Google Plus Marketing- 9 Outstanding Tips for Ranking over GooglePlus

How to Use Google Plus for Marketing a Business or Website? G+ Marketing Tips for Beginners



Google is a very important platform for those who want to promote their website, blog, or business online. Google Plus means much more than a social network. It is considered one of the Leading Social media Sites all across the World.

As Google is shut down since the last 2-3 years, so, basically, no use of knowing Marketing tips for Googleplus unless  it comes back, which is not likely in the near future. Instead of reading this post, you should visit here for a Social Media Marketing Tips for Beginners


Google Plus has more than 150 million active users, while 50% of users are registered here every day. Using Google Plus for web marketing is not just a good idea, it’s a great idea! Google+ boasts a number of advantages that distinguish the network from other social networks.

For example, Google Plus has a huge impact on SEO and some incredible tools, which you will not find anywhere else. Here we are talking about Google Hangouts and Google Plus Ripples.

Work on Google+ for business promotion can be a great way to reach new audiences, improve SEO and increase sales. In this article, we will discuss marketing and ranking tips for Google Plus.


How to Market your Business or Website on Google Plus Social media



How to Use Google Plus for Gaining Free Traffic and Improving your Website Ranking?


Google Plus Social Media marketing – 9 Tips for Ranking higher on G+

To promote your business page properly, you need only live people, who will actively interact with your page: press “+1” and share your posts with friends.The constant activity of your target audience will have a positive impact on the ranking of your website in the Google search results.

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#1. Customize Google Plus for your business


At the beginning of work with the Google Plus My Business account, the first thing you should do is to personalize it for your brand. Only after personalization of the page, you’ll be ready for marketing.


Personalization Profile:


The “About Us” page should stand out and show the nature of your business and guide those who browses the page to the corresponding website pages.

14 Ways to Advertise Free on Google

#2. To succeed in personalization you need to do 3 things:


  • 1)  Describe your business as clear and simple as possible;
  • 2)  Add links to your website and corporate culture or make a description that tells about your  business;
  • 3)  Use text with a hyperlink as a call to action.


A personalized web page name in Google Plus is a great way to make your page branded by addresses that are reflecting the company name, as opposed to a simple set of numbers. It is clear that this URL will be easier to remember and easier to spot among others.

#3. Create a Relevant Google Plus Community


As with any social network, in order to be effective in web marketing, you need to create a community around your page. It is not enough just to create a community; it must be relevant to your niche.

There are several reliable ways to create a successful community in Google Plus. The very first thing you must do is to find out if someone says something about your business or mention in posts.


create-Google Plus Community-for-more-traffic-from-Gplus-400x250
Create Relevant Google Plus Community for more Traffic

Clearly, if your page has already been created, then the search will be much easier because usually, people tag you in the posts. Otherwise, start with the search bar in Google Plus. In the search results, you can find users who mentioned the name of your company without tagging you in this post.

By using Google Ripples, you can find anyone who shared your content. In addition, even if your content is not yet shared, you can use the tool to study the work of your competitors. By seeing who shared your website content, you can find people that you want to contact with.

Creating a relevant community is essential for any business that is conducting marketing campaigns in Google Plus.


#4. Regular Publication to attract the audience and Promote the page


You need to publish new content regularly to continue the community development. After all, if users add you to their Circles, you will need to provide them with quality content.

Use hashtags-

Hashtags are very useful because they distribute your posts by categories. This means that any user can determine what you write if he or she is searching for a hashtag. Typically, Google assigns a couple of hashtags to the posts automatically, but you can add any number of hashtags by yourself.

Custom formatting options-

Unlike other social networks, Google Plus allows you to adjust the appearance of the text. That means you can highlight words in bold, italics or strike through text.

This is done in order to convey your thoughts more clearly or draw attention to certain parts of the post.

To make formatting, use the following-

* Word * for Bold

_Word_ for Italics

-Word- for Strikeout

#5. Utilize Google Circles Smartly


Circles – is the most useful and unique feature of Google Plus. It allows you to allocate all users on certain groups. You can create any groups and add people not only to one circle.


create number of circles on Google plus for better marketing results-400x300
Create Circles on Google plus for organizing your connections in better way


Due to this feature, you can show a creative approach to your posts, because you can publish posts only to specific circles. To do this, you need to write a regular post, then in the field “To” choose the circles where you want to publish the post.

For example, if you sell clothing, then you may have separate Circles for men and for women. Thus, you will always publish only relevant content.


#6. Google Plus for SEO

As a Google social network, it is not surprising that Google Plus can significantly improve SEO. Let’s see how Google Plus can be beneficial for SEO:

Use GooglePlus to Improve SEO of your Content


Whenever you share your newly published posts they could very easily be indexed by Google. I have seen many others appearing in Google searches within hours after sharing their blog posts on Google Plus community. Chances are more so if you have a good number of relevant followers and if your post gets +1’s.

Second most important point regarding the SEO value of sharing on Google Plus is that whenever people do a +1 to your post it actually gets a dofollow backlink from Google. However this is debated many times. Still it carries a lot of value of your content gets +1’s.


#7. Get “+1”as much as Possible


Get as many Google +1s as Possible!


#8. Google Authorship


Google Authorship- is the ability to bind the posts’ author profile on Google+ with the posts. If it is done correctly, then Google will show the author’s name along with a link to the Google Plus profile.

How Google Authorship Helps in SEO and Marketing via GooglePlus-350x200
Google Authorship is great even to increase CTR in SERPs


It is not clear how the Authorship effects on SEO, but «Author Rank» (the credibility of the author) affects the page ranking. However, one thing we know for sure: if your page does not appear, the authorship of the page will stand it out among others, who have no authorship.

Authored page potentially increases the CTR performance.

Learn here How to Setup Google Authorship

#9. Get your Content Indexed Fast by Sharing it over Google Plus

Google Plus Content is Indexed Easily!


Get your content Indexed Easily by Sharing it over Google Plus

All that is published on Google Plus is considered a dofollow link to your original post. Therefore, the more your content is distributed on Google+, the better it will be indexed.That means that SEO is increased not only when you are sharing content, but also when other users share your content.

Google Plus has a lot to offer for your website or business because of its unique features that allow connecting with the audience. In addition, Google Plus improves SEO.

You Should also combine your Google AdWords paid advertising with Google Plus My Local Business page for much better conversion results.

Follow our tips and you will be successful on Google Plus!

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