Advertising Industry Jobs- 5 Most Popular Career and Employment Options

Advertising and Marketing are the elements which every business requires to build a good brand image in the market. There are a number of advertising jobs present in the market for advertising businesses of the different genre.

Thus, choosing advertising as a career option could be a great deal as you can get a promising and stable job as per your qualifications. Because the advertising industry is an ever green sector in any country or region because of the fact that every business sector requires its services.


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So, today I am going to tell you about 5 best career options in advertising field which will guide you to choose a better career and at the same time help you to understand the importance of advertising and promotion in every business sector.



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Some coolest Career Options in Advertising Field


 1. Digital Marketer

Digital Marketing is one of the well-known elements of advertising a business. Digital Marketing as its name defines marketing with digital assets.There are many reasons to choose it as a career, the reasons include the rapid growth the usage of internet which is leaning every single business to be online in present date.

The second one is that around 46.1 % of total world population uses the internet for their needs means to stay connected to digital world which is also a good sign for digital marketing career options.

The third one is high salary packages which are the basic need for living and so on.

Many MNCs from time to time hire digital marketers for their different departments as per their need, for instance, you can check:-

2. Advertising Media Planners


Advertising Media Planners job is also one of the best career options in advertising. Many MNCs like Amazon, Cisco, etc recruit media planners from time to time in accordance with their requirements in different countries and departments.
The work responsibilities of an advertising media planner include the introduction of ads in front of a right audience at the right time and at the right place with the minimum possible budget to boost up the sales of the organization. According to the stats, an advertising media planner can earn up to $84,000 each single year.

3. Advertising Account Managers


Choosing Account Managers post as a career option in advertising field is also among the best choices to go for. According to latest statistics, an advertising account manager can earn up to or more than $50,315 each year depending on the experience and expertise of the work.

The operations of an advertising account manager include tactical planning of the funds, choosing of precise media for the promotion of the respective business or brand, understanding the complete requirements of the client and to share it with the respective departments who will work on it. For instance- creative department, media planners and project director (market researchers). Many MNCs conducts interviews, walk-ins once in a while to work for them for e.g. EBay, PayPal etc.

4. Advertising Art Director

Career Scope in Advertising Industry is splendid and it can easily be understood by the package of art directors. According to statistics, an advertising art director can earn $60,270 in a year or even more depend on the capabilities of the person holding the position.
The job responsibilities of an art director include the development of illustrative conceptions and designs, development of layouts for various different advertising campaigns like story boards of Televisions, picture making, magazines, newspapers, product packaging, movie productions, etc.

Numerous MNCs like Ebay, Amazon etc. employ art directors from time to time in accord of their necessities in different departments and countries.


5. Advertising Copywriters




Career Options for advertising copywriters


Careers in advertising copywriting are also one of the best career options for advertising field. Under the responsibilities of this job the copywriter has to create all the creative stuff for different tasks like for branding materials, the creation of content for marketing campaigns over different channels and also the complete editing and proofreading of the stuff prepared in order to meet the requirements of clients.
According to statistics a copywriter with experience can earn up to $45,030 or even more depend on skills. Many MNCs carry out interviews, walk-ins every so often to work for them for e.g. Cisco, Amazon etc.
Now when you are aware of the career options in the advertising agency and advertising industry let me tell you about the eligibility & skills which are essential for having a career in the advertising agency.

Eligibility Criteria for the career options in advertising field

As we all advertising is the essential element for all business sectors and has different departments for it, so it depends on that. For example, for market planners or market research posts, companies prefer to hire MBAs or advertising/mass communication qualification.
For creative departments, companies hire candidates with a common BA with a grasp on communication language and additionally the acquaintance of designing tools like Coral Draw, Photoshop or fine arts is the necessity.



Here are the common key skills required in any advertising jobs:-

1 . Self-confidence 
2. Learning effectual online communications
3. Great Communication Skills
4. Highly flexible


5. Ability to translate ideas into visuals

6. Working Under Pressure and Deadlines


7. Creative Competitiveness

8. Provide best while working as a team and Individual as well.
9. Capable of Analyzing Different conditions


10. Able to take criticism mentally and to improve from mistakes.

Hope this article on different careers in advertising sector will help and guide you guys to select the career of your choice in the advertising field. Please let us know about views and comments in comments and stay tuned with us on Facebook, Twitter.
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