11 Beginners Tips for Marketing Real Estate Business on Facebook

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Facebook Marketing Tips for Real Estate Business

Every day social networks are becoming more important in promoting yourself as a professional. According to a recent study conducted by Postling, nearly 80% of US real estate agents use Facebook in their work.

“Social media definitely become the main vector of real estate advertising, – commented on the situation Melissa Savenko, agent of Richmond.

– I use Facebook to spread offers, to sell new houses, also communicate with agents and customers about discounts on individual objects and additional bonuses. I think that many agents have chosen social media to promote their offers just because it’s free, easy and efficient.”

Social networks (primarily Facebook) give the agent a number of new opportunities to expand the communication circle among colleagues and attract customers – buyers and sellers.

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Successful ways to market a real estate biz over Facebook


In today’s world, there is always a way of development, marketing, and social networks are a proof. Our advice can help you to promote your real estate business on the Facebook platform.


Facebook Social Media Marketing Tips for Promoting a Real Estate Business.

#1. Page + Profile = Right Option


The Facebook personal profile is an important step to increase sales and the level of brand awareness of the real estate business. In addition to a personal profile, it will be useful to create a dedicated business page.

Thus, you will unlock the full business potential of the social network: present your brand, publish commercial offers and talk about the benefits of working with you.

Another benefit of the real estate business pages is that it can be connected to an infinite number of friends. At the same time, a limit on a personal profile is 5,000 friends.


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#2. Fill in all the Business Contact Details


Regardless of whether you’re promoting your real estate business page or decided to use a personal profile, leave all possible contacts: Website; Link to other social networks profiles; E-mail; Messenger; Phone, and so on.

Make sure that your customers can contact you easily. Tips to become a successful Real Estate Agent

#3. Post the Variety of Content


People like pictures. Do not deny yourself the pleasure to publish the photo or video about real estate, or related topic, even if it is the repost and not your unique material.

In general, it is important to maintain the diversity of content on your the page of your real estate business: text, photos, videos, a selection of interesting facts in the form of infographics, and polls.

All these will make your page more interesting and, as a consequence, more and more popular among potential customers – buyers and sellers.

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Create good number of Notes


On your business page place not only the repost from other pages but also the unique texts. Thus, users will see that you share your experiences, instead of untested hypotheses from the Internet.

This course will help you to get the trust of people. Also, ask for a feedback in their posts, ask questions, and invite them to a conversation. People like to feel important, so tell them about it.

Comments and private messages have to be answered and it is a fact. Look at the posts that your subscribers shared from your page. Perhaps, someone commented them and it is better to respond people and on other pages, too.

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#5. Use the Targeted Advertising

Think of the promotional strategy of your real estate business page. Select the target audience – the people of your city of a certain age or with certain interests (the people of your or other cities that are subscribed to other real estate search groups).

Create your ad and after checking all the data pay for the targeted advertising.The price can vary from $0.1 to $0.25 per click.

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#6. People Come for the Emotions


Keep this in mind and give them these emotions. Share what they are pleased to see on your real estate page.Share the fact that today you’ve picked up a house for a great family (you can even add a picture of a happy family if they do not mind).

If people come to you and get positive emotions, they will stay with you as long as possible.

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#7. Contest is a Great Tool


The prize does not have to be expensive. Arrange a competition for a free consultation, or even a master class on real estate case.

Customers, who are interested in your services, take advantage of the offer and will take part in the competition.

#8. Put a Call-to-action button in a visible place

The cover photo is a great place to place a CTA button ( Call To Action ). Encourage customers to call, write you or immediately book your services.

You can do this in two ways:

  • via Facebook functions;
  • by placing a CTA on the cover photo.



#9. Not more than 20% of advertising content


If there is more than 20% of advertising content, you risk of having no followers.

Make sure that you publish no more than 1 ad per 5 posts.No one is interested in your marketing or promotional ventures.

The moment they realize that you are here only for marketing purpose of your business they make a distance from you.



#10. Invitations to events


If you participate in exhibitions, conferences or workshops, invite your subscribers to come to the event via the Facebook page.

This will help you to know them personally, but also to present yourself as a professional.


#11. Be a part of the community


Take part in discussions, answer questions – be a part of the community that you’ve created on Facebook. And then you certainly will succeed if you post the content regularly that interests your users. Keep a balance in the post volume you generate with your promotional and fun related posts.Never present your audience only with self promotional posts.

And finally, let your publication will be positive and informative. Do not show your customers how difficult this business is. Instead, use the power of social networks for advice and a call to action.

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