Top 10 Freelance Sites for Writers and Recruiters 2020 for Content Writing Freelancing Jobs

Top 10 Work from Home Freelancing Sites for Freelance Writers & Employers

10 Best Freelancer Job Portals for Global employers where they can post free jobs for Hiring Freelance Writers online.

Freelance sites for home based Writers:


Are you home based freelance writer? looking to earn income regularly by taking writing assignments from remote employers? If so, then read this article to find a list of top 10 best freelance sites that offer work from home content writing assignments. The websites in this list are ideal in terms of money, writing projects, and flexibility. The sites are very popular across the globe among online freelancers. They provide a great platform for freelance writers.

Freelance sites for Employers: outsource your content writing work:


Are you a recruiter or consultant working for Content media publication industry where you frequently need writers for developing content? Do you run an ad agency, web design company, or an online publication media house?

If so, then you would be constantly looking out for quality content writers to fulfill web writing projects for any purpose. Finding the right candidates is not an easy job. The job posting websites listed here are wonderful for hiring freelance content writers on temporary or long term basis.

Top 10 Employment Websites for Hiring Content Writing Jobs



10 Best Freelancing Websites for Employers and Freelance Content Writing Jobs for writers:

The websites given below are a mix of regular job portals and freelance platforms. But, all of the sites mentioned here are free for writers to get online writing assignments and employers can post jobs for free. The employers have to pay only once their writing project is fulfilled by a freelance writer.



The growth of as a crowdsourcing site has hit the ground running in the recent times. Actually, it is threatening to overtake all the job boards when it comes to content writing.

There are more than one million companies from all parts of the world that hire content writers through, and that’s why this site seems to have a bright future. Usually, you are charged only the cost of the job that has been done, but the actual posting of the job is free.

With, you can post jobs free and allow over 2 million freelancers to browse through your jobs and pick the ones that suit their qualifications. You are only required to pay for the price of the article once it is approved, as posting it is free.

This is a very trusted online workplace where recruiters can meet all type of freelancers from over 180 countries of the world. As an employers, the most important thing to you as long as staffing is concerned is getting the right talent for your job, and that talent is available through

Visit Upwork for for Freelance Content Writing projects


Update: and are now Visit for posting content writing projects or to apply for the writing related jobs.

10 Most Popular Job Boards in Ireland
Top 100 Job Sites in South Africa


2. PeoplePerHour


Find Freelance People based on Per Hour rate

PeoplePerHour is a UK based content writing web portal that specializes in freelance job postings. Employers can post free jobs that are related to content writing on this site. After posting the job, job hunters can see the job and make proposals based on the description of the job.

The employer then chooses the freelancer of his choice depending on the freelancer’s profile and feedback.

All freelancers on this site are curated so you do not need to worry about quality of the work. You are actually guaranteed of good results as an employer, and the hands support from the customer care desk will ensure that the entire process is successful.

Visit People Per hour Freelance Site


3. Guru


If you have been looking for a website to post free jobs for both full time and part time based for free, the search is over.

At, you can get home based freelancers who are willing to provide content in relation to all aspects of business, whether it is creative writing and translation, design, art and media as well as web software and administration support.

This site has a large network of about 1.5 million gurus who are ready for quality work. You can browse freelancers and check their qualifications before hiring the one who fits your description.

You can manage your jobs from wherever you are and you only pay once you are satisfied with the subscriber’s work.

Visit for online freelancing


4. Flexjobs


flexjobs-writing-work-hire-writers-200x200 Hire Freelance Writers

Flexjobs is the king of content writing job posts. At this site, you can post unlimited number of jobs on the flexible job market like freelance and hire highly qualified professionals in the content writing industry.

On the basic platform, you can post free jobs but on the premium platform, you are only required to pay $99 for the visibility of your jobs to be boosted.

The fact that you can post locally, regionally, nationally and internationally adds color to the already good package, creating hiring solutions that solves the content writing hiring solutions of all employers. for writing editing journalism job

Read the ultimate Content Writing Tips to start writing like a pro


5. Freelancer Map is one of the free job portals that have specialized in the IT industry. This portal is specifically designed for IT freelancers and professionals. Posting a job on this site is free, and the job is advertised on your behalf free of charge.

The job could be related to website content, blog content or content on any other IT-related field.

There are more than 70000 registered IT professionals on this site, an you can be sure that you will end up hiring the best professional for your job. You can send enquiries to freelancers and finally hire the one that suits your job description.



6. partners with several employment sites to offer recruitment solutions to employers looking for content writers. This global outsourcing site connects employers to content writers from all parts of the world. There are different levels of membership to this site, and with each sites comes its features and its costs.

As a rule of the thumb, membership levels for which someone does not pay a lot of money remains associated with only a few features.

Visit the world renowned website for online Freelance work




You do not need a middleman to hire a freelancer on this site. All you need is a workable hiring plan that will guide you into choosing the right candidate for yourself. Job posts are posted free on this and everyone can apply for projects from wherever they are in the world.

Find Freelance writing jobs or Writer Freelancers at iFreelance



At, you can post a job related to content writing, web copy writing, and any other form of content that you can think of. They are online for more than 20 years now.  Freelancers who are hungry for work will be very willing to work to the last ounce of their energy to ensure that they provide the best content solutions to the client. has succeeded in maintaining the trust and reputation among their clients and freelance writers across the world.


Visit for web content writing freelancing projects.


[ Why Freshers are more interested for getting jobs in Startups? ]



9. Writers.Work

Though, the platform is rather new, but their website and platform looks promising. Most of the writers are from USA and Canada, but they accept freelance writers from any country provided that their writing skills in English language are good, and at least, satisfactory. Though, they are accepting writers of all skills and they have partnered with many companies for online writing assignments.

I think you should give it a try as a writer or an employer.


Visit Writerswork website for content writing work



10. SimplyHired


If you have jobs for writers, just post them on this site free. On this site, you can post jobs that are related to content writing so that you can attract freelancers who are willing to deliver high quality content on report writing, technical writing, academic writing, news writing and online copywriting, to name but a few.

There is a large number of freelancers who are keen to note any content writing related job and work on it with speed and expertise.

(writers option- Writers Job at simplyhired)


Some more job sites to post content writing jobs of any kind for any location:-

Indeed-              Employers Post jobs





Does it come as a surprise to you that the experience of finding that exceptional cost effective freelancer is like searching for a “Needle in a Haystack”? This is certainly not a surprise to you or anybody.

Moreover, the growing proliferation of thousands of freelance websites featuring millions of freelancers’ profiles has unfortunately not made this search task any easier.

So, how can an employer with a limited budget find that efficient affordable freelancer?


Things to Remember While Hiring Freelance Writers


Here are some useful hiring tips that will help you on how to hire a freelancer who gets the job done on time and budget:


1. Examine the freelancer’s Personal Profile: Firstly checkout the age of the freelancer. This will give you an idea whether the candidate is a novice or an experienced consultant. Also check the professional experience.


2. Availability and level of interaction of the freelancer: Make separate queries spaced in time and check how fast the candidate will respond to them. Do they take minutes to reply? Hours, days? Obviously, the quicker the reply, the higher the score. A freelancer who takes over half working day to answer is probably unavailable.


3.Quality of the answers to your queries: You can judge the professionalism of the freelancer by the quality of their answer to your queries. Is the answer accurate? Do they volunteer with innovative ideas & suggestions to your problem?

Do they demonstrate technical and business knowledge? Is there an element of human touch. For instance, a freelancer simply repeating the solution as described on the website without any personalized explanation deserves a bad score.


4. Have a look on the quality and similarity of their Portfolio: One major thing while hiring a freelancer is to examine their portfolio and past experiences with the same type of project that you want to get done for you. Do not hesitate to ask for the weblinks to existing work and click in order to have a quick look at the quality of their work.


5. Speak to previous customers:Do not hesitate to ask for references and take time to speak to past customers about their experience with the freelancer. This thing is a very valuable.


6. Hourly Rate: We recommend asking for a project based quote. The hourly rate is misleading and could turn out to be more costly than initially estimated. The agreement should include phased payment installments with the last installment to be paid after the complete delivery. Do include at least three months tech support in the agreement.


7. Finding the right Freelancing sites: Choosing the right website is an important factor.


8. Formal Interview: Prepare and conduct a structured interview with the candidate freelancer. Go through your systematic questionnaire. Capture the answers in writing so you can compare later on between other candidates. Once you select a candidate, make sure to ask the candidate to first write down, confirm and sign off the list of your requirements in details before writing an agreement that refers to your requirements document and includes the phased payment structure.


So for hiring the best suitable candidate for getting your job done, you must follow these simple tips and go great with your project. These are the best things to remember before you begin your search.


Are you looking for free classifieds for jobs? Use this list to Post free classifieds for jobs employments.

Employers from around the world, including USA, Singapore, New Zealand, UAE, India, Italy, Ireland, Europe, London, New York, Delhi NCR may use these websites for Job Posting related to freelance hiring.

How To Make Money Online doing Micro Jobs on Gig Job Sites

Micro jobs are massively popular and for very good reason. They are one of the simplest forms of making money on the internet and for buyers, they are a great way to get tasks done quickly and for a very low price.

However, because the average price for a job can be low (as little as $4) it is important to find ways to maximize your income.


How to Generate Income from Gig Jobs- Tips to Earn Money Online from Micro Job Sites.


The micro job sites have become all the rage because people love work from home jobs. And for very good reason: there is probably no easier or quicker way to make money online. However, with quite a number of sites out there, and thousands of people offering their services, making a lot of money – or even any money at all – is not guaranteed.

If you’ve been around the internet lately you’ll notice the following are the best Gig sites to start doing micro jobs online:

iv) and find here a list of 10 Best gig Sites for Micro jobs

Tips To Make Money with Gig Based Online Micro Job Sites-550x350
Micro Jobs- How To Make Money Online Delivering Gigs
So what is the best way to make money online from micro job sites?

Tips to Make Money Online Doing Micro/Gig Jobs on Freelancing Sites

The first thing you should do is consider very carefully what it is that you can offer.

Register your jobs with sites that offer higher payments. Although the original model for micro job sites is there lots of buyers who don’t mind paying a bit more if they know they are going to get a quality job.

Break your job down to the smallest possible component. Whatever service you provide, you can’t make it too complicated. This is because it will take you too much time to complete. You want to ensure that the time spent is in line with your income expectations.

Must Read: freelance websites for content writing Jobs

Consider outsourcing: You may be able to find other workers who can do the job for a lower price than what you advertise it for. If you can do this you are in essence having other people working for you. Once you get it working well you could even scale it up; take on more people and be limited only by the number of jobs you get.

Imagine if you could get fifty jobs done per hour by other people and you make just one dollar profit on each.

Is there something that you do that is in high demand which you are particularly good at? Think through all the things you are proficient at and come up with a list of things you can offer. Then craft them into your jobs.

Must Visit: 50 Great Employment Sites

Next, think about how much you are going to charge for a job. Don’t think you have to be cheaper than everyone else. In fact, it is often to the contrary. Many buyers shy away from the lowest priced jobs because they know that they are likely also to get the lowest quality. Buyers will certainly pay a bit more if they think the job they want will be done well.

The third thing is that you want to craft a really good ad. Take the time to complete your profile. Give a good impression to your prospective buyer that you are an authority in your field and that you are both knowledgeable and reliable.

Must read: How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

Deciding on the Pricing and Delivering the Gigs Successfully:

Once you have your jobs clearly defined, you have set the price and you have crafted a good ad, the next thing to think about is what sites you will advertise on. Some people try to put themselves down on every possible site but this is not necessarily a good idea.

Pick a half dozen that you like the look of to start with until you get a good feel for how the system works. You don’t want to develop a reputation for not delivering if you suddenly get too much work.

One little-known trick is to try to find new sites and sign up to those. They won’t have many other people to compete with. If you get in early, as the site grows you will be well positioned ahead of the pack. Also, some of the owners of new sites will be working very hard to get their site established, which you will benefit from.

Micro job sites are a great way to earn money online. Making money online through posting jobs on micro word sites can be rewarding as well as profitable. By using the above steps it is possible to increase your income dramatically for the same time spent.

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7 Tips to Increase Sales for your SEO Business & Freelance Services

How to Establish your SEO business Online- Tips for SEO Sellers and Freelancers.


If you are a search engine optimizer or an SEO service provider, then one of the most significant concerns for you will be maximizing your sales. Or, in other words how you can make your SEO services well known so that everyone wants to get SEO services from you and make their business popular as well.

But even after being an SEO firm or SEO startup you are not sure how to do it and rambling from here to there to get the answer to this question then in that condition we are here for you to help you. 

And our today’s discussion is on the same topic that how to sell your SEO services online.


How to Sell SEO Services Online- Business Tips for Sellers-freelancers-Entrepreneurs-600x400
Follow these Tips and Sell your SEO Business Services Online Successfully



How to Sell more of your SEO Services- Tips for Beginner SEO Sellers


1. Prove That You Can Do It


Yes, it is one of the important and foremost steps to follow to sell your SEO services. It is because until and unless you will prove them that you can do it, how can they believe you.

It doesn’t mean that you start to provide the free trial of your services for weeks and months, it just only means that do work on your website to appear in SERPs on the first page and to have organic traffic.

It will reflect that if you can do justice with your SEO service site, then you can do for their website as well.

➤ Buy and Sell Advertising sites


2. Listen to your Customers Carefully and Understand their Needs

One of the biggest mistakes that SEO freelancers or companies do is that they are more to explain their end – their services, their packages, etc. Instead of telling about your end and services give a try to listen to your customers things that what they want from you, what is their business is all about, what is the marketing strategy they are implementing presently, etc.


By doing so, you will be able to suggest them better according to their needs that what suits best for their business. So in the simple sense, it means that try to educate them and not sell.

If you are best at doing so, then you need not worry about your sales. It will not only show your expertise in your field but will also increase your sales.


➤ Online Buying selling sites for SEO Sellers

3. Make your Clients Understand in Their own Way


Always keep in mind that it is also amid one of the important factors to sell your SEO services. Most of the clients don’t understand the technical terms and if you do it will unnecessarily create a problem for them.

Thus, to make them understand speak in terms which they understand like return on investment, lead generation, etc.



4. Brand Your Business to Establish Credibility

[ Effective Tips to Make your Freelance Portfolio Stand out ]


It is the online world and when you are about to sell the SEO services then branding and establishing credibility are one of the important factors to consider. For the same, you have to promote yourself so that you become a familiar face among the prospects and their trust quotient increase for you.

You can promote yourself and your business on different social media channels online which includes Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Snapchat, MySpace, particular industry forums and a lot more.

5. Try to Get Positive Reviews and Promote Them

Positive reviews work as life for the SEO business and others as well. Thus, on that note always try to get a positive review from clients for which you have worked. It will not only make your business popular also it will establish you as an authorized business.Along with that also do try to promote your positive reviews.

10 Best freelance Websites to Sell your SEO Services online

6. Go for Paid Advertising Options


Yes along with free advertising options you can also go for paid advertising for your SEO services if you can invest a good amount in it. And for the same you can go for Facebook Ads, Sponsored Tweets, Twitter Ads and Google Adwords, etc.

It will also help you to a great extent thereby making your business known among the audience.



7. Go For Corporate Partnership


Yes, if you want to sell SEO services online then go for corporate partnerships as it is also one of the best ways. In this, you can go for linking with websites which can promote your business on their blog or website and you can do the same for them.

For example, you can go for partnership with an app development company which mentions you somewhere on their site, and you can mention their app development services on yours.


Hope this post on how to sell your SEO services – online business tips will help you in a realistic manner to establish your SEO business. Thus, share your views and experience on the same thereby implementing it and letting us know in the comment section below.

Also, don’t forget to show your love for the post thereby sharing it on different platforms if you liked it.

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8 Practical Tips for Online Freelancers – How to Make your Portfolio Outstanding

Online Freelancing Tips on How to get Success with an Outstanding Portfolio.

For all those who work from home or in other words working as a freelancer, it is vitally necessary to have projects to work on them.

However many times we see that some freelancers get the most exposure, and some don’t get that much. So, what are the reasons behind this? There are many reasons, and one of among them is the absence of outstanding portfolio.

Practical Tips for Online Freelancers on How to Make your Portfolio Outstanding-600x350
Portfolio Making Tips for any type of Online Freelancers – Stand out of the herd!

Thus, how to make your portfolio outstanding? If you are also searching for the answer to the same question, then you are at right place to get the answer to this issue. Today I will share practical tips for online freelancers on the same topic of creating outstanding portfolios.

The Portfolio making tips listed here are useful for both types of freelancers :


How to make Outstanding Portfolio for getting Success in your online freelancing Business:

Whether you are a new freelancer or an established one, you can’t get success online without having an outstanding portfolio. There are examples and real success stories to back up this fact. And it does not matter whether you are a graphic s designer freelancer Content Writing Freelancer, or SEO freelancer. You have to make yourself stand out with your portfolio.



1. Keep it Clean and Clear


Yes, it is one of the important factors to consider while you are going to make your portfolio online. Whenever you include any project in your portfolio, it should be such that it pervades clearness and throughout focus.

Thus, on that note try to keep the most important things in focus to show the potentials to maintain the clarity and hence to avoid unnecessary entities. It will not only make your portfolio impressive rather it will also help you to achieve your goals easily and quickly.

Freelance Outsourcing tips for business marketing


2. Avoid Overloading and Overdoing


It just means that do not try to overload it with projects and content information. Otherwise, it will look untidy. And also it will become difficult for the employer to understand what indeed you are trying to present in front of them.


But if it is extremely necessary to put the large content you can choose such a design to display information which helps you to prevent from looking untidy. For instance, you can check here to get an idea.

Yes, avoid to make it over fascinated as in every over fascinated entity there are more chances of having faults and errors. Thus, try to keep it simple along with accomplishing your goals.

Tips to hire freelance workers

3. Provide a Proper Navigation

Yes, proper navigation is the need for all kinds of websites and portfolio websites are not an exception.

If your visitors, or say, potential buyers will not find a proper way or effective navigation to move around your site then there are high chances of not getting selected for their tasks and consequently non-achievement of your motives.

Which is best for SEO work- Freelancer or In-house expert


4. Avoid Visual Jumble


If you want to make your portfolio embellished and hence are putting visual jumbles in your way, then you should avoid it unless it is helpful for your portfolio. Otherwise, unnecessarily it will only increase your burden and instead of making your portfolio professional it will make it unprofessional.

Thus, to make it easy for potential employers and also to make your portfolio sound professional to them try to avoid such jumbles.

Best E-learning Websites for Freelancers to get free training online


5. Keep Updating


It is also an important factor to keep in mind for making your portfolio stand out. It is not like that once you have created your portfolio and it is over for all. You have to keep your portfolio updating not only to make your prospects aware of your work but also to please search engines as well.

It is because search engines love fresh content updating as it is helpful to index better websites and provide ranking according to them in search engine result pages.



6. Add Practice Projects as Well


It is not necessary that to add only those projects for which you get paid. You can also add practice projects to your portfolio as well. You can do it my making a section named practice projects on your portfolio website. It will not only help you to improve your skills, but it will also show prospects that how dedicated you are towards your work. (As you are making more and more efforts to make it best for the clients for whom you work for – “As Practice Makes a Man Perfect”).



7. Publish Reviews


We all know that whenever we go for online purchasing of any item, first we opt for reviews of that item. The same funda applies here.
You can ask satisfied clients of yours to publish the review for your work.


It will benefit you in many ways –


First, it will develop a sense of trust among prospects that you can deliver what you are promising to provide.

Second, it will again prove to be helpful for search engine rankings.

Thus, try to get best reviews from your clients and publish them.

Best sites to be used for branding and online reputation



8. Promote Your Portfolio


It is the most important point to follow to make above 7 points work. It is because of no one visit your portfolio website then how it would become a famous and known name. Thus, to get noticed you have to promote it across different social media channels, like  Facebook, Google Plus, Portfolio Sharing sites (like Behance, Dribbble, DevianArt, Flickr, etc.). It will make your portfolio famous as well as it will also help your website to get better indexed in search engines.

Thus follow all the 7 points along with the eighth one to make your portfolio outstanding, as it will work as icing on the cake.

Also, don’t forget to show your love by sharing the post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Tumblr and Emails as well if it has helped you in a realistic manner. You can also share your views and opinions with us about your experience and post in the comment section below. We would love to hear from your end. 

Sure shot success Tips for Selling your Services via Social Media


Top 10 Freelance Sites for Freelancer Jobs and Outsourcing Web Designing Work

Top Online Freelancing Platforms for Freelancer Designers ( for Web Graphics Designing Work)

Best Sites for designers to Make Money Online without any Investment.


7 Best Freelance Websites for Designers- Top Web Designing Freelancing Platforms.Technology and the Internet has become so advanced, that not only will you find people working as web designers and graphic artists online, but you can now also have the chance to work as one with the help of the Internet!

Online freelancing has become a good way to provide extra income, or some people even do it full-time. What they do is find the reputable companies or contractors looking for designers and are paid via the terms agreed upon by both parties.Workable Freelancing Tips for Making an Outstanding Freelancer Portfolio

It’s very advantageous, as you get to work anywhere and in your own time. These are great for those who want to become their own boss and use their talents and passion as a way to create a steady income. But where can you find contractors for designer jobs?

Best Freelance Websites for Designers- Top Web Designing Freelancing Platforms-550x400
Best Freelancing Sites for Web Designers- Get Hired or Hire Freelancers

Why these Freelancing Platforms are Great for Designers?


For all those who are tired of doing their 9 to 5 jobs and want to bring a new change in their life then there are many ways to do so without losing monthly income. Yes, it is possible with doing freelancing from home with the help of various freelancing platforms and can earn handsome amount of money at home.


Thus, if you are also planning to become a freelancer and want to be your boss, then these sites will prove to be a boon for you. And if you are a web and graphic designer then you will be fulfilled with many opportunities to make your portfolio outstanding.


So today I am going to present top freelancing platforms for Designers (Web and Graphics Designers) for you. On which by creating your profile and providing outstanding designing work you can become one of the top rated freelancers.

Well, There are so many Online forum sites too that are great for discussing freelancing work and you can find experienced and established freelancers for outsourcing your web designing related work.

In this article, we show you the top seven online freelancing platforms for designers.

List of the Best Known Freelancer Websites for Freelance Designers

Since there are many platforms when looking for designing gigs, here are the top five freelancing platforms made for those who are creative and designers looking for reputable companies and contractors who are hiring.

There are many more freelancing platforms to choose from, but these are some of the most popular websites that will assure you a great job (or designer, if you’re hiring).

1. Upwork- The Best Online Place to get Freelance Designing Work

Upwork (previously known as oDesk) is one of the best known freelancing platforms for web designers. Here you can get different types of projects which include website web designing, graphic designing, responsive mobile website designing, graphic designing and so on.


Upwork-Best Online Place to get Freelance Designing Work-450x250 -The Number One Freelancer Platform Today for Freelancers and Freelancing Work

On upwork you get 60 connects on per month it means you can bid on 60 projects in a month (when a project not asks for one bid at a time). The best thing with Upwork is that here you can get all type of projects ranging from short- and long-term projects, expert-level and entry-level projects.

So it doesn’t matter where you stand you can bid on projects by experience you have. Along with that you can choose to work on your terms thereby working on fixed or hourly projects depending upon you suitability and needs.Must Posses Skills you need to run an Online Business or Freelancing Work


2. – A very Old and reputed Freelancing Network


Freelancer isn’t only exclusive to designers, but they have a wide array of jobs and categories to choose from. So whether you’re looking for a contractor to work for or a freelancer to work with, you will be able to find trusted and talented ones from Freelancer.


Freelancer-A very Old and reputed Freelancing Network-450x250 A very Popular and Freelancing Platform among Designers


It’s very easy to use, and all you’ll need to do is sign up and put in your details and portfolio for you to start applying (or posting) for jobs. This is one of the most popular freelancing platforms around the world, so you’ll definitely meet a lot of contractors and freelancers to work with here.


Freelancer is second in the row and one of the best platforms for freelance web designers to make their web designing portfolio more impressive than ever. Here you can get jobs of all types, and you can work on them on an hourly basis or fixed price basis depending on your working style.

In free Membership plan, you get free eight bids which mean you can bid on eight projects in a month. And if you want to maximize your earnings thereby doing different designing jobs which include UI design, interaction design, logo designing, graphic designing, motion graphic designing, animation designing, etc. then you can go for their membership plans.

You can also make your web design portfolio standing by giving different exams available at the platform.Best Apps for Graphics Designers

3. 99Designs


99Designs focuses on people who are applying as or looking for a designer who will give you the best design. As someone who is looking for designs, you will be posting a design contest where various designers will be competing against each other and giving their best designs to win.

99Designs.Com- The best Site for freelance designers freelance work


Once you have chosen a design and a winner, you will be paying them and leaving feedback. For designers looking for work, they will be joining these contests in hopes of bagging the prize, which is payment and good feedback. You also get the chance to work for contractors long-term if they like what they see.

99designs is one of the best platforms for designers to showcase their skills. Here on this platform, you are not only limited to Web designing jobs as you can even also make a profile for other design jobs like tattoo designing jobs.

Thus it is a platform for all types of design jobs means entirely dedicated to web designing projects. It is a global community of designers having more than 1 million designers.

99designs assigns a dedicated manager for every project they work.

Thus to hire a designer from the platform you have to follow a simple procedure.


The steps in the process include-

Providing a description of the design you want and then choose a package as per your budget (the bigger package you select there will be more designing patterns you will receive).

Then 99designs will circulate your requirement in the form of a contest to designers and then forward those designs to you so that you provide your ideas and feedback to them.And after seven days you can select the best one from the received designs, and as soon as you do so, your designer will get paid.

And you will get the full copyright of the design you have. Along with that, you can also take expert advice for your designs if you to have an expert touch in your design.

14 Best Online Logo Maker Sites where you can Design your Logo or Banner Free

4. Behance


Behance is simply designed for ease of navigation. With that being said, they also focus on creatives and designers, making it easy to look for companies and contractors looking for people like you. You can even hire for any open jobs you have to offer.


Behance-a great freelance-site-for-designers-400x300
Behance-One of the Leading Freelance Websites for Designers Work

There is a wide array of categories under designing and creatives to choose from, as well as a good population of freelancers and contractors alike.

Behance Job is stand out regarding providing freelance web designing jobs. Under their section of Behance Job List, you can apply for many different design jobs. Along with that, you can search jobs by location, category wise and search by company name. You can also share your work using portfolios.

Here you can make your portfolio stand out as there are many designing categories including graphic design, industrial design, interaction design, motion graphics, UI/UX design, web design where you can show your expertise.

Thus, if you are a freelancer web designer, then you need to worry about the designing jobs as these platforms will help you to find the best design jobs/ projects. Also provide you the facility of working from anywhere, anytime and with anyone

5. Dribble


Dribble is also amid the excellent freelancing platform for web designers. All you have to do to show a hire button on your profile thereby signing for a PRO account.


dribbble great freelancing site for-awesome-designs-designing-400x300
dribbble- an awesome freelance site for designers and design work


You can also go for job board of the companies where companies look for the best web designer freelancer to do their work.

Along with that, you can also create a team to get more exposure to the jobs, but for that, you have to sign up for team membership as well. 

6. Krop


Just like Behance, Krop is simply designed but can do a lot for both freelance designer and contractor. All you need to do is sign up and post your portfolio.


krop-freelance platform for designers -logo-400x400
krop-A Popular Site for freelance designing work and contracts


You can either be discovered by various contractors, or you can apply for designer or creative jobs posted.

Contractors will find it easy to use as well, as they can post their jobs or search through the resume database for someone who fits their job opening. 

7. Coroflot



Coroflot-a site for budding designers-500x250
Coroflot- A Site for Budding Designers


Coroflot has a wide variety of categories to choose from that falls under designing, developing and other creative jobs. They have a huge job network from big brand names, so you will be able to find the right job from reputable businesses.

You even have a chance to build your network as well!Search Part Time Jobs for Designers


In Conclusion


With these popular and reputable freelancing platforms for designers, you will be able to not only find the job you need to begin working, but you can also post your own job if you need a web designer or graphic artist!

With the many types of platforms where you can find work for freelancing, it may be difficult to look for the best one to work with.

So hopefully, this list will help you be able to efficiently start your freelance work and be able to start making money online.

So what are you waiting for? Start freelancing and visit these websites, utilizing your skills as a designer! You’ll definitely reap the many benefits of working on your own time.Hope this post will help you in a realistic manner. Please let us know about your experiences with these freelancing platforms in the comment section below. And share the post with others as well as “sharing is caring” and your sharing might help someone.

Did you enjoy the article or have any more recommendations about what platform to use when looking for work or wanting to hire a designer? Then comment down below! We’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

Best freelancing Online Platforms for Writers

4 Recommendations of How to Choose a Freelancer or Remote Worker

Business Development and Outsourcing Tips for Hiring Freelancers or Remote Workers.

In any business, cost reduction is one of the main goals. To achieve this, many entrepreneurs are looking for different alternatives one of which is the transfer of certain functions to outsourcing, or in other words to hire a remote worker or freelancer.

The fact is that the salary of a freelancer is less than the salary of a staff member, especially if the business is located in the capital or big cities.

Tips to promote a small business via Freelancing and outsourcing

Freelancer performs the same work as a staff member, but the advantage is that the business owner does not need to carry the overhead: to create jobs, pay for a vacation, sick pay, rent premises and organize a workplace of the employee, etc.

There are many more advantages of hiring a remote employee or a freelancer. But this approach has disadvantages. Knowing these disadvantages will help you to be prepared, and of course, such knowledge will significantly reduce possible losses.This article is written specifically to protect entrepreneurs from many pitfalls of hiring a remote employee or a freelancer.


Tips for Hiring Freelancers or Remote Workers-450x400
Tips for Recruiting Freelancer Workers- Work Outsourcing Tips 

4 Tips to Hire Remote Freelance Workers

It is not always an easy task to get a good freelancer for your entrepreneurial ventures. To make your job easy we have come up with some solid steps and tips that you should follow in order to get the most suitable freelancer for your projects.

#1. Why the low price is not always the best solution


Your first impulse may be a hasty decision to choose the cheap freelancer, but you should avoid doing so. Have you ever been in a situation that you bought something very cheap, considering that this is a very favorable purchase, and then, at home, it breaks down in a few days? The same often happens when a customer selects a “favorable” freelancer.

Why the low price is not always the best solution-350x250
Pricing part: The low price is not always the right option 

➤ Best sites to hire SEO freelancers

Of course, sometimes you can meet quite good freelancers, who work at low prices, but this is very rare, and most of the “cheap” freelancers, in fact, produce low-quality services.In order to earn a living, such freelancers set low prices to get as many customers as possible and they put a minimum effort for each project. The Internet is full of stories about such freelancers who do bad work.

Keep in mind, you will risk too much if you agree on a very cheap offer.

#2. Where to Search for Freelancers?


There are many ways you can search for the online freelancers of your choice. Choose the most suitable method as per your business or needs. Different needs ask for different solutions.


Acquaintances, as the first step of the search process

Instead of looking for cheap labor through ads, the best way to start hunting for a good freelancer is to ask a friend. You can reach the right person with the help of both friends on the Internet, and their real friends.

Just ask all the people you know if they can recommend any freelancer for you. You can get a surprising number of responses.


Here is a list of people whom you can contact:

– Family members;

– Friends;

– Colleagues;

– Acquaintances (for example, neighbors);

– People with whom you are communicating on the Internet (Facebook friends, Twitter subscribers, classmates, etc.);

– Members of your club or organization.

When people recommend you a freelancer, pay special attention to the fact whether these people used services of a recommended person by themselves. ➤ Some Great Apps for remote Workers

Here are the places where you might want to look for:


LinkedIn:. This is a professional network, where people of different professions communicate. Many professionals have their own profiles. You can search for professionals on the specialty you are interested in, and choose the most qualified person in this field.

Professional organizations:.


Most freelance professions have the relevant professional organization. For example, the association of freelance designers is called AIGA; STC is for the preparation of technical documents, ASJA – for journalism. Most communities have local branches and the bank of proposed work, where you can post your ad for a qualified freelancer.


Freelancers’ sites:. You can see the examples of articles and papers on the websites of individual freelancers. Many of those who succeed in their field, thus share their experience with colleagues and freelancers.


Though, most of the hired freelancers happen to be on online Freelancing platforms. Such as, is a very popular website where you can hire quality freelancers from around the World. is a very popular micro gig based platform to hire freelancers on quite a lot rate compared to other sites, though the site is good for small types of freelancing work. If you have identified a few freelancers that you are interested in, now it is time to do a little homework.


Other Ways to find Freelancers

If no one from that list knows a good freelancer (which happens rarely), you still can find it.

There are freelancing websites on the Internet for every kinds of freelancers.


#3. Do a Homework Before Hiring

If you have any recommendations in relation to one or another freelancer, you are ready to contact him, right? No, wrong!

First, you need to do a little homework. Look at the websites of freelancers and their professional (social) network accounts. Read what people are saying about them. Look at their work portfolio. If they have a blog, read what they write about.

Need to do your Homework before hiring freelancers-350x250
Do your Homework before hiring any freelancers 


➤ The Most Popular Freelance Sites to Hire Designers

Here are a few signals that should alert you:

– Lack of website;

– Poorly designed website;

– A blog that has not been updated for a year;

– Lack of online contact information;

– Website or blog filled with bad content or posts with errors;

– All messages in the freelancer blog are criticizing former employers;Homework may seem to require a lot of extra work, but it will save you from disappointment.

You are ready to contact several freelancers. So, what is next?

Now you have narrowed your initial list to just a few people. You are ready to contact them and ask about the conditions of performing the desired work (this is called a request for proposal).

Provide the information very carefully. Any freelancer does not like surprises during the project.

Thus, you should include in a request the following information:


– Service that you want to get;

– Deadline period of the project task;

– Personal contacts in case of any questions;

– Any special requests;

– Number of inspections (especially, if the project must be approved by more than one person);

– Your approximate budget for the project;

The more information you provide, the more likely a freelancer will be able to meet your requests.


#4. Contract with the Freelancer

It is likely that some freelancers would not be able to work on your project. Therefore, most likely, you will have one or two options. After you choose one, a professional freelancer may ask you to sign a contract, which will contain all the items of your agreement.

Make your Contract carefully with the freelancer-350x250
Always Make a Contract with your freelancers before hiring them 



Of course, you should read it carefully to make sure that there are no discrepancies, but we strongly recommend you to sign it. A well-written contract will protect both you and the freelancer if something goes wrong.

This article would not be complete without the last recommendation. Once you have found freelancers that satisfied your needs, do not hesitate to contact them again (and again). And also do not forget to recommend it to your friends.


Next Article-  Which is best for SEO Work- Freelancer OR Agency



Outsourcing Tips for your SEO Work -Hiring Freelancers, Agencies and In-house Specialists

SEO Work – Pros and Cons of Hiring an Agency, In-house Specialist and Freelancer

Business owners are often faced with the problem of whom to choose for cooperation on SEO. There are several options: to hire someone to the staff, to find a remote freelancer or to contact the SEO company. Let’s find out what will be better and more optimal.
The choice will depend on upon the requirements and they are different for everyone. For someone, a budget is the only important thing, while another one wants to solve problems quickly and scale the use of marketing techniques.


Agency, In-house Specialist, or Freelancer– Whom to Choose to Work on your SEO-550x400
Things to Know for Getting your SEO work done with Agency, In-house Specialist, or Freelancer 


Whom to Choose to Work on your SEO needs- an Agency, In-house Specialist, or a Freelancer?


I have included the most important aspects and pros & cons of working with different types of workers for getting your SEO work done. Read each them carefully and please type your valuable opinions in the comments on the topic. I am sure you will have something new to be added to this article.

Here we go:-



Outsourcing Tips for Hiring Freelancers for your SEO Work



pros and cons of hiring freelancers for seo work-300x200
What are the Pros and Cons of hiring freelancers for SEO


Working with a freelancer has two major pluses: often it is affordable and it is easy to communicate directly with the performer, rather than an intermediary person. Thus, a business owner can set objectives even on weekends or late at night and monitor the position changes after the update. Freelancer can devote maximum time to the project, as well as to quickly resolve problems.


But there are some cons of working with a freelancer. The main thing is that there is no control of what the freelancer is doing. There must be a complete trust, as part of the information about the site can be confidential.

Another disadvantage is that at any time a person can get sick, go abroad or have no Internet connection, most likely at the very moment when a business owner wants to solve the problem quickly. Not all freelancers have sufficient expertise and, perhaps, they can take a project just to get the experience and add the site to their portfolio. There are many good freelancers, but it is not easy to find them. Often collaboration with professional freelancers is more expensive than an in-house solution.

The right thing to do is to attract freelancers for small, single and relatively urgent tasks when having an internal specialist does not make sense.


For example, when there is a need to write a series of product descriptions (this is very important for SEO), to move a website to another CMS with changing the structure, or to search for thematic platforms for placing advertisements, articles, press releases, and other materials with links.

Consultants or analysts are the separate issues. It is useful to interact with them to make an additional examination of the project or the promotion strategies.


Working with your own In-house SEO Specialist



pros and cons of outsourcing-seo-to-in-house-agency-300x200
SEO Work- Outsourcing or In-House agency?
In-house solution suits well for start-ups when a person should be actively engaged in the same project. Medium and large businesses also should have an SEO specialist among their staff. The advantages are obvious.


A person or team is deeply devoted to one project and know the specifics of the client’s business. Moreover, they are fully responsible for the result and can quickly implement the necessary changes to the project. The staff can be trained with the help of internal conferences, seminars, and training.


This will help to scale the project if needed. Of course, an in-house solution is not a cheap option, as well as there may be the lack of teamwork or some specialized tools. As in the case with a freelancer, it is difficult to find the right person. And another problem with the in-house solution is to keep a specialist in the company. But it is, rather, the issue of management.



For major companies, it is recommended to have an internal specialist, even if freelancers and agencies are engaged.This person or team will always be aware of what is happening inside the project and will be able to optimally interact with external contractors.

Tips for Outsourcing your SEO Work to an External SEO Agency

Cooperation with SEO-company has a lot of advantages. Companies are more responsible than freelancers and the relationship can be strengthened by the agreement. The representative of the company is much easier to reach, of course, if it is a serious agency.


There is an option to call, come to the office, or send a message via social networks.
The company has many different specialists who share their experience and tools. The SEO-company takes care of the training of staff by itself. Thus, a business owner can be sure that the work is conducted in accordance with the latest trends.
The company has the ability to make analysis, to experiment, and to develop the missing tools. The biggest disadvantage of work with the agency is that a project will be dedicated not much time (unless of course, it is a VIP-client), as the SEO specialist can have 50-100 or ever 500 projects at a time.


And by making “good” only once, a business owner will be charged on a monthly basis, and these funds could be spent on the development of new directions. Of course, there are companies that pay maximum attention to all clients and have an extremely positive reputation in the network.


Usually, these are small and often young agencies. They have not yet accumulated hundreds of clients or do not plan to grow in order not to lose the quality of services. Cons are definitely scary, but it would be wrong to ignore agencies because only here specialists and new technologies are concentrated.




So, which Option is the best for you for your SEO Work Needs?


So, what is better to choose for the business? To find this out, business owners should review the requirements, evaluate all the pros and cons, and talk to colleagues about their experience.


The riskiest, but along with that the most reliable option is to sign a temporary contract with a company, or a freelancer, or to hire a specialist. Only after that, it is possible to find the right decision. 


According to the experience of successful businesses, the ideal scheme would be the following: there is an in-house specialist; freelancers are involved for a number of tasks. Along with that, the agency works on the development strategy of the project and its implementation.


It can also be an external analyst who sets goals for an internal specialist. It depends on the specifics of the business and customer requirements, and of course, the budget allocated for promotion.

Make Money Online – 8 Ways to Earn Without Moving out from your Home

Make money Online with 8 Lucrative Ways which have been Proving out to be a Big Hit Amongst Many.

See Also:
How to Earn Online by Coupon Websites 

There are numerous reasons to give if we start writing down the benefits that online Space and social media has given. It is a part of our life now. It makes us connect to different people around the world.

People are easily approachable because of this. It is not just a medium to chat and have fun rather it is helping businesses grow.


Make Money Online work from home jobs at
Tips to Make Money Online from Home


8 Ways to Make Money Working Online from your Home

Yes, you heard it right. Social media and online Space has become an earning source for various creative and talented people say for example make up artists posting their make up tutorial videos, blogs, chefs posting their cookery videos online and sharing blogs, articles, comedians posting fun and entertaining short clips online and getting fame. Not only this, there are various other ways to earn here.

Some of the important tips to make money working from home via the Internet and with the help of social media are listed below, have a look!


1- Copy Writing


make money from home by your Copywriting talent-350x250
CopyWriting could be a great Online home based Profession 

Flaunt your language and grammar skills on Facebook and Twitter to get noticed by relevant/ concerned people. Get yourself hired via this medium. Prove your skills here. It can’t get any better than this.

2- Social Media Management


earn working from home by offering social-media-management services-350x250
earn online income by offering social-media management services


Their are startups, entrepreneurs and other professional people looking for someone to handle their social media account and make an impactful, attractive presence.

You can get hired not only as an intern but an employee as well getting a fair amount paid for the job done. You can search for these kinds of opportunities.

3- Earn Online by your Instagram Shop



make money online with your Instagram Shop-350x250
make money online by selling items using Instagram shop


You can run an online shop on Instagram. See if you have got some attractive cool items the pictures of which would interest users.

You set up the online shop by connecting your account to service inSelly which is Instagram marketplace allowing buying and selling on Instagram for free.

4- Earn from your YouTube Video Channels

Get paid working from home by your videos at YouTube Channels-350x250
Get started making money on your YouTube Channels

It not only help you make money but also make you famous amongst people. Post videos on your YouTube channel.

See what you are good at like comedy or make up, hair videos, cooking, fun street videos, random prank videos, teaching videos like subject related, course related, fashion & lifestyle videos etc. Ask people to subscribe and like the video.

Spread the word about your YouTube channel. Get viewers and there you are making handsome money.

5- Get Paid Online by Editing Work:


Editing work has always been in demand ever since the inception of the Internet web. There is a lot of scope of this work on the Internet and offline it. If you are good at editing and proofreading then you wont find any difficulties in searching such jobs on the Internet that can be done from home easily.

You only need a good computer and Internet connection to accomplish your task successfully.

Make money online by Editing articles-350x250
Content Editors make great Income working online

If you have just started in this field you should visit here and find some really good matching projects for editing and proofreading job.

To expand your reach and monthly income sources you should showcase your services on some really good freelance portfolio websites. Find here tips to create an impressive portfolio for your freelancing services.

Market yourself on social media sites. Twitter & Facebook in particular are great sources to promote your talent, your skill. Editing is widely demanded skill today.

A lot of scope is there you just need to put in the energy to get noticed. In case of any doubts and help you should visit any of the popular questions and answers sites.


6- Showcase Your Musical Talent Via Soundcloud


Showcase Your Musical Talent Via Soundcloud-350x250
Make earning Online with Your Musical Talent Via Soundcloud

With that it does not necessarily mean to promise you to make a Rockstar but rather get noticed by the people looking for your kind of talent.

Musical talent could be anything like good in writing jingles, creating music, singing jingles or others. You might get hired to work for radio or TV commercials. Opportunities exist. You just have to find the door.

7- Selling Art Through Social Media Platforms


Selling your Art via Social Media Platforms-350x250
Earn from home by Selling your Art via Social Media Channels

You can post your artwork on Tumblr or Instagram and enjoy the response it gets you.

You will see people sharing your posts if they like it.

When you see a lot of craze for your art in the form of bulk sharing then you can sell them as prints on platforms like Etsy and other stores that sells handmade,  art and vintage items and thereby end up making money.

Tips to Make Money by Selling online

8- Writing Comedy and Entertainment Related Stuff


If you are good in comedy and fun stuff. Like you come up with funniest one liners that cracks up people then you can use this comic talent of yours by comedy writing.

You just create your page on Facebook or an account on Twitter or Instagram. Write the one liners you come up with, attract people to your page/ account, gain their attention.

It has been found that lots of new comedians have started their career on Twitter in the recent years. For this, you must have to be very skillful as there are only 140 characters on Twitter to represent your funny jokes to draw the attention of your followers on Twitter.

Therefore, you have to be creative and skillful at the same time to earn money with this platform of social media.

Start from social media, see the response coming. If positive enough. Give comedy a shot. A big one to make lots of money. There are numerous ways out there.

You can make your own website and publish videos and entertainment related posts and one liners and share it on Whatsapp, Webchat, Snapchat and get good and viral traffic. Then you can monetize your content with so many options available out there.

Find out the Best Career Opportunities in Marketing Field
List of Employment Websites for Every kinds of Jobs

10 Best SEO Gig Sites to Buy Sell SEO Services Online

List of SEO Gig Sites- Top 10 Gig Websites for Buying or Selling SEO Services online.

[ Freelance Gig Sites, like, SEOclerk, etc. ]

A List of Most Popular SEO Gig Sites for SEO experts/ consultants/agencies/companies/service providers.

If you have a website which you want to optimize as per SEO practices, but don’t have time and proper knowledge to achieve the results, then take paid SEO services from these below posted freelance micro job sites.

The SEO services are very useful in getting Search Engine Traffic for your website. You must have already heard about some of these gig based sites if you have been active in the online web business for quite some time now.

The Gig based freelancing platforms, like Fiverr and SEOClerks are full of small level freelancers and SEO agencies that provide cheaper and quality services compared to the many of marketing companies and agencies that are carelessly after their customers money.


10 Best Gig based Websites for buying and selling SEO Services

Top 10 Gig Sites for Buying Selling SEO Services Online

[ 10 Best Websites to Buy or Sell SEO Services ]


The most appealing thing about these service providers is that their most of the SEO services are as good as their reviews and ratings obtained by them from their past customers. So, you can have a quick idea about the quality and popularity of their services by just looking at the ratings for their services in offering.

SEO Related Articles:

#1. Fiverr – The Undisputed Leader in SEO Gig based sites!

The first of the top 10 best gig-based websites to buy and sell SEO services online is

This is a very popular website for SEO clients.

Fiverr - The Undisputed Leader in Gig based sites-300x300
Fiverr- The Number one choice for SEO Services!

The quality of its services and the rules governing its service delivery sets it apart from the crowd.


Fiverr has been the trend setter in the gig based online marketplaces. It got highly popular with their “everything and anything for $5 ” concept and that success paved the way for several new gig based sites on the Internet.

Whatever you need done, you can find it on

The important of SEO services in the modern day business world cannot be overemphasized and that is why you can get these and many other services from a myriad of websites in form of small gigs.

Visit the web site here at-

Top SEO Gig Sellers at

#1- YoungCeaser from Bulgaria is highly rated and ranked SEO seller on Fiverr. Visit him here . As you can see in the screenshot – he has got around 21415 Positive ratings and around 168 orders in queue!


Top ranked SEO Gig Seller at fiverr-300x240
Top Ranked SEO Gig at Fiverr

#2- UK based Top ranked SEO seller ( OzzieUK) for generating High Authority back links.

Visit him here . As you can see in the picture, he has around 11200 Ratings and has around 198 orders in queue!

Top ranked SEO Seller at Fiverr for High Authority Backlinks services-300x198
Top ranked SEO Seller at Fiverr for High Authority Backlinks


#2. SEOClerks

SEO clerks specializes in SEO related gigs, internet marketing and other similar web services.
SEOClerks -Gig based Cheaper SEO Services

Freelancers can ask for payments for the tasks that you have, depending on the complexity. This makes this site a favorite online marketplace for buyers and sellers of SEO services.
Find it here at- SEO Clerks 


Freelancers who are willing and ready to offer SEO services always find to be a good source of SEO gigs.

The interests of the both the freelancer and the client are well taken care of in this site.

Fourerr-com-Online-marketplae-for-freelancing gig based services-400x150 Another Good Online Marketplace for Gig based Freelancing services

This is actually one of the few buy sell websites where you can earn rewards as you buy and sell SEO services. When you register yourself and identify the services you are looking for, you can buy these services via PayPal and wait for them to be delivered to you.

Visit it here at-


As the name suggests, allows $10 per a regular gig.

The structure of this site is and the commission rates are much like that of Bargains and buyers meet here and small services are available from $5 only.


TenBux-com-sell-everything-in-five-or-ten-bucks-350x200 Online marketplace for Micro Jobs

It is possible to make your gig more visible by utilizing the ‘Push Your Job To The Top’ feature that will increase your chances of being hired.

Visit the site here at –

#5. is another great gig-based site.

There are many SEO gigs that are available for freelancers to work on them and there are many SEO clients looking for freelancers.


GigBucks dot com- Gigs based site for SEO Freelancers-400x250 Another Good Site for Gig based Services

Freelancers can charge anything from $5-$50 for their services.

Those looking for SEO services can post as many gigs as possible, and since joining the site is free, it is very convenient to have your SEO work done at according to your requirements.

Visit it here-


Personally i am not very much in favor of this site. It is completely made on the concept of Cloning the original So, watch yourself carefully before you join this site.

Buying and selling of SEO gigs, shipping and instant deliveries are some of the services offered by clones gig sites-400x300
FiverUp -A Clone of Fiverr

You can buy and sell gigs for as low as $4 and as high as $100.

Registration is free and webmasters or blog owners looking for affordable freelancers find them on this site easily.

Visit here –

#7. Fivesquids


If SEO is not done properly, nothing else seems alright in an online business.

That is why endeavours to offer high quality gig-based SEO services to all website owners at affordable prices.

You can get whatever you are looking for at only $ 5 but you many need to pay more if your tasks is more demanding.

Visit the website here at-


It may look unbelievable, but SEO gigs here are traded for as low as $1.

For less than $5, you can have your SEO task completed by an experienced freelancer.

This is the site where people share what they are willing to offer anything between $1-5.

You can join this micro job website and start earning by performing various tasks.

If you are a specialist in SEO, your services are in high demand at

Visit the site here at –


From the most difficult tasks to the simplest gigs, nothing is difficult at

You can buy and sell services on this site for only $10.

This site forms part of the gig-based websites that are like in the way they offer their services.

The dynamism of the SEO industry requires experienced and up-to-the-minute freelancers, and they are available at

Visit the site at-


The number of services offered by freelancers on this site is just mind boggling.

Online businesses can take advantage of the SEO service provided by various freelancers and bolster the SEO ranking of their sites.

The services are offered at various prices, but it is always easy to make an agreement with the freelancer who meets your description of an ideal SEO service provider.

Visit the website here-

…and you should also understand and use these:

This is a well set truth that SEO is the foremost way to promote a website !


I would strongly recommend using this Number #1 ranked FREE software to Rank your website using On-page and Off-page SEO tools

The software is available in free as well as paid subscriptions. The free version will fit your basic needs of optimization. 

Over to you-

Do you have any working (buying or selling) experience over any of the above listed Gig Sites?

Share your opinion regarding the quality and value of the services being offered there. Any feedback, suggestions for the fellow readers would be highly appreciated, thanks.

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