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Top 10 Local Citation Sites List USA – Submit Business FREE Online

What are the Top Local Citation Listings in USA to Submit your Business Online for Marketing


Submit your business or services for free on these 10 best local listing sites in the USA. Free local online advertising options for US business marketers.


Get USA business listing sites and submit your advertisements or business listings there and see the traffic improving for your site and business services in no time. These are pretty cool business directories for United States for online business and services that are used not only by United States based advertisers and companies but all over the world over.


For ex.-Yelp and FourSquare are great local market place directories to find Local business, products and services around any cities in the United States, yet these sites are available for International locations and they have separate subdomain for every country in the world.


I hope you find the list of these good business listing sites very useful and result oriented for your business and service promotions online on the Internet.


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Top 10 Best Local Business Listing Directory Sites for USA


Why to Submit your Business to these Local Citation Sites?


Geo targeting your customers through localized advertising. Even the social media giants, like Facebook and LinkedIn have included the geo targeting option in their paid advertisements after recognizing the major influence of geo marketing.


I have seen that submitting a business or company page to the local directory websites improves local search engine optimization for your business web. Along with improving search optimization, these 10 free business listings websites offer great means to advertise a small business for the US online local markets.

If you are an advertising or marketing representative of your company, then you should take this seriously and make it among the first few things to do when you start marketing a business or company.

Most of them are free and instantly approve your submitted business services listings.


Free Citation Listing Sites in USA – List of Top 10 Local Business Citation Directories 2019

These sites serve great resources for business marketing in the USA local Online Marketplaces.

These are the local business directories to submit a business free online for the local online marketing. Get USA business listing sites & submit your advertisements or product listings free. Most Popular biz directory sites for Local advertising and marketing.

#1- Google local places



Google Local Places is one of the top 3 Free Business Listing Sites for the US to submit a ‘service’ free online.

If your customers are looking for you either on Google search, Maps or Google+, you can be sure they will find you as long as you are on Google. Indeed, Google leads the list of Top 10 local directory websites as it, being the leading search engine.


Google local places Map-based company listings-350x250
Google local places- Get your Business Found Free at Local Searches made on Google Search Engine


It allows you to give your customers accurate information on your businesses as well as creating long lasting relationships with your customers.


Google Places allows you to create and account and provide basic relevant information on your business then submit to Google. Google+ is a social network which has tailor-made listing options for businesses. Similarly, with Google Webmaster Tools, you will be able to get a high ranking on search engines especially if your site contains a top-level domain.


➤ Also see: How to advertise my business on Google



#2 Yelp- Local Online Market Place for Searching any Business or Services in your city


Like most other directories, Yelp allows you to claim your business listing, respond to business reviews, analyze the activities of the visitors to your site and convert traffic into sales.


Yelp local listing site for companies business service providers-350x200
Yelp- The Popular Business Directory for Local Places across the Globe 


It is important to note that Yelp targets different audience from the one that is targeted by search engines, thereby creating a diversification option that is important for the development plans of the business. Yelp also offers advertising options that accentuate business performance.


Top 10 Search Engine Submission Sites


#3 Bing Business portal for local marketers

[ Bing Local Business Listing Site- A step by step guide ]


Bing Business portal is a great business listing option for local marketers and companies. As long as you have a hotmail account and you have accepted the Bing Business Portal Offer Guidelines, you can claim your business listing on Bing, complete and verify your profile then submit a business to Bing.


Bing Business portal for local companies businesses marketers-350x200
Bing Business Portal- Add your local company listing Free


They take a while before your business goes live on Bing.If you have filled all the citation and details correctly then it’s very easy to get listed on Bing.

This will open the doors to prosperity, where you will join a large group of businesses which are already flourishing on Bing.

[ Top 10 Directory Submission Sites ]


#4 Merchant circle- Promote your business-services in Local places


Merchant_Circle_online-listing-usa-site-350x250 One of the Most Popular Listing Site for USA


If you want to promote your business, Merchant Circle will allow you to do so by listing your business and owning a page in its database.

It retrieves business information from the listings on Yellow Pages and allows a business owner to sign up and provide contact information among other business related information.

One can actually add videos, widgets and advertisements. Posting a link to the business is the icing on the cake.


#5 Top Business Listing site


localcom-usa-based-local-listing-directory-350x250 USA based Local Listing Directory


With over 16 million listings currently, is a business directory with a difference. Actually, your business could even be listed without your knowledge, after which you should claim that particular listing, or check whether it is listed correctly. If it does not exist, creating one is a sweet piece of cake.

You are only required to provide basic information about your business, and you are ready to go.


#6 for Multiple Business Listings


If you want to see to it that your customers can find you online, build a profile and list your business with ExpressUpdate.The listing is send to top search engines, libraries and other local directories to ensure that whoever wants to do business with you does not get bogged down in the process as a result of lack of contact information.

In fact, your business information is updated regularly to ensure that it is up to date.


#7 Yext and MapQuest Business Listing Site


Yext and MapQuest work together to allow businesses to claim their listing by providing basic information about their businesses.

This information includes name, address, city, state, Zip code, phone, business owner, email, location and website.

You also need to provide a short description on the business. This is so for those whose businesses are already listed. For those who would like to get listed, the process starts with creating an account and following simple instructions to completion of the sign up process.


#8 for business reviews and recommendations


The fact that this is a new business directory does not prevent it from widespread acceptance and goodwill from the business community. This is so especially for those interested in beauty and health services, Catering business, medical services, auto and pet-related services.

Additionally, if you are looking for business reviews and recommendations, Insider pages provides you with tailor made solutions to this end.


#9 Get Your Business founded Locally in Foursquare


Foursquare for business is an application that connects over 50 million users from various parts of the world.

It allows you to list your business, get connected to your local customers, know what the other businesses are doing and let the entire audience to talk about you.

Actually, one of your customers may have listed you on the site already, whereby you only need to claim your company listing and take control of it.

However, if you are not listed, you can create an account and get ready to connect with the 1/3 of the world’s population that has access to the internet.


#10 Local Business Listings at Yahoo


Yahoo does not lag behind in local advertising. With Yahoo Local, you can make it possible for the populace to know your business address, URL, contacts, working hours and even payment options, to name but a few.


Yahoo Local Maps-Business Listing Service


There is a Basic business Listing Option which is free but with reduced privileges. However, it still serves the purpose of driving traffic to your site. You can even determine whether your listings are up to date, to avoid disseminating misleading information to your customers.


On the hand, there is the paid advertising option on which your business will be listed with more than 50 local business directories, among them Yelp, Bing, WhitePages, MapQuest and Superpages.

How to Advertise your business Free on Yahoo owned Online Web Services


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Post free ads. Online advertising and business submission sites to post free classifieds and business services ads for any local place in the United States of America. Best business submission websites for local advertising on the Internet.

Post free ads for USA, India, UK, Canada, Australia, Asia. Free ads and advertisements site!

Post free ads Classifieds list. Want to sell something online? Use these Buy and sell sites list to market and generate leads for your biz in the United States.


Add your business or company listing over various other kinds of sites in the popular categories, like- 



➤ Top 10 Business listing sites for Canada

➤ The Most Powerful Social Media Sites where you business should be listed for effective marketing

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Over to you-Please leave your comments :- your thoughts and ideas about these so we can improve the listing by adding more such sites and don’t forget to subscribe the blog as we will be adding more useful advertising sites for business and companies.


How to List your Business in Bing Local Places for Free Marketing at Bing

7 Steps Beginners Guide on How to List your Business on Bing Local Places

A Step By Step Guide on How to Add your Business to be Showed in Search Result Pages (SERPs) in Bing Local for Search Engine Traffic.

Local Listing or citations is always an important factor in SEO and also to promote online businesses in an efficient manner. Also with the local listing, you can provide your business a better online visibility, right information about your business to your customers and traffic on your online business website. Thus, on that note listing on listing sites is one of the best ways to be in the eyes of your targeted audience.

See Also: Top 10 Search Engines List


For the same there are many good listing sites are present on which doing listing can help to acquire more good positions in SERPs as well. And Bing listing is among one of those listing platforms. So how to get your business listed on Bing is our today’s topic.


Step by Step Guide on How to List your Business on Bing



7 Steps to Get your Business Listed in Bing Local Listing Pages


So here are the 7 steps to follow to make your business listed on Bing:-


1. Make An Account at Microsoft Bing 


Yes, the very first step includes making a Microsoft account. So, first of all, make a Microsoft account with any of the Microsoft supporting accounts including Xbox live, Outlook, Hotmail, and Onedrive.


Get Started to enlist your business at Bing Places



After creating Microsoft account just head towards the “Bing Places” by following the link. After that click on the “Get started” yellow button, it will lead you towards a screen where you can search for your business.



3. Add or Claim your Business Listing


Find out How to Claim Your Business at Bing Local Places


As mentioned in the #2 point, search for your business (on the screen or page on which Get started button headed you.) Here you can search for your business in two ways – either you can select your country from the drop-down list available and entering the business phone number or by entering the business name and location of the firm (complete business address).


Once you fill up the details for searching business thereby clicking the search button, it will show you the results based on your search.


It just means that it will show results in both the cases whether your business is present in its database or not by  presenting results with that name (if the company is already listed) and by showing “Create New Business” button (if not present).

Thus, on that note, you can simply claim, edit or modify your listing by choosing the select button if the business already exists and can create a new business by clicking “Create New Business” button if not.




4. Sign in into your Microsoft Account


If your business is not listed, then you have to list it by creating it. Once you click on Create New Business button for creating a new business, it will head you towards the login page of the Microsoft account.

Thus, here you have to login to your Microsoft account to create a Bing business listing of your business.


The Main 3 Steps to Add your Business to Bing Places:

5. Claim your Business: Add Your Business Details-

Bing categories the businesses in three main types. Select what option applies for your business and click on the link.

#1. Small sized Local businesses that have a store front.

#2. Chain businesses that have their offices in multiple locations.

#3. Businesses that provide services at their customer locations.


After login, it will bring you to the page where you have to fill up the business details of your business which includes Business name,
Website, and Address of business ( in the first step ) (Here it also needs to set the pin to the exact business location).

It will ask for Category and description of your business in the second step.

And in the third phase, it will ask for contact details (which includes the Main Phone number, email, Facebook, and Twitter), in fourth step – business hours, and in last pictures or Photos of business. (Where you can add up to 10 business images) Once you have done with all the info filling work you submit it.


6. Verify Your Business Listing



Important Step- Now Verify your Business address at Bing places


As soon as you submit all the information of your business, it will ask you to verify your business. Here you will see the option of verification “By Post.” You can choose this option to get verified your business with the PIN sent by Bing via Postcard.


The time which Bing takes to send the PIN through postcards takes 3-5 business working days.


For the same, you have to choose this option and then mentioning the name of the owner of the business in “Attn” field. And then clicking on the Verify now option. (You can also select the verify later option next to “Verify Now” if you want to authenticate it later).


Once you do so, it will head you towards to your listing page (unverified), where you will see a box on the right-hand side named “verification.”


Here, you have to enter your PIN sent by Bing as soon as you receive it and then have to click on the green “Verify button.” Once you will do it, your Bing listing will get verified and will be visible in SERPs (i.e., Bing Local Search Result Pages) as well.


You can also add multiple businesses or new business thereby clicking on “Add new business” available on the same listing page. (If have chain business or franchise business)


7. Manage Your Listing


Once your Bing listing gets approved after entering the PIN, you can edit, update and delete the listing depending on your need.


Hope this article will help you all, in a realistic manner to get your business listed on the Bing Business Listing. So, please let us know by sharing and putting your views in the comment box below.

Also don’t forget to show your love thereby sharing the post on different social media platforms– Facebook, Twitter, Emails, Google Plus and so on, if you like the post. In this manner, it will help others as well and supports the quote of “Sharing is Caring.”


PDF Submission Sites for SEO

List of Directory Sites


Free Canadian Business Directories- Best 25 Canada Local Directory Listing Sites

Top 25 Local Directories in Canada to Promote a Business Online.


Digital marketing has become more important for a business in today’s time due to the the fact that most of the people now use Internet to search or locate a business if the need arises. And, business directories are a great source of free online marketing for any businesses. Finding Local advertising directories specific to a country could be difficult for many. That’s why we decided to make a separate list of Local SEO directories for Canadian people.


There are not any thousands or even hundred directory websites that dedicatedly cover Canadian local regions. So, this Free Online Directory Listings become more valuable.

You should definitely use these Canada based business directories if you want to get local visitors for the success of your online marketing and advertising campaigns.

The websites described here offer great opportunity to anyone intending to optimize their business or products as per the local markets.


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25 best local business directories for Canada


The Canadian Business Directories that are very useful for Local SEO and Business Marketing


Most of the directory websites explained here cover all the modern features of today’s local directories +citation websites. Most of them have Google map enabled online listings as well as business review settings.

For any local citation website having a review and citation features is a must as per local SEO rules and guidelines. Fortunately, most of the directory listing sites here have all of them.

Most of the Canadian directories listed here are shown in search engine result pages when people search for businesses and services near by them. This is obvious when Google shows map based listings whenever we search something in our local area.

So, basically these local directories appear in online searches based on the addresses of the users who make queries.


Best 25 Canadian Local Business Directories


The websites listed below are the best business directories for Canada where you can submit your business listings for free. Few of them also offer premium listing options for more exposure and visibility by displaying your business over many categories.

These directory submission sites are great for SEO and local business advertising. You can easily Promote your Small Business over these cool sites by Submitting your business details in the Web listings.


Here you go-


#1. “Google My Business” Listing for Canada



Google My Business Canada: Add your Business Listing FREE


I hope you don’t have any doubt that Google Business Listing is the undisputed leader in Canadian business directories. This is where most of the people search online for smaller to bigger business places.


It is backed up by the Google’s most widely used map enabled services.


So, you should go ahead and list your business page immediately in Google local places for the appropriate categories.You need to mention all the important details correctly. provide your real phone number and business address as Google verifies it by sending a post card at your location.


#2. Yelp Canada for Business owners



Yelp Canada- High Authority Local Directory Listing Site for Businesses


Yelp is another world famous local business directory for small vendors, shopkeepers, merchants, and small businesses. It is a map based local advertising directory site for listing your business from Canada.

Yelp is a very reliable website for local search as its listings are reviewed and rated by real users. Their app is also popular and a lots of searches come from mobile users.


#3. Hotfrog Canada


Hotfrog is one of the oldest and reputed business citation websites. It has a worldwide  presence over 30+ countries with a separate website for each country.


Hotfrog is a very huge local directory site and it hosts listings from a wide range of businesses.


List your Local Business Listing for the following cities in Canada:

Abitibi, Acton, Alberni-Clayoquot, Albert, Alberta, Algoma District, Annapolis, Antigonish, Antoine- Labelle,  Argenteuil,  Arthabaska, Avignon, Baffin, Beauce-Sartignan, Beauharnois-Salaberry, Bellechasse,  Bonaventure,  Brant, British Columbia, Brome-Missisquoi, Bruce, Bulkley-Nechako, Bécancour, Cape Breton,  Capital,  Cariboo,  Carleton, Central Coast, Kootenay, Okanagan, Charlevoix, Charlotte, Chatham-Kent,  Coaticook,  Cochrane,  Colchester, Columbia-Shuswap, Comox Valley.


#4. connects you to Canada’s businesses, products and services, providing all the information from the business directory addresses and telephone numbers videos, photos, email and web sites.

Canada Yellow Pages also runs a very popular online service website for searching business phone numbers, people search, reverse phone lookup, area pin codes, map searches, etc. You can find this website at here .




LiveBusiness.Ca- Online business Directory Canada


Canadian Web Directory and Business Listings.

Canadian web directory where you can submit link of your business website free. Find Canadian sites or add url to the Canada’s business links directory.

They allow yellow page submission and white page submission into their directory. You can add your website url without any account registration. There are many categories where you can list your biz or personal website free.



#6 WebLocal


weblocal_ca-Canadian_business_directory_500x250 Canadian directory for business promotion



Weblocal also offers a unique feature for its registered business listing owners where people search, rate, and share thisted to search, rate, and share any businesses, merchants, and service providers.


Canadian Company Offering Free Business Advertising, online directory submission service in Canada. It is a free provincial business Listing site.


Search for Accountants, Bathrooms, local businesses, Beauty Salons, Blinds, Builders, Car Hire, Creches, Dentists, Driving Schools, etc.



#7. listingsca


Canada Business, Travel, and Local Directory.

Tourism, travel, and business guide of 170550 website listings, with photos and maps.



#8. Listings and Business Search Service Canpages


Canada Business Directory, Listings and Search Service Canpages.Canpages provides reviews, maps, and contacts for businesses in Canada. Find products and services in your local and nearby places.


#9. Canada’s Local business search engine


411 ca Canada s Local Search Engine. You can add your business free to You need to provide your contact number to register your listing at


Get the 411! It is fast and easy Find nearby businesses, people or use our savvy reverse lookup service.Free Local Listings For Events, Places, Services Businesses within Ontario Regions Such as Greater Toronto Area, Hamilton, New Market, London, Sudbury, Ottawa and Thunder Bay.


Listing Reviews and latest events in the local places for Canada are also a good add-on feature of the site.



#10 LocalSites Web Directory


It is both: A web directory and business listing site for Canadians.

LocalSites Canada Web Directory is a Canadian business directory which organizes business listings as per their category and location. It is also very helpful in improving SEO for your business website.


#11. Canada411


Canada 411 is a search engine for business telephone directory and you can search people by reverse phone lookup. To list your business on Canada411, submit your business phone number.

They offer advertising options on their partner sites and digital marketing channels. You can subscribe their social media and SEO listing services.


#12. guelphchamber


#13. Bing Places Canada




















#24. CanadaOne- Canadian Business Directory

#25. Profile Canada for advertising business listing




List of Most Popular Ecommerce Companies in Canada


How the Canadian Business Directories are Useful?


These Online business directories from Canada prove to be very useful online tools for many reasons as cited below-


➤ You get Free Search engine and referral traffic to your business site.


➤ They offer Better Off-page Search Engine Optimization opportunities.


➤ You get Free Quality Backlinks (from High Domain Authority Local directories)

➤ They improve online reputation of your business or services. These sites are well looked upon by search engines. If search engines discover the mentioning of your website from such directories then it’s counted as a good indication. 

➤ They improve social media signals for your business as most of the submitted business listings to them are also shared on the social media accounts of these directories.

➤ You get free leads+reviews from there for your business services.


What are the Types of Business Directories?


Business Directories fall mainly in 3 categories based on their details submission features:


#1. Traditional web directory sites that allow adding a business listing from anyone. (example, Dmoz). This type of directories are mostly useful only for business SEO.


#2. Yellow Pages ( For example, yellowpages,, etc). This kind of directories function like a telephone directory.


#3. Local citation sites ( for ex- ). This type of directory inherits the properties of a traditional web directory and yellow pages.


#4. Map based Local business directories ( Google local places,  Foursquare, Bing local, Yelp, etc).

This type of directories are latest in the trend and they are the ones that are most popular and most widely used by online users for searching a business or service in their local areas.

You should also try Canada Local Classifieds websites for Geo targeting for your business products.


Want to have more of it ? Try this Ultimate list of Top directory submission websites

Blog listing directories for SEO


Watch this beginners video tutorial on- What is Directory Submission and How to Do Directory Submission?



B2B Trade Portals in India – List of 10 Best Indian B2B Sites

5 Best B2B Portals in India for ONLINE Sellers AND Business Owners. Buy Sell Trade Directories to Promote a business service Free.


Not all companies have million dollar distribution, sales and marketing budgets. Not all companies enjoy the strength of a recognizable and trusted brand name. B2B trading portals offer an answer to businesses that face these challenges. They offer an opportunity for business owners to access international markets without a large initial investment.

Though, most of the B2B portals dont need to facilitate direct online transactions between the buyers and the sellers. The most important service B2B sites offer to their users is enabling them to showcase their business and products to the world.India has the third highest numbers of B2B Websites in the World.

➤ Top 10 B2B Websites in the World

➤ Greatest B2B Forums on the Internet

Top 10 B2B Sites in India for buyers, sellers, Exporters, Manufacturers, and Suppliers

B2B business websites for Indian Traders and Entrepreneurs

These B2B Business websites in India offer potentially huge benefits from a modest investment. Buyers and investors from different countries all over the world can trade easily with Indian buyers and sellers.

B2B (Business to Business) trade websites are similar to business directories. Like Biz directory sites or Yellow Pages, you can also submit your business details and MUCH MORE.

Here at B2B sites you get a profile and a separate page to display your products and business service listings.

Benefits of Trading on B2B Websites:


➤ On a b2b portal, it is easy for small companies to access overseas markets. It is also easier for buyers to buy electronically via visa card or Paypal which is much more convenient than a bank wire transfer.

Companies that have never automated their processes can do so via a b2b trade portal. Since the investment is minimal, it is easier for companies to use b2b trade portals to test different ideas and how they will work.

They also offer a unique opportunity for retailers to study their competition closely.

A B2B Web Portal is a great combination of the below given types of websites, Plus Much More:-

  1. Business submission Web directories
  2. Local Business Citation Directory websites
  3. E-commerce Shopping website portals in India
  4. Online classifieds websites
➤ The portal offers each user a web page featuring all they have to offer. They condense the global market into a tiny village where sellers compete for attention and buyers from practically any country can browse what is on offer.

➤ It is worth noting that India has a large domestic market, one that offers a huge demand for its products. Therefore these b2b Business websites target not just the international market, but also very importantly the local Indian Markets.

➤ Some of the most popular products are hardware, like steel castings and agricultural produce such as coconuts. Pharmaceutical products are also extremely popular.

Ayurvedic and herbal products including, cosmetic are a great Indian export that is consumed in Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas. Other trademark Indian products are henna and herbs.

➤ By acting as mediators between business owners and buyers, importers and exporters, these portals facilitate international trade opportunities.

These websites offer a means of streamlining your business with international trade standards by meeting their standards. They are suitable for different levels of production whether mass production or small scale production.

➤Those companies that have many years of experience in eCommerce gained by many years in the b2b portal business, can harness that information to enable clients have more impact in their advertising efforts.


➤B2b portals do not just facilitate online sales; they also host trade exhibitions in different cities within India and around the world, facilitating that initial contact that may eventually turn into a sale and finally a profit.


List of Top 10 B2B Websites in India for Traders and Retailers to buy or sell:


List of Noteworthy B2B Portals in India: 10 Great Business Promotion Platforms for Indian Business Owners.

Some of these B2B listings are making their presence felt globally among the traders who want to do trade with Indian businesses and companies.

1. eIndia Business: The Best B2B Portal in India


eindiabusiness-com-b2b-directory-for trade-suppliers-400x300
eindiabusiness – The Number One Portal in India for Online Traders


On, there are providers of manufactured goods, agricultural products and business services on sale. There are more than 600,000 users on the site. also belongs to Advent.

This is a great trade portal for Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters & Service Providers in India and abroad.

India Business B2B Trade Directory

2. Indiamart trade site- an Extremely busy B2B Website is one of the largest online marketplaces connecting small and medium enterprises with their markets. 1.5 million suppliers use indiamart to sell their products and the popular website has been used by more than 10,000 buyers. is extremely popular, having been ranked 86 in India and 906 all over the world. The site is mostly visited by Indians and Americans.


indiamart-Indian B2B website-400x300
Indiamart- A Very Popular Online Place for Indian Traders


The leading trade categories available at IndiaMart for which you can find manufacturers, sellers, dealers, suppliers, and exporters- 

  • Electronics & Electrical items
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Industrial Supplies
  • Building & Construction materials
  • Mobile & Telecom
  • Computer & Office
  • Mechanical Spare parts
  • Automobile Parts
  • Hand & Machine Tools
  • Apparel & Garments
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Cosmetics & Personal Care products
Visit IndiaMart- the leading trade portal in India

Free Classifieds to advertise your B2B products or services

3. India Trade Zone is aimed at Indian traders and suppliers as well as the rest of the world. Here buyers and sellers both put up ads in the hope of striking a favorable deal.
On indiatradezone, more than half a million companies from 240 countries in the world buy and sell from Indian companies. The bulk of the trade is with companies in Asia at 55% followed by Europe and then the rest of the world.


Indiatradezone-One of the Best Indian Trade Portals


The registered buyers number 150,000 and counting. The portal belongs to Wyzensystems Pvt.

Visit IndiaTradezone- a leading B2B portal for Indian and foreign trades



TradeIndia for Indian Exporters Manufacturers Suppliers Traders and buyers


On, it is possible to sign in with ones Facebook id, making it easier to access the site without additional passwords and usernames to remember.


Over 40 million users have registered on the website and this may just be one of the most popular. The website belongs to the Infocom network, a company that was established in 1990. The growth of the company has been very rapid.
The website sees more than 20 million hits every single month.
TradeIndia for Indian Exporters, Manufacturers, Suppliers,Business Directory



A Great Trade portal in India for small, medium, and large sellers, suppliers, manufacturers, and exporters. The site is free to signup or registration for buyers and sellers. They have simple yet effective platform to run your trades in India and abroad.


They also offer free and premium advertising options to promote your services and products to a larger group.

Visit ExportersIndia to start trading and Exporting your goods and services

6. ( Update: it is closed now!)


A Great business portal owned and maintained by Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra) Limited.

Get 400 Credits free once you signup at the Portal. You can market your business services, buy or sell products. The Portal is free to join. Register here to start promoting your business today Tata B2B carries the faith and brand name from the world renowned company- Tata itself.

8. ( World’s No#1 )

➤ Looking for more B2B Websites? Get them from the below given listings:

B2B Websites List for USA

Top 10 B2B Portals in Australia?

Top 10 B2B Trade websites in UK

Top 5 eCommerce markets to sell Handicrafts in India

Promote your business free by Submitting it to -> 25 B2B Local Directories in India

➤ Visit here to market your business in India via -> Local Advertising Opportunities

Local Listing Sites for Business- Add url Free to Top 15 High PR Citation Directories

Business Citation Sites – 15 High PR Local Listings for Worldwide Locations

The Coolest Citation Sites to improve the much needed online visibility of your business in no time!

You must have heard about how Local directory websites provide a very easy solution for improving the online visibility for any business. Their submission and listing concept is very similar to the traditional ‘Yellow Pages’ kinds of websites. But they are more than of those when it comes to citation, listing, detailing, and SEO rankings. 

Here you will find the top quality and most popular High PR Local Listing Sites to add your Business for better Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for a website.

If you have a new business or website then you should use the below listed High PR Advertising websites that help ranking a business over the various major search engines for getting organic traffic.



What is Business Citation, Local Listing, and Local Citation?

Citation sites
 are the online places which offer you a chance to promote your business  free ( a few sites may charge a small fee ). Most of the citation sites are well known to the online search engines and the concerned people.

A local listing is a page on a local listing site where the details of a particular business is mentioned in such a way that it is optimized for local searches.

For an example, you have a coffee shop in Titchfield St. Fitzrovia, London. Then, it will be beneficial for London based users. It is no point listing this shop for New York based users.

Example of a map enabled address area in a Local Citation Directory 


This is possible only when it is listed on a local listing site. Though, some business citation sites also have a facility of local listings then you can also add it to that. Such types of business submission is referred as local citation.

The Local citation sites are great online places to Promote your Business Free.

A Business citation allows you to add all types of contact Info in your listing page. You can mention the full description of your business along with the full address of your office, zip code, phone numbers, social media channels, website, blog, working hours, mode of payment, service list, etc.


Local citation example to add your business free


Adding your business to local citation sites is thought to be one of the Top 10 ways to advertise a business locally .

Most of the business citation sites also act as local listings. Not all the business citation sites are local listing sites and vice versa.

The Citation websites Mentioned here work great for your business, in terms of:-

  • Local advertising.
  • Local SEO.
  • Local traffic and leads for your business or website.


You can Improve Local SEO and Search Engine visibility of your business services in an easy way if you are willing to take the pain of writing and submitting unique content on each of the directory sites listed below.


List of Local Listing Sites for Business

15 High PR Business Citation Sites for Global online presence!

The high PR local business citation sites in this listing are similar to Google Local Places where your business location is shown in Maps.

Local Citation Sites List at
List of Local Citation Sites 

List of High PR local citation sites that allow free business submission for any location around the World.
With this list of business citation directories you can make a big impact on the overall results you can get from local advertising.


These directory listings are really great in terms of improving search engine rankings for your business. Most of the local listing sites here allow you to add free url of your business website.


#1. Top Citation site

#2. Business Profile Citation

#3. Improve your Business Citation Scores
#4. Search any Business citation in your City#5. You Review- Review Any Business or Product listing

#6. Local Yellow pages and Citation site

#7. Get Free Local Citation of your site

#8. List your services at

#9. Free Directory submission at Crunchbase

#10. Similar to yellow Pages- yellowhours

#11. Yellow Page Styled Directory Site- magicyellow

#12. Cite a Free business listing at Rateitall Directory

#13. citysquares- Free Business Citation site

#14. Local Business Submission at Manta

#15. Local Business Directory for Worldwide Locations- Hotfrog

#16. Submit your business listing free at Merchantcircle


We have researched well about the global local listing sites over the Internet and collected only the good sites for the business citation purpose. Each of the local citation directory mentioned here is great for promoting your business for a particular local place anywhere in the world!


➤ Blog Submission sites for Business Promotion

➤ Add your business at Press Release Submission Sites

➤ Add your business to 80 USA Local Business Directories

➤ International Directories to submit your business Free

➤ Add your Business Free in Indian Local Listing Sites


How to Advertise your Business Free on Yahoo- Online Advertising Tips

How to Advertise your Business or Website Free on Yahoo? Online Marketing Tips


Worth Knowing : 3 Ways to Market your business Free on Yahoo Networks.


Mark Twain once said that many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising. Indeed, nothing except the mint can make money without advertising. Perhaps that is why Yahoo offers great advertising platforms for business people to advertise their businesses and make their brands known.


Though, Yahoo offers greatly popular paid advertising options for businesses, like Yahoo Directory, Yahoo search Marketing, Yahoo Bing Ads, etc, but in this post we are focused about free advertising.


I frequently get to be asked this question : “how to advertise my business free on Yahoo?”

Today i thought to answer this question through this post. Though, i could not mention many ways here for making free advertising on Yahoo as few years back it had stopped some of the free advertising services. Yahoo also used to have free classifieds to post ads online. But, not any more.

Yahoo does not offer as many free advertising options as Google does.

You can see here 15 free methods to advertise your business free on Google


Worth Knowing : Ways to Advertise your Business or Website Free on Yahoo!


3 ways of Advertising and Marketing your Business over

Here are some of the direct and indirect free advertising options offered by Yahoo.


#1. Yahoo local listing

With Yahoo Localworks, it is possible to list your businesses across over 50 sites. Some of these sites are WhitePages, Yahoo Local, Yelp, Bing, Superpages and MapQuest. In this case, you are able to make an up-to-date listing of your site to ensure that customers looking for you get the right information in the right place.

Add your business free to 100 free Biz directories


You are also able to create an attractive business profile that will attract people to you like moths to flames. The profile can have photos, videos, and any other pertinent information that will set your business apart from the crowd.

You also get to correct inconsistent information on your listing with time to ensure that your listing always reflects what you want your customers to see and know about your business.

Add your business into Yahoo Local


#2. Yahoo answers*


This is an online Question and answer forum that connects people from all the corners of the world. It is a very popular reference site and this has made it possible for businesses and professionals to develop trust in it thereby using it as an avenue for promoting and exposing their businesses. Related : 50 Forums to discuss any business online



This has created the Yahoo Answers marketing, which is a new form of online advertising. It is a very economical form of advertising that requires little efforts but rewards highly. Yahoo has also implemented strict guidelines that govern this form of adverting and this is an extra feather to the hat.

Yahoo Question Answer Community


* Yahoo Never wanted it to be exploited by marketers. But, some subtle marketers always get success in breaking any barriers.


#3. Yahoo Web search

According to the Yahoo 2012 annual report, Yahoo search is one of the greatest global platforms that combine personalized content with relevant advertising options for the right people at the right time.


Yahoo believes that advertisements are a core part of their offering, and they understand that advertising can enhance the quality of their products and the user experience. Yahoo is also a starting point that brings together the most relevant content and functionality from across the Web, including original Yahoo! content.


Majority of these services are offered free of charge to Yahoo users around the world. However, a Search Engine Optimization must be done for the businesses to be highly visible on the Yahoo platform.

Add or submit your website to Yahoo Search Indexing

Indeed, Yahoo is one of the greatest free advertising platforms in the world. It offers value for advertisers and their brands by connecting them with targeted audiences of users through their daily habits.


Advertisers can build their businesses through advertising to these targeted audiences on the specific online platforms such as properties and services (“Yahoo! Properties”), or through the distribution network of third-party entities (“Affiliates”) who integrate Yahoo advertising offerings into their Websites or other offerings (those Websites and other offerings, “Affiliate sites”).

Indeed, if your business is on Yahoo, you can be sure that the world is aware about it.

Insurance Directories- Top 20 Insurance Agent Directory Listing Sites

Search or Add an Insurance Business or Company: Most Popular Insurance Directories.

Insurance Industry Directory Links: Submit your Insurance Firm, Business or Services (Free and paid web directory listings)

List of Insurance Directories- Add your Insurance Business Free.


Online advertising and marketing options for Insurance companies, Agents and Brokers ( Promote your Insurance business )

Insurance Companies and firms spend a huge amount on promoting themselves, yet many small and medium scale insurance businesses struggle in achieving the marketing benefits effectively.

For this reason we have researched online and come up with some really good online marketing options for you. Grab this list of useful Insurance sector based web directories and visit each of them and add/submit your own Insurance business there.

You should also read the collection of tips for making your advertising effective

Insurance Web Directories – Add your Insurance Business Services

What is an Insurance Directory?

An Insurance Directory provides comprehensive information on Insurance companies, brokers, Agents, products and Insurance based services. They help companies to get the online exposure and leads. They also help users or customers to find reliable Insurance services in their local area. So, Adding your company details to these web directories is among the great ideas to promote your business.


An Insurance Directory is expected to have extensive database of clients, competitors and resource suppliers from the Insurance industry around the Internet world.

Insurance Business Services-300x200
Insurance Business Services

Visit each of the below given web links to add your business online at the most appropriate places. These portals are popular on the Internet and they have great number of unique daily visitors. So, by listing your Insurance related business there you get lots of marketing benefits as the sites provide best online exposure to any services listed at them.

Don’t forget to checkout:  50 Best Classifieds to post Insurance ads online

Top 10 Business Websites on the Internet

Top 20 Insurance Directories on Internet for Worldwide Locations

Get Insurance Business Company listed at 20 Most Popular Insurance Directories:

The below listed directories are meant for Insurance industry based businesses. You will find Insurance business services listed at there. You can also add your Insurance company at these 100 Best Business directory websites. List of 20 Good Web Directories to add your Insurance Business & Services (Free and Paid listings).


Best Free Directories for SEO

Find below the List of Paid and Free sites for Insurance Business Marketing:


Sr. No    Insurance Directories

  1. Insurance directories
  2. Business Insurance Directories (A network of top-rated Insurance Agents, Services & Businesses)
  3. Health Insurance Forum
  4. Directory for life insurance and financial services industry
  5. Add your Finance and Insurance listing free
  6. US Auto Insurance Directory State wise (USA Statewise list of auto agents. Request them to add your details) 
  7. List your firm at ambest
  8. Pro Link Insurance Directory
  9. Insurance Business Forums
  10. List your life insurance and financial services in UK
  11. Add your firm in the list of UK Insurance Companies
  12. Market your Canadian Insurance Business
  13. Contacts at Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company
  14. Register your company at Directory of insurance companies
  15. Be listed in Insurance Web Directory
  16. Paid advertising networks to advertise your Insurance biz
  17. Submit your Insurance and Finance based listing
  18. Business centres and business service providers directory in Hong Kong
  19. Add your business Free on Google
  21. Canadian Insurance Brokers and Agents Directory
  22. Insurance Gateway – List your company in Namibia Directory
  23. Use this list of 100 best online ad posting websites for Insurance business
  24. Insurance Jobs classifieds
  25. Free Blog posting sites



Directory of Public Insurance (Life) Companies.

A Listing of 40, 000 Insurance companies worldwide. Visit here and read details to add your own Insurance business


The Directory of Insurance Companies-

Get your insurance business, service, or company listed at this website . This directory provides a listing of Insurance companies, their email addresses . They have email contact addresses of over 60,000 Insurance Companies, Agents and Brokers in the USA and Canada.

Visit this website and get your Insurance business listed there if it’s from USA or Canada. The website providers great exposure to anyone listed with them.

Visit Directory of Insurance companies, Agents and Brokers

Read these top blogs to learn online marketing


If you already have a business website for your company or business, it makes a great marketing sense adding your website to these 100 ultimate directory submission websites

Free business listing sites in India

Business listing sites for USA


Forums for Insurance business- Online forums are great places to find potential clients for your firm. Make it a point to register free and start promoting your Insurance business using the 50 best Internet forums for business.


Free Press Release – Top 40 Business PR and News Distribution Sites

Free Press Release Websites- Submit your Business Press Release to 40 Best PR Sites


List of Free and Premium/Paid Press Release Submission Websites 2019


Gone are the days when computers and the internet would make us feel like old Jurassic fossils. In this era of globalization, 1/3 of the world population is online, and that is why almost everything has taken an online trend, from dating to cutthroat business ventures. Proliferation of the internet has been fueled by a variety of features, press releases being one of them.


This is another great option to submit your business website to high end content marketing platforms. Like, PDF document Sharing sites, FPR sites are considered as a must use online marketing places for any business today. But, later on once your website reaches at a stable stage, you need some online means to get consistent web traffic for your site. Paid advertising networks are the best options for such traffic.

Submitting your business to top level press release websites has also been discussed in our 50 best advertising ideas to promote a business online.


A press release is a recorded communication that is distributed to the news media for the purpose of explaining something that is newsworthy. On the internet platform, it is very important for websites, businesses and companies to submit press releases to Free Press Release websites. In this article we have listed here top ten reasons why this is so.
Press releases help in publicizing new information relevant to the business.


If there is anything that is newsworthy at a certain point in time in your business, you need to inform your loyal customers and all the other stakeholders through a press release.


In the same way, when you have a brand new website for your business or service, then the web acts as a spokesperson and you link your press release content to it.So, the visitors can know full details about your business or services there at your website. In this way a press release submission to these sites acts as a great catalyst to promote your newly launched business quickly on the Internet.


About the PR Sites list:


The PR websites included in this list are popular among the business owners and marketers from all across the globe where English is commonly used language. For eg, Europe, United States, Asia, South Africa, Australia, etc.



Top 40 Free Press Release Websites to Promote your business  


When to Publish a Press Release Online?


Here are some of the things that require a press release to publicize:-

  • Opening a new business or launching a product or service.
  • Announcing an employee change.
  • Sharing survey results.
  • Celebrating an anniversary
  • Announcing an internal restructuring of the company
  • Opening a new branch
  • Receiving an appointment
  • Changing the website, company or business name.
  • Announcing unique features of the business or the website.


There are some features of a business or a website that can best be explained through a press release. For instance, if you are introducing a unique approach or a strategy of doing business, then a press release will serve you the purpose in best way possible.


List of Top 40 Press Release (PR) Sites to Publicize a Business Online


You won’t need more PR site after getting this list as it contains name of most of the Press Release (PR) Sites on the Internet. You can use them to improve local SEO for your Website, Business or Company!


Press Releases Sites at

A must read article before you make submission to these sites ➤: What is press release submission in SEO


#1. PRlog
#3. Free Press
#5. PR Inside
#6. PressBox
#7. PRZoom
#8. Online PR News
#9. I News Wire

4.  Asia Today
11. http://www.Briefingwire.Com
13. ClickPress (Free and Paid)
26. Free Press Release Center
27. PR Urgent
28. The CGI Directory

Paid or Premium Press Release Distribution Sites-


  1. Release wire
  2. Press Release Submission Service by WLMarketing
  3. My PR Genie
  5. SB Wire
  6. 24-7 Press Release Distribution Services
  7. News Wiretoday


Recommended Content for Online Business Marketing:

➤ Business Listing Sites List for India

➤ Business Listing sites for local advertising and Geo targeting

➤ Local business listings for Canada

➤ USA Business Listings Sites


Why you should Distribute your Business Release articles to Online Press Release Sites?



Why you should submit your Business website to Free Press Release
Why to submit your Business at Press Release Sites?

#1. Establishing a strong brand name:


A press release allows a business to show to the world what it is capable of in its line of businesses. This helps in creating a strong brand name that makes it easy for all customers to identify the business and separate it from its competitors.

For instance, a company that receives an award for excellence in its operations can send a press release on the same subject for all to read. A press release on a new partnership, a new product or a new line of business is also important in establishing a strong brand name.


#2. Press releases help in building credibility:


Press releases elicit a feeling of prestige and legitimacy. The readers of the release feel that the organization that is appearing in the press release site is an industry influencer and market leader.

#3. PR Submission Generates Traffic to your Website:




Sending press releases leads to cost-effective generation of leads, thereby encourages sales. The people who read your press release are likely to be the visitors to your site, and are therefore likely to make purchases from you in the long run.


As you know PR sites allow you to use at least link of your website in your press release article. So, it not only provides you a quality backlink, but also can drive traffic to your website through the clicks on the link you inserted. 


#4. Reputation Building:





Every time your press release appears on a Free Press Release site, the readers of the release develop a sense of perceived expertise. This helps in building a good reputation of your business. Remember a business that has a good reputation is highly likely to flourish in every sense of the word.



#5. A press release may give you the cutting edge over and above your competitors:


Sending a press release may make the difference in your business. This is so especially if your competitors have not fully embraced the press release feature. In fact, some businesses ignore publicity.


Press Release Submission offers competitive edge-400x200


For these businesses, media coverage may bring about the much desired competitive edge in the line of business.



#6. A sure way to improve SEO  and Online Visibility for your business and/or website:


These days, being online or having a website is no longer the matter. What matters is how visible you are online. There are several search engine optimization (SEO) technique, and press release distribution is one of them. A press release that attracts many readers enhances online visibility a great deal.




You can distribute a press release article to these sites for any kinds of businesses, like Real estate, Home loans, Insurance, Finance, Web Designing, computers, Studios, Media, advertising agency, rentals, etc.


#7. Press Releases Enhance Efficiency in the Business:



If you are confident enough to write a press release, then it means that you are sure about what you are saying. You cannot preach water and drink wine.


Sometimes, businesses or websites may engage in an activity simply to get the chance to tell the world what they are doing through a press release.


Imagine of a press release on participation in corporate social responsibility or hosting a seminar. This press release serves to inform the public that the business understands the need to return something back to the society.


This creates goodwill among customers. On the same note, a press release informing the public the times at which the directors of the company are available for consultations is a great show of effectiveness.



Other Press Release Topics in this category are:



  • Announcing that you’ve reached a major milestone.
  • Announcing a new, significant customer.
  • Establishing an important and unique vendor agreement.
  • Setting up a customer care or advisory group.
  • Making public statements on the future business trends and conditions.



#8. Enticing Future Investment:



A press release is likely to entice a future investment. This is so, especially when readers of the release are able to comment on the topic or give their ideas. For instance, a press release on a survey you conducted may provoke the readers minds to think of the ideas that can make the results of that survey a great business idea.


As we all know, the way people look for information has changed. The process is now a quick search on the Web to find the links, content, references and discussions that get the attention of the person looking for the particular information. This amplifies the need to submit press releases to PR websites.




Other Popular Lists of  url Submission sites:



Never miss an opportunity to promote your business or content. If you ever come across the sites that are good for your own business blog, in terms of marketing, SEO, or traffic, then you should utilize the opportunity by submitting relevant content along with the links of your site.


Generating traffic and good backlinks to your website takes time and it’s a lengthy process. You should do it steadily following the natural rules of good SEO.



Below given lists of sites offer you the same kind of opportunities where you can submit relevant content in return of good backlinks pointing back to your original web.




➤ Top 10 Video Submission Sites for promoting your Videos

➤ Article Submission Sites for Improving SEO

➤ Blog Submission Sites list for Bloggers

Instant Approval Article Submission Directories

Top 50 Online Forums for Business Marketing

50 Sites for Free Search Engine Submission


A brief note to Press Release Website owners and moderators


If you have a Business press related website and if we haven’t included it in this roundup, please do write about it in comments. We get regular users who are searching for such sites. They will also see your website. And, last but not the least, we will also include it in the list in the next update if we find it appropriate to the category.


15 Ways to Advertise your Business Free on Google

Free Advertising on Google- Find out 15 Options to advertise your Website and business on Google. (Online Marketing on Google)


Free Advertising options on Google: What are the methods, techniques, & ways to advertise your business or blog-website on Google? Tips on how you can promote your website further using Google’s various web services.


Google has many products and online web services by using them you can post ads directly on Google. Most of the methods shown here will allow you to advertise or market your business, product, website, or services for free on the Google’s networks and platforms. 


15 Ways of Free Advertising on Google-800x400


Use these advertising techniques and tricks explained here to promote or advertise your website links or business services over Google owned web services. BUT, don’t over do or spam it, otherwise Google will penalize you later through its Google Panda/Penguin updates.


And, Google is more so strict when you are caught abusing their own services. Google Inc is a home to very renowned and world famous online web services and they strongly believe in quality, honesty, and trustworthiness.



15 Ways of Business Advertising on Google



I found out that some people are searching for posting free ads on Google ( by this they mean putting ads on Adwords (now, Google ads). Though, Google Ads is a paid platform where you pay for the each ad that is shown in SERPs, but in case, if you get free credit coupon then you can show your ads for free. They offer $100 free credit when you spend at least $50 in advertising.

You can visit here to get $100 free credit for Google Ads


Apart from that, if you want to advertise your business free then there are other services from Google where you can take advantage of free advertising. We have mentioned all such services below, please read on:



Post Free Ads on Google: 15 Advertising-Marketing options for Businesses






#1. Advertising on Google’s Youtube


Google’s Youtube is the most popular video submission website in the world. Needless to say Youtube is a great social media platform for promoting your business or content free.


You can advertise your content on Youtube in two ways:


  1. Free ways;
  2. paid or premium ways of advertising on Youtube.


Free way of Advertising on Google’s Youtube:


If you upload your videos on Youtube then they become source of free traffic to your business or website.

In this way you can take advantage of free business advertising from Google (Youtube ).


Youtube Free marketing Tips:

➤ 10 Video Submission sites like Youtube

➤ Tips to Increase your Youtube Channel Subscribers

➤ How to make an Explainer Video for Youtube marketing.

➤ Youtube Video Making Tips for Beginners


Paid ways of advertising on Google’s Youtube:

Youtube Paid marketing Tips for Beginners:


➤ Visit here to advertise on You Tube .

➤ 8 Quick steps to get started with Youtube Ads.

➤ Learn how to advertise your business using You Tube based paid advertising

➤ 10 Important facts to know for promoting your business on Youtube

➤ Do’s and Don’ts of Youtube Video Marketing

➤ How to librage Youtube marketing


#2. Google Plus –


One of the top 10 Popular Social Media Networking Platforms (but Google has discontinued Orkut- an old and popular social networking site ). GooglePlus could be a good source of free traffic. You can use many ways to drive traffic to your website using Google Plus social networking sites.You can join popular Google+ groups and can share your content.


➤ Google Plus Marketing Tips for Beginners

➤ Top 10 Google plus marketing automation tools



#3. Google AdWords


Google Adwords ( Now Google Ads) is a world popular advertising platform for paid advertising via PPC .

Get your ads placed on Google’s SERP’s as well as on its partner publishers websites. This is not a free service though. You will have to pay to create ad campaigns in Adwords!


Still, you can get $100 free ad credit in your account when you spend $50 on your ads on Google. We have mentioned the link to get this credit in the starting of this list.


4. Google Map Local Places




Google local places is one of the best online places for listing your business free. Google Local is a free advertising service where you can list your business free.


Local users may find/ discover your business as per your location. You should use proper keywords and description for your business so that people can find your services easily. 



5. Google Blog Search


Blog Search is a technology focused on Blogs. Register free and submit your blogs to be included in Google Blog Search.

Update: It was discontinued in May 2011.


6. Google Groups




( Google has thousands of Groups where users discuss and share their ideas in front of the universal community. Google Groups are great places to speak and talk about your business services to the audience that is interested in your products.


7. Google Sites


Google has this easy web creation free services to anyone interested in creating small or bigger business sites. Google sites rank very well in search engines listing pages. Hence, Google sites offer free advertising on Google.


You should visit here to create a Free Google site for your business.



8. Google Merchant Center ( Google Base, previously)


So, Google Base (now called Merchant Center) – Google base or Merchant center to advertise your products. You can use your products feed to Google Merchant Center where it will be shown for the searches made for products related queries.


You can find more help and support related information here for Google Merchant Center.



8. Google Blogger Blogspot


Blogspot is a popular Web 2.0 FREE Blog creation platform by Google itself! It lets you create a blog within 2 Minutes! Needless to say you can do anything with this blog.


You can also use it a secondary blog and promote your main business or services over it. This will be great for SEO purpose as your Blogspot blog will have very nice DA (Domain Authority) rating. Nowadays DA is the crucial factor that has replaced Page Rank (PR) factor.


30 Blogging Sites Like Blogspot


9. Google My Business- Create a Free Website at Google


Google My Business is a set of lots of free tools and information about your Google account where you can take advantage of lots of free advertising services and tools from Google.


Apart from that you can download free app from Google Playstore to manage your activities at Google My Business.

Download Google My Business App for Android based phones

Download GMB App from Apple App Store


Create a Free Business Website with Google My business:


Create a free website for your Business at Google My Business


GoogleMyBusiness also offers you an opportunity to create a free website for your business in minutes.

The website making tools are super easy and you can create, edit, and publish a free website for your business in minutes!


The website you create there looks modern and functions as an efficient tool for your business.

Click here to Visit Google My Business


10. Google Feedburner


Feedburner is a free RSS service for webmasters and bloggers around the world. After creating an account submit your blog there and activate important features of Feedburner, like “pingshot”.


You should go to “publicize” tab and then click on “Pingshot” and Enable it. Once enabled it will always notify interested services whenever your blog or website feed changes or gets updated! This also work like the pinging sites as mentioned here.




11. Google Bookmarks



Save your favorite web pages at Google Bookmarks


Google bookmarks for advertising? I know this sounds crazy, but i wanted to give you full information on the such services from Google where you can mention about your business or website.

Though, there was a time when people used to submit their website links in Google bookmarks and the latter were shown publicly and people use to save and follow such links. So, it offered some SEO value to the saved links (i dont know if it still works or not that way) 


You can save all your bookmarks at Google Bookmarks. There you can arrange your bookmarks as per labels and tags. I have seen a positive effect on my urls after i submitted them to Google Bookmarks.

Best Social Bookmarking websites for SEO


12. Google Gmail

This is a worldwide popular online email service which is off-course widely used for email marketing.


Use signature to every outgoing email and add the links of your website in your signature. This is a cool way to market or advertise your product/service with one time setup.

This is easiest way to promote something without any efforts (or once a little effort in life time )


Top 10 FREE eMail Service Providers


13. Google Documents


It’s a good place to create advertising documents or product/ services catalogue for your business and mark them as public to make them available to any one who is searching for the relevant/ similar information.

You can also use Google Docu to use on your website or to upload on to the document sharing sites.

List of 30 Document Sharing Websites


14. Panoramio


Photos of the World. This is Google’s own product or online photo service site where you could upload images, make titles, and descriptions and add your website or service links to them.


So, it’s a good way to get free traffic from the high authority site. Your photos and hence details show up in search results for the relevant queries made on the site Register free on Google Panoramio


15. Google Support and Help Forums


Though, Google Forum is not just like any other forums on the internet, but it’s more so about Google’s products and services and you can’t directly start using it for your advantages.

But, if you join the forum and ask relevant questions, or help others by answering their queries, you can get good referral traffic from there.


If you are more aggressive towards business marketing, then get yourself talking in these top 50 business marketing forums

Google + Post ads


Google has recently launched ( a month back) +Post Ads campaigns to Start Conversations for the users who are using Google Adwords.

Through “+Post ads” you could expand your business brand’s content by easily turning Google+ posts into display ads that run all across the Internet web via AdWords.

Where users can leave a comment, follow your business brand, or click a +1, or directly join a Google Hangout from an ad.


More options for business advertising –

Take the next step and Post free ads online on 100 best sites and don’t forget to submit your business on 100 best Online advertising sites . Have you opened a new business or service? If so, let the world know it through the best of Free Press Release (FPR) Sites.


UK Business Listing Sites- Top 50 Local Directory Submission Sites List 2019

UK Business Listing Sites 2019: UK Directory List of Top 50 Business Submission Sites



UK Business Directories List– This page hosts a very trustworthy and reputed sites for free digital marketing for small business owners from UK. Here you get a chance to  Submit your Business listings to 47 FREE Citation Sites from United Kingdom.


You can easily promote your Business Website or Blog by submitting it to the below mentioned High Domain Authority [DA] local listing sites that are ranked well by Google due to their age, reputation, and SEO friendliness.


I am sure you came here searching for something related to business promotion then this List of UK Directory Sites is for you!


UK High DA Directory Submission Sites List for 2019 [Updated] –  Submit your business online through Local Listing Sites!


The directory submission sites in this list are of High PR and DA. You can also use them as business advertising sites for marketing your services online for absolutely free!!


I can bet that if you register your business page on these listings then you will start receiving leads for sure. Because the sites that are mentioned here are of at most authority and importance, in terms of online visibility, search ranking, and local SEO value. I think you already have heard of Google My Business, Yell,com, Bing local, Foursquare, etc. And, the directory websites in our compilation are similar to the ones!

UK Local Citation Listing Sites for FREE Business Submission


Listing your Business Free Online in UK


Market your business website in these High PR directories and improve visibility of your site over the Internet in UK and local Search Engines. Everyone is allowed to submit their business manually on these web directories free.


You can get direct leads and referral traffic from these high authority directory websites that are meant only for businesses. ( Related read: Best directories for Insurance business ). The business submission process involves filling business details to these UK internet directories for deriving high quality referral traffic to your business site.


It will higher the search engine rankings and visibility of your site over the UK internet marketing.

Hence, it is also a great method to publicize your business via local advertising. You can also use this page to submit you business.


  • Manual UK Citation Directory Submission to promote your small business on the Web.
  • High PR UK based Citation Directories Submission
  • Drive premium quality referral web traffic
  • Boost up clicks over the business websites and blogs.



What are the Benefits of directory submission?



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What are the Benefits of Directory Submission



1. Listing your business in these directory webs would increase Search Engine Optimization value for your web and it will also get free referral traffic as well.


2. Submit a business website to these 50 free SEO-friendly UK Citation directory sites and create relevant back links for your site for free.


3. Directory Submission is an Internet marketing technique of off-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


4. Business directory submission not only improve your website or blog traffic, but also increase number of unique visitors and Google Page Rank (PR).


5. Submitting your website in such directories with high PR is a great way to enhance number of quality backlinks to your web pages.



How to submit your business in the Local directory Sites?



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The Right Way to List your business in Local Citation directories 



#1. Use unique titlesand description in every directory sites to get the maximum SEO benefits out of the business directory submission. Don’t just copy paste a single content to every site.Use different and unique content and also use different anchor texts for your links.



#2. After submission check back later within 2-3 days and make sure that your submissions are live on all the sites. Because most of the directories don’t approve your links instantly and they check every submission manually.


So, once all of your links are live on these sites, put them on a notepad and use this bulk ping site and put all the links there and ping them all. You can, though, use any of the top 10 best ping websites mentioned here.



#3. These business directories require 100% Manual submission .No software or automatic program can do the work. So, don’t try to use any auto posting programs.



#4. The directories mentioned here offer Do Follow links to your biz site. You should provide up-to-date and complete business details while submitting your biz site to these UK web directories.



Top 50 UK Local Citation Sites for Listing your Business Free Online



Use the business directories given in the list below and publicize your business or services over the UK Internet market. This is a primary way to promote any business in any country in the world. Millions of business website owners are using the directory submission methods to market their site online.

UK Top 50 Citation Sites-730x300


If you are willing to spend on paid advertising then it would do a magic to your business as it’s the quickest way to get online visitors for your business or services. I would recommend using any of these highly popular and most widely used paid ad networks for the UK countries.


You should also consider to posting free online classifieds on the UK based advertising web-sites. Visit here to get lists of free Job Submission classifieds for UK


  3. Foursquare- claim your Local listing
  6. Cylex Search Local
  8. Tradepages- Get your Company listed
  13. Hotfrog UK Local Online Business Directory
  16. google business listing uk
  21. Add your Company
  25. La Cartes
  27. Pinbud UK
  35. Bing Local Business Listing
  51. Advertising Websites for London




The UK business directories as mentioned above are of high DA (Domain Authority). In today’s time it has become imperative for adding your business on such local listing sites to get the desired leads and online exposure. After social media Integration and promotion, and on page SEO, this is the process you should follow.


Here, you should provide all the important information about your business in these directory submission sites. They offer you a great chance to promote and market your business free in the local market places in the UK. Most of the listing sites are equipped with local citation features where your business will be added to the map.