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Traders Best Mobile Apps for Trading in Stock Markets

Helping the Stock Traders to keep themselves updated all the time these apps are most widely used


Want to stay on the top of stock market? Want to keep an eye on the fellow investors, traders, market ups & downs? With the mobile apps for stock trading this has become much easier as everything is right there inside your mobile device.

Via these applications you can easily gauge the movement of stocks you are interested in, receive updates, alerts on your mobile. Irrespective of place you can trade anywhere anytime.

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So here’s highlighting a few mobile apps that are best for stock trading:-


Mobile Apps for trading in Stock Market
Mobile Apps for Traders in Stock Markets


List of best Mobile Apps for Stock Trading

1. Bloomberg+


The app brings to you the breaking news from across the globe on finance and business as well as various other categories be it technology, economy, commodities, bonds, currencies, market trends, politics, funds, personal finance and lots more.

Bloomberg+ helps you personalize the markets based on what is important to you and enjoy the instant access therein. The watchlist feature herein allows you to track, manage and examine your stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, Currencies or say all your personal holdings. The app is available for android device.

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2. E Trade Mobile


Get customizable dashboard screen on your palm and manage your accounts from your android device.

Yes, with this application you could easily pay bills & transfer money without having to move. You can personalize stock alerts as well as notifications (real-time), Also it allows streamlined trading of stocks, mutual funds, ETFs etc and you can do independent research on these.

The app is available for android device.

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3. StockTwits


The trending list in the app updates you on what stocks are in news and are popular amongst the investors, traders, Gives you insight on how the market is moving and lets you connect with top investors traders for better decision making and catch up fast with the stocks you care about.

The best thing about this application is the social sentiment indicator that allows you to feel for the sentiment around your stock with ease for instance member’s view on any specific asset or for the market as a whole (bullish or bearish).

Messages or chart sharing to social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) is available too. StockTwits is available for android device.

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4. StockTouch


Using the power of data visualization the app allows you to understand the stock market. Its dynamic color-coded cheat maps indicates about the situation of stocks i-e Green indicate stocks that are good and gaining value whereas Red shade indicate stocks that are losing in value.

This lets you understand the highs & lows, the ups & downs of the market. Stock Touch covers 9 sectors, 5000+ companies and the top 900 stocks in the US market as well as top 900 global companies stocks.

The app is available for iOS users.

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5. Stock Wars Virtual Investing

With this stock trading app you can place real-time orders and track your positions of stocks, currencies trading on different exchanges. You can take stock of your performance against other traders.

The app helps you create and manage your portfolio and aims at making you the top trader as quickly as possible.

Social media connectivity allows you to post feeds on your Facebook wall & tweet about your stocks on twitter and develop networking with other traders as well. Available for iOS users.


6. TD Ameritrade Mobile Trader

The app brings all that you want in a trading platform there on your mobile device. You can analyze trends in the market, trade stocks & options, order status etc.

To get help from trading specialists, it provides you with the feature of Live text & screen sharing. Still what makes this application unique is that it has scanning feature available which helps to identify the company of product.

TD Ameritrade Mobile Trader supports iOS as well as Android device.


7. Yahoo Finance


It gives you real-time stock information and updates on investment that helps you in a lot of ways. Not merely restricted to stocks  rather it covers currencies, bond, commodities, equities, world indices, futures and others.

Like other trading apps this too allows you to follow the stocks you want to keep informed about and gives you the facility of personalized news & alerts. Overall a very good app and is available for android and iOS device both.

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8. Stock Market Simulator Plus


For new stock traders who want to up their game in terms of knowledge about the financial market this is the perfect app for you. Regardless of its transnational outcome you can easily deal in stocks ( buy and sell ).

It allows you to build virtual portfolio and keep a track of the same via stock market simulator. Available for $2 and supports android device.

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10 Benefits of Using B2B Trade Portals for Business Marketing and Sales

10 Most Sought After Benefits of Using B2B Trade Portals for Business and to Start Secure Trade Instantly.

B2B business portals are ready solutions for business to gain worldwide visibility instantly.
It helps small business leverage cost-effective online marketing for small and medium business entities.
In this article, we would find out how B2B marketplace portals are benefitting the small medium businesses.
10 most sought after Benefits of B2B Trade Portals for Busines
Benefits of B2B Trade Portals for Business


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10 Main Benefits of using Trade Portals for Business



1. Global Visibility and trade


B2B trade portals provides instant visibility to end number of buyers and sellers from all across. It reduces the effort and time that a small medium business will have to put otherwise to get known to so many buyers.It is also not feasible for all small and medium business to get such a visibility by any other marketing medium without incurring much cost.


2. Cost-effective Marketing

B2B traded portals provide a cost effective medium of marketing and getting connected to so many buyers within such a short span of time.

3. More inbound Leads

It helps increase inbound leads which are also not much costly as compared to other leads. Trade portals have been seen to nurture leads for almost all listed business due to the large umber of traffic that they generate. 


4. Market Analysis

Trade portals are also a great place to analyse markets. Studying competition and the products of the leaders or competitors is also very important but a tedious task otherwise. While with trade portals such research are not difficult.



5. Online Presence


Even the small business which can’t maintain a website or a social media presence, etc, trade portals are a great way for them to maintain online presence for almost no cost. 


6. Search Engine Ranking

Listing improve search engine ranking and in the process it creates a better trust among the buyers about the authenticity of the company.

7. Remove Intermediaries

B2B trade portals allows small business owners and manufacturers to directly sell to the buyers from all over and earn maximum profits. It does not require them to be dependent on the intermediaries which eats away their profits.

8. Biz Branding

It helps in business branding to a wide range of audience. It also helps building trust and rapport among the buyers from all over. Even a non paid listings on all major trade portals helps a lot in branding of the business.

9. Target Right Markets

With so much visibility and global presence, trade portals enables you to reach the target market in the geography of your choice with high precision.

Trade portals are the best way to get location specific buyers by being more visible to the buyers from a specific location.

10. Low Risk

Transactions through trade portals involves low risk. There is not too much of a marketing cost and you get so many leads in a small amount. It also saves the hassle at both the ends as trade portals do their own verification and rate the buyers and sellers so that before transaction both of them have a fair idea about each other.

So if you are a small business who does not have enough marketing funds to reach out to the buyers and are dependent on intermediaries or sourcing agents, or even if you are a big business who wish to expand your horizons trade portals are the most cost effective and reliable marketing medium you can employ to get immediate results.

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Top 10 Worldwide B2B Trade Marketplaces for Exporters, Importers, Suppliers, Manufacturers


B2B (Business-to-Business) Marketplaces are the online platforms where one business sells to another business. The deals happen between two businesses. It is different from B2C and C2C in the simple sense that the parties (buyer or seller) are business entities.

So, we have compiled the list for online marketplaces where both the parties are businesses. The trade portals provide a platform where two businesses connect with each other and deal in something which proves to be beneficial for both the parties.


Top 10 Online B2B Marketplaces: An Ultimate List of Best B2B Sites in the World.

Marketplaces model have emerged to be an interesting business model and witnessing rapid growth in the technology driven world. While the major chunk of the cake is being enjoyed by mostly the business owners in big cities and town whenever a new technology is launched but B2B marketplaces have given equal opportunity to all.

Benefits of using B2B Trade portals for the business development, sales and marketing




Top 10 B2B Marketplaces in the World-940x788
Top 10 B2B Online Marketplaces (Sites) in the World


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Global B2B Marketplaces and B2B Websites List:


B2B trade portals are a big hit for the sellers from all across the globe but for sellers from the developing countries like India and China these trade portals are a bliss.


The import-export industry which was highly unorganized have found better channels and is now transacting like never before. It has brought everyone on the forefront and engage in trade activities equally.


The manufacturers which were earlier heavily dependent on the exporters and intermediaries to find buyers are now selling directly to the buyers. Buyers are enjoying better rates with the eradication of intermediaries and they also have better information about the quality and manufacturing issues. Thanks to the B2B marketplaces. Let’s discover more…



Top 10 B2B Marketplaces in the World



1. Alibaba: the largest B2B Marketplace on the Internet


Alibaba which is a Chinese e-commerce player is the biggest B2B e-commerce marketplace with a revenue of 12.29 Billion dollars. is a haven for importers and exporters from around 240 different countries.

It connect the buyers and sellers in their respective segments to smoothly carry on the business transactions as per their requirement. largest B2B Marketplace on the Internet-300x200 The Biggest B2B Marketplace on the Internet


It has also launched another portal which allows small business to buy small quantity but quality goods at the wholesale price.

Other services and products of Alibaba group are:

It also operates in B2C and C2C space under e-commerce umbrella. It also has a payment processing service by the name of Alipay.

Visit Alibaba- The undisputed leader in B2B trade sites
Popular News and latest stories about Alibaba

2. Indiamart: The largest B2B, B2C and C2C Portal in India

Indiamart-is-largest Indian B2B Portal-logo-300x200

Indiamart- The Biggest Indian B2B Portal

With around 1.5 million suppliers listed on its website and about 10 million buyers visiting the portal every month, Indiamart is the second largest in B2B marketplace category. Indiamart is a leading B2B and B2C portal for retailers and wholesalers.


Indiamart – Indian manufacturer, exporters, buyers, sellers top directory



50 Free B2B advertising websites in China] connects Chinese manufacturers and sellers to the buyers from all across the globe who wish to buy the products manufactured in China. More than 50% of the buyers are from north America and European countries. is a great B2B portal for buying wholesale products from Chinese sellers.

DHgate has more than 5.5 million buyers from 225 countries more than $500 million sales annually. 

The portal is also a point of attraction for affiliates and online marketers around the world as they get around 10% commission from the reference they send through.


Dhagate- Business to Business ecommerce site in China



4. Global Sources


Global sources is a Hongkong, China-based company which facilitates trade from China to the rest of the world.It provides sourcing information to the buyers ad also verifies the quality of the manufacturers.


Global Sources- Manufacturers and suppliers directory



5. Trade India

Top 5 Business Trade Portals in India ]


With over 1200 product categories and subcategories Trade India provides information about Indian and overseas sellers who are willing to transact globally. The main services offered by the portal are, dial B2B, trade leads, trade alerts, cellmefree, business catalogues and credit reports.


To further cater to the requirements of SMEs Tradeindia also launched a news portal SME times.

TradeIndia- India’s largest B2B portal for Exporters, suppliers, and manufacturers

6. Tradekey


Tradekey is considered to be one of the largest B2B players in electronics segment. 

With its presence in over 240 countries, it connects traders with buyers, distributors, importers and exporters, wholesalers, retailers and manufacturers across all 240 countries through a single platform.

TradeKey- Business to Business online market place for International locations

7. is South Korea based company which is facilitating trade opportunities to small -medium-business. It claims to have more than 1.5 Million registered business and over 3 Million products.

Ec21- Global B2B market place






It facilitates trade between Chinese suppliers and buyers from all over the world. was started by Focus Technology Pvt Ltd. which is a leader in field of electronic business in china.

Made in China- Manufacturers, suppliers, and products in China 



Global market is a M2B (manufacturers to business) marketplace which connects the Chinese manufacturers to the marketplaces.

To ensure quality suppliers gives certification to its suppliers after verification and screening for quality.

Globalmarket- Certified manufacturers, suppliers, factories, exporters from China and Hongkong


10. helps business to network with other businesses for trade purpose. Sellers can become a member of their portal and start trading with the buyers in the location of their choice. The portal lists its members based on the categories.


Although, this is not an exhaustive list and there are many upcoming B2B marketplaces doing well and starting to occupy good market share but, these are the best ones.


TradeHolding- international B2B Network

In our next article, we would try to cover in detail how to do business transactions effectively and successfully on these B2B portals and get the most out of it.


B2B Online Market Places in Australia – 10 Best Trade Websites for Business


Top 10 B2B E-commerce Trade Websites for Australia for Online sellers, business owners, exporters, Importers, and Entrepreneurs.

B2B Ecommerce Portals for specifically Australian market places

Just like in other countries, the Australia B2B e-commerce sector still working towards matching the levels of the e-commerce giants like USA, UK and China. B2B ecommerce websites work as great online platforms for buying and selling products.

Most of the Trade websites are free to join and register and they also offer great tools to market and highlight your products and company.

You are offered a separate company page on most of the B2B websites where you can maintain a professionally effective portfolio of your brand and business.

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Australian B2B Online Market Places: Top 10 B2B Trade Portals in Australia


There are several B2B Portals in Australia and here in this post you will get a sneak peak of the best of them.

List of Top 10 B2B Websites in Australia for 2018

Like as mentioned in this post-  50 Best ideas to promote a business – the below mentioned trade websites offer great opportunity to promote and market your business or services online.

1. Australian B2B


Australian B2B is the home of a comprehensive database of companies and executive names for online sellers and business owners. As a supplier, you get the rare opportunity to meet new customers while as a buyer, you are able to meet suppliers who are willing to do business with you.

That way, everybody benefits. Businesses also have an added opportunity of marketing their business both locally and internationally.

Visit their Website here: Australian B2B Market Places

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2. AustraliaTradeNow

One of the most striking features of AustraliaTradeNow is itsTrade Network that includes about 114 Trade portals, approximately 552,586 companies, more than 150,896 registered buyers and more than 285,330 products.

These statistics are enough to tell you that you are in the right place wherever you log on to the website. You can look for buyers if you are a supplier or look for sellers if you are a buyer and that way, an effective online B2B market place is created.

Visit their Website here: Australia Trade Now for B2B Market Place Online

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3. Trade Key


By registering with Trade Key, you join the growing list of over 7 million exporters and importers globally. Perhaps that is why it is called the global company with emphatic local presence and local approach, having more than 195,973 registered members from Australia.

The high-quality commodities offered on this site and their meticulous manufacturing details attract people to themselves like moths to flames.

Visit their Website here: Trade Key B2B Portal for Australia Business owners

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4. Green Hat


Passion in B2B marketing has its place at Green Hat. Green Hat bridges the gap between buyers and sellers, and by so doing connects business to other businesses in a hassle-free manner.

Whatever products you deal in or whatever products you are looking for, Green Hat is the place to be.

Breaking away from the norm and providing B2B solutions to all is well entrenched in the policies of this organization and that is why its B2B strategies more often than not work for their clients.

Visit their Website here: Green Hat – A Popular Business Trade Portal for Australia

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5. Trade Boss


This is a world-wide B2B marketplace that connects suppliers and buyers. There is a large listing of Australian suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, trading companies, agents, importers and importers who are more than ready to do business with any willing partner.

You can join this site for free and meet a myriad of suppliers of the products you are looking for.

Visit their Website here: Trade Boss- Australian B2B market place for Buyers and sellers

6. Industry Search


Industry search is Australia’s best website for buyers and sellers of industrial products. This is the hub of industrial sourcing that brings together more than 50000 products and services from reliable suppliers.

On top of buying and selling, if you are looking for B2B marketing, B2B marketplace advertising, B2B website solutions, B2B email marketing and B2B marketing insights, industry search is your favorite partner.

Visit their Website here: Industry Search B2B Market Online Place in Australia

7. Industracom


Transforming B2B media and marketing forms the bulk of industracom’s mission and visions. Indeed, B2B buying has taken a new dimension, whereby buyers are now conducting in-depth research to know the best suppliers of the goods and services they are looking for. makes this research as easy as pie.

Visit their Website here: Industracom B2B Australian Portal


8. Australia Trade Banq


This online marketplace is committed to ensuring that businesses take advantage of the business opportunities presented by the buyers, thereby ensuring substantial returns on investments.

Trade Banq offers a “one single platform” for both buyers and sellers where sellers reach buyers easily and buyers reach their favorite suppliers with ease and precision.

Visit their Website here: Australia Trade Banq B2B Portal

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9. Australia Exporters is a great B2B platform that promotes businesses irrespective of their global positioning. In Australia for instance, it is one of the largest Australian B2B marketplaces.

Buying and selling has been over-simplified on this site, and all B2B needs can be met effectively and in the most cost-effective way on this site.

Visit their Website here: Australia Exporters B2B portal

Indian B2B Trade Portal websites ]


10. Allmightytrader


Allmightytrader offers a wide range of products across a wide range of industry sectors. For all sorts of B2B business services, is there to ensure that you do not get bogged down in the process of acquiring what you are looking for.

All the information regarding suppliers and distributors is made available for buyers to make informed decisions.

Visit their Website here: All Mighty Trader Australia

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B2B Trade Portals UK- Top 14 Business to Business Websites for Traders

Top 10 B2B Sites in UK where Sellers, Traders, Exporters can make online trade and get success with their business.

UK based B2B Trade Portals for small business owners & Entrepreneurs to get sure shot success by doing their business online. Import and Export business websites.

UK has an elaborate e-commerce industry featuring key players like Amazon, Tesco, eBay, Asos, Argos, next, and John Lewis. Business-to Business portals have particularly continued to grow in the UK, creating a great marketplace for businesses to transact and do business together. Exporters particularly have a lot to benefit from these online B2B platforms.These popular B2B Portals offer great opportunities to businessmen in form of leads and sales. Everything you need to get your business a desired exposure is already available there.


You don’t need to worry about transactions, selling process, sales management or payment transactions as all these tasks are handled by these B2B portals.


It becomes very easier here to focus solely on your business.


Get your business registered at these websites and work as a seller, exporter, or trader to get success with your business.


Best b2b sites in UK for Businesses


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Top 10 B2B Websites in UK for Business and Traders

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UK’s B2B Trade Portals for Business Owners, Exporters, Sellers

The List of B2B Sites in UK is also for the ones that are searching for import export business websites. The reason is that these sites host countless number of businesses and entrepreneurs who do international business trade.

1. Esources: the Largest B2B Portal in UK

Esources-UK’s Largest B2B Portal

Esources is the best wholesale B2B website in the UK for all types of products, ranging from automotive to gifts and giftware.

From this website, you can source wholesale merchandise from United kingdom suppliers fast.


Membership is free for the basic wholesale buyer membership plan, and you can upgrade to premium membership whenever you feel like.


UK based suppliers can also list their businesses free on the basic membership plan.

The premium membership plan normally has numerous trade tools that make business operations a piece of sweet cake.


With UK Wholesalers Listings now at 395590 and a cumulative total of more than 1,585,100 live business listings, is clear that this is the site where UK based suppliers, importers, wholesalers, manufacturers and distributors meet and do business.


The international supplier registration option is useful to the businesses based in other countries but with operations in the UK.


Register your business Free at Esources


Do you sell or do business on third party eCommerce shopping websites?


Find here list of 10 Best of ecommerce online shopping websites for the United Kingdom

2. Business Magnet



Business Magnet- UK’s One of the Best B2B Portals


Business magnet has its way of attracting businesses and buyers to itself through its comprehensive operations.


Its Industry Association Program, which is one of its own kind gives this site the cutting edge over and above its cutthroat competitors.There are over 140000 listed businesses and 100000 products categories. Some of the featured businesses include, Elite Precast Concrete, Ti-Tek and Majestic Transformer Co, to name but a few.

Thousands of customer reviews give an indication of how customers like the services provided by this site.

Get your business listed on Business Magnet


3. B2B directory UK

B2B directory has been offering free business advertising since 2002.


B2B Directory- UK based online Marketplace for traders and businesses


If you are a prudent decision make who knows the cost of advertising today, then you have all the reasons to work with this directory.

You can list your business for free, whether it’s a computing business, finance, home improvement, industrial supplies, shipping or travel and tourism business.

If you are a buyer looking for a supplier in the UK, you can be sure to get the right one on this site.


Know more about B2B Directory UK


4. Approved Business

You can look for businesses, products and services on this site and be sure to get them. This is because of its large network of suppliers, retailers, manufacturers and distributors.

approvedbusiness_co_uk_B2B-Directory_UK-400x215 B2B Directory


Just like the other sites, registration is free.

Statistically, this site boasts of over 55,000 listed UK businesses and over 28000 goods and services on offer.

Customer reviews, press releases and business-related articles are posted regularly to keep the business community informed and updated at all times.

The product and website of the month is an indicator of the products and services that are doing well on the business platform, and this aids decision-making processes.

Obviously, if a product is named the product of the month, everyone would like to buy it, or at least know more about it.

Get your online trading success at Approved Business


5. Find the needle brings together millions of goods, services, press releases, news, brochures, catalogues, videos and datasheets to ensure that visitors to the site get whatever they are looking for conveniently.You can even find job vacancies here, if you are looking for one. The inbuilt search engine makes searching for whatever you want from this site quite easy.


The top products and companies are displayed for everyone to see and join the winning team.


Companies are categorized into types, including Building & Construction, Business Services, Conferences & Events, Chemical/Oil & Gas, Cleaning, Design Interiors, Communications, Dental, Education & Schools as well as Hospitality & Catering, to name but a few.

You can also browse for products, which are mainly arranged in the alphabetical order.


Visit FindtheNeedle Trade Portal






8. UK B2B Marketplace











In summary, business in the UK would not be easy today if it were not for these b2b sites. Number of these b2b sites is growing day by day, and so does the number of people in need of business services. Thanks to the internet, business transactions in the UK flow smoothly from the point of order to the point of payment.


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10 Free mobile apps that can be used as tools for improving productivity

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➤ Making your business discoverable online is very crucial today. And, if this could be done without investing anything then it becomes more alluring. Find here a list of 58 citation directories for UK where you can promote your business free


➤ Local Advertising has emerged as a power element in the marketing and it makes a great impact on any business today. So, why not use local advertising to advertise your business at the places where it matters the most !


B2B Trade Portals in USA- What B2B Website are Best Online Market Places in USA?

USA Based B2B Websites –  US Trade Portals for Exporters, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Sellers, Businessmen, Marketers, and entrepreneurs!



B2B Portals Introduction:


Nowadays, the word ‘B2B Portals’ is being thrown around quite casually by corporate companies, online sellers, entrepreneurs, business owners and the likes. B2B (Business to Business) portals are being used by millions of online buyers and sellers around the world. They are great companies for doing trade online in international markets.


The United States have been pioneer in this e-commerce sector where businessmen from different geographical areas do their business successfully over the Internet. B2B portals are great mediums for anyone looking for doing a business of small scale to large sized over the Internet. The sites offer great trading capabilities, in terms of buying selling features, product listings, customer support, transactions, promotion and exposure.


In our series of popular B2B portals details, we decided to publish a general review about 5 to 20 top B2B trade portals based in the United States.


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B2B Trade Portals of United-States for Business Marketing

But what exactly B2B Portals do it for you?


If you are interested in promoting your own business online, but have no skills or prior experience in internet marketing sites, leaving your concerns to an expert that lists your services and arranges advertising campaigns so that you can achieve the widest audience for your business.

For this reason, your safest option is to engage the services of a popular trade portal for showcasing your range of products.

What are Trade Portals and How They Work?



#1. Basically, a B2B portal is like an enormous phone book- it has a comprehensive list of clients, customers, online sellers for large corporations, and various small companies that are engaged in buying or selling their products and wares.


#2. Trade portals serve as a useful stage for describing their businesses, displaying their merchandise and listing prices, and giving out contact details to all those who are interested in business transactions.


#3. A B2B portal generally bridges the client-customer communication void by setting up an interactive background where they can set up shop and conduct their buying or selling activities, placing orders in bulk to other companies and also tending to customer’s inquiries and complaints –and all of this housed under one single, convenient roof.

Online Trade Directories in USA


Below is a list some of the best B2B marketplace websites operating from the United States that are famous for their productivity and sales revenue, search and navigation, customer support and product exposure in the USA.


They work by grouping business companies under a broad selection of subjects according to the kind of services and products- industrial machines, chemicals or dyes; medical equipment; lifestyle and clothing; daily necessities; food and drink; electronic goods and others of the ilk.


Each of these sections comprises of a huge list of sub-categories focusing on a certain type business activity that falls under the broader heading.


Inside each subheading, all the business companies that deal with such activities are grouped together with a memo of their products, discounts and sales, maintenance as well as their contact information which can be instantly accessed by anyone from anywhere.


Top B2B Trade Sites in USA for Import and Export for Manufacturers, exporters, suppliers, and importers



1. Quill


Quill- Top B2B Portal in USA-250x250 A Top B2B Portal in USA for Office Furniture and Items
This B2B belongs to Staples, the second highest grossing commercial website for online sellers or buyers both. It has a comprehensive trade plan that is based on client hierarchy, customized search tools, and efficient business solutions.

The clients or business owners are directed to their chosen area of products in an interactive way where they use a filter to specify what their chosen items are. Number one B2B Directory USA


2. Grainger

They include an advanced search and navigation box that allows business owners to enter their search string in the form of an item or a code number for machine parts or models, giving them the most likely results in only one or two searches.

They have received worldwide acclaim for their superior approach to search and navigation for items and services, with predictive menus to shorten time and effort.


Also, the product detail pages contain a full list of specs, as well as images of the article from all possible angles, model name and number, and detailed contact information to settle queries on every point. Top B2B Directory USA

3. ThomasNet®


thomasnetcom-Top B2B-portalUnitedStates-250x250 The Best #3 B2B Portal for the United States


This is one of the best websites in the USA for its influence in the industrial goods department. A powerhouse of sales and customer support personnel and well as a good standing with the topmost industrial companies and manufactures in the United States has definitely garnered ThomasNet its fair share of the public eye.They have great search and navigation tools such as McMaster or Fastenal which are tailored specifically to suit the needs of their customers.


The product page mentions the ways in which their services can be accessed by providing information on the product itself including the name of the manufacturer, model number, images that can be zoomed, as well as offers attached with the item.


Visit the Trade Famous B2B Trade Website


4. Fastenal One of the Top 10 B2B portals in USA for Industrial Construction supplies 250x250 One of the Best 10 B2B Sites in USA for Industrial Construction supplies

This is a real rags to riches story. Fastenal has gone from a chain of barely known hardware business owners in small-town USA to a vast worldwide supplier for industrial and machinery parts that receives orders from the most influential B2B industrial magnates in the United States.

Replete with resources and filters that conduct time-saving and efficient searches, Fastener asks for horizontal modifications in place of vertical so that maximum space can be occupied by the screen.

Fastenal Co is a B2B company for many types of Inventory & Products related services. The company is located in Winona, Minnesota, United States. It’s a goods Distributor company for the following services-

  • Inventory & Product Solutions
  • Quality, Engineering & Lab Services
  • Manufacturing Services
  • Industrial Services
Fastenal B2B Company has well over 2,500 branches throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe. They have more than 12 distribution centers across these locations.
Visit the Trade Top B2B site for Industrial suppliers in USA

Top advertising agencies in USA for B2B Marketing


5. McMaster-Carr


This B2B is brilliant for its reliability to provide instantaneous results to all customers and online sellers, and employs a state-of-the-art navigation tool. Its popularity among customers of every class and background is owed to the quick responses and customized shopping carts with notifications added as soon as the client places the items on the cart.

The company supplies manufacturing plants and large commercial facilities worldwide. It has more than 500,000 products listed on their B2B portal. a Top USA B2B Directory with over 550000 products listings




What are the Business Advantages of trading on these USA based B2B websites?


Here are some of the advantages of employing a B2B to conduct all your trade shows, promotions or online marketing campaigns:


1. B2Bs can be likened to toughened business heads in that they’re extremely proficient in gauging the popularity of a certain line of business through close analysis of current market conditions to determine how much popularity a certain item is going to.


2. Once you get yourself registered with a popular trade portal, you’ll find yourself completely immersed in a plethora of opportunities to bring popular attention to your company.


3. Those who’ve been previously registered can place request for affiliates to endorse their companies with attractive commission offers, participate in online auctions for gaining control over certain franchises, hold interactive games during launch week, grab attention through awesome introductory product prices and other similar activities.


4. A vast array of features and special techniques is made available to registered users and that are often indispensable to entrepreneurs, online sellers and business owners just starting off. Tools to track the progress of purchases, management of accounts and finances, provision for detailed searches about an item and comparing similar brands is just a few examples of these.


5. B2Bs have the advantage of being able to infuse the branch stores of a business into a single unit for efficient communication and overseeing the exchange of items, products and other services to online sellers with no room for confusion.


6. If you are experiencing difficulties in promotion and advertising, there are separate sections that will cater to you, in the form of in-depth business discussions and find effective solutions to your problems that fit with the particular demands of your company.


Free advertising sites for Business and Trade

Free business listing sites in USA
Top 10 eCommerce Sites in USA



20 More Links of some cool B2B Portals from USA, UK, India:


1. http//


3. http//















B2B Trade Portals in India – List of 10 Best Indian B2B Sites

5 Best B2B Portals in India for ONLINE Sellers AND Business Owners. Buy Sell Trade Directories to Promote a business service Free.


Not all companies have million dollar distribution, sales and marketing budgets. Not all companies enjoy the strength of a recognizable and trusted brand name. B2B trading portals offer an answer to businesses that face these challenges. They offer an opportunity for business owners to access international markets without a large initial investment.

Though, most of the B2B portals dont need to facilitate direct online transactions between the buyers and the sellers. The most important service B2B sites offer to their users is enabling them to showcase their business and products to the world.India has the third highest numbers of B2B Websites in the World.

➤ Top 10 B2B Websites in the World

➤ Greatest B2B Forums on the Internet

Top 10 B2B Sites in India for buyers, sellers, Exporters, Manufacturers, and Suppliers

B2B business websites for Indian Traders and Entrepreneurs

These B2B Business websites in India offer potentially huge benefits from a modest investment. Buyers and investors from different countries all over the world can trade easily with Indian buyers and sellers.

B2B (Business to Business) trade websites are similar to business directories. Like Biz directory sites or Yellow Pages, you can also submit your business details and MUCH MORE.

Here at B2B sites you get a profile and a separate page to display your products and business service listings.

Benefits of Trading on B2B Websites:


➤ On a b2b portal, it is easy for small companies to access overseas markets. It is also easier for buyers to buy electronically via visa card or Paypal which is much more convenient than a bank wire transfer.

Companies that have never automated their processes can do so via a b2b trade portal. Since the investment is minimal, it is easier for companies to use b2b trade portals to test different ideas and how they will work.

They also offer a unique opportunity for retailers to study their competition closely.

A B2B Web Portal is a great combination of the below given types of websites, Plus Much More:-

  1. Business submission Web directories
  2. Local Business Citation Directory websites
  3. E-commerce Shopping website portals in India
  4. Online classifieds websites
➤ The portal offers each user a web page featuring all they have to offer. They condense the global market into a tiny village where sellers compete for attention and buyers from practically any country can browse what is on offer.

➤ It is worth noting that India has a large domestic market, one that offers a huge demand for its products. Therefore these b2b Business websites target not just the international market, but also very importantly the local Indian Markets.

➤ Some of the most popular products are hardware, like steel castings and agricultural produce such as coconuts. Pharmaceutical products are also extremely popular.

Ayurvedic and herbal products including, cosmetic are a great Indian export that is consumed in Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas. Other trademark Indian products are henna and herbs.

➤ By acting as mediators between business owners and buyers, importers and exporters, these portals facilitate international trade opportunities.

These websites offer a means of streamlining your business with international trade standards by meeting their standards. They are suitable for different levels of production whether mass production or small scale production.

➤Those companies that have many years of experience in eCommerce gained by many years in the b2b portal business, can harness that information to enable clients have more impact in their advertising efforts.


➤B2b portals do not just facilitate online sales; they also host trade exhibitions in different cities within India and around the world, facilitating that initial contact that may eventually turn into a sale and finally a profit.


List of Top 10 B2B Websites in India for Traders and Retailers to buy or sell:


List of Noteworthy B2B Portals in India: 10 Great Business Promotion Platforms for Indian Business Owners.

Some of these B2B listings are making their presence felt globally among the traders who want to do trade with Indian businesses and companies.

1. eIndia Business: The Best B2B Portal in India


eindiabusiness-com-b2b-directory-for trade-suppliers-400x300
eindiabusiness – The Number One Portal in India for Online Traders


On, there are providers of manufactured goods, agricultural products and business services on sale. There are more than 600,000 users on the site. also belongs to Advent.

This is a great trade portal for Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters & Service Providers in India and abroad.

India Business B2B Trade Directory

2. Indiamart trade site- an Extremely busy B2B Website is one of the largest online marketplaces connecting small and medium enterprises with their markets. 1.5 million suppliers use indiamart to sell their products and the popular website has been used by more than 10,000 buyers. is extremely popular, having been ranked 86 in India and 906 all over the world. The site is mostly visited by Indians and Americans.


indiamart-Indian B2B website-400x300
Indiamart- A Very Popular Online Place for Indian Traders


The leading trade categories available at IndiaMart for which you can find manufacturers, sellers, dealers, suppliers, and exporters- 

  • Electronics & Electrical items
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Industrial Supplies
  • Building & Construction materials
  • Mobile & Telecom
  • Computer & Office
  • Mechanical Spare parts
  • Automobile Parts
  • Hand & Machine Tools
  • Apparel & Garments
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Cosmetics & Personal Care products
Visit IndiaMart- the leading trade portal in India

Free Classifieds to advertise your B2B products or services

3. India Trade Zone is aimed at Indian traders and suppliers as well as the rest of the world. Here buyers and sellers both put up ads in the hope of striking a favorable deal.
On indiatradezone, more than half a million companies from 240 countries in the world buy and sell from Indian companies. The bulk of the trade is with companies in Asia at 55% followed by Europe and then the rest of the world.


Indiatradezone-One of the Best Indian Trade Portals


The registered buyers number 150,000 and counting. The portal belongs to Wyzensystems Pvt.

Visit IndiaTradezone- a leading B2B portal for Indian and foreign trades



TradeIndia for Indian Exporters Manufacturers Suppliers Traders and buyers


On, it is possible to sign in with ones Facebook id, making it easier to access the site without additional passwords and usernames to remember.


Over 40 million users have registered on the website and this may just be one of the most popular. The website belongs to the Infocom network, a company that was established in 1990. The growth of the company has been very rapid.
The website sees more than 20 million hits every single month.
TradeIndia for Indian Exporters, Manufacturers, Suppliers,Business Directory



A Great Trade portal in India for small, medium, and large sellers, suppliers, manufacturers, and exporters. The site is free to signup or registration for buyers and sellers. They have simple yet effective platform to run your trades in India and abroad.


They also offer free and premium advertising options to promote your services and products to a larger group.

Visit ExportersIndia to start trading and Exporting your goods and services

6. ( Update: it is closed now!)


A Great business portal owned and maintained by Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra) Limited.

Get 400 Credits free once you signup at the Portal. You can market your business services, buy or sell products. The Portal is free to join. Register here to start promoting your business today Tata B2B carries the faith and brand name from the world renowned company- Tata itself.

8. ( World’s No#1 )

➤ Looking for more B2B Websites? Get them from the below given listings:

B2B Websites List for USA

Top 10 B2B Portals in Australia?

Top 10 B2B Trade websites in UK

Top 5 eCommerce markets to sell Handicrafts in India

Promote your business free by Submitting it to -> 25 B2B Local Directories in India

➤ Visit here to market your business in India via -> Local Advertising Opportunities

Yellow Pages in India- Top 10 Indian Yellow Pages List 2019

Indian B2B Online Yellow Pages: A Listing of 15 Best YellowPages Directory Sites for Small Businesses


Indian Yellow Pages Directories B2B Business Websites List India 2019

Free Indian Yellow Page directory websites. Add your business services (Free/ Paid)


B2B Yellowpages in India for Business Trade and Sales-730x300
B2B Yellow Pages in India for Business Trade and Sales


Yellow Pages used to be very popular until a few years back. I remember how we used to search local business services in our city by directly visiting the Yellow web Directories. And, before 2K, Yellowpages were available only in print. But, after the evolution of the Internet Web, YellowPages in print format started to decrease in sales.


Now, the time has changed. This is because of the sudden rise in the number of business citation directories available today. The difference between Yellow Pages and local directories has diminished a lot. They (YP) have, to some degree, lost their shine because of the emerging trends of local business submission directory websites. Find here what are the benefits of B2B Trade Portals for Small Business Owners

[ Top 10 B2B Portals Globally ]


BUT, they are still very much used the way it did in the past. The only difference is that now businesses have wide range to choose from. From classifieds websites to local directories and from paid PPC search engines to web 2.0 sites and from Business forums to social media marketing websites. The list is endless.




List of Top Yellow Pages Sites in India for B2B Promotion in 2018-19

Find here Local Indian business directories, like Just dial dot com. By listing your business services in these best of Yellow pages directory sites you would see your business grow fast.


Yellow pages are very similar to free classifieds where you could also post free ads along with registering your services.

We have selected only the India’s leading online yellow pages and web directory sites. They act like local search engines sites for the country for searching/locating a business, services, or any products online.


For more exposure for your business listing, you should also submit it to the famous B2B Trade Portals. The trade portals work as a hub place for buyers, online sellers, retailers, importers, manufacturers, and exporters.





List of 15 Online Yellow Pages in India for Business Promotion and Marketing:



Stay on Top: Submit your business to Top Indian Yellow Pages


#1. Yellow Pages India, Business Directory India


Yellow Pages is the most comprehensive Indian Business Directory. Find B2B & B2C Business Details, Contacts, Products, Services & Prices.




#2. Indian YellowPages .com – largest searchable B2B Yellow Pages


B2B Yellow pages and Business Directory of Indian Exporters, manufacturers, buyers, sellers, dealers, distributors, etc.




#3. Indian Yellow Pages, Pakistani Yellow Pages,Indo/Pak Yellow Pages


With listings of Indian and Pakistani Businesses,Importers, Exporters from India and Pakistan




#4. India Yellow Pages & business directory


Online business to business directory of exporters from India.



#5. is a great yellowpages directory where businesses have their contact information listed about their company and services in India.Visit-

#6. Local Yellowpages India


A Yellow pages classified business directory for Indian cities. 

Visit- Local Yellow Pages India


#7. Yandana YellowPages

is India’s leading Business Directory. Find all B2B & B2C updated Business Details, Contact numbers, Products, Services.

Visit- Vandana YellowPages


#8. is a comprehensive directory

and yellow pages of businesses in India.

Visit- and


#9. The Authentic Business Directory on Internet – in India and around the world



#10. Free online Yellow pages of 1.6 million companies across 600 cities

Local search directory for service providers, freelancers, skilled workers, home service providers.

Visit- Entire India YellowPages


#11. is a non-profit online b2b yellow pages

Listing companies only on the basis of merit, unlike other B2B portals which only list their paid customers.


#12. Indian Yellow Pages and Indian Business Yellow Pages Directory of India 

with 10,000+ business listings.Get phone,address,ratings & reviews.



#13. Net Express is publishing India Business Directory, India Yellow Pages.



#14. unique industrial online guide / yellow pages from Pune, Maharashtra

This B2B Directory is dedicated to Pune based businesses.



#15. Yellow Pages pioneer in India


The Online Indian Yellow Pages, Search Engine to find local businesses – by Product, Services and Company Name.

Visit –


Some more advertising websites that work similar to Yellow Pages:-


After using these Best Yellow pages and business directory sites from India, you should check other similar advertising webs where you can find loads of business promotion opportunities. For ex-


Web business submission for local advertising in India

High PR advertising websites

Post ads on Google owned web properties

Promote your Small Business via Submitting it to business directories.

Indian directories sites list 2019.

Australian B2B sites

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