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Youtube and Business Marketing –10 Things to Know about Youtube Promotion

Most Important Points to consider while promoting over YouTube for the maximum advantages for Biz Marketing

Youtube and Business Marketing – Pros and Cons (Revised)

When ‘not-so-successful’ brands search for online resources, tools and platforms at their end to become ‘more successful’, YouTube usually tops the list. In course of the last decade or so, it has proved its worth as the most effective host for visual content and probably the most sought after channel on the web.

No wonder, YouTube business marketing has come to stay. And the reasons are quite obvious too. Contemporary consumers no more feel happy with bland advertising text.

They need more amusing, more entertaining visual content in video format to satisfy their ever demanding consumer ego.  YouTube serves that purpose only too well. What’s more, YouTube, as a well-known video hosting site can reach millions of users across our lonely planet at one go.

That’s why You Tube is among the top tools for promoting business content today!

At the same time, it does not need any especial technical skill to manipulate YouTube platform in order to promote a business enterprise on a video.

The Good, Best, and Bad of YouTube Business Marketing


But is it always “Rose, roses, all the way; with myrtle mixed in my path”? Probably not so, as there are thorns too that often hamper your path to success.


In other words, YouTube business marketing also has its pitfalls that need to be analyzed and taken into consideration. Nevertheless, to take stock in a more comprehensive manner, this post will take into account the pros and cons of YouTube business marketing as it stands in its present form.


Pros of YouTube Marketing Process:

#1. One of the biggest plus points of YouTube marketing process is that it has no qualms to accept nearly all forms of videos, regardless of its category or quality as long as it’s essential terms and conditions remain fulfilled.

So, even a reasonably designed video can jolly well become an exemplar of YouTube marketing process. YouTube also allows all varieties of videos, either home-made or professional, to be uploaded as well accessed by all and sundry.

#2. The viral-ability of approach proves to be yet another advantage of YouTube marketing. Millions of users strewn all over the universe surf YouTube for the newest  video every day, every hour irrespective of the topic, duration and time.

YouTube also proves to be the most ideal platform for marketers to realize enormous viewing audience almost at the drop of a hat to heighten their business. In fact, it has become the second largest search engine drawing more than 55% consumer traffic on the Internet, as of July 2014.

An immaculately designed and developed business video, as we all know, can secure a high page ranking from most of the popular search engines, while a first page listing on Search Engine Result page can be compared to a ‘shot in the arm’ for most businesses and brands.

Then there is the chance of the video going viral if the content proves captivating, engaging and relevant for the viewers.

#3. Yet another  advantage of promoting a video on YouTube comes from the unwritten but sturdy support by Google as YouTube is the brainchild of the all powerful search engine that reigns supreme on the WWW. As a result, viewers, in their heart of hearts, fall for the video or videos that are uploaded on YouTube merely for its nearness to Google.

At the same time, a YouTube video has the benefit of gaining a better chance of a higher ranking by Google to attract more traffic to the business website.  [ Tips to grow your Subscribers at YouTube ]

#4. YouTube offers benefits galore for cash trapped greenhorn business owners and marketers because of its cost effective marketing platform that offers almost free and fruitful facilities to harvest tons of potential leads, yet using not many tools if the designer is thoroughly occupied with the objective and the theme.

Above all, YouTube is unique in a way that engages a visitor freely and convincingly about a message in an animated form that thousands of written words could seldom achieve.

Cons of YouTube Marketing Process:

Even though the foregoing paragraphs may convince the reader that YouTube is the ideal, most effective faultless marketing platform ever created by God for the benefit of marketers in this material world, the following paragraphs may disillusion them to some extent.

#5.  One of the devastating disadvantages of YouTube marketing stems from the realty that there is practically No Guarantee of the end result since the facility is free sans any compulsion on the viewers to sustain the enterprise. Over and above, if the video is not appropriately created or set up with an Opt-in feature or unambiguous backlink, viewers are more likely to reject it.

Also, there is no surety of the preferred outcome with YouTube marketing since the viewer holds the ultimate say in regard to accepting or rejecting the video content or business offerings.

In many cases, viewers may feel entertained by the video content, but seldom feel inspired or constrained to carry on with the Opt-in or provide support for the business.

Despite all its plus points, YouTube seldom offers  any flexibility while customizing videos posted on its platform and also has some restrictions that surely puts a check on the dynamism of the video when used as a promotional issue.

This is mostly felt in regard to the limitations imposed by YouTube on calls-to-action feature which is not the case with other video hosting platforms that are more generous in this respect.

However, the worst part of the whole story revolves round the fact that YouTube, being a free posting platform can become a beehive for each and everybody to throw a stone on it in the form of unpleasant or adverse comments that can neither be deleted nor removed by force.

Needless to say, these could be extremely disappointing for marketers who have to withstand the rigmarole with anguish in their hearts.



Even though YouTube with its free facility provides an excellent platform for attracting hordes of organic traffic along with numerous benefits, marketers and small business persons should take into consideration the pros and cons of using it for marketing purposes.

Probably the best idea would be to understand pros and cons and then make your plans accordingly. In that case Pros will weigh more than the cons features.

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