Google Plus- 10 Best G+ Tools for GPlaus Marketing Automation

The Most Popular Google Plus Tools to Auto Post to Google+ Communities


Top 10 Tools to Help you Achieve Online Marketing Success with GooglePlus.

Many leading business brands are now present on Google+ using it to boost their marketing strategy. More than 70% of the companies these days are using this platform to enhance their product reach.

If your business is not using Google Plus, then for obvious reason you cannot maintain the website traffic and meet the right customers. A single click on the button can make more than 2 million per day. You can easily get those +1 slices for you as a marketing strategy for your company.

As Google is shut down since the last 2-3 years, so, basically, no use of knowing about these tools unless Googleplus comes back, which is not likely in the near future. Instead of reading this post, you should visit here for a List of Popular Online Tools for digital marketers


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Best Online Tools For Marketing Over Google Plus


The Google realized that Facebook wasn’t the way to fulfill his dreams; he stepped out. By creating own social network glued with all the online assets together. Although the gluing costs them over a half million dollars, the Google Plus emerged into the best cross platform for rapid growth.


Google+: It is all about data collection and sharing:


The growth of social media is explosive because of the extensive usage of the global community, and people find it is an easy way to stay connected, sharing information and communicating each other, in a group and individually. It uses as a platform to express your views and create mass awareness.Social media sustains because of the social tools, which are socially relevant. This socially interesting information float around the social media circle by establishing more audience and become viral. It will spread by itself, without any active involvement of the promoter.


To make your business data more sensible, and have more reach, the process required active social media management by using social media platforms. Many entrepreneurs already identified the potential of social media and brand managers are concentrating their effort to use the new avenue of social media marketing by social media platforms.


The Google+ marketing tools are perfect for today’s technologically savvy world. You will have enough marketing tools making dizzy to find the best one for you. Below are some amazing tools helping you in growing your business and increase the traffic to your website.



List of GooglePlus Tools:





CircleScope -Google Circle Managing Tool



Circlescope is the easiest and amazing circle managing tools for Google+. It will help you in building relevant circles of people with you like to connect. With this Google plus tools, you can easily monitor your followers and know about them how famous they are. You can also manage the pages of Google Plus with the help of Circlescope. You will have the option to unfollow inactive members.

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CircleCount-a great tool to manage Gplus600x400
CircleCount-a great Tool to Manage Gplus



Circlecount allows you to view the profiles of the followers and profiles of others. The tools also help in finding communities that are helping in growing the traffic and network. Circlecount is a very functional Google Plus tool. You will have a variety of features such as viewing top posts, profile growth history and much more.

Although the tool is not as powerful as that of Circlecount, it can help you in providing the profile analytics. It will be easier for you in tracking your growth.





AllMyPlus- GooglePlus Marketing Tool


All My Plus or All My + is another best tool enabling you to get the statistics of your Google plus profile. The Google Plus marketing tools help you in various activities such as top locations, and charts are showing the behavior of the post, the most popular post you shared
and much more.


With the help of this tool, you can easily acquire all the information about your Google Plus profile. You can view your account statistics for free with this tool.


The tool allows you to visualize your data through graphs making you easily digested and easiest way to generate them into reports.



It is another tool helps you in monitoring and analyzing the engagements. Engagor helps in managing the Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, LinkedIn groups, RSS feeds, and much more. The tool also helps in interactions and growth monitoring of the profiles.




The Sprout Social is another third party Google plus marketing tool featuring with managing, publishing, engagement, monitoring, mobile and much more features in it. The tool also helps in CRM and analytics.




Friends+Me Online tool for marketing-300x300
Google Friends+Me


The Friends+Me is another great scheduling tool for Google Plus and internet marketing. Here you can easily find the accurate time and schedule for your posts. The tool also allows you to cross-promote your posts across various other social networking accounts.

The tool helps you in saving time in updating Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media networks.

The tool also allows you to invite various other members to share the posts. The tool is perfect for marketers working with a team.


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Post editor for Google+


The tool is quite simple and easy. The simple extension Post editor for Google+ helps in formatting buttons at the bottom of the box on Google+.  It will assist you in making your post attractive.

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The Widget Plus helps you to monitor the visitors of your blog or your website. It enables you to have a greater opportunity to get directly in touch with the visitors. Further, it helps you in providing social proof by displaying the followers on the Google Plus account.


You can easily add a widget to your website with this tool. Once the designing is over, get your code and add the best widget to your website.




Another essential tool in identifying the influential users on your Google Plus account is PlusClout. The tool helps in measuring the influence user numbers on the Google plus. The number ranges from 0 to 100.

The Plus Clout calculate the data from over 20 million profiles, including the shared posts. The score of your PlusClout will be figuring in numeric variables such as the number of followers, their frequency and much more.

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Simply Measured Google Plus Analytics


Simply Measured Google Plus Analytics Tool helps in getting a detailed report of your page’s activity and its performance too. With the help of Simply Measured Tool, you can easily analyze and monitor your contents of the page, engagement, and various other information.

The tool also helps in tracking your competitors to view them and understand their strategies.

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The above referred are some of the amazing and easiest online marketing tools helps you to monitor and analyze the traffic and assisting in your business growth. The social media helps the marketers to stay in the market world by making their active presence through any leverage tool.


These tools assist in increasing your presence and will be useful in staying for an extended period. Share your opinion of the best tools and recommend us too. Please share your valuable feedbacks.

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