SEO Campaign Planning – What to Do When SEO Campaigns Fail [ Ranking Tips ]

SEO Campaign Planning Tips for Website Ranking and Business Marketing


Tips to Plan Successful SEO Campaigns for your Online Business


Watching your SEO campaign fail is very disappointing and frustrating. You leave no stone turned to do rigorous research of your topic area, collate all the points, draft the content and create this wonderful piece of work.

You even marketed your content, advertised it over the various social media platforms, pitched the right people with e-mails and newsletters, sent tweets and much more. But nothing worked! Even all this couldn’t get you any shares, links!


SEO Campaign Planning tips for website content ranking business growth-560x315
SEO Campaign Planning Tips for Webmasters, SEO managers, and Marketers


Unfortunately, the sad part is that a number of SEO campaigns eventually fail because of one or the other reasons. It is a fact that every marketer has to face. Remember, your every campaign can’t be a great success but just because the campaign didn’t succeed doesn’t imply that it was a failure! Rather it’s an experience which indicates that there is still a room for improvement.


SEO Campaigning for Website Ranking and Business Marketing


Thus, if your SEO campaign fails, it’s high time that you overcome your disappointment and frustration. Try to find out what went wrong and work in the direction to ensure things work better in the next effort. Take a lesson from the experience, apply all the strategies learnt and get your campaign back on track of success.

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Why the SEO Campaigns Fails?


There are numerous reasons as to why the SEO campaigns fail. However, the most prominent of them are:


a. Budget


When we talk about budget as a reason of a SEO campaign’s failure, we don’t mean the amount but what leads to failure is the “unrealistic budget”. Yes, setting an unrealistic budget for your SEO campaigns and efforts can lead to the failure of a SEO campaign.

You don’t have to spend much on your SEO campaign but it is extremely important to handle the budget wisely. Don’t expect unrealistic results with little efforts. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day and any SEO campaign can’t work overnight!

Worldwide Popular SEO Companies


b. Goals


Like with the budget, a number of companies set unrealistic goals with their SEO campaigns and end up fail at the planning stage itself. If you want to attain success in your SEO campaign, then it is important that you set realistic objectives. You might not rank the highest for your target keyword in one month or even in three months but that is quite fine. You got to have patience. Imagine if this would have been so
easy, would everyone not have wanted what they need.


Start small. Start your campaign by thinking objectively. Many people plan to immediately rank for 10 different keywords, which is completely wrong approach. Try to start with optimizing only one keyword or product at a time.

After getting success in that, build your SEO campaign on that basis. Thus, by building small success, you can attain your objectives and see the things progressing.


Remember, an SEO campaign doesn’t work overnight. You need to set realistic goals and timeline. You might even have to wait for a period of two to six months to get your link in the the top of the search engine result.


Even if it doesn’t work at the pace you desired or imagined, don’t lose hope and keep working. Many people take this delay as a failure and stop working towards the campaign. Believe me, this is one blunder that brings them the failure. Don’t pause, keep moving and constantly work towards improving the constant and the keywords.

SEO Tips for eCommerce Sites



What Should You Do If Your SEO Campaign Fails


After your SEO campaign fails, it can be very tempting to wash your hands off with it but do you really want to throw all the time and effort you put in initially? Well, we know you would not want that.


Here is exactly what you can do after your SEO Campaign fails:


Re-Evaluation of the SEO Campaign


Go over the entire content and analyse. Ask yourself if your content is still that awesome as you initially thought? Well, be your own critic and try writing a high-quality, engaging and relevant content.


Take suggestions from others on how can you improve the content. Incorporate their feedback create a wonderful piece of work. Look at the entire campaign and the results. Analysing what went wrong and where and taking preventive measures is the key to the success of any SEO campaign.

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Look at your Outreach


Outreach is where 70% of the SEO campaigns fail. You can’t get success by sending unwanted e-mails after all!Identify your target audience and before sending them your content, try to initiate a relationship with them and build their interest.


Communicate with them professionally, posts comments on their social media posts and tweets. It should be anything important. The idea here is to engage with them to make them aware about you and your work. Don’t forget to pick the right platform too.


After establishing a relationship, when you decide to send your content, don’t miss to track your outreach. This will help you see and analyse how interested your users are in the content you sent.

Press Release Sites for Business Ranking Online


Try the Campaign Again


After getting a hook onto what went wrong, consider retrying the campaign. There might be a possibility that even the second time also, you earn some results only but that’s absolutely fine. If you feel that you have a good piece of content that can be useful and interesting for your audience, keep trying.

If your content is good, you will get good results and your campaign will eventually work.

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Revamp it


Finally, if you don’t get very good results with your campaign, consider revamping your content. Don’t just keep it aside, rather use it in different ways and see the results. There is always something you can do with it so it!




Watching your SEO campaign fail is truly disappointing but everything can’t be a huge success. Learn from your failures and move forward. Remember, only those fail who don’t try! And while you try and work hard, success is bound to come tomorrow, if not today!


To know more about the various techniques that can help you build a great SEO campaign, go through this Step by Step Guide to Build SEO. We wish you all the very best with your campaign!

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7 SEO Tips to Double your Website Traffic and Search Rankings

7 Advanced SEO Techniques That Can Help You Increase Your Search Engine Traffic

In the age of technological evolution, today more than 75% of the people use web to research products and services. According to a study, the first link in the search result gets approximately 17% of all the clicks and 80% of website traffic begins with a search query. That is the reason search engine optimization (SEO) is so important.


Are you also looking forward to double search engine traffic for your website?


SEO Tips Techniques to Double your Website Traffic-550x400
SEO Techniques to Double your Website Traffic


How to Generate Traffic to your Website with SEO?

7 Advanced SEO Techniques that can help you double your Search Traffic:


1. Optimize your Landing Pages:


A properly-designed landing page can do wonders. It can help generate leads and improve sales. Many a times, companies focus only on the homepage while landing pages are no less important. In fact, they are the ones that help you commence a relationship with your website visitor. The more landing pages you create, the more gateways you open up for search traffic.

Try to create engaging and SEO optimized content for each landing page. Write such content that people feel connected to and share it on social media platforms. Create more optimized standalone pages and build an independent landing page for every marketing campaign that you do.


But how can you optimize your landing pages?


Some SEO techniques to optimize landing pages include, picking a long-tail keyword, insert keywords seamlessly, add proper Meta tags, a Meta description, add new content. Don’t forget to add headline, subtitle, bullets, images, and more.

The main aim of the page is to keep people engaged, so ensure that whatever you write, adds value to the reader. Finally, remember link building is still an important factor in Google ranking.  Build quality links to your landing page. There is no substitute to link building.


2. Create a Mobile-Friendly and Responsive Site:


With the growing usage of smartphone across the globe, mobile searches have seen a 7x growth over the past 3 years. Now you have the perfect opportunities to get increased search traffic by targeting smart phone users.


More and more people now use their mobile devices to access internet and perhaps that is the reason why millions of retailers are investing in mobile marketing. Thus, making your site responsive opens your door to search traffic. If you’re searching for a detailed tutorial to make your site responsive to any mobile device, have a look at The Site Wizard.


3. Implement Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)


Google algorithm is updated frequently and to come up in search results, it is important that you adapt the changes continuously. One of the important components that Google considers in ranking the websites is the Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI). The Latent Semantic Indexing or LSI is a technique that identifies patterns in the text content of the paragraph.

The search engines crawls the entire content of a web page for additional keywords with synonyms for the main keyword.

LSI helps improve your search rankings as it indicates Google about the relevance of your topic to a particular search query. LSI is a great tool to increase your ranking and yield significant results for you. But ensure that you don’t over-optimize the LSI keywords or you Google can penalize your site. Write naturally in a flow and ensure that the LSI keywords don’t override the main keyword.


4. Spy and Target Competitor’s Live Keywords


Well, this is something that can save you efforts and time. Research your competitors who already rank high in Google. Analyse the keywords they are ranking for and create more useful content by using just the same keywords. This is a very simple technique that work wonders if used correctly. You can simply now about their entire e-mail marketing strategy by signing up for your competitor’s newsletter.

This will help you audit the competition and stay ahead. Now that you are aware of their strategies, you prepare strategies based on the data rather than the assumptions.

Use these online spying tools to analyse your competitors website.


But how to know the keywords of your competitors?


To know about the keywords of your competitors, open the website SEMrush. Enter the URL of your competitor’s site in the search box, set the country to U.S. and then click the search button. Now do the analysis of their live keywords. You can now easily target those  keywords and create high-quality and engaging content to rank your site on Google.

SEO Tips for Ecommerce Sites


5. Linking to Internal Pages:


‘Linking’ refers to the usage of anchor text for linking other pages inside your blog. This indicates Google about the relevance of your site pages.

Most of the website owners focus to get search visitors on their homepage and often forget to get their internal pages rank too. This is where you need to work upon. You would be surprised to know that your old blog posts and landing pages can help you get new traffic to your site.



Link to Internal Pages for better SEO-400x200
Linking to Internal Pages for better SEO


By interlinking your other pages, you will actually improve the SEO value for those internal pages and improve their search rankings. It will also improve the Page Authority for internal pages. By consistently interlinking your internal pages, it will be easier for the search engines to quick find and index your website pages.


6. Make your site Fast to Load:


According to a study, Most of the visitors wait under 8 seconds for the web page to load. If the page doesn’t load before that time, you lose traffic.

So, what is it that you can do to decrease the loading time of your website?


Well, here are a few tips that can help you optimize the loading time.


  • a)  Uninstall useless plug-ins from the website.
  • b)  Download or install wp-sweep plugin and clear junk like, spam   comments, etc.
  • c)  If you have technical wordpress knowledge, you can even opt to disable useless JavaScript and modify the theme of your website.
  • d)  Use these Tools to check the loading time of the website regularly.


7. Update your Old Posts:


Do you know that even your old post can help you bring traffic? When you update an old post, Google treats it as a new post and ranks it accordingly.


So, which posts should you update?


You can update any old post you like but updating the ones that are not getting enough traffic will help you present good new content for Google to rank.


These 7 SEO websites are sure to double your search traffic. Are you looking to make money through your website? Well, here are 10 advertising networks that can help you Monetize Your Website and Earn Revenue



7 Tips to Increase Sales for your SEO Business & Freelance Services

How to Establish your SEO business Online- Tips for SEO Sellers and Freelancers.


If you are a search engine optimizer or an SEO service provider, then one of the most significant concerns for you will be maximizing your sales. Or, in other words how you can make your SEO services well known so that everyone wants to get SEO services from you and make their business popular as well.

But even after being an SEO firm or SEO startup you are not sure how to do it and rambling from here to there to get the answer to this question then in that condition we are here for you to help you. 

And our today’s discussion is on the same topic that how to sell your SEO services online.


How to Sell SEO Services Online- Business Tips for Sellers-freelancers-Entrepreneurs-600x400
Follow these Tips and Sell your SEO Business Services Online Successfully



How to Sell more of your SEO Services- Tips for Beginner SEO Sellers


1. Prove That You Can Do It


Yes, it is one of the important and foremost steps to follow to sell your SEO services. It is because until and unless you will prove them that you can do it, how can they believe you.

It doesn’t mean that you start to provide the free trial of your services for weeks and months, it just only means that do work on your website to appear in SERPs on the first page and to have organic traffic.

It will reflect that if you can do justice with your SEO service site, then you can do for their website as well.

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2. Listen to your Customers Carefully and Understand their Needs

One of the biggest mistakes that SEO freelancers or companies do is that they are more to explain their end – their services, their packages, etc. Instead of telling about your end and services give a try to listen to your customers things that what they want from you, what is their business is all about, what is the marketing strategy they are implementing presently, etc.


By doing so, you will be able to suggest them better according to their needs that what suits best for their business. So in the simple sense, it means that try to educate them and not sell.

If you are best at doing so, then you need not worry about your sales. It will not only show your expertise in your field but will also increase your sales.


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3. Make your Clients Understand in Their own Way


Always keep in mind that it is also amid one of the important factors to sell your SEO services. Most of the clients don’t understand the technical terms and if you do it will unnecessarily create a problem for them.

Thus, to make them understand speak in terms which they understand like return on investment, lead generation, etc.



4. Brand Your Business to Establish Credibility

[ Effective Tips to Make your Freelance Portfolio Stand out ]


It is the online world and when you are about to sell the SEO services then branding and establishing credibility are one of the important factors to consider. For the same, you have to promote yourself so that you become a familiar face among the prospects and their trust quotient increase for you.

You can promote yourself and your business on different social media channels online which includes Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Snapchat, MySpace, particular industry forums and a lot more.

5. Try to Get Positive Reviews and Promote Them

Positive reviews work as life for the SEO business and others as well. Thus, on that note always try to get a positive review from clients for which you have worked. It will not only make your business popular also it will establish you as an authorized business.Along with that also do try to promote your positive reviews.

10 Best freelance Websites to Sell your SEO Services online

6. Go for Paid Advertising Options


Yes along with free advertising options you can also go for paid advertising for your SEO services if you can invest a good amount in it. And for the same you can go for Facebook Ads, Sponsored Tweets, Twitter Ads and Google Adwords, etc.

It will also help you to a great extent thereby making your business known among the audience.



7. Go For Corporate Partnership


Yes, if you want to sell SEO services online then go for corporate partnerships as it is also one of the best ways. In this, you can go for linking with websites which can promote your business on their blog or website and you can do the same for them.

For example, you can go for partnership with an app development company which mentions you somewhere on their site, and you can mention their app development services on yours.


Hope this post on how to sell your SEO services – online business tips will help you in a realistic manner to establish your SEO business. Thus, share your views and experience on the same thereby implementing it and letting us know in the comment section below.

Also, don’t forget to show your love for the post thereby sharing it on different platforms if you liked it.

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SEO and PPC Promotion – Advantages and Disadvantages [ Online Business Tips ]

Pros and Cons of Pay Per Click and SEO for Online Marketing and Advertising.


Once you involved in the e-commerce business, you need the promotion of the web resource on the Internet. What tools it’s better to choose for this? As a rule, the choice is narrowed to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or PPC (Pay Per Click) promotion.


SEO and PPC Online-advertising marketing Promotion-Pros and Cons-600x400
Pros and Cons of Online Marketing via PPC and SEO


Let’s start with the definition of these two concepts. SEO-optimization – this magic phrase includes a number of actions aimed at promoting in the search engines and, consequently, the attraction of searching robots to your website.



SEO and PPC Advertising


In other words, a number of SEO optimization measures includes, for example, such as:


  • Optimization of the internal structure of the website;
  • Correct prescription of meta tags (title, keywords, description);
  • Registration in catalogs;
  • Accreting with the external links;
  • And much more, which is not included in the concept of contextual    advertising.

As for the PPC promotion, it is so mysterious sphere that in a simple way it can be defined as the purchase of text ads on other websites. Moreover, this contextual advertising is offered by our favorite search engines.


Now, let’s talk about what is the best – PPC or SEO optimization. Thus, we will analyze several parameters.


SEO Tips for PPC Advertising


1. Cost


Usually, SEO is much cheaper than PPC, of course, if you do not purchase backlinks in batches. Internal optimization consists of your salary and the salary of a programmer.

As a rule, catalogs are free of charge. In general, in SEO you have a choice of what and at what price to buy and you can measure these inputs according to your budget.

But, it will not work with PPC. You need to get a return. To get a return in a form of a certain number of visitors (potential buyers) to your website, you should pay a certain price, which is determined not by you. It is specified by the local market, where you operate + search engine that offers you services.

So, contextual advertising or PPC is usually more expensive.


2. Inertia


You have run out of money. What will happen at the front? In the case with PPC, you will get no visitors without money, while there won’t be same problems with SEO. The results will have the effect only after the next indexation.

And even then, they clearly are not known, and unlikely they will sharply get much worse. Do not forget about the free SEO (backlinks in directories, etc.). You will be able to stay afloat if you run out of money for SEO optimization.

The effect of the PPC promotion does not have inertia, unlike the SEO optimization effect.


3. Time to get results


The situation is similar to the above one. PPC will help to get almost immediate results, especially, if you did not skimp money to hire a professional copywriter, who wrote the text of the ad. In the case of SEO optimization, you can take a long time just for the sake of art.

The effect can appear unexpectedly. Perhaps, it can be after the next conversion of Google PR, and possibly later. And, it may happen right tomorrow. SEO is a hard work that pays off not right away.

So, the time of getting the results from PPC advertising is almost instant, from SEO – not very fast, but it lasts longer.

Best Marketing Tools for Small Businesses


4. Predictable Results


Despite its mystery, it is easier to predict the effect of the PPC promotion. There are many formulas (for example, CTR, etc.), which cannot be said about SEO as you should simply constantly work on it.


5. The Ability to Manage the Process


It is much higher for PPC. At any time, you can stop the campaign or change the text of the ad. In the case of SEO, if, for some reason, you’ve decided to abandon the backlinks from directories, of course, you will not you remove the existing ones.Or you’ve changed the keywords in meta tags for your site and no one knows how, when and what will be the effect.

Thus, the possibility of operational management is higher for PPC advertising.


6. Setting


You can customize time and geography of contextual advertising. In SEO, there is only conditional geographic targeting. But on the other hand, with the use of SEO, you can capture a lot of non-target or narrowly targeted queries, while it will be much more expensive for PPC.

In the case of contextual advertising, you pay for every visitor.


In the case of SEO, each unplanned visitor is free. For example, someone decided to put a link to your resource on their website, because this person got a positive feedback from another friend, or someone just liked the content on your site. And roughly speaking, any visitor from such source does not cost you a penny.


7. Monitoring


PPC advertising requires constant attention, working on ads, prices, and so on. If you do SEO, the effect can either be or not. Actually, it will be, but you could not immediately check and control it, as it has been said above.


8. Psychology


There are people, who basically do not look at contextual ads. SEO will be the most effective way to approach to them. But, there are also those who love to watch and click PPC advertising. For them, SEO is almost an empty phrase.


So what is better? You should decide it for yourself. Don’t forget that this decision should also be based on your budget. It’s not effective to start PPC campaign and finish it in one week. The more areas you cover – the better will be the results. Still, we recommend starting with the quality SEO.

Without any basic SEO, your contextual advertising will be just a waste of money.

Good luck!

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Top 10 Most Popular SEO Companies and Agencies Worldwide

List of 10 Best SEO Companies Worldwide for Search Engine Marketing and Website Ranking


This article is focused on the most popular and most admired SEO companies around the World in the year 2018-19.


Search Engine Optimization or popularly known SEO is the prime element in present date for the success of any online business. Thus, if you are also an online business owner and want to get succeeded in the digital world, then you can also implement these SEO practices in your business promotion activities.


Most of the SEO agencies in the list are from USA, UK, Australia, Germany, Canada, South Africa, India, New Zealand, UAE.For the same, you can either apply SEO techniques by yourself or can hire any best SEO company having SEO experts incorporating years of experience to do it for you.


Top 10 Best SEO Companies Worldwide for Search Engine Rankings-550x300
The Most Popular and Highly Genuine SEO Companies Worldwide for SEO Services



Top 10 SEO Companies Worldwide for Search Engine Marketing Services


As there are many SEO Companies are present in the marketplace so that you can select the best among them. But here the question is that how to find the best and top SEO Companies who can provide the results without making any fake promises.


So if you are also searching for the answer to the same question then today I am going to share top 10 SEO Companies Worldwide. These will help you to serve your online business in the best manner no matter what where you live.

Top 10 Marketing Companies in USA


Here is the list of Top 10 Most Popular SEO Companies in the World:-


Top 10 SEO companies in the World. List of Most Popular SEO Companies globally that are famous for SEO Services. The best SEO agencies for Website ranking and search engine traffic.



1. Boostability


Boostability is among one of the best SEO Companies in the world. It is a US based company serving its services of digital marketing. It was founded in the year if 2009 and in this short span of time has gained such a good position because of dedicated services.

The Company has served many clients in the different sector with their best services of search engine optimization along with a team of professional and experienced digital marketing experts.



Boostability-Number #1 US based SEO Company in the World



The company provides its services both at global and local levels to small businesses as well as big enterprises.

The company’s major clients include J.D. Power, Alegria Shoes, Artbeats, Dexter Law, Decisions, etc. Along with that company has a strong customer base of more than 7500 clients.

And the clientele retention rate of the enterprise is 92%. The company’s primary services include SEO, Local SEO, Web development, and SMM. And the revenue generated by the firm is above $10 million.



Follow Boostability on Twitter @Boostability


Alexa Rank Worldwide: – 115720
Alexa Rank in USA: – 31519

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2. WME


The company was founded in 2008 and has achieved such a high position in short span of time which in itself is self-explanatory about its success rate. The company has more than 150 employees and has a customer base of more than 4000 clients.



WME-SEO-digital-media company-500x300
WME- One of the most popular SEO and digital media company in the world



The company’s major clients include Allied Pickfords, Atkins, Puma, RACV, and Taxis Combined.

And the customer’s retention score of the company is 98.2%.

The primary services of the company include Web design, PPC management and Search Engine Optimization; the secondary services include Reputation Management, Conversion Rate Optimization, and Local SEO.

And the revenue generated by the company is above $10 million.


Follow WME on Twitter @WMEaus

Alexa Rank Worldwide: – 281106
Alexa Rank in Australia:  – 6536Where to buy SEO Services Online


3. Ranking Check ( now More Fire Agency )


Ranking Check is one of the best SEO Company in Germany and across the world. Ranking Check was founded in the year of 2005 and from then it provides both the local and global SEO services to its clientele base.


The company has served both national and international clients, and some of the companies major clients are Rhenania Buchversand, Spotlight Verlag, Tele2, and Limango.


The company has more than 50 full-time employees and has a customer base of 80 customers. Along with that, the client retention rate of the enterprise is 90%.


The service which company provides as major ones include, Search Engine Optimization – SEO, Pay per Click Management and Integrated Search which includes SEO & PPC.


The secondary services which company offer are PPC bid management and conversion optimization. The revenue generation of the company lies between $3 million to $5 million.



Follow More Fire on Twitter @morefireagency


Alexa Rank Worldwide: – 85983

Alexa Rank in Germany: – 4699


What is Document Sharing Process in SEO



4. TrafficSource UK Ltd


TrafficSource is fourth in the row and also a best global SEO Company.


TrafficSource is UK based company provides its services all around the world. They provide SEO services to small size business as well as big firms both globally and internationally.



trafficsource_co_uk-SEO_marketing_service_provider_600x300 SEO marketing service provider


The company was founded in the year of 2007 and currently 15 full-time employees.

The primary services provided by the company include Commerce SEO, PPC Management, Integrated search (SEO & PPC) and Social Media Marketing.


The secondary services include Conversion rate optimization & Lead optimization.

The client retention rate for the company is 96%, and the revenue generated by the company is amid $250,000 – $1 million.

The active customers the company has in present counts 19. And the major one includes Funky Giraffe, London Institute of Photography, Pink Clove, Joseph’s Wigs, and LateSail.



Follow TrafficSource on Twitter @TrafficSource


Alexa Rank Worldwide: – 1448614

Alexa Rank in United Kingdom (UK): – 123035

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5. R.O.I. Digital Media Agency



ROI Digital media agency for SEO related Services



R.O.I. Media is also among the world’s best SEO Company. R.O.I Media is South Africa-based Company providing the services of search engine optimization. The company was founded in 2010 but serving clients before then that which makes a total 14 years of serving customers with their services. The company has worked with many clients with their close-knit team of experts.


The company has 26-50 full-time employees who work to provide outstanding results for projects. Along with that Company has total active clients who count 76. The major ones are Future Now, My Camera, Aca Joe, Carrol Boyes, My Gate.


The primary services of the company include search engine optimization and PPC.  And the secondary one includes Web development, web designing, and Link Building.

Along with that, the firm has a client retention rate of 98% and revenue generation between $5 million – $10 million.



Follow ROI Digital on Twitter @ROI_Digital_za

Alexa Rank Worldwide: –390551

Alexa Rank in South Africa: –6,817



6. SEO Egypt


SEO Egypt in sixth in the row and is also a worldwide known SEO Company. It is Egypt based SEO Company providing the services of SEO, Arabic SEO, etc. The Company was founded in the year of 2006, and it has been 10 years for the company to serve its services of SEO.


seoegyptcom-Egypt_Arabic_SEO_marketing_company_600x300 Egypt Arabic SEO Marketing Company


The company has full-time employees amid 11-25, and 100 have active clients.

Among which the primary customers are Alnaddy, American Furniture, Almasry Alyoum, Razzaz Shop and Afdal.

Together with that the company provides Search Engine Optimization, Pay per Click Management and Link Building as first services while social media marketing, web design, and development as secondary ones.

Also the client retention rate of the company is 95% & revenue generation between $250,000- $1 million.



Follow SEO Egypt on Twitter @SeoEgypt


Alexa Rank Worldwide: – 776,255

Alexa Rank in South Africa: – 20,124



7. PageTraffic

India’s award winning and most reputed SEO agency for 2019!


Page Traffic is also one of the best SEO Company in India and Worldwide. It is a New Delhi, India based company. The company deals with both local and global SEO for national and international clients.



The company was founded in 2002 and from then serving customers with its best services of search engine optimization worldwide.



Some of the company’s major client list includes OLX, Airways Hotel, Get Data, Custom Embossers, and Stellar.The company has more than 100 full-time employees along with a customer base of more than 700 clients.


The primary services of the company include, Social Media Marketing, Link Building, and Search Engine Optimization. And the secondary services include Web Development, Reputation Management, and Enterprise SEO.

Along with that, the client retention rate of the company is 98%, and revenue generated by the firm is $3 million – $5 million.

Alexa Rank Worldwide: – 86966
Alexa Rank in India: – 6,160



8. BlueHat Marketing


BlueHat Marketing is eighth in the row and also comes under the category of world’s best SEO Companies.
The Company is Canada based and serves its services of SEO worldwide.


The company was founded in 2008 and includes web design, Search engine optimization, and social media marketing as first services. And Pay Per Click Management as auxiliary services. The company has 50+ current employees, and 340 have active clients.


Among which major ones are Newfoundland & Labrador Employer’s Council, Excel Funds, Keller Williams and Sibername.  Also, the company possesses a client retention rate of 93% which is pretty good. Also, the revenue generated by the company is amid $5 million – $10 million.


Alexa Rank Worldwide: – 481110
Alexa Rank in Canada: – 14541

9. FCDigital


FCDigital is also a good SEO company worldwide. It is a Mexico-based company which was founded in the year of 2007 and from then serving their clients worldwide. The services provided by the firm include Web development, Web design, and Search Engine Optimization.


Along with that the company has 11-25 full-time employees and has 78 active clients. The major customer’s list includes Cach Hosting, AMIB 2007, SGAIM, Cuernavarte, and Ideogram. Along with that revenue generation of the company is amid $1 million – $3 million and has client retention rate of 89%.


Alexa Rank Worldwide: – 657662
Alexa Rank in Mexico: – 12020

10. Chrisans Web Solution


Chrisans Web Solution is also among the best SEO companies in the world. It is a Kuwait-based company which was founded in 2009 and in such a short duration time achieved such a good position.


The services which company proffers to its clientele base include Pay Per click Management and Search Engine Optimization. The other services which are provided by the company include web design.


Along with that, the full-time employees of the company counts amid 11-25 and 53 active clients. Among which most important ones are : Maisalghanim,, Restaurant., and Advanced Medical German Co.  Also, the company holds a customer retention rate of 91% and revenue generation between $1 million – $3 million.


Alexa Rank Worldwide: – 1,107,518
Alexa Rank in India: – 166,155




So, this was the complete list of the best SEO Companies in the world. Hope that it will help you to find the good SEO Company irrespective of your place.So, let us know your views about the post in the comment section below. And also share the post to different social media platforms if you really like the post, then what are you waiting for just show your love.


20 Best FREE Directory Submission Sites List 2020 for SEO for Website Ranking


Top Directory Submission Sites List with High PR for Ranking your Website Higher in Search Engines

Top SEO Directory Submission Sites for 2020


If you have  your own website, may it be for blogging or business purposes, then you will need to have good traffic. But the question is: How can you let traffic in? This is where backlinking ( ) will help. Backlinking is a list of links that direct back to your website, having people visit your page.

There are many types of ways following which you can earn backlinks to your website, similar to marketing strategies in order to sell your product. One of them would be using directory submission, specially the ones with high Page Rank (PR).


What is a Web Directory?


A web directory ( What is a Web directory ) is to register or submit your website into a directory of links and other pages in certain categories in order for more people of your target audience visit your page.


Best Free SEO Directory Submission Sites list at Ads2020-marketing-550x350
A Must to Use Directory Submission List for SEO and Web Ranking


10 Best Directory Submission Sites for SEO


Directory Submission sites that are good for SEO



While there are paid blog directories, there are many that offer free services as well. In this article, we show you the top 10 best free directory submission sites for SEO.


Here are some of the free directory submissions you are able to work with:


1. DMOZ No #1 Directory on the Internet


Dmoz – The Best of all directory sites on the Internet!


Dmoz is the oldest and largest of them all! This directory site is loved and used by all the countries around the World. The most authorized and reputed web directory on the entire Internet!


This is a human edited directory and they have a good number of voluntary moderators and editors working there. So, it becomes quite tough getting listed at them considering that they have thousands of sites pending in their moderation queue.


But, it’s worth a lot the wait.

This is a website that’s very easy to use, with the categories already lined up for you once you visit the page. It’s international, so anyone around the world will be able to use and take advantage of it.


➤ If you are interested in directory submission list then i am sure you would also like never miss the opportunity to submit your links into the best social bookmarking sites for SEO here.

Local Directory Sites in India

2. Dizila Directory


dizila_com-top-directory-page-rank6-400x300 a top web directory with Page Rank 6


A perk about Dizila is that they have a directory up on their page and a search bar to easily check a specific category. You also get a database of the top links and categories to easily navigate.Article Submission Sites with Instant Approval


3. EnviroLink


envirolink-org-high-pr-directory-600x400 : A High PR directory site


EnviroLink is a great way to submit directories on websites regarding the environment and other forms of sciences, focusing on non-profit organizations. You can also sign up for their newsletter through submitting your e-mail address.

They have a sitemap to make it easy to navigate around. They also have a forum as well based on Ecology and community at





somuch-high-pr-directory-600x300 High PR Directory is quite an old site and hence carries a lot of good reputation over the Internet. Its trust value and authority is good. The site is constantly maintained and taken care by the owner who has got more than 15 years of experience running such sites.

They approve quickly and let everyone submit their site provided that the listing is valid and not a porno, illegal, or gambling related site.

How to Submit your site at


Free Links Submission:

You can submit a link for free at They will review your link and then manually approve it. It may takes 2-3 days to even weeks time depending upon the length of the queue. If you want to jump the queue and want to be ahead of the herd then you need to pay something for one time.


Accelerated 12 hr Link Approval plan:

If you don’t want to wait and make sure that your link get approved quickly then you need to pay a one time fee of $8.95. They will approve your link within 12 hours provided that your site meets their criteria.


Enhanced Link Submission Plan:


This is the best offer from them and you need to pay yearly to take this plan. Your link will be approved within 12 hours and it will be included in the list of special links which are randomly displayed on each page load. Plus, your link will be displayed on their Facebook page as well. This plan will cost you $22.95 per year.


A perfect Procedure to Follow while Submitting to Different Directories


5. Submission Web Directory


At “Submission Marketing Web Directory” you can submit a link or an article or both!This is a very simple site to go through, as it already has all the categories to choose from. You are also able to find cheap web hosting and relevant blog posts on tips regarding how you are able to increase traffic and enhance your website for more audience and visitors.


6. Site Promotion Directory


Another web directory that is simple to use, all you need to do is to submit your website URL to the appropriate category. Once it is reviewed by their team and approved, your website is now up for others to view!


➤Are you panicked for waiting the manual approval processing time? I would suggest you to also check this list of directories that don’t moderate and publish your listing straight away.


7. AbiLogic Local Search


This has a nice interface to use, as they show all the latest websites, countries and top categories to choose from. You can also find their partners and more information on directory submission through their website.


8. High Rank Directory


Not only can you submit links to add to their directory, but you can submit articles as well. You also have the links and articles of the latest submissions, if you are interested in checking them out.


9. ABC Directory


Like other websites, you can list down both links and articles into various categories.These are entirely free, but they also have premium listings you can join for a fee.

You open up to all the latest listings and can easily submit your link or article with no registration required.


10. A1 Web Directory


A1 Web Directory has an easy to navigate feature where you are able to search websites through the region, country or category. You can easily get to the website you are looking for or submit your own to be easily found by your target audience all over the world.


Top 20 Directory Submission Sites for 2020


An illustration of Directory Submission Process

Directory Submission List to Rank and Promote your website

Unsur Penting Saat Akan Submite Website

Top 10 Video Submission sites for marketing, Blogging, and SEO

Top 30 PDF Sharing Sites where you could add good number of links urls

Free Business Directories for Marketing Promotion in USA


Bonus: A Must to Use Site for SEO and Submission:


Scrub The Web


Scrub the Web-Search Engine and Meta Submission Directory-550x350
Scrub the Web- Free Search Engine Submission and a place to find useful tips on Meta Data


Just like its title, Scrub The Web focuses on building on page and offpage SEO by optimizing meta data on your site as well as submitting it to major search engines. It is giving people the chance to submit their sites without the need to pay.

Their website may be a bit old-fashioned, but they have been working since 1996, making them a good website to work with.

Add you Business or Website in Bing Local Search Maps


In Conclusion


With the many methods on how to increase traffic, backlinking and directory submission is one of them. With these best free directory submission sites, you will hopefully be able to boost your SEO and website visibility. If you think that your website or blog is not ranking well in search engines, then read this post which is based on- The Reasons Why your website is not ranking well in SERPs.So what are you waiting for?

If you would want to boost your website’s traffic and audience, then start submitting your website or blog into these directories today. It’s a quick and free way to get more people coming to your website and spreading the word of your articles or the products and services you have to showcase.


Did you enjoy the article and has it helped you in any way? If you have more suggestions or thoughts, then comment down below! We would love to hear what you have to say about backlinking and SEO


Watch the Useful Youtube Video about- What is Directory Submission? How to Submit a Website URL? | Why to use Directory Submission?

Next Post – What is Alexa Ranking and how to use it for SEO and Website evaluation.
Top 20 Microblogging Sites List for SEO and Free website url Submission


Ask the Internet- Top 10 Q&A Websites List to Post Questions and Answers

Question and Answer Sites List: Best Online Places to Ask Questions related to  Personal, Professional, and Business domains


10 Best Q&A Websites, like Yahoo and Quora to Seek Answers and get Free Referral Traffic and SEO Benefits.


In present date we have many sources to find answer to our queries, we can get answers to questions either by means of articles and blogs and videos and so on.


But many times we come across the situations when we don’t find any right or satisfactory answers to the questions. Here the Q/A sites come in action and plays an important role. With the help of these Question and Answers sites, we can find the answers to even those questions, we don’t find by other sources of information.

So today I am going to share the top 10 Question and Answers on the internet where you can find answers on any topic and even expert advice. It is because experts also do have accounts on these sites to help the people.

Top 10 review Sites


Who can find these sites useful?


In general, these sites could be very useful for anyone who is searching for answers on any kind of topic. So, if you are in a confusion or if you have any doubts or need clarity then you should put your query on the sites mentioned here. All of these online platforms are backed by community members (like you and me) who are registered on these sites.

Well, mostly 3 types of people come to these sites:

Who want to find help in getting answers for their questions (any type of questions)

Who want to monitor their brand and business presence among the common users and who want to find the trends and what people are talking and enquiring about a certain business or product.

Who are interested in backlink building opportunities for their website or content. These sites have great online scores and ratings (Alexa rank, DA/PA and Moz rank) and the backlinks earned from here carry a lot of value.


Top 10 sites-to ask questions and get answers of anything-550x350
Top 10 sites on the Internet to ask questions, seek help, get answers and information on anything


10 Best Question and Answer Sites on the internet!


List of the Question and Answer Sites on the Internet- Best Places on the Web to ask questions, get Help and Information on any topics and subjects.


#1. Quora- Get the Best Answers to Any Questions

[ How to get massive Free Traffic from Quora ]




Quora- Get the Best Answers to Any Question-500x400
Quora- Get the Best Answers to Any Questions



Quora is undisputed leader on the web as of today for asking and answering questions online. You can ask anything or find any kinds of questions there.


Quora is number #1 Q&A site on the entire Internet today. And, why not? See, how they have developed this platform with loads of interesting and valuable features. There are millions of registered users on it in which there are every kind of people who have knowledge in different areas of the human life whether it is related to personal, professional, health, mental, society, business, personal development, scientific, or academics.

Quora makes questions-answers very presentable and they send the updates to their millions of registered users based on their topics of interest and choice. You can find hundreds of Q&A on Quora community that get thousands of likes within hours after posting on daily basis.


The user engagement on Quora community is unbeatable, outstanding, and unmatched.


Quora Inc is a silicon Valley venture and it was started in 2009. To tell its popularity i would give you its viewers base which is 200 million monthly unique visitors ( for the year 2018).

There are so many reasons what make Quora the number #1 Question-Answer site on the web.

On Quora, you can find many categories under which you can ask questions and get answers to your questions.


Many industry experts are there on Quora to answer your queries. You can also give answers as well if you are an expert on a certain topic. Likewise, Yahoo answers you can also upvote the answers which you find problem-solving. On Quora, You can also put your blogs in the blog section.


And also can follow specific questions, people, and topics to stay updated with latest things happening around.


Quora is much much more than mere a Q&A platform. To find its useful features and know its usage, please read this guide on how to start using Quora to the fullest benefits.


You can be friend with me on Quora by going here and i will connect with you there!


Alexa Rank Worldwide: – 96

Alexa Rank India: – 14

Alexa Rank USA:-98

Top 10 Sites for Online Education and Learning


#2. Yahoo Answers- Get answer and Information from Experienced Users

[ How to get free Traffic and advertise your business on Yahoo ]


Yahoo Answers-The oldest and reputed site to get any kinds of answers



There was a time when Yahoo Q&A was the #1 best place to go online and ask questions and answer others. But, this changed around 5-10 years back when some online platforms seriously took this concept and started dedicatedly to improve the users experience by adding lots of new and advanced features. Unlike Yahoo, they put in lot of efforts into the development and advancement of the way Q&A sites were being held and used.


Yahoo Answers is one of the most trusted and well-known Q/A website on the internet. You must have already seen how frequently Yahoo Answers appear on Google Searches for so many queries. This is why this is thought to be very good site for SEO and good quality backlinks.


It has around 29 individual categories, related to all sectors ranging from business & finance to Home & Garden, Games & Recreation to Society & culture and so on.


Thus, on that note, you can get answers to almost anything on this Question and Answer site.  You can also give answers as well if you are an expert on a particular topic.


And the best thing about the site is that it does not entertain any unnecessary links in the answer. It keeps them only and only when it is truly crucial.  Along with that you can also award best answers to you question.


Alexa Rank Worldwide: – 5
Alexa Rank USA: – 5


And according to stats millions of monthly visits occur on Yahoo answers.


#3. StackExchange – Made up of 160 Expert Communities


stackexchange-a popular Q n A site to get expert answers


StackExchange is also amid the list of best Q/A sites. StackExchange is, in fact, a collection of different websites (sub domains) for every individual category.

For example, if you are searching for mathematics then it has a complete website for it where you can ask any query related to math and so on.

You can get an idea about their full list of sites of StackExchange for different categories with the mentioned link.

Alexa Rank Worldwide: – 159

Alexa Rank in USA: – 137



#4. – Knowledge Exchange via WikiAnswers, ReferenceAnswers, VideoAnswers one of the popular sites to get answers is third in the row of best Question and answers sites. With you can find answers to any of your questions which come under their around 29 categories and sub-categories. You can also promote your questions, join community forums and even contribute on the website to make answers better if you are more into answering then asking.


Additionally, you can also write articles to explain the things in your area of expertise better by becoming an Writer.


Alexa Rank Worldwide: – 498
Alexa Rank in USA: – 183


#5. JustAnswer- Get Answers from ‘Verified’ Experts


JustAnswer-a good site for question-answers-500x400 a popular question answer site


JustAnswer is also among the websites that answer your questions with 100% satisfaction guarantee. It is a paid Question and answers site to get answers 24*7.  It is also available with many categories to provide answers in those categories.

Here on JustAnswer, you can apply for becoming an expert & becoming an affiliate to earn money.


Alexa Worldwide: – 3541
Alexa USA: – 995



#6. AllExperts – Oldest & Largest Free Q&A Services


allexperts-com-question-answer-site-500x400 of the Oldest question and answer community site


According to Details mentioned on Portal itself: – “ is the oldest & largest free Q&A service on the Internet and has more than 2 million questions answered.


AllExperts is indeed a great portal to get the answers, and one thing which makes it different from other Questions and answers site is that it only provides a login credential to experts with their means Expert Login.

You can also apply for being an expert by means of their Expert Application.


Alexa Worldwide: – 38,328

Alexa Rank in US: – 13,444


#7. Blurtit- To Ask, to Learn, to Share, to Grow


Blurtit-social-community for question answer is one of the famous q&a websites. Here you get answers to any question of your interest. They deal with 22 categories to provide answers in different sectors.  You can ask questions, give answers and also can follow individuals.You can also ask questions anonymously without being a registered user. And if you want can make an account on it by registering through mail or any of these social networks: – Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.

Alexa Worldwide: – 44,920
Alexa India: – 9,570


#8. Able2Know- A Free Forum to Ask and Share Answers is one of the best online Q&A sites. Here you can ask questions and get answers, also can answer questions and help others. There are total 24 categories on the portal for Questions and Answers. With Able2Know you can also see your ignored users. Registration is must to perform any activity on the platform.

Alexa Worldwide: – 97558

Alexa USA: – 54566



#9. The AnswerBank- For answers on Quizzes, Puzzles, Law, News, Crosswords, etc



The AnswerBank is an excellent Question and Answer Website to get your queries solved. The website has around 31 categories in which you can ask questions and also respond to questions. And for that, you have to become a registered member of the platform.


You can also use their website to ask and answer questions with the means of their Mobile site named Mobile AB.


Alexa Worldwide: – 134282
Alexa USA: – 43523



#10. Ask Me Help Desk- Get an Expert Advise on any Topic


Ask Me Help Desk is last in the row and is also one of the best Q&A websites on the internet. It has twelve categories in all with a huge number of subcategories. If you love to surf the internet on mobile, then you can also use their mobile website.


All you have to become a registered member of the portal to do any activity. On their portal, you can also view the list of their experts of different categories.


Alexa Worldwide: – 134282
Alexa USA: – 43523


Hope that this list of Question and Answers websites will help you to get the best answers to your queries and can also contribute to establishing you as an authorized expert. Let us know about your views. Best Websites for Checking Grammar Online


SEO Tips for E-Commerce Sites- 10 Ways for Better Optimization Scores

Top 10 Ecommerce SEO Tips that Every Online Store Website needs to Implement

Find out How to Optimize your Online Store for Better Search Engine Rankings.


If you run a small ecommerce business, then it is probably true that you have a limited budget for sectors like search engine optimization, advertising, website design and email marketing. Among the mentioned sectors, one of the most important ones is known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO for your ecommerce site.


In such case, you would probably look for the most efficient and effective SEO tips which can help you to go your ecommerce business further enough to make you a successful entrepreneur.


SEO for E-Commerce Sites-howto-rank-optimization-tips-550x300
SEO Tips for E-Commerce based Online Store


SEO and Ecommerce Sites


However, most of the ecommerce businesses do not touch the pinnacle of success as the owners fail to give importance on the SEO sector of the site. But, you have to remember that following effective SEO techniques can help you reaching your goal by becoming a successful ecommerce entrepreneur.


For these reasons, we have researched a lot on this topic and then, we have come up with 10 most fundamental Tips for SEO for E-commerce website owners and entrepreneurs.

We believe that following these search engine optimization tips would help you running your ecommerce site smoothly and eventually, you will reach your destination. Therefore, you have to give proper attention to the following SEO tips which we are going to be described in details.


10 Most Helpful SEO Tips for Ecommerce Sites


SEO is a very important aspect for any ecommerce website. If you make a list of the most important things to be done for an ecommerce business then SEO for its website comes in the first top 5!Just like care for promotion and marketing, pay close attention to improve the search engine visibility of your online store website.


Follow the below given basic tips to correct the SEO process of your site.


1. Performing keyword research


The best thing to start with, in this case, is to begin with performing keyword research. In such case, you can find different types of keywords tools like Google Keyword Planner. With the help of this software, you can have estimation about how many times each keyword is being searched by the users for the keywords you are going to set as target for your ecommerce site. In this case, it is better idea to perform this keyword research after the end of each period of six months.


keyword research for SEO for Ecommerce Storefront site-400x250
Doing SEO keyword research for Ecommerce Storefront


Actually, the popularity of the keywords does change with the passage of time. Therefore, you cannot rely on a particular group of keywords for all the time. For example, one of your keywords which was much popular two to three months ago may not have the same popularity after the end of that particular period of time.

For that situation, you must have to change your popular keywords otherwise search engines will not find your page when the customers make a search for the products your business is selling.


2. Never ever Rush about the Launch of your Ecommerce Site

The most common mistake usually done by most of the unsuccessful entrepreneurs is to rush about the launching of the ecommerce site. In this case, you have to remember that famous quote, “First impression is the best impression.”

In your ecommerce business, you will never get a second chance for launching your site. If you fail at the first attempt, then you can never become successful through doing that ecommerce business.


Launching an Ecommerce Website


However, you can purchase the domain name in the earlier time otherwise someone else may buy that. But, never ever put the content unless the content and SEO is done. For such cases, you can put a sign board of “Coming Soon” on the homepage of your site. When the Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, paid advertising and all other necessary things are done, then you can think of
launching your ecommerce website.

➤ Find out what you need to do before launching your site


3. Try using the Top Keywords in the URL page:


While you make a list of your keywords for your ecommerce site, you have to separate the keywords’ list according to their popularity.
And, when you give the name of your category page, you should use the top keyword on that URL link. For example, your top keyword is best baseball bat and you’re your domain name is

In that case, you have to name the category page like
However, you have to be careful in this case because the search engines avoid the URLs which have longer characters.


So, if your top keyword is too long, then try to shorten it and make it fit enough within 75 characters. In your case, if your category page already exists, then you can think of creating a new page and then perform a 301 redirect in order to alert all the search engines about the change you have made after changing the URL name.

4. Putting focus on the customers/users:


One of the biggest disadvantages of any ecommerce business is that the customers do not get the chance of smelling, feeling, touching and seeing the product before they take the final decision of purchasing the product.

Although there is no alternative way to avoid this obstacle, but there are some ways which you can apply in order to give priority to your customers. For example, using high quality photographs for your products, offering free shipping, fixing appropriate pricing and making the easiest way of completing the order procedure.


5. Keeping the page Titles as short as possible:


Another important tip for the ecommerce entrepreneurs is that they have to think of the page title very carefully. The general rule you can follow is that the page title length should not be more than 60- 55 characters. It is to be maintained because the latest Google algorithm avoids the longer page titles. If you really want to keep your full title to be shown, then you have to keep that title short, simple, and unique.


6. Avoiding Content Repetition


For every ecommerce it is to be informed that you have to avoid content repetition as the search engines hate the duplicate content or, repetition of the same content.

It has been found that many ecommerce businesses face the failure because of putting the same content in  different pages of the site.

Additionally, they were also penalized by the search engines because of the content repetition.


So, the owners of every ecommerce site give much concentration in finding out ways to avoid content repetition or, reduce the amount of relevant information in different pages of the same website. In order to avoid such sort of problems, owners can use the tip like meticulous label, for instance, rel = “canonical”.This will help them to identify and reduce the number of relevant or duplicate content in their website.


➤ Top 10 Duplicate content Checker Tools


7. Getting attached to the Social Media


In order to become successful in running an ecommerce site, the business owners have to get attached to the social medias as closely as possible. At the current time, the internet users spend most of their time in surfing different types of social media like Twitter, Facebook, and many others.


For such cases, if the ecommerce business owners can link their sites to those social medias, then there is a chance of getting huge response from the potential customers.

For example, paid advertisement on Facebook is a great tip to be followed as the users find the ad of the product on their home page of Facebook when they scroll the page down. At the same time, they can also tweet about their new and existing products in order to let the users know about their products in an easier way.


8. Using the Meta Descriptions Correctly


Most of the ecommerce business owners are not aware of the fact that meta description plays a great role in case of earning success to their businesses with SEO.

Although, the meta description alone does not improve your site’s ranking in the search engine’s result page, but this description are shown in blue color in the result page.


It helps the users to identify whether the searched word or phrases are listed in the web page or not. This basically helps the users to understand whether they should go to visit that page or not.


At the same time, the website also get clicks because users have the tendency to visit that particular web page when they find the searched keyword or phrase in blue color in the result page of the search engines.


9. Using Keywords in the Right Place of the Content:


In case of using the keywords in the content, the site owners have to be very careful. You cannot just place the keywords wherever you want to place them within the content. Instead, you have to be strategic in this case of placing the keywords in the content of your web page.


Make sure that you place the top keywords in title, url of the page, the 1st paragraph, last paragraph and in the middle of the page. For other LSI keywords, you need to maintain keyword density and this density should be 2% to 3% depending on the total word limit of your content.


If you fail to place your keywords in the exact place, then the search engines would overlook your web page and at that time, your ecommerce site would not get a higher rank in the result page shown by the search engines.


➤ Top 10 SEO Companies for Ecommerce



10. Adding Properly SEO Optimized Images to your Products



Image optimization Tips for an Ecommerce Website



Search engines see an image through its Alt tag ( Alternative tag). The file name of the image becomes its url.So, for the full optimization of an image you must pay attention on:


  • File name of the image ( give a keyword rich name to the file) 
  • Alt tag ( <img src=”image.png” alt=””> )
  • Title of the image ( write descriptive name)
  • Caption of the image
  • Proper compression of the image ( for reducing its overall size so that it loads faster. Speed is also an SEO factor today!)


At the current time, proper images attached to the products carry great sort of importance in case of getting a higher rank in the result page of the image search engines. After the latest update of the Google Algorithm, the image search has got huge amount of popularity for earning success for the ecommerce business.

That is the reason; you must place relevant keywords in the caption of the images so that search engines can find those images whenever the users make a search using those particular keywords.To make your images search engine optimized, you need to add ALT and Title tags to your images as given below:




SEO for an ecommerce site is different from other websites and blogs. As per design and SEO, an ecommerce site has qualities that are found in combination of many types websites.For an example, an ecommerce site has user generated content similar to forums and review sites.

Similarly, an ecommerce site is also like a directory/classified/job site as well where the content is uploaded and updated by external users.

Actually, there are lots of effective tips and tricks of SEO which ecommerce website owners need to follow, if they want to reach their actual destination.

We believe that we have properly described the crucial SEO Tips which the ecommerce entrepreneurs must follow in order to bring success to their online business.


➤ SEO Directories for Ecommerce Website submission



How to List your Business in Bing Local Places for Free Marketing at Bing

7 Steps Beginners Guide on How to List your Business on Bing Local Places

A Step By Step Guide on How to Add your Business to be Showed in Search Result Pages (SERPs) in Bing Local for Search Engine Traffic.

Local Listing or citations is always an important factor in SEO and also to promote online businesses in an efficient manner. Also with the local listing, you can provide your business a better online visibility, right information about your business to your customers and traffic on your online business website. Thus, on that note listing on listing sites is one of the best ways to be in the eyes of your targeted audience.

See Also: Top 10 Search Engines List


For the same there are many good listing sites are present on which doing listing can help to acquire more good positions in SERPs as well. And Bing listing is among one of those listing platforms. So how to get your business listed on Bing is our today’s topic.


Step by Step Guide on How to List your Business on Bing



7 Steps to Get your Business Listed in Bing Local Listing Pages


So here are the 7 steps to follow to make your business listed on Bing:-


1. Make An Account at Microsoft Bing 


Yes, the very first step includes making a Microsoft account. So, first of all, make a Microsoft account with any of the Microsoft supporting accounts including Xbox live, Outlook, Hotmail, and Onedrive.


Get Started to enlist your business at Bing Places



After creating Microsoft account just head towards the “Bing Places” by following the link. After that click on the “Get started” yellow button, it will lead you towards a screen where you can search for your business.



3. Add or Claim your Business Listing


Find out How to Claim Your Business at Bing Local Places


As mentioned in the #2 point, search for your business (on the screen or page on which Get started button headed you.) Here you can search for your business in two ways – either you can select your country from the drop-down list available and entering the business phone number or by entering the business name and location of the firm (complete business address).


Once you fill up the details for searching business thereby clicking the search button, it will show you the results based on your search.


It just means that it will show results in both the cases whether your business is present in its database or not by  presenting results with that name (if the company is already listed) and by showing “Create New Business” button (if not present).

Thus, on that note, you can simply claim, edit or modify your listing by choosing the select button if the business already exists and can create a new business by clicking “Create New Business” button if not.




4. Sign in into your Microsoft Account


If your business is not listed, then you have to list it by creating it. Once you click on Create New Business button for creating a new business, it will head you towards the login page of the Microsoft account.

Thus, here you have to login to your Microsoft account to create a Bing business listing of your business.


The Main 3 Steps to Add your Business to Bing Places:

5. Claim your Business: Add Your Business Details-

Bing categories the businesses in three main types. Select what option applies for your business and click on the link.

#1. Small sized Local businesses that have a store front.

#2. Chain businesses that have their offices in multiple locations.

#3. Businesses that provide services at their customer locations.


After login, it will bring you to the page where you have to fill up the business details of your business which includes Business name,
Website, and Address of business ( in the first step ) (Here it also needs to set the pin to the exact business location).

It will ask for Category and description of your business in the second step.

And in the third phase, it will ask for contact details (which includes the Main Phone number, email, Facebook, and Twitter), in fourth step – business hours, and in last pictures or Photos of business. (Where you can add up to 10 business images) Once you have done with all the info filling work you submit it.


6. Verify Your Business Listing



Important Step- Now Verify your Business address at Bing places


As soon as you submit all the information of your business, it will ask you to verify your business. Here you will see the option of verification “By Post.” You can choose this option to get verified your business with the PIN sent by Bing via Postcard.


The time which Bing takes to send the PIN through postcards takes 3-5 business working days.


For the same, you have to choose this option and then mentioning the name of the owner of the business in “Attn” field. And then clicking on the Verify now option. (You can also select the verify later option next to “Verify Now” if you want to authenticate it later).


Once you do so, it will head you towards to your listing page (unverified), where you will see a box on the right-hand side named “verification.”


Here, you have to enter your PIN sent by Bing as soon as you receive it and then have to click on the green “Verify button.” Once you will do it, your Bing listing will get verified and will be visible in SERPs (i.e., Bing Local Search Result Pages) as well.


You can also add multiple businesses or new business thereby clicking on “Add new business” available on the same listing page. (If have chain business or franchise business)


7. Manage Your Listing


Once your Bing listing gets approved after entering the PIN, you can edit, update and delete the listing depending on your need.


Hope this article will help you all, in a realistic manner to get your business listed on the Bing Business Listing. So, please let us know by sharing and putting your views in the comment box below.

Also don’t forget to show your love thereby sharing the post on different social media platforms– Facebook, Twitter, Emails, Google Plus and so on, if you like the post. In this manner, it will help others as well and supports the quote of “Sharing is Caring.”


PDF Submission Sites for SEO

List of Directory Sites


What is a Press Release Submission and How It Benefits in SEO

Find out all About Online Press Release and its Usefulness and the Related Resources to it!

Every online business needs a promotion to be well-known in the eyes of its targeted audience. There are many ways to promote an online business effectively in this digital era. Press Release Submission is also among one of those practical ways which are used for promoting a business online.
If you have launched a business or a new website or product, you should make sure that you publish a story about it online using the PR sites for which we are talking about here in this article.


We will guide you step by step on where to find such online places and how to get the submission process done.



What is Press Release How to submit Benefits for SEO-600x400
What is a Press Release and  What are its Benefits in SEO



Thus, first of all at this point, it is necessary to understand what Press Release is? And how Press Release submission benefits in SEO?




What is a Press Release?

The Technical definition for a Press Release is that any information which got shared with media or media reporters is Press Release. But as we are in living in the digital age, and everything got shared over online media thus according to present scenario – “A Press Release or Press Release Submission is the submission of any new event or happening of business over the PR sites.”
What is a Press Release Submission and how it helps in SEO-550x375
What is an Online Press Release Submission?


There are many good press releases sites are there which are available for free and paid as well on the internet which you can use to promote your business. The sites include:-
1. 24-7 pressrelease (Free)
2. ClickPress (Free)
3. 1888PressRelease (Free)
4. PRNewsWire (Paid)
5. PRWeb (Paid)
6. BusinessWire  (Paid)
Visit here To get the FULL list of the Top 30 Press Release Sites on the Internet!

Benefits of Press Release Submission in SEO

On that note, now when we are well aware of what a Press Release means let us head towards the importance and benefits of press release marketing.

Online Press Release -What are the Benefits in SEO?


To Present You as an Authority Locally and Globally As Well

Yes, Press Release submissions help you to develop you as an authority. Wondering how?

Then let me tell you. With your press releases, you can develop a sense of trust among your target audience by presenting the best information in your industry and changes or developments happening in your industry.Thus, next time when they need to know or purchase something related to your industry they will come directly to you instead of going anywhere else.

Along with you can also get the chance and get benefited to get published in popular magazines, newspapers, podcasts, and blogs, etc.
Thus don’t forget to be a part of local press releases submissions along with global as most of the information get assembled these through local media channels.

It Helps You to Achieve Better Search Results Visibility

Yes, Press Release sites help you to get good online visibility and not only that good PR sites also helps you to achieve online attention, brand awareness and good Link Profile.

As soon as the audience which you are targeting clicks over the PR or news published related to your business and directed towards your website also helps to generate organic traffic.

So, just don’t forget to share press releases at regular intervals which are newsworthy and also to optimize the first two paragraphs of your press release with relevant and necessary keywords without flooding them. It is because the first two paragraphs are crucial for any press release.

Helps to Develop Good Relationship with Journalists


Yes, press releases also help to develop good relationships with journalists as well. How?

Then let me tell you that. An excellent press release can get the attention of journalists as well along with your audience and make them your exciting news to share with their reader base.

A Great Way to Attract Investors

Press releases help to develop any business as an authority and in increasing brand awareness.
And hence Press releases can contribute to attracting investors by seeing a potential entrepreneur in you and your business as futures big organization. And if you are a startup then it can prove to be a boon.

Great Way to Increase Sales and Develop Good Relationship with Customers

Press releases also help to generate high sales. Although it is self-explanatory, let me tell you about the importance of press
release for public relations ? With press releases, you can include some offers on your products and services and as a result of that, you can get some serious leads for your business, which you can convert into customers.

Along with that, you will also get benefited to have their contact information, which you can utilize to offer them a premium version of your services and products. If they like free or offered version of your services or products, then they will not hesitate to pay for the premium version.Try Press Release Submission Services by WLMarketing


Provides Permanent Indexation



With the help of press release submissions, you get permanent indexation of your news in online media sites. So whenever anyone searches for something related to your industry it becomes easy to access your information and to reach you.

Hope that this article on what is press release submission and benefits of it will help you in a realistic manner and to make you aware of the importance of press release submissions.

So, please let us know about your views and experience on the topic in the comment section below. And also don’t forget to show your love for the post by sharing it on different social media platforms if it has helped you.