Facebook now Allows upto 50 Friends Connect in a Call over FB Messenger

Last updated on January 6th, 2019 at 07:26 am

Social Media News- Now Connect up to 50 Friends over Facebook Messenger Call


Announced in the recent times about its newly introduced feature i-e 50 friends connect in a call in its messenger, Facebook is all set give threat to telecom sector. As we know Facebook is the largest social networking site so far and it will continue to lead if it keeps on adding more and more feathers to its advantage.

The reason why this site is most loved by all is because of its non-complexity. In order to start a group call, people involved in a group conversation just need to tap the phone icon on their respective screen.

Also it is easy for them to manage the participants on the next screen. In case any member miss the call initially, they can join the call while it’s on by tapping on the phone icon. The said feature is only available in the latest version of Facebook messenger and can allow only upto 50 people on group call.
Facebook Messenger Now Allows you to add upto 50 Friends over a call
Facebook Messenger: Allows upto 50 Friends


The Evolution of Facebook Real Time Communication

It is being talked that this new step by Facebook will cause major concern to telecommunications companies. People just need a way to connect with people and there are some who find social media as an asynchronous form communication but as far as Facebook is concerned, then it has a huge subscribers base and the figure goes somewhere around 1.3 billion standing as the largest telecom on the planet.
This was when there was no such real time communication feature available but now when the real time communication feature is all set to be available as announced, it will be a powerhouse altogether.

Other Competitors (Viber, Line, etc)

There are other apps also that offers this feature of group calling and that too upto 200 people, say for instance Viber, Line, etc, yet they are not as successful. If you think of comparing them with Facebook in the light of this group calling feature, you would find them nowhere.
There’s a solid reason behind it, one such reason being Facebook is unique. It is very much different from other social networking sites. The huge following makes it even stand out from the pool of other apps.
Viber or line or any other such app does not have huge following and is not as famous and rich in potentiality, power as Facebook. No matter if 200 participants are allowed on a group call or 50 participants, Facebook is a huge threat to the players existing in this field of communication. Facebook does not have to struggle hard to expand its service scope. Mere launching of a switch would do all for it.

A Blow to the Telecom

This step by Facebook throws light on the upcoming threats that can be caused to telecom companies due to the new technologies. Facebook can be misunderstood as a threat to chat applications only rather it is much more than that because of its wide visibility.

There was a time when wired phones used to be the only source of communication but then came time of mobile phones slowly it took over the market of wired telephones, then things changed to great extent and there came the trend of mobile apps and social media, Facebook being the one that brought revolution.


Now its messenger has more than 900 million monthly active users and as said above the Facebook user base being 1.3 billion indicates the status of how easily it will be able to imbibe this technology on day to day basis by the end users. It also pose a great threat to the conventional telecom technology and thus it will totally wipe out the traditional telcom.

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