Top 10 Advertising Agencies in Chicago for Business Branding and Marketing

List of Advertising Agencies in Chicago: Top Most Popular Chicago Ad Agencies for Advertising and Marketing: 

Advertising works as one of the crucial elements of any marketing strategy. It presents a business in front of its target audience to make them aware of the business existence. In a nutshell, advertising plays a vital role for both, businesses and its customers.Thus, today I am going to share some of the best and top 10 advertising agencies in Chicago which can help you to expand your business reach at a tremendous rate.


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10 Most Popular Advertising Agencies in Chicago, USA


List of 10 Best Advertising Agencies in Chicago:


Find out what are the top 10 advertising agencies in Chicago. Most popular companies for Business Marketing and Promotion. List of the Best Ad firms in Chicago, IL, USA.


The list begins here:-


#1. AbelsonTaylor, Inc


AbelsonTaylor, Inc is the number one ad agency in Chicago! The company focuses on healthcare related products advertising. They focus more on branding and image creation. The ad firm believes in branding through storytelling in a very scientific way.


Abelson Taylor Inc- Number One advertising agency in Chicago for Health & Wellness


AbelsonTaylor is more than 35 years old advertising company in Chicago. They only cater health and wellness sector. They are winner of several prestigious awards in advertising industry for their excellent work.

Address: AbelsonTaylor, Inc. 33 West Monroe St. Chicago, IL 60603

Website of the ad company: AbelsonTaylor Inc



#2. CBD Marketing


CBD Marketing is at seventh’s position in the list of advertising agencies of Chicago. This agency believes in marketing what’s meaningful. And with this belief, they have successfully served services to their various clients which include JamesHardie, Firestone Building Products, Blue Diamond Almonds, College ILLINOIS, LakeForest MBA and much more.


CBD Marketing-2nd best ad agency in Chicago


This firm is serving its clients from past three decades with impactful and latest strategies of all the time.

Thus, if you also want to use their experience of 3 decades in your business too then you can contact them at

Company Address: 54 West Hubbard Street Concourse Level East Chicago, IL 60654

Ad Company Website: CBD Marketing


#3. Cavalry Agency


Cavalry is top 3rd in the list of best Chicago advertising agencies. It provides unbeatable services of advertising to its small, med size and big size customers. The primary goal of the agency is to make businesses succeed thereby turning them into the brand from a business.

The agency has served many clients with its innovative and business driving ideas which help them to outwit, exceed, and outmatch their competitors.


Cavalry Agency-Top 3rd advertising agency in Chicago


The list of clients served by the agency is long, but some of them include Coors, Janssen, Pinalen, SodaStream, Third-Shift, Tyson, Zytiga, Speed Stick, Henry’s Hard Soda, Alen, aidells, Colgate-Palmolive, Keystone light, etc.

Moreover, the best thing with Cavalry is that it the power of the WPP network behind their back.Thus, if you want this one as your advertising agency, then you can contact them on

Company address: 233 N Michigan Ave Chicago, IL 60601

Ad Company Website: Cavalry Agency


#4. JJR Marketing Inc


The next and best Chicago advertising agency in the list is JJR Marketing Inc. The agency’s primary mission is to take your business to the ascending mode. And the agency does the same with its service line which includes Public relations, social media marketing, marketing strategy, and advertising, branding and web design.

JJR Marketing – Chicago based PR Marketing Agency

JJR Marketing Inc is a full-service agency for branding, award-winning marketing company, and public relations agency.

The JJR Marketing Inc. founded in the year of 2006, and till date, it is serving best to its long list of clients. This agency has a team of 49 experts from different sectors who work with complete dedication and commitment towards their advertising tasks to endow you with outstanding results for your business.

JJR Marketing Inc : Service Lines

Public Relations- 30% | Advertising -15% | Branding -15% | Marketing Strategy- 15% | Social Media Marketing -15% | Web Design -10%

Content & Creative : Visual Drama, Smart Branding And Passionate Perspective

The hourly rate which it charges to its client’s ranges from $150-$199.

Thus, if it fits your budget and you are ready to hire an advertising agency, then JJR Marketing Inc is best option to select.

You can contact them at PHONE: 630.445.2333

Headquarters: 2135 CityGate Lane, Suite 300 | Naperville, IL, United States | 60563

JJR Marketing@Facebook JJR Marketing@LinkedIn JJR Marketing@Youtube


#5. Notice Agency


Notice is yet another popular advertising agency in Chicago. This agency’s primary motive is to connect with a business with its targeted audience through the big ideas and unique experiences.

The agency pays attention to various aspects of advertising techniques which include Video Production, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Digital Strategy, Pay per Click and Branding. Along with that, it uses latest technologies and tools to provide best results to its clients.

The entire workforce of the agency comprises of 49 experts in varied fields of advertising and marketing who turns your business into a brand. The charges which it charges from its clientele base ranges from $150 – $199 / hr.

On that note, if you want to hire this agency, then you can contact it at


#6. JB Chicago


JB Chicago is next in the row and is the top Chicago Advertising Agency. JB Chicago excels in endowing outstanding results to its customers with their unique, creative and practical ideas. The agency’s primary goal is to make profitable customer relationships for their clients so that they can make with their clients.


The agency has served many clients successfully which includes Monk Fruit, Kishr, MPN Research Foundation, JC Light, dish and a lot more. With a team of 49 dedicated professionals, it is serving its clients since 2000 as it founded in 2000. And the agency charges $150-$199/hr for providing their services on an hourly basis.


Thus, if you want to appoint them as your advertising agency, then you can contact them at


#7. Rule29 Creative


The list of top advertising agencies in Chicago starts with Rule29 Creative. It is one of the best agencies which provide the best in class services of advertising to business and hence helps a business to turn into a bigwig. The primary motive of this agency is to Develop and Manage brands that Drive Business.

The firm established in the year of 2000, and since then it is serving best advertising with its team of 49 employees. The agency focuses on all aspects of advertising which includes branding, web design, social media marketing, advertising, direct marketing and print design and charges $150 to $199 as per hour rate.

Thus, if you want to appoint this agency as your advertising department, then you can contact at


#8. Coming of Age


Coming of Age comes next in the list of most excellent Chicago Advertising Agencies. The Agency works on simple agenda of endowing you, your desired customer and audience base. Agency works on highly innovative, efficient and realistic strategies that pay off and result in the outstanding business of their clients.

The agency has an experienced team of 10-49 members who are well acquainted with all the areas of online advertising including branding, digital strategy, advertising, search engine optimization, email marketing and direct marketing.

Thus, if you want to hire this 1991 founded agency then contact them at


#9. Bandwidth Marketing Group


Bandwidth Marketing Group is next in the row for serving best in class advertising services in Chicago. The Bandwidth Marketing Group categorizes itself as a creative consultancy rather than an advertising agency in Chicago.It is because at first, it asks regarding your business objectives, budgets, buyers, and brand. And then according to that suggest and endow their creative and impactful services to you.

The BMG is providing its creative services since 2005 with its team of 9 experts in different sectors of online marketing. The service line of BMG focuses on Branding, advertising, web design, digital strategy, direct marketing, content marketing and conversion optimization.

So, in short, it provides you a complete package.

Thus, if you also want to leverage the benefits of their services, then you can contact them at


#10. True Voice Media


True Voice Media is next in the row of best advertising agency Chicago. The agency’s primary motive is to bringing you business thereby making the audience aware of your business. The agency works to make your business noticed thus making and implementing digital strategies, valuable content, social ads, etc.


The Agency founded in 2011, and from then it is serving advertising services to its clientele base. The focus of the agency is in the following order digital strategy, social media marketing, advertising and content marketing.


The agency uses latest tools and techniques along with practical and business driving strategies to make your business stand apart from the crowd and ahead of the competitors. Thus, if you also want to try TVM as your advertising agency then contact them at


#11. SparkFactor


SparkFactor is also on the list of top Chicago advertising agencies. The agency works for all size businesses from small to medium and medium to large along with working for national brands. The agency comprises of all components in its online marketing campaign for a business which includes web development, Digital Strategy, Marketing strategy, advertising, content marketing and video production.

The Agency established in 1996, and till now it is serving its clientele base outstandingly. The major client lists include Radiance Fine Jewelry, Bolton Medical Trade Show, Wattage Personal Training and much more.

The hourly rate of the agency for customers ranges $100 – $149.

Thus, if you also want to hire the SparkFactor as your advertising wing, then you can contact them at


List of Some Noteworthy Advertising and Marketing Agencies in Chicago

Be Always Marketing

Big Teeth Productions

Chicago Internet Marketing

Chicago SEO Company

Daily Planet Productions

Digital Third Coast


Electronic Logic Concepts




Guy Bauer Productions

Launch Digital Marketing

Linchpin SEO

Loose Keys

Magnosi Web Marketing

Mak Consulting Inc

March Media Chicago

New Slate Films


Plum Productions


Rain Maker

RGB Hill

Rocket Productions Chicago

SEO Services Chicago

Solid Digital


Video One Productions

Windy City Strategies

Intechnic Corporation

Killian Branding

Lakeshore Branding

Laughlin Constable


Michael Walters

Millennial Web Development

Multiple, Inc

New Media

One Design Company

Orbit Media Studios

Plan B

Plego Technologies

Red Rover Sales & Marketing Strategy

RPM Advertising

Tom Dick & Harry Creative

Two by Four

Abelson Taylor 433 West Van Buren St Suite 650N Chicago, IL 60607


Brandacadabra 4871 N Washtenaw Ave., Unit 2 Chicago, IL 60625 United States of America.

Contact: (312) 857-6816

Brandtrust 444 North Michigan Ave Suite 3100 Chicago, IL 60611

Contact: 312.440.1833

Clique Studios 410 S. Michigan Ave, Suite 801 Chicago, IL 60605

Contact: 312-379-9329

Cubicle Ninjas Contact: +1 888-77-NINJA (64652)
Cultivate A Chicago-based Company

Contact: 312.994.2404

Curmudgeon Group CHICAGO, IL

Contact: 312.925.1750

Cybernautic 220 N. Green St. Chicago, IL 60607

Contact: (312) 878-1986

Flamingo Agency 3752 N Southport Ave, Chicago, IL 60613.

Contact: (312)967-7044

HANGAR12 HANGAR12 Chicago / Minneapolis / St.Louis.

Contact: (312) 870-9101



Hope this post on top 10 advertising agencies in Chicago will help you to find the best agency in Chicago as we prepare a list based on certain criteria’s which includes Reputation, Reliability, Experience, Accessibility, and Professionalism.


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