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How to Create Instagram Ads Using Facebook Ad Manager

A Step by Step Beginners Guide for Using Instagram Sponsored Ads


With 500 million plus users Instagram is now one of the fastest growing social media platform. The era of verbiage is now taken over by pictures and videos. For this very reason Instagram is becoming a big hit in the present times.

Instagram ads are highly targeted and allows audience of the required demographic connect with the brand immediately.

Killer Marketing Tips for Instagram

Instagram ads are being a big hit ever since it has started for the advertisers.

They are proving to yield much better results than even the most effective Facebook ads for some categories. Cosmetics and beauty as well as healthcare tops the chart.

If you choose to use Facebook ads manager instead of the power editor to run the Instagram ads you shall follow the following steps and start running ads immediately.


Advertising-On Instagram-with_Facebook_ads_Manager-1024x768
Steps to Create Instagram Ads Using Facebook Ad Manager


5 Steps Easiest Guide for Creating Instagram Ads with Facebook Ads Manager

Instagram ads are the most effective social media advertising methods to get the best visibility and reach out to the most targeted audience. Learn how to start with Instagram ads now!

Creating Instagram ads should not be that difficult. As you may know that Instagram is owned by Facebook. So, if you want to advertise on Instagram then you have to do it from Facebook Ads Manager. The good thing is that you can manage your Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns from a single place by creating an account at Facebook Business Manager.

Read the below given steps to easily create ads for advertising on Instagram social media platform.

1. Connect Your Facebook Page to Business Manager


This is the initial step to get started with Instagram advertising. You are required to link your main Facebook page to Facebook’s Business Manager. Visit here to create a Facebook Business Manager account.

Once you’re done with this part, you have to now connect it with your Instagram ads.

If you are not aware of Business Manager & you’ll be going to use it for the first time then it would be better to know about its pros & cons & its working.

Steps to set up Business Manager:


– Click on get started.

– Answer questions about your business.

– Select your Facebook business Page.

– Write your personal details that are asked to fill.

You’ll see the new business account setting up.

After you’re done with this, you need to connect your business manager account to your Facebook page.

Follow the steps below:

– Click on Business Settings

– Choose pages from its pop-out menu

– At the top right, click on Add New Page button

– Based on the what page you want to add, follow the given options


                                    Advertise on Instagram

2. Connect your Facebook Ads Account to Business Manager


As the header here indicates, you now need to connect Facebook Ads account to your business manager for your Instagram ads.

Follow these steps:


– Click on Business settings

– You see a pop-menu, select Ad accounts

– Add Facebook ads account to your business manager

– You need to choose from the options of 3

In case you already have a Facebook ads account, you further have to follow few different steps:


– Copy your account ID from Facebook Ads Manager Account Settings.

– Select the 2nd option i-e “Claim an Ad Account for My Business Manager.”

– Paste your account ID in the box shown.


3. Adding your Instagram Account to Facebook Business Manager

Here comes the 3rd step in the process of Instagram Advertising.

To-do list for this includes:


– Click on Business Settings.

– Select Instagram Accounts from the pop-out menu that appear.

– Enter your Instagram username and password to add your Instagram account.

– Now connect your Instagram account to the Facebook ads account that you want to use for Instagram advertising.

4. Setting up your Instagram Ads in Power Editor


For the same, you’re required to follow the steps below:

– Go to Facebook Power Editor page to check if you fulfill the eligibility criteria for Instagram Ads

– Go to Ads account in business manager

– Select link to Power Editor

Now in this step first time users of Power Editor will be asked to download certain stuffs.

Secondly, a message saying you can start using Instagram ads will appear.

If it doesn’t appear, you just click the + Create Campaign button enabling you to see your eligibility to use Instagram ads.

You can create a new campaign for your Instagram ad or choose the existing one. But for the purpose of advertisement, you must select from Clicks to Website, Mobile App Installs or Video Views.

– Next step from now would be to choose an existing ad set or create a new one, and then create a new ad.

– Create button will take you to your campaign in Power Editor. Click on the View Ad Set link to set your campaign spending limit.

– You can schedule your Instagram ad, set your budget in the Ad Set settings. Also you can configure your Instagram ad audience.

– Select where you want your ad placement. If you want for Instagram only, choose only that.

– Below it Choose from the options which devices you want to use it from.

– Choose your bidding option as per your budget & willingness to pay.

– Select from Advanced delivery options (Standard & Accelerated).

– Now click on the Ads icon to the left to find your ad settings to configure your ad finally.

– Select your Facebook page and Instagram account.

– Create your Instagram ad.

– At last, to upload your ad, click the green Upload Changes button & submit it to Facebook.

– Once you’re done with this step, Make sure you’re able to see your new Instagram ad in your Ads Manager.


5. Reviewing the Results


Once your ads start running then you should start analyzing and reviewing the performance of your overall account.

Keep on visiting your Ads Manager regularly to review the results of your Instagram ad campaigns.


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Facebook Advertising Tips for Social Media Marketing for your Business and Online Marketing Success.


In recent years we can see that social networks have become a powerful marketing tool. With the help of social networks now, it’s truly possible to successfully compete for consumer loyalty. How to do this with a company page on Facebook? Read more in our article.


Do you need any advertising on Facebook? If your target audience is youth or “progressive” middle-aged people, you are welcome to Facebook.



FB Ads Tips for Advertising your Facebook Page 550x400
Tips to Get the Most out of your Paid Advertising from Facebook Ad Campaigns


Facebook is one of the fastest growing social networks in the world. This factor is one of the key signals to the mandatory use of this social network in business. By the way, Facebook overtakes other networks, such as Instagram and Twitter.


So, if you want to increase the loyalty of the target audience using a variety of reputation, branding or advertising campaigns on social networks – use advertising on your Facebook company page as one of the high-performance tools.



So, we will not stop on how to create a group or a company page on Facebook as you can learn about this from the various Internet resources. Let’s focus on those exclusive moments that will help to successfully implement the campaign.


How to make Strong Leads with Facebook Marketing


We all surely know that one of the employees of your company is using social networks during the office hours. Why not use this fact? We are sure that you employees would be glad to help with the process of development and updating of the company page on Facebook.


You will just only need to moderate the new information. By doing this, you will show the subscribers and potential subscribers that your business is “alive” and functioning.


Moreover, it will help to share the positive reputation of your company by making product or services reviews and discussions of the intra life.


Remember, a live page on Facebook is an excellent advertising itself.


21 Social media Tips for Small Business Marketing via Facebook


2. Don’t be a copy of a million of same pages


Come up with a unique design for your page, use interesting infographics, and entertaining video during the advertising campaigns on the Facebook page. Read about the benefits of viral marketing, and use it for the promotion of your advertising page.

Clear, legible fonts can attract users to your ad. Bright colors of fonts additionally highlight your ad on the Facebook page.

Do and Don’ts of Facebook Marketing


3. Always stay in trend


Constantly check all new updates of tools and innovations on Facebook. For example, the chronicle is a recent great tool for self-presentation and advertising on Facebook. It can be used for a brief and concise presentation of the history of the company.



4. Always communicate with your subscribers


Pages that do not respond to their subscribers is one of the worst things. Nowadays, on Facebook and other social networks, we can see many pages that are not updating new posts or not responding to messages.


Subscribers are not interested in communicating with the company’s page when they don’t see the active live on them. Communicate and respect your target audience.


How to get the maximum results out of Facebook Advertising


5. Give people the interesting content, and only then – the advertisement itself


Do you like pages in social networks that state in each post: “our director made” and “we have a new sale”? We don’t. And, as shown by market research, consumers do not like it, too. It is not necessary to give only the advertising information.



Try to share the information that would be interesting to your audience. That could be some interesting facts or a beautiful picture. This will reduce the informational pressure on the audience, and disguise subsequent advertising on the Facebook page.




6. Integrate Facebook page in your online business


Allow users to navigate from pages of your official site to the advertising page on Facebook and vice versa. Bring the audience on your Facebook page – people do not like to think and search.



7. Remember the time – 11 a.m.


According to statistics, the majority of advertising messages on Facebook are published after 11 a.m. Thus, your new advertising on Facebook will simply be suppressed by information noise. Place ads when it’s relatively “quiet”. 11 a.m. will be a perfect time.



8. Evaluate effectiveness


Constantly evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising on Facebook.

The metrics for assessment of promotional activities can be:


– The dynamics of growth/outflow of visitors;

-Changing the number of subscribers;

-The number of “likes” and the dynamics of their growth;

-The popularity of application available through your page;

-Popularity of the content located on your page;

-A number of transitions to the main site from the advertising links placed on the Facebook page.



Facebook is an extraordinarily effective channel of paid traffic, but it should be tested regularly. As for the ads itself, the most important part of your advertising is an image.


You can create the most brilliant advertising text in the world, but if the image does not attract the user’s attention, you won’t get a single click through advertisements, and Facebook just won’t show it in future. So before you place an ad on the Facebook page, pick the appropriate image.


Do not use low-quality images, free public photos or any images, obviously copyrighted.


If your brand is not yet internationally known, you may not use your personal logo.


The main mistake of the most marketers working with ads Facebook is an incorrect targeting. Facebook advertising service is valuable for its “targeting” accuracy and flexibility of options.

Facebook Social media marketing tips an Ecommerce Business


The ads on Facebook can be targeted using the following criteria:


→ Location;

→ Sex;

→ Interests;

→ Communication;

→ Marital status;

→ Language;

→ Education;

→ Place of work.


Before creating an ad on Facebook, make up the profile of a potential customer, guided by these criteria.


Remember, the advertising on Facebook is like a hammer-even a professional can make a mistake and hit on the fingers. Experiment with your content and get new loyal customers through the Facebook advertising.


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Social Media Ads- 6 Best Social Networks for Buying Advertising

Social Media Advertising- What Are the Best Platforms for Marketers


Paid Advertising Options on Social Networking Sites- How to Advertise and Market your Content Instantly with Social Ads.


In this digital era, there are many ways to advertise and promote a business online and one of among them advertising through social media or social media advertising. There are different social media platforms which you can choose for advertising of your business on them, as per your needs, requirements and audience base.


Paid Advertising Options on Social Networking Sites-Advertise Market Content-600x400
Social Media Advertising- Best Networks for Marketing


Thus, today we are about to discuss on the same topic to help our readers and their online businesses as well. So here I am going to share some of the best platforms for marketers for social media advertising.


Thus, the list begins here:-


Advertising on Social Media Sites- 6 Best SMM Platforms for Marketing



#1. Social Media Marketing on Facebook : Facebook Ads


Yes, it is the social media platform which holds the users approximately from every part of the globe. Thus, it is one of the best platforms to go for social media promotion of your business as you can a wide range of audience base for your business. Not only the Facebook’s free services (like Facebook Page, Facebook Shop, Videos, and Reviews) help marketers to grow their business, also paid services help as well (Like Facebook Ads).


Facebook Ads are one of the effective ways to promote a business online. If these Facebook Ads are utilized properly then, these ads can make you a known identity among the audience as well as will help to drive targeted traffic and leads to your business website.

Beginners Guide : How to Run ads on Facebook for Social Media Marketing



#2. Social Media Ads on Pinterest: Promoted Pins:-




social media advertising via pinterest-promoted-pins-500x400
Social Media Advertising on Pinterest via Promoted Pins


Pinterest is also another one of the known platforms which you can utilize for advertising your business. It is the best platform to promote any business with captivating images and unique pinboards. Apart from that, you can also use Pinterest Promoted Pins option to promote your pins of the unique pinboards.


All you have to do is just to select your best pins and then Pinterest will show these pins to the most relevant places. Along with that with Pinterest Promoted Pins you can also set particular audience base to see your pins and also can make changes once your campaign starts to keep the things working and to weed out which aren’t.



#3. Social Media Advertising with Rediff



Social media advertising option at Rediffcom-500x400
Social media advertising option at Rediffcom


Rediff is also a social platform where you can brand your business. It is because the platform has huge audience base and has approx 1.2 million visits a month. The website provides many options to advertise your business from which you can select or can also following this link for advertising on Rediff Community.


Here you have only to fill a form asking for the details required and then submit it. After that, the Rediff’s advertisement team will contact you with the most suited customized advertising plan for you.


#4. Social Media Ads on Stumbleupon (Now, : Paid Content Promotions


Stumbleupon is fourth in the row and also one of the best social media platforms to market your business. With Stumbleupon, you can stumble your business pages and share with other stumblers. It will not only increase your reach but will also result in real leads.


Along with that, you can also go for the Stumbleupon Ads to market your business. It is a platform for full page native advertising means without any distraction in between like ads or pops for brands and publishers.


Here with Stumbleupon ads, you can share any content with your audience which may include articles, slideshows, videos, etc. with a URL to content.


#5. Social Media Ads on Twitter:


Twitter is another big social media platform after Facebook to do social media advertising of your business. According to statistics an average of 80 million visits occurs every  month on Twitter. Thus, if you want to promote your business Twitter is the best choice to go for it and to share your compelling content with the world within seconds. There are lots of awesome Free Twitter Tools for marketing automation.


Twitter Ads from Twitter are also one of the best forms of social media advertising which you can select to promote your business. Twitter advertising or Twitter ads have many options from which you can choose depending on your budget and needs. These options include Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts, Promoted trends, etc.


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#6. Social Media Advertising on LinkedIn:


LinkedIn is among the best professional networks for marketers to market their business. Whether you have a B2B Business or B2C business, it is a perfect place to advertise and market your business professionally. Also, LinkedIn Ads are there to help you further more efficiently to expand your business and reach.


With the use of LinkedIn Ads for advertising your business will make your business known among unique audience base and will also help to drive real business results in terms of lead generation, ROI, etc.


Thus, if you are also about to market your business on social media platforms then this post is a must read for you.

Hope it will help you to craft better your social media advertising plans to make your business a known identity among targeted audience base. Also if you like the post then don’t forget to share it on different social media channels. Thanks for reading.


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Native Ad Networks – Top 10 Advertising Companies for Native Ads

Native ad Networks List: Top 5 Native Advertising Platforms for Publishers and Advertisers for using Native Advertisements.

What are the Top Native Advertising Companies that Offer Great Opportunities for using Native Ads.


Advertising is necessary for every domain to make that field successful and recognized among its target audience. And one of the most important advertising methods to do so is using content, quality content. But what if your content doesn’t get noticed the way it should. So here the role of native ads comes in, with the help of which you can get your content noticed and targeted traffic to your business website.


Thus, to get that desired attention for your content you can for native advertising over the different platforms which place native ads for your business on leading media channels. So, yes today I will share the top advertising companies list that offers excellent platforms for native ads.

Top 10 Ad Networks for Bloggers


Top advertising Companies for Native Ads-600x400
Native Advertising- Top Companies for that offer Native Ad Solutions


But before we head towards the list, it is necessary to understand “What Native Ads are”?


As per Google Definition:-


“Native advertising is a type of disguised advertising, mostly online, that matches the form and function of the platform upon which it appears.”

Thus, in simple words, it means that native ads are the ads which use the same look and feel of the platform on which it is placed. native ads are well merged into the content and can be placed in between an article or at the end of content streams. Mostly you might have seen them at the end of an article in the form of recommended articles or sponsored content.


These companies provide native advertisements in different forms so you can select from these forms according to your need, budget and business objectives.


So, here the list of Native Ads Companies starts:-


List of Top 10 Native Ad Networks

1. AdNow


Adnow-  Best Native Advertising Platform


AdNow is first in the row and is an excellent native Ad platform. AdNow places advertisements in the form of recommendation widget in front of its users. AdNow serves these recommendation Ads to users both on the website and mobile app as well.


According to the stats, the AdNow Company has partnered with 190k partners, and it has around 900 million users around the globe, and it presents around 4 billion impressions of these native ads to its readers in a month. Thus, if you are planning to get into native advertising for your business then AdNow is a must try whether by being a publisher or advertiser depending your business goals.

On being a publisher, you will get paid, and on being an advertiser, you have to pay for only real visitors or traffic.

How to Start an Advertising Company



2. Outbrain



Outbrain- A great Platform for Native Media Ads



Outbrain is second in the row and is among one of the best Native Ad Advertising Company. Outbrain also does brand your content with the help of recommendation widget. If you are an advertiser, then it will publish your content on the top publisher websites to provide your business an identity and leads for your business.


You can promote yours any content with the help of this native Ad Company, the types of content can be articles, videos, presentations, Infographics or any other visual content. Thus, if you are planning to make usage of Native Ads for your business, then you should give a try to Outbrain a try. It is because Outbrain reaches 557 million global audiences every month and serve about 200 billion recommendations every month as per the statistics mentioned on Outbrain’s website.


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100 Best Online Advertising Companies



3. AdsNative


AdsNative is next in the row and also counted as one of the native Ad platforms which works as per the expectations of brands and helps them to generate high revenues. AdsNative promotes your brand with different strategies which include in-app, in-feed, in-article, end-of-the-post, in-ad and custom placement as well.


The company has partnered with 1000 publishers who do place your content on their website. Thus, if you want to go for native advertising of your any content, then AdsNative is a good choice to select.

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4. DistroScale



DistroScale is also amid the best platforms for Native Ads Advertising. Here with DistroScale you can brand your content (video and other digital content) on more than 3000+ publisher sites as DistroScale has partnered with more than 3000+ publishers. Along with Video, there are many other ways to which they promote your content which includes out streaming, custom content (in-feed, sponsored post, Brand
Channel, etc.).


And the best thing is that DistroScale works across all devices including desktop, tablet, and mobile. Also along with that provides 24/7 access to publisher analytics & reporting. So if you want to go for native ads then don’t forget to try it once.


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5. OneSpot



OneSpot is last in the row, and it also comes under the category of companies who provides best native ads advertising. OnSpot also recommends content based the history and preferences of user search and thus due to this you can get real targeted traffic and real visitors to your website and increase in traffic.


OnSpot remarkets the content of the advertiser with display advertising, mobile, personalized emails and social.  Also, OneSpot has partnered with top publishers (like Contently, GroupSJR, mxm, NewsCred, Skyword, Swaygroup and a lot more) to promote your content and thereby provide you the benefits of access to data and insights, service integration, combined expertise.

Thus OneSpot is a complete package to choose for native advertising of your content.


#6. Revcontent

#7. ContentAd

#8. Earnify

#9. YahooGemini

#10. TripleLift




Hope this post on native ads advertising companies list will help you to find the best native advertising partner of your content. Thus, don’t forget to subscribe us to get the latest updates on the trending topics and latest updates.

We would love to serve you with the best. Also don’t forget to share your views, comments, and suggestions with us in the comment section below and sharing of the post over different social media platforms to make others also aware of these platforms.


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SEO and PPC Promotion – Advantages and Disadvantages [ Online Business Tips ]

Pros and Cons of Pay Per Click and SEO for Online Marketing and Advertising.


Once you involved in the e-commerce business, you need the promotion of the web resource on the Internet. What tools it’s better to choose for this? As a rule, the choice is narrowed to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or PPC (Pay Per Click) promotion.


SEO and PPC Online-advertising marketing Promotion-Pros and Cons-600x400
Pros and Cons of Online Marketing via PPC and SEO


Let’s start with the definition of these two concepts. SEO-optimization – this magic phrase includes a number of actions aimed at promoting in the search engines and, consequently, the attraction of searching robots to your website.



SEO and PPC Advertising


In other words, a number of SEO optimization measures includes, for example, such as:


  • Optimization of the internal structure of the website;
  • Correct prescription of meta tags (title, keywords, description);
  • Registration in catalogs;
  • Accreting with the external links;
  • And much more, which is not included in the concept of contextual    advertising.

As for the PPC promotion, it is so mysterious sphere that in a simple way it can be defined as the purchase of text ads on other websites. Moreover, this contextual advertising is offered by our favorite search engines.


Now, let’s talk about what is the best – PPC or SEO optimization. Thus, we will analyze several parameters.


SEO Tips for PPC Advertising


1. Cost


Usually, SEO is much cheaper than PPC, of course, if you do not purchase backlinks in batches. Internal optimization consists of your salary and the salary of a programmer.

As a rule, catalogs are free of charge. In general, in SEO you have a choice of what and at what price to buy and you can measure these inputs according to your budget.

But, it will not work with PPC. You need to get a return. To get a return in a form of a certain number of visitors (potential buyers) to your website, you should pay a certain price, which is determined not by you. It is specified by the local market, where you operate + search engine that offers you services.

So, contextual advertising or PPC is usually more expensive.


2. Inertia


You have run out of money. What will happen at the front? In the case with PPC, you will get no visitors without money, while there won’t be same problems with SEO. The results will have the effect only after the next indexation.

And even then, they clearly are not known, and unlikely they will sharply get much worse. Do not forget about the free SEO (backlinks in directories, etc.). You will be able to stay afloat if you run out of money for SEO optimization.

The effect of the PPC promotion does not have inertia, unlike the SEO optimization effect.


3. Time to get results


The situation is similar to the above one. PPC will help to get almost immediate results, especially, if you did not skimp money to hire a professional copywriter, who wrote the text of the ad. In the case of SEO optimization, you can take a long time just for the sake of art.

The effect can appear unexpectedly. Perhaps, it can be after the next conversion of Google PR, and possibly later. And, it may happen right tomorrow. SEO is a hard work that pays off not right away.

So, the time of getting the results from PPC advertising is almost instant, from SEO – not very fast, but it lasts longer.

Best Marketing Tools for Small Businesses


4. Predictable Results


Despite its mystery, it is easier to predict the effect of the PPC promotion. There are many formulas (for example, CTR, etc.), which cannot be said about SEO as you should simply constantly work on it.


5. The Ability to Manage the Process


It is much higher for PPC. At any time, you can stop the campaign or change the text of the ad. In the case of SEO, if, for some reason, you’ve decided to abandon the backlinks from directories, of course, you will not you remove the existing ones.Or you’ve changed the keywords in meta tags for your site and no one knows how, when and what will be the effect.

Thus, the possibility of operational management is higher for PPC advertising.


6. Setting


You can customize time and geography of contextual advertising. In SEO, there is only conditional geographic targeting. But on the other hand, with the use of SEO, you can capture a lot of non-target or narrowly targeted queries, while it will be much more expensive for PPC.

In the case of contextual advertising, you pay for every visitor.


In the case of SEO, each unplanned visitor is free. For example, someone decided to put a link to your resource on their website, because this person got a positive feedback from another friend, or someone just liked the content on your site. And roughly speaking, any visitor from such source does not cost you a penny.


7. Monitoring


PPC advertising requires constant attention, working on ads, prices, and so on. If you do SEO, the effect can either be or not. Actually, it will be, but you could not immediately check and control it, as it has been said above.


8. Psychology


There are people, who basically do not look at contextual ads. SEO will be the most effective way to approach to them. But, there are also those who love to watch and click PPC advertising. For them, SEO is almost an empty phrase.


So what is better? You should decide it for yourself. Don’t forget that this decision should also be based on your budget. It’s not effective to start PPC campaign and finish it in one week. The more areas you cover – the better will be the results. Still, we recommend starting with the quality SEO.

Without any basic SEO, your contextual advertising will be just a waste of money.

Good luck!

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How to Use Google Adwords for B2B Search Engine Marketing Success

Beginners Tips to Use Google Adwords to Beat the Digital Marketing Challenges for Business.

Beginners Tips for Advertising via Google Adwords for your B2B Online Search Engine Marketing Success.

For a strong B2B marketing, Google Adwords forms to be an important element and this fact is known by all the marketers who are smart enough in their area of work.

How to increase the rate of conversion via search engine marketing campaigns is what the concern is.

Google Adwords is great tool for generating B2B leads as it drives targeted audience to e-commerce websites and other businesses as well.

Through Google Adwords, ads are shown to the people who are searching for you and Google search is the place where buyers and sellers meet each other.

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B2B Marketing Tips on Making Adwords Strategy
B2B Marketing Tips on Making Adwords Strategy


In this article you will read about certain tips that must be considered for upgrading your B2B marketing strategy with Adwords.

Here they are listed below:

3 Tips to Upgrade your B2B Marketing Strategy with Google Adwords:

1. Organize Your Keywords & Ad Groups

You can create ad groups by following these practices which requires you to group keywords with similar themes and divide informational as well as transactional keywords.

If you organize your ad groups in this way then you can adjust your ad copy as well as your landing page in sink with your keywords. This also helps is detecting performance and make necessary adjustments therein.


Design your Ad Groups Effectively for the best results

Pro Tip:
Having Adwords with one keyword is all right in case where there is no other similar word with to group this keyword.

Do not group keywords in ad group that are not related as it will lead to low conversion rate because unless the keywords are properly fitting in, relevant ads to each of these would not be created.


2. Beef Up Your Search Ads With Extensions

There are numerous ways to enhance your ads and you should try out as many as you can because:

– Without having to click your ad, those who are searching for you can learn about you.

– Links can b provided to further landing pages.

– Your ads will push your competitors down in the results of search engine and capture more space in search results.

-With higher quality scores, those use ad extensions, Google rewards them. Lower cost per click leading to lower cost per conversion.

Search Ads With Extensions in adwords-400x250
Make full Use of Ad Extensions in your Adwords

The major drawback of Adwords is the character limit which is restricted to 70.

Even if you want to, you cannot lay down the complete benefits or the summary of the content you have to offer or are offering.

Here’s when Ad extensions help you out. With these along with including more information about the company, you can also include additional four links to the main landing page.

Now with a single ad you can offer five distinct conversion opportunities.

What are all ad extensions available in Google Adwords?

Ad extensions as we all know are the creating multiple opportunities for the visitor to click your add. They improve the visibility to your site and create more value.

All ad extensions available in Google Adwords can be divided in two major groups:

-> automated and manual extensions.

It is also important to mention that all of the below suggested extensions doesn’t always show. Instead, Google Adwords only shows the extensions as per your Ad Rank.


A. Automated extensions

Previous visits – extensions which provide the user information how many times he visited the site and when his last visit was.


Consumer ratings – these extensions are specific ratings which are not based on customers review, but a Google source.


Seller ratings – these extensions show your seller’s rating according to review source sites trusted by Google.


Social extensions – they show Google rank information; number of followers, images of friends following the specific site.


Dynamic sitelink extensions – they link to the best selling offering on your site or a popular piece of content.


Dynamic structured snippets – additional information about your site which Google finds relevant; usually categories.


Google is automatically adding these extensions and if you see that they are unsuitable in any way, simply pause them.



B. Manual ad extensions

Manual ad extensions are manually set additional information on your website in form of add-ons which provide additional details about it.

Adwords location extensions – they show the exact location and allow users to look for it directly in Google maps.

Adwords call extensions – known also as click to call extensions they are inspiring calls to your business by adding a call button on your ad.

Adwords Review extensions – these extensions are for customer use only, which enable them using reviews from a Google trusted site.

Adwords Price extensions – this extension is mobile only and is showcasing the product’s or service’s prices directly to the add.

Adwords application extensions – these extensions allow you to use the download button of the application version right next to your Search Ad.

AdWords sitelink extensions – these extensions are additional links which appear in your search ad. This option increases the chances of the user clicking on a offering by creating multiple options for him.

Adwords Callout extensions – these extensions provide you more detailed information to your add without the possibility of clickable links.

Hopefully the tutorial gave you a general picture on what to search for when you are diving in the field of Ad extensions. Feel free to leave us a comment with additional questions if any!

3. Landing Page Optimization


Direct response and content downloads, traditionally these two types of landing pages are used by B2B, SEM campaigns.

In paid search marketing both are equally important. Marketers often overlook the benefits of content marketing.

They believe in “let’s talk” concept but they don’t understand that not all searchers would like to or have time to talk.

Therefore, using paid search together with content marketing is what the best practice is here.


Make your Landing pages well optimized for adwords results

Deliver value to the customers via content marketing. Offer your prospective customers helpful eBooks, blogs and more to start conversation with them rather than straight away serving your own need of selling.

Moreover, do not hesitate in having multiple conversion opportunities on your PPC (pay per click) landing pages so that no matter the customers wants to chat on arriving at landing page, they can download the content which help you capture their email address leading to win-win situation for both.

Customers get the information they needed and you got the information of customer which you needed to follow up with them.

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Website Landing Pages – Tips to Make Successful Landing Pages


Pros and Cons of Paid Search Engine Advertising and Marketing

Understanding the Advantages and Disadvantages of Paid Search Engine Advertising.


The very reason for which search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing exist is to get people the information they are looking for on the internet.

If we talk in the context of consumers then a fact to which we all will agree and what research has also proved that consumers before purchasing a product or service does online search in order to find where they can find the product.

The main Info they search for, include, who are providers, which vendor is offering the best deal and more of such details.

Search engines after a lot of indexing of the keywords mentioned by the users, provide with the answers that best matches to what the user asked for.

Now, the main focus here is what can be done to get the best out of search engine results for your targeted.

Well, there two things for your support here:-


#1. Search engine optimization , which is usually called SEO,
#2. and Paid Search advertising.

To look into these more deeply and in a detailed manner and see if search marketing program is actually a good or bad idea for your business, laying down some of its pros and cons. Have a look!

Pros and Cons of Search Engine Advertising
Pros and Cons of Search Engine Advertising


Pros of Search Marketing/ Advertising




Pros Of Search Marketing Advertising-400x250
Why Search Engine Advertising is so Popular

#1- Bang On Targeting:

Targeting options available in search advertising. The need is to strategize and set up the ad campaign well. If done so you will get the desired audience at every click.

2- Instant Results:

With search engine advertising websites easily & quickly show up in the search engine results which is a great deal.

#3- Better Search Engine Optimization:

Website traffic increases with the help of search advertising which  automatically affects & improves the organic performance of the search engine with the time.

#4- Builds Impression:

When the ad gets displayed on the top of search results, no matter if users click on it or not it adds to your image & reputation.


#5- Control:

You pay only when the ad is clicked by someone. You can set the budget for daily basis or monthly. This way the campaign budget stays under your control.


Cons of Search Engine Advertising


Certainly, like any other things in the world, there are some Cons of Search Engine marketing and advertising which you need to consider before going aggressive with your paid campaigns.
Learn how to start paid advertising by visiting this post to know about the 5 Important things to do before starting a paid campaign.
Cons of Search Engine Advertising-400x250
Lows of Search Engine Advertising



1- Requires certified professionals & specialized knowledge:


To set up & strategically manage a campaign proper specialized knowledge is required because that only would help in getting the best out of the campaign.This in a way will cost you more as you might hire professionals for the same.

#2- Competition-


Big players have SEO experts working for them and the have no issue as far as the budget is concerned.
If smaller companies want to show up in search results, they need to strategize well and if possible do take help of SEO expert.

#3- Time & Commitment-


Search engine requires you to keep up with ongoing changes & updates. Searching appropriate and relevant keywords is important for creating an effective ad campaign.

You need to constantly keep things updated once the campaign goes live. All this requires a lot of commitment, focus & the fact is it gets really time consuming. options available in search advertising.

The need is to strategize and set up the ad campaign well. If done so you will get the desired audience at every click.


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Paid Advertising on Instagram -How to Get Leads sales with Instagram Sponsored ads

How Instagram is continuously evolving with more marketing opportunities for the Businesses: Introduced Clickable Links for the Instagram ads.

Instagram has recently announced about it coming with the new and improved options for the advertisers. With these new ads, advertisers can put together various photos in sequential form which could best help the users to know more about the brand or product. A “Learn more” button along with the brand’s choice website link will be accompanied in the last photo of series. This website link will open in an internal browser within Instagram.

Instagram Advertising - Instagram Introduces Clickable Links with Sponsored ads
Instagram Advertising with Clickable Links with their Sponsored ads
Marketers needed more advertising options via Instagram. Business were using “Link in my bio” approach until now because there are no clickable links option available within Instagram. This was hampering a lot of businesses as they are not able to showcase more to their audience.
Allowing in-app clickability will turn out to be a boon for the businesses that use Instagram as one of their marketing platforms. See Also: Instagram Tools and Apps for Social Media Marketers ]

How the Sponsored ads at Instagram are more beneficial for the advertisers?

Till now businesses were using ‘Link in my bio” approach to promote their work but with in-app clickability marketers/advertisers will be able showcase more of what they want their audience to see. This feature will be limited to advertisers, so that users can click to learn more about companies.
These new features were a response to feedback from the “Instagram community” as well as from advertisers themselves. 
Today people are hooked to their mobile phone and social network. Businesses too want to tap the opportunities that exist because of social networking. It wants to use this platform to drive more and more traffic as well as sales to their own website and this is nothing very surprising.
When opportunities exist, everyone wants to make use of it.Some believe that this in-app clickability is an attempt by Instagram to get involved with e-commerce brands. According to the reports, 50% of all e-commerce traffic comes from mobile devices.

Carousel ads on Instagram


On Instagram people can only browse photos and not the web. URLs are never allowed by Instagram. But mere photo was not enough for the advertisers to advertise and promote their product or service. [ See Also: How to make Impressive Instagram Videos? ]


They demanded more refined and impactful ways to attract people who can grow their business. In order to advertise the product companies need to show off more than one image to the audience.


Say, for instance, a car company would require to show off its product from all the ends so that the customer can have the idea of what actually the product looks like, what all material has been used, ascertain the quality, etc. Not only cars or bikes rather fashion houses, real estate and others too.
Carousel ads on Instagram-450x300
Carousel ads on Instagram



The ones into designing, say Fashion brand/Fashion house can showcase their model wearing dress, accessories, bags, shoes, from all the ends, close up etc in their series of photos. Those in real estate can show the exterior, interior, surrounding of the house to the customers in their sequenced multiple pictures.

With multi photo carousel ads you can swipe through more than four branded image in a sequence. With the ‘Learn more” button embedded in the link, a URL will be opened within the Instagram (internal browser). This will allow you to get back to your feed by tapping on the top bar. These ads are very creative, impactful and in a way they are storyteller.  [ Check also: How to Use Instagram for your Business ]

Brands enjoy more flexibility in telling their stories through carousel ads as these allow viewers of their ads to swipe left to see additional/multiple images and link to brand’s


Instagram wants to keep things clean. Link/ URL sharing is not allowed here because it gives a smooth feeling unlike Facebook or Twitter or other social platforms where people just keep on discovering new links jumping from one site to other.Here on Instagram, links will be allowed only on succeeding slides of carousels and people will be able to see it when they engage with an ad.


[ See also:  Free advertising sites for your Business marketing ]


Contextual Advertising- 10 Tips for Creating Effective Online Contextual Marketing Campaigns

Contextual Advertising Tips – 10 Killer Tips to Manage Context based Ads.


It is not a secret that contextual advertising is one of the most effective forms of online advertising, since it is based on compliance of the content of advertisements with the subject of the page where it is placed.

It is not a secret that contextual advertising is one of the most effective forms of online advertising, since it is based on compliance of the content of advertisements with the subject of the page where it is placed.If you thought that knowing these contextual networks is all you need, you have more fish to fry.


This is because coming up with a successful contextual advertising plan is easier said than done. It requires careful consideration of the following tips :-


Work with a good fit for your website. Contextual advertising is not for all. It does not depend on the amount of traffic but rather the type of traffic on a website. For this reason, work with the websites whose visitors are in the buying mood.


Read the terms and conditions and adhere to them to the latter. Contextual advertising is very terms and conditions must always be followed if success is to be achieved.

Use the available data to make future projections and decisions.

Diversify your keywords. Do not put all your eggs in one basket.

Make your site more Search Engine Optimized as per on-page and off-page SEO practices.

Try long tail keyword marketing as it will get you more traffic which is easier to achieve and is relevant too.

10 Rules for Effective Contextual Advertising

10 Rules for Effective Contextual Advertising Campaign


Online Contextual Advertising:


➤ Contextual ads are more successful methods of advertising as they appear on the related content. They also appear as per the interest of the reader.
Most of the advertising networks know the interest of the readers by their browsing history and cookies saved on their computer.

Online Contextual Advertising tips-400x300

Online Contextual advertising tips for business marketing


So, it works based on the present content a user is reading and as well as the interests and online behavior of a particular user.
Proper advertising campaign ensures almost 100% of result, so to do everything properly, it will be good to know these ten basic rules.

10 Basic Rules for Contextual Advertising:

1. Scope Local Market with your Advertising:

Search local markets for your advertising
Target the local markets with your advertising

➤ There is no need to make a standard novice mistake of trying to grasp the immensity. At first conquer the local market, fill it with contextual advertising of a product, because the main buyer of goods (or services) is in your area.

➤ People trust companies that are located close to them.

➤ 10 Best advertising networks that offer contextual ads

2. Demonstrate the Ads 24 hours a day:

Demonstrate display contextual ads 24 hours a day-300x200
Displaying your contextual ads 24 hours a day makes it more effective
Forget about the fact that the working day lasts from 9.00 to 18.00. Those who shop online, often do it after the working hours. And even if you are working hard only at this time, make sure that your ad is set to night shows.
➤ People dont not make purchases on the web on a whim, they think, analyze, compare and only then buy.

List of 60 Global ads networks where you could make paid advertisements for yourself

3. Learn to distinguish contextual media ads and search ads:

As it is known, contextual advertising can work not only upon request in the Google search engine, but also on thousands of partners sites that are not linked to the search engine results.

Contextual ads are performed based on two principles:


 behavioral targeting and category pages.

Behavioral targeting works as follows  your TV ad can be shown to the visitor of grocery online store, who decided to order a rare kind of cheese, but recently was searching for addresses of home appliance stores offering similar goods.


A second case – when the same buyer was looking for your proposed product using the directory of thematic online stores. So, use both. But use wisely.

Top 10 paid advertising networks specifically available for the United Kingdom regions

4. Use keyword matching options:




Use-keyword matching options-Phrase-Broad-Exact-Modifies-350x220
Make sure to use different kinds of Keyword match types in your ad campaigns



➤ There are some types of keywords in Google AdWords that allow to increase significantly or intelligently narrow the scope of audience, thus attracting traffic with different percentage of conversion and at different prices.
➤ Use keyword matching options, like-
  1. Exact keyword match type (Minimum Reach and Maximum relevancy)
  2. Phrase keyword Match type
  3. Modified Broad Match type
  4. Broad Match type ( maximum reach, minimum relevancy)


So, do not limit yourself by using just one type of matching, because thus you lose the entire list of possible options for optimizing the current advertising campaign. This can lead not only to the ineffectiveness of advertising, but also the threat of budget overrun and the increase in cost of sales.

➤ Paid and Free ad networks list for worldwide locations



5. Exclude some words. (Negative Keywords):

Excluding some keywords can be a powerful tool for saving your budget. The advertising can be considered effective only in case it was shown to people that are interested in your product/ service, but not to the greater amount of people.
All this is easier than it seems. For example, exclude the words «was used» if you are offering a new product and a significant number of “second-hand” fans won’t see your ad.

6. The Relevance Rule Should Always Work:

➤ While creating the text of your ad, don’t forget to add a keyword that will help buyers to find you. And make sure that the buyer will see the page with the requested goods and services after the click on your advertisement.


➤ If a user needs «replacement of brake pads», the title of your advertisement is obliged to include such phrases as: “Replacement of brake pads with a guarantee, “urgent replacement of brake pads”, “brake pads: sale and replacement.

➤ At the same time, remember that any user that was redirected to the page with no matching products or services, will not search the site to find them.


You should also check out these top 10 advertising networks for publishing contextual ads on Publishers blogs



7. Systematically Work on the Qualitative Indicators of Your Advertising:


It not only saves budget, but also allows to take a higher position in SERPs than your direct competitors. Search engines are primarily concerned about the relevance of the response to a user’s request. Even if you pay more without taking care of the relevance and quality of your ads, you will still be displayed on lower position than competitors.
It all depends on you, because if your ad does not meet the request, users will not make transitions. As a result, Users inaction will force the advertising system to recognize you as a poor-quality advertiser.

8. Sales Increment Depends not on the Contextual Advertising as it provides traffic, but on the quality of content and services:


➤ The feature of the online trade is that the product, which you even have in stock is quite real for you, but for the potential buyer it is still only a picture: he cannot assess the quality of the proposed product independently.

➤ Therefore, the primary task for you is the attention to the product – you need to describe what you are selling with all the details. Create your Ad Copies in this way to make an awesome statement of what you are offering!

➤ Therefore, high-quality photos, concise and detailed description of the materials, features, equipment, availability, and price – all this should be presented as a matter of course.

➤ How to Design and Place Banner Ads for more Conversions


Attract the buyer and show the advantages of your products and make gifts. For example, if you are buying a camera, we will give your memory card as a gift; the printer – a pack of paper.

9. Assess the quality of traffic with analytics system:


➤Google Analytics is a tool that can be used absolutely free of charge. It is enough to make a few simple steps to get a competent traffic tracking site.
What it gives you?
You can track the sources of traffic, the number of new and repeated visitors, their time spent on the site, popular topics and pages, etc.
So, it helps to conduct an advertising campaign better.

There are lots of free advertising options on Google which can benefit you immensely

10. If the Advertising Campaign has High Quality it will become Cheaper to the Advertiser with Time:

Prepare that you will have to prove that your ad is high-quality, and while planning it don’t forget that the search engines will check it for relevance for some time.
If the user clicks on the ad and lingers on your website, then search engines will regard it as a reliable resource. And, therefore, over time, you will be charged certain bonuses, for example, in the form of preference of your price over a higher price of a less reliable resource.

In a nutshell, contextual advertising is one of the most important forms of advertising for businesses. That is why most of the small businesses consider contextual advertising as an essential part in digital marketing for business growth and development.

➤➤ Top websites that offer Free advertising options on the Internet

6 Killer Tips for the Effective Advertising for your Small Business

Tips to Promote a Small Business Effectively with the help of Advertising

You must Follow these 6 Advertising Tips if you Aim to Get Mind-boggling Results with your Advertising Campaign.

Advertising stands to be one of the most important tools for any business. A program to reach out to the masses, tell them about your products and services, make them aware on various aspects of the products and so much more. 

No business can think of growing in the absence of effective advertising. 

It was, it is and will continue to remain as important as it is in all times. 

Effective advertising is one which lets you attract the largest amount of audience in a cost effective way. Advertising if done in a effective manner can prove to a boon for the business and if not it can drown your business.

To guide you on this track, listing below some of the tips for effective advertising. Have a look!

Effective Advertising Tips at Ads2020.Marketing
Effective Advertising Tips

1- Focus On Your Target Audience

Focus On Your Target Audience for successful advertising-300x200
Target the right Audience for your advertising campaigns

Don’t create generic ads that fails to grab the attention of your potential customers. 

Be specific and make sure your advertising campaign is directed towards your targeted segment. 

At first make it clear to yourself what customers you want to attract towards your product and then accordingly design your ads that are best able to connect with these potential customers and speak to them.

➤ 99 Websites for Paid Premium Advertising on Internet 

2- Speak About The Benefits and Features of your Products

Speak About The Benefits features Of The Product-300x200
Tell About The Benefits and Features of your Products

Your ads should successfully sell the benefits your products offer. You need to highlight your competitive advantage via your advertisement. 

Unless your ads are able to leave an impact on the minds of the customers, your business can’t grow. Let your ads speak where your product stands unique and let your ads deliver value to your targeted customers. 

Not every ad is a success and the reason is because they fail to speak about the advantages of the product or service.

 How to Advertise an e-commerce Store to get more Sales

3- Make Your Image Count

Make Your Image Count-making-brand impression-300x200
Make Your brand Image Count

There are various brands that get recognized merely by their logo, taglines, packing or other signs. Take the example of Mc Donalds, Kurkure, etc 

This is possible because they have been successful in establishing their image in the market. This is how you need to work upon your advertisements. 

You must know that if you are not considering image building as an important factor then you are not going to grab the attention of your prospective customers.

4- Spend Wisely

spend your money wisely to make your advertising effectively 

Effective advertising requires you to spend wisely. You must know that to be successful on the advertising front you would need to spend a fair amount of money. 

There are other ways to save money and not necessarily cutting the advertisement cost. This can lead to bad effect on your sales

Advertisement is like an investment, it will reap you fruits later.

Be fair and spend the amount in a way making optimum utilization of resources

Remember, if you want to make money, you will have to spend it first.

 Top Ad Networks for Mobile Advertising

5- Opt For Appropriate Media To Advertise

Make use of Appropriate Media for Advertising your Business

You must do a proper research about which could be the most influential medium to grab the attention of the customers. 

What your audience read, listen, watch etc must be known to you so that you can select the advertising medium accordingly and reach the target audience without any hassle.

There are various medium through which you can advertise like television, radio, internet, magazines, newspapers and others. 

Which is going to be the best to reach out to your target market, what would be the best place for advertising, you need to research on this matter.

 Why you should advertise over YouTube?

6- Find Your Market

Find Your Market to make your advertisements more effective-300x200
Find Your Market to make your advertisements more effective

Do not confuse yourself. If you think you will be able to attract anyone and everyone with your product or service then you are wrong here. It is very obvious that not everyone is going to need your product or say your product will not appeal everyone. 

There will be a proper target market for your product which you have to find out and reach. 

It is seen that business owners strive hard to reach every segment of the market with their product thinking it would appeal all. But they fail. You need to find your own market and do everything possible to serve them in the best possible manner. Learn Local advertising tips to target the right audience in your biz proximity