How to Write Tuition Advertisements – Ad Posting Tips for Tutors

Tutors Tips for Posting Tuition Ads Online in an efficient way to attract a huge numbers of the Students in need of a tuition or tutor.

Online Advertising Tips for Posting Tuition Advertisements.


The purpose of tuitions is to disseminate knowledge for a handful or a select few to sharpen their academic skills. Often students can’t keep pace with the lessons taught in class, be it high school, college or university. Tutors are at disposal for easing out the obstacles faced by students.


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However, offering tuitions is a daunting task and requires comprehensive knowledge and clasp over the concerned subject for which one wants to tutor. Tuitions might be available in plenty but a catchy advert with an attractive template might do the trick- draw a large number of students.

Thus penning an appealing tuition advertisement in a tactful manner is the stepping stone for a tutor.


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How to Write Advertisements for Tuition Advertising on the Internet


Picking the Right Format for Tuition Advertisements


Becoming a tutor; especially a private tutor or teaching in a coaching center needs a lot of inquiries.


There are certain steps to be followed to draw students to a tutor. Choosing the right format while advertising is an essential step to be followed as marketability is the new mantra to attract customers; i.e. students.


While putting up an advertisement, a tutor should be conscious that students always prefer a tutor with prior experience in teaching and offering tuitions. So writing a good resume stating one’s teaching experience is of utmost importance.


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Next comes selecting the area of study, subjects to be taught and field of expertise, grade selection, such as middle school or high school, college or university teaching/tutoring.


A different segment of students has different requirements, so it is advisable not to jumble up and cram the  classroom with a variety of students ranging from school to college. Sticking to a particular study set up is advisable’ only high school or college and not both of these or better hone skills by imparting tuitions to family, friends or a relative who might spread the news about a good tutor available in one’s area.


Referrals matter a lot while students searching for a good tutor. The first thing which should be included in an advertisement for tuitions should be a good referral from a classmate, former teacher or a student who can certify for a tutor’s dependable education/ teaching.


Tuitions are like selling and purchasing a commodity, both the seller and buyer display/look for what is the best possible deal. Deciding the right fee structure in an advertisement format for tuition must be a wise choice, for e.g. a novice should not hike the fees at the onset; rather fix a standard, reasonable fee depending on the number of subjects and the complexity of the subject as well.


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Whether opting for offering tuitions at home or travelling to the student’s residence should be clearly in the advertisement format. Although word of mouth is a good medium to spread the news about tutoring, preparing a business card or distributing pamphlets or flyers in one’s locality, near a school /college is the ideal way to advertise for tuitions.


A tricky headline with departing varieties of the same advertisement can do magic with a crisp CV stating one’s academic credentials, tutoring experience maintaining a professional outlook is the right format for tutoring advertisement.


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Samples for Home Tuition Advertisements:


Samples for Home Tuition


Templates/samples are available in loads regarding putting up an advertisement for home tuitions.


A home tuition template comprises important details like :-


  • The tutor’s name, address, contact number,
  • Gender, email, field of study, number of classes on offer, Classes in a week or a month,
  • Home tuitions/ tutor travels to students’ home and vice versa,
  • Tutoring in groups (coaching center),
  • Fee structure on hourly basis/class basis, etc.
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It is recommended for a tutor to register with an online tutor web portal where he/she might choose from a pool of students, local, national/international, even opt for offering tuitions over the internet (via Skype).

Marketability via social media platforms like Facebook/Twitter/ LinkedIn also aids in creating a perfect template/ advertisement platform for tutors with bright illustrations and phrases.

Distributing banners /posters/flyers with local stores, departmental stores, libraries, notice boards of educational institutions or even enrolling with a coaching center enables to find more students for home tuitions.

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A tactful sample headline for science tuition at home can be like:


‘A good teacher is like a candle-it consumes itself to light the way for others’ Subjects Taught: Physics and Science.‘One on One Academic Tutoring – Proven Results, Qualified Tutors, Affordable Rates- Give yourself the edge.

Subjects on offer: Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, Statistics, Chemistry, Physics.


Tutors can even include in their sample advertisement a word of praise to be put in by their students, like:


After a few hours with my tutor, I finally started to understand geometry. Now my confidence is way high’.

Tutors might also visit fellow tutors residing in the same locality or through an online tutoring portal and exchange students through a referral via mutual interactions. Tutors might include bright, bold illustrations, figures and interesting subject lines in their tuition templates.


Home tutoring samples are available online amongst which tutors can choose their preferred samples for advertising, or they might get in touch with an agency to personally design their sample / template to be distributed by hand or through the internet.


They can register with portals for free tutorials to gain experience of teaching prior to designing a template for home tuitions ads. Attending free seminars/ organizing and participating in a local event related to education might provide some ideas.


Students prefer latest methods of teaching, new tutoring techniques, hence sticking to mundane techniques and outdated teaching tools might not help in attracting students for home tuitions.

The 21st century is all about social networking and social media platforms which aids in marketing one’s skills, even when it comes to disseminating knowledge over the internet. Those adept at social networking will find no dearth of innovative techniques and ideas to create a unique sample for home tuition advertisements using the web as a medium of communication and conversations.


Connecting students with prospective tutors is a click away for those seeking to advertise about home tutoring and engaged in private teaching.

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How to Promote your Tuition Classes and Tutoring Business?

Certainly, there are good methods which you should use if you are not trying them already to increase the number of students in your tuition classes, coaching institutes, or at-home tutoring business. Marketing and promotion act like a soul to any business today. You will rarely find an exception to this fact. Ok, you agree, and you want to make use of them for yourself but not sure what to try and how much!  That’s a valid point to consider because, today, there are hundreds of ways of marketing and promoting a business, including coaching/tutoring/at-home tuition business. But, this is obvious that we cant use any or all of them. You have to figure out the most suitable promotion method for your tuition services. It depend on many things, a few of them would be, like size of the business, scope of the service, budget, availability of the resources, geographical factors, social surroundings, etc.

So, i would briefly talk about the major ways to promote a tuition or coaching class based business and you can select the most suitable for yours and research further and deeper about that ways.

We may break down the marketing process into two, namely Online marketing and offline marketing. Each of them has several types and forms which you need to explore further.

Try any of the following ways to promote your business that is related to tuition and coaching classes:

Offline Marketing:

  • Print advertising, Media adverts, Newspaper ads, banner ads, pamphlets ads
  • Telemarketing ( Outbound Marketing and Inbound Marketing)
  • Event Marketing
  • Brand marketing
  • Partner Marketing
  • Public Relations (PR) Marketing
  • Word of Mouth
  • Referral marketing

Digital Marketing:

  • Social Media Marketing ( promoting through Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc).
  • Adding your business (Free0 to citation listing sites ( such as Google places, Yellowpages,, Sulekha,, yelp, etc).
  • Content Marketing (blogging, online guest blog post writing about your tuition services).
  • Posting Tuition ads over Online classified Sites.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Search Engine Marketing(SEM).
  • Video marketing (Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, facebook Video, Instagram reels, etc).
  • Banner advertising for your services over the related websites for your local area.
  • Local digital advertising


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