Best Apps for Downloading Free Music on Android Phones

Last updated on December 27th, 2018 at 04:05 am

Downloading Music on your Android Phone made Easy with these Awesome Apps.

We all love music & with hundreds of apps for music the craze has been increased even more. Bringing you the top & most loved music apps for downloading songs for free:


Best apps: For Downloading Music


1. Soundcloud

Used by 100 million, SoundCloud is quite a craze amongst  people to listen to their favorite music for free. It allows you to listen to your loved tracks and artists from a variety of genres and countries covering hip-hop, jazz, electronic, classical & many more.

Also you can connect with friends and your favorite artists to hear what they share by following them. You can  play, pause and skip tracks from lockscreen. For more personalized experience you can like tracks to listen later.

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2. MP3 Skull

Mp3 Skull is a free application with fast search and download from public MP3 site or MP3 search engines.

It allows you to search free Mp3 music like hits mp3 music, and many mp3 files. Very easy to download app with many features included like; easy search music mp3, preview and listen of many music, setting songs as ringtone, fast and easy to download, Song lyrics (if available).

3. Itube Music Downloader


A must app for music lovers with android phones, iTube mp3 music download is one which lets you search Copyleft and CC-licensed music for free.

You can easily search and play songs in your device faster with this app. Also download or save the songs to your sd card as well.

A very simple & friendly app for your android device which needs a good internet connection though. You can search by artist or title of the track. Preview and save mp3 as well as online lyrics. It even allows users to set as ringtone, notification or alarm, and add the favorite songs to their playlist.

4. Gtunes

A better, improved & new version of the old “Gtunes music download” has more speed as compare to the old version.

Notification bar ads, notification ads, desktop search icon, all such annoying stuff has been removed. You can listen to all the songs & even batch download all found songs. There are millions of songs available in the application and the best part is, it allows direct download to your SD card without much a do.

5. Anghami

With Anghami app in your phone you can enjoy Arabic & international songs for free. It allows you to share music with your friends.

The app gives you unlimited playtime to listen to millions of international & Arabic tracks. Download unlimited songs with this app & if you want the app to work in offline mode then you can download its pro version. Yes, The pro version also allows unlimited download and you can download as many tracks as you want & that too without any ads.

Discover great music with anghami app in your smartphone.

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6. Music Maniac

One of the highest rated free music download app for Android, Music maniac is the literally the one made for all those obsessed with music.

You can search and download millions of free music and mp3s, Browse & listen to your favorite songs with this amazing app just by the name of the artist or title of the song.

The basic idea behind this app is to allow the users to listen to their favorite music without needing an internet connection & for free i-e without having the need to purchase.

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7. 4shared Music

Music lovers just  can’t afford to avoid this app. 4shared Music offers 15GB space to upload your favorite songs.

An excellent app for listening to, streaming & downloading music to your phone. With 12 million users, 4shared are meant for those you can’t live without music.

It allows you to access music other users have uploaded to their accounts & similar is the benefit for them. You can simply upload the music you want to your account & share your music taste. Extremely well designed application for the users.

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8. Rhapsody

Standing in the top ranking of android apps, Rhapsody JH has a lot more to give you other than basic music downloading application.

It is more advanced in terms of the additional features it provides like sleep timer, artist videos, audio EQ, and others. You can develop playlist according for your every mood. Well, isn’t is interesting? Indeed, it is.

Ad free and high-quality audio being its important features, the app also gives you opportunity to play radio based on different artists or track.

For offline listening, it allows you to play the music you downloaded earlier.

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