12 Content Writing Tips to Become a Successful Professional Writer

Content Writing Tips for Writers- 12 Ways Secrets of Professional Content Writers to Start Writing Like a Pro.


It takes time and practise and a little more to step up the ladder. We will talk about that ‘little more’ in this article.


Content is ruling the marketing and advertising industry which implies it is presently ruling all industries across the world as marketing and advertising is essential to all businesses.

Why Content has become the King in today’s Market


With such a soaring demand of content and so many efficient writers all around how do we place ourselves? Where do we see ourselves?


Are we able to make a mark with our piece of writing? Are we writing enough for length but not to the satisfaction of the depths of the topic?

Let’s figure out how the professionals do it. Explore in this article, the secrets of professional content writers and apply them to proliferate your skills.

Secrets of Professional Content
Secrets of Professional Content Writers


 Content is King


As things go nowadays, it can be readily agreed upon that when we visit a website or web page online, we’d all like to find what we are actually looking for, but more importantly, we want to find useful and relevant information.


For this reason, the phrase “Content is King” was born and continues to be one of the driving forces behind how websites are ranked in search engine results.


In today’s information driven society, the greater majority of businesses have decided to do the wise thing and create an online presence to increase their businesses’ visibility in the local and global market, but with this increase in online content creation, some things were obviously done in ways that weren’t in the best interest of everyone with respects to a fair and level playing field.


With Google pretty much being the champion of fairness in the search engine arena, they have insured that the content that is found on websites or blogs or search engine results, at least those that rank on page one of a particular search are filled with relevant and unique content, and not just copied or plagiarized information to fill web-pages.



Early problems with online content

In the early days of creating online content, there were tactics used that today would be referred to as black hat tactics. Basically, this simply means, that with respects to content, there was a lot of copied or plagiarized content from other sites or there were those who tried to copy and paste information from page on a site to another one in hopes of gaining more favorable ranking in search engine results.


Another issue that was prevalent in the early days of online content creation was the fact that some content was simply awful. Some of the information that was found wasn’t relevant to anything and thus a hindrance to the overall mission of what Google was trying to accomplish, which is to gather as much information as possible and connect people to it.


Duplicate Content Checker Tools Online



Google to the rescue


In a very short period of time, Google has asserted itself as the dominant force in search engine optimization. In today’s online content creation and ranking in search engine results, Google has implemented safeguards and rules that are a must if businesses want to get favorable search engine results for their websites.


An excellent example would be if a website is using duplicate content, which is to say using the same information multiple times on different pages on their sites. Google’s now well known safeguards will put a stop to all of that, much in the same way that you can’t scour Google for information from various sites and then attempt to string it together to give the illusion that the content is of the original variety.


As again, Google will not only insure that your site will not rank, but stiff penalties can and have been levied against violators.

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Do the right thing and create great, original content



As with anyone, when we look online for something, we really want to find what we are looking for and want very little if any at all trouble or stress. That said, we also want great, unique, and relevant information. This doesn’t apply to just those who are searchers but also to those who create content as they’re also searchers of relevant data as well as creators.


The best thing anyone can do is simply create the same kind of content which provides the information they want to find when they themselves perform an information search. After all, though there are those who create content for online purposes, they aren’t always creating the content, they also have a need to consume information.


Finally, the creation of relevant, unique content is one of the most important if not the most important elements to creating a strong online presence for your business, especially if you want to be relevant in the online arena. It is a well known fact that there is simply no way to cheat Google and gain high search engine results, and those who try will meet with less than savory results.


Simply do the right thing and create relevant, unique content for those who would have it, as Google is watching.



12 Content Writing Tips to become a Successful Writer


Every amateur writer wishes to be a professional content writer and every writer was once an amateur. Read the tips below carefully and apply them in your writing and see the results!

1. Read a Lot


Read a Lot to become a professional writer with an efficiently-350x200 a lot to be a Subject Matter Expert in your writing



Readers learn what no one else does. The more you read the more you become aware of and the more substance you gain to pen down.

Reading also helps keep updated with the ever changing dynamic world. It helps you infuse your writings with latest happening and real time examples.

Read to grow your knowledge in your domain. Most professional writers have a passion for reading.

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2. Research for Results



Researching a Topic Wisely is an Integral Part of a Writer’s Profession


Grow with your reading the branches and the tree which yield fruits. Always read like you are doing a research. Don’t just scroll over and jump from one topic to another for the heck of it or you may lose the purpose.


Sometimes when you go deeper and research a topic in depth you don’t just learn about one thing but a multitude of things and get idea and knowledge about many associated topics. It also inspires you to read and learn more and thus helping you hone your writing skills.


New to blog writing? Don’t want to invest? well, there are lots of best blog sites that offer free blogging with the help of a separate CMS (Content management System)[ Do you know the all these best Freelance websites for writers to get Content writing jobs? ]



3. Be Original

Be Original in your thoughts ideas and writing style-350x200
It Pays Handsomely Being Original and Unique Writer Every time with your thoughts, style, and ideas


If you try to copy other writings and writers you will end up spending more time and would never be able to write confidently on your own.

Most of the writers who try to copy others because they do not do the above two things.

Yes, if you read and research more you will have enough content to not copy anyone and you will be confident enough to produce your own original writing pieces and start producing master pieces with due course of time.

[ Best of the web tools for content marketing ]



4. Write Anywhere and Whenever you are



Write anywhere anytime when you have found an idea or thoughts of writing-350x250
Don’t wait for the Right and Place. Grab the Moment. Start Writing anywhere anytime whenever you feel so.



Jot down as soon as you get any idea or you tend to forget and miss out. Write anywhere, wherever you are. Now these days many of us don’t even need a pen and a paper and our phones are sufficient to scribble down anything that comes to our mind on the move.


It is very important to write when it is coming to you naturally as this is the time when you can produce some really effortless content. There is no right time and wrong time to write.


All time is good when you feel like writing and you are getting the right blend of thoughts.


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5. Write to inspire


Writers have been known to inspire and influence others with their writings. Think from the readers perspective and write what would inspire them the most.

Write what they would love to read more. Write as if you are the savior and the readers need the most required aid from you.
If a writer can not inspire and invoke interest through their writings they should practise more often.

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6. Get Inspired to Write


If you are not inspired yourself will you ever be able to inspire others?

Find what inspires you and walk with it. Carry your inspiration every time with you and especially when you intend to write. Your inspiration can be a source of inspiration as to how you are going to inspire others.

We should invest equal amount of time in Writing a content as well as Promoting it. Learn these Ultimate Tips for Successful Content Promotion.


7. Money never on Mind


If you are writing just for money better forget writing and look for another work to suit your skill set. A writer does not writes for money, it can be an added benefit and there is no harm but its good.


The only thing you should reconsider yourself being a writer if money is your inspiration. It will come automatically with your work and quality of content but if you make it your inspiration and sole reason you write you might never be able to write like a professional writer.


Ways to make money online without investment
Search writing jobs on these employment websites

8. Crave for Uniqueness and Identification


Try to be unique and come up with ideas like never before. Read others for said inspiration but write your own unique content. If you start craving for uniqueness and identification of your marvelous work, you will automatically start getting identified and your work start getting appreciation.

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9. Be Confident but not Overconfident


Confidence is good but overconfidence can be injurious. Take advice’s from peers and seniors. Take feedbacks from the readers seriously and work on the weak links in your writings.


No one is perfect and there is always a room for improvement. If you keep with this attitude you will start noticing improvements in your writing skills and the quality of your content.

The Most Popular Apps for Writers

10. Edit and Rework


Editing us required for everyone. Even best of the writers do that. When you complete writing a piece make sure to edit it for any errors. Also, if required to rewrite a part or the other do not hesitate to grab a pen and give that finishing touch up.
SEO PowerSuite: For High Website Ranking

11. Length Vs Depth


While there is so much need to keep producing a good quantity of content all the time but it shall never be compromised with quality. Keep an optimum length vs depth ratio for that perfect writing.
Must have Softwares for Internet Marketers


12. Stress Management


Stress management is crucial for writers as writing involves a lot of thinking. Studies suggest that our brain utilizes more energy for its functioning when we think more.

A proper stress management plan should be put to work to keep all the emotional triggers at bay.

It helps ward off distractions and increase productivity.

Ultimate Tips on Making a Professional Marketing Video


4 Tips to Make your writing more interesting with less content


#1- By avoiding making use of unnecessary details.
#2. Using other elements apart from content, like pictures, videos, graphs, etc.
#3. By making appropriate use of defining words.
#4. Using quotes from the experts on the topic for supporting your views.


Read this Infographic to Know What a Smart Content Writing is Made of –



7-element-of smart-Content-writing-Infographics-550x650
The Seven Things a Smart Content Should Care About!



10 Ad CopyWriting Tips for Creating Successful Online Ad Copies

Ad Copy Writing Tips – 10 Points to Remember to Create ad copies that are precise, persuasive and error-free 

Advertisement copy writing Ideas for generating more leads and sales effectively!

Advertising tips for better online Copywriting : Best Ways for Creating effective Ad Copies.

Advertisement copy writing is a unique way of persuading your target market to buy your products and invest in your services. Copywriters produce words or copy for advertisements including things like slogans and catchphrases. It is involves lots of creativity and ingenuity as well.

Online Ad copy writing should be geared towards advertising and nothing else. It should have the sole purpose of marketing your product to boost sales and create a new market base. You should creatively engage your customers in order to effectively build trust and strengthen loyalty.

10 Tips for Writing Killer online Ad Copies


Writing a creative copy as you will hear in some circles is art and science. Artistic advertising involves the fusion of creating content that is not just persuasive but content that is mind blowing and awe-inspiring and at the same time, a scientific approach is needed to develop ideas and know how the market is working.

It would be easier to understand advertisement copy writing if it is consumed in form of tips or directions on how you can successfully use it and effectively boost your sales.


10 Tips to follow for Effective Ad Copywriting:

[ Best ways to create killer ad copies for boosting sales and leads for your business ]

Creating a good ad content in order to boost sales and leads via advertising:-


1. Do a Plain Copy


The first step is to begin with a plain copy. Do not overwrought your product or introduce a gimmick. This plain copy is a simple presentation of facts as they are about the product. In the plain copy, there is no style added or used, it is the benefits of the product just as they are.

The plain copy is not targeted at being creative or sound literally, it is part of the science in advertising copy writing. Let customers explore the product through the plain copy and make an informed choice about getting the product.

2. Be Conversational

The second tip is about being conversational. People like to feel accommodated and accepted. An ad copy created adopting a conversational style does just that. This style of advertising connects the seller and the reader so that they appear as if they are on the same level- like a conversation between you and your friend.

This approach helps to make customers feel at home and not feel detached from the product and whoever is selling it. This conversation style is effective in allowing people to interact with your product on a personal level which is good for product loyalty and sales.


3. Powerful call to action

Thirdly, have a creative and persuasive call to action. A call to action is the final appeal to the customer on why they should buy your product or use your services. Be creative in your call to action as it is the statement which can clinch the next customer to your side.

A call to action is usually put at the end of a business promotion whether written or verbalized. A strong one is going to remain in the mind of the consumer. A phrase like ‘Buy now while stocks last,’ in ad copy writing is not enough.

Add some spice and polish to your call to action so that it sticks in the mind of the customer when they see your promotion. Ad copy writing identifies that commonly used phrases are timeworn and banal but an uncanny call to action wins customers.

( List of top 100 Free sites for online ad posting )

4. Check out your competitors

Fourthly, it is very obvious, you have to study your competitors. You do not want to operate on the same level as your competitors. Look at what they are doing and not doing so that you can exploit your chances at beating them.

In all reality, there are people who are ahead of you in the pack when Ad copy writing is involved, borrow ideas from them but make them unique. Look at what they do to be on top and seize that opportunity.

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5. Include incentives

All that creativity and charm will not fly if you do not include a special offer or bonus as a way to reward your customers. Include a special offer to increase your sales and attract new customers.

Copywriters know that they can convince using their art and skills but offering irresistible promotions will complement the art and do the job as it was intended.

It is not rocket science, if you want to pull more people to your side, if you want more clicks, simply entice with discounts and other promotional incentives. It is an old school approach to advertising which still work its magic.

( Top 30 Press release sites for your business promotion )


6. Understand the genre

This sixth tip is one of the most important. Understand the genre of copy writing. Have a business sense and a creative side. A copywriter should create effectively persuasive slogans and catchphrases but also read the advertising industry and understand it.

Know what goes on in advertising and how target markets are reached out to. Yes, you can write an artful copy but does it have an advertising angle to it. A copywriter should learn both techniques in order to make it. You can do this through research. Know the codes of the advertising practice to sharpen your skills.

( Free Online ad posting without registration )


7. Work with others

Seventh Tip is to work extensively with others. Work with others to proofread your work and add something or two. Ad copywriters work well if there is a fresh eye to look over their work. This is the more appropriate case when you are not yet an expert in creating ad copy writer. This would help you improve your skills if you collect others feedback on this.

You may skip this step if you work alone and there is no one near you who is related to the ad writing work. The point is take help from others and ask their feedback time to time until you reach a stage where you find your self confident enough to create ad copies efficiently by your own.

Be flexible to changes. The final copy should be precise, persuasive and error-free. People notice errors very quickly and it is in the best interest of the client and yourself to have an error free copy. A greatly written copy is likely to attract more customers than an error-strewn one.

( Add your business to the Top Business listing sites to make it stand out online )


8. Versatility

Tip number eight is that ad copy writers should be able to work on different platforms. Advertising copy writing can be on digital media, social, media, direct marketing or mobile marketing. Advertising and marketing tools should be used to the full.


9. Be Persuasive

Ninth, is using the art of persuasion. Use powerful motivators. Have thunderous punchlines which will stick in the mind of the customer. Ensure your words are a mesh of advertising codes and powerful persuasion techniques. To be even more persuasive, you can use photographs to illustrate your point.

( How to make Free advertising on Google? )

10. Know your niche market

Finally, to create a killer ad copy for boosting sales and leads, is to know your target market and audience. Some creative rhetoric may not resonate with the older generation, some resonate better with millennials others with kids. Use techniques which appeal to various audiences in their capacity so that you do not lose your market.

If you ready with some good ad copies then you should visit here to post your advertisements to sell anything !

Top 10 Website Promotion Ideas for Beginners

10 Best Methods to Promote a Website successfully using Free+Paid Ways of SEO +SEM + Social Marketing and Advertising.


Website Promotion ideas, techniques, Tools, Tips: 10 Ways to Successfully Promote and Market a Website.


Website Promotion using various effective Tips for Marketing, SEO, Advertising, Social Media, Content Promotion, Free Submission, Blogging Tools, etc.


With the number of host names hitting the 861,379,000 mark as of January 2014, there is no doubt that having a website is no longer a problem these days. The real issue is promoting it. Businesses running websites and blogs face the challenge of having people to visit their sites and make sales.

Website Promotion Methods: Best Ways Promoting a Site using Means of Advertising Marketing SEO, etc

Website Promotion: Overview

To Promote a website successfully it takes a lot of good ideas, techniques, ways, methods, Tools, SEO processes, submissions, etc. Sometime, you may even have to depend on paid methods where you have to pay something to increase traffic and overall visibility of your website over the desired geographical locations of your choice.


Though, some traffic generating methods have edge over the others. You have to consciously choose what suits best to your web property!


Social Media, SEO, Search Engine Marketing, Video advertising, and email advertising are undoubtedly the top methods to get huge traffic (referral + organic) for your website or blog!

Top 10 Methods to Promote your Website on the Internet:

First of all, submit your website to the maximum possible search engines as they are the ones that send free organic traffic to your website if it is well indexed in every major search engines.

✪ List of Free search engines to add url of your website


1. How to do Website Promotion with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

8 Killer Tips for Ranking your Website with SEO

The most important and successful method of promoting and marketing a website is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Most people look for website urls by searching the keywords on search engines.

Search engine optimization SEO-350x250
How to rank Higher using SEO Techniques

A website that has a low SEO ranking is therefore not as visible as one that appears on the first page of the Search Engine Results Pages.


There are two ways of optimizing your website for search engines: on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

On-page SEO refers to the methods that are applied online, on the website itself. They include editing the existing website content, linking and back linking, social media sharing, and blogging, to name but a few.

Apart from these, landing page optimization is very important as per the on-page SEO guidelines in order to rank a website well in search engines. Landing pages are counted in ranking factors decided by major search engines.

Another crucial aspect is website loading time. You must have heard too frequently about this parameter from medium bloggers to expert ones.

Now, website speed is counted in a list of confirmed factors that affect SEO for a web page. So  try these tips and tools for optimizing the loading time of your website

Off-page SEO on the other hand refers to the SEO methods that are applied outside the website, such as word of mouth promotion and advertising on the print media among other methods.


You can even outsource your SEO work to the freelancers available on Gig based websites, like,, etc.Get the list of 10 best websites to buy SEO Gigs


Use a powerful SEO software, like this one here – it will help you review your website as per the best practices for on-page and off-page SEO rules.

Duplicate content Checker tools for SEO

2. Blogging and Article Marketing


Blogs have become very popular in disseminating information online. Most websites have a blog in which information on the various services offered on the site is provided. This is a great way to promote your website and you can get good number of loyal subscribers to your email list as well. This opens an entire new way to market your services in long term.


Offering original content for free helps sets you apart from cutthroat competition. You can so write for other blogs and request other blogs to write for you and share links. This is called guest blogging.



Blogging and Article Marketing-400x300
Blogging and Article Marketing – Great Ideas for Website Promotion


It gives you an opportunity to get other customers from different niches and geographical locations. Article marketing has also become one of the greatest content marketing tools that have become very popular in the recent internet marketing scene.

✪ List of 30 best blogging sites to promote your website free

✪ 20 Free/paid High PR directories to submit your website

3. Pay per click (PPC) Method- the Quickest Way To Promote:


Pay per click -PPC-for-website-ranking-350x250
Pay Per Click Ads: Offers great way to promote your site

Some website marketing ways are free while others are paid. Pay Per Click is an example of a paid advertising method. PPC entails using internet advertising to generate traffic from search engines like Google.

Google AdWords and Google AdSense are the most popular PPC techniques that are in use today. In these platforms, you pay a fixed price for each click your ad gets. Your hope is that the click will result into a sale.

Your main task here is to look for keyword phases that will attract rather than distract the audience.SEO PPC Advertising Tips

4. Video Advertising

[ 20 Terrific Ways to Grow your Youtube Channel Subscribers ] YouTube is a leading video sharing platform that has provided businesses with a simple way of sharing video clips online. You can embed videos on your website or social media page if you want to clarify or demonstrate the use of a new product. [ 10 Video marketing Tips for Getting Huge Traffic ]

Video advertising-for-website-ranking-350x250
Video advertising – A great Player in web promotion


Going viral is the most desirable result but if it doesn’t happen, a video will still drive traffic to your site if you use strong call to actions. Keeping in mind that YouTube gets about 1 billion visits every month and that 1/3 of online activity is spend watching videos, you have no reason to ignore YouTube, after all, it is the second largest search engine.[ 10 Best Video submission websites where you can promote your website ]

5. Email Marketing:



Email marketing is a great website promotion tool that allows website owners to reach out to their esteemed customers in a very personal way.


There are several email marketing companies that help you to create mailing lists after which you can start your email marketing campaign. If you would like to succeed in email marketing, you need to start creating your mailing list straight from day one.

6. Word of Mouth Website Promotion:

When you are looking for some goods or services, you normally ask your friends for referrals. Promotion of some businesses such as makeup, women beauty and fashion businesses are better done through word of mouth marketing.


As a website owner, you need to build connections with your fans and friends so that you can get positive reviews on your website and word of mouth recommendations.
✪ 10 best tools that are used by SMBs and SMEs for marketing a website


7. Website Promotion via Social Media Marketing

Social media helps webmasters and blog owners to reach their potential clients. People are on social networks to socialize, but as you socialize with your friends, you can always encourage them to buy form your website.


If you have created a page for your website, you can encourage your friends to like it. There are many organizations who have a very strong following on social media and the fans of their pages more often than not become their customers.


People also tend to be outspoken on social media, so it is easy for you to get customer feedback and know what people expect from you. Facebook Ads can also be used to further bolster the chances of getting new customers.


LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, Quora and Twitter are others social networks that can help to promote your business.


✪ 21 Finest Methods to generate traffic using SMM, SEM, and SEO


8. Public Relations (PR)

Public relation strategies are very essential in promoting and marketing a website. It is through public relations that you are able to brand yourself and convince people that you are an expert in your business.People become aware of your brand, and conversion rates escalate.

For example, writing journalistic articles for magazines and newspapers is a way of connecting with the people, especially those who read the magazines or newspapers.

Being mentioned by a trusted media center is a big plus, as people tend to trust you more.

9. Listing your Website to online directories


Getting listed on search engines and business directories is one of the marketing tips that some business owners tend to ignore. Business directories have a way of connecting businesses to their customers in a way that other platforms cannot.


For instance, if you list your business’s physical address on Google My Business, customers can get directions to your registered offices through Google Maps. Bing places for Businesses and Yahoo localworks are great areas to list your business too.


Others are Yelp, TripAdvisor, Yellow Pages, Super Pages, Angie’s List, Manta, DexKnows, BBB and Merchant Circle.


10. Press Release distribution (PR Submission)

[ What is Press Release Submission and why it’s good for SEO ]


No one can underestimate the importance of press release distribution in marketing a website. A press release is an easy way of creating promotional content and distributing it to your current and prospective buyers.

You can come up with a regular schedule of sending press releases, such as once a month or once in a fortnight. If you can contact local medial like magazines and newspapers to publish your press release the better for you.

✪ List of Press Release Websites

Next- best marketing tools for small business

eMail Marketing Tips for Beginners- 6 Step Guide to Setup your eMail Campaigns

Email Marketing Guide for Beginners: A step by Step Method to set up an email marketing plan or campaign effectively

6 Steps Beginner’s guide on email marketing for Blogging, business leads and sales.

Marketing is the backbone of a successful business. Actually, a business is said to have only two function- marketing and innovation (Milan Kundera).

Unfortunately, business people are in such a hurry to launch their product or business that they seldom look at marketing from a bird’s eye view and they don’t create a systematic plan.

Those who know that marketing is a contest for people’s attention employ a myriad of marketing strategies in their businesses.


6 Primary Steps for Starting an email-Marketing Campaign for Business Leads & Sales



eMail Marketing- an Introduction

Using eMail is a great way to advertise and market your business online. It is one of the 5 great marketing methods used by most of the online entrepreneurs to promote their business in every aspect.

Using emails as a way to generate leads and sales is also considered as the great marketing and advertising idea to promote a business.


Email marketing is using e-mails as a mean of promoting your products or services. This can be direct one to one e-mails but typically it relates to sending e-mails to a group of people that have subscribed to a mailing list. For example some people may subscribe a business blog to receive a regular newsletter from you.


It is a cheap marketing strategy as the typical cost of running the campaign is nothing more than the time it takes to send the message, follow up with responses, and so on. It does not involve a series of legal issues. Let us take a sneak peak of the practical details of email marketing as one of the popular marketing strategies applied by businesses today.


Planning for the email marketing campaign


Well Planning a Campaign is crucial for the success of email-marketing


If you are a beginner in email marketing, you have to adhere to a step by step guideline that will make the recipe for success in your email marketing campaign.

Off course, you need know what you are trying to achieve from the outset. You then need to know who you want to target and how you will get people to subscribe to your mailing list.


There should also be an indicator of how frequently you will send emails one the campaign is up and running.


Once you are ready, you can choose an email marketing tool of your choice from the list of email marketing tools such as MailChimp, Constant Contact and Toddle.


Step 1. Create an account with the chosen email marketing tool or software.

MailChimp is one of the most popular email marketing tools and using it for your campaign is easy. You will be required to provide certain details after which the wheels of your email marketing campaign will be set to motion.

Though, here is a list of the best email sending programs, in case you want to explore your options more freely:-

email marketing software programs or websites-

  • MailChimp
  • AWeber
  • iContact
  • GetResponse
  • MadMimi
  • Interspire Email Marketer
  • Constant Contact
  • Campaign Monitor
  • InfusionSoft


>> Top 10 Free email service providers

Step 2. Link this account to your social network accounts

While still setting up the account, you can connect it to your social networking accounts on Facebook and Twitter. This will optimize your success, considering that two-thirds of the world population is on a social network or two.

Step 3. Create a mailing list and add email addresses to it accurately

They Say:  “the money is in the list” 

This is the most crucial step in email marketing, because an email address is like a customer’s “digital fingerprint”.Remember that to get the right message to the right person at the right time you first need to get the right data to the right database at the right time.


Consequently, you need to have a list of email addresses to which you will send the emails or newsletters.


If you have a list already, you just need to upload it but if you are a beginner, you will have to create a sign up box in and embed it to your business blog or web site so that people can sign up your newsletter.


Signing up is a powerful signal of intent to buy, and you will need to send them email until they do.


On the same note, you can add email addresses from your site and other sources.


A small list that wants exactly what you’re offering is better than a bigger list that isn’t committed, so do not just go gathering email addresses from everywhere.

Step 4. Prepare your email

Once you have the email addresses, you then need to create irresistible content for your contacts.Basically, there is no formula for the perfect email – Authentic and honest messaging works.


Read 20 Plus great subject lines for creating a promotional business mail.


At this point, you can consider creating content that is based on the market segmentation so that you will send relevant emails to relevant groups of prospective clients.

Key to promoting relevant content in email is to provide an offer that is connected to the initial request.

What action have your contacts taken on (or even off) your website? Offer them content that fits with their intent and their needs.

If it is a newsletter, keep it relevant, short and interesting.

Always include at least one image to brighten up the newsletter. Use an interesting subject, for instance, a question can increase open rates e.g. “Would you like a week-end treat with a 50% discount?”


On the same note, you need to consider the strength of the Call To Action that you will include in the email content. It should be strong enough to attract rather than distract the reader.Bait without a hook is just food. The landing page should also be relevant to what the customer is looking for on your site.


Get 10 tips to design a killer landing page for your website

Step 5. Send your email

best ways to send emails for a greater success in email marketing-350x275
Sending your emails appropriately is also an imp step 

Once the content is ready, send it to your contacts. However, you have to consider the following tips before you do so :-

·   Address Recipients with their Name in Email Campaigns:

Personalize your marketing mails to greet and address recipients individually with their name. Often, you will use the first name only, but for some campaigns the last name will be more appropriate.

·   Pick the right time of year to send your emails:

Avoid marketing during the holidays. People tend to be away from their computers and not check their email regularly.

This means that they will probably get your message when they return together with a ton of other email that has piled up during the holidays.

Chances are all but the most important messages will be deleted in a rush, without a second look.


·    If you start off sending it monthly, stick to this.

Make sure you keep the rhythm going.


>> 12 Outstanding email-marketing Tips to improve your Click through rates

Step 6. Monitor the results


how to monitor your email marketing results-450x242
Finally: Measure your email Marketing Campaign Success

After running the campaign for a while, you can check your progress by considering the delivery index, opening rate, clicking rate and the conversion rate, then take the appropriate measure.

In a nutshell:

email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches – at scale.

To add color to the already good package, email marketing grows by the day, and more robust features have been added to accentuate email marketing strategies.

Don’t miss to read this article for making the whole email marketing process a powerful Success >>

10 Killer Tips for Growing your mailing list
What are the popular ways used by experts for advertising online


Tumblr Marketing Strategies Tips- How to Promote your Content with Tumblr Microblogging

Marketing Tips for Tumblr Microblogging – A Beginner’s Guide on Getting Marketing  Success at Tumblr Platform.

This is our next article in the series of “Social Media Marketing Success Tips” where the last post proved quite a useful for our readers. You can check it out here: Social Media Tips on How to use Quora for effective business Marketing.

Tumblr is the second best of microblogging platforms that makes it possible for users to post images, text, links, audios, videos and quotes in a microblog-type format. It is one of the fastest growing and best social networks globally that are being used by organizations to market their products.

The statistics speak for themselves: Tumblr boasts of approximately 18 billion views per month and it hosts over 63 million blogs. Here is a sneak peak of the tips and techniques used in promoting a business on Tumblr through content marketing and blogging.

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Tumblr based Content Marketing for Promoting a Business


Tumblr based Content marketing will move your business or website to the next level if you use it wisely.Indeed, Tumblr is much like Facebook and Twitter, and if you have compelling content on your Tumblr account, you can share it with a wide network of fans.

The result is an increase in the Returns on Investment among other advantages.

Tumblr Marketing Tips – How Tumblr could be used to Promote any Content Online

Here are a few Tips for Marketing your Content over Tumblr:

1. Create content that elicits a certain emotion. If you expect many responses and reblogs from your content, then it must incite an emotional response.


2.Enable the “Ask and Submit” feature on the blog settings in order to create an interactive platform that will allow people to ask you questions and get answers.


3.  Ensure that your posts are tagged with relevant keywords to ensure that the posts are visible to searchers.


4.  Share your work/tasks in progress with your fans and customers.


5.  Share the most recent press and reviews.


6.  Give behind-the-scenes glimpses.


7.  Post photo based posts.


8.Publish the blog posts at the right time when most of your audience is online. Yes, study the reblog counts of your posts and find out when are your most of the followers online.


If you become successful in figuring out the trend, then it will certainly help you in boosting your visibility over Tumblr network.


➤ Best methods to promote your website via marketing and SEO

➤ List of Social bookmarking websites to get website traffic


Tips for Blogging on Tumblr:


You can use Tumblr both as a hosting platform for your primary site and for your blog. You should use your Custom domain name on Tumblr instead of using free subdomain provided by default.


Tumblr Microblogging: Tips and Techniques for Content Promotion

Have a domain name like this :
Instead of

If you have an account with Tumblr, there are a myriad of tips and tricks that can make you succeed in content marketing through Tumblr based blogging.


1. First things first. You can customize your blog by adjusting various settings. For instance, you can add a background photo, change the colors as well as the font type and add tabs or pages to your page so that you can give it your desired look.


2. If you envision increasing your followers, ensure that you interact with as many followers as possible.


3. In addition to this, you need to reblog and like appropriate posts that are relevant to your business. This will draw people to you like moths to flames.


4. Perhaps we can state here that reblogging is similar to the retweeting feature on Twitter, where you retweet another person’s tweet so that its content can show on your page. The same strategy can be used with Tumblr blogging.


5. Follow others people’s blog so that their content will be available on your Tumblr dashboard of blog posts.


6. Make use of the “Submit” feature. With this feature, you can run contests and ask content for your site. You can allow users to post photos, audio and video files among other forms of content. You also decide what is published on your blog.

Last but not the least:  Use some or all of these most popular content promotion tools to market your published content at Tumblr blogs.


And, read these Great blogs on the Internet for content marketing.


In a nutshell, the cutthroat world of business marketing requires pragmatic advertising policies that will ensure success of the business. That is why Tumblr comes in handy.

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➤ List of Top Social media Sites for Marketing
➤ Best tools to generate leads from LinkedIn

Over to you:

Do you use Tumblr as a marketing platform to promote your content? If so, what have been the most successful methods for you using it?


RSS Feed Submission Sites- Top 20 RSS Directories 2019

Top 20 RSS directories 2019- Add free url. Submit your Blog Feed. Best RSS Directory Sites for Feed  Updates.

RSS directories websites- Find out why most of the expert advertisers and marketers consider them very helpful in free advertising & marketing of their content publication?


RSS Feed Submission Sites 2019

I never believed so much in RSS sites myself initially when i used to hear about their usefulness, but over the period of my 3-4 years long blogging time, i found that they are really useful tools for bloggers, publishers, and website owners.


And you have to Do only One time (RSS directories) setup and there are so many benefits; including the one : you Get life time free advertising and referral web traffic for any website  where content is regularly published.



For whom these RSS Sites are Useful:


Online advertisers, bloggers, webmasters, and marketers use rss websites for free url submission as well. This is even among the first things they do after setting a new blog or website apart from updating best Ping websites about their web pages.

RSS directories are great tools for free publicity of your content. You just setup your account at one time and the RS directories take your feeds automatically whenever there is a new content on your blog or website.


It is also done via automatic content discovery services.

Add your website url free on these RSS directories and Promote your website free on the Internet.

How to Submit a Feed to RSS Directories?

How to Submit to RSS directories-300x200
How to Submit your blog to RSS directories

Set up your RSS feeds ( Feedburner feed or any XML feed) and forget about it. You only need to have your website feed url. Different RSS directories ask for different inputs.



But, there are maximum 3 types of inputs you may be asked to submit there:-

#1. Feedburner feed url (visit Google Feedburner to get the one for yourself).

#2. xml feed url (this is your XML sitemap url).


#3. your website or blog url (this is the main url of your blog or websites).


Why and How RSS Sites are Beneficial?


Best Top 20 RSS Directories to add feed url or blog website url

There are 5 Main benefits you get from RSS directories:-

#1. RSS Sites help in spreading the news about the new updates on your website or blog. They tell other content searching sites about the changes in your content. RSS sites work like an informer about your blog.



#2. When you submit your rss feed to these content syndication sites, your content gets spreaded over thousands of content hungry social media and web 2.0 sites from where it can reach further. So, there are infinite possibilities for your content to reach places that you had never imagined they existed.

#3. How some content goes viral on the net? RSS directories also somehow help content reach a viral stage.

#4. You can generate an rss feed of your blog and you can put it anywhere you want to, including your own site. This way you can showcase and promote your content further.

#5. RSS feeds directory are high authority sites and you get free backlinks from them.



How RSS Directory Sites help in getting Search Engine Traffic?


This is How RSS feed helps in promoting your content

#1. They are kind of search engines + content discovering systems. Once there is a new post from your blog, it is instantly included in their indexed posts. They display your content in their list of latest published webs in their system.



#2. RSS directory sites are trusted by every search engines. Once a new content is displayed on such RSS sites it is pretty sure that search engines will include these posts in their crawling database.



#3. RSS directory sites are crawled by various types of content syndication engines and hence your blog stands good chances to be included by those engines in their crawling database.Hence it helps in spreading news about your blog. RSS directory works like a free marketing automated tool



#4. These RSS directory websites have good number of user base. Their members are subscribers of different blogs, so your blog can get new subscribers through these systems.

The subscribers also get emails whenever there is an update. So, your blog urls could find a space in their mail box.


#5. There are many content publishers who pick content from these sites and put in their blog or website. Hence your blog may also get free backlinks from these sites and so there could be some referral traffic to your blog or site from these sites.



You Must add your website or blog Free to these 50 Major Search Engines for Better content Indexing results

Most recommended: Visit this page to find hundreds of free option to submit your website or business


List of 20 Best RSS Feed Submission Sites for 2019:



List of RSS Feed Submission Sites


The below mentioned RSS sites send free traffic to your newly published content whenever there is any updates. Content syndication plays a crucial role in such cases.


  1. Google Feedburner
  2.  PR7
  3. PR7
  4.          PR7
  5.   PR4
  6.   PR5
  7. PR5
  8.  PR5
  9.  PR6
  10.   PR6
  11.        PR6
  12.   PR6
  13. RSS Feed Directory
  14. PR4
  15.  PR3
  16.  PR3
  17. Submit your blog to the top blog directories
  18.  PR5
  19.  PR4
  20. PR4
  21.  PR4
  22.  PR3
  23.   PR4
  24.   PR3
  25.  PR3
  26.  PR3
  27.    PR3


There are TWO FREE social media Tools where you can add your blog feed url:

#1.    PR8

#2.   PR6  (they are mainly known as premium social media management tools, but they also offer FREE account as well where you could use 5 free RSS feeds).

List of More of Such websites where you can submit your Blog FREE:-


➤ Free Press release websites to submit your business

➤ PDF Submission websites 2019

➤ Business Directory Submission Websites List

➤ Free Websites for Business Bookmarking

5 Certain Ways to Promote a Business Blog Successfully-Beginners Tips

5 Primary Ways to Promote a Business Blog: Blogging Techniques and Tactics That Work!

Your blog is a very important part of your small business or online income source. Your earnings can’t be completely successful unless your blog is quite popular for your business niche keywords and search queries. Your blog is a very potent marketing tool for making your business a real success.


Because, it alone can drive huge leads and sales via various marketing platforms, i.e- search engine marketing, SMM, Content Marketing, email marketing, digital marketing, etc.


So, it becomes imperative to promote your blog very well in order to get the desired lead generation through it. Read the simple yet effective business blogging tips mentioned in this post and start improving free search engine traffic for your business blog.


Best Ways to Promote a Business Blog -560x315
Best Ways to Promote a Business Blog


Blogging for Business

Publicizing your blog is the primary step towards promoting your small business.  Read our previous blog post : free search engine traffic for your blog -15 best methods


You might have started a blog on the Web, but do you have the skills to promote it successfully online? Perhaps you are trying to create a consistent and engaging blog, but if your blog posts are receiving minimum traffic, then perhaps it is time to analyze your tactics.


Certain SEO tactics empowers the ranking of your blog such that regular traffic can be generated. To engage with Internet entities is a skill that involves both consistency and creativity.


Business blogging: 5 main tips for business bloggers

Score tons of traffic and increase your popularity on the web with a high ranking. Nurturing social connections for a respective position on the web is part of building brand awareness.Introducing relevant content is necessary for search engine optimization. If your blog is SEO friendly then make blogging a part of content marketing.


5 Basic Methods to Promote a Business Blog

Check out 5 best ways to promote a business blog online if you want search engines to reward your site with tons of page visits. Read other posts in the business blogging series. Please subscribe our blog as we are constantly adding valuable content to it more oftenly.

[ RSS Websites where you must add your blog for daily free traffic ]



#1- Keyword Orientation

Every blog post that is published on any online domain becomes a part of the content stream that search engines scrutinize. Keywords are primary words that are commonly used by users for seeking certain content.




Such tags if placed in the principle headlines, subject content and introductory descriptions can catch heavy traffic.


Boost your online visibility using keywords in the right density and at ideal points in the content to attract more visitors to your blog. Encouraging a lot of social shares is merely a part of social media marketing however the use of keywords that is affiliated with your blog is simply a form of logical advertising.


You can collect statistics regarding your blog’s main keywords that you can effectively use in your blog advertising campaigns.


[ Top 10 Ping Sites to get free traffic for your blog ]




Where to use the collected keywords?


1. After collecting the relevant and related keywords for your blog, use them into Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus (in the form of hashtags).


2. Use the main keywords while submitting bookmarks of your blog posts to some best of social bookmarking websites for Business  (in the form of tags, like as on Delicious, Tumblr, etc). Visit here to submit your blog’s bookmarks over the best bookmarking websites for Business


3. Also include these keywords into your paid advertising campaigns (like, as in Google Adwords, Bing Ads, etc) and grab the traffic coming from these keywords.


4. Insert these main keywords for your business blog while submitting your blog to local citation websites (Including, Google local places, Bing local places, Foursquare, Pinterest, etc).


[ Why to use Disqus on your Blog for effective blogging? ]



#2- Originality



While creating content, many webmasters forget that search engine bots seek out fresh matter mixed with the old. This means that you shouldn’t repeat the same posts with monotonous content that is mind-numbing for its followers and readers.


Search engines look for content which is original, useful and regularly updated. Blogs that feature a content platform which stimulates the mind and attracts tons of readers can easily gain attention.


If a blog obtains immediate attention then it depends upon the content majorly irrespective of the advertising tactics you’re following. Apart from fitting in respectable keywords in the content, your blog should deliver original, clever and SEO friendly material.


[ Submit your Blog to these Top Blog directories ]




#3- Social Networking

Top 10 Social Media Sites for Business ]

Become a social sharing express where your content is regularly posted, updated and shared with tons of users. Social media platforms have been introduced to increase brand awareness and feature blogs that are intensely followed and liked by users.


Search engines analyze social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc for authentic content which should be highly relevant. Apart from using a number of keywords, social media marketing influences ranking.


Create networking opportunities where you can easily link your blog with other websites. Link building therefore plays a major role in building business partnerships. Internal link building can easily be associated with search engine optimization which increases media influence.





#4- Consistent Posting


Irrespective of how evergreen your blog content is, it should be promoted on a regular basis. The content can be durable for an eventful week but plenty of web masters don’t understand the importance of change.

Once you have successfully targeted the right audience then ensure that your blog posts have fresh content to attract more users. Search bots don’t channel visitors to a blog post that is old but instead search out blogs that regularly place fresh content.


It is important to ensure that content is engaging such that the experience of reading the blog is enjoyable and memorable. The blog posts should be shared and devoted to subjects that users can relate to.


Once you have tons of users landing on the blog then make use of navigational links to boost your ranking.



#5- Backlink building



Backlink building is the single most important part of a blog promotion process that involves creating backlinks from high authority websites relevant to your own business blog. Back links coming from the same niche sites are considered to the best ones.


So, start a campaign where you go on for building quality backlinks for your blog. Create a mixture of Dofollow and No Follow backlinks for your blog.


Don’t use black hat SEO otherwise Google will ultimately penalize your blog. Create backlinks from a Good number of business forums. As they are thought to be very nice for backlinking and Google gives a good value to the blogs that have back links from good forums.


Blog commenting is also very important. Find quality blogs that are built on similar topics like yours.Don’t create backlinks suddenly, instead, generate them naturally and steadily over some period.




It is important to create opportunities for the business blog to receive traffic from distinct corners of the web. Turn one-time blog visitors into addictive fan followers to ensure that your blog posts are shared on social networking sitesMajor SEO tools can be used to keep track of the blog’s progress, for example- Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Semalt, etc.


Search Engine Marketing Tips 2020 for Beginners – 15 Ways to Increase Organic Traffic


Search Engine Ranking Tips for Beginners: Top 15 Methods to Get Search Engine Traffic to your Blog.

If you want to promote and make your website a real success then you need a good volume of search engine traffic.

In this article we are going to describe some basic ways by following which you can increase traffic to your website, or any content using free Search Engine Marketing techniques.

Search engine ranking and marketing tips for beginners-730x300
Search Engine Ranking and Marketing Tips for Beginners

To make your task easy we have pointed out some very basic methods by using which you can increase number of the visitors to your website that come from various search engines.

If you follow the advice mentioned in these Methods you can get really huge Internet traffic for free. You will start seeing the changes within 1-2 days and after 20-30 days of full work on the submission process you can expect constantly growing spikes in your website traffic.


All this comes under Search Engine Marketing, the popular mean of online marketing.



Having a business website or blog is a must have tool for online businesses.

But having a website is not enough unless you get really good number of unique visitors on daily basis. And, if you own an online business then it becomes more important to get good search engine and referral traffic to it.

So, read on our tips on search engine marketing to get free web traffic from various resources, like- search engines, RSS directories, business directory sites, local advertising websites, social networking sites, and many of other types of content syndication and curation sites on the Internet.

Million dollar question: “Does your website get enough web traffic ? If yes, is it getting traffic through only paid advertising or are you getting free search engine and referral traffic as well?



This is a big challenge: to get highly convertible and filtered organic web traffic to your web pages. But, not to worries, here we are to help you get a quick start on receiving a decent traffic to your blog site.



First important point to note: Blogs perform much better than websites when it comes to getting free search engine traffic. So, if you have a static website but don’t have a blog, then either create a stand alone blog for your business or company OR you can create a blog attached to your website within it, like


A blog can perform much better in search engines than a website. Why? Because a blog is regularly updated and there are many content syndication platforms that automatically visit blogs whenever there is fresh content. RSS directory sites, ping websites, and track backs are other factors that also contribute in making blogs a much better choice than websites.

BUT, the most important factor is that Search engines, including Google give a lot of weight-age to blogs because of freshness in their content, regular updates, and frequent user based activities, etc.

Business Blogging Tips for Successfully marketing a Blog ]



15 Ways to Increase Organic Traffic from Search Engines 

Here are the simple, common, basic, fundamental, and effective ways and methods to get free search engine traffic for your business blog :-


15 Best Ways to Increase Search Engine Traffic for your Business Blogs-Websites


The fifteen tips or techniques mentioned below have been tested and tried over and over again by expert marketers and they have always found them to be the most common and prime ways to popularize their blogs or websites on the internet.


Online marketers run blogs and websites for various reasons, such as- online business, affiliate marketing, content marketing, brand making, products selling, lead generation, etc.


Now It’s your turn to turn the goals into results by simply applying these 15 ways of search engine marketing :-


#1- Blogging. Make Regular Blog Posting


Create at least one blog post everyday that is related to your business, but it should be interesting and useful for the readers otherwise who is going to read it if it looks only promotional.


Do blogging regularly-500x250
Publish posts regularly on your blog


This will keep your readers attached to your blog and hence it will help promoting your business brand. And, you could give at least a link to your services, products in your business blog articles.


In this way, your blog will also serve better to your business marketing sense.

Tip:If you don’t have much time to publish a blog your own you can hire a blogger or take content writing services from freelancers from any of the so many of reputed freelancer websites, like oDesk, Elance, iWriter, etc. Visit this post for the 17 Tips to Increase Readership of your Blog



#2- Increase the List of your Blog Subscribers


Increasing number of blog subscribers would surely bring in more traffic

Use a well placed nicely designed ‘subscribe our blog/newsletter’ box in a place in your blog where users can easily notice and subscribe to it. It’s a great way to build your email list for your business.

And, i hope, you may have already heard this famous quote for Internet marketing: “The money is in the list” 


#3- Search Engine Submission

Now, submit your blog or/and website to all of the major Search engines, like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Msn, Scrub the Web, etc. Many of the business people only submit their website or blog to only Google or Bing.Ignoring other search engines is a mistake that you should never make in order to get maximum search engine traffic out of your free web traffic strategies.
➤ Submit your website free to best search engines


#4- Make Use of Ping Sites

Submit your blog or webpage to ping sites for faster and sure shot indexation by search engines as well as content discovering systems. Ping your website or blog pages every time to any of the good ping sites whenever you publish new content on your web. Use these any of the Ping Sites- or 

➤ List of 10 best ping sites

#5- Submit your Blog to Traditional Article Directory Sites for Life Time Free Advertising



Article directories, such as DMOZ, Ezine, etc. Directory sites are highly visible in search engines and therefore your articles get good views on them regularly for permanent basis.

If your articles get views so get your website as you would have your site links in your articles that are published on such directory sites. Submit your business free to these of the top best article directories


High authority Press release websites where you could publish about your blog


#7- Register on various RSS Directories and Put your Blog’s RSS/Xml Feed in there

Add your Blog url FREE to 20 best RSS directory Websites ]

RSS directories are free to register and they offer free feed submission services. Once you publish a new post it is reflected and indexed in RSS directories.So, you get free visits from there because these RSS directory sites are subscribed by thousands or millions of users and they get notification once there is a new article published in their subscribed category.Hence RSS directories serve as a great source of free search engine traffic for any blog site.

#8- Post Comments on Good Quality Relevant Blogs

What to choose from SEO or content marketing ? ]

This is considered to be the top 5 methods for getting quality backlinks and referral traffic for your site. But, make good comments that are as per the topic and subject of a blog post. You should join many networks to be able to post on different blogs.Get here the list of hundreds of quality dofollow blog sites for comment backlinks.

#9- Be Visible on the Best of Commenting Platforms


Nowadays there is not a single platform for commenting. Different bloggers use different comment forms and many of them require you to have registered accounts to be able to post comments.

For an example, Disqus, CommentLuv, Facebook, WordPress, Gravatar, etc require you to have an account with them to post a comment using their system.

So, at least create accounts on these systems (it’s free) –

  1. Disqus
  2. WordPress
  3. Gravatar
  4. You Tube 

[ How you can improve your website loading speed drastically by following the tips mentioned here ]




#10- Submit guest blog posts


Guest blogging is used by expert Internet marketers and bloggers to drive targeted traffic from relevant blogs on a consistent level. Guest posting not only helps in increasing web traffic but also improving Google Page Rank (PR) for any blog or website.

Get here a list of 200 best of blogs for guest posting on various niches


#11- Create Relevant Content on Web 2.0 Sites



You may get free referral traffic as well as free backlinks to your original business blog by creating some blogging profiles on best of the blogging platforms, like Blogspot, WordPress, etc. Get here the list of 30 best blogging platforms for your business blog.


You should create some posts on each of the popular blogging platforms on the web. Fill your profile properly and create some interesting posts and also mention some links of your main business-blog posts.


This is also a great way to enhance domain authority (DA) of your blog.Ultimately the web 2.0 property sites will help in boosting your rankings in top search engines.



#12- Email signature

Step by Step of eMail marketing Guide for Bloggers ]

Include links of your blog or website in your business email signature. This is a cool way to get free traffic for forever. It only takes 5 minutes to setup your links in email signature. Email signature needs One time setup and gets you lifetime free traffic.

#13- Leverage Forum marketing

Find the list of best business forums on the internet. Forum marketing has been prevalent since the inception of the popular world wide web. You can get unlimited free traffic from marketing on various business forums on the internet.

#14- Submit your Blog to Good number of Blog Directories

Like article directories, there are blog directories on the internet that list blogs in their database. So, it’s a very good option to list your business blog in such blog directories where your blog gets a brief description and a free backlink from a blog directory.Submitting your blog to such directories is also important for generating quality backlinks. Use this list of best blog directories for the free/ paid blog submission.[ best social bookmarking sites to increase website traffic ] 

#15- Use Free Ad Posting Websites

Free classified sites are one of the most popular options on the Internet for easier and quick referral traffic. You could find thousands of classified sites to post free ads for any country or city.[ Free Advertising Sites ] [ directory listing sites ] [ Free ad posting sites ]

Every business now-a-day leverages the power of the Internet classified websites.

Tips and tools to Promote a small business

Top 30 Content Marketing Blogs to Read in 2019

30 Best Blogs to Read and Learn everything about Content Marketing 

Top Ranked Blogs on the Internet for the Topics Related to Content Marketing:

30 Best Content Marketing Blogs to read in 2019 to Gain in Depth Knowledge and Tips about Marketing of any Type of Content for your Website, Business, Products, or Services.


There comes a time when you need to sharpen your knowledge and skills to meet the desired results. This is true for any profession or business when you need to spend time on learning new things which are crucial for your success. In this article we have compiled a list of blogs for the same reason. All the blogs listed here are read regularly even by experts in marketing and business field.


List of 30 Top Content Marketing Blogs on Internet for 2018-19.

List of Top Content Marketing Blogs to Follow and Learn the New marketing Trends, Tricks, Techniques, Rules, and Methods.

Market your business with the help of the tips and insights offered through these popular marketing blogs. The list would prove very handy in case you are an Internet marketer, small business owner, publisher, advertiser, or a blogger in digital marketing niche!

[ 15 Free ways to get traffic to your blog ]

What Blogs are best for Reading Authoritative Articles on Content Marketing Niche?


Why to Read these Blogs for?

A successful content marketing plan revolves around business blogging practices and you should be well equipped with all the basic and trending information in this field.

For this reason, we have enlisted 30 such blogs that will always keep you updated and informed about the changes in content marketing arena.


These blogs have been publishing amazingly useful content for a long time and have gained a really good fan followings. We strongly believe that knowledge is power and being powerful in what you do is a great virtue to possess.

These content marketing blogs would prove very helpful for getting ideas for your business blogging and making content marketing strategies for your own business for long term.


And the blogs offer great insights on how you can promote your small business effectively on the Internet.

The Most Important Things to Learn from these Marketing Sites:


Some of the Importantly valuable Things you can learn and gain knowledge from these Content Marketing Blogs-


List of Top Blogs on Content Marketing:


30 Marketing Blogs to follow for the Internet content marketing| Self help guide and case studies for Business marketers :-

Top 10 websites on Business

30 Best of  Blogs to learn Content Marketing 


List of Digital Marketing Blogs for online marketing & advertising. Get knowledge & tips about how to market your content. The websites offer great tips for business, products,or service related marketing trends for 2018. This list of Internet Marketing blogs will prove very handy while you are promoting a Small Business.

The Content Marketing Blogs are full with buzzing and successful ideas for business marketing.

  1. Convince and Convert
  2. Top Rank Blog
  3. Conversation Agent
  4. Copy Blogger
  5. Marketing Experiments Blog
  6. Social Media Explorer
  7. Post
  8. Blog Hubspot
  9. Econsultancy Blog
  14. Marketing Interactions
  22. B2B Bloggers
More articles related to Content marketing and Business:

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Best Blog directories to submit your blog

Ads2020 Blog for tools that help you generate leads and sales for your business efforts. Most of the resources listed on Ads2020 is free to use. We are dedicated to provide you more relevant and useful posts regarding your money making business/ service efforts.

30 Best Free Blogging Platforms for Online Advertising and Business Marketing

Best Blogging Platforms for Advertisers, SEO, Bloggers,  Internet marketers, Small business owners, sellers, and online services providers.


Blog Advertising Sites to Promote and Market your Business via Blogging.

30 Best Blogging Websites where bloggers, content marketers, online advertisers, and SEO personals can promote or market their content effectively. These blog writing sites are free for everyone. Anyone can create a free blog in minutes at them and start posting content. These blogging sites are popular among Internet marketers and SEO consultants for blog posting.

Visit these Press Release Websites and do publish a press release about your online or offline business to increase your online visibility. 

Top Blogging Platforms-600x400
Top 30 Blogging Platforms


You can use these sites for various reasons, like online advertising, business service promotions, content marketing, lead generation, quality backlink buildingreferral traffic generationadverts posting, etc.



Free Blogging Sites List for SEO


Blogging platforms where you can Create Unlimited Blogs for your Business Promotion and Free Referral Traffic.

If you are blogging to promote your small business over the Internet using free search engine marketing, then these top blogging platform sites are great places to Submit your business free.


These platforms work as best websites for business promotion, Search Engine Marketing, and for improving free Search Engine Traffic.

Use these blogging platforms or CMS and create free blog posts to list your business, or make a portfolio, or advertise your products. No need of any domain name or web hosting.


How to Get Started?


Just visit the below listed Blogging sites and create free blogs in minutes. It’s all free! Then update and decorate your blog with all the necessary widgets, links, and plugins.


For an example, you create 5 different blogs on 5 platforms then you will have 5 dedicated source of referral traffic to your main blog or site.


In this way you not only increase the traffic to your main site but also the SEO value as well!

You can link back to your original web content from these blogs and get free high authority and high quality backlinks as well. But, don’t use too many links from there otherwise it may seem to be a ranking manipulation or unnecessary link churning.


Create a new blog and then adding content is really very easy at these blogging platforms as they offer very simple and user friendly CMS. Learn how to create SEO friendly blog posts.


And don’t forget to use a ranking analysis and optimization software for your original blog. You can find one such popular software for SEO and Blog ranking here.


List of Top Blogging Platforms to Create a Free Blog

Search Engine Advertising and Marketing for business Post free business ads on blogs using these 30 free blog sites. Blogging sites are very good for making business portfolio and sales pages free on the Internet.

Content Advertising and Internet search engine marketing for business or products using free Blogging CMS sites for anywhere in the World.

Tips for promoting your content ]

It is simple to create a web page these days, as the blogging platforms have turned handy with many professional features. A blog’s success depends on the type of software (CMS- Content Management System) that has been using to create them. If you are into blogging, then you would know about various blogging platforms or CMS’s.


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Best Blogging sites and Platforms for business

The following is a list of Top blogging platforms for bloggers and the benefits that one can enjoy out of it.




The WordPress is undoubtedly the best blogging platforms, ever since its inception using by millions of people for publishing blogs and building websites. It has many customization features that are easy to use by any blogger. Even if you are a beginner, you will it is easy to use the blog platform.

WordPress lets their users install their own plugins and even themes to make the web page look like the way they want to have it. WordPress offers domain as per their plans and you need to have an active plan for registering a domain. With each plan, you will get one free domain registration. You can have an unlimited amount of domain registration on the same site but against additional payment.

#2. Blogger



The Blogger lets their users to add widgets and even edit their HTML on their blog, which many of the blogging sites won’t offer for free for users. This unique feature makes Blogger one among the best blogging sites available on the web world.



#3. Squarespace


Squarespace is a service based content management system, offering a total solution for individuals who want to create engaging websites. It is excellent when it comes to customization, and the best part is that you can do the whole customization even if you don’t know coding principles.

#4. Tumblr: Social Media Marketing Platform


The Tumblr is a famous blogging platform for younger audiences. It is a very simple platform focus mainly on GIFs and pictures, and not on text contents. If you are a visual blogger, then the experience you get out of Tumblr will definitely amaze you.

#5. Quora: Generate Referral and social traffic


Quora is one of the best question and answer type sites, designed to serve its community members. It is an interactive blog forum cum platform, where you can edit your question and propose edits to other’s suggestions or answers. They have been recently collaborating with many different websites to bring out the best Q/A type of blogs all over the world.




The Ghost is yet another blogging platform that has a simple, easy to use interface. It has a live preview option that shows a small preview of your post and the way it would look even before posting them in the first place.


#7. Drupal


The Drupal is more than a blogging platform, and many famous business people around the world use this platform to publish their blog. It gives immense opportunity by creating a blog with Drupal, to explore more with web pages and other types of online content. Drupal is an open source content management system (CMS), offering back-end framework.  It is ideal for business collaboration.


#8. Joomla


If you are looking out for an entirely open source content management system, then Joomla could be your preferred choice. It is very easy to use, and it has many learning curves when compared to its competitor WordPress. It provides a lot of flexibility that makes way for a wide range of content creation options.


#9. Medium


The Medium is a blog forum where you can use it to share your own thoughts and scribes to a wider audience, which works like a social journal. The medium does have a built-in audience for your blog, which makes it a debatable one. You can easily embed Vimeo or YouTube videos with your writing on Medium. It works similar to Twitter, but you can write more characters.


#10. Weebly


The Weebly is great when compared to other blogging platforms as you can easily create the websites and blogs separately from one another. It’s the best platform to create a blog if you are looking to update and create a blog for your business without any hassle.

#11. TypePad


The TypePad offers a wide range of easy to use beautiful themes for the blog. Hosting your blogs has been made easy as they have the option to host on their own servers. The blog platform targets non-technical users and offers various features, such as multiple author support, mobile blogging, and photo albums.

It can be used in different languages other than English.



#12. Wix


The Wix is a blogger Platform for people who want to build their own websites even without knowing the intricacies of coding. The main key feature of Wix is that it has multiple device support abilities, making it easy to use on any devices, be it tablets, smartphone or your desktop.


The user will have the advantage of using third-party applications as well as social plug-ins, e-mail marketing, community forums, e-commerce and contact forms. For advanced use, you can purchase premium packages.


#13. Kirby


Kirby is a highly recommended platform for developers, yet, it has some of the default options suitable for every other amateur bloggers. These types of blogging platforms for bloggers are for the professionals who would rather play more with the codes. It offers two types of licenses, the professional and personal.


#14. Postagon


Postagon is a simple and neat blogging platform. It has all the essential features that every other blogger would love to work. It has a clean interface and excellent support of Google Analytics which will let you have a better understanding of the blog visitors. With all the positive elements, Postagon is one of the most popular CMS among the top  blogging platforms listed in this article.

#15. Jekyll


The Jekyll helps in transforming your text from an ordinary text editor to the blog or websites. Jekyll is simple, blog-aware, static site generator. It converts any standard static website to valid Jekyll project.It can convert pages and blog posts into Markdown by keeping the contents into the templates.


It allows you to use the command line on static files on your computer instead of installing in the server-side software. The static approach shall have a better advantage over WordPress performance in real terms.



#16. Anchor CMS



The Anchor is the most lightweight CMS that has drag and drop option and many other simplified themes in them. Creating a blog with Anchor takes less than ten minutes of your time. It just has 170 kb, is the fastest and smallest content management system. It has much-improvised performance than other leading CMS blog platforms.


You can just write in HTML or Markdown, and Anchor will take care of it. If you feel like having some custom
modification by adding JavaScript, CSS or even an image, just drag it over Anchor and leave it. You shall have complete freedom without any admin restrictions.


#17. Movable Type


It is an all-powerful CMS for creating better content and publishing. You will have the freedom to create any
site with this software, from a simple blog to an e-commerce site. Simplified website editing features make it different from other CMS.


It comes with bundles of flexible templates, which are editable according to your preferences. You can have static or dynamic sites, and also can hot multiple blogs. Post scheduling, SSL compatibility, and features to protect confidential information are some of the highlighted features of Movable Type blog platform.


Top 30 Blog Sites for Online Advertising and Search Engine Marketing for Small Businesses.

30 Best Blogging Platforms for advertisers and ad posters, Top blog writing sites for online advertising for business services, buy sell ads. Free Blogging sites for Url submission, SEO, and website promotion.

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The best way to find your right platform among these Top blogging platforms, is by disseminating your needs and the customization level that you want your audience to go through. Pick the ones that have the option to upgrade at times, because people would love to visit pages that have unique features.