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6 Top of the Funnel Marketing Strategies for Better Customer Engagement

How to Make the Top of the Funnel Marketing Work with these 6 Do’s and Don’ts.

To begin with let us first understand the concept of the top of the funnel marketing. Top of funnel marketing basically refers to efforts aimed at awareness and consideration while conversion is the bottom of the funnel.

The stages herein are:

  • Awareness;
  • Consideration;
  • Intention, and
  • Conversion.


6 Do’s and Don’ts of Top of the Funnel Marketing:



The whole process from right from generating awareness to educating prospect to creating a buzz around your brand so as to finally convert your prospect/lead into customer is what this marketing concept all about.

This process is considered as completed or say it comes to an end when all your marketing efforts pay off and money flows into the company’s bank account. To succeed in a business, at first place you need to get your prospective buyers aware of you and your service.



Top of The Funnel Marketing: Do’s and Don’ts



The game is all about getting your customers in & engaged. This can’t be imagined in the absence of marketing. Marketing is the most powerful weapon in the business, provided you have the skills to excel in that zone.


Top of the funnel marketing is spreading the word out about your product without saying too much.


Herein it is not about spamming your target audience in any way instead this marketing concept is focused towards getting the attention of customers and making them aware about you via content marketing and thought leadership.

This article will guide you through the do’s and don’ts that applies here in top of the funnel marketing.

Top of the Funnel Marketing_Infographics-640x1600
Infographics: Top of the Funnel Marketing Strategies

Let us take a look:

Customer Engagement Strategies through Top of the Funnel Marketing



1. Do Play Smart as a Marketer


Play it Like Smart Marketers Do!


‘Recognize the people that have chosen your product over competitors as well as the ones who chose your competitors over you.’

Identify your customers by doing all sorts of research. See what provoked them to buy from you or your competitor. Try to find out the driving force behind the decision they took. Not merely this, in fact also know the people who haven’t considered any of your products yet.

This will help you in understanding their mind, their emotions and you can mold the content accordingly to make it appealing for them.

8 Basic Tips for Customer Retention

2 Don’t Make Assumptions


Don’t Assume

Because not everyone will be in need of your product. You never know who wants your product unless you do some research about your customers.

Therefore, do not do this silly blunder of thinking that everyone is your customer and you can persuade anyone to buy your product.

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3. Do Go Strong with your Top of Funnel Content and Use it to Build your Image




The thing is, if you are able to attract your potential customers and successful in making them realize how beneficial your product can be for them instead of just pushing on the sale forcefully than your half battle is achieved already.


Make sure your content is not confined to your website but it should be at all the possible places where the chances of your potential customers being present exist.


Also see to it that the format used for the top of the funnel content is that which can appeal them be it reports, graphics or whatsoever.

Significance of Content Marketing in Driving Sales

4. Don’t just Talk about your Product


Offer Solutions

You must know that it takes time for the potential customers to develop trust in you.

At the first meet if you just keep on praising your product and ask or force them to buy then this will be the most stupid thing done.

Talk about the issues that your product can solve and what other advantages are there of using it. Talk about the goals that your prospects want to achieve and how your product can play a huge role in it. This will get them interested in your offering which will ultimately pave way for lead conversion.

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5. Do Utilise the Available Technology in the Best Way Possible



Utilise the Technology
 Today with the advent of technology, a lot of tools are available. Technology has changed the whole scenario. It is up to you how best are you able to exploit it.

Talking in the context of sales & marketing, so for that too we have ample of tools available which can make you an expert in your field and simplify maximum of your work thereby increasing your productivity.

You can keep an eye on your competitors, their strategies, what the market is up to, where your customers are landing to obtain information on products & services and a lot more these.

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6. Don’t Spam

Don’t Spam

Do not flood your prospects with emails, messages, tweets or calls for they can get annoyed and you may lose them forever.

Also, this will affect your reputation as you will be considered as the spammed and not any reputed brand.

These were some of the do’s and dont’s that you must abide by. Other than these, also never forget that the salesforce plays a huge role in the success of any business. Therefore never ignore them.



They need proper training and guidance in order to deliver their best. So make them learn how to deal with the customers, how to begin & end the conversation, give them ideas and relevant points that could help them in dealing with the questions shot by the customers.

Moreover provide them extra knowledge by giving additional content on marketing that they could need & which can make their work easy so that they don’t get stuck anywhere in the sales process.

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Tips on Social Media Domination With Psychology of Influence and Its Principles

Psychology of influence- How to improve positions in the social networks with the help of its principles.


5 Tips for Applying “Psychology of Influence” in your Social Media Marketing.


Many things in life we ​​do simply because it is considered the best for most people, and especially without thinking about the value it brings to us, and whether it brings this value. Many things we do with an eye on the opinion of “authorities” that we consider smarter for some reason.

We all succumb to social impact, and it is actively used by marketers.

In 1984, Robert B. Cialdini published a book called “Influence: The psychology of persuasion”, which is very popular not only among the psychologists but also marketers. He described some principles of influence.

So, let’s try to understand these principles and find out how they are used in marketing and how they can be used to improve our performance on social networks.



How to use Psychology of Influence and Its Principles in social media networking-450x200
 Tips for Using “Psychology of Influence and Its Principles” in Social Media Marketing


How Psychology of Influence and Its Principles Help in Dominating Over Social Media

#1. Social Proof


The psychological phenomenon that usually occurs during non-standard situations, when people do not know how they should behave.In this case, most people suppose that others are more familiar with the situation, and therefore repeat their actions. This phenomenon is often used to manipulate the behavior of others.

Social proof indeed has a huge impact on our decisions and is probably the most popular psychological phenomenon that is used by marketers, including social networks.

You can use it to show the advantages of the company with the following data:
– Ratings, in which the company holds a leading position;
– Feedback of the current customers that are satisfied with the product or service;
– Large number of Likes and Shares;
– Company mentions in a positive way;
– Awards.
Even the usual comments on the company’s page in Instagram are credible to potential customers and encourage the purchase of goods better than any advertising.


But despite the fact that the comments and Likes affect the overall opinion about a brand, if they are received with fake SMM methods, nothing good comes out in the long run. The reputation will be undermined. So do not look for the easy way – you need to be absolutely “transparent” and be honest with your customers.


#2. Commitment and consistency


Consistency in the implementation of actions and promises is a very important condition for the preservation of image
and reputation. Robert Cialdini says that the desire to take responsibility for their words is even more important for people than taking care of their own security. That is why this phenomenon has a significant psychological impact on people.

If a person performs any initial action, it often feels its incompleteness and unconsciously seeks to bring it to the end. And that is actively used in marketing: in the shops, you get a discount or points on your next purchase, and then feel the need to make it.

It can also be used in SMM.

Ask your subscribers to perform any initial action (for example, to fill in information about yourself, share publication in social networks, etc.), and they more likely do what you want them to do in the end.
For example, if a subscriber will spend some effort when registering for the event, then chances that a person will come to this event increase.

#3. Goodwill

People are drawn to what they like. And they like people who look like them. Psychologists say that if you want to impress a stranger, take the same position as the person and copy the voice and gestures, and then a person will definitely like you.

As friends, we choose people who have similar to our worldview, values, interests, who love the same music, books, and movies. And, of course, we listen to their opinion.

Marketers actively use this feature: in the advertising, the image of a person that is promoting a product combines the features of potential buyers with their problems, needs, and interests.



#4. Authority

At all times, people worshiped authorities – apparently, this is the nature of human. In our times, the opinion of authority is important for people. It can be related to the choice of the car, country for vacation, or chips. People don’t care that the stars of showbiz and sport are not experts in the evaluation of a product that they advertise.
But along with the incompetent “authority”, there are adequate people, experts in their field, that achieved tremendous success, and they consider it an honor to share their experiences and knowledge. It is necessary to involve them. But not just to advertise your company, but in order to get an expert opinion on the issues of interest to your audience.

#5. Scarcity

Scarcity principle is based on the normal human fear to miss something important, fundamental principle of which is the fear of loss. Now this phenomenon has got a popular name – FOMO (an abbreviation of «fear of missing out»).

The demonstration of this “disease” of our time is the maniacal habit of updating pages on social networks with a fear to miss an important message or publication.

Marketers play with this fear, like a cat with a little mouse, forcing people to buy unnecessary things often without giving them time to think. Thus, in order to convince customers of the need to purchase your product, it is sufficient to say that your product is unique and has a limited number of copies.

Use these tactics for SMM:


Invite your subscribers to a private webinar, offer to subscribe to the unique email newsletter, in the announcements underline the exclusivity of published materials.
Thus, we told you about the major psychological principles of influence. If you use them in your publications on social networks, you can increase brand loyalty, build trust with customers and, as a result,increase sales. The main thing to do it with a positive attitude and act on the principle of “do no harm”.

5 Best Ways to Create A Trustworthy Website to Attract+Engage More Customers

5 Web Designing Tips to up your Customer Engagement Rate


Earning the trust of audience/customers is not an easy job in today’s scenario when the customer is informed way much more than it had ever been. With internet and social media thing, awareness on almost everything is increased.


If a person wants to know about anything, internet is there to help. Now, coming on to the main focus of topic i-e creating trustworthy website, we must understand and accept this fact that the website visitors say prospective customers will not put their trust in you unless you have some solid & logical reason that makes you stand out.



best Ways to Create A Trustworthy Website for business success marketing-600x400
Find Out How to Develop a Trustworthy Website




5 Beginners Tips to Make a Website that the Customers can Rely Upon and can Keep Coming Back

Something that proves that only you can be the solution to their problem. Unless they find you genuine, they won’t entertain you. No matter how attracting your call to action is, how strong your content is, how captivating the design is, if you are unable to show why you stand out as a saviour for them then nothing will be worth.


How to Create and develop a Trustworthy Website
How to Create a Trustworthy Website?

Increasing online scams and phishing incidents have made the users skeptical about using certain websites unless they are confident of their authenticity.

So, here’s listing a few ways to create trustworthy website. Check these out!


➤ Secrets of the Website with High Conversion rate

1. Authentic Images

Use Authentic Images in your website-400x250
Use Authentic Images on your website to Grow Trustworthiness



Visual appeal is important in a website. Images form an important part of a website.  These play a huge role in enhancing the user’s experience, increase conversions, helping with branding, and more.


If you are using just any kind of image and expecting it to do wonders for you then you are wrong. It is seen everywhere that people are using generic stock images everywhere. Using right pictures at right places is good but moreover try to use pictures that are realistic or to put in other words, which are captured in real situations.


You might need to hire professional photographer for the same who can take interesting pictures of your products, employees that could give the authentic feel. Also you can find pictures on free online libraries. Pictures which can best compliment your content.


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2. Helpful Content Resources


No visitor would like to buy when visiting your website for the first time. Until and unless they see that you have a solution to their problem, they will not get interested in your website or your offering.


Therefore, generate content that lists out the benefits of the products that you are offering. Merely praising yourself, listing features of the product and pushing the audience to buy won’t get you anything.


Show in every way via your content that how helpful the product can be for the audience. Moreover, demonstrate how people have benefited from your products in the past.


➤ Techniques to grab more Leads on your Website and increase Conversions

3. Social Proof




Social Proof-should be there on your website-400x250
Social Media Presence- Provide a live Proof of how Popular your website is on Social Channels


Social proof is the new marketing. It is a psychological phenomenon where people assume the actions of others in an attempt to reflect correct behavior for a given situation.

To put in easy words social proof is a tactic to ease the minds of worried customers.


Now, when it comes to creating trust, social proof plays an important role. To create a trustworthy website, you have three ways in which to use the power of social proof:-


a. Provide Social Proof Through Testimonials

Yes, whenever you accomplish any task or done with the project, always ask your customers to give feedback so that it can be displayed on your website.

To make the feedback more compelling, you can even use the image of the the customer who gave the feedback with his/her consent.


b. Provide Social Proof Through Media Logos

Feature media logos on your website as its power is unbeatable. Be it paid or owned properties, media commands that are earned are considered more reliable & trustworthy then messages.

c. Provide Social Proof Through Client & Partner Logos


The role of social proof is not limited to testimonials or media logos. Infact much beyond that. Use client and partner logos to tell the audience who your partners are. This will help in gaining trust of your customers as they will be able to recognize the larger brands.

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4. Incorporate Microcopy That Instinctively Sets Expectations


People often skip certain action because of doubt and fear. Similar is with website users, they skip clicking on the links, CTA buttons and others because they are doubtful as it may do some damage.

Therefore, it is recommended to use a microcopy along to make it clear to the visitors as to where they will land after clicking various tabs on website or sat what will happen on clicking the links. This will give them the idea in brief and they won’t hesitate in clicking the buttons or links.


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5. Make your Audience the Centre of your Story


Write the content by emphasizing on the word “you.” It will make the audience feel that you are involving them. This way chances of their being receptive to your message via way of content increases.

Although you must stay careful as well. Do not use their name too much as it may sound awkward. As that say, too much of anything is not good. Therefore, make your visitors/readers/customers/audience feel that they are valued.

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Strategies to Improve your Customer Onboarding [ Tips for Sellers ]

7 Killer Strategies to Boost up your Customer Onboarding and Retain More Customers

For retaining your customers you have to follow certain tips and tricks, formulate strategies that will help and guide you in different stages of business. The first stage, first interaction, first impression sets the tone for your relationship with the customer so make sure that it is impressive and overwhelming.

Failing at which may bring in lot of trouble for you making it difficult to survive in the business. You must work upon improving your service and focus on things that will help you maximize your growth.


tips-for-sellers-Strategies to Improve your Customer Onboarding-550x250
Improve your Customer Onboarding for greater sales and revenue


Customer retention is as important as getting new customers. Many brands fail terribly just because they are on a constant lookout for new customers while fail to deliver or retain old customers. Lets learn the strategies to improve customer retention.

Here in this article you will read about strategies to revamp your customers onboarding:-

1. Individualized Welcome


Be it online or offline, the best way to start a conversation with someone is greeting them. Just like you do for an offline event i-e, having a registration table with people incharge to welcome you by greeting.


Similarly you have to handle things online as well. When the customer sign up/register or login make the process easy for them and do not complicate things. To help them get started you may as well offer them eBooks  or other bonus material.

Give them a very personalized experience and welcome them to your brand by sending a personalized welcome message. Mention the person’s name or company’s name when interacting with them be it through emails or in other form. Greeting would leave a good first impression so do not forget to greet.

Word of Mouth Marketing to Get the Customers Talking about you ]

2. Product Demonstration

In general, your customers might know what  the product is meant for but they might not necessarily know about the working of the product. Therefore it is the responsibility of your team to train your customers about how the product works, making every step clear to them.


The best way to demonstrate the product when you are into online business is by creating small video tutorial showing step by step the working of the product.


Highlight functions as well as the benefits of your products because unless you do so, you cannot excite the customers to make a purchase as they may leave out of frustration of not understanding the exact purpose of the product.

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3- Set Goals


Next strategy in line is setting goals. You/Your team must know what goals you customers want to accomplish using your service. You must invest time on this front and ask your customers about it through emails or surveys.

After you get to know the goals that your customers hopes to meet through your product/service, a series of steps can be created and listed logically to help the customers guide in reaching their expected goals/outcome with your product.

Setting milestone and then training customers in the direction of meeting their goals is the strategy you must follow.

Upsetting and Cross Selling: Gain More Loyal Customers ]

4. Good Customer Service


A friendly, knowledgeable and regular customer support will benefit you always. Customers will always have a query when using a product as might get stuck somewhere in between and they will need an answer.


You cannot leave your customers hanging with the problem they are facing. Your service does not end with the sale of your product/ service rather you have to provide after sales assistance to your customers.


You must ensure that the staff you hire for customer service is friendly, patient, polite and knowledgeable because rude service by customer support will only damage the brands image.


Deliver Proactive Customer service Through Social Media ]

5. Deliver Value To Customers Through Great Content

Produce content that provides knowledge, guidance to the customers, solve their problems and add value to them. Be realistic and do not fake things up. Mention how your product can be the solution to their problems but do not unnecessarily make your product a solution for every problem.

Earn the trust of your audience by finding what issues they are or may face and how your product can be the saviour for them. Be logical and relevant. Do not just force them to buy.

Lay down the features and benefits that excites them to buy your product. This will help you earn more sales.

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6- Flaunt Your Achievements & Success Stories

Just like your background, past records, achievements speaks for you similarly in a business, its achievements and success stories speaks for it. How to assure customers that your service/product can be trusted?


How to develop confidence in them towards your product? Well, here’s when your success stories serves its purpose. These boost up your brand image in the eyes of prospects and increase the chances of converting them into loyal customers.


7- Regular Follow-Up With Customers



In order to stay in business, you need to retain the customers for long. For this you must look out for the ways to engage your customers regularly through calls, emails, contests and social media.

Sending personalized thank you notes, discounts and gifts to loyal customers, appreciating them, giving recognition on social media etc can do wonders for you. Maintain your loyal customer base in all the aforesaid ways and follow up regularly to retain them.



Practical Tips To Keep Your Customers Asking For More.

Get Your Customers Keep Coming Back to you and Asking your More


Many businesses especially the SMEs consider customer service as a burden. They fail to understand the importance of customer service and how it gets them repeated sales which in turn generates more and more revenue for them.

Online reviews and relationship plays a crucial role and are key driver for about or more than 80% of the new customers. Having said that, there is a great need to go out of the way to show more support to the customers.

You must know  who are your loyal customers, who are just merely satisfied and who are new ones. Make sure you bridge the gap between these. The ones who are loyal customers can be your best brand advocates and can get you more customers. So there is a huge need to show extra care & support to your customers.



Tips to Keep your Customers asking for More

Now, this article will throw light on some of the practical tips that will keep your customers begging for more. Let us take a look at these:

1. Avoid Long Waits


No customer would like to wait for long before or during the chat is on. Also until and unless some meaningful action is seen taking, no customer likes to put in any kind of details or information.

Therefore, it is recommended to make the process fast and without any long pauses. Giving unnecessary stress & frustration to customers by making them wait for long will only damage things.

Building a Successful Customer Referral Program ]

2. Train & Empower


Different solutions are needed for different situations. The solutions can be provided when there exist authority.

Mere written policies and commands are not enough. Providing training and empowerment is much needed.

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3. Personal Touch


Customers prefer to talk to human being & not a machine or automated response. Although automation is less expensive but it is a waste when customers are not accepting it.

They like to to talk to someone who can understand, relate to their emotions, their values and generate solution accordingly in the best of their interest.

Word of Mouth Marketing to get People Talking About You ]

4. Engage & Connect


Do not think that  just answering the questions is enough. No, it is not. The work does not end there. You must connect with the customers, build relationship with them.

Today, due to social networking, people are more into relationship building & connecting. This is what liked by all. So moreover focus on empathizing, understanding and connecting with your customers through different ways like social media, texting, mails etc.

Website Hacks to Trap More Leads and Increase Engagement ]

5. Show Promptness in Your Actions


Be quick in responding to emails, starting the chat with the customer etc. Show in every possible way by every gesture that their satisfaction is your priority and their urgency is your urgency.

If you fail at this front and delay things than they will switch to your competitors and will give no mentions to you anywhere which will result in loss for your business.

6. Generate Trust, Stay Proactive & Do Not Hesitate To Admit Mistakes


Often it is seen that new prospects are given special offers while the already existing customers pay more for the same service.

This creates a feeling of partiality in the mind of existing customers and leave them thinking that what wrong have they done to receive such partial treatment of paying higher rates as compared to what the  prospects are paying.

This thing can damage your business and get you into losses. Therefore, focus must be given towards winning the trust of customers, giving them due respect by admitting mistakes when wrong and offering fair service so as to enjoy the repeated patronage of these customers.


7. Match Performance Against Competitors


See how your competitors are performing on this front and match your performance against them. Your support team can be asked to sample the support of competitors, not on regular but monthly basis.

As far customer repeat business is concerned, make sure your goal remains to exceed every time against your competitors. This should even be used as the criteria to give rewards and bonuses i-e judging the performance/wins against the competitors.


How to Make your Customer Hero of Your Story [ Customer-Centric Business Tips ]

Customer is the Hero of your Story – How to Make Him a Superstar with these Effective Business Tips


Often it is seen that brands try to make themselves the hero and overlook the interest and concerns of the customers. Meeting customers need is not the end. But apparently many businesses are not able to understand this.

The result comes out in the form of failure of marketing efforts, low customer base and hence business loss.


Customer-is-King-How to Make Customers Centric Business-600x400
Make the Customer the Hero of your Story- Tips to make Customer-Centric Business

If you want that your marketing efforts must reap fruits than you need to formulate strategies that revolves around your customer. A business must put customer’s interest over its own.


To put in other words, your business as well as the marketing strategy should be customer-centric. This is crucial for the long term growth of the business.

Wondering what customer centric business is?

To keep it precise, customer-centric business is one which considers its customer as the most valuable asset.



How to Make a Customer Centric Business?


The whole idea of brands and products selling itself revolves around the customers. With no customers brands are nothing. Using these tips you can make the customers the hero and keep winning more customers.


In this article we will read about how to become a customer centric business and make your customer the hero of your story. The following steps will guide you through:-


1. Identify your Target Customers

Check out these Tips to Deliver the Customer Service through Social Media ]


To make the customers the hero of your story, first of all you need to understand them & think from their perspective. You can organise surveys or watch out the behavior of your existing customer base on social media platforms by regular monitoring.

In order to get your target customers interested in your content, it is required that the audience must find their benefit in your offering. If it is not so, then you must make a list of their defining characteristics, like their location, industry, age, needs, goals, weak points, and motivations.

On compiling all these characteristics in the form of valuable information you have complete buyer personas right there in front of you which will help you in creating relevant content that your ideal customers can relate to and which speaks to their needs.

When the target customers will find the content full of topics of their interest then they would like to share it with the people in their network. The friends,coworkers, family or others. This way more people will come to know about you and get attracted.


2. Involve Everyone

How to Retain your Shoppers with these Basic Customer Retention Tips ]


To ensure that customer centric culture exist in your business, what is actually required is that not merely the customer service department rather each and everyone in the organisation must understand the needs of your customers.

All the employees should know how important is every single customer for the business. To create such culture employees must be provided training, education, and mentoring at the time when hired which must go on in the form of coaching, guidance throughout their employment.

With this, all the members in the team will value their work and understand how their decisions affects the customers and business.

3. Boost Employee Morale

[ Tips to develop a successful Customer Referral Program for your Employees ]

There is a huge connection between customer satisfaction and employee morale. They are more like complimentary to each other. If you go as per Harvard Business Review, it says, contented employees are 31% more productive and generate 37% more sales than their disengaged counterparts.


There is need to first of all look into the culture that exist within the company before focusing on bettering the customer experience. Job Security, recognizing the needs of employees, providing them training & guidance, advancement opportunities etc are necessarily required.


In the absence of these employees morale will remain low and they will not perform to the best of their abilities be it providing customer service or any other work.


In order to ensure up to mark performance from the end of employees in the form of more productivity, more engagement make sure you are leaving no stone unturned to care about employee welfare and needs.

4. Let Customers Participate

Steps to Build a Successful Customer Centric Marketing Strategy ]

Involving your audience in your campaign, your brand’s story will help in creating customer centric culture. Let them be a part of your marketing efforts. Monitor their posts on social media channels.

See to it that you do not miss out on any mention of product or company or anything related to you. On finding the appropriate content, try to engage with your audience but be relevant and ask them to share it.

All these gestures will motivate them to spread the awareness of your product, your brand. They will end up becoming your voice.

With all of the aforementioned practices, you will be able to create customer-centric culture in the business. This will reflect your concern towards the customers and they will realize that the business value their needs and all the decisions are taken therein by the business are after giving due consideration to their opinions and concerns.



3 Steps to Build a Successful Customer Centric Marketing Strategy

Build a Successful Customer Centric Marketing Strategy to Win more Customers and Retain Them


To stay ahead in the race of tough competition organizations need to plan differently and restructure themselves. More and more brands coming in the market with each one of these struggling to grab more and more customers via way of gaining their attention.
The need now is to find the loopholes where the things are lacking. The answer here comes to be that not every organization is able to get the customer centricity concept right.

Some are taking this strategy as the one only meant for the customer facing units and not the organization as a whole. Customer centered approach and customer centricity is not just the responsibility of few departments. Company should focus on creating a marketing network that build its image as a separate customer-centric entity.
Steps to Build a Successful Customer Centric Marketing Strategy
Learn How to Build a Customer Centric Marketing Strategy



Now the question arises how it can be done? How to build a marketing network that is customer-centric? Well, it’s easy said than done.

Today, reaching your target customers is just the game of how well you frame your marketing strategies and how well they get implemented. Your customers must be the center of your universe.


Brands, products/services, media, taglines etc are the ones that speak about you. The gap between customers and the business is covered by these vary sources. The relevancy and importance of 4Ps i-e product, place, price, promotion cannot be denied even today. And above all, today our marketing has evolved by focusing on these along with a more detailed focus on making the buying experience of the customer a memorable one.


Highlighting few steps that tells you how to build a successful customer centric marketing strategy:
Most of the Companies often do talk a lot about putting their customers first but not all go by their words. Only few of them work in the right direction. Find out how you can be sure that you are serving your customers the best way possible.

1- Customer Centricity Must Be The Concern Of Whole Organization

Directly or indirectly every section, every unit of the organization is linked and affects each other. When you talk about customer centricity, then confusing it to be a merely the responsibility of the marketing department would be absolutely unfair and wrong.


The importance of customer centricity must spread through all the levels, all the departments, sections of the organization and not just marketing department. If not getting to deal with customers directly, other departments still can contribute to customer centricity by playing their roles effectively.
It could be in the form of timely delivery, keeping their promises, meeting deadlines, keeping a regular check on the processes to ensure everything is going as planned and the business is running smoothly.

2- Understanding The Customers Must Be The Focus


The more you are able to understand your customers the better you will be able to serve to their needs. It is of extreme importance for the business to know their clients. Customer intelligence paves way for customer engagement.


Unless you know what actually your customers are looking for, you won’t be able to give them what they want. There are so many sources through which you can get to gather as much as knowledge on your customers (exiting as well as potential).
Social media has made things even much easier like never before. You can easily reach out to your target audience, know what they are upto, what products and services they are speaking about and what is that interesting them and so much more. You have this source to gather huge data on your customers and meet their needs.


3- Take Into Account Your Customers When Making Key Decisions

No decision must be taken without keeping in mind your customers. They are the makers or breakers of your business. Our business will flourish smoothly or not depends upon the satisfaction of your customers. Make sure you take them into account.


Any decision that has a little bit chances of negatively affecting business must be eliminated. Keeping customers happy is the focus of the marketers but this focus should not overlook the fact that customer centric climate should exist in an organization as a whole.


Businesses that keep this customer centric holistic approach tends to grow big with the passage of time and nothing can shake them easily.

On the opposite of it those fails on keeping up at this front fails in a very short span of time that there existence becomes a question itself.

Tips for Building a Successful Customer Referral Program and Winning more Referrals Per Customer

6 Awesome things you Can do and Design a Fantastic Referral Program that gets you more referrals per Customer.

When the customers are happy with your product/service, they will recommend you to their near dear ones and others. There’s this thing called ‘word of mouth’ through which these happy customers does the work of selling for you.

Customer referrals are a cost effective way of growing your customer base and your business. It is seen that customers who come to your doorstep via referral of loyal customers, tend to have a higher retention rate.
They come to you with already a certain level of trust. Purchasing decisions of the customers are affected to a large extent by the trusted sources.

People tend to purchase the products/ services which are referred to them by the ones they trust or have already used or experienced it.

Building a Customer Referral Program
Tips for Building and Running a Successful Customer Referral Program

The point now is, how to get the quality referrals and get more valuable leads. How to make a creative referral program that helps in growing our business.


If you want to reap the benefits of referral leads then you have to consider a few steps to build your customer referral program. These are as follows:-

1- Influential Advocates


They are the loyal consumers who buys your product and constantly recommend them to others out of the satisfaction they derive from it.

They don’t get paid to do so yet they do so because they trust your brand. These advocates must have a solid influence on the market. You can find these influencers on social media channels, you can be active on review site,s like Quora and Reddit where you can find people talking about brands.

find-Influential Advocates-for-business-branding-success-400x250
Lookout for the Influential Advocates for Promoting your Referral System


There are tools like Net Promoter Score with the help of which you can add people talking positively about you and giving good ratings to your business.

Similarly you can even use hubspot‘s social inbox tool for tweeting as it will also help you reach out to people talking nice about you. In general you can have conversation with your colleagues and make use of others sources to find these advocates offline as well.

2- Goal Setting


This is one important step before you get into anything new. How many referrals you are able to get organically without putting in any efforts from your end is what needs to be looked at first.

Goal Setting and making efforts-to-make-your-referral-system-a-real-success-400x343
Set Goals and Put Active Efforts for the real success of your Referral System

There will be referrals taking place outside the business about which you might not be aware. Thing is to take note of how many times you are being referred by someone.

You can take account of this from your marketing team and by reviewing your sales by talking to your sales and accounts team. How many referrals are needed by you to reach the break even point at least, figure it out.

Put your efforts in the right direction, set goals and measure your performance in sink with the time and efforts you are putting in.

3- Reward Your Advocates


You can’t buy the brand advocates for your business as this could incur a lot of cost and get expensive for you.

Secondly this won’t work in the long run because this relation between a business and brand advocate is developed out of trust. Paid advocates can be inefficient.

It would be better if you reward your brand advocates that are doing organic promotion for your brand out of trust. You can offer great incentives to these and appreciate them but don’t limit yourself to cash and discounts. Think beyond that. Give them free gifts and do stuff that can move them emotionally.

4- Referral Contests

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You can run referral contests for example:- Earn $10 on inviting friends to sign up/ Register on website. Earn further $20 on purchase of the product from their end and likewise.

Run-Referral Contests-to-grow-referral-programs-400x250
Launch Referral Contests frequently to grow the members in your referral program

This way you can attract bran advocates to your business who are interested in doing promotion  work for you to avail the offer and win the contest.

5- How To Promote your Referral Program?


How you are going to promote your program is another concern. Find your promotional mediums which does not annoy your audience like email campaign can be a good option to kick start but you must not spam the receivers inbox.

How-To promote-a-referral-program-400x250
Use Effective Promotional Methods to Get the Right Members Quickly for your Referral Program

Be creative, make use of blog writing, product & service updates, social media posting (unique/ creative again), newsletters, CTA Locations, etc. Look at what kind of business you are into and accordingly decide what medium would serve best for you to promote your business. Launch a successful digital marketing campaign for your referral program


6- Keep Your Tech & Data In Check


➤ Be in touch with your operations team. Take timely updates on how new leads are taken up. Talk to your sales representative on speaking in the correct way when following up with the leads. Keep track of your data and maintain backup in case you lose.

➤ Keep track of who is referring who?

➤ Did the referral become a customer? If yes. then when?
➤ What promotional tools are working best and worst?
➤ What are the incentive plans for various advocates? etc, and all such questions must be taken into consideration.
➤ And most important of all, do not take your tech for granted as the management of your referrals are dependent on it.

Upselling and Cross-Selling- How to Gain Loyal Customers Who Pay you More

Three Steps to Start Killing Upselling and Increase the Average Sales Deal Size.

Upselling and Cross Selling Tips for Sellers

People often misconceive upselling as a negative word. They might confuse the term with the activity of the sellers trying to unnecessarily pushing in the other products you don’t need to get purchased by you to increase their revenue.

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Many a times it does happen like that lamentably. But still an undeniable fact remains that when used in a proper way, upselling can create a good bonding between you and the customers, better relationship, lower churn and better retention.

UpSelling and Cross Selling for gaining more sales and loyal customers


Upselling and Cross-selling: An Introduction

People often use the words upselling and cross selling interchangeably. There is no harm in that though but they do not understand the minor difference between the two. Upselling is basically a strategy, a practice to persuade the customers to buy comparably high-end product than the one he already has.

For example; he has a single door refrigerator at home and as a salesperson you are encouraging him/her to buy double door refrigerator or an extended warranty. That is what upselling is. Now coming onto Cross-selling, this is a strategy under which customers are invited to buy complementary or in layman language say related products.

The best example to be quoted here is; Offering a DVD player or PSP when customer is buying TV from you. Chances are he/she might end up purchasing related products from you if it interests them. This is cross selling.

How to achieve More Sales and Loyal Customers via Upselling and Cross-Selling Strategies

Upselling and Cross selling can gain you more customers provided you are able to utilize it in the best way possible. Let us take a look at some of the benefits of upselling and cross selling which can ultimately get you more loyal customers and thereby increased revenue:

1- Builds Relationship

[ Steps to Prepare a Customer Centric Marketing Strategy ]

Make your customer believe that upselling is making them win. If they get convinced, it will be a win-win situation for both.

Tell the customers the reasons why the product they are using needed to be replaced by the advanced version available. What benefits they could avail as a result of buying that new and comparatively better product version with the additional features.

Things must not be forced rather customers must be tackled in a way that they should get convinced with the fact that there happiness and satisfaction is what matters the most and that you are willing to deliver more value to them in the form of advanced product or service.

This will build good relationship between you and the customers and retain them for long run.

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2- Leads To Growth

As per the findings of research by some sources, a fact that comes out is upselling is comparatively much easier than when selling to new customers for the first time.

The cost of upselling is low and it even helps you grow faster as well as accelerate your profits. Many e-commerce company show keen focus and emphasize on getting more and more new customers to increase their revenue but they fail to tap the existing opportunity that lies right in front of them i-e using their existing customer base to increase their revenue by the practice of upselling and cross selling.

Making the existing customers familiar with the new and advanced products with additional features available or cross selling by offering related products with warranty etc.

A little smart move from your end is required to take your path towards growth by tapping the opportunities already existing rather than merely focusing and putting in all your efforts in one direction of getting new customers.

3- Increased Life Time Value Of Your Loyal Customers

Upselling and cross selling is one of the strategies to increase customer lifetime value. Therefore, you must exploit every single opportunity that exist for you, offer superior services and build strong relationship with the customers.

Retain the customers for longer and try to increase your revenue by upselling and cross selling at every opportunity. This is the way you can increase life time value of your loyal customers.

How to Promote and Market Products with Event Marketing

Event Marketing Tips to Formulate Effective Strategies for Promotions through your Events


There’s so much increase in competition in the market due to globalization that businesses, marketers and professionals are looking for different ways to engage and retain customers.


As far as event marketing is concerned, it is something where for the purpose of promoting and marketing the product, cause or other program or organization, a themed activity is designed like live events, trade shows, music festival, corporate meetings, concerts, fair, publicity stunts, award ceremonies, and others. It is basically the vent creation.


Event marketing is of great importance as it helps in brand building and creating awareness about the product when you are launching some new brand or product.

With the help of event marketing you can highlight the features of the product, what’s innovative in your product, what are the additional features newly introduced to it and so much more.

Event Marketing Strategies for promoting events
Event Marketing Strategies



How to Make the most out of your Promotional Events?  8 Marketing Tips for Successful Promotions in Event:

Listing out some event marketing strategies that tells you how you can make the best use of these events for long term benefit and great customer engagement:-


1- Engage Directly With People

Engage Directly with People for marketing your event

Get in touch with customers on one to one basis. Speak to them about your product individually. Moreover interact in a quality way and teach them on the working of your product.

The best way to engage directly to customers in an event is by creating an event within an event. It could be small fun games wherein people can participate which later you can take online (in the form of video) and make it a hit.

People love to experience new things, have fun and share there fun times with others.

Therefore, they will ask their friends to go watch the video where they have been featured as a participant in certain event or games therein.

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2- Put GPS To Use

Making use of GPS to track the real time happenings of the events is a great idea to be a part of event marketing strategies.

You don’t have to be present on the location to experience things in person. GPS helps you in real-time event tracking.


3- Technology For Projection

Augmented reality being the best option to be used for the purpose of project demonstration.

There are others like 3D technology which helps in giving a more natural feel today. There are brands coming up with projection mapping on buildings, H&M being one of such brands.


4- Social Networking

Social Media is a craze today. Almost every potential customer for every kind of product can be found on social media. A lot of brands are seen encouraging people to become their fans on their social media page, their site, etc.

What can be done is, you can offer reward or prize to the ones who become your fan. Promote your event on the popular social media sites and see who all are going to mark their presence at the event (via Facebook or other sites).

Then you can offer prizes like T-shirts, free parking, meeting some famous person who’s going to be a part of the event or other such offers. Generate content for your event. Make people talk about it.

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5- Hire Even marketing Experts

Hiring experts helps in making the event a success. A lot of them must be hired for looking into their respective areas where their expertise lies.

For example: For special effects people who are experts in this field and have experience of working in say movies can be hired.

6- Let Consumers Speak Honestly


Create a natural setting where you can record the natural reaction and uncensored feedbacks of customers. Like doing a ride campaign, inviting people for test drive and putting cameras inside the cars that records the reactions and feedback of riders.


This would be your content which can later be used for advertisements, videos online and can be used in a lot of other ways. Don’t fear about what negative the consumers might speak of your product. Let them be honest. Listen.

7- Bring The Technologies Together For Creative Results

Mix up the technologies, bring them together and see in what new way things can be done so as generate productive results.

Technology and creativity goes hand in hand, therefore we should try all the possible ways to think out of the box, make use of the available technologies, mash them up and see how you can get creative and solve problems in different ways.

8- Post Updates of your Event Online

Almost all the brands are there on online platforms. Customers for the same, young, adult, old all are there too.
You must create a good on-site experience. Post updates online on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc. Engage the audience and come up with new contests and prizes therein.