How Bigcommerce Helps you Select and Manage the Right Suppliers?

Getting the Right Suppliers for your e-commerce Business through Bigcommerce

When you think of starting an eCommerce website, a challenge that you face is to decide what to to sell on that site. We will discuss how Bigcommerce is a great platform to rescue you from this burden. Apart from a great storefront builder, BigCommerce is one of the best 5 shopping cart providers as well.

In order to start your eCommerce site you don’t necessarily require to have technical knowledge, coding and stuff rather there are various softwares and other eCommerce solutions available to help you build your own eCommerce website.

Once you set up your online store and decide what you are going to sell online, do you have idea of how to source the products and from which supplier or reliable source to get the products at cheap prices to re-sell at higher prices at your online portal?

How Bigcommerce Helps you Select and Manage the right Suppliers
Get Right Suppliers with Bigcommerce

Well, it’s easier said than done. Finding a supplier who is reliable and ready to sell the products to you at cheap price is not easy to find.There will be lot of doubts and risk therein.

Whether the supplier will be reliable, whether the products will be of good quality, whether the shipment be on time, are you risking your money? and such other queries remain in your mind.

Is the right source for finding a cheap supplier?


To be very clear, you will find all kinds of suppliers on Good, average as well as bad. Thousands of wholesalers are selling or ready to sell to the businesses at wholesale price. The reason is because they are able to manufacture/produce the products in bulk, even if they sell it to you at lower price they can take out their profit in that.

The suppliers on sell to overseas as well as they are quite experienced.

You can earn profits for your business when you are able to source or buy it at lower price and sell at higher prices to the customers keeping the margin of your profit.

When you are selling on your products online you are going to incur various costs like marketing and promotions, taxes and other operating expenses.

Therefore, when you decide the price at which you will be selling the products to the customers, you cover all the cost incurred by you right from sourcing the product from supplier till the bringing it online adding to it your profit margin. [ Find out what are Various Ways to advertise your Storefront ]

Consequences of selecting a wrong supplier:

1- You may get low quality products.

2- You may not receive the products at right time.
3- You might get ignored by the suppliers.
4- Your money might go in the wrong hands and hence risked.
5- Some products might not be delivered.
6- Goods might be sent to wrong address.
7- They might confuse you as a supplier but in real they could be the middlemen talking to you as the actual wholesaler and making fake promises.

These and some more can be the cons of selecting a wrong supplier on Therefore, when launching your eCommerce site, make sure you don’t need to face all the aforesaid as a result of choosing a bad supplier.

There is a solution to your problem in the form of Big-commerce. Wondering what it is?


BigCommerce has an app that helps you get the right suppliers. To make sure you are reaching the right suppliers, Bigcommerce has partnered with Alibaba (Bigcommerce’s Wholesale app ). Visit here to find lots of great apps available at BigCommerce .

With the help of this application, you can shortlist from thousands of suppliers available on Alibaba to a group of verified suppliers that have good track record of doing business in ethical and legal way with the various businesses and are very reliable.

You get to source the goods from the right supplier. It reduces the risk of any kind of damage as discussed above in this article. You hardly would need to scroll and search around from thousands of suppliers and this way your time will be saved. Most importantly your mind will be at peace.

The best advantage of using this app ( Wholesale app) is that the payment is not released to the supplier until the business owner is satisfied with the delivery and the goods in all respects.

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