Cow Dung Cakes – Why and How they Sell like Hot Cakes on Online Shopping Sites

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Find out how Cow Dung Cakes have a huge Demand on Online Shopping Sites in India

Cow’s Dung Cake goes online in India!

Almost all kinds of products can be found at online shopping sites today, then why cow dung cakes that depicts a great aspect of India should be kept away from this space.

Yes, this item which is not quite a usual one like others is selling in huge amount via online platform. Amazon India, Shopclues or ebay, you can find cow dung cakes alternatively said cow dung patties on these leading eCommerce sites.

Not to ignore the offers and discounts schemes on these as well. Along with attractive offers on large orders by retailers even gift wrap facility is also been provided on demand of customers.


 Cow Dung Cakes: Online Sales
 Cow Dung Cakes: Online Sales

Important Criteria to Choose the right markets to sell your products ] 


Buying cow dung cakes is no more a tough task as earlier where you used run to the cowshed. The product is just click away now. Though it seems little exceptional but the fact is, this product has high demand in the market and attracting lot of traffic as if its not cow dung cakes selling rather some celebration or birthday cakes.


Why there is a Huge Demand for cow’s dung cakes?

The reason for the huge demand of this product is, cow’s dung is considered as sacred and is used for various Indian rituals, ceremonies and especially in hawans. It is due to this need that urban people are highly demanding cow dung cakes and not because they have to make chulha out of it in order to prepare food. Urban people doesn’t have that kind of requirement.

Professional Sellers:

The online marketplace is getting flooded by organic cow dung cakes.Best part is, the information and details of the product is available to make the customers aware about its different aspects like colour of the product, its quantity, quality, volume, weight, number of pieces, procedure of making, its uses, keeping it safe and other descriptions.


Moreover the south asian nation’s rural communities are moving with urgent haste to sell cow dung cakes to online retailers. the deal is beneficial for all the parties concerned. Sellers getting good amount for their product, retailers/ online merchants charging the price according to their customers covering the cost incurred plus amount of profit and thirdly customers/end-users who are getting product at their door step without having much to do.

Special Occasions:


Multiple sellers are listing this product on the shopping sites. The demand rises for this product to a great extent in the festive seasons like diwali, lohri and others when people do a lot of puja and other rituals. The cows are considered sacred in Hindus and cow dung cakes have been used over the years for various rituals by Hindus.

Other Uses of Cow’s Dung:


Talking about other uses of this product then, cow dung cakes is used for cooking purpose (in the form of chulha), litting fire, for the purpose of heating/ keeping place warm in the cold weather etc in rural areas where people cannot afford advanced products.


Also cow dung cakes are used as organic manure in garden/plant nurseries and targeting these kind of customers many sellers are marketing this product accordingly. For your knowledge, lets not forget to mention what are these cow dung cakes made of.


Basically this is a mixture of fresh cow faeces with hay which is dried in the sun molding them into the form of cakes. Mostly the women in the backward/remote areas does the work of making these cow dung cakes to earn livelihood and run families.


Packaging and Pricing:


The cakes are sold in packets. Each of which contains 8 pieces which weighs about 200 grams. As far as the prices are concerned, it goes from Rs 100 to 400 per packet. The orders come from the areas where people are unable to buy or find it difficult to buy cow dung cakes.

So they opt for this online medium which gets them their required product safely at their door step.  The demand level is such huge that many retailers are getting order in bulk and because of such great response, they are delivering globally free of charges. Across India the shipping charges are ZERO!

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