Event Marketing Via Twitter Social Media- How to Use Twitter to Market Events

Twitter Marketing Tips for Events: How to Use Twitter to Market your Event?


For marketing purpose social media has always shown how effective platform it can be. Businesses promote their events via social media to a large extent because of the known fact that social media is one platform that has a huge success rate in attracting the audience.

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Twitter to Market your Event

Facebook being the one leading in this category. But Twitter has shown a tremendous growth in terms of popularity and today it stands second to Facebook.

The difference is minimal though if counted in percentage. Twitter is remarkably powerful tool for the event marketers to promote their events.

Event Marketing – 7 Ways to Use Twitter for Business Events

With the help of this medium, marketers are able to connect and engage with the audience, prospective attendees in real time.

There are various incredibly amazing ways to use Twitter to market your event. Let us take a look what these can be:


1- Event Hashtag


This is the best way you can get your audience reach out to you. An easy to remember and short hashtag must be created so that it does not occupy much space in a tweet because there is only 140 characters limit for a tweet.

Also your audience will be able to recall the hashtag because of it being short and precise in nature. Keep on checking the conversation surrounding your hashtag and make sure you are able to generate buzz via hashtag in the time span before the event.

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2- Use Single Account


Let not the twitter account go mute after the event gets over. You do not require to create a separate specific account on twitter for the purpose of promoting your event rather see if you have a strong base of followers, make use of that already existing account to promote your event along with using the hashtag created for the same.

Your followers will come to know about the event and help in spreading the word. Also there will not be any fear of losing followers due to inactivity after the event which is very much possible if you promote the event with a certain new account.

The hashtag will get your company (twitter handle) more followers in this way and they will get updates on whatever new you bring.

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3- Post Relevant Content

Generate content that is relevant to your event and target audience as well.

Make exciting announcements related tour blog posts on upcoming event, speakers, videos and pictures of previous events, behind the scenes visuals and more.

Mere self promotion wouldn’t be enough and too much of it will not be effective as audience may lose interest because of getting spammed. Retweets, mentions, share, hashtag etc and all the content posted must be relevant to the event.

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4- Promoted Tweets



In order to create awareness about your event or company and gaining followers you can use twitter’s targeted advertising platform.

This is the best option for the event marketers to promote their event with open registration along side.

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5- Create Contest & Beat The Drum For Your Event


Create buzz for your event. Make people talk about it. 

You can do so by running some contest related to the event offering good prize or reward like personal meeting with the speakers, signed T-shirts, Free tickets, etc for spreading the hashtag or Retweeting from your company’s Twitter handle or stuff like that which can benefit your company.

This way of promotion can get you more attendees and followers, thereby making your business event a real success.



6- Engage Attendees


Keep your event attendees engage before, during and after the event. Do not lose touch when the event gets over. Stay connected via Social media (Twitter here).

Give your attendees something to look forward to from your end. Keep updating on what next you are going to come up with. Keep them excited.


7- Make a Twitter Incharge For The Main Day


Make somebody incharge of handling your Twitter for the day event will occur. Encourage live tweeting. The incharge must post important announcements, quote speakers when they are delivering the speech live.

Many question might be coming from the attendees of the events, in-charge must answer these questions and keep on posting all the good stuff related to the event as and when taking place.


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