5 Blogging Mistakes that Make your Blog Unpromising

5 Common Things to Avoid for Better Business Blogging 

Good idea with the creation of a blog can result in complete failure if we make some mistakes that are typical for beginning bloggers. Not all of them are quite obvious; therefore, they require additional focus. That’s what we are going to do today – take a closer look at what hinders the successful development of the blog.
Blogging Tips to Avoid Being Fall Prey to Common Mistakes in your Blog

Beginning Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

Every blogger or new business house may have to face challenges in the initial stage of their web publication. This is more true if you don’t have specific experts and professionals to assist you in blogging. In today’s time blogging has reached to quite an advanced level where you need to be proficient in many things together. Now we have several specific departments in blogging to be taken care, and it becomes more important when it comes to business blogging.
A blog is consisted of many things together. And, you need to make sure that your blog is running efficiently as per the following crucial areas, such as-
  • Blog design.
  • Content writing and publication. ( content publication )
  • Social media integration, sharing, and marketing. (social media)
  • Conversions, Leads, Sales, and traffic (content marketing)
  • Search engine ranking, online reputation, and overall visibility
Apart from the above domains, keep in mind not to make the following common mistakes:-

Too Broad or Hot Topic

It is worth explaining. Many of us are interested in different areas, for example, health and beauty,movies, and building. But the Internet already has a mass of popular projects (websites and blogs) on these topics that it is almost impossible to break through. Especially, if you are just starting out.
As an option, you can run a blog about horror films (Hitchcock, Stephen King or someone else), or write about cosmetics, without attempting to cover the entire niche of “beauty”. Website about the construction of ecological country houses is much easier to make popular than a global building portal. Start with something small.

Several Themes

It would seem that combining 3 popular topics in a single one would make a blog more popular. But, unfortunately, the effect is the opposite: target audience is scattered. Those interested in the construction posts will not be interested to see the news in the world of cosmetics. In practice, the theme distraction makes it impossible to write each of them qualitatively.

Impersonal style

We must not forget that those who are looking for useful information and tips are real people. They want to know that they read thoughts of the same real person, but the one who knows a little bit more.
There is a special “About Me” section for this purpose. Tell people about your personality, hobbies, and life experiences, especially with regards to the theme of the blog. Chat with your visitors and readers; try to pay attention to everyone.

Non Eye-Catching Design

The blog should have some distinguishing features. The first thing that should be evident is the logo or design. Light headedness for its selection is harmful. Do not forget to take care of the uniqueness and the “brightness” of your text and multimedia content and its quality. Fill the blog with features that will better reveal the identity of the blogger.
Nowadays there are many striking and individual designs. Yes, it is more expensive than free designs, but visitors will appreciate it more. Let’s look at each of the items separately.

Site Header or Logo

This is what the visitor sees first after coming to your website or blog. And you should create a beautiful, inviting, unique logo that will inform your visitors about the topic of the website or blog.
The more successful logo or header you make – the more visitors it will attract to your site. Each site should have a logo and the lack
of it will not lead you anywhere.

Background picture

This is an image or color that is located behind the cage of a site. The exception is the site with 100% width. If it is distributed on the entire screen, a background image is not necessary.
The background image can also attract or repel your visitors, so spend some time and think good about it before you go any further.

Site structure

Beginning bloggers always forget to design a site structure. In many cases, visitors don’t know where the information is located on your site and how to find it. And the more you do for the easier access to this information, the more people will want to stay on your site or blog.
Therefore, no need to complicate things. It is much better to make everything accessible and understandable for your readers.

Site Framework

The framework is a template with a content that is displayed on every page of the site. It includes the logo size and its location, the site menu, a place of the main content, site basement, and others. It is necessary to weigh up and do the right thing.
For example, the logo should be placed at the top of the site, the menu is placed either to the right or to the left of the main container you can make a horizontal menu under the logo.
The main content should cover the biggest area.It is better to do the right thing in advance, since after it will be difficult to change
something on the site.

Content design

One of the most important items is the design of your content. By the content design, we mean text size, the division of the text into paragraphs, highlighting words with other colors, the presence of subtitles in the text, text font, multimedia content – audio,
video, banners, etc.
Remember that the text should be readable and use bright colors only to highlight the main idea. You need to know when to stop and not to
overdo. Visitors would like to read text easily and appreciate when the site has a style, but not a mess.

Fast Monetization

Often, immediately after the start of the blog advertisements appear on it. It can be even worse – when there is a large number of ads. Affiliate links, banners, and contextual advertising deter visitors because they have not yet convinced of the reliability of the blog.Also, readers are less likely to subscribe to a blog because of advertising. You will need at least six months to gain the audience, and then you can and start earning. Try to place advertisements gently and carefully.

But the most important thing is to fill your site with new content constantly. And only after on your site, there will be sufficient information on the chosen topic and stable attendance, you can gradually try to earn money. But it should be done carefully and slowly. Search engines need to look at your site, and therefore, you should give some time for that.
By preventing or eliminating all these mistakes, the beginning blogger shave all chances to lead the projects to success. And then they can start making money. Actually, all these mistakes are typical and many people have already told about them, by still some new bloggers make them.

Where to Get Quality Backlinks FREE for SEO and Website Ranking

Backlink Building Guide for Beginners: 8 Major Ways to build backlinks for your website

In this article you will learn to generate high authority quality backlinks to your website.


It’s not a secret that the backlinks are one of the most important factors in determining the position of any web page in search engines. Of course, their relevance and quality is also equally important.

Forget about black hat SEO and try only natural, organic, and genuine back links to your site if you want stable organic traffic.

There is no successful online business without search engine optimization and this fact is accepted globally without any doubt.

All the successful bloggers and internet marketers heavily depend on SEO.

As you all may be already knowing that only the backlinks acquired from good ways ( and good sources) work positively for your website ranking. In the same manner, bad backlinks can destroy your website ranking completely in a very short span in the eyes of the main search engines around the Internet world.


How to Get Backlinks to Rank your Website-500x400
Tips to Get Free Backlinks to your Website

SEO and Backlink Building


The new generation has really evolved and now technology is readily exposed to everyone. A smartphone and computer are in almost everyone’s homes, hence using social media sites one can get backlinks.


Search engine optimisation is a good and free way to create traffic for your site. Getting good quality backlinks depends on from where you get the links. Content quality and even uniqueness of the site from which you want a backlink is crucially important.

Creating a website and publishing content is usually an easy job, how to create traffic is where the hard work comes in.

This is because a website which scores low on SEO points ( onpage and offpage) is ranked low by online search engines.


A good backlink depends on 3 Things:

Every website owner wants their site to get a lot of reviews, well like they want the content in their website reviewed. A website with a lot of traffic is always a plus to the owner. To create traffic one needs backlinks which are usually very available to all.


1. Relevance/Importance- the site the backlink is from should be of great importance to your website and the content. If you are taking backlinks from the relevant website then it makes sense to Google otherwise it seems to be all manipulation.


Why relevancy matters?       Suppose, you want to take advice something regarding crops, and you have 3 close friends whom you have got good faith. One friend is from BPO call center field, while the second one is in gardening profession, while the third one is a full time farmer.

I think, how so much intelligent the BPO friend you may have, but you put the maximum faith in the friend that is related to farming, not even the gardening.

Relevancy is the key when we talk about reference. And, backlinking is like a reference you receive from the another site.


2. Domain Authority and Page Rank-  Domain Authority has become the single most important factor while deciding the quality and power of a domain for search ranking. Try this DA checker tool to calculate DA, PA, and Moz Rank of any web pages.


A good page ranked website is always a good recommendation as compared to a low page ranking. But, Page Rank is no more as dominant as it used to be. Google decided to devalue page rank factor as this thing had become a reason of lots of spamming and manipulation over the Internet. People started taking it as a shortcut to online ranking.


At the present day Google is not inclined much to give any importance to page rank, instead it takes many factor into consideration and DA/PA is more value than any others. DA- Domain Authority, is actually decided by making combination of many things.


3. Inspiration-  The content from the website backlinking you, should be of good quality,  relevance, and uniqueness should be the priority. Once, all these things are considered, one can search for a back link from such sites.

So, today we will tell you how to get quality backlinks free to your website in the best ways possible.


9 Wise Ways of Link Building in 2019



#1. Take backlinks from the fellow Bloggers, Publishers, Dealers, Partners, and Suppliers

The first way to get a backlink for free is to talk with your partners. If your company manufactures or supplies products, then you should ask your partners or suppliers to put a link to your site.Such a link will be relevant, as it is placed on a resource with similar topics.
This link will give real transitions of interested buyers. And transitions can turn into purchases.
This is one of the easiest ways to get free backlinks to the site because:

1) You have been working with suppliers for a long time and you will not need to persuade them.
2) Partner sites are authoritative resources with the similar topics to yours.


#2. Getting Free Backlinks by Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is the current trend nowadays. Posting ones link at the end of a guest blog post is always a great way to get good backlinks to your website. Guest blogging is writing articles for other sites with a free link to your site. The advantage of this method is the ability to attract readers of the third-party site and getting natural links to your site for free.


Guest blogging is perhaps the highest quality efforts people make to grab the desired backlinks

Where to look for such sites?
If you work in a small regional town, contact the local Internet media. Surely, there is a section for placing your articles on the useful topic. Another source is thematic web portals. Although not all of the site owner will add backlinks to your site for free. Some would set the price.
You decide whether the price is suitable for your budget.

#3. Internet directories and Blog Submission Sites for Quality backlinks

Nowadays, all directories are on the Internet. And you have to keep up with the progress and post information about the company in the maximum number of thematic catalogs.Backlinks can be developed through article submission, this can be done by writing quality and valuable articles and posting them to article submission sites.
This is also considered as the best SEO strategy to rank a website. Sometimes, getting backlinks from any and every directories is considered a sign of bad SEO-strategy. This is true if the site links are placed in all the catalogs indiscriminately. We recommend you to pay attention only to the reputable directories and only related to your field of activities.
And do not forget about the regional directories. If you have a regional business, you need to find the largest possible number of online directories in the region. To determine the authoritative directories, where you can get a backlink for free, analyze the backlinks of your competitors and market leaders. Probably, they have been present in such directories for a long time.Best Directories to submit your blog

#4. Get Backlinks from High Quality Forums



Online Forums are great way to collect quality backlinks
As a professional, you know a couple of forums (regional, national), where you get useful information about the field of activities. Why not get a backlink from such forums?

Forum links have advantages:

– They are located on the thematic resources.
– They can lead to “real” transitions to the site.
– You can place a backlink in your forum signature, in a new topic or reply to the questions asked by forum users.The main thing – you need to mention the website address of the company gently.

#5. Social Networks

In the era of social networks, you should use their potential for your own purposes. It is believed that backlinks from social networks are less significant than others. But they have a number of advantages. These free backlinks are placed in the posts, company profiles.
By filling in your social network page, you can regularly inform your subscribers about the news in your company. Subscribers can share these posts with their friends, increasing the number of potential readers. There is still a chance that someone will place a backlink on his or her personal resource. Therefore, we recommend not neglecting this free source of not only links but also live transitions.
A social network is a place, where you can place a backlink to your website for free. You do need not be a person who is engaged in conducting campaigns in the social sphere.But you must regularly write in your profiles to show that your business is running and open for its customers.

#6. Backlinks from Question and Answer Sites


This method is a bit like the free placement on the forums. But on questions and answers sites, you can leave a link for free, without registration. All that is needed to find questions about the topic related to your business.
Question and Answer sites to get high quality backlinks-350x250
Put the relevant links in Question and Answer sites

First, you can answer briefly on the subject matter. In addition to the first answer you can send an email, but with a link to your site.

This may be a backlink to the homepage, but it is better to give a link to a specific section, which will be useful to the user who asks questions. This method, as well as social networking, will give you a real transition to the site because readers will be interested in what you have to offer.

#7. Conduct an Interview or Ask for an Expert Opinion

People like popularity, even among a narrow circle of people. So why not take advantage of this human feature and not have someone else perform an expert to answer several questions that are interesting to your customers? How to find such an expert? Easily. You can decide who is worthy to be an expert – the plant manager or an ordinary worker. In both cases, your readers will consider this person a professional.
How will it help to get backlinks?
The invited expert will place a link to the interview on a personal website or in social profiles. And this will increase the flow of interested users. Think and you will find a man who would answer your questions professionally and provide you with a stream of free backlinks.

#8. How to Get Quality Backlinks from Social Bookmarking Sites

how to get backlinks from Social-Bookmarking sites-350x250
Tips to get backlinks from Social Bookmarking Sites
One of the outstanding search engine optimization strategies that are doing well in the internet market is social bookmarking. The webmasters use this unique strategy to create backlinks to their site and thereby increase their website traffic.


Social bookmarking is the process of bookmarking your webpage or any other webpage of your choice and sharing them with the millions of online users. Social bookmarking is an easy method to create backlinks but is the little time-consuming.


Backlinks created through social bookmarking sites will not only improve your search engine ranking but also generate fantastic traffic bringing more loyal readers.


The social bookmarking strategy can be implemented if you have a website or web page to promote. Submitting your domain address to the search engine is the process followed in social bookmarking strategy.


Follow the below given steps to get Quality Backlinks from Social Bookmarking Sites:


1. First, create or find out the content that you want to promote. It is not necessary to promote your own website always. You can also promote other web pages through social bookmarking.


2. Once the content is ready you can start submitting them to various bookmarking sites. You will find more than 40 social bookmarking sites on the internet.


3. Every time you bookmark a web page, a backlink is created to your site. You can create hundreds of backlinks through bookmarking sites to improve your search engine ranking.


It is easy to hear but the truth is creating quality backlinks is not so easy. A website that creates quality backlinks only will get the chance of getting the higher rank. Also one cannot say that all the links created through social bookmarking sites are of quality links.


Some social bookmarking sites do not follow “do follow” links, so before bookmarking, the web page finds out the sites that allow you to create backlinks. Quality backlinks are also based on the content you promote.


The search engine robots love to give higher ranking to the site that is informative. Also, users click the backlinks only when your content is trustworthy. So, a quality backlink can be created through social bookmarking sites only when you bookmark original, informative, unique and a problem-solving content.


The content should be real and give false promises through bookmarking can even further deteriorate your business.

First, you need to sign up with the social bookmarking sites and the entire top social bookmarking sites can be located from the only wire site.

Once you got the membership, you can log into any of the sites and bookmark your blog or articles.

Some of the popular sites that follow “to follow” method are stumbled upon, dig, Reddit etc.

You can post and bookmark any number of pages in a single day. Even though bookmarking is time-consuming, through bookmarking you can create quality backlinks and drag more potential users to your site.


These Social Bookmarking sites are also very popular for high quality one way backlinks


#9. Get Free Backlinks via Offline Events


If you organize or sponsor the event, do not forget to specify a link to your site on their banners and other promotional materials. It is not for free, but very effectively. Do not make the mistake such as placing just a company name without reference to the site. Take advantage of any event.
The mentioned methods of getting backlinks are not suitable for everyone. But we have tried to show you that there are free ways to get backlinks. You should just look around and think, where you can place a link for free.Get Free backlinks from high authority PR sites Get Free Backlinks from Review Sites



SEO Copy Writing is NOT Dead! How to Write SEO Friendly Content

What Rules to Follow while Writing Content to make it Perfectly SEO Friendly.


SEO Copy Writing PRO Tips for Beginners on How to Create Search Engine Friendly Enriched Content.


The question on so many people’s minds these days is whether or not SEO copy writing is relevant anymore. To put it bluntly, YES. It’s not only relevant but more important than ever before.
There have been some changes in optimizing content over the years, but they were a necessity to keep up with what was and frankly still is going on in the information age. Here we will take a look at where SEO has been, where it is, and where it’s going.

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SEO-Copywriting-how to write SEO based content-400x300
SEO Copywriting- How to write SEO based content


Some Good Thoughts and Ideas over Writing SEO Friendly Content (Well Optimized)


Write Content for Maximum SEO benefits! Tips to create Content which is Search Engine friendly:-



⫸ The original intent of Search engine optimization

The reason SEO was conceived was simply to sort out the logjam of information that was floating around on the internet in its early years and bring together those who created content with those who searched for it. This was achieved by cataloging information making it easier to find by mainly using keyword results.

⫸ A brief look at the birth of SEO copywriting

The first website was created in 1991. Not long after, the internet was now teaming with websites. There emerged a few companies that revolutionized the search engine to better organize information on the internet but inevitably issues arose.
The problem that emerged was there were no standards or safeguards in place to ensure fair play for those who innocently searched the net for usable information.
The issues of keyword stuffing or spamming just to name a few were some of the tactics that companies used to gain higher rankings in search engines.

⫸ Google to the rescue

Google had the vision and foresight to make search optimization a level playing field for the masses. It was this intervention that simplified how information was sorted.
Through the standards that were set back then, on- page optimization is now more user-friendly for the average person.

⫸ The Most Relevant Aspect of SEO Today

most relevant aspect of SEO today-optimization-tips-400x200
Quality Content is the most relevant thing in SEO today


While there was a period that saw online marketers use “black-hat” SEO tactics for a period of time and while industry giant Google has cleaned that up, the most important aspect nowadays in information indexing is Quality Content.

In the past, it seemed that a lot of marketers were more interested in generating traffic for the purposes of business but the quality of information was lacking. In today’s online environment, quality is KING!
Gone are the days when you could just stuff a bunch of words into a document and call it information.
These days, thanks to the standards and penalties put in place by Google, the SEO scene is now one that is not only a leveled playing field but one that demands that we get the premium product that we deserve.

➤ How to generate SEO and social media traffic

⫸ What Makes GOOD SEO CopyWriting?

As we’ve briefly gone over some of the history and changes of online searches, let’s now that a look at what makes for quality content in the SEO of today. Tips for Writers on How to overcome Writer’s block


elements-of-What is a GOOD SEO copywriting-350x250
Utilize all The Important elements of SEO in copywriting

⨠ A Catchy Title

The first thing that catches the eye is a title that will stop a consumer in their tracks and peaks their curiosity. When you have a title that gets the attention of online information searchers, the likelihood of them visiting your site increases incrementally.
This coupled with quality content increases the chances of repeat visits and links to your site.

Tips to Write A catchy title for SEO of a Blog-400x250
Follow the SEO Tips to Write A Catchy Title for Each Time you Create a Blog Blog


11-Must Follow Steps for Writing a Catchy Title of Blog Posts


A Catchy title of your blog post can contribute to a great length to increase your Click-Through-Rate (CTR). These must follow 11 steps will help you to create the perfect title for your post.


1. Brainstorming: Jot down whatever titles come to your mind relevant to your post.


2. Taking Help from Online Tools: You can take help from title generator tools online to have initial ideas.


3. Comparing to Other Titles: Search Google to see some of the titles relevant to topic of your post. Compare these with your ideas. Try to avoid creating similar title. Make your title more interesting than those titles.


4. Adding a number: Adding a number to title shows the audience that your article is organized and easy to read through. For example: 10 ways to…., 5 tips for …


5. Adding an attractive adjective: add an adjective that will quickly attract attention of your audience.


6. Attracting the target audience: if you have a specific target audience, say school kids in USA or working moms, then include words or phrases that would attract that specific audience.


7. Making it relevant and Clear: your title has to be relevant to your topic, not just vaguely but accurately. You should not deceive your audience into clicking your post. Your title should represent the content of your post. You can add keywords from the content to make your title relevant.


8. Keeping It Short: Your title should be able to express your message without making it unnecessarily complex or long.


9. Taking Time: Take time if necessary to create an effective title for your post. Do not rush with your title since this is the first thing your audience will see.
10. Using Intriguing Words: You can use intriguing words such as How, Why, When, What to make your title more attractive and interesting.

11. Adding What’s Special: If your are offering anything special or unique in your post, mention that in the title. For example, if your post has step-by-step explanation with pictures then mention “with pictures” in your title.


Follow through these steps and finalize your title. Check and check again before you submit your post online. Make changes several times if necessary. Keep track of your progress regarding the CTR of your posts and keep working on your titles for better results.



⨠ Length of Content

As mentioned a few other times before, quality content is king. That said, when it comes to ranking in search engine results, there may be an issue with visibility if the length of your content is too short.
It’s a good recommendation to enlist a length of 500-600 words of quality content as this seems to be a prevailing industry standard presently.
It’s also recommended that you stick to shorter paragraphs. A good measuring stick is to keep your paragraphs to a length of 2-4 sentences.

Bookmarking Sites for SEO

⨠ Keyword Density

As mentioned earlier, marketers used keywords quite frequently so as to rank higher in search engine results. That was then. This is NOW.
It is now a standard in the industry that the keyword is used a maximum of 4 times throughout the article. It should be used once in the headline (obviously), once in the first sentence of the first paragraph, once in the body of work, and once in the closing paragraph.
This is to ensure against keyword stuffing and other unethical practices. It is however recommended that synonyms be used in lieu of the keyword wherever possible so long as the practice doesn’t interfere with the flow of the content.

Page Links

This is a product of the evolution of SEO. Page links are vitally important to search engines as they need to know if your content is actually relevant to other sites on the web.

Get Free links from various Google based online advertising services 

It essentially speaks to the quality of your content. When people like or have been helped by the information you’ve provided, they then share it by linking.
This also speaks to what information “you” are plugged into. It adds credibility to the quality of your content.

What does the Future Hold for SEO Copywriting?



As the internet is evolving right before our eyes right along with the technological gadgets that can access it, you can be sure that the art of online search engines will adapt to fit the coming changes.



The prevalent Types of Content today on the Web
In the past it took longer periods of time to get the information we wanted. Now, it’s all about instant gratification.
If you understand where optimization started, where it’s been, and where it is now, you’ll be in great position to profit from the inevitable changes that are occurring in SEO copywriting.

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SEO Vs PPC Online Promotions

5 Reasons Why your Website is not Ranking AS EXPECTED in Search Engines

Website Ranking: If your Website is not Ranking on Search Engines you should possibly check out if you are doing these things wrongly.

The Mistakes to avoid and the things to implement on your website for well optimizing it for Search Engine Traffic

There can be numerous reasons why your website fails to do well despite of writing good content and every detailed planning. Things look easy when planned but they are way more difficult when executed. 

Things even get tougher because of the ever growing competition, ranking calculations and fluctuations and various other factors that affects the ranking.

➤ What things to consider before launching your site


The Reasons Why your Website is not Ranking Well in Search Engines-550x400
Website Ranking Tips- Find out Why your Website is not Visible in SERPs

As far as engagement is considered, thing is that the keywords we use to get optimum engagement does not go as expected because the relevancy of keywords is different for different age group.

You might have done the best from your end to make your website a success yet it fails to go as per your expectations as you might have missed the vital factors or went wrong on certain aspects.

what kind of advertising to use to market your website online

Search Engine Website Ranking
Search Engine Website Ranking

Now, what can be done to get rid of this failure issue and make your digital marketing a success?

What could be the ways and solution to fix your SEO?

How  to boost up the website ranking to make it count in the list of successful websites?

These and many other such questions need answers and our attention.


Top 5 Website Ranking Tips for Beginners


Let us see some of the ways in which we can make it happen:

1- Be Aware of The Tough Competition



Be Aware Of The Tough Competition-website-ranking-300x200
There is really a Tough Competition for ranking your website


One obvious reason that leads to the failure of website is failure to match the with the competition. You need to be creative and think out of the box. be aware of the competition for the target keywords you use.


Often the highly competitive keywords are used by the companies for their website but they tend to forget that already there are leaders that are leading on search engine with those keywords. Therefore, you will require a huge SEO budget to compete.


In order to rank top and appear on the first page your website needs to be stronger. Do not ignore the fact that first page is moreover dominated by popular established website.

Before you create content and links for the website and select keywords, do watch out for the existing competition for the target keywords.

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2- On-Page Optimization



onpage-seo-for -search engine ranking-300x200
Onpage SEO Search Engine Ranking



You might be having strong backlinks and relevant content but still you are not showing up anywhere in the rankings. Ever gave it thought why is that happening.

Well, the reason could be poor on-page optimization that means your page is not properly optimized for organic search. Page Titles, keywords etc plays an important role here. Title tags must be effective, on-page SEO structure must be right.

There are various other tactics that could help like creating XML sitemap for the website so that no duplicate content issues arise and Google is able to find your site and index all its pages. Do not forget to add meta descriptions. There are tools like Yoast SEO for WordPress and others to help you start with on-page optimization.

How to use Twitter to increase traffic on your site

3- Content Relevancy



Content Relevancy is important-for website ranking-300x200
Content Relevancy is very important for website ranking



Google shows up good ranking as a reward for those website that are helpful with its content in the form of results for the users and has relevant content.


It is designed in this manner. Short and simple content will not be good enough for Google to show it up as the relevant result for the target keywords because the content which is not unique and is quite thin in nature does not prove to be of much value for the users. Therefore, it does not show up.


10 Must Have Content Marketing Tools to Promote your website
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4- Links Do Matter



Links Do Matter Link-building-website-ranking-300x200
Links Do Matter for ranking a website in search engine



Targeting keywords which are simple and has less amount of competition with good on-page optimization, it gets good ranking comparatively. 


To make it to the first page, you need to create good content targeting your niche with great links. Chances for you to appear in the list of top five results will be more.

And remember more links adds value. So more the links (but pertinent), more the views.

Get Free Web Traffic to your Website or a Blog

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5- Unethical Link Building



Stay Away from Unethical Link Building


Stuff like paid links, hacked links, spam links etc are not successful in cheating with Google. Google knows it all. It is aware of all the bad link practices, black hat SEO practices.


Use Natural Link Building Techniques as mentioned here


If your website is great with content and links and rest of everything as well but does not rank for its keywords anymore, then probably it could be due to manual or algorithmic penalty. 

Actions are taken against unethical link building. Make sure you are not into such activities so that Google webspam team does not take any action against your website.

If you want to check if any such action is been taken for your website, you can check by clicking ‘search traffic’ and then opening ‘manual actions’ tab.

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Make Money Online – 8 Ways to Earn Without Moving out from your Home

Make money Online with 8 Lucrative Ways which have been Proving out to be a Big Hit Amongst Many.

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There are numerous reasons to give if we start writing down the benefits that online Space and social media has given. It is a part of our life now. It makes us connect to different people around the world.

People are easily approachable because of this. It is not just a medium to chat and have fun rather it is helping businesses grow.


Make Money Online work from home jobs at
Tips to Make Money Online from Home


8 Ways to Make Money Working Online from your Home

Yes, you heard it right. Social media and online Space has become an earning source for various creative and talented people say for example make up artists posting their make up tutorial videos, blogs, chefs posting their cookery videos online and sharing blogs, articles, comedians posting fun and entertaining short clips online and getting fame. Not only this, there are various other ways to earn here.

Some of the important tips to make money working from home via the Internet and with the help of social media are listed below, have a look!


1- Copy Writing


make money from home by your Copywriting talent-350x250
CopyWriting could be a great Online home based Profession 

Flaunt your language and grammar skills on Facebook and Twitter to get noticed by relevant/ concerned people. Get yourself hired via this medium. Prove your skills here. It can’t get any better than this.

2- Social Media Management


earn working from home by offering social-media-management services-350x250
earn online income by offering social-media management services


Their are startups, entrepreneurs and other professional people looking for someone to handle their social media account and make an impactful, attractive presence.

You can get hired not only as an intern but an employee as well getting a fair amount paid for the job done. You can search for these kinds of opportunities.

3- Earn Online by your Instagram Shop



make money online with your Instagram Shop-350x250
make money online by selling items using Instagram shop


You can run an online shop on Instagram. See if you have got some attractive cool items the pictures of which would interest users.

You set up the online shop by connecting your account to service inSelly which is Instagram marketplace allowing buying and selling on Instagram for free.

4- Earn from your YouTube Video Channels

Get paid working from home by your videos at YouTube Channels-350x250
Get started making money on your YouTube Channels

It not only help you make money but also make you famous amongst people. Post videos on your YouTube channel.

See what you are good at like comedy or make up, hair videos, cooking, fun street videos, random prank videos, teaching videos like subject related, course related, fashion & lifestyle videos etc. Ask people to subscribe and like the video.

Spread the word about your YouTube channel. Get viewers and there you are making handsome money.

5- Get Paid Online by Editing Work:


Editing work has always been in demand ever since the inception of the Internet web. There is a lot of scope of this work on the Internet and offline it. If you are good at editing and proofreading then you wont find any difficulties in searching such jobs on the Internet that can be done from home easily.

You only need a good computer and Internet connection to accomplish your task successfully.

Make money online by Editing articles-350x250
Content Editors make great Income working online

If you have just started in this field you should visit here and find some really good matching projects for editing and proofreading job.

To expand your reach and monthly income sources you should showcase your services on some really good freelance portfolio websites. Find here tips to create an impressive portfolio for your freelancing services.

Market yourself on social media sites. Twitter & Facebook in particular are great sources to promote your talent, your skill. Editing is widely demanded skill today.

A lot of scope is there you just need to put in the energy to get noticed. In case of any doubts and help you should visit any of the popular questions and answers sites.


6- Showcase Your Musical Talent Via Soundcloud


Showcase Your Musical Talent Via Soundcloud-350x250
Make earning Online with Your Musical Talent Via Soundcloud

With that it does not necessarily mean to promise you to make a Rockstar but rather get noticed by the people looking for your kind of talent.

Musical talent could be anything like good in writing jingles, creating music, singing jingles or others. You might get hired to work for radio or TV commercials. Opportunities exist. You just have to find the door.

7- Selling Art Through Social Media Platforms


Selling your Art via Social Media Platforms-350x250
Earn from home by Selling your Art via Social Media Channels

You can post your artwork on Tumblr or Instagram and enjoy the response it gets you.

You will see people sharing your posts if they like it.

When you see a lot of craze for your art in the form of bulk sharing then you can sell them as prints on platforms like Etsy and other stores that sells handmade,  art and vintage items and thereby end up making money.

Tips to Make Money by Selling online

8- Writing Comedy and Entertainment Related Stuff


If you are good in comedy and fun stuff. Like you come up with funniest one liners that cracks up people then you can use this comic talent of yours by comedy writing.

You just create your page on Facebook or an account on Twitter or Instagram. Write the one liners you come up with, attract people to your page/ account, gain their attention.

It has been found that lots of new comedians have started their career on Twitter in the recent years. For this, you must have to be very skillful as there are only 140 characters on Twitter to represent your funny jokes to draw the attention of your followers on Twitter.

Therefore, you have to be creative and skillful at the same time to earn money with this platform of social media.

Start from social media, see the response coming. If positive enough. Give comedy a shot. A big one to make lots of money. There are numerous ways out there.

You can make your own website and publish videos and entertainment related posts and one liners and share it on Whatsapp, Webchat, Snapchat and get good and viral traffic. Then you can monetize your content with so many options available out there.

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6 Best Mobile Apps for Writers. Creative Writing Apps for Android and iPhone

Best Mobile Apps for Writers as Helping Tools for Better Writing.



The Top Mobile Apps for Content Writing – The Apps that are Making Life Easier for the Writers



With the advancement in Technology writing has become a much easier task. There has been a major shift from desktop to virtual writing.


With tablets, smartphones, ipads & many other devices that come with writing tools with superior word processing capabilities, things have changed.


Writers have become more productive than ever with these mobile apps to make their task easier. Find out yourself in this article.


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World popular Freelance websites for Content Writers


Content Writing Apps- Top Mobile Apps for Writers

List of Best Writing Apps for Writers:


Writers have become more productive than ever with these mobile apps to make their writing task easier. Find out Best Apps for Content Writers as Cool writing tools. The apps are here nowadays for helping writers up their writing game.




Mobile apps Online tools for Content Writers
Mobile apps for Writers



Here are a few outstanding mobile apps for writers:-

1. Jotterpad

Jotterpad- a very popular app for creative writing



A nicely designed app with a fair amount of features. The reason why jotterpad is considered to be one of the best writing apps is because of its clean typing interface.


Its text editor covers all the text editing tools right from undo redo option to word count, extended keyboard, built-in dictionary, etc.


Different fonts for typing with syntax highlighting is available therein and even has export options to PDF and DOCX too. The app is free to download but to enjoy creative mode, you are required to to purchase additional features.


[ Download Jotterpad Writer App Free from Google Store ] [ WriterRoom App at iTunes- Jotterpad best Alternate for iPhone


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Useful Tools for Women Entrepreneurs


2. Monospace Writing and Notes App (android)





Monospace- A Popular App for Creative Writing and Notes



It is the writing app with modern style editing features. Like if talk about it’s hashtag feature then unlike that old folder system, here the app does the organizing job for you just by adding hashtag to it.

The app allows for exporting via Markdown & its latest version supports dropbox sync as well. For minimal notes & writing this is the most apt application though it is still in BETA. Available for free with 4.3 ratings given.


[ Monospace Writer Writing and Notes App free download at Google Play Store ]



Apps for Stock market traders
Excellent Tips for marketing an App 


3. Write: A Productivity App for Writers







Supporting tons of sharing services, pass-code lock, granular interface control, and others, this app has one unique feature which you won’t find in any other competitive app is a cursor nub that allows you to accurately place the cursor while typing & the swipe selection makes selecting the part of text error-less.


You can easily switch to full-screen mode as it allows you to concentrate on what’s important.


The shortcut toolbar therein provides markdown formatting & markdown preview while writing. Custom fonts, brightness control & lots more features are there in this app which makes it good platform for writing.


[ Download Write Productivity App on Android ] [ Write App Alternate on iTunes store ]



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4. Microsoft Word



Microsoft Word-app-for-android-ios-500x400
Microsoft Word App for Writers for Android and iOS



Well, the name is enough. The app allows you to Create beautiful documents with Word. You can view, create & edit documents on your phone without having to depend on your laptop, PCs.

It covers all the familiar features of word be it Images, charts, footnotes, formulas, tables, pictures, fonts etc. Templates too are available to save your time.

Share your documents with others & don’t let your work get hampered because of place or time. Stat productive with Microsoft Word app.

Available for both iOS & Android users.


[ Microsoft Word on Google Play Store ] [ Download Microsoft Word App from iTunes ]



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5. Drafts 4




Drafts4 app for iOS



The app is usually for the purpose of instantly writing what’s on your mind, your thoughts, things to recall later, etc.

You can even use it for proper writing work like you would do using any other writing app. For markdown shortcuts if you see there is a customisable bar  present right above the keyboard.

With its Apple Watch app you can easily view your Drafts inbox.
Overall the app is good & supports iOS device. Not available for android as yet.

[ Download Drafts4 App from iTunes Store ]


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6. Evernote

Evernote- Productivity app for writers


The app with over 100 million downloads already is proving to be a great helper to all. It helps you write notes, create checklist, organize articles & so much more. You can attach PDFs, office docs etc to it.The best part being its offline access.


You can work on it even if there’s no internet connection. Evernote is a very wide application that could help writers in numerous ways. Available for free but you can enjoy extra features with its premium subscription.


[ EverNote Apps on iTunes ] [ Evernote App on Google Playstore ]



Disqus Discussions-10 Reasons Why Bloggers Use Disqus for Comments

Why Disqus is useful for your blog? Why webmasters love using Disqus commenting system?

Every kind Blog of craves for comments. No Blog can be successful without getting the comments from its real users/ readers. Have you seen such a blog that survived without any comments on it? really? Please let me know if you have a name for it!

That’s the importance of comments on any content based blogs!

If you are a blogger yourself then you can’t afford to ignore the power of comments made by its real audience base.

And to attract more comments on your blog you have to heavily depend upon the content quality and the commenting system on your blog. That’s for sure! No doubt about that.

Top 10 WordPress Plugins to fight Comment Spam

10 Outstanding Benefits/Reasons why you should Plug in Disqus to your Blog for Comments

Almost everybody goes online to search for information or entertainment. There are many blogs that offer these services. Some of them have opinion pieces while others specialize in relaying the news to internet users.

Normally, you can comment on the articles that you read on these blogs. This is made possible by a platform known as Disqus.

Disqus is a platform that creates a community of people who comment on various pieces of information on blogs. This is a platform that can be embedded in a website.

After being embedded, Disqus allows for the integration of social media capability, community chatting, commenting on posts as well as professional administration of your website.

Applying Disqus in your websites allows it to join millions of other websites and blogs that already have this platform.

My personal experiences about using Disqus (over several of the blogs that i own or have some kind of direct connection.)


There are many advantages of integrating Disqus in your blog. You will start noticing the changes in your blog’s traffic and overall visibility score. Though, this is not guaranteed.


But, i have personally noticed some very good changes in some of my blogs while few other blogs could not receive the benefits immediately. 


The best things about Disqus i noticed:

You can see the profile and status of the persons who submit comments on your blog.

You can blog and white list users based on their activities.

You can edit the comment and add/remove links in them easily.

You get a separate dashboard where you can manage the whole system of comments.

It Comes with a large community oriented features and is packed with comments thread replies options and like dislike features.

You have a few designing choices at your disposal to make for the look of comment form.


The visible downside:

It loads slowly compared to the other comment systems.So, you need to be aware about the web page loading time and speed.

All above said, one thing is for sure: it definitely adds a great value to your blog and it also depends on the bloggers how they utilize it to the maximum benefits for themselves.

Continue Reading to learn more about Disqus Discussions and comments features and specialties …..


10 Main Reasons and Benefits of using Disqus on your Blog for Comments


1. Easy tracking of replies

Blog readers can post a comment after reading an article. They may be interested in seeing the responses to their comment. Normally, they would have to keep checking to see if there was any reply made about their comment. This is tedious work.

For active blog readers who go through multiple websites in a day, it can quickly turn into a chore.

Disqus solves this by turning any replies that are made about a reader’s comments into emails. The platform them sends these emails to the specific person who made the comment. This results in easy receipt and review of the replies.

Moreover, when a blog reader makes comments on various blogs using Disqus, they can conveniently see all the replies in their email address.

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2. It allows for easy transfer of comments


If you move your website or blog to a new domain, Disqus will assist you to move all the conversations from the old website or blog to the new one.

All you have to do is contact the Disqus customer service providers and explain that you want the conversations moved to a new domain. They will link them in to the Disqus platform in your new domain and you are good to go.

The Disqus tech support are available all day and night. Thus, you can call them whenever and they will respond. They can take less than 10 minutes to transfer your conversations. This is record breaking customer service!

20 Best Directories where submitting your blog is greatly beneficial

3. Easy to install

It is quite easy to embed Disqus in your website or blog. All that you have to do is register your website or blog on After that, they will send you a zip file that you simply upload to your website.

After that, you should activate the plugin and give your website’s community a name on Disqus. Voila! You have successfully embedded Disqus in your website. There are various templates to choose from for this chat platform.

If you want one that matches the colors you have used in your website, simply get in touch with the Disqus customer support team and you will be sorted out promptly.

➤ Which is better for a blog ranking- SEO or Content Marketing?

4. Comments Ranking Feature


Disqus allows for ranking of responses. Any time a reader uses Disqus to reply to a comment in Disqus, this reply can be voted on by other readers. The higher the number of votes, the higher the rank of the reader.

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5. RSS feeds



You can use Disqus to easily follow the RSS feeds from your comments or the comments made by your friends in social media. This allows you to see what your friends are saying in blogs and sites that have Disqus.

It also allows you to see which websites they are visiting. This is an opportunity that you can use to see various articles, discussions and trending topics on the internet.

➤  All in One Free SEO Software tool to Rank your Blog



6. Use of widgets


Disqus allows you to install widgets in your websites. The widgets can display various things. Examples of these are comments that have been made recently, the top comment contributors as well as the most popular articles.

You can add one or all of the Disqus widgets to your websites. Moreover, you can determine the theme color of your widgets as well as the ones that you would like shown as default in your website.

7. Simple to use

Simplicity creates elegance. Disqus allows the commenting platform of any website to become effective and very elegant.

Its features make it easy for readers to comment and follow their comments. It also makes it easy for the bloggers and webmasters to manage the information in their websites.

➤  Website speed optimization- Tools and tips to improve loading time

8. Seamless integration

Disqus can work in a website of any size and any type. It can fit in a blog and also in a news website. You can also export comments from a previous comment platform to Disqus.

Thus, it is versatile. This platform also works in websites that are managed by different types of Content Management Systems (CMS).

Examples of CMS are WordPress and Joomla. Disqus will integrate smoothly into these websites and give you and your readers an enjoyable experience.

➤ List of Ultimate Logo Maker websites to design free banners for your blog


9. Many log-in options


Commentators can log into Disqus from basically any social site in the Internet. They can also log in from various email providers. Commentators can log in from Facebook, Twitter, Google, OpenID and Yahoo too.

As such, readers and commenters are saved the stress of having to open new personal accounts in every blog that they visit. In addition to this, a commenter who has logged in from a social site can share their comment in their personal page.

For example, they can post their comment in Facebook or tweet it in Twitter. This gives it the opportunity to go viral. If it does, your blog or website will also go viral and become very well known all over the world.

➤  15 Best ways to Get Free Traffic for your blog


10. Personalization



A commenter who has a Disqus account will have the opportunity to view their avatar and other personal profile details in every comment they make. They can also view their commenting history in their Disqus account.

This is great for tracking one’s activity on the Internet. It also allows for easy cross promotion of blogs and websites. Disqus is the ideal platform to use for comments in

➤  Blogging Tips- 5 Sure Ways to Promote a Blog

7 Best Places to Find New Ideas for Creating Fresh Content for your Blog

How to Generate Blog Content Ideas for Writing New New Blog Posts- Tips for Writers

How to Continuously Keep Generating Ideas for your Content that is Engaging?

7 Primary Sources to find Ideas for Creating Content that is Trending and related to your blogging domain. How to Generate Unique Ideas in your Niche!

There is no dearth of finding ideas for your content in this digital era but finding ideas which are unique and get you more results needs more attention to the daily trends and happenings around us.

It requires one to go beyond the locale and think what is keeping the masses engaged and write something related to it.

➤ Content Promotion Tips for Beginners

It is also a tedious task to keep researching for ideas all the time and waste more time in finding an idea which makes the writing and development part suffer.

Considering this fact we have tried to quickly sum up some of the best ways you can keep generating unending and clickable ideas for your content without wasting much time and resources.

➤ Secrets of Professional Content Writers

So, read below the 7 Tricks and Tips to get a Steady Flow of Ideas for creating new content every time for your blog.
Content Ideas: Generate Content Ideas whenever you want!

How to Keep Generating New Ideas for your Blog? 


7 Blogging Tips for Creating New Content Ideas for your blog.

You may never run out of ideas in this era of Mass Information but What is Good and Clickable for your Blog is difficult to find out everyday.

The below given tips will help you overcome the difficulty to find ideas for writing new blog posts regularly.

1. Google Alerts: It Helps in Taking Inspiration from others

If you are looking to keep an eye on some specific topics and want to keep updated about the same you should resort to Google alert.
When you create an alert with Google every time that specific keyword is mentioned anywhere on the web, you get an email notification for the details.

For example you wish to keep updated about all small medium business updates you can create an alert for it. Like I did and I keep getting notifications in my mail like this:

Google Alerts-Snapshot
Google Alerts: Snapshot


Set an Alert for yourself by visiting Google Alerts page

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2. Follow the Twitter Trends to get Ideas

Twitter trends are making and breaking things these days. Twitter has become a great tool to feel the pulse of the masses.

There is a mind blowing twitter application called ‘Topsy’ which is like a search engine for twitter and helps you find out all trends even in a particular region.

➤ For a Complete List of all the Free Twitter Tools checkout this article
Discover the Twitter Tricks to Boost Engagement



3. Facebook Trending Topics



Facebook Trending Topics-600x300
Visit Facebook Trending Topics to discover what is trending presently

Facebook shows trending topics which keeps updating as and when another topic becomes more popular. So it works on basis of popularity of topics.

While in Twitter you get to know about a particular hashtag that is trending and then you go deeper to dig out what that hashtag is all about and get to know the details like this, in case with Facebook, it is not so.

When a topic start trending Facebook clearly give a one liner reason for the trend just after every trending topic.

Though the Facebook trends are not that much voice of the masses as Twitter trends are.

Facebook trends says it shows topics that are popular and of your interest to you and also the trends depending upon the famous happening from around the world and for which more celebrities etc are talking about.

So this means the trending topics for you can be little different than trending topics for me.

That’s not fair!

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4. Find High Search Volume keywords



High Search Volume keywords-500x300
Go for High Search Volume keywords in your Niche

High search volume keywords as we very well understand are the keywords which are most popular because of the volume of people searching for it.

It’s not just about the high search volume keywords in general but find out the high search volume keywords which are specific to your audience. I mean, Niche keywords.

For example, a keyword like ‘Flipkart‘ may be a high search volume keyword for shoppers in India but your target audience may necessarily not just confine to Indian shoppers but the shoppers from all over the world.

Instead of going about guessing the high search volume keywords you can easily find out by proper keyword research. Google analytics and Adwords keyword planner tool is great to assess your keyword performance and status.

➤ SEO PowerSuite: Increase your Website Ranking

5. Quora: Get Content Ideas from this great community



Use-Quora to generate and find new ideas for your niche content-587x292
Quora is a great community and can find new and unique ideas for your niche content here!

With over 1.5 million monthly visitors Quora is poised to give you what you are looking for.

A platform like Quota which is unique in itself and connects people from all around the world to engage in topics of their choice.

It poses a great opportunity to see what people are talking about and moreover what more and more people are talking about.

It gives a very clear insight about the views and thoughts of masses with regard to the concerned topic/s.

It can help you generate unique ideas on the basis of the research that you do by going through the popular discussion topics in your niche of which are relevant to your audience.

How to overwhelming free traffic from Quora


6. Forums are Great Places to find Content Ideas

Forums have been a great source to keep the track of the pulse of the market even before anything else but it still holds good.

It is still a great source if you can catch hold of the popular forums in your target segment and analyse what people are talking and what are their concerns.

List of High DA Forums on the Internet



7. Reviews and Feedbacks

Product reviews are a must to actually understand what people are speaking about their experiences with different products and services. So, try to make it a habit to check the review sites every now and then to know what is hot at the moment.

I have created here a list of the most popular review sites where you can find the most active community of consumers.

It helps you get a clear idea about the way people are expressing their amusement or concern for a product or service.

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Content Marketing Tips for Beginners- 8 Ways to Promote any Content Online

8 Content Marketing Tips for Promoting your Blog.

The Most Important Tips to Promote your Content Online. Basic Steps of Marketing your Blog Content.

Are putting a lot of hard work to produce a good flow of content all the time but still struggling to get traffic?

Do you envy other similar posts even some of them not as good as yours are getting more reach and able to drive more traffic?
Promoting your content is as crucial as writing it. One should divide their time equally in writing and promoting their blog posts for best results.

Read the trending articles related to Blogging and Content Marketing:

  1. 10 best Tools for Content Marketing
  2. Why and How to Use content Marketing
  3. 20 Free RSS websites to Ping and Index your Content easily
  4. 30 Best Blogs on the Internet for Content Marketing Tips
  5. Learn How to Keep generating ideas for creating fresh content


Tips to Promote your Content from Website Blog Business
Content Marketing Tips for promoting your Content Online


Top 8 Effective Methods for Content Promotion- Blogging and Content Marketing Tips for Beginners

The tips mentioned below are for beginners and intermediate bloggers and publishers. We have reviewed the work of expert content marketers and decided to publish here only the workable and practical ways.

1. Loop in the Influencers

Influencers have following that is good for your content. Start by looking out for the similar content that is more popular and it will help you find the influencers who have shared it.

Reach out to those who are sharing similar articles and find out if they share yours as well. Reach out to as many influencers as present in your industry and gradually connect with them all. Some of them will give you enough results.

Even if you start building your own community and can grow your network across all other platforms where you share your content for promotions still you can not afford to miss out the benefits of an influencer sharing your content.

You can use realtime, topsy and other such tools to find out the similar popular content which others are sharing.

2. Be present on all major and niche social media platforms


Be present on all major social media platforms and keep growing your community in each of them. Join the groups and share your content in your niche groups.

Make your own groups and keep adding more people to it. Share content everywhere on regular basis so as to keep everyone interested and reminded of you.

Also look for popular networking sites in your niche which might not be as big as others but doing well in your segment. It will get you filtered target audience to connect to.

➤ Best Ways to get FREE traffic for your website or blog


3. Draft multiple excerpts of your Blog content to share everywhere

Draft multiple excerpts or snippets of your blog content to share across different places. Somewhere you would like to share something and at another place sharing different excerpts would yield benefits.

Share your blog posts multiple times and not just once. You may also want to share different snippets on the same platform many times so as to get more reach.

Rank your Content higher with SEO PowerSuite Software (Free/paid)

4. Join Groups and Communities across all Social Media Platforms

Groups and communities on social media are a ready market for content enthusiasts as like others.

It presents a great opportunity to reach out to a targeted audience. Do your own research and find out the groups and communities on social media platforms like, Facebook, LinkedIn etc to join the groups worthy sharing your content and get you more traffic.

Other than joining the communities according to your nice and target segment you may also join big groups with lakhs of members even if it is not your highly targeted audience but you have a chance to find many even there considering their size.


Join Online Business forums to promote any type of content

5. Curate the Content

To curate the content, firstly you need to have a sound knowledge about the curation websites and tools. There are hundreds of content curation sites out there. We have prepared a list of such content curation sites and have only included the best ones to save your time and energy. 

content curation sites for promoting your content

Content curation can spike your reach in the following ways:

a. Less time-consuming

Writing a fresh content from scratch is a time-consuming job which content marketers always struggle with. Content duration gives an opportunity to the marketers to save some time and share more content.

b. Low Costing

The content citation is the best thing to do to keep your costs low and still deliver quality to your audience.

c. Writers will love it

Writers will like it as they get more exposure for their work. 

d. Audience will also love it

The audience will like it because they get to read more quality content and all at one place.

e. Good for getting Influencer’s attention

By sharing the work of renowned writers you hold good chances of being recognized by the influencers and other writers from the industry. This is good for rapport and you can also gain their support by getting them to share your content.

6. Build email list

Keep building your email list for getting most from your content marketing goals.
Keep sending them often and share your valuable blog content with them. Email marketing is one of the most successful ways to promote your content.


7. Submit your Blog Content to Online Communities

Submit your blog posts to the content communities which are active in your niche and driving traffic. Use these Business bookmarking websites to drive more social traffic and rank your latest blog posts higher.

In this way you help the newest content from your blog or website get indexed easily by most of the major search engines on the Internet.

8. Make all Share Buttons Available with your Content

Wherever you share your content make sure you make all social media share button available on them so that a reader who likes it can instantly share it if they want and don’t stop from during your content just because there was no share button.

Why and Where Content Marketing Pays for Business Sales and Blogging?

Why has the Content become the Only Ruling King in Today’s Web Market?

World wide web has over the years now changed how customers behave and how they are influenced by the surrounding.
Marketers have failed in this changed dynamics of the present market to effectively carry on with their previously quite successful marketing techniques.
Advertising is not getting them results as it once used to. Cold calls, direct sales, telecalling, etc are not yielding desired results in the present market.
Content Marketing- Why and How tos of it in the Present Scenario!


Why Content Marketing?

Experts suggest that content marketing is the only marketing left in the present situation. There is no other form of marketing which seems to work wonders as been recorded by measuring the performance of content marketing.

Content marketing imparts product and services knowledge to the consumers without actually doing any marketing. It is all about reaching out to the consumers with the information and leave them to decide what is better for them.

This seems to work now because the consumers are smart and understand the market. They are not intrigued by the enticing advertisements and promotional practices.

They had enough of all of them. They also have an impression now that the more marketing and advertisements  necessarily does not mean a good product. A less advertised product can also be much better than the former.

They also now don’t have any problem of reach which was prevalent in the earlier market.

Earlier, print media was the only way the companies used to reach the consumers then came digital media and television which become a source of marketing the products to the consumers and now with the advent of the web and increasing number of internet users, has impacted all sphere of lives of present society.

Consumers don’t just trust what they were and believe what is advertised more. Rather they are making more informed decisions and taking heed to collect information about what they wish to buy.

The Internet and social media had evolved a new set of consumer behavior where they learn about the products and their decisions were highly impacted by the reviews and feedbacks as offered by other buyers who have already bought and used the products.

Here comes the need of content and how it is evident that without a good content strategy it is not possible to last for longer in the present market scenario.

It is not so easy to consistently come up with outstanding content and keep the consumers satisfied. It takes a lot of understanding through analysis and market research and deliver what the consumers want to read about. It is not easy but necessary for the survival now today.

Everyone is focusing on content. Everyone is writing to take their target market with them but in this sea of information to gain attention of the consumers you need to write unique.

And to write something unique you need to do a lot of research and come up with some ideas out of the box which can keep getting you more attention over the time and keep increasing your popularity thus strengthening your consumer base and brand value.

What are the types of content that you can leverage for content marketing?

1. Weblogs

Weblogs or simply blogging is the oldest form of content marketing and the most widely used as well. Blog is now as important as having a website for businesses.

2. Info graphics

Info graphics are gaining popularity in present times due to its efficiency in conveying a whole lot of information in short time. Marketers are depending highly on infographics for their content marketing aims.

3. Webinars

Webinars have become a great source of marketing and driving tragic and consequently generating sales for the businesses. It gives personal connect and increases the trust and credibility of the products once they get to know it from someone in person in the online space.

4. Podcasts

They say women fall in live with what they hear and men Fall in love with what they see but podcasts have now been influencing both genders equally and impacting their buying decisions. Twitter Tricks to Boost Content Engagement

5. Interviews

Interviews tell what people want to know. Interviews bring out the best and worst in the product and services from the very medium of their owners, marketers and makers.

6. ebooks

Ebooks are a great source of information for the consumers. With increased number of people choosing to read online more than reading prints. ebooks have been quite successful in delivering the right information to the consumers.

7. Case studies

Case studies help consumers delve in detailed research and analysis before making a buying decision.

8. Forums, discussions, reviews and question answers, etc.

Forums, discussion, reviews etc have been impacting consumer buying behavior by understanding what other people have to say about the product.

Final thoughts:
So the content marketing can be summed up to help achieve the following marketing goals:
  • Drive traffic
  • Generate sale
  • Increase engagement
  • Increase brand value
  • Customer retention