How Big Companies Use Advertisements for Branding?

Advertisements- What they Mean to their Companies and Business Brands


We all have that one memorable ad that we can’t seem to forget due to the catchy-ness depicted or the stars in front of the camera. But whatsoever the reason we remember it to the last tune, that is just good PR having its way with us.

Most top brands have dropped the cliché acts and gotten personal with our emotions, getting the best reactions from some of us in the process.


The art of advertising has hit new trends in the world today with many top brands making it less about the company or product and more about you, something that has had a Midas touch on their influence in the market.


Advertisements- What they Mean to their Companies and Business Brands


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So where do ads stand today; in other words, what should a good ad contain?


Balance between Information and Entertaining


Top brand names try to find balance in their statements; giving meaning, inspiration, powerful and genius an equal footing in the studios. They do this with the impetus to peek the attention of the target market, trying to leave a mark so deep in your mind that you can no longer ignore them when that time comes.


Great campaigns are founded on deep psychological insights with messages delivered in ways thought provoking and hard to ignore.

A good ad these days has to be interesting or mind blowing.


Vast ad spread and influence


Top brands manipulate social media for the better these days. Most companies look to earn from the sharing advantage social media holds over other platforms. Some ads are much more interesting that we forget they are actually “ADS”.

Well, we all remember Nike’s world cup ads that were soon rooted into people’s phones, laptops and tablets. They called it, brilliant bustards.

The ad practically called for masses to embrace the imperfections that existed in the game and take risks that we always wanted to take all along. We were all glued to our screens whenever these popped up.


The wild card

The influence of ads grows every passing day, a trend that has lived on from way back. Whereas these are meant to expose a product to the market, they do just a little more these days.


Building a perception for the product in question is top of the list before any idea is put to work. What message are they trying to convey and how best to do so without crossing any lines.

Red Bull would be the best example; many find it plausible that the energy drink can give you guts.

A notion they have successfully weaved up in our heads from time to time. This lighter side of mind gives them leverage over competition with a motto closer to purpose.

Energy drinks are supposed to be safety nets to keep the body going in situations where otherwise.


Company Identity at Play


Most ads are assuring as they should be. Think of any insurance company ad and chances are that you will have a storm sweeping away the neighbours’ houses leaving one house in the tri state or a child glowing as he/ she goes through stages of education to adulthood.


These are common ads of the message some of the companies have doing rounds on our televisions sets today. Messages that show skits of company values that in the past would otherwise be left to themselves.


Ads today are also meant to give a little more about the company as well as the product in question, profiling that creates a closer relationship between them and the target market.

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So why do ads have this sort of roll? 


Is there a visible pattern that most marketing departments are exploiting?

Companies don’t just want to get the product in question off their shelves but also create a market dominance. The more susceptible you are to these products and the company in question, the easier it is to get their future products a fighting chance. It is more like building a brand loyalty.

Companies know that they have competition from all corners of the globe and they rather hold the door on their competition. So why are ads much more creative and effective than in the past.

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Band Wagon Effect


The truth of the matter is that people have become easier to sway than before, the more muscle you show by getting more airplay.

The likelier it is that you will get the highest sales in the supermarkets. Companies and their marketing teams know this and are certainly using it to the fullest to improve their standing in the market.

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Imperious Display is all you Need


Better status of the company. As implausible as it sounds most people don’t really understand stock markets and that is all the lifeline most struggling companies need.       

Ads “lighten up” the company status, with people looking past its economic situation. Ads are meant to give a better representation of the company in terms of loyalty, commitment and other values that may impact client attachment for the longer periods.


Time Tested means Success


A rich history is another reason as to why PR teams dig deep to find that eye-catching ad. A card common to pre-world war companies. Sometimes it’s all hard to come up with ways to show enduring commitment which leaves them with no option but to slip it into a casual advert.

Stats show that the older the company the harder its grip on the market in question. Clusters of companies have re-defined their hold on the market this way given their rich experience with a given product and if they have to remind people of that, so be it.


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The competitive nature of today’s markets has called up innovative minds to the stand pushing for that imperious move over the competition.

Advertising has presented these companies a chance to keep trekking the minds of the market. Companies with poor ads or less domineering ads have been left to test the dust of those with the powerful engines in the PR departments.


The amount of resources pumped into this sector is ever increasing every passing year simply because ads have become a piece of entertainment with an “Oscars” waiting for the best performers.

Digital marketing is a growing industry thanks to the new trend of marketing. There is the reason as to why you are watching so many ads on your television set today, a squabble for dominance.


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