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100 Best Property Sites to Post Classifieds for Housing and Apartments Ads

List of 100 Apartment Advertising Sites to Post Ads for House Rentals.


100 Best Websites to post free property ads online for Rentals and Apartments. Global list of classifieds advertising sites for real estate, housing, rentals, properties for 2020-21.


The sites in this list are very useful for the ones who you want to buy, sell or rent Apartments, housing property, rentals, or rooms. Real estate and properties ads for sellers, dealers and brokers. Every small business owners should post ads over these property sites if they want to promote their real estate and property business since these sites are best for advertising any housing or property related biz.

These property sites are quite household names among property rental business owners and real estate promoters. Real estate and property rental, these two businesses heavily depend on the advertisingfor their success.

So, there is a huge demand for housing and apartment ads listings online.


Buy Sell Ads for Apartments, Rents, Houses, properties Post free ads online for Housing Property Real
Free Advertising sites for House, Rentals, Properties for local marketing

If you are an advertiser or property agent or have your own private property then you should use these top real estate advertising sites for buying, selling, and renting real estate properties for any given country, city, or local places in your town or state. At the page, you can even submit your real estate business listings for free.


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Property Apartments Ads . Free Property Advertising Sites to Place Online Ads for Rentals and property business


Post Property ads on these Top Advertising sites for Real estate Industry for 2018-2019.

These free property advertising websites are used by millions of users on daily basis for buying or selling apartments online. This adverts posting sites list provides great opportunity to post Home Apartments and property related ads Free online.

You can even promote your Housing Property business online using these websites.


Publish Unlimited ads for rentals and properties using the sites listed here. Advertise for Housing Property, apartments, rentals business. Free advertising sites list for real estate small biz owners. List of 100 real estate Classifieds to market a housing property business online.


Ideas to Become a Real Estate Entrepreneur-300x200
Ideas to Become a Successful Real Estate Entrepreneur


List of 100 Best Websites to Post Ads for Residential Apartments, Real Estate Rental business, and Properties Online.


Want to post real estate ads without registration? visit here to submit real estate ads without registration signup

The most popular list of Top advertising sites visit here to know about Top 10 classified sites in India


  3. world property journal for real estate listings
  11. Long Island’s Most Popular advertising Website
  31. for rental ads/
  35. Pittsburgh Pennysaver
  36. Nola- New Orleans, Louisiana Local advertising
  43. Frederick news post real estate local markets
  56. Classifieds related Pins at Pinterest
  60. Bozeman daily chronicle ads
  61. lancaster online adverts
  62. commonfloor- list your property
  63. Staten Island, NY Local ads
  64. miami herald
  65. chicagoil ads
  67. foreignercn China adverts
  68. Pinedale online ads
  69. Real Estate Ads in India
  71. ListProperty4Free



10 Tips to Help You Become a Successful Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Business Success Ideas for Property Agents


Real Estate Business Tips for Beginner Agents


Every Real Estate Agent wants to be successful but only a few are able to make their mark in the competitive real estate industry. It is only you who would need to figure out what it takes to be there. The success in any industry is directly proportional to the amount of efforts you put forth and so does here.


tips to Become a Successful Real Estate Agent-550x400
How to Become a Successful Real Estate Agent


Being a successful real estate agent demands perseverance and persistence. Focusing on your clients, both past and present, remaining committed to your goals and being determined for long term learning can help you reach new levels of prosperity.


Let us have a look at the Top Tips that can help you become a Successful Real Estate Agent:


1. Put your Goals in Writing:


Well it may sound funny, but creating your goals in life can help you to be successful in not only real estate but every aspect of life. The reason is, putting your goals on a piece of paper would help you to stick to them, to be more accountable towards them and to strive hard every single day in order to achieve them.

Advertising Sites in India for Real Estate Agents


2. Be An Expert In Your Local Market:



Be An Expert In real estate Market-500x250
Be An Expert In Real Estate Market


A good real estate agent is known by his responsiveness, professional expertise, experience and the way of dealing. Being an Expert in your area refers to gaining all the information regarding the industry and staying on the top of it always.


Proper knowledge of the current market statistics, the market trends, the ins and outs of the local community and competition is what differentiate a successful real estate agent from an unsuccessful one.  The clients feel secure and confident in their decision with an expert real estate agent by their side.


How to Market a Real Estate Business over Facebook


3. Maximise your productivity by using a system:


Maximise your productivity-to be a successful agent-500x250
Maximise your productivity to become a successful real estate agent


To be a successful real estate agent, have proper systems in place. Adopt a systems-based approach where you can very well reduce the amount of time spent on any given task or get some free time to concentrate on important tasks.

This will help you remain more focused and on the top of mind with every new prospect coming your way. Using a system can help automate the entire process and maximize your success.


Best Apps to Increase Productivity


4. Invest in marketing:


Well, the biggest mistake that many of the real estate agents do is that they ignore marketing or underrate its importance. Marketing is perhaps the most important factor to gain success in your profession as a real estate agent. If you don’t have a great marketing budget, start small.

You can even start with things like monthly referral marketing system. Invest in marketing and make a robust start to your venture.


Use these Best software for Marketing
Top Blogs for Content Marketing
Top 10 Tools for Marketing
Online Marketing Ideas


5. Use available free resources:


Today, with the evolution of technology, there are ample of free resources available at your fingertips. Don’t ignore their potential.


Use them and make them an important part of your business regime:


#1. Successful Peers: Watch what your successful peers are doing and how are they doing it. Try learning from them and apply the learning in your real estate agency.


#2. Brokerage: Ask for the various resources your brokerage has and make use of them.


#3. Professional Organizations: Today, there are many organizations regulating the real estate profession. Visit their websites and see what they have to offer. They might offer much more than just your imagination.

Top 10 Real Estate Websites in USA



6. Recognize the Power of Networking:



Networking is good for every business but it becomes all the more important in case of a real estate agent. Don’t just keep yourself contented with the age old list of the service providers that you might have. Keep on looking for ways to exponentially expand your professional network.


Think out of the box and prepare a comprehensive list in order to present your clients with an all resource list. To name a few can be  Restaurant owners, Caterers,  Florists, Wedding planners, Insurance agents, medical practitioner, painters, etc.


Things to research on before joining an MLM Company


7. Know Your Expenses before Becoming a Real Estate Agent:


Acknowledge your expenses before becoming a real estate agent. Opting a career of a real estate agent doesn’t cease the need for food,  shelter, clothing and many other expenses.

Make a rough estimate of your regular expenses and make a plan ensuring that such expenses are paid while they still allow you time and budget for your new business.



8. Choosing a Marketing Niche for Your Real Estate Business:


While this is not the first step to take but it’s important to assess the market and come up with your core niche. Having a specialised knowledge about a particular niche will always help you excel in your field.

10 real estate advertising tips and ideas


9. Continue Learning & Keep yourself Updated with the Industry:


The success of a real estate agent to an extent depends upon how well he is able to educate his clients. Thus, to educate others, it  becomes important to be educated first.

Keep yourself updated on the latest news, trends and issues in the real estate industry. Learning never ends and no knowledge is complete.
Continue to study, practice, and gain experience in your field.

Free Real Estate Advertising


10. Be Patient and Persistent:


Even after making all the possible efforts, having all the plans, systems, technology in place and applying the best of the strategies, you may not see any result for weeks or even months.

 The key is persistence here.


The people who are able to succeed are the ones who don’t give up in times of despair.  It is very difficult to keep persistence when things don’t seem right but that is what is required.


Don’t get feared with failures or rejections. People often get emotional over these tiny setbacks or failures in life Remember, failure doesn’t make you unsuccessful but not trying again after the failure do.

Do you know many times did Thomas Edison fail before inventing the light bulb? Can you believe, he failed 10,000 times before inventing the light bulb?

Keep persistent with your goals and follow up consistently to get more and more deals.


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10 Best Real Estate Forums in India for Property Discussion in 2019

Top 10 Property Forums in India for Discussing Real Estate Business on the Internet.


Real estate in India has now seen sort of a decline after demonetization but it still is a solid and secure way of investment. Real estate forums let you reach out to other dealers and property buyers so that you can clarify your doubts, talk to successful investors, advertise your property and find dealers.

Best Property sites in India


These property forums are meant for:

Property agents, dealers, buyers, sellers, and Property related businessmen.


These forum communities provide a great place to share and discuss property related matters for your advantages.


The most active users and forum discussions are from the following Indian cities:

Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi NCR, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Noida, Pune, Kolkata.

This list is in no best to worst order, all of these forums are great places to discuss the real estate market (The forums listed first does have a very small advantage, though!).


Real estate Forums in India-550x400
Real Estate Forums in India for Dealers, Agents, Buyers and Sellers



List of Indian Property Forums for Real Estate Business


The below mentioned Indian real estate forums are very useful for agents in Dubai, USA, UK, Australia, etc. You can contact NRI investors for investment purpose in Indian property business.

Here is the list of top 10 real estate forums in India to seek real estate assistance.


1. IREF – India’s Real Estate Forum

IREF-Indian real estate forum-460x460
IREF-The Best of Indian real estate forums


IREF is the most active Indian forum for real estate in the internet right now. This forum website has boards for almost all the major cities in India as well as boards for state wide discussion. Though this forum is widely used by people to advertise their properties, you can also find many general discussions concerning the market here.This forum is in English only, the administrators do not encourage any other language. There are only a few rules in this forum.

The biggest plus of this property forum is that there is a higher number of experts in this forum when in par to the others (possibly because of the reason that this forum is the most active).


2. Indian Real Estate Board


indian real estate board-300x200
Indian Real Estate Board



This is another popular Indian real estate forum. Though this forum is not as visually pleasing as the first (lots of ads and not that good looking GUI), it has a lots of discussions and boards and the community is very active too. The community is mostly made of real estate agents.

This forum is more focussed on the Hyderabad region in the front page but you can choose the board of your locality to view discussions concerning that locality. Another good side of this forum is that there is also a classifieds tab where you can sell and buy properties.

The best part is that there are not much rules, so you can advertise your property as much as you want (spamming not recommended).



3. Real Estate Forum at Commonfloor

This forum is a part of a real estate portal called Commonfloor which is now a part of Quikr. This forum, which is also very active is a good looking and easily navigable forum. This forum does also have different boards for different cities and localities.

The best thing about this forum is that most discussions are general discussions and not self advertisement (The website itself is a classifieds website, so if you wish to sell/buy, you can use the main website.)


4. Indian Board at


Though is a UK based website, it has a very active Indian forums too.

Just like the website above, this forum is not focused on self advertisement, it focuses on general discussions (discussions like, “Is it a good time for investment?” etc.). This forum also have a bunch of experts who are willing to help clarify any real estate concerned questions.

The downside of this forum is that the community is not as active as the ones listed above but still, there are some people who are very active in this community.


5. Real Estate Forum at Realty Fact


Reality Fact is a real estate news website with a forum dedicated to real estate. This forum also have boards for almost all the major cities in India and a separate board for all the other cities which does not have a board.

This forum is also English only and does have a lot of rules which are ought to be followed when posting or commenting. This forum strongly discourages self advertising and selling inside the forum. As like almost all the other forums in this list, this forum does also have a very active community.

➤ How to Market a Property Business over Facebook

6. Forum at JustProp


This simple forum is very easy to use with no rules to follow. Unlike all the above forums, this forum only lacks when it comes to active user base. This North India focused forum does also have discussions concerning other areas.

If you scroll through the archives, you can find valuable information concerning the market. There is no restriction whatsoever for advertising your property too.

➤ Indian Free Classifieds Sites

7. Indian Investment at Reddit


Reddit, the grandmaster of all social bookmarking websites does have a pretty fun board for Indian investors too. Though this forum have a lot of real estate concerned discussions, it can also be a good place to talk about other kinds of investments too.

This board strictly prohibits self advertisement, so be careful when posting and commenting.

➤ Real Estate Business Success Ideas


8. Real Estate Forum at Magicbricks


Magicbricks, the popular property finder does also have a very friendly real estate forum. This forum is very user friendly and all but it lacks general discussion and most of the posts are posts seeking help.


This forum might be the best for you if it is assistance you are seeking. But if it is anything else that you are seeking, it would be better to consider the other forums in this list. There are experts who are specially appointed to serve in this forum too, which is great.

➤ Indian B2B Directories for Real estate

9. Real Estate Discussions at Reddit


A subreddit from reddit makes the list again! This board, though appears to be a general property discussion board is actually an India focused real estate board. This board is very different from all the others listed here because most of the posts are buy/sell posts.This subreddit is the best if it is buying or selling properties is what you want. Many property buyers are watching this subreddit at times, so there is a high chance that you might get a business. General discussions are rare in this subreddit.➤ Tips to be a Successful Real estate Agent

10. Real Estate Discussions at Quora


Discuss Real Estate in India at Quora



We have finally made it to the end of the list. Quora has discussions about almost anything.

Real estate is not an exception either. This forum at Quora is a good place where you can ask about anything about real estate in India and hope to get answers within hours.

Quora has millions of users, so getting an answer to a question you have would not be a tough job. But advertising your property or anything like that will get you banned.

These are the best forums concerning Indian real estate that you can find on the Internet. Hoping you enjoyed that list, wishing you success!

➤ How to become a real estate entrepreneur

➤ List of Business Forums

10 Best Real Estate Sites in India to Post Property Ads Free

Top 10 Most Popular Real Estate Advertising Websites in India to Place Free Classified Ads Online.


Advertise your Real Estate Business Online in India. Best Advertising Sites for Realtors to Sell or Rent a Property.


We all at one stage or another will have to choose our desired place to live by browsing the internet through the real estate websites. Real Estate in India is doing not so good due to several features as increasing costs of financing and cases of corruption.Therefore, we should have advertising sites that are influential to place free classified and online ads to individuals and even groups to create awareness.


Property buyers typically carry extensive online research before making an investment in the house. An online real estate advertising site should have all kinds of relevant data on the property. Find here the cool collection of the sites for apartments and rentals.


Some online advertising sites are beginning to offer counseling services to interested individuals. Must see: Real Estate Forums in India


Top10 real estate advertising sites in India for agents buyers sellers-550x440
The Most Popular and Reliable Sites for Real Estate Properties in India 

Why Marketing a Real Estate Business over the Internet is Crucial?



Why Marketing a Real Estate Business over the Internet is Crucial-560x315
Why Marketing a Real Estate Business on Internet is Crucial?


The internet has played very paramount roles in the marketing industry. Therefore, it is important to sharpen your marketing strategies with help from an experienced real estate agent which helps with selling or buying a property at the highest price possible.Research shows that 9 out of 10 of the population uses the internet to search for properties.


Many agents post ads on different multiple advertising sites to increase the chances of the sale of that particular property.

Online advertising is a great move when it comes to real estate. Real Estate top agents use other advertising sources such as a real estate blog. RSS feeds, Geographical Location Articles and Forums for sale.


10 Best Property Sites in India for Real Estate Business


Top 10 Real Estate Advertising Sites in India-500x250
10 best Advertising Websites in India for Real estate property

Below is a list of advertising sites for Indian Real Estate Sector. These are the most popular property classifieds in the country and are used by property agents, brokers, dealers, and buyers and sellers.


1. 99Acres– The Number #1 Real Estate Website in India



99acres- Top Website in India for Housing Property is the most traditional real estate advertising portal for buying and selling and its main aim is coming up with solutions to interested customers regarding the property in question.This website exposes buyers, brokers, and sellers to a reasonable manner of exchanging information. At 99 Acres an individual can place free classified ads advertising a particular property, search the already posted ads and browse through several property options.


This site’s USP is to resale sites which give a broad array of choices for reselling your property be it an apartment, bungalow, office space and its equipment or a flat.

99Acres has the legit and reliable database. 99Acres site has the question and answers sections for the customers who are significantly useful and also has a section of applying for home loans.

➤ Free Advertising Apps for Real Estate



2. Magic Bricks– The Very Popular Real Estate Advertising Website




MagicBricks-#2 real estate site in India


The is an online advertising real estate site that has all the source data on an individual property for buying and selling. Magic Bricks provide detailed information that a buyer needs to access including photos of the involved property.The website has original data that is also satisfactory to customers like the fair taxation of resources. In a case of rental services, the Magic Brick site proves to be significant.

Gurutalk is a talk session with the real estate experts.


3. 360 Realtors– Property Site for Realtors in India a Popular property site in India


360 Realtors is an advertising site with expertise in housing issues making this buying and selling experience smooth and fruitful too. offers various real estate services including property management tips, property valuations, consultation services and reality services.

360 Realtors go to the extent of giving after sales service to customers and discussion of home loans one is exposed. Its expertise has all necessary data on the various properties available.



4. Common Floor– Buy Sell Rent Properties in India



commonfloor-com-A_top_property_site_India_600x300 Top 4th Best Property Site in India



CommonFloor- a common name among the people related to housing property, rentals, and real estate business. It is a nation wide property site that offers multidimensional useful online services regarding real estate industry.


It not only covers all the main features of any major property site, but also provides lots of other information and useful tools for property seekers and real estate agents and dealers in the country. has the good database of prospective property buyers and sellers and the property in question. Common Floor has detailed online ecosystem with property search for those interested in not only buying but also renting property.


The property locality and its management tools are available on this site providing proper analysis and reviews.


In brief, CommonFloor Offers these main facilities:

  • Property Search
  • Reviews and Answers
  • Community Management
  • Residential Community


5. Sulekha Properties– Real Estate Advertising Site to Buy Sell Property





Sulekha properties deal with property search in your region and city. offers excellent deals for individuals in small Indian cities.


Sulekha: Sulekha is not a website dedicated to only real estate business, but, it is more like Yellowpages where every kinds of businesses are advertised for free. They have an appealing website for listing your business services.


They also have a mobile friendly version of the website. There is also an android app of sulekha. Sulekha is a digital business platform. It gives information about nearby properties and rentals, education and training centers, home and office services, health services, etc.


They have a very big dealers network. If you search for properties on Sulekha you will get categorized results like apartments, plots and lands, luxury houses. You get the approximate costs, payment plans and seller/dealer contact. Many properties also include pictures of the properties. Sulekha also includes a detailed descriptions of the property.


If you are a seller and want to sell your property it is a good platform to sell. But be ready for some mock calls and people who want to bargain. But this is the problem on every Indian forums.


6. Housing– Housing Advertising Site to Buy a Place in India





Housing advertising site is an online portal located in Mumbai allowing people to search for houses based on certain features like the number of rooms a particular house has, it is location and many other.


The company serves in more than 40 cities in India. has the good database of properties, and it is always accurate in its data.


Housing:Housing doesn’t have an appealing website. It has a very simple interface. It starts with a search box. You can search cities and localities. The website gets your location automatically and tell you plot rates near your current location. Housing is better if you want to buy plots, but it’s not much useful for buying houses and apartments.

It doesn’t have many property listings. However of you want to sell properties you get sufficient serious calls about it. There are lists of top localities, top brokers and tops builders to choose from.


Conclusion: If you are looking for best forums for real estate you should go for Makaan. However if you are looking for rented apartments and other services Sulekha provides better experience.

And if you want to buy plots or want to compare land prices in localities housing is the way to go.



7. Makaan– Buy Sell Property in India at Makaan


In comparison to other websites in places, like Hyderabad and Ahmedabad, provides useful information on its assets.

Makaan is a part of the Elara Technologies PTE Limited.


Makaan is an excellent dedicated Indian Real estate Forum. You get a visually appealing website when you open it. They do not have much mobile friendly website though. But they also have an android app which gives you every feature the desktop website have. You get a “How may I help You” option on this website which is an excellent way to go if you are having troubles or if you need help.Makaan also provides insightful articles on real estate and have great guides on real estate business. You can search by location, Builder or project name. You also have quick links for property search by cities.


They have a unique feature known as “Talk to M”. M is the personal advisor provided by the website which guides you through the properties of your interest. They have a column featured properties, which have a list of some really good and trending properties.


When you search for properties it gives you list of properties available with their prices. If you are a buyer and you are interested in a property you just have to click them and you get a detailed analysis of the property. Its land area, surrounding, pictures special features etc. There is also one of the most interesting feature on Makaan.


It contains an analysis of annual growth rate of the prices, so it helps your decision making.


8. India Property– Buy Properties in India is a good advertising site for individuals living at smaller locations.This site gives details of all projects and city you want to purchase a property from and has excellent search facilities.




9. Prop Tiger– Real estate Website to Buy Property in India is a good advertising site for cities, like Mumbai and most importantly NRI’s. Proptiger site functions on trust being very fundamental as well as transparency in every sale on makes.This site assists individuals with choosing the best property existing.

Specializes on Data Labs, Real Estate Advisory, Home Loans Advisory, and Advanced Real Estate Analysis.


10. india Real estate- Buy Sell rent Properties at PropertyWala


In towns like Delhi, provides proper selling and buying of properties. Propertywala is among India’s top five real estate advertising sites and has indeed verified agents. Specializes in Website Development, Search Engine Optimization commonly abbreviated as SEO and Real Estate Promotions in the is privately held online media site that was founded in 2007 and comprises of 11-50 employees.


The following are the various links for getting classified real estate ads:







The following are the ten most popular online real estate advertising sites in India based on their fame and demand.

GrabHouse ➤

The Future of Online Real Estate Marketing in India


The Internet has surpassed traditional marketing forms. Most active real estate agent combines traditional as well as online marketing for faster efficient sale. During buying and selling process, excellent communication skills and relations is paramount. Agents help in making your house look at its best. Using the internet is a crucial tool of real estate that is becoming famous and trendy.


Find here the Real Ideas for Real estate Entrepreneurs.Here are some really cool tips for real estate Business Marketing.

Better online marketing sites for properties should come up to give competition. Are you looking for a house to buy? Are you looking for a house to rent? Well, look no more. Just use your internet, search for the best online real estate advertising sites, and all your issues solved in a wink of an eye.


How to Become a Successful Real Estate Entrepreneur- 7 Business Startup Tips

Entrepreneurship Development Tips and Ideas for Real Estate Business Entrepreneurs. 

Real Estate development Ideas for Property agents and Entrepreneurs.
Why is it that almost every entrepreneur wants to invest in the real estate? The answer is very simple. To make a lot of money. This is a dream that almost each one of us holds. However, not everyone who invests in the real estate ends up being successful.

The main reason for this failure is lack of critical information about this business.

✪ Small Business Building Ideas for entrepreneurs
✪ Startup marketing tips for Entrepreneurs
✪ Email marketing tools for real estate Agents
✪ The Common Mistakes Committed by new Entrepreneurs

Tips to Become a Real Estate Entrepreneur-550x400
Success Tips to Become a Real Estate Entrepreneur of your Choice!


Below is a list of tips on how to become a successful real estate entrepreneur:

1. Look at Plenty of Properties

This is the number one trick if you want to be successful in this business. Don’t be the entrepreneur who just takes the first property that you come across. This is a mistake that many real estate entrepreneurs make. They simply end up buying property because it looks attractive without going an extra mile to see whether there is something better.

Look a plenty of properties before you zero in on any ones


You have to be willing to push yourself to the limit and look at what is really out there. Never make your business decisions based on your personal preferences. You will not be the one living there. It is your client. The best thing is thus exposing yourself to a wide range of options that are out there.

You can then narrow these options down depending on your business goal and criteria.

✪ The 5 Most Useful Ideas for real estate Entrepreneurs
✪ Top 10 Real estate websites in USA

2. Do a Comprehensive Financial Analysis.

Don’t run away from the reality. The best way to do this is by determining the alternative that makes a more financial sense. This will prevent you from buying property on terms that go against your financial analysis. You should be aware that there are sellers out there that will always try to over-estimate property value through use of pro forma data.

Do a Comprehensive Financial Analysis-300x200
Doing a Comprehensive Financial Analysis Plays a crucial Role

These pro formas are not always correct. You should thus have the real numbers on your mind before closing. The best way to come up with the real figures is by looking at the previous year’s maintenance records, tax returns and tax bills.

This information will give you clear information on actual expenses and income. Ensure you remain fully updated on figures such as cash flow, net income, cap rate and total ROI. If you have a clear understanding of these figures you will have sufficient information of determining whether the property you are investing in suits your financial targets.

✪ Tips to be Successful as an Entrepreneur
✪ Post Free Ads for Real Estate Business

3. Don’t Purchase Property that a Seller isn’t Motivated to Sell.

The only way to get a price that matches with your financial targets is if the one selling you the property is motivated to sell. I know you are wondering how you will determine whether the seller is motivated to sell or not.

“The answer is very simple.”

Just look at his/her asking price. If the property has been in the market for some time e.g. a year and there is no price reduction, it’s very clear that he/she isn’t motivated to sell the property.

However if the property has been in the market for quite some time and he/she has reduced price considerably, he/she is ready to sell the property. The trick comes on how to find motivated sellers.

The best strategy is by attending as many open houses as possible. You can also look for unattractive properties that you can improve then sell out.

✪ 10 Most Trending Ways to Promote a Real Estate Business.

4. Invest on Seminars, Audio Tapes and Books.

Knowledge is power. The more you get informed about what goes on in the real estate sector the more successful you become. You should thus ensure that you learn all the basics.

Buy books, tapes and attend informative seminars that will enlighten you. You should get informed before you venture in the business.

✪ Find out what are the Top Real Estate Websites in India

5. Come up with Financial Goals.

Before you purchase your first property, know what return you expect. You can determine your financial goals by looking at the time versus money concept.

If you have more money, you need more time to achieve your financial goals. The more time that you have, the less money you need to achieve your financial goals.

✪ Tips for Promoting a Real Business over Facebook

6. Don’t Wait for a Perfect Time to Invest.

Most real estate investors waste a lot of time waiting for a better deal to come your way. This might make you miss a lot of great deals.

A perfect deal rarely exist. Your first deal might feel difficult but it is worth taking.

✪ Free online apartment advertising Websites

7. Understand your Market

This might sound very simple and obvious but it plays a big role in your success. Know basic things such as job prospects and what the area relies on economically. Weather factors are also critical since different clients have different tastes.

The more you understand your market the faster you will be able to spot potential clients.

✪ 10 Best Real Estate Forums in India

11 Beginners Tips for Marketing Real Estate Business on Facebook

Facebook Marketing Tips for Real Estate Business

Every day social networks are becoming more important in promoting yourself as a professional. According to a recent study conducted by Postling, nearly 80% of US real estate agents use Facebook in their work.

“Social media definitely become the main vector of real estate advertising, – commented on the situation Melissa Savenko, agent of Richmond.

– I use Facebook to spread offers, to sell new houses, also communicate with agents and customers about discounts on individual objects and additional bonuses. I think that many agents have chosen social media to promote their offers just because it’s free, easy and efficient.”

Social networks (primarily Facebook) give the agent a number of new opportunities to expand the communication circle among colleagues and attract customers – buyers and sellers.

How to Market a Real Estate Business on Facebook-450x300
Successful ways to market a real estate biz over Facebook


In today’s world, there is always a way of development, marketing, and social networks are a proof. Our advice can help you to promote your real estate business on the Facebook platform.


Facebook Social Media Marketing Tips for Promoting a Real Estate Business.

#1. Page + Profile = Right Option


The Facebook personal profile is an important step to increase sales and the level of brand awareness of the real estate business. In addition to a personal profile, it will be useful to create a dedicated business page.

Thus, you will unlock the full business potential of the social network: present your brand, publish commercial offers and talk about the benefits of working with you.

Another benefit of the real estate business pages is that it can be connected to an infinite number of friends. At the same time, a limit on a personal profile is 5,000 friends.


Top 10 Real Estate Forum Sites in India


#2. Fill in all the Business Contact Details


Regardless of whether you’re promoting your real estate business page or decided to use a personal profile, leave all possible contacts: Website; Link to other social networks profiles; E-mail; Messenger; Phone, and so on.

Make sure that your customers can contact you easily. Tips to become a successful Real Estate Agent

#3. Post the Variety of Content


People like pictures. Do not deny yourself the pleasure to publish the photo or video about real estate, or related topic, even if it is the repost and not your unique material.

In general, it is important to maintain the diversity of content on your the page of your real estate business: text, photos, videos, a selection of interesting facts in the form of infographics, and polls.

All these will make your page more interesting and, as a consequence, more and more popular among potential customers – buyers and sellers.

Top 50 sites for advertising your real estate business.

Create good number of Notes


On your business page place not only the repost from other pages but also the unique texts. Thus, users will see that you share your experiences, instead of untested hypotheses from the Internet.

This course will help you to get the trust of people. Also, ask for a feedback in their posts, ask questions, and invite them to a conversation. People like to feel important, so tell them about it.

Comments and private messages have to be answered and it is a fact. Look at the posts that your subscribers shared from your page. Perhaps, someone commented them and it is better to respond people and on other pages, too.

10 Killer Tips for Promoting a real estate Business

#5. Use the Targeted Advertising

Think of the promotional strategy of your real estate business page. Select the target audience – the people of your city of a certain age or with certain interests (the people of your or other cities that are subscribed to other real estate search groups).

Create your ad and after checking all the data pay for the targeted advertising.The price can vary from $0.1 to $0.25 per click.

What are the Top 10 Real estate Sites in USA

#6. People Come for the Emotions


Keep this in mind and give them these emotions. Share what they are pleased to see on your real estate page.Share the fact that today you’ve picked up a house for a great family (you can even add a picture of a happy family if they do not mind).

If people come to you and get positive emotions, they will stay with you as long as possible.

Top 5 Ideas for Real estate Business Entrepreneurs

#7. Contest is a Great Tool


The prize does not have to be expensive. Arrange a competition for a free consultation, or even a master class on real estate case.

Customers, who are interested in your services, take advantage of the offer and will take part in the competition.

#8. Put a Call-to-action button in a visible place

The cover photo is a great place to place a CTA button ( Call To Action ). Encourage customers to call, write you or immediately book your services.

You can do this in two ways:

  • via Facebook functions;
  • by placing a CTA on the cover photo.



#9. Not more than 20% of advertising content


If there is more than 20% of advertising content, you risk of having no followers.

Make sure that you publish no more than 1 ad per 5 posts.No one is interested in your marketing or promotional ventures.

The moment they realize that you are here only for marketing purpose of your business they make a distance from you.



#10. Invitations to events


If you participate in exhibitions, conferences or workshops, invite your subscribers to come to the event via the Facebook page.

This will help you to know them personally, but also to present yourself as a professional.


#11. Be a part of the community


Take part in discussions, answer questions – be a part of the community that you’ve created on Facebook. And then you certainly will succeed if you post the content regularly that interests your users. Keep a balance in the post volume you generate with your promotional and fun related posts.Never present your audience only with self promotional posts.

And finally, let your publication will be positive and informative. Do not show your customers how difficult this business is. Instead, use the power of social networks for advice and a call to action.

Top 5 Real Estate Business Success Ideas every Entrepreneur Should Know

Business Ideas for Every Real Estate Business Entrepreneur


For those who are looking for starting business in real estate, you have reached the right place to gain insight on different ideas which you can go ahead with.

As we know that real estate sector is at booming phase today, so there lies ample of opportunities for the aspiring entrepreneurs in Real Estate Sector to get into this niche & make more money.

Must Read>> Killer Tips for Real Estate Business Promotion

Business Ideas for Real Estate Entrepreneurs
Business Ideas for Real Estate Entrepreneurs and Agents
However with the advent of technology and changing business environment real estate has taken strides.
In this article you will read about some of the best & innovative real-estate business ideas which you can choose as your career. Let us take a look at these:-


1. Property Management

Entering into this line would require you to have the ability to interact and develop relationships with people of all kind.


start your business as a Property Management expert in real estate sector-350x201
Start your business as a Property Management expert


You will have to deal with the landlords, contractors, brokers, tenants and many more once you’re into property management business.

You have to have extremely good liaising skills herein so that you can easily interact, work & connect with others. Also you need to have some understanding of the laws controlling landlords, tenants and other related people in this sector.

You can also take the process online by investing in e-commerce sector and starting an online e-commerce portal

 E-Commerce Development – Killer Marketing Tips


2. Property Development

Yes, you’re thinking it right. This is indeed a capital intensive business as it involves a lot to do including buying land to develop properties on.The furnished properties so developed can be used for selling, renting or leasing purpose and this way this business can get you huge revenue.


Property Development real estate business idea-350x350
Property Development Business could be very rewarding for those with liaising skills


The customers targeted herein could be businesses, professionals ( trainers, teachers or others ) looking for office space, tenants looking for rented house, room, shop etc. As far as the skills are concerned, excellent marketing as well as liaising skills are required in order to get started with this business.

✪ Job Advertising sites for Real Estate Employers .

3. Real Estate Blogging

5 Sure Ways to Promote a Real Estate Blog Successfully  ]

If you think you have good amount of knowledge about real estate sector then you can earn a whole time income from it. Blogging is one such platform that can be thought of here.


Real Estate Blogging-idea-as-new-business-350x200
Starting a Blog based on Real Estate business could turn out to be a great Idea


You can create your own blog, publish articles, give advices, tips, views etc and increase the popularity of your blog via different tools & methods. Your target audience here would the people who are seeking information of ant kind related to real estate sector.

Talking about the skill set which you need to possess so as it to get started with this line is good and relevant knowledge/information about real estate and the ability to generate content related to the same in the form of articles that are creative and interesting.

✪ Paid advertising network sites for Real Estate Sector

✪ Top 10 Property Sites in India

4. Property Brokerage


To be started, let us first understand what actually a property broker is? A property broker is more of an intermediary between the two parties involved here, one of which is the seller and the other is buyer of the properties.


mnake a business in Property Brokerage-400x300
Creating a Property Brokerage Business is also a good idea


When the deal is fixed between these two with the involvement of the property broker, he receives commission which is his earning.

This line of business in real estate requires the person to have good negotiating, influencing & persuading skills so as to develop a connection between the buyer & the seller. Sellers & Buyers of the property are the target customers here.

✪ 50 Most Popular Websites for Real Estate Agents
✪ Tips to be a Real Estate Agent

5. Real Estate Magazine


To stay updated about the happenings in the real estate world, a lot of people prefer to read magazines related to this industry/ sector.

They are eager to know what properties are up for sale, what are available for rent or lease purpose. There are people who seeking information on the ongoing market trends.

So, this is one interesting opportunity that you can take advantage of and start your own business. You should have great marketing skills for the same and also you should know all kinds of ways to make your magazine reach your target audience which will be the people who love reading magazines.

✪ Local adverts sites for Housing Property Ads
8 Businesses to Make money online from Home



Apart from these top 5, there are various other such innovative ideas which are jotted down below:



– Wallpaper Business (Real Estate Sector)

– Property Cleaning (Service Business)

– Interior Decoration.

– Hostel Rental Business.

– Real Estate Apps ( Selling Business)

– Landscaping Business.

– Pool Construction Business.

– Lawn Care Business.

Start a Real Estate Online Forum like these

Creating your own Business- Ideas for Entrepreneurship Development

5 Basic Marketing Ideas for Promoting any Small Medium Business



10 Real Estate Marketing and Advertising Ideas for Promoting a Property Business


Learn How you can effectively Promote and Market a Real Estate and Property Business!

Real Estate Business Promotion – 10 Basic Ideas & Tips for Promoting with Online +Offline Methods.

Ideas for Marketing a Real Estate Business with the Help of Offline and Online Advertising Methods. 10 Best Marketing ideas that are Workable and Effective for a Property business promotion. The business promotion methods described here don’t need any cold calling

The real estate business is always on the rise, and the major challenge for real estate businessmen and women is to ensure that the demands of the customer are met.

Meeting the needs of the customers does not only involve coming up with creative ways of giving customers what they want but also letting them know that you exist and giving them the opportunity to see the products and services you have.


Real Estate & Housing Property Business Promotion Ideas & Tips

10 basic ideas and tips for promoting a real estate business:

Learn How can you Promote a Real Estate Business! 10 Basic Ideas & Tips for Promoting a Real Estate Property Business using Online & Offline Methods of Marketing.

Real Estate Marketing Online Methods:

Online business promotion is the trend nowadays as almost everyone can now access the internet. Also See:Online advertising and Marketing Tips to Generate Traffic


1. Create a Business Website and a Blog



create a website and blog for your real estate business-322x189
Creating a Website for your Real estate Business is most Important!

This is a bit too obvious but it is important to highlight it so that real estate businessmen who think that they have little to do online can change their way of thinking. It is true that real estate business is more of a physical business that requires customers to see what they are interested in.

However, if you don’t have a business website nowadays, you are in the same boat with another businessperson who does not have a business card.

On top of the website, you also need to publish a blog. This is a great way of driving traffic and getting in touch with actual clients.

Learn here about how you can get good traffic on your website or blog

2. Customer reviews on your website

You have a website, but you still have more fish to fry in order to promote real estate business. For instance, you need the visitors to your site to write a positive review of your business so that other visitors can feel that they are in the right place.

Satisfied clients praising you is perhaps one of the most effective business marketing ideas. Therefore, you need to develop a way of encouraging your customers to review your business in the best angle possible.

Top 10 Review Sites for Businesses



3. On-page and off-page SEO

The customer search behavior is such that people look for website addresses in search engines like Yahoo and Google. You therefore need to accentuate your online visibility and boost the SEO ranking of your site to ensure that customers looking for your site finally land there.

Keyword optimization is the principal on-page SEO tactic as the keyword phrases you have used will determine how fast your site can be found by the searchers. Off-page strategies include word of mouth advertising, brochures, catalogues, flyers and many more.

It is important to note that Search engine optimization (SEO) is not an easy process. It is elaborate and dynamic, changing everyday to reflect the searcher behavior.

4. Free Advertising Ideas and Tips for Generating Leads for Real Estate Business

Real Estate Advertising Tips :Resources for free advertising on the Internet for Real Estate:-

210 Best websites in USA for Real Estate

350 Advertising Websites for real estate to post ads free

4Housing Property Buy sell Classified Advertising web sites

5Find some high end Online business forums for Real Estate


[A] Take advantage of free online advertising options over Classifieds ad posting websites.
There are hundreds or perhaps thousands of quality advertising sites for real estate and properties over the Internet for your country . Take the full advantage of such kinds of amazingly free services.
Create some really good ad copies for your business and distribute these ads over hundreds of top advertising sites on the Internet for real estate marketing.
If you can’t do it by your own, you should consider taking ad posting services from a digital marketing or advertising company from your local areas. Provide them some brief instructions about what kind of quality you expect from the ad submission work.
Observe their work properly and analyse the traffic and leads from the advertising websites. You can filter the advertising sites further based on the performance of your business ads submitted to them.
Some classifieds websites also offer premium ad listing features that get you much more ad views compared to the free ad listings. Take such offers if you find them marginal.

[B] Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Some businesses tend to shy off from paid advertising especially when they are on a cost-cutting mission. What they do not know is that paid advertising delivers.

As said earlier, millions of people look for information on search engines every day, and there is nothing better than connecting to these people.

PPC advertising works by displaying ads on the search engine results pages, so that visitors can click on them and proceed to the landing page if they are interested. There is a fixed amount of money that you pay for each click made.

The people who see the ads are determined by demographics and location.

Best CPA Ad Networks


5. Market over Online Forums and Classifieds


There are several newspapers and magazines that have a classifieds column. You can have your business listed in these classified columns, especially in the most popular ones.

When the readers come across your listing, the list of the people looking for you continues to grow.

Top 10 real estate forums in India

6. Social Networking for Real Estate Marketing

Social networking sites do not miss in marketing ideas and tips of any form of business. They have become the new meeting joints where people meet and share ideas and experiences.

Real estate businessmen can take advantage of the opportunities presented by social networks to promote their businesses and enhance their Returns on Investment.

For instance, if you are on Facebook:

⇒ Post about your neighborhood, and use images whenever you do so.

⇒ If there are any events taking place around your area, post about them

⇒ Engage with contests

⇒ Show your fans and friends that you care about them.

⇒ Off course, do not forget to post your listings.

Make Use of Facebook Paid Ads effectively using these tips here.

Additionally, you can leverage LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora, Tumblr, and Google+ by taking advantage of the unique real estate promotional platforms that they offer.

Learn about Ultimate tips for generating free leads from LinkedIn for real estate business.

On twitter for instance, you can tweet about staging and moving, local news and real-estate related questions. Do not forget to use hash tags.

5 Best Twitter Techniques for getting free leads for real estate business
Learn about Social Media Marketing Tips for Promoting a Business

Real Estate Marketing Offline Methods:

Some traditional marketing methods are still valid today, at least in the real estate sector.
Here are a few advertising tips for small business on the off-line platform.


7. Real Estate Advertising Tips to be successful with your Print Advertising

Simple and Important guidelines to be Successful in Real Estate Business using Print Advertising.

In any business advertising is inevitable. Print advertising is still providing a tremendous return on real estate business. Yellow Page directories and local papers are still more commonly used.However, to be successful in real estate business, your print advertise should;

Have a clear Message: Having a straightforward message is imperative once creating effective print advertising. Think about the message you wish to share and the way you propose to convey it once you’re able to move forward. Brainstorm the only message and purpose of print ad you have got in mind and what you hope the reader or potential client takes off from each ad themselves.

Use the Proper Combination: Selecting the proper combination of your advertising, by building a whole and its presence or native and on-line awareness. Making certain the color theme at intervals your print ad is efficient together with your brand colors or the colors you utilize to represent your whole could gain quick a traction with any campaign you have got in mind to launch.

Use Correct Fonts-
  Finding the proper font for your print advertising style will be done by scrutiny completely different fonts on-line and selecting one that’s most fair. Understanding the importance of kind in your ad will ultimately mean the distinction from standing out and being glanced over by others once they area unit viewing or reading your print ad themselves.

Graphics and Photos –
determining whether or not you wish to use graphics or photos. Graphics that area unit in vector format area unit extremely counseled for contemporary, fun and amusing advertisements.

Use Print-Friendly Pictures –
using print-friendly pictures essential whenever making print advertizing. Take care that every one of your styles and photos area unit print-ready, copyright-free and have a DPI of a minimum of three hundred.

If you’re unsure of what classifies as a print-friendly graphic or image, operating with knowledgeable designer or agency is a method to induce the written advertizing you would like while not quality reduced.

Relate to the targeted Audience-
 Ensure your advertising is ready to relate to the audience or demographic you’re attempting to achieve. it’s vital to form ads in locations wherever they’re relevant to people.

Print advertising perform and have longer lifespan- Print advertise are not only seen and forgotten, but can be stored for years and referred too much later. If you observe these simple guidelines, you will have a clear cut edge and succeed using print advertising in real estate business.

[ Real estate Success Ideas for Entrepreneurs ]


8. Get referral clients from your existing clients

Contact past clients and encourage them to send you referrals. Real estate business thrives on a networking, where one client refers others to a business and the new clients brings others on board, creating a self-sustaining network.

As a real estate businessman, what you have to do is to offer high quality services so that no client will be afraid to refer other clients to you. You also need to be bold to call your past clients and hunt down referrals.


9. Organize and Attend Trade Shows, Exhibitions and Promotional events

Seminars, trade shows, exhibitions, fairs and other promotional events have a great impact in marketing your business. If there are such events in your neighborhood, you cannot afford to miss an opportunity to go and showcase your listings.

You can also organize such events yourself, and create an opportunity to meet other businesses and agents in the same industry. This way, you will get an opportunity to reach out to other customers from other areas and to also hone your skills in the business.

10. Try New Markets

This is a great way of promoting your business. Real estate businesses must stop thinking inside the box in order to reach new clients and expand their market reach. A business in the real estate sector has little to do with keep sitting in the office.

You have to take some time out, leave the office and explore new areas. Involve yourself in communications with the people you see around. Learn from them and act.


11. Word of Mouth Marketing

As said earlier, nothing beats customer referrals. If you communicate well with the people around you and explain the nitty-gritty of your business, customers are likely to trust you more and feel comfortable to do business with you.

You can also encourage your employees to communicate the good aspects of the business to the people they meet every day.


USA’s Top 10 Property Sites for Real Estate Advertising. Buy Sell Rental Ads


What are Top 10 Most Popular Real Estate Websites in USA for Housing Property and Rentals? Buy Sell Rent Property Online in USA


Best Real Estate Websites in USA for Property buyers and sellers, agents, dealers, property related business owners.


Everyone in the USA wants to own a house. Perhaps that is why the demand for real estate has continued to escalate. Indeed, the real estate sector in the US has continued to become more robust and organized since the house 2008 housing crisis.


Here are the Top 10 real estate websites in USA for buying and selling property online.


If you are looking out for some really great websites for Real estate Housing Property then you must check out these websites from USA as they are among the top 10 online places for real estate sector.


Well, you must also check this list of best real estate classifieds to post free ads for real estate and property business services.




Top-10- best-real-estate-websites-USA at
Looking for Best Online Places for real estate and Housing in USA?


Top 10 Property Sites in USA

Below given websites are the most visited sites in the US for Housing, property, apartments, buy sell properties, rentals, real estate agents, etc. Also see: 100 Most Popular Free Advertising sites all across the Globe


If you want to find useful information regarding real estate and property sector in USA then visit these websites as they are the best places online for reality business sector.


1. Realtor

The first on the list of top 10 real estate websites is If you are looking for property, it is always good to work with the professionals. is the leads the way in looking for real estate property in the USA.


From the top cities to the smallest towns, is devoted to provide information to everyone who is interested in real estate. The expansive database of real estate listings ensures that everyone is represented.

Realtor- The King -Top #1 Website for Real estate properties in USA

2. Zillow


Your search for properties in the USA ends here. If you are looking for sale by owner homes, rentals, coming soon listings and all sorts of exclusive listings, you can find them at


You also get mortgage approval in minutes as long as you satisfy the terms and conditions. Single family homes, town homes, condos and pre-foreclosures are all available at


Once you identify your property of choice, you can get the rates and choose an agent who will take you through the entire process until you purchase the property.

Search Homes for Sale or Rent at Zillow


3. USA1realestate


Americans are known to look for homes that reflect the type of life they want to live. This is need tries to satisfy by providing useful information on the purchase and sell of real estate property in the USA.


The elaborate customer care that is offered here ensures that all difficult questions on real estate get answers from professionals.

Top Site to Buy Sell Real estate property in USA


4. Landwatch


This is one of the top 10 best websites for rural properties, land for sale, ranches for sales, farms for sale, development sites as well as homesites for vacation and recreation purposes.


Whether you are looking for waterfront properties or premier property, this is the site to visit. You just use the inbuilt search engine to find what you are looking for and you will be there.


Search Land for Lease or sale



If you want to know how much better than your dream home the right house can be, just log on to Here, you get all the advice you need to get a home that suits your needs.


A RE/MAX agent is always available to assist you throughout the process of acquiring the best property for you. The fact that RE/MAX supports the fair housing act means that you can never go wrong with their advice.

Get the right advice for your dream home or property


6. Century21

Century 21 understands the complexity of real estate sector not only in the USA but also in other parts of the world and simplifies it to any willing customer.


Indeed, you are able to get the best advice on whether to buy or rent property, how to take out a mortgage, amortization and refinancing, to name but a few.


This advice is crucial, since poor choices in the real estate sector are very painful. With this advice, you have a sneak peak of what to expect from Florida real estate, Texas real estate, California real estate, New Jersey real estate, New York real estate, Arizona real estate, Illinois real estate, Chicago real estate, San Diego real estate, Pennsylvania real estate, Houston real estate and Denver real estate.


The list is endless.

Explore Real Estate property in any part of USA 




MLS Multiple Listing Service Listings is your trusted USA real estate source. Here, you can buy, sell or rent property at reasonable prices. At, you will be able to find real estate listings for sale by reality professionals.


Visit for New Homes, Condos, International Real Estate, and Real Estate Training.


You also get the latest real estate news and trends, mortgage information and mortgage calculators.


Browse Multiple Listing Service

8. Homefinder

Just like the name suggests, homefinder is a site where homes and people find one another. Homefinder has simplified online real estate shopping for the last 15 years by creating an avenue for home buyers to find the homes of their dreams.


This is the site where home buyers find home sellers and other real estate professionals. Even for those who want to move, the right place to get a moving company is

Buy sell homes at Homefinder


9. Homes for Sale and Rent


At, your home search is as easy as ABC. With over 3 million listings and 10 million visits by home renters and buyers, there is no doubt that you get what you are looking for here.


The statistics speak for themselves. All types of real estate property are available, including apartments, condos, lofts and new homes. You also get lots of information and guidance on the salient aspects of the real estate market in the USA.


Visit here to Search your dream Home at Homes



Having been in the real estate business for the last many years, there is no doubt that is a reliable property website in searching rooms for rent, houses on sale, property listings in USA regions. With adherence to the fair housing guidelines, works with all those who are looking for property in a friendly manner.


They offer real estate tips and ideas on top of delivering real estate property. With other services like checking your credit score, getting mortgage rates, connecting your utilities, getting moving quotes, ordering on-site inspection and repairing your credit still available, it is clear that RealEstate.Com is a one-stop real estate website for the United States of America.


Visit RealEstate.Com for Real Estate Property Listings


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