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Ping Submission Sites 2020- List of Top 30 Pinging Sites for Fastest Indexing

Blog Pinging Sites 2020: Top 30 Ping Sites for Indexing your website faster in Search Engines, including Google


An ultimate list of Ping Sites in 2020. Try these Top notch Ping Submission Sites to accelerate the Indexing Process for your Blog or Website!

A handy listing of useful sites which you would be needed more than often for making indexing process faster for your content. Better indexing means Better Search Engine Ranking and hence more Traffic to your content.


Pinging submission Options to add any url free!

Pinging to some important content syndication and discovering sites is a great way to tell other search engines and content platforms about your newly published blog posts or any content.

By doing this you can get your content indexed faster and it is a good way to make sure that your content is being indexed, discovered, or included by search engines in their web crawling systems.


Once you ping your latest updated posts or content to big search engine sites through any of the good ping sites mentioned here, you are actually inviting the various search engine web crawlers to visit your fresh posts. This is a great way to get free traffic to your website. Even minutes later of making ping to these sites you would notice a sudden surge in your blog traffic, kind of ripples. And, if your blog is relevant and useful, then it will garner more reads and footprints in coming times. So, overall, it is a very good idea to submit urls to such sites occasionally, if not regularly.

Hence, your content gets easily and quickly discovered as soon as it is published on your blog.


You can submit any website or business blog to the ping sites, BUT don’t do it too much otherwise it could send spamming like signals to Search engines which in turn can do more harm than any good.


Pinging submission sites list 

Pinging Sites : How and Why they are useful in blogging and content promotion

How you can use Ping sites to promote your business website, service blog, or any content page?


25 Best Ping Websites List


If you perform the pinging process regularly then you can get free referral traffic to your  website from various other sites and blogs. You can further promote your website using other methods explained in this post in later paragraphs.


Once you submit url of your blog or website, Ping submission sites instantly send signals to other important blogs and websites about your content. These sites get notified about the pings from your end by the pinging sites.


Ping sites act as a messenger. They tell other sites about your content. Thus your business websites or blogs get free publicity or advertising through these Ping websites.



There could be many types of ping websites. I know 3 types of them:

  1. Individual pinging servers
  2. Network of ping website
  3. Collection of individual ping websites.


Top 10 Ping Submission Sites 2020 for Faster Search Engine Indexing


Get here the list of best Ping submission sites in 2020-21 on the Internet. We have covered all of the top Ping websites and pinging systems here. You don’t need to use every site listed here to ping as some of them send signals to some common systems.


  3. Blog Search Google Ping Service
  10. Bookmarking websites for faster Indexing
  27. Upload your blog links in Text forms at PDF Sites


What are the other sites to Index your content faster apart from Ping Submission Sites?

If you want that your content get indexed regularly then i would suggest you to not depend solely on ping submission sites. Take some concrete steps which would make your blog indexable for forever.


And, what are that steps?


#1. The most important thing is your content. Write long, unique, informative, and useful posts that can engage your readers. And, keep them updating regularly whenever the need arises. Some blogs are such that they are time dependent and they need to be updated as per the latest changes.



The other necessary thing that you should take care about is related to inter linking. Link each page to other relevant pages on your blog. In this way all of your links get discovered by search engine bots if there is an update.



#2. Don’t forget to add your website or blog’s feed to these  RSS directory sites here. As this is another great automatic way to tell content syndication sites about the newly published content on your site.



#3. Visit the websites of the major search engines and submit the main url of your blog. There are lots of other online search engines on the Internet that are used by people to make a query. Visit here to find here a list of 50 major search engines for url submission



#4. You should also submit your newly published blog posts to other important social media and bookmarking sites in order to get good backlinks for them from high authority social networking sites. You can do so very easily by using SocialAdr’s social media automation.



Default Ping Submission Sites for WordPress Blogs


WordPress blogs send your ping to update services automatically to the following ping submission sites:




If you wish you can add more such ping sites in your WordPress blog and the WordPress XML-RPC will automatically send ping to the pinging sites to let them know that your blog has been updated recently.


In this way you get more traffic coming to your blog as the ping sites tell many other networks about the updates in your blog. Technorati is such a network that crawls links to the updated blogs.




Pinging is a great way to get quick traffic by letting other important websites know that you have published something new on your blog. After that you should Submit your blog to these blog directory sites for next level online promotion.

Blog Directory Submission Sites List 2020 – Top 20 SEO Blog Directories [Free/Paid]

Find here a list of the 20 Top Blog Directory Sites where you may Add url free and can get one way free backlinks for SEO and Website Ranking: Blog Submission sites [Free/ Paid]


If you are a serious blogger then you must already be knowing that earning good backlinks to your blog is very important in terms of SEO. There are several methods by following which you can get backlinks from various high authority websites. Blog directories are such of the submission sites where you can promote your blog and get free one way backlinks.


If you submit your url to good blog submission sites then it could be very helpful for ranking your blog in Search engines. Having good number of backlinks from such blog directory sites can increase SEO for your blog or website.

Today, blogging is not just about writing articles and answering the comments of your readers, but much more than! You would have to make it search engine friendly and for that you will have to follow some primary SEO rules.


List of the Top 20 Blog Directories on Internet-932x700
List of the Top 20 Blog Directories 


List of 20 Most Popular Blog Submission Sites to add url Free for SEO and Backlinks

[ With Free/ Paid/ Reciprocal link addition options available ]


Free and Paid Blog Directories with High PR+DA and Great backlink Quality 


These are some of the best Blog directories for you. Most of them have High PR and High DA. Use these blog submission websites to promote your blog online. It will be a great thing to boost search engine optimization (SEO) for your blog.


Your blog will get good quality backlinks from these High Domain Authority (DA) directories.


Apart from SEO, you need to market your blog on the Internet using social media platforms as well.


Because, similar to SEO, Social Media is a very strong indicator and search engines rely on them while ranking a blog or website. They notice the social media signals for your blog and based on that they rank your blog in organic searches.

#1. Dmoz- the Biggest Blog Directory on the Internet, edited by humans



DMOZ - The Directory of the Web_dmoz-odp_600x400
DMOZ – The Number#1 Directory of the Web


DMOZ is the largest human edited directory. It is the oldest, most authentic, and most respected directory sites for blog submission. All the blogs are organised very systematically on this site. It is very dynamic and and is updated regularly for the ne submissions. It maintains a high sense of quality.


It has kept pace with the growth of the Internet making your blog reach a multitude of people on the net. DMOZ powers the directories of the largest search engines such as Google and AOL search.

Add your blog to Dmoz


#2. is a free blog directory



All for Blog I Lifestyle_Business Blog-allforblog-com_600x400 A top Blog Submission Site


Here you can post your blog URL and get massive traffic for your blog. The site is well organised and neat so that it will be easy for you to find the relevant category to put your blog. There is a real variety of blogs which are published on this site.


The biggest catch with this site is that you do not have to pay for a thing but your blog gets promoted and receives the traffic it needs., is human edited blog submission site which ensures that you get high quality traffic.


This site is reviewed meticulously by humans which is a great advantage as it ensures that only the quality blogs get ranked. There are a variety of blogs listed on the directory for different categories, such as health, art, news, advertising and marketing, blogging, SEO, digital, tech, entertainment, etc.


Submit your Blog free at All for Blogs


➤ 10 Best ways to Promote your blog using SEO and Social Media

➤ 25 Top Bookmarking sites for SEO



#3. is a service where you can add your blog or website for free


It automatically informs subscribers about new content once it is posted on the site. This is great for those who frequently write blogs as anytime they post anything, many people will be notified at once. increases the speed with which search engines index your content. It supports visibility of your content across the online space not just on search engines but also on social media sites, ISPs and aggregators.


Visit Webblogs to add blog url

#4. Scoobe Business Directory


Scoobe is a major directory site which allows you to improve your website’s publicity and to get your website known so that people actually find it online. Blogs are organised well so that anyone visiting the site will find what they are looking for.


When you list your blog in this directory it will give you visibility on search engines. You submit your links for a price on this platform.

You have two options here- regular Links (Free) and and Featured links ($29 for lifetime).

Scoobe Biz web directory


#5. Sportsblogs- The Directory also show latest content from your blog via RSS feed


Sportsblogs is a sports oriented directory and it helps to improve search engine visibility of the blogs related to sports based content. It has an aggregation of RSS feeds which gives this site the ability to enlist latest posts from the submitted blogs.


It is a site which helps people keep up to date with their sports giving information to sports lovers on their respective sports. Once you contribute with an article covering the sport of your choice.

For advertisers, Sportsblogs offers custom ads and custom text ads in order to reach many audiences.


Sports Blogs Directory


#6. BlogCatalog- a Free and Paid Blog Submission site


BlogCatalog has both options: free and paid. You pay for business blogs. On this directory, you are able to get traffic and make money off the internet. There are paid options which are designed to help your blog rank up.It is a search engine optimized directory which helps your content more valuable in terms of SEO.

Blogcatalog- Ads2020 Online advertising marketing blogs for business


#7. Jayde- Blog Submission Directory and a B2B search engine


Jayde is both a web directory and a business to business search engine. Everything is designed to help users find what they want. It has been around more than a decade giving business people exposure and marketing power.

You can list your blog for free on Jayde. It uses a search algorithm known as ClickRelevance which pushes your blog up or down in search results for the related keywords as per the user interaction.

Submit your blog free on Jayde



#8. EatonWeb


EatonWeb is an invaluable directory. Your blogs will be listed on huge sites like Huffington post and Gawker. If you consistently produce good content, it will be placed on top of the listings.

Your blog is measured on strength, momentum and overall performance.

Eatonweb Blog directory


#9. Ping-o-matic- The Powerful Ping System that helps your blog for better crawling and indexing


Ping-o-matic gives your blog free exposure. It does not do listings but ping other content hungry directories and platforms. It lets people know that your blog has been updated and there is new content been published on your blog.


Once your websites and blogs get that ping, the directories and content syndication channels crawl and index your blog or site.


Add your blog’s post urls to Pingomatic whenever there is a new post published



#10. Best of The Web (BOTW) – a PR8 Paid Blog Submission Directory Engine


Best of the Web is a collection of websites which aims to look for the best blogs and sites. Their blog directory is not free and it is edited by humans.This directory has a high authority score. It has various categories.

Its services should be paid for. Their annual fee is $149.95 and for life time listing they charge $299.95.


Add your blog or site into Best of the The Web Blog Directory


#11- Blogarama: One of the Oldest Blog Directory

[ 138000 live blog listings and counting ]


This is an oldest blog submission directory site on the Internet. They have Millions of visitors who come to their blog directory for browsing, reading, and submission purposes. Blogarama has hundreds of thousands of blog subscribers.


So, you stand to get a very good visibility and SEO benefits if you submit your blog there. Blogarama offers Free url submission and hence you get free advertisement of each of your blog posts! They offer Free, premium and business packages for blog submission.


You can submit a blog url free for the following main categories at Blogarama:

  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Blogging
  • Books & Literature
  • Business
  • Design
  • Education
  • Fashion
  • Finance
  • Food & Drink
  • Friends & Family
  • Gambling & Games
  • Green
  • Health & Fitness
  • Home & Garden
  • Internet
  • Life
  • Marketing
  • Politics
  • Shopping & Gifts
  • Software
  • Spirituality
  • Sports
  • Technology

Submit your blog Free at Blogarama


#12. Ontoplist


ontoplist_com-Free_Blog_submission_site_600x300 Free Blog submission site



Ontoplist offers both free and paid services. It is free and human edited but you can make Paypal payments to hasten the listing process. Your blog is ranked according to authority.


It receives a high number of submissions due to its efficiency and ability to reach many people. It has a wide range of audience, so your blog gets good exposure across their online community of bloggers.You need to register an account at there for submitting your blog url.


Ontoplist also provides analytical details and performance of your added blog where you can see the important stats for your listing.

They also publish feed urls of the newly published posts from your blog. Hence, your latest publications are also seen by your blog subscribers and fans at

OnTopList- High PR Free and Paid Blog Submission Site


#13. Loaded Web




With Loaded Web, you can get sufficient traffic on your blogs. It deals with other platforms such as social media, like Twitter, Facebook, etc. It is a geo-centric directory.

They accept Blog or business submissions from the following countries only-

  1. United States.
  2. United Kingdom
  3. New Zealand
  4. Canada
  5. Australia

Submit your Blog or business Free at Loaded Web


#14.IndiBloghub- the Largest Blog Directory for Indian Bloggers





This is a hub place for influencers bloggers from India.


Submit your blog links and home page url here for free. A PR4 well Indexed Indian blog directory platform where you can add a Blog and promote it further to a big community of Indian bloggers (Free/ paid).


IndiBlogHub is a quite popular platform for bloggers in India where they can showcase and promote their blog in front of several thousands of community members. It is well SEO improved online directory for any kind of bloggers. You can also add blog feed as well, so that your latest posts are published there.

This Blog directory has good reputation and domain authority. Even its inner pages have good Page Rank.

Submit Link URL has hundreds of sources with SEO tools which ensure that your blog ranks well in search engines.

Submit blog url at IndiBlogHub



#15. Blogville blog directory


Blogville blog directory offers a great way to promote your blog online. Your listing will be manually reviewed and the highest quality blogs rank higher.

You can tag your blog with suitable and relevant keywords. All blogs are checked against Safe Browsing malware.


Blogville – USA Blog Directory Site

#16. WordPress Blog Directory for the WordPress made Blogs


Here you can submit only the blogs made on WordPress platform.On WordPressBlogDirectory  you get advanced customization options, you can have your articles published apart from url links.

It is simple, flexible and search engine optimized as well as multilingual so that you can reach a wide variety of people.


WordPress Blog Directory- Submit your WordPress Blog


5 More High PR Blog Submission Sites where you could add a blog url Free:-


#17. Link center

#18. Blog 

#19. Submit Biz Web Directory

#20. InfoListings – For regular and Featured Links

#21. Blog Hub

#22. BlogFlux- add your blog free


Submit your blog Free at Blogflux. Blog categories for Art Blog, Business Design, Entertainment, Family, Fashion, Food, Health, Humor, Internet, Life, Marketing, Movies, Music, News, Parenting, Personal, Photography, Politics, Reviews, SEO, Technology, Travel, and Writing.

Next similar articles >>


You can optimize your blog by submitting it to the popular blog directories mentioned in this list. The blog Submission sites list 2019 is manually checked/verified and it includes the best online places on the Internet for SEO.

It is time you visit these blog directory sites and rank your content higher in search engines.


Top 10 Search Engines List 2020- Free Url Submission Sites for Starting SEO

10 Most Popular Search Engines in 2020 where you must Add your Website Url (Free)


Best Search Engines for Indexing your Content for Ranking it in SERPs, and getting Free Traffic.

See Also: PDF Submission Sites List for SEO


There are many websites present on World Wide Web (www) or the internet. And many different sites are present to solve a single query of the user. But do we know all of these websites? I think no, it is because most of the websites don’t get crawled and indexed by search engines. And crawling and indexing is one of the most important parts for any website url to get ranked well and appear in SERPs.


Although search engines from time to time crawl, and index web page urls of websites present on internet, you can also manually submit your websites and blogs to search engines to get indexed your Web pages.


And, these submissions are known as Search Engine Submissions. Both paid and free search engine url submission are available to you if you are willing to pay some money for a few engines that ask for some amount.


Top 10 Search Engines for Free Website Submission-600x350
Submit your Website Url Free at Top 10 Online Search Engines in the World



List of Top 10 Search Engines for Free Url Submission


You can submit your websites and blogs to these sites popularly known as Search Engine Submission sites either by yourself or with the help of any agency depending on your suitability.

On that note, if you want to index your website urls then today I am going to share with you top 10 search engine submission sites which you can use to submit your web properties for better indexing.


So here the list begins:-



1. Google Search Engine Submission:-


Google Search Engine Submission-400x300
Submit your Site at Google Search Engine


Google Search Engine Submission is a search engine submission site by Google where you can make search engine submission for your website and blog url if you want better indexing on Google. By doing so, you can make Google aware of your new sites, blogs and also helps to update its database if your website or blog url is among already existing ones.

8 Superb SEO Tips for Increasing Google Search Engine Ranking of your Site

2. Bing Search Engine Submission:-

[ How to Submit your Business in Bing Local Search Engine ]


Bing Search Engine Submission-400x300
Submit your site free at Bing Search Engine



Bing Search Engine Submission is second in the row and is one of the known search engine submission websites. Thus, if your targeted audience is from Bing, then you can also submit your site to Bing Search Engine submission site to index better your website urls and a chance to achieve good search engine rankings.



3. Yandex Search Engine Submission:-

[ Pros and Cons of Search Engine Marketing ]


Yandex Search Engine Submission-400x300

Submit a url to Yandex Search Engine


Yandex is also among one of the best search engine submission sites. It is a search engine submission site by Yandex, which is a recognized internet service and products provider company. Thus, if your target market is Russia or even not you can submit your website url to Yandex Search Engine just to get traffic.



4. Baidu Search Engine Submission


Baidu is a search engine by Baidu a Chinese web service provider company. And Baidu search engine submission site is also an offering from Baidu where you can submit your website urls to get better indexed and gain benefits from it.



Baidu is the biggest search engine in China and top 4th in the world as per the number of users who make online searches.



5. ScrubTheWeb Search Engine Submission



Scrub The Web is also a good search engine url submission site where you can submit your site to get better indexed. ScrubTheWeb is a website which searches for the best sites on the internet, so you can also submit your website url here to be on the list of best websites.


You can also analyze Meta tags here, use SEO tools and Meta tag generator on this website. Learn more about Scrub The Web here.



6. EntireWeb Search Engine Submission


Entire Web Search Engine Submission is a search engine Url submission site by EntireWeb (a search engine) which provides relevant results for different websites, images, and many more things. It is one of the best websites which claim instant indexing of submitted urls.

Free Search Engine Submissionentireweb_searchengine_submission-300x250

Thus if you want to get indexed instantly, then you can go for submission of your website url here.



7. InfoTiger


InfoTiger is a web search engine providing the services of search engine submission where you can submit your website url and blogs for better indexing and hence to get targeted traffic. You can either submit URL of your websites and blogs one by one or can send them a list of URLS of your web properties at [email protected] in one per line format.




8. Anoox


Anoox is a social sharing search network which also provides the facility of search engine submission. Thus, you can submit your website url here to get free traffic. Along with that, you can also share, answer, discover and discuss and can connect with new opportunities.


10 Successful Ways for Website Promotion



9. Beamed Search



Beamed Search also provides the services of search engine submission where you can submit your site to get indexed fast. And consequently get better organic traffic.

Best Bookmarking Sites for Bookmark Submission



10. ExaLead


Exalead is a software company which provides the services related to search platforms and search-based applications. It also provides the services of search engine submission where you can submit your site for better indexing and higher search engine rankings.


Hope this list will help you in a realistic manner to get your business name familiar and indexed well in SERPs. Thus, use these sites to  submit your website urls and blog here and also don’t forget to share your experience with us related to enhancement in organic traffic, ranking in search engine results, etc. Also, don’t forget to show your love for the post thereby sharing it across different platforms.

Best Blog Directories for SEO


Social Bookmarking Sites 2020- Top 40 Bookmarking Submission List for SEO

List of Free Bookmarking Sites 2020 for SEO: Best Social Bookmarking Sites for  India, UK, USA, Canada, Australia.


2020 Best Social Bookmarking Sites to Improve SEO and Obtain Free One way Backlinks!


I am sure you already know that social bookmarking websites play a great role in ranking any website or blog in any search engines. They add value to offpage SEO and hence search engine ranking. Social bookmarking sites provide good social signals and, so they send positive indications to Internet search engines.


Due to the above mentioned facts most of the Bloggers and Webmasters are always in lookout for good bookmarking websites. We have prepared this list keeping the same thing in mind and we hope it will prove very beneficial to your SEO targets.


This collection of bookmark submission sites is updated in 2020 to provide you latest information on the popular bookmark posting sites that add value to your website’s SEO score.



Social Bookmarking sites list-800x600
Social Bookmarking Sites List




Social Bookmarking Sites that are Topping the charts of Bookmarking Sites in 2020



Make sure you submit your blog url to the maximum number of below mentioned sites for building backlinks and gaining social signals towards your content. The sites will surely help you in marketing your blog as the backlinks you receive from them will be of high SEO value.


Most of the Social Bookmarking websites in this listing have High Page Rank (though, Google does not consider it of any value, at present) and high Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority(PA), and Moz Rank.

You can also check DA of any website by yourself through this site here.


Sr Social Bookmarking Sites  Google PR

#1. Pinterest- Bookmark or Pin your Blog Posts   PR9
#2. Tumblr- A Great Micro Blogging Platform for Sharing PR8
#3. Plurk Bookmarking Community PR8 (Taipei, Taiwan)
#4. stumbleupon- an Interesting Social Sharing Site   PR8
#5. The Synonym for Online Bookmarking PR8
#6. diigo- a dedicated Bookmarking website  (USA)  PR8
#7. Medium- Get backlinks sharing small microblogs  PR8
#8. a very OLD and reputed Bookmarking site PR7
#9. PR7
#10. PR7
#11. PR7
#12. ScoopIt- Social Bookmarking and Curation Site PR7 ( San Francisco, California, United States)
#13. Reddit- Bookmarking Made Interesting n Un-boring! PR8
#14. Plurb PR7 (Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA)
#15. PR5
#16. PR6 ( Italian site)
#17. Bibsomany PR5  (Germany based bookmarking platform)
#18. PR5
#19. PR5
#20. PR4
#21. PR7
#22. (Lund, Sweden)
#23.  ( Cleveland, Ohio, USA)
#24. (Austria / Europe)
#26 pinboard (not free, $11 per year for signup)
#29. Microblogging Sites for Social Backlinks 


USA Bookmarking Sites


Most of the bookmarking sites in the above list are from USA. Some people search bookmarking sites for specific countries. They think that it will be good for local SEO.


Though, you dont need to do that if you include only the high authority sites for link submission. Below are some more USA bookmarking sites which are quite popular. (San Francisco, USA) (North Carolina) Technology related site for article submission, bookmarking , link sharing. Millions of developers are connected with dZone. San Francisco, USA New York , USA ( Save links to Read later)




UK Social Bookmarking Sites


If you came here searching for UK social bookmarking sites then i would like to say a few words in this regard. There are not much bookmarking sites that are specific to UK country. Social bookmarking sites are very unstable.


They keep coming and going out of the scene. Most of the new bookmarking sites dont last more than 1-2 years.


So, it is no use of using such sites, instead try only the establish high authority bookmark submission sites.


The above listed 20+ bookmarking sites are also great for UK as 20-30% of the traffic to them comes from UK.


For example, the below given sites work greatly for SEO in UK countries:-



Social Bookmarking Submission for Website Backlinks:

social bookmarking-400x200
Social Bookmarking


All the sites listed here all completely free and are best for SEO and website submission for generating quality backlinks.


After Bookmarking your website you should ping them to these best Ping websites for quick indexing.


We are going to explain you here about the social bookmarking websites that are special like good business forums for promoting small businesses online and you can generate massive traffic to your business portfolio blog or website constantly on a daily basis.


We have talked about in the previous articles about the ways for business promotion on the Internet, like Search Engine Methods, Forum Promotion, Content Marketing, advertising posting, PPC, email marketing, Free Press Release submission, blog commenting, social media marketing, etc.


Now, in this post we will focus on how can we increase online presence of any website or business through some good social bookmarking websites.


There are several thousands of bookmarking websites on the internet, but you must use only some selected ones from them as the policy of ‘getting backlinks blindly’ can harm the online reputation of your website.


HOW and WHY to Use Social Bookmarking for Ranking your Website?

Social Bookmarking Websites – Build Backlinks Faster and Improve your website SEO



HOW and WHY to Use Social Bookmarking-730x300


➤ Social bookmarking websites are exploding all over the web giving internet marketers a huge opportunity to build massive backlinks to their websites in very short period of time.


➤ Websites like, Pocket, Pinterest, Diigo, and are giving users an opportunity to employ one of the most powerful methods of online advertising using social bookmarking.


➤ As users post their links to sites they like, other readers can grab those links and post them to their own lists giving marketers an opportunity to enjoy the power of viral traffic generation.


➤ One of the biggest attractions to using social bookmarking websites like Digg is the fact that a tremendous amount of traffic frequents these sites on a daily and monthly basis.


If you are diligent about your keyword research and have the ability to craft a newsworthy article, your potential for a massive spike in traffic can be instantaneous.


➤ While creating newsworthy content certainly has its’ benefits, what if your content isn’t newsworthy? is it still worth it to go ahead and bookmark your sites? Absolutely, yes.


Due to the high page rank these sites enjoy, you can still benefit from bookmarking your website as the search engines see these incoming links as votes for your website from these high authority sites.


➤ It’s important to note that the page rank for the social bookmarking site linking back to you may not be passed if there is a nofollow tag associated with the link, but you can still siphon some of the traffic from the site into yours giving you an opportunity to get some immediate traffic.


➤ The very nature of social bookmarking sites is that they are indeed “social”, so it’s important to link to other sites that are not yours as a way of contributing to the community.


➤ More backlinks means more traffic and social bookmarking websites provide a very simple solution for achieving a larger number of backlinks faster while supplying instant traffic at the same time.


Social Bookmarking Sites for SEO


You can easily Promote your blog over the Internet by using this Social SEO Bookmarking list.


The sites mentioned in this list are the social bookmarking websites that every blog or website owner must use to drive free search Engine traffic and promote their professional or business website.


You can safely use this List of Bookmarking websites that are safe in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for any blogger or business owner.


We have picked only high quality, relevant, and high domain authority High PR bookmarking websites for your business which you can use to drive organic and naturally good traffic to a business service company blog.



A Few Word of Caution before you proceed:-


I have seen many instances of business representatives asking bad (low quality/ irrelevant) websites to remove the links of their company website from such sites.

So, ‘think before you act’ and only include quality bookmarking sites in your SEO project list.


List of Similar Sites that are good for SEO


You should also submit your website to these High PR and High Domain Authority Directory Submission sites for SEO here.


Submit your Blog to High PR Blog directories

Along with submitting bookmarks to these social bookmarking sites, you should also submit your website to some of the great RSS directory websites


To promote a website, you need to make sure that it is well indexed in all of the major search engines on the Internet. If you haven’t already submitted your website, you can visit here to add your website url free to best of the search engines.


PDF and word document sharing platforms are also great places to be for marketing a business website online. Check out this post to submit your website to 30 best PDf and Word Document sharing sites.


Have you submitted your business or website to some of the most prevalent Press Release Sites yet? If not, then visit here to find the list of 40 best websites to submit a free press release for your business or website.


SocialAdr for bookmarking automation: Visit Social Adr for sharing your content automatically on top 29 social media sites.

Top 10 Local Citation Sites List USA – Submit Business FREE Online

What are the Top Local Citation Listings in USA to Submit your Business Online for Marketing


Submit your business or services for free on these 10 best local listing sites in the USA. Free local online advertising options for US business marketers.


Get USA business listing sites and submit your advertisements or business listings there and see the traffic improving for your site and business services in no time. These are pretty cool business directories for United States for online business and services that are used not only by United States based advertisers and companies but all over the world over.


For ex.-Yelp and FourSquare are great local market place directories to find Local business, products and services around any cities in the United States, yet these sites are available for International locations and they have separate subdomain for every country in the world.


I hope you find the list of these good business listing sites very useful and result oriented for your business and service promotions online on the Internet.


➤ 30 Local advertising methods to promote your Business in Florida
Local advertising Business Promotion Tips


Top 10 Best Local Business Listing Directory Sites for USA


Why to Submit your Business to these Local Citation Sites?


Geo targeting your customers through localized advertising. Even the social media giants, like Facebook and LinkedIn have included the geo targeting option in their paid advertisements after recognizing the major influence of geo marketing.


I have seen that submitting a business or company page to the local directory websites improves local search engine optimization for your business web. Along with improving search optimization, these 10 free business listings websites offer great means to advertise a small business for the US online local markets.

If you are an advertising or marketing representative of your company, then you should take this seriously and make it among the first few things to do when you start marketing a business or company.

Most of them are free and instantly approve your submitted business services listings.


Free Citation Listing Sites in USA – List of Top 10 Local Business Citation Directories 2019

These sites serve great resources for business marketing in the USA local Online Marketplaces.

These are the local business directories to submit a business free online for the local online marketing. Get USA business listing sites & submit your advertisements or product listings free. Most Popular biz directory sites for Local advertising and marketing.

#1- Google local places



Google Local Places is one of the top 3 Free Business Listing Sites for the US to submit a ‘service’ free online.

If your customers are looking for you either on Google search, Maps or Google+, you can be sure they will find you as long as you are on Google. Indeed, Google leads the list of Top 10 local directory websites as it, being the leading search engine.


Google local places Map-based company listings-350x250
Google local places- Get your Business Found Free at Local Searches made on Google Search Engine


It allows you to give your customers accurate information on your businesses as well as creating long lasting relationships with your customers.


Google Places allows you to create and account and provide basic relevant information on your business then submit to Google. Google+ is a social network which has tailor-made listing options for businesses. Similarly, with Google Webmaster Tools, you will be able to get a high ranking on search engines especially if your site contains a top-level domain.


➤ Also see: How to advertise my business on Google



#2 Yelp- Local Online Market Place for Searching any Business or Services in your city


Like most other directories, Yelp allows you to claim your business listing, respond to business reviews, analyze the activities of the visitors to your site and convert traffic into sales.


Yelp local listing site for companies business service providers-350x200
Yelp- The Popular Business Directory for Local Places across the Globe 


It is important to note that Yelp targets different audience from the one that is targeted by search engines, thereby creating a diversification option that is important for the development plans of the business. Yelp also offers advertising options that accentuate business performance.


Top 10 Search Engine Submission Sites


#3 Bing Business portal for local marketers

[ Bing Local Business Listing Site- A step by step guide ]


Bing Business portal is a great business listing option for local marketers and companies. As long as you have a hotmail account and you have accepted the Bing Business Portal Offer Guidelines, you can claim your business listing on Bing, complete and verify your profile then submit a business to Bing.


Bing Business portal for local companies businesses marketers-350x200
Bing Business Portal- Add your local company listing Free


They take a while before your business goes live on Bing.If you have filled all the citation and details correctly then it’s very easy to get listed on Bing.

This will open the doors to prosperity, where you will join a large group of businesses which are already flourishing on Bing.

[ Top 10 Directory Submission Sites ]


#4 Merchant circle- Promote your business-services in Local places


Merchant_Circle_online-listing-usa-site-350x250 One of the Most Popular Listing Site for USA


If you want to promote your business, Merchant Circle will allow you to do so by listing your business and owning a page in its database.

It retrieves business information from the listings on Yellow Pages and allows a business owner to sign up and provide contact information among other business related information.

One can actually add videos, widgets and advertisements. Posting a link to the business is the icing on the cake.


#5 Top Business Listing site


localcom-usa-based-local-listing-directory-350x250 USA based Local Listing Directory


With over 16 million listings currently, is a business directory with a difference. Actually, your business could even be listed without your knowledge, after which you should claim that particular listing, or check whether it is listed correctly. If it does not exist, creating one is a sweet piece of cake.

You are only required to provide basic information about your business, and you are ready to go.


#6 for Multiple Business Listings


If you want to see to it that your customers can find you online, build a profile and list your business with ExpressUpdate.The listing is send to top search engines, libraries and other local directories to ensure that whoever wants to do business with you does not get bogged down in the process as a result of lack of contact information.

In fact, your business information is updated regularly to ensure that it is up to date.


#7 Yext and MapQuest Business Listing Site


Yext and MapQuest work together to allow businesses to claim their listing by providing basic information about their businesses.

This information includes name, address, city, state, Zip code, phone, business owner, email, location and website.

You also need to provide a short description on the business. This is so for those whose businesses are already listed. For those who would like to get listed, the process starts with creating an account and following simple instructions to completion of the sign up process.


#8 for business reviews and recommendations


The fact that this is a new business directory does not prevent it from widespread acceptance and goodwill from the business community. This is so especially for those interested in beauty and health services, Catering business, medical services, auto and pet-related services.

Additionally, if you are looking for business reviews and recommendations, Insider pages provides you with tailor made solutions to this end.


#9 Get Your Business founded Locally in Foursquare


Foursquare for business is an application that connects over 50 million users from various parts of the world.

It allows you to list your business, get connected to your local customers, know what the other businesses are doing and let the entire audience to talk about you.

Actually, one of your customers may have listed you on the site already, whereby you only need to claim your company listing and take control of it.

However, if you are not listed, you can create an account and get ready to connect with the 1/3 of the world’s population that has access to the internet.


#10 Local Business Listings at Yahoo


Yahoo does not lag behind in local advertising. With Yahoo Local, you can make it possible for the populace to know your business address, URL, contacts, working hours and even payment options, to name but a few.


Yahoo Local Maps-Business Listing Service


There is a Basic business Listing Option which is free but with reduced privileges. However, it still serves the purpose of driving traffic to your site. You can even determine whether your listings are up to date, to avoid disseminating misleading information to your customers.


On the hand, there is the paid advertising option on which your business will be listed with more than 50 local business directories, among them Yelp, Bing, WhitePages, MapQuest and Superpages.

How to Advertise your business Free on Yahoo owned Online Web Services


Read more resources on Business, marketing, and online promotions-


Post free ads. Online advertising and business submission sites to post free classifieds and business services ads for any local place in the United States of America. Best business submission websites for local advertising on the Internet.

Post free ads for USA, India, UK, Canada, Australia, Asia. Free ads and advertisements site!

Post free ads Classifieds list. Want to sell something online? Use these Buy and sell sites list to market and generate leads for your biz in the United States.


Add your business or company listing over various other kinds of sites in the popular categories, like- 



➤ Top 10 Business listing sites for Canada

➤ The Most Powerful Social Media Sites where you business should be listed for effective marketing

➤ List of B2B Sites in USA


Over to you-Please leave your comments :- your thoughts and ideas about these so we can improve the listing by adding more such sites and don’t forget to subscribe the blog as we will be adding more useful advertising sites for business and companies.


Top 50 Free Search Engine Submission Sites List 2019 for Website Ranking

List of Top 50 Search Engines where you can Submit your website Free.


The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about SEO is Search Engine submission. When I learned blogging and started my own blog then I got to know about how important it is to tell search engines about your site. This is the fundamental step towards SEO and search engine marketing.

The only fastest way to index your website is possible when you visit these search engines and manually add url of your website in each of them. If your website or blog is rather new, then to get your site well indexed the foremost important task is to submit it to the main search engines for ranking it in SERPs.


For this reason I visited all kinds of such submission engines and added my website urls. Along the way I started discovering new search engines and began making a list of such sites, and today, I decided to publish it for the benefits of other users like you!


Adding your website url to these online search engines is the free way of SEM. Though, to get the maximum and faster results, you should try the paid way Search Engine Marketing. To take advantage of full SEM visit here a list of top ad networks and drive traffic through paid clicks on search engine result pages for the keywords related to your niches. 


You get a very good amount of organic traffic on daily basis to your content for free if you submit url to all search engines. The list contains address of all the major Internet search engines. Other smaller SEs have collaboration with these biggies.So, This way you get to submit your site to 1000 search engines for free!

Top 10 Search Engines on the Internet


Free Website Submission : Grab the Opportunity to add url to Top Search Engines for improved page rankings


To make your business or company website appear in every major search engines across the Web World, you need to submit your website in these searching sites in order to let them index and include your site in their huge database.


These Search engines offer free digital marketing opportunity for you through the search results for the online queries made by people across the World! All you have to do is adding your website url to these major Submission Sites.

Apart from the most popular search engines Google, Yahoo, and Bing, there are around 1000s of search engines that are providing the results to the rest of the online queries and searches made across the world.


They belong to different languages and places where people use the local search engines and that’s where these less known search engines play important role in providing SERP’s to the queries made to them.


What are the Benefits of Search Engine Submission?


You get the Following Benefits by Submitting your Website or Blog to these Search Engine Directories:


Benefits of Search-engine-submission-730x300


This is perhaps the first and foremost step towards starting an SEO process for your web property. Submitting your website to search engines is a great way to tell them about your content and online publications. In this way most of the well known Search engines and content hungry directories get to know about your web pages.


There are hundreds of small and medium kind of search engines that might not know about your website before you tell them by adding your website url to their directory.


Nowadays, there exist lots of search engines that provide searches specific to particular regions, locations, and languages. In this case, if you don’t let them know about your web pages the chances are that they will never know that your website exist on the Internet!

(off-course, unless until your web pages are easily discoverable in the major search engines, like Google,, Bing, Yahoo, etc).


Don’t be under the impression that if your website is being indexed by Google and Bing then it’s in the data base of every search engines!

As i pointed earlier in this article- small scaled search engines only care about including the three types of websites in their indexing data base:

➤1. The ones that are very popular and are very well indexed in Google’s SERPs (Search Engine result Pages).


2. The ones that have paid them to promote themselves by subscribing their premium subscription or membership (directly or through the third party channels).


3. The websites that have been submitted to their directory website by going to the page that says : “add url” “submit your website” or some other similar words!


So, it’s is surely very beneficial getting your website indexed by them if you want to utilize the organic searches to the fullest extent. Adding urls to these searches will improve your website’s traffic a lot.


Search engine submission is one the primary parts of Internet search engine marketing. This is perhaps one of the most fundamental steps towards promoting your web site.


These search engines have high PR and you get free backlinks too from them once they start indexing your site.


Submitting your business website in search engines is part of a free Search Engine Marketing to Promote your Small Business using local online marketing.Hence, adding url of your website to all the major Search Engines is the most important part of SEO.


For local business advertising use these ideas for your small business and also consider to make directory submissions for your business profile.


Things to keep in mind while submitting your website to these search engines-

➤ Majority of the search engines ask only for a url in the submission process. It is very easy to add your website to these searching engines.


➤Some search engines ask for your email address as well to make sure that you are not a bot. While some SEs also take it as an opportunity to grow their mailing list. So, don’t give your regular mail address for this purpose.


➤And, don’t forget to verify the link you get in your mail box once you submit your website to these engines. If you don’t verify, your site won’t get indexed!



List of 50 Best Search Engines for Free Website Submission:

Use our marketing blog Ads2020 and promote your online or offline business by using our manually selected list of the most trending and widely used webs over the internet.We are constantly adding more advertising and promotional websites for you. 


#1.  Google Free url Submission

#2.  Bing Add free url

#3.  Yandex Website submission

#4.  Active Search Results (ASR) Free website Submission

#5.  ExactSeek add free url

#6.  Gigablast add url free

#7.  Entire web Free Submission

#8.  SonicRun- add free listing

#9.  HotVsNot

#10. Similar Sites

#11.  Amfibi

#12.  Link Center

#13. Submit free

#14.  Infotiger

#15.  Pigasudirectory

#16.  1abc DirectorySimilar Site Search Submission

#17.  Anoox – Add free url for indexing

#18.  IntelSeek

#19.  Somuch- submit links

#20.  Submission web directory engine

#21.  Cipinet

#22.  MasterMoz

#23.  Sitepromotion Directory

#24.  Botid

#25.  Portelo

#26.  Replaz

#27.  Rocket Browse

#28.  Seznam

#29.  Secret Search Engine Lab

#30.  Sitidi

#31.  Subjex

#32.  Business Seek

#33.  Gainweb

#34.  Winword

#35.  ThalesDirectory

#36.  Sites Internationaux

#37.  Linkpedia

#38.  Skoobe

#39.  1000000 One million Directory

#40.  Suchio

#41.  Amidalla

#42.  Add Web Page

#43.  Addme Free Search Engine Submission


Find below some more excellent opportunities to add/submit your website online for free:


➤ Local citation sites to add your business or website free

➤ PDF document websites for sharing your business free online

➤ Submit your business Free over 20 RSS Directory sites

➤ Ping your web every time to these top ping sites whenever you publish new content

➤ add url of your blog to 20 Best Blog directory submission websites

➤ Directory Submission Sites for SEO

➤ Instant approval article submission sites

Quotable Quote:


A study conducted by IMT Strategies found that search engines are the number 1 way (46%) people find Web sites. Random surfing and word-of-mouth ranked second (20% each) Search engines rank among the busiest and most popular sites on the Web.

MicroBlogging Sites- List of 25 Best Micro Blogging Sites on Internet for 2018

Micro Blog Submission Sites on Internet: The Famous MicroBlogging Sites for SEO, Backlinks and Free url Submission


20 Most Popular Micro Blogging Sites for SEO Backlinks and Free Submission-560x315
Most Popular Micro Blogging Sites for SEO


Most of the online users want to access any information at a fast pace. They don’t like to read the lengthy articles or blogs. They want information in the form of short blogs or can say micro – blogs. 

So, here the micro -blogs or we can say microblogging sites come into existence. Unlike the social networking sites micro blogs are visible to public. Anyone can read, share, respond, and make comments on such micro blogs except in a few cases.

Nowaday every kinds of professions are using microblobs to send news, updates, and connect with their community of like minded people. In this article we are going to explain some examples of highest popular microblogging platforms on the Internet.


What are Microblogging Sites?


Microblogging sites are the sites which allow users to share the information (photos, videos, links, texts, etc.) within a limited number of words in an efficient manner.


Although in present date, most of the people use microblogging sites, like Twitter but do you know there are also 4444444777 which you can use for microblogging either as an individual or as a business.


All around the the world people love to connect and share things over the microblogging sites as they offer them simple and easy way to get started. You dont need to be a tech savvy to use these sites. anyone can register an account and start sharing the information they love to.


Businesses use these microblogging sites for sharing information and updates about their business. So, on being a business, you can also use these sites for the same, and you will get benefited soon as these websites are the fastest way to show and share the information across the world.

Thus, today I am sharing information about the same.


So, here it is – the list of 20 most popular microblogging sites on the internet.


Best Micro Blogging Sites- A Comprehensive List

A List of Great Microblogging Sites for Sharing and Networking

This is a newest list of Microblogging sites for 2018. Read through and get benefitted from the social networking giants in Microblogging field!


#1. Twitter



Twitter- the No#1 Microblogging Platform in the World



Twitter is first on the list of best microblogging sites, and most of us know it as a social networking site. In fact, Twitter is a  microblogging site which users use for sharing different things which have made it socially so famous. Twitter permits you to share short messages of 140 characters which are also known as tweets.

The best part about using Twitter is that it is a real-time platform.



#2. Tumblr



Tumblr- second best micro blogging platform all across the world


Tumblr is yet another great microblogging site which is used by micro-bloggers. Tumblr is a subsidiary of Yahoo where you can share information in the form of text, links, video, audio, etc.

Tumblr is a great microblogging site for fun and entertainment. Specially the youth love this platform for sharing and watching interesting things based on everything.


#3. Plurk Microblogging

Plurk is third in the row, and it is one of the known microblogging platforms in present date. The word limit for Plurk is 210 characters at max. And the short messages posted in Plurk are known as plurks.

Plurk- A very popular micro blogging community on the Internet



With Plurk, you can also share Videos, Photos, private messages along with plurks and become part of group conversations.

You can also use qualifiers within your Plurk to provide it more meaning. Here you can also add people as friends and also can follow people whom you admire, and they can do the same for you.

➤ Most Popular Social Bookmarking Sites like Plurk



#4. Yammer


Yammer- the enterprise level Social Network for Microblogging


Yammer is another great micro-blogging platform where you can connect with people and team across your organization. Here you can share ideas, updates, and questions with your co-workers and also can upload images, files, videos and start a conversation with your colleagues.



#5. Twoo



Twoo- Social Networking Micro Blogging Site


Twoo is also amid one of the best microblogging websites. Here at Twoo you can share photos, search anything, chat with friends and also can play fun games. Twoo has more than 1300 million monthly active users. So, it can prove to be the best platform for your business as it provides an enormous exposure. Moreover, it is present in over 200 countries and 32 languages.

It has apps for all Android, iPhone, and Windows.

➤ Top Social Apps like Twoo



#6. Meetme



Meetme- Micro Blogging Platform for Social Networking


Meetme is also one of the best business networking and microblogging platforms. Here, at Meetme you can meet new people and chat with them to expand your business reach. You can share your ideas, thoughts, interests as well. To become a part of this microblogging platform, you can register with Facebook or email.

➤ Free Directory Submission sites for SEO






Identica is a microblogging and social networking platform which runs through software. Here users can share updates, rich texts, and images. Identica has stopped new registrations and only the already registered users can do the mentioned activities.



#8. Plerb


Plerb is another great microblogging channel where you can post stuff you want to share, follow people you admire and connect with friends. Also, plerb is in the process of adding new features. It is a social community site, but it is still in the beginning phase and they need to add more features to make it work.


#9. Twitxr


Twitxr also comes in the list of top 10 microblogging sites. On Twitxr you can share short text messages and share photos. Along with that it automatically publishes photos on social networks and photo sharing sites. You can share updates, pictures, status, and news from your mobile.


#10. Rememble


Rememble is the best micro blogging website where you can create life stories in the form of videos, text, photos, sounds, scans, notes, scribble, etc. So go ahead and create and even co-create life stories. There are 123455 registered users at Rememble.





Mastodon- Photo credit


What is Mastodon?- Watch this short Video!Mastodon is the world’s largest free, open-source, and decentralized microblogging microblogging network. You can share anything on Mastodon, like links, videos, photos, texts, etc. Mastodon is an ad free and community owned social networking platform for micro bloggers. It is available in 10+ languages.



15 Other Microblogging sites which you can also give a try are:-


11. – Polish social networking and microblogging site. 


12. Hictu  (For video microblogging, text and audio as well)


13. Sina Weibo (Microblogging platform in China)


14. Viadeo




16. Apsense




18. Ello


19. Posteezy


20. BagtheWeb


21. StackSity




23. PearlTrees




25. Linkedin Blog



Hope this list of microblogging sites will help you to expand the reach of your business and targeted traffic to your business website as well. If it does, then forget to share it with friends via social channels. Also, do comment in the comment section below to share your views on the same.


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Top 10 Review Sites for Business Service Company Reviews Online [Updated 2019]

10 Best Review Sites for Businesses- Publish Reviews of Your Business Online


List of Best Review Sites for Businesses.


Top 10 online business Reviews: The most popular product review websites where you can Publish review for a Business, Company, Website, Apps, Products, and Services online. The consumer review websites listed here are filled with business reviews and complaints by common users and consumers. So, use these sites to monitor reviews of any/your business or service.

Top 10 Review Sites where you can publish consumer reviews for Affiliate Marketing, products, and Business Branding.


Online reviews or testimonials are an essential element for the success of any online business. And why it shouldn’t be after all it tells about the status of the firm, that how well it provides products and services to its client and takes care of their needs.

Top 10 Best Review sites-business apps sites-products-600x400
10 Best Review Sites for Consumers and Business Owners

Thus, if you are also an online business and want to get more and more reviews for your business, then there is good news for you. Yes, apart from the traditional review sites, like Yelp and Google Listings you can get reviews on other authorized and trusted review sites.

So, today I am going tell you about those top 10 sites for publishing reviews of your website or work.

List of Top 10 Review Sites: Globally Most Popular Consumer Review Sites:-

Whether you are a consumer or a business owner yourself you would find the sites exciting as they are used and seen by millions of users worldwide. They are trusted and relied for the reviews published on their platform. Most of them get the ratings on their listings from real users, hence they are more authentic and reliable.

Must Check: 10 Best Sites to Ask Questions and Get Answers


1. Trustpilot: The #1 Best Site for Publishing Reviews


Trustpilot- The Number Review Site

Trustpilot is one of the best websites to get reviews from your clientele base.  It is a platform which creates a transparency between customers and the business owners.

Here you can get reviews from your clients and as result of this can build your online reputation, can drive both organic and paid traffic to your business website, increase conversions and improve services thereby rescuing less satisfied customers.

With the help of this site, you can also increase retention rates of your clients.

2. Consumer Reports


ConsumerReports-a Great Review Platform for Consumers

ConsumerReports is another on the list and is among one of the best websites to get actual reviews. ConsumerReports is an independent website which tests products and provides unbiased reviews for that product which help to create a perfect recommendation.

The interesting thing about the site is that they pay for the products they review and also accept no advertisements. Thus if you want to get examined by them first make sure your product stands for what you have promised to have in the product.

3. TestFreaks


TestFreaks is also among the best review websites where customers can put their reviews for the companies and in turn TestFreaks respond to the customers on behalf of seller.Along with that now prospects can also ask questions regarding the products and services of that particular company. And again TestFreaks will respond to questions for you. Till date, this website has reviewed around 30 million products.


4. Angie’s List

angies list review-platform-400x400
Angie’s List- A Popularly Known Review Platform

Angieslist is fourth in the row and also one of the best websites to get reviews for your products. It is one of the platforms which stand for providing accurate information about the businesses.

At Angieslist users have to pay membership fees to write and read reviews. Businesses can register their business at Angieslist and complete their profile and also respond to the reviews of the customers.

Angieslist provides grading to the companies by an alphabetical scale ranging amid A to F. And the company with high grading gets an opportunity to advertise.

5. Facebook Business Reviews

Facebook is a great Platform to Review any business or pages

Along with being a social media platform Facebook also provides facility to its users to post reviews on the pages of a particular company. Here at Facebook Reviews, users can post reviews and ratings for the pages they liked.

A business which mentions its physical address is eligible to get reviews from its customers on Facebook. It is one of the best platforms to get reviews as almost every individual is present on Facebook and it makes it much easier for businesses to stay connected and tuned with their clients and also to respond to their reviews.

How to increase Likes for your Facebook Page Organically
Generating Leads through Facebook

6. Goodsnitch or


Goodsnitch-A Really Good Site for Reviews

Goodsnitch or is also among one of the best websites to get positive reviews.  Yes, you have heard it right. Hundredxinc publishes good reviews, how?

Let me explain that-  it allows customers to write private reviews for the company and the reviews which are positive like mentioning about the good, high-quality product, and fantastic services got published.

And the negative reviews are hand over to the company itself so that they can deal with the problems of the customers directly. It is because the aim of the Goodsnitch is to spread goodwill and to make a better relationship between clients and business.

7. Foursquare Business Reviews


Business reviews at Foursquare-560x315 A Global review site for local Businesses near you!

Foursquare for Business is also among one of the best websites to receive customer reviews. With Foursquare business users and also customers have to check-in to share their location with the help of social media to register business and post reviews respectively. Also, customers can post their reviews, ratings, and tips which in turn help other customers.

8. Reviews on Yahoo Local Listing

Reviews at Yahoo Local Listings

Yahoo local listing platform also allows customers to post their review on a particular listing on Yahoo local listing just like Google. It’s nice to have Yahoo reviews as well just like Google because Yahoo acquires 12.5% of the total search engine results worldwide.

9. Eopinions is also one of the best websites to get reviews from your customers. It is product review site.  Thus, if you are a business owner who sells products, then it is the best site where you can register your business and get reviews for your products. Also if your business is about travel, restaurants or food even, in that case, you can go for it.


10. Viewpoints: Publish Reviews for your Services or Products

Viewpoints is another good name in the field of receiving reviews from the customer base. It is the best place where you can get reviews for both your products and services like from electronics products to beauty services or from airline services to health care products. For consumers, it is the best place to shop smarter with the help of their reviews.

Hope this list of top 10 review sites for publishing reviews for your website or work will help you in a realistic manner. You can share your views and experience on these sites with us in the comment section given below. Thanks for reading.




Local business review sites come very handy when it comes to know opinion on a business or company. These are the highest used sites by customers to put their reviews of local businesses and services. They give voice to what they experience using the services or products from different companies in their local areas. Generally consumers publish reviews when they feel strongly about a company, service, or product. They go to these places either to praise or to complain.


20 Best FREE Directory Submission Sites List 2020 for SEO for Website Ranking


Top Directory Submission Sites List with High PR for Ranking your Website Higher in Search Engines

Top SEO Directory Submission Sites for 2020


If you have  your own website, may it be for blogging or business purposes, then you will need to have good traffic. But the question is: How can you let traffic in? This is where backlinking ( ) will help. Backlinking is a list of links that direct back to your website, having people visit your page.

There are many types of ways following which you can earn backlinks to your website, similar to marketing strategies in order to sell your product. One of them would be using directory submission, specially the ones with high Page Rank (PR).


What is a Web Directory?


A web directory ( What is a Web directory ) is to register or submit your website into a directory of links and other pages in certain categories in order for more people of your target audience visit your page.


Best Free SEO Directory Submission Sites list at Ads2020-marketing-550x350
A Must to Use Directory Submission List for SEO and Web Ranking


10 Best Directory Submission Sites for SEO


Directory Submission sites that are good for SEO



While there are paid blog directories, there are many that offer free services as well. In this article, we show you the top 10 best free directory submission sites for SEO.


Here are some of the free directory submissions you are able to work with:


1. DMOZ No #1 Directory on the Internet


Dmoz – The Best of all directory sites on the Internet!


Dmoz is the oldest and largest of them all! This directory site is loved and used by all the countries around the World. The most authorized and reputed web directory on the entire Internet!


This is a human edited directory and they have a good number of voluntary moderators and editors working there. So, it becomes quite tough getting listed at them considering that they have thousands of sites pending in their moderation queue.


But, it’s worth a lot the wait.

This is a website that’s very easy to use, with the categories already lined up for you once you visit the page. It’s international, so anyone around the world will be able to use and take advantage of it.


➤ If you are interested in directory submission list then i am sure you would also like never miss the opportunity to submit your links into the best social bookmarking sites for SEO here.

Local Directory Sites in India

2. Dizila Directory


dizila_com-top-directory-page-rank6-400x300 a top web directory with Page Rank 6


A perk about Dizila is that they have a directory up on their page and a search bar to easily check a specific category. You also get a database of the top links and categories to easily navigate.Article Submission Sites with Instant Approval


3. EnviroLink


envirolink-org-high-pr-directory-600x400 : A High PR directory site


EnviroLink is a great way to submit directories on websites regarding the environment and other forms of sciences, focusing on non-profit organizations. You can also sign up for their newsletter through submitting your e-mail address.

They have a sitemap to make it easy to navigate around. They also have a forum as well based on Ecology and community at





somuch-high-pr-directory-600x300 High PR Directory is quite an old site and hence carries a lot of good reputation over the Internet. Its trust value and authority is good. The site is constantly maintained and taken care by the owner who has got more than 15 years of experience running such sites.

They approve quickly and let everyone submit their site provided that the listing is valid and not a porno, illegal, or gambling related site.

How to Submit your site at


Free Links Submission:

You can submit a link for free at They will review your link and then manually approve it. It may takes 2-3 days to even weeks time depending upon the length of the queue. If you want to jump the queue and want to be ahead of the herd then you need to pay something for one time.


Accelerated 12 hr Link Approval plan:

If you don’t want to wait and make sure that your link get approved quickly then you need to pay a one time fee of $8.95. They will approve your link within 12 hours provided that your site meets their criteria.


Enhanced Link Submission Plan:


This is the best offer from them and you need to pay yearly to take this plan. Your link will be approved within 12 hours and it will be included in the list of special links which are randomly displayed on each page load. Plus, your link will be displayed on their Facebook page as well. This plan will cost you $22.95 per year.


A perfect Procedure to Follow while Submitting to Different Directories


5. Submission Web Directory


At “Submission Marketing Web Directory” you can submit a link or an article or both!This is a very simple site to go through, as it already has all the categories to choose from. You are also able to find cheap web hosting and relevant blog posts on tips regarding how you are able to increase traffic and enhance your website for more audience and visitors.


6. Site Promotion Directory


Another web directory that is simple to use, all you need to do is to submit your website URL to the appropriate category. Once it is reviewed by their team and approved, your website is now up for others to view!


➤Are you panicked for waiting the manual approval processing time? I would suggest you to also check this list of directories that don’t moderate and publish your listing straight away.


7. AbiLogic Local Search


This has a nice interface to use, as they show all the latest websites, countries and top categories to choose from. You can also find their partners and more information on directory submission through their website.


8. High Rank Directory


Not only can you submit links to add to their directory, but you can submit articles as well. You also have the links and articles of the latest submissions, if you are interested in checking them out.


9. ABC Directory


Like other websites, you can list down both links and articles into various categories.These are entirely free, but they also have premium listings you can join for a fee.

You open up to all the latest listings and can easily submit your link or article with no registration required.


10. A1 Web Directory


A1 Web Directory has an easy to navigate feature where you are able to search websites through the region, country or category. You can easily get to the website you are looking for or submit your own to be easily found by your target audience all over the world.


Top 20 Directory Submission Sites for 2020


An illustration of Directory Submission Process

Directory Submission List to Rank and Promote your website

Unsur Penting Saat Akan Submite Website

Top 10 Video Submission sites for marketing, Blogging, and SEO

Top 30 PDF Sharing Sites where you could add good number of links urls

Free Business Directories for Marketing Promotion in USA


Bonus: A Must to Use Site for SEO and Submission:


Scrub The Web


Scrub the Web-Search Engine and Meta Submission Directory-550x350
Scrub the Web- Free Search Engine Submission and a place to find useful tips on Meta Data


Just like its title, Scrub The Web focuses on building on page and offpage SEO by optimizing meta data on your site as well as submitting it to major search engines. It is giving people the chance to submit their sites without the need to pay.

Their website may be a bit old-fashioned, but they have been working since 1996, making them a good website to work with.

Add you Business or Website in Bing Local Search Maps


In Conclusion


With the many methods on how to increase traffic, backlinking and directory submission is one of them. With these best free directory submission sites, you will hopefully be able to boost your SEO and website visibility. If you think that your website or blog is not ranking well in search engines, then read this post which is based on- The Reasons Why your website is not ranking well in SERPs.So what are you waiting for?

If you would want to boost your website’s traffic and audience, then start submitting your website or blog into these directories today. It’s a quick and free way to get more people coming to your website and spreading the word of your articles or the products and services you have to showcase.


Did you enjoy the article and has it helped you in any way? If you have more suggestions or thoughts, then comment down below! We would love to hear what you have to say about backlinking and SEO


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Free Canadian Business Directories- Best 25 Canada Local Directory Listing Sites

Top 25 Local Directories in Canada to Promote a Business Online.


Digital marketing has become more important for a business in today’s time due to the the fact that most of the people now use Internet to search or locate a business if the need arises. And, business directories are a great source of free online marketing for any businesses. Finding Local advertising directories specific to a country could be difficult for many. That’s why we decided to make a separate list of Local SEO directories for Canadian people.


There are not any thousands or even hundred directory websites that dedicatedly cover Canadian local regions. So, this Free Online Directory Listings become more valuable.

You should definitely use these Canada based business directories if you want to get local visitors for the success of your online marketing and advertising campaigns.

The websites described here offer great opportunity to anyone intending to optimize their business or products as per the local markets.


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25 best local business directories for Canada


The Canadian Business Directories that are very useful for Local SEO and Business Marketing


Most of the directory websites explained here cover all the modern features of today’s local directories +citation websites. Most of them have Google map enabled online listings as well as business review settings.

For any local citation website having a review and citation features is a must as per local SEO rules and guidelines. Fortunately, most of the directory listing sites here have all of them.

Most of the Canadian directories listed here are shown in search engine result pages when people search for businesses and services near by them. This is obvious when Google shows map based listings whenever we search something in our local area.

So, basically these local directories appear in online searches based on the addresses of the users who make queries.


Best 25 Canadian Local Business Directories


The websites listed below are the best business directories for Canada where you can submit your business listings for free. Few of them also offer premium listing options for more exposure and visibility by displaying your business over many categories.

These directory submission sites are great for SEO and local business advertising. You can easily Promote your Small Business over these cool sites by Submitting your business details in the Web listings.


Here you go-


#1. “Google My Business” Listing for Canada



Google My Business Canada: Add your Business Listing FREE


I hope you don’t have any doubt that Google Business Listing is the undisputed leader in Canadian business directories. This is where most of the people search online for smaller to bigger business places.


It is backed up by the Google’s most widely used map enabled services.


So, you should go ahead and list your business page immediately in Google local places for the appropriate categories.You need to mention all the important details correctly. provide your real phone number and business address as Google verifies it by sending a post card at your location.


#2. Yelp Canada for Business owners



Yelp Canada- High Authority Local Directory Listing Site for Businesses


Yelp is another world famous local business directory for small vendors, shopkeepers, merchants, and small businesses. It is a map based local advertising directory site for listing your business from Canada.

Yelp is a very reliable website for local search as its listings are reviewed and rated by real users. Their app is also popular and a lots of searches come from mobile users.


#3. Hotfrog Canada


Hotfrog is one of the oldest and reputed business citation websites. It has a worldwide  presence over 30+ countries with a separate website for each country.


Hotfrog is a very huge local directory site and it hosts listings from a wide range of businesses.


List your Local Business Listing for the following cities in Canada:

Abitibi, Acton, Alberni-Clayoquot, Albert, Alberta, Algoma District, Annapolis, Antigonish, Antoine- Labelle,  Argenteuil,  Arthabaska, Avignon, Baffin, Beauce-Sartignan, Beauharnois-Salaberry, Bellechasse,  Bonaventure,  Brant, British Columbia, Brome-Missisquoi, Bruce, Bulkley-Nechako, Bécancour, Cape Breton,  Capital,  Cariboo,  Carleton, Central Coast, Kootenay, Okanagan, Charlevoix, Charlotte, Chatham-Kent,  Coaticook,  Cochrane,  Colchester, Columbia-Shuswap, Comox Valley.


#4. connects you to Canada’s businesses, products and services, providing all the information from the business directory addresses and telephone numbers videos, photos, email and web sites.

Canada Yellow Pages also runs a very popular online service website for searching business phone numbers, people search, reverse phone lookup, area pin codes, map searches, etc. You can find this website at here .




LiveBusiness.Ca- Online business Directory Canada


Canadian Web Directory and Business Listings.

Canadian web directory where you can submit link of your business website free. Find Canadian sites or add url to the Canada’s business links directory.

They allow yellow page submission and white page submission into their directory. You can add your website url without any account registration. There are many categories where you can list your biz or personal website free.



#6 WebLocal


weblocal_ca-Canadian_business_directory_500x250 Canadian directory for business promotion



Weblocal also offers a unique feature for its registered business listing owners where people search, rate, and share thisted to search, rate, and share any businesses, merchants, and service providers.


Canadian Company Offering Free Business Advertising, online directory submission service in Canada. It is a free provincial business Listing site.


Search for Accountants, Bathrooms, local businesses, Beauty Salons, Blinds, Builders, Car Hire, Creches, Dentists, Driving Schools, etc.



#7. listingsca


Canada Business, Travel, and Local Directory.

Tourism, travel, and business guide of 170550 website listings, with photos and maps.



#8. Listings and Business Search Service Canpages


Canada Business Directory, Listings and Search Service Canpages.Canpages provides reviews, maps, and contacts for businesses in Canada. Find products and services in your local and nearby places.


#9. Canada’s Local business search engine


411 ca Canada s Local Search Engine. You can add your business free to You need to provide your contact number to register your listing at


Get the 411! It is fast and easy Find nearby businesses, people or use our savvy reverse lookup service.Free Local Listings For Events, Places, Services Businesses within Ontario Regions Such as Greater Toronto Area, Hamilton, New Market, London, Sudbury, Ottawa and Thunder Bay.


Listing Reviews and latest events in the local places for Canada are also a good add-on feature of the site.



#10 LocalSites Web Directory


It is both: A web directory and business listing site for Canadians.

LocalSites Canada Web Directory is a Canadian business directory which organizes business listings as per their category and location. It is also very helpful in improving SEO for your business website.


#11. Canada411


Canada 411 is a search engine for business telephone directory and you can search people by reverse phone lookup. To list your business on Canada411, submit your business phone number.

They offer advertising options on their partner sites and digital marketing channels. You can subscribe their social media and SEO listing services.


#12. guelphchamber


#13. Bing Places Canada




















#24. CanadaOne- Canadian Business Directory

#25. Profile Canada for advertising business listing




List of Most Popular Ecommerce Companies in Canada


How the Canadian Business Directories are Useful?


These Online business directories from Canada prove to be very useful online tools for many reasons as cited below-


➤ You get Free Search engine and referral traffic to your business site.


➤ They offer Better Off-page Search Engine Optimization opportunities.


➤ You get Free Quality Backlinks (from High Domain Authority Local directories)

➤ They improve online reputation of your business or services. These sites are well looked upon by search engines. If search engines discover the mentioning of your website from such directories then it’s counted as a good indication. 

➤ They improve social media signals for your business as most of the submitted business listings to them are also shared on the social media accounts of these directories.

➤ You get free leads+reviews from there for your business services.


What are the Types of Business Directories?


Business Directories fall mainly in 3 categories based on their details submission features:


#1. Traditional web directory sites that allow adding a business listing from anyone. (example, Dmoz). This type of directories are mostly useful only for business SEO.


#2. Yellow Pages ( For example, yellowpages,, etc). This kind of directories function like a telephone directory.


#3. Local citation sites ( for ex- ). This type of directory inherits the properties of a traditional web directory and yellow pages.


#4. Map based Local business directories ( Google local places,  Foursquare, Bing local, Yelp, etc).

This type of directories are latest in the trend and they are the ones that are most popular and most widely used by online users for searching a business or service in their local areas.

You should also try Canada Local Classifieds websites for Geo targeting for your business products.


Want to have more of it ? Try this Ultimate list of Top directory submission websites

Blog listing directories for SEO


Watch this beginners video tutorial on- What is Directory Submission and How to Do Directory Submission?