These Products are Selling Like Hotcakes That You Might had never thought of Buying

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Some Products or Services you Might have never thought of Buying Online are Selling Like Hotcakes.

Some Products or Services you Might have never thought of Buying Online are Selling Like Hotcakes.

Before the commence of online shopping sites and e-commerce gaining popularity people might have not thought of buying certain things of daily use from these online shopping sites.


seemingly uncommon products that are selling like hotcakes

Some of these products or services which we would have never imagined earlier to be sold or bought online are not selling like hotcakes on e-commerce shopping sites.

What is so different about these products or service that we find little different and how they have become a popular e-commerce product. Let us connect a little with the past and find out. Let us see how they were selling in conventional markets and feel the different in the changed market and dynamic buyer-seller behaviour.

1. Food products and Bakery

Food was considered to be more of a home and kitchen affair and everyday thing back in conventional market setup. Food was related to kitchen utensils and served hot in a traditional manner. Steel and other metallic plates in a middle-class kitchen to more fancy China bone and ceramic plates in the upper-class kitchen were laid out in every home for every meals.

Now with instant food and precooked packaged food the plates and utensils have been replaced by packing and use and throw plates

You can order pizza online and eat in the same packaging and throw it right away once you finish your meal. Paper plates and paper packaging and our plates now.

A lot of food an bakery products have become a part of our daily lives or in fact, a part of our lives multiple times a day I.e as many times as we are taking our meals.

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2. Salon Services

Salon Services online? Yes, it is selling like anything in online space nowadays.

Not a barber’s shop anymore ! Please no one dares call it a barber’s shop. Even those traditional barber also use to give head massages and other services but manicure and pedicure I don’t know. Will have to find out from my parent as I am also little too young to remember it. Kidding up!

Now the salon services. Salon services at home, salon coupons and deals are something which are selling predominantly online itself. 

Prefixing an appointment, and walking in a saloon with a pre discussed package deal is a new deal now.


3. Grocery

Fresh from farms! No not anymore farm-fresh grocery from our farmers and milkman and other direct producers. It is a passe, now we do grocery online only. We don’t even know where it comes from who brings it and what it has in it.

With fast delivery services and modern packaging and preservation techniques we have groceries selling online now immensely.

We have also managed to increase the shelf lives of certain perishable products by adding chemicals and preservatives, might sound gross but a fact which had led to growth of grocery e-commerce now.

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4. Car

Buying a car was a family business. Everyone use to go together and select a new car for the family followed by a feast after buying.

It was important to have a look and feel of the car sought to be bought on a priority basis, but with the advent of online shopping now even out seems all futile to waste so much time and examining a car in a showroom when you can just zoom in and watch every detail in more detail online itself.

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5. Nursery and Plants

Seriously! e-commerce has not left anything for nature even nature is online now. Jokes apart!

Nursery and plant are also selling online in a popular manner.

With such a busy life when people do not have time for themselves and their families they need everything on their finger tips. This is what e-commerce been doing. 

So what is is say we drive 10 miles to the nearest nursery and do not find the plant or do not like the quality of the plant and decide to drive to another nursery located 8 miles away further only to buy a single plant.

When same can be done with a click of a button why would anyone spare so much time which most of do not actually have for even more important things these days.

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6. Pets and Pet Food, etc


It is no joke and the new gen knows it all. Pets are selling online and even pet food and accessories etc.

Pets are loved and with people becoming busier when they do not even have much time for their family and friends they can still take care of pets investing less time by switching to online shopping for all pet food and pet care products like accessories etc.

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