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Top 10 Freelance Sites for Writers and Recruiters 2020 for Content Writing Freelancing Jobs

Top 10 Work from Home Freelancing Sites for Freelance Writers & Employers

10 Best Freelancer Job Portals for Global employers where they can post free jobs for Hiring Freelance Writers online.

Freelance sites for home based Writers:


Are you home based freelance writer? looking to earn income regularly by taking writing assignments from remote employers? If so, then read this article to find a list of top 10 best freelance sites that offer work from home content writing assignments. The websites in this list are ideal in terms of money, writing projects, and flexibility. The sites are very popular across the globe among online freelancers. They provide a great platform for freelance writers.

Freelance sites for Employers: outsource your content writing work:


Are you a recruiter or consultant working for Content media publication industry where you frequently need writers for developing content? Do you run an ad agency, web design company, or an online publication media house?

If so, then you would be constantly looking out for quality content writers to fulfill web writing projects for any purpose. Finding the right candidates is not an easy job. The job posting websites listed here are wonderful for hiring freelance content writers on temporary or long term basis.

Top 10 Employment Websites for Hiring Content Writing Jobs



10 Best Freelancing Websites for Employers and Freelance Content Writing Jobs for writers:

The websites given below are a mix of regular job portals and freelance platforms. But, all of the sites mentioned here are free for writers to get online writing assignments and employers can post jobs for free. The employers have to pay only once their writing project is fulfilled by a freelance writer.



The growth of as a crowdsourcing site has hit the ground running in the recent times. Actually, it is threatening to overtake all the job boards when it comes to content writing.

There are more than one million companies from all parts of the world that hire content writers through, and that’s why this site seems to have a bright future. Usually, you are charged only the cost of the job that has been done, but the actual posting of the job is free.

With, you can post jobs free and allow over 2 million freelancers to browse through your jobs and pick the ones that suit their qualifications. You are only required to pay for the price of the article once it is approved, as posting it is free.

This is a very trusted online workplace where recruiters can meet all type of freelancers from over 180 countries of the world. As an employers, the most important thing to you as long as staffing is concerned is getting the right talent for your job, and that talent is available through

Visit Upwork for for Freelance Content Writing projects


Update: and are now Visit for posting content writing projects or to apply for the writing related jobs.

10 Most Popular Job Boards in Ireland
Top 100 Job Sites in South Africa


2. PeoplePerHour


Find Freelance People based on Per Hour rate

PeoplePerHour is a UK based content writing web portal that specializes in freelance job postings. Employers can post free jobs that are related to content writing on this site. After posting the job, job hunters can see the job and make proposals based on the description of the job.

The employer then chooses the freelancer of his choice depending on the freelancer’s profile and feedback.

All freelancers on this site are curated so you do not need to worry about quality of the work. You are actually guaranteed of good results as an employer, and the hands support from the customer care desk will ensure that the entire process is successful.

Visit People Per hour Freelance Site


3. Guru


If you have been looking for a website to post free jobs for both full time and part time based for free, the search is over.

At, you can get home based freelancers who are willing to provide content in relation to all aspects of business, whether it is creative writing and translation, design, art and media as well as web software and administration support.

This site has a large network of about 1.5 million gurus who are ready for quality work. You can browse freelancers and check their qualifications before hiring the one who fits your description.

You can manage your jobs from wherever you are and you only pay once you are satisfied with the subscriber’s work.

Visit for online freelancing


4. Flexjobs


flexjobs-writing-work-hire-writers-200x200 Hire Freelance Writers

Flexjobs is the king of content writing job posts. At this site, you can post unlimited number of jobs on the flexible job market like freelance and hire highly qualified professionals in the content writing industry.

On the basic platform, you can post free jobs but on the premium platform, you are only required to pay $99 for the visibility of your jobs to be boosted.

The fact that you can post locally, regionally, nationally and internationally adds color to the already good package, creating hiring solutions that solves the content writing hiring solutions of all employers. for writing editing journalism job

Read the ultimate Content Writing Tips to start writing like a pro


5. Freelancer Map is one of the free job portals that have specialized in the IT industry. This portal is specifically designed for IT freelancers and professionals. Posting a job on this site is free, and the job is advertised on your behalf free of charge.

The job could be related to website content, blog content or content on any other IT-related field.

There are more than 70000 registered IT professionals on this site, an you can be sure that you will end up hiring the best professional for your job. You can send enquiries to freelancers and finally hire the one that suits your job description.



6. partners with several employment sites to offer recruitment solutions to employers looking for content writers. This global outsourcing site connects employers to content writers from all parts of the world. There are different levels of membership to this site, and with each sites comes its features and its costs.

As a rule of the thumb, membership levels for which someone does not pay a lot of money remains associated with only a few features.

Visit the world renowned website for online Freelance work




You do not need a middleman to hire a freelancer on this site. All you need is a workable hiring plan that will guide you into choosing the right candidate for yourself. Job posts are posted free on this and everyone can apply for projects from wherever they are in the world.

Find Freelance writing jobs or Writer Freelancers at iFreelance



At, you can post a job related to content writing, web copy writing, and any other form of content that you can think of. They are online for more than 20 years now.  Freelancers who are hungry for work will be very willing to work to the last ounce of their energy to ensure that they provide the best content solutions to the client. has succeeded in maintaining the trust and reputation among their clients and freelance writers across the world.


Visit for web content writing freelancing projects.


[ Why Freshers are more interested for getting jobs in Startups? ]



9. Writers.Work

Though, the platform is rather new, but their website and platform looks promising. Most of the writers are from USA and Canada, but they accept freelance writers from any country provided that their writing skills in English language are good, and at least, satisfactory. Though, they are accepting writers of all skills and they have partnered with many companies for online writing assignments.

I think you should give it a try as a writer or an employer.


Visit Writerswork website for content writing work



10. SimplyHired


If you have jobs for writers, just post them on this site free. On this site, you can post jobs that are related to content writing so that you can attract freelancers who are willing to deliver high quality content on report writing, technical writing, academic writing, news writing and online copywriting, to name but a few.

There is a large number of freelancers who are keen to note any content writing related job and work on it with speed and expertise.

(writers option- Writers Job at simplyhired)


Some more job sites to post content writing jobs of any kind for any location:-

Indeed-              Employers Post jobs





Does it come as a surprise to you that the experience of finding that exceptional cost effective freelancer is like searching for a “Needle in a Haystack”? This is certainly not a surprise to you or anybody.

Moreover, the growing proliferation of thousands of freelance websites featuring millions of freelancers’ profiles has unfortunately not made this search task any easier.

So, how can an employer with a limited budget find that efficient affordable freelancer?


Things to Remember While Hiring Freelance Writers


Here are some useful hiring tips that will help you on how to hire a freelancer who gets the job done on time and budget:


1. Examine the freelancer’s Personal Profile: Firstly checkout the age of the freelancer. This will give you an idea whether the candidate is a novice or an experienced consultant. Also check the professional experience.


2. Availability and level of interaction of the freelancer: Make separate queries spaced in time and check how fast the candidate will respond to them. Do they take minutes to reply? Hours, days? Obviously, the quicker the reply, the higher the score. A freelancer who takes over half working day to answer is probably unavailable.


3.Quality of the answers to your queries: You can judge the professionalism of the freelancer by the quality of their answer to your queries. Is the answer accurate? Do they volunteer with innovative ideas & suggestions to your problem?

Do they demonstrate technical and business knowledge? Is there an element of human touch. For instance, a freelancer simply repeating the solution as described on the website without any personalized explanation deserves a bad score.


4. Have a look on the quality and similarity of their Portfolio: One major thing while hiring a freelancer is to examine their portfolio and past experiences with the same type of project that you want to get done for you. Do not hesitate to ask for the weblinks to existing work and click in order to have a quick look at the quality of their work.


5. Speak to previous customers:Do not hesitate to ask for references and take time to speak to past customers about their experience with the freelancer. This thing is a very valuable.


6. Hourly Rate: We recommend asking for a project based quote. The hourly rate is misleading and could turn out to be more costly than initially estimated. The agreement should include phased payment installments with the last installment to be paid after the complete delivery. Do include at least three months tech support in the agreement.


7. Finding the right Freelancing sites: Choosing the right website is an important factor.


8. Formal Interview: Prepare and conduct a structured interview with the candidate freelancer. Go through your systematic questionnaire. Capture the answers in writing so you can compare later on between other candidates. Once you select a candidate, make sure to ask the candidate to first write down, confirm and sign off the list of your requirements in details before writing an agreement that refers to your requirements document and includes the phased payment structure.


So for hiring the best suitable candidate for getting your job done, you must follow these simple tips and go great with your project. These are the best things to remember before you begin your search.


Are you looking for free classifieds for jobs? Use this list to Post free classifieds for jobs employments.

Employers from around the world, including USA, Singapore, New Zealand, UAE, India, Italy, Ireland, Europe, London, New York, Delhi NCR may use these websites for Job Posting related to freelance hiring.

How to Make Money on Social Media Sites- 15 Ways to get Paid

Making Money on Social Media Platforms- 15 Best Ways to Earn Income Online.

Top 10 Ways To Earn Money Online on Social Media Sites.


Although it can be referred to be a comparatively new industry, but there are wide range of ways to earn money using the available social medias.

You will become surprised knowing the fact that each of the most important social media outlets has, to a great extent, helped the users turning their favorite hobby into a profitable business or, turning their existing business into a larger business.


Making Money on social media sites 560x397
Making Money on Social Media Sites



How to Make Money with Social Media

However, without the knowing the right way, you can never turn your hobby into a successful business and earn money from that. Therefore, we have come up with the top 10 ways to earn money using the social media.

1. Attract the Customers on Pinterest with Your Products

Small businesses can be benefitted in bigger ways through receiving Pinterest users or, customers to pin the images of the products of their businesses listed on the Pinterest boards.

All you have to do is to create an account, try to engage in the specific communities through pinning other business’s photos, and then, upload the images of your business, which may draw the attention of the users so that they can buy your products.

2. Create and Maintain an Online Instagram Shop

If your business does have items, which may attract the Instagram users, then it is comparatively easier to set up an Instagram shop through linking your account to a specific service on Instagram called inSelly.

You can easily get to know about the details of the procedures you need to follow to sell products on InSelly Instagram marketplace to sell online.

3.  Copywriting

A great way to show your writing skill is using Facebook and Twitter. In these days, most of the online businesses search for writers who are fit enough to manage their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

In such cases, your writing skill can attract those business owners and manage a writing job for yourself, which you can easily do staying at your own home.

Content Writing Tips to become a Pro Writer

4.  Editing and Proofreading

Editors, at the current time, have huge demand because of the writing expertise they possess. The best market for the editors is Facebook and Twitter.

Actually, Twitter and Facebook pages needs editors who are great in this area since it helps the online shops to get online customers in the easiest ways through attractive them with the help of their written words.

5. Create an Online Store at Facebook



If you are a seller or have some products of your own or from third parties then you should open a storefront at Facebook. Also, start using Facebook Buy now button on your Facebook pages as well to attract more leads and sales.

An online storefront at Facebook can fetch you a good amount of money if you have good networking skills.

Follow this Small Guide to Setup an Online Store at Facebook

6.  Manage Different Social Media

At the current time, most of the companies search for the appropriate virtual assistant in order to handle the social media presence of their business.

Although you may find some positions for the interns, but there are wide ranges of positions, which pay a great deal of monetary payment to the skilled virtual assistant.

There are different types of categories, for instance, fixed job and early payment system. You can choose the category which best suits you to maintain your other jobs.

7. Airbnb

With Airbnb, you may to invest a few bucks at the initial stage but, with the passage of time you can hope to earn huge amount of money if you can become successful.

In this case, you just need to rent some places in different countries and then make the advertisements of those rented areas online.

Tourists from across the world search for better places when they visit a new country. Those tourists are the customers you really have to attract for your business. Find them and make the deal at Airbnb and the money is in your hand within a matter of few seconds.

8.  Create a YouTube Channel

Creating a YouTube Channel is a great way to make money online staying at your place. You just need to make sure that your channel must possess the kind of videos, which has the ability to attract viewers from all the parts of the world.

Create an engaging video or, something that goes viral for a particular period of time. This can help you to get more viewers for your channel and eventually help you earn money with social media. Helpful resources for the Youtube based work from home users:

Youtube Video Making Tips for Beginners
20 Tips to Grow number of Youtube Subscribers
Ultimate ways to make an impactful Explainer Video for your Youtube Channels

9. Amazon Affiliate Program

One of the easiest ways to earn money online is to join the Amazon Affiliate Program.
Any purchase of Amazon from your link will return a certain percentage of the total price to you.

Tips to Become an Affiliate at Amazon

10. Sell your own artwork

Another great way is selling your art on Instagram and Tumblr.

Actually, these are the places where you can get the actual buyers for your artworks.

When your piece of work gets lots of shares and likes, then you will find someone who will be showing interest in purchasing your work.

Just make the deal and make money online in a hassle-free way.

Best Freelance Websites for Web Designers


5 more Successful Ways to Earn Money Using the Social Media Platforms


Social media is getting popular each year and the opportunities it offers in various aspect of our lives also increases. Social media are much beyond than just connecting with your friends and family.

It can also be utilized to make money on the go if you have an entrepreneurial outlook.

Let us have a look at 5 successful ways to earn money using the Social Media Platforms:

1. Making Money with YouTube


Starting a YouTube channel is easy, and it takes no time at all. However, to start to earn a good amount of money from social media sites, you need to really popular with what you do.


It does not happen overnight, and it requires a lot of work. To start with you need to find a niche in which you have passion and begin by making videos and uploading it.

Choosing a unique name and giving a good channel description is the basic step you have to do initially. Building a consistent user base or subscribers is the only way to keep up with the money flow.

When you find the right niche, it is as if you have crossed half of the hallmark. If you are excellent at what you do, brands will start to contact you to do collaboration, and it helps you to earn money by that way as well. You can start anything from a random vlog channel to a cooking channel.


For converting the views to money, you need to link your YouTube channel to AdSense first. Social media advertising is another way to promote your channel.


Joining the YouTube partner program is another smart way to earn money using social media. Once you start getting more than thousands of views a month, you are going to start to make money from the program.


After you become a YouTube partner, Google AdSense starts managing all your ad placements and money earnings. Google decides what type of ads will appear and keeps track of all ad responses as well.

In short, you need not spend time in managing the advertisers as it works as an automated process.

[ how to start a coupon business online ]


2. Make Money through Sponsored Posts

Tips to Make Money with Sponsored Tweets

You can make easy money by posting sponsored posts on social Medias.Sponsored posts are nothing but posts that you publish on behalf of a brand.


For sponsored posts, you can contact brands or companies directly, but you need to have a large follower base to convince them. If you already have a significant number of specific followers, then convincing the brand owners will not be a problem.


For example, if you have a Facebook or a Twitter page on cooking classes and recipes, it is easy for you to approach food-related companies to do a sponsored post.


Publishing sponsored posts on your Facebook, or Instagram is popular social media advertising. It takes a long time to get money from AdSense depending on the views, whereas, you get more money and that too very quickly from a sponsored post or a review.


If you are growing consistently and have many followers, brands will directly contact you to review one of their products.

Best Sites for part time Jobs

3. Make Money from Products Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is another way to earn money using social media where you will have the benefit when you help another brand by promoting their product.

When you make collaboration with a company for product affiliation, you will receive an affiliate code which you need to place on your website or social media to start driving traffic. The company will be able to track your performance through unique software with the help of affiliate ID.

Affiliate marketing is a cost effective and easy way to earn money using social media sites. To prosper in this area, you need to choose brands carefully. Registering with too many brands can be the biggest mistake you can make. Choose products or brands that align with your niche.
Best ad networks for bloggers

4. Set up an Online Store on Instagram

If you have a shop that sells exclusive items, set up an online store in Instagram popularly known as Insta-stores. To start with, you must have a clear bio with all necessary information. Add proper keywords along with matching hashtag to earn target followers. Also, include your contact details like mail id or address.

Increasing the number of followers is another vital part that decides your growth.

To attract followers, you have to be regular with your posts.

Try to publish one quality post of your product or brand a day.

Hashtags are another area you need to concentrate on; your images will travel place with right hashtags.

In social media sites like Instagram, beauty and fashion stores are really popular, and as long as you have
something unique to sell, you are going to be successful soon.

Create a unique name which is easy to find. Don’t make it complicated by using upper cases and lower cases simultaneously.

Use your store’s logo as profile picture so that your customers can identify you without any difficulty.

You can make use of selling tools like Inselly or Insta orders to sell your products on Instagram.

How to earn Income with Flipkart Affiliate Program

5. Take advantage of Pinterest

Pinterest is yet another social media platform you can utilize to make money.

Build an audience targeting a particular niche and sell to them. If you want to sell a fitness related product, target people who are interested in getting fit and healthy.

Make relevant boards and earn followers and finally, you can sell the product to them. Even if you do not have a product to sell, you can approach companies and ask for sponsorship by sharing your account’s statistics.

Brands will also approach you if you have a few thousands of followers in a particular niche.

[ Tips to earn Money working on Craigslist ]

In social media marketing, you need to brand yourself and teach the followers how to master the strategies making money by using social media efficiently. Delving essential tips will help you to brand yourself and will help you to grow and improve residual income.

The attractive part of the online business is everybody wants to make money, and everybody would spare their time to understand the social media marketing.

Learning strategies will help you to monetize the traffic and generate income.

There are only a few ways by which you can make money, and there are endless possibilities for you to explore. Whatever you do, keep up your passion in it so that it can take you places.

Best Social Media Sites for Jobs

NEVER Make These Mistakes while Earning Money Online

DONT Make These 13 Mistakes While Doing Online Jobs for Earning Money

General Precautions that should be Taken Care to Make Money on the Internet!


The Internet has opened many avenues for making money online. In fact, technology has reduced the boundaries laid down by geographical territory limitations off the mark and opened the doors for everybody to make through online activities. [ 15 Ways to Make Money on Social Media Sites ]


Everybody can transact business by sitting in a remote corner of the globe with people whom they had never met in their life, or without a need to meet the buyer and seller face to face.


What Mistakes to Avoid While Earning Money Online-560x315
What Mistakes to Avoid to Earn Money Online


We all know it is not that easy to earn money without losing our sweats. So how anyone can pay us just sitting on the couch and making some clicks here and there? We need to work harder or smarter to earn money.


However, there are certain precautions that everyone needs to keep in mind while working online. As every coin has two sides, same way is with making money online. Certain drawbacks required your focus while investing money or making online money. [ Best Sites for part time jobs ]



13 Important Things to Know before Joining Online Jobs


What are those important things you need to focus on?


Legal and authentic work


Before investing your precious time and money in any work, first investigate the online business thoroughly. You should make sure that the work they are assigning or dealing with are legal and does not involve any illegal activities.Make yourself double sure that you do not participate in any illegal employment which can harm you later.  It is one of the common mistakes, which can trouble you a lot in future.


Are you dealing with a registered company?


A genuine company will always have complete registration paper and have transparent authentication. Always make sure that the company you are planning to deal is a registered company as there are abundant of fraud companies providing various online works.

Ask for references, if you feel that is essential as part of the due diligence process. Companies with dubious characters may always find some excuses in providing references or other convincing information.


A Professionally Designed Website:


Every company these days will have their professionally optimized registered website. Make sure that the site looks professionally designed, as they can give you convincing appeal. Avoid companies that have websites but not professionally designed. It would help in avoiding future mishaps and hassles.


Zero registration fee:


Often we make common mistakes of paying registration fees. Some online companies ask for a small amount while certain companies may ask huge sum of money as registration fee.By paying substantial registration free, you might be risking your money, if not done a proper validation about the company. It would be better to avoid the companies asking for registration fee even for a penny. The companies asking for registration fee are just good for nothing.


You can consider paying a registration fee to those companies, which has a proper reference and introduced by someone who is currently working or had employment with them.

Due diligence is essential and imperative. You can consider paying a registration fee to those companies, which has a proper reference and introduced by someone who is currently working or had employment with them.

Payment issues


Always confirm the payment plans of the company that you are planning to work.  There are certain companies disappear after the completion of the work and pay you nothing. So always, take payments on either weekly basis or mid-month basis.


Privacy policy


Always read the privacy policy of the company carefully, especially the use of personal information. Do they share your personal data with any third party? Never give your mobile numbers to the websites. Always try to have alternative email ids to use for jobs such as survey jobs as they need your real information.





The most important thing that everyone often forgets is to check the agreement properly. Never ignore the agreement and privacy policy of the company as you are agreeing to their terms and conditions and signing it.

Carefully read the terms, conditions, and let it checked by experienced people before agreeing to them.

Once you sign their agreement, you cannot change your decision, and you are bind to work with them according to their policies.

[ How to Make money with Affiliate Marketing ]



No overnight billionaires


Everyone is desirous to be a billionaire in just a single night. You can find various websites offering you to make you rich and billionaires in just a month. You cannot become a billionaire in just 24 hours. Ignore such seducing offers.



Read Reviews


With the technologically savvy world, you can easily check the legitimacy of the companies. Search the name of the company in Google and then look for forums, reviews or frauds. These actions can certainly give you some vital information.

Check these best sites for reviews of anything!



Keep away from illegal jobs:


There are certain jobs such as captcha jobs which are an illegal work. Captcha is to test manually, and only humans can solve it, and computer programs cannot solve it. These types of jobs are being offered by the hackers who use software to sign up on thousands of websites in short time. It has mischievous programs which would help them in trapping us for their illegal job.

[ How to make money as an Amazon Affiliate marketer ]



Look for Sites Offering Free Schemes:


Try to use every free scheme or sites. Doing this would assist in the learning experience to make money online. Although this would help in just earning just a few bucks, which would be beneficial for your future career.

Try to join sites offering free article writing jobs or data entry work to earn pocket money.



Risky website assets


Never estimate the company rating if they are new in the market. If it is just 4 months old, and maintain a stable income does not prove its stability for the next 4 months.

Always scrutinize the website ranking and traffic through any website broker to get the best knowledge of the company.


Multiple Tasks


Always try to work for various companies. Never rely on a single job and freelance job sites; you have to keep on submitting bids. If you can submit more bids, you will have a better chance to bag assignments. Try to earn money through social media too. All you need to have is patience and basic knowledge about money earning tricks. To know how to earn through Twitter or Facebook, search on Google and you would get the answer.

Low Investment Business Ideas to make Money



The effort you need to put for making money by online activities required consistent attempts. You cannot expect to win a bid, even if you feel it is apt for your qualification. You should be aware of the fact that there will be many others similar to your skill or more, equally competent aiming for the project.Better presentations, competent bid value, experience are all crucial factors when an employer decides on their candidate. Therefore, you need to keep changing your bidding strategy, and in doing you so, you will have better chances of making money online.

Top 10 Part Time Job Websites to Search Jobs in your Local Area

Best Websites for Part Time Jobs and Home based Employment Opportunities. Search Part Time Work in your locality

[ Online (work from home ) and Offline (Office) Job Options.]


10 Best Sites for Part Time Jobs that you can do from your Home Jobs Online.


Finding a part time job to fill the additional income requirement is not a challenging project. It is of course entirely different from finding a full time job, and it is comparatively easy to find a desired part time job. You can find many websites and classifieds are offering part time jobs, with captions such as part time job for students, part time jobs for homemakers, and even part time jobs for retired hands and many.

[ Best Sites for Micro Jobs ]


Best Websites for Part Time Jobs In your Local Area-560x315
Search Part Time Jobs over these sites


Most of the part time jobs offering online, allow the applicant to work online at their convenience. Everything will be fine if the job offer is genuine.  Since there are every possibility to meet imposters, it is better to familiarize with reputed online sites that are offering part time and full time jobs without an idea of insecurity.


Related List of Job Websites:


SEO Job Best Websites in India
Jobs and employment sites in New Zealand
BPO job Portals in India
Best Job Sites in Canada
Free Job Posting Sites NYC


List of Best Websites to Find Part Time Jobs on Internet:



In this article, let me take you through this list of the best 10 websites that cater solely for local part time employment opportunities and rather more makes it easier for you to filter from your location and needs.


#1. Get part time jobs and work from home openings on (worldwide locations)


Indeed is an aggregator, which implies this incorporates work postings from many sites including significant employment sheets, beat daily papers, and in addition several affiliations and organization vocation pages. Utilize the Advanced Search choice, then select “Location” from the Show Jobs of Type drop-down menu.


One of the intriguing components about Indeed is that there are gatherings where work searchers trade data about their employment inquiries, talking with tips and business contracting practices.Once you’ve got your location, now type ‘Part time jobs’ and it will take you directly to the data related just for that category.


You can search for part time jobs on indeed at

How to Make Money with Twitter Sponsored Tweets ]


#2. Part time Jobs at (Indian Freelance platform)


“Work N Hire” is a wonder of Excellence Technologies, a web property improvement organization. The thought behind this activity is the noticeable request from new businesses and private ventures that are watchful for consultants and part time contractual workers to outsource minor and significant assignments.


In the same way as other different occupations databases, you can post your resume on this website so companies that are proactive can discover you first. Leave your resume and let the site do the work of recruiting you to the best company.

Visit here for best part time job results from Monster:


Ways to Make Money on Craigslist ]


#3. (part time online home based freelance jobs)


Freelancer (also known as GetAFreelancer) is an independent occupation online portal that offers more than 100 unique, accessible sorts of employments for consultants. IT, composing, programming, outline thus a great deal more – on the off chance that you have the ability for it, Freelancer can help you discover a customer.


The consultant is incredible for authors to begin by giving massive employments – some require more than 500+ s to be composed!
Mention your location and all the searched list for the appropriate job type will be presenting before you on the screen, it’s that easy with

Be a freelancer and get a part time work opportunity from here: Part time jobs as a freelancer


Social Media Sites for Jobs ]



#4. Get responses faster with for part time jobs in India


Quikr Jobs offers the biggest stage for employment searches, especially if you look for part time job in your local area. You can scan for suitable occupations in your city and area, especially in categories such as summer trainees, part time freelance jobs, part time jobs for students, part time job for retired professionals, etc. You can certainly find a suitable part time opportunity meeting your qualification and experience.

If you are a homemaker and looking for an appropriate part time placement in Chennai, then search for part time jobs.

Best Job Posting sites in South Africa ]


#5. Apply for any kind of part time jobs at (More than 40+ countries)


Send your work samples or resume to every requirement in Olx and get maximum responses. It allows you to create a profile on the site and shows you the need as per your requirements. It is simple, easy and something to count on for daily needs. You can search for part time jobs near your local area in and get great deals and requirements awaiting your application.


If you are a student and looking for a part time job, then search here Part time jobs at OLX


Most Popular Job Boards in Ireland ]



#6. Best Job Portal in India (even for part time jobs)





It is very famous as one of the best websites for years now, and it is easy to look for part time work at and choose from the wide range of applications on the site. You just create your profile once, and makes sure to keep your application information ready to make your submissions faster and efficiently.

It features many requirements, part time job for retired people and it also sends you job alerts on a daily basis via mail so that you don’t miss on any opportunity. There are more than 4000- 5000 active part time jobs published at at any given point of time.


Search Part Time jobs at Naukri.

#7. Search part time jobs in India






A fresh new website for all you part time job seekers here is a do-part-time website. It is fresh, it is new and has thousands of registered job openings. Irrelevant of your age, the gender or experience, this site has jobs for every individual with a good stipend and easy process of working. It may be new but has been providing applications in a storm and is rising as a place for all job seekers.


For the people looking to do part time jobs should visit here for living in Chennai and want to look for part time jobs search at Do part time jobs at


Free Job Posting Sites in UK



#8. – Always a savior has been there for a longer time and is a great portal for students and individuals who are looking for a part time job around their living location. It is an ideal online job portal offering a lot of part time job vacancies, internships, etc.

The filing process is simple, and you can start by signing up and updating your Bio-Data and from there onwards, you shall be flooding with job alerts. The portal is also offering professional CV preparation services, which can ease up the job hunting process.

If you are looking for work from home, part time, online jobs then just search in the following link- Part time Jobs at

Part time Freelance websites for Designers


#9. Begin afresh with



With the significant number of online job portals, this site has been a beginner yet a winner. Providing a huge list of companies that would like to receive your application for part time employment opportunities.


It is as simple as signing up and sit back while the website creates a search for you and brings you only those requirement or company details relevant to your qualification. It also has lots of government assured jobs that you can apply comfortably online.


For freshers who are searching for part time jobs, the portal offers many opportunities, which you can find at Part time Job vacancy at


Home based Tutor Jobs ]



#10. Studentjobsindia – A place for students, homemakers, retired or any part time work seekers


If you’re a student and are looking for summer part time job or a fresher looking for an opening, the part-time jobs are to understand your career field more, and this website will be your best buddy. It’ll provide you the information for the industries that are hiring on part time basis, along with the details of the company to make it easier for you to understand the legitimacy of the enterprise.

Look at the following link to find Part time jobs for students in your locality.

Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners ]




The statistics reveal that looking for a part time job and finding an appropriate part time job is not something that difficult accomplish. Sometimes, it may be difficult to find out a tailor made vacancy meeting all your expectations, but you can find out a suitable position that can enrich and give you job satisfaction.


Part time jobs, let you keep busy and meeting new people and engage with the society rather than cutting your time unproductive. Moving along the circumstances is the correct way until you can find the right place and settle.Online job hunting generates a large amount of confidence in the present time and has completely transformed the society as it made things easy to find out placement. We hope the details above would have helped you get the best results in time.


How to Make Money on Craigslist? 8 Tips to Earn Income from Craigslist

Work from home Job options on Craigslist


8 Ways of Using Craigslist Website for Making Money Online Working from Home: Tips to Earn from the Classifieds Giant


The online world has become so much popular that it has something to provide every individual who enters the online world. There is an opportunity for everyone here, and if you know how to take advantage of the opportunity, then Craigslist is for you. Yes, you have heard it right. Craigslist has become one of the sources to earn money online in present date.

Like others options of online earning Craigslist website has a lot to offer.


Some really good ideas to make money through Craigslist Classifieds Website


Today I am going to share with you the good ways to make money from Craigslist Website which will clear your all doubts. So, here are the ways which you can follow and earn money from Craigslist :-


Work from Home Jobs on Craigslist


You can also use Craigslist to search home based jobs in your local area. There are lots of part time or work from home jobs available on Craigslist that are posted by small companies and local businesses in your city.




1. Make Yourself Specialized in One Domain

Yes, make yourself specialized in one field. It will not only make you confident but will also help you to earn more often. If you are thinking how? Then let me explain to you how it works. If you got specialized in one item or one group of products, it would be easier for you to analyze all the details for that particular group of goods. 


You will also be able to buy and sell quickly as you know how much to pay for something and how much to take for something (when you are a seller). It will also help you to get deals  quickly rather than going for different domains and getting nothing.

How to make money from a coupon code site

Tips to make Money from Home with Domain reseller Business

Sites like Craigslist in USA



2. Renovate and Sell



Renovate and Sell your Products at Craigslist-500x400
Earn Money on Craigslist by Renovating and Selling Items

Yes, it is also a good way to make money from Craigslist. In this step, you just have to purchase those items which are not new but can be renovated. Once you will buy that product and renovate it, to make it look like new one, then you can sell it much higher price and can earn the profit.


8 Ideas to Earn Money from a Home based Business



3. Be a Trainer or Teacher for others



Earn Money at Craigslist by working as an online Trainer or Teacher-500x400
Earn Money from Craigslist by Advertising your skills to work as a Trainer or Teacher


It is also a good way to make money from Craigslist. If you are thinking how? Then let me clear this dilemma of yours. You can simply do it by educating them on a subject in which they want to learn something, and you have expertise on it.

It is because it is not always possible for people to purchase an online course and sometimes even people don’t like to buy any online course because they want to learn face to face.

Earn money working from home as an online tutor or teacher



4. Flip Products for Profit


With the flipping of the goods, you can also earn an impressive amount of money on craigslist. All you have to do is to purchase the items or products from any store and then selling it for the high prices to earn the considerable profit. The main thing is that you should be an expert in that particular section.



5. Describe your Products Efficiently


Although it is not a method, still it is the most important factor to keep in consideration. The first thing which compels users to click on is the title and description of the products they are going to buy. Along with that, the thing which is of equal importance are the images of the products you are going to sell.


Thus, keep all these three things up to the point so that users find it appealing to the level of buying. Also before clicking the pictures of the product make sure that images are clicked from the right angle and are well enough precise and clear. It will make users understand about your product clearly, and they will be able to make quick purchasing decisions.

Make Money Sites for Online Freelance designers


6. Give your Stuff on Rent



Give your Stuff on Rent via craigslist-500x250
Give your Stuff on Rent through craigslist


You can also give your stuff on rent for some time and can make money. But this requires a lot of trust between both the parties – means between you and the person you are lending your stuff.

It is because the lender might disavow from returning the stuff or might damage it. Thus, to be on the safe side, you can sign a legal  document for keeping the stuff on rent for that particular period.


How can your Twitter Account Earn Money for you
How to become an Affiliate at Amazon Associate Program for Making Money



7. Be True About the Condition of your Products


Yes, it is also a factor which makes you popular and loyal amongst your buyers. And in turn, more people will be eager to purchase from you as trust is the base of all relations.


Best Micro job sites for online home based workers
How to Make Money Online with Empower Network Blogging System



8. Deliver the Items



Deliver the Items in right way to your craigslist buyers-500x250
Deliver the Items in right way to your Craigslist Customers


Now, this might sound weird to you, but it can prove to be the best decision ever for earning some extra money online through Craigslist.  Many people buy and sell on Craigslist, and among these, there are many items like cooler, fridge, Air conditioners which they can take to their home without any transport facility.


Thus, in that case, you can be their transportation service. You just have to put the ad in a transportation facility, ad section and you will get paid often.

You can also use these classifieds sites similar to Craigslist to make money

How to start a domain reseller home based business

Hope this list will let you know about the some common ways of earning online from Craigslist website.


Do you like the post, how was the post? Please share your views on it in the comment section given below and don’t forget to share the post to show your love for the post, if you like it. I am sure, we have left out a lot more ways which people are using for earning through Craigslist. We would be more than happy to know about those methods.

The post is incomplete and we created it to invite the interested people to share their views and ideas about Craigslist. [ How to advertise on craigslist effectively ] And to get the updates direct to your inbox related to earning money online from different websites or different ways do subscribe us so that we can keep you informed and updated with the latest information.

Top 10 Online Tutoring Sites for Tutors and Teachers for Tutoring Jobs

Home based Tutor Jobs- Best Tutoring Sites for getting Tutoring Jobs for Teachers and Tutors


Part Time Online Teaching And Tutoring Jobs- What Are The Best Work From Home Job Sites For Tutors And Teachers.


Online teaching is an exciting option, and if you can take it from a professional perspective, it will be rewarding but equally challenging. It allows qualified professionals, to find a way for excellent seamless revenue.


A couple of years before, it was a concept, today it is a reality due to the introduction of high-speed internet connectivity, things become easy, and teachers can give tuition to many students at a time, which helps them to reap more income.



tutors jobs sites for tutoring online working from home-560x315
Great Places to start a freelance teaching career


Online tuition gives opportunities to earn money without leaving your home or as an additional income apart from the main job. If you can take it seriously, online teaching could be the best way to make your students to learn much from you. Various websites are offering the tutors to opt teaching career from their home.


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Top 10 Tuition Sites that offer Online Tutoring Jobs to Home based Tutors:


On these sites you can search online tutoring jobs that are are offered to tutors & teachers globally.

The listing is prepared for the ones who are looking for good tutoring sites to start making money in their part time online/offline. Read the full Guide for getting tutoring jobs and and earning income successfully. 


You can find many tuition sites are offering their best tuition service for the students to improve their studies. Also, they are providing aid for the freelancers to work independently through their home.


Some of the popular online tuition sites are as follows:


#1. is a perfect and best website for online teaching jobs. If you are a skilled teacher and searching for an online job to have some additional income from home, you can register to the site to get online jobs.


The site has a vast network of students and online tutors. Your prospects to get assignments are very high and you can certainly improve your financial position by offering tuition services.


Get Online Tutoring Jobs from here





It is one of the popular part-time online teaching job providers. currently has more than 2500 expert tutors. The online tuition center offers tuition for Accounting, Statistics, Economics, Chemistry, Physics and much more. The affiliated teachers can earn up to $800 to $1600 per month by working as part-time tutors.


How to make Money Online as an Affiliate






MyPrivateTutor is an India focused online tuition platform, helping students to find great tutors. The site runs on user-friendly, easy to navigate features with excellent help desk services. One of the finest features are its ‘payment guarantee for tutors,’ is extremely beneficial for teachers who want to become an online teacher.


As part of the process, after signing up and selection of the subject and tutor, students need to advance the tuition fee to ‘MyPrivateTutor account’ by using any convenient online payment options.


The fee stays in the escrow account and after completion of the lesson, upon the teachers request the payment shall be releasing after the student’s approval. MyPrivateTutor offers mediation services to resolve any disputes between the teacher and student if anything arises.





The most visited website for online teaching jobs is The site handles more than 2 billion students with approximately 2,000 tutors. The site helps the students to get their difficulties solved easily with the expert teachers.The site has a simple rule for earning.


Students ask their questions, and teachers answer the questions for a fee. Usually, the pay scale for each correct solution is $3.


Tips to Make Money as a Tutor from Craigslist





Another useful and popular website is, offering one to one tuition services. Although the site charges of $10 to activate your account, the registration is free. It is also a perfect website for finding an online tutor and teaching jobs.
















How to make Money from your Twitter Account


Beginner Tips for Tutors for Earning Income from Tutoring Jobs.


The below given some tips are very useful for tutors and teachers who want to start earning income through tutoring jobs.



Why Opt for Online Tutoring Job?



Teaching is a great job. Rather than going to classes, you can even work from your home by utilizing your spare time as a tutor. It gives a lot of flexibility, for the student as well as the teacher.



Why Start Doing Online Tutoring Jobs



You will have the freedom to fix the time, and you can start tutoring at your convenience. Your primary qualification to become a teacher is your knowledge of the subject and should have the internet access.

Download Tutor Templates Free



How Online Teaching and Tutoring Work?



Online teachers give coaching to their students via webcam, Skype or through the phone. Every tutor will be assigning with one student for the subject registered to handle. There are options for group tutoring too.


Assisting students with some tools may help the students to learn better. Many companies are allowing the tutors to utilize various tools for online tutoring.


How to Write Tuition Ads


Requirements for Online Teaching Jobs:



There is no hard and fast rule for online teaching jobs, but certain online tuition providers insist on having professional teaching qualification or experience in the relevant subject. However, this is not essential to every online tutor jobs. Just need to have a perfect knowledge of the subject to teach your students would be enough.



If you have excellent experience in teaching and qualification, you will naturally get more students, or online tuition centers show more interest in you.



You just need to have a PC or Laptop and high-speed internet connection with stable connections to work for the agencies. Webcam, microphone or headset may also be essential to make them understand easily.


Finding Tutoring Jobs (Online/Offline):


where to Find online teaching jobs-400x300
Where and How to Find Online Teaching Jobs


You can find various websites and tutor agencies offering online teaching jobs. Mostly, you will have the option to work as a freelancer tuition provider. After enrolled as an online teacher, you can select the schedule to teach the students.


If you are associating with agencies, they will allot students as per your subject specialization or experience. Since there are many online tuition organizations, you can enroll by registering with your profile. It will let the students select their tutors, by looking to your subject specialization and experience and other teaching standards.


While registering your profile, you should provide all vital information such as your comfortable level of tuition scope. If you want to deal with higher-class students or high school students, you have to specify it explicitly.


Ways to Earn Income from Work from Home Business




Compensation acquired by the online tutors:


Earning factors depend on various criteria. If you are working for an online tuition center, you will get high compensation for the tutoring service. The pay will be depending on the level of subjects.


Elementary level subject tuition shall get less remuneration as compared with the college level subjects. Based on your dedication and the time you can invest for offering tuition also an important role in determining the amount of remuneration.


The most in-demand subjects are mathematics, science, social studies and much more; tutoring for these subjects may let you achieve a higher amount of earning.


Depending on your expertise and qualification on a particular topic or if you have relevant training over a particular subject, you can negotiate for better pay, and there are always likely chances to accept your demand.



Advantages of online tutoring

Being an online tutor make you your own boss. It includes various benefits, as listed below:


Flexible schedules:


The most important with online jobs is the flexibility of time. You can work anytime and anywhere irrespective of your time and place. You can easily select your own time to work for the week and can provide the tutoring easily.




Worried parents of their children can easily find a highly qualified online tutor at a reasonable fee. When professional tuition centers charge you $50 to $150 for one hour, online freelance tuition will be available for $15 to $40. Tips to earn Money from Micro Job Sites






Considering all facts online tutoring is advantageous for the tutors as well as for the students. In addition to the above referred online tuition sites, you can find many sites even territory specific and language specific makes things easy for you to start a freelance teaching career. How to get Mystery Shopping Jobs

Top 5 Productivity Apps for Telecommuter Entrepreneurs for Android and iOS

Discover the Best Android Apps for Productivity: Mobile Apps making Work easier for the Telecommuter Entrepreneurs.

Best Android Apps for Telecommuters and Working from Home People.


With digital tools telecommuting has become easier than ever. This is also one of the reasons why telecommuting is growing. If we go according to the statistics by Forrester research then we will see that in 2016 the figure will reach 63 million people as far as the number of telecommuters in the U.S is concerned.

People or say employees are finding it comfortable working from home because of the digital tools. They sit back at home, work without having to commute, at whatever hours they feel like.


This sounds great but the drawback is, you would hardly notice but you might be wasting a lot of time as various things at home will be the cause of your distraction. Now, what can be the way out to stay productive along with maintaining your happiness?

Well, to help you here we have some of the apps that will increase your productivity. Although it sounds a bit strange but the fact is we have Mobile apps for managing almost every kind of work.

Best of the Productivity Mobile Apps for Telecommuters
Best of the Productivity Mobile Apps for Telecommuters


5 Best Android Apps for Work from Home Professionals to Increase Productivity


Telecommuting is growing in today’s digital era. It is a quick, easy, less time consuming which gives it an edge. Learn about some of the best productivity apps for the telecommuters here in this article.


– Let us check these out:-



Depending on your performance you can earn or lose ranks here in this application. You can also watch over your achievements. Productivity challenge timer makes the your task fun.

Based on your task performance, it give remarks on your productivity. The app is not a typical organizer. It is quite cool and works great for those who like to compete.

Highly Used Mobile Apps for the Food Lovers


2. Clear Focus For Android


With the use of  Pomodoro Technique, this app divides the task into different work sections, each 25 minute work block which includes small breaks. As a result your productivity gets increased and you are able to stay more focused towards your task.

To put in other words, this app helps to strike a balance between time & task and lets you manage both in a best way possible.

Popular Android Apps for the Sports Fans

3. My Effectiveness For Android


The app lets you stay organized, keep you on track and what not. Yes, this is one of the best apps if you not just want to plan your to-do list but even your life goals. I may sound funny here but that’s the fact which is undeniable.

With this application you can plan out all your tasks, identify your goals and how you will proceed towards them by setting out your weekly tasks to be done. My Effectiveness works great for all especially the ones who work as freelancers or say work from home.

4. Wunderlist For Android & iOS

This is another beautiful application that lets you set your to-do list, reminders for self, due dates & time for your tasks.

Also it allows you to share your lists with others, and attach documents, images and much more. It easily syncs between the users phone, tablet, PC or laptop thereby making the tasks manageable for the user.

Best Mobile apps for trading in the Stock Market

5. Quip For All Platforms

[ Quip for iOS | Quip for Android System ]

Quip allows you to create living documents. It makes collaboration easy and quick by combining chat, docs, task lists, and spreadsheets in one app. With this application on your desktop, tablet and phone you can skip the never ending chain of emails, meetings, chats and document versions by working simpler and faster.

With quip you can import & export your documents, access on any device any time and much more. Everything here happens in real time. Now you don’t have to suffer with those lengthy processes where you send emails about the meeting to be held or changes to made etc.


Quip improves & increases your productivity to a great extent. Especially it works what wonders when you are telecommuting with your team.

Other then these there are few other productivity apps for telecommuter that are counted under the list of best applications which are:


-Tasker For Android

-Freedom For iOS

-Pocket For Android & iOS
These apps to does the work of skyrocketing your productivity each in its own unique way & features.