow! Shopping was never such fun!

Amazon’s patent application allows users to take their selfie or video in order to process the transaction. As far as the working of this patent application is concerned then here for the user’s facial recognition purpose a camera is used and the verification part is done by way of asking the user to perform action like the user may be asked to blink. What gets better and cooler than paying with a wink!

Today when e-commerce has takenover and people are on shopping spree via these online platforms, amazon being one of them, need for security has become of prime importance.

Especially when things are just a click away like placing orders and most importantly making payments. The security around these electronic web portals requires improvement from threats of hackers or thieves as the accounts may get hacked or somebody may take away your password and can go on shopping and shopping via your account.


Let us take the example of kids, you may have forgot to log out your account or you children might be knowing the password, just suppose that. Now no matter they may add on items and place the order but it won’t shock you as the payment system would need your face recognition and here you can play smarter than your children.


This is where facial recognition comes to your rescue. This feature would ensure safety for you as it won’t accept/recognize any other person than you for transaction from your account.


The Objective Behind the Idea


This system also uses what is profoundly known as ‘living’ check. The purpose of this living check is to assure that someone is not using/holding the user’s photo to dodge this biometric technology of facial recognition  and to see if the the selfie is a legitimate one with blinking, smiling, tilting head and any other actions or not.


The facial recognition track different points on a user’s face before an on-screen prompt to blink their right eye is given to them.


Other Advantages


There are various other advantages of this system apart from the improved online security.


Often entering passwords on many portable devices becomes a tedious process because of auto corrects, identification tasks, forgetting passwords and many more things that makes it ‘NOT USER FRIENDLY.’


Not only this, also it is seen that when amidst people, friends or just somebody sitting next to you, you try to hide password from them and make awkward movements like turning back, taking the devices to your nose etc which may lead to a negative thinking.


To avoid these kind of situations, this selfie payment is just the best, No hide and seek and you can click the selfie wherever you are, whoever you are with without the need of hiding the so called “password’ thing.


The ‘selfie pay’ system requires you take a clear selfie so that your identity is easily recognized when you purchase something as to whether the user requesting the transaction is a living human being or not. Who could have thought selfie trend will reach up to this level and leave selfie, we just can’t get over the winking gesture!


Amazingly cool and innovative action by Amazon. Now not only the youth but parents, grandparents will be seen taken selfies. What could be more happening than this?


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