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Online Store Services- 7 Ways to Make Customers Satisfied (CRM based Order Processing)

Learn 7 ways to improve your Online Storefront Service with the help of Effective Order Processing and CRM system.


eCommerce business tips for Retaining your Customers and providing efficient Customer Service.


“Poor service…” .. According to theNewSourcing study, 89% of customers, who were dissatisfied with the service in the online store, have never returned for another purchase. How should we execute the order so that the customer was satisfied? Learn 7 ways to improve your online store services with the help of CRM-system.


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How to Keep your Customers happy and Satisfied with an Efficient Order Processing and CRM


You spend money on the attraction of each customer. Very often the first order does not cover your advertising costs. If the buyer has received a negative experience when working with you, he will go to a competitor. You lose a customer, second purchase, loyalty, and of course, you lose profits.


7 Tips for Processing Orders and Maintaining CRM in Efficient Ways

What does a client wait from your services? Not much: the timely execution of the order, no hitches, and the right communication. In this article, we will show how to achieve a great level of service with the help of a specialized CRM-system for e-commerce. The same rules work for the online store without a CRM system.

1) Distribute Orders Properly

Distribution is the first stage of work with the received orders. Every sales team member in the online store must clearly understand what types of orders he or she should process. Otherwise, be sure that there will be many situations that nobody will process the order because of relying on others.

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Distribute Orders effectively for running a Storefront Successfully 

So you will lose a customer. Generally, the CRM system provides several options for distribution of orders:

– Depending on the sales channel (online shop, landing, mobile application, etc.) In this case, one employee receives orders only from the online store and another – from the landing page.

– Depending on the processing method (e.g., orders through the basket are performed by one employee, while another is processing orders by phone).

– Depending on the order type (for example, from a legal entity and from a person).


– Depending on the responsible manager. If the customer has made an order in the online store, the next time, his or her order will be directed to the same employee as at the previous time.


– Depending on the importance of the customer. Thanks to modern CRM systems, you can assign the VIP status to the client, and the most experienced staff will process the orders of a particular customer.


– Uniform distribution, taking into account online members of a sales team.


Proper distribution of orders between employees will give them an understanding of responsibility zones of each employee, distribution of workload and it excludes sagging orders.


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2) Set the Rules of Order Processing


When the employees have no established procedure of order processing, they are free to do whatever they want. The main thing is to close the deal. With this approach, you will never reach the required level of service and customer loyalty.


Rules of Order Processing-350x300
Order Processing is crucial for any business 



CRM system gives the ability to set the rules of order processing, in other words – the rules of transition of the order status from one to another. With such regulations, an employee cannot accidentally close a new order or appoint a delivery of the understaffed order. Order  status should change gradually, without jumping and omissions.


The established method of order processing can significantly reduce the number of errors and bring 100% of transactions to its logical conclusion.

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3) Put a Time Limit on the Execution of Orders


According to a survey, 71% of online shoppers after ordering wait for a call back within the first 5 minutes. Do you control this figure? If not, then you should start doing it. The CRM system allows you to do it.


Put a Time Limit on the Execution of Orders-400x250
Online Store Services become excellent if done in a defined timeframe 


The time limit can be set for each of the order statuses. For example, a 5-minute limit on the order status “New” means that during this time you need to call the customer to confirm its order and then change the status to the next one. If an employee skips this step, a wise CRM-system will give him a reminder that the order has expired.


The benefits of the use of time restrictions are obvious:


– Everything is done on time;

– You can monitor the average processing time;

– No need to “push” employees.


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4) Set the Task and Get Reminders about Orders


Is it necessary to call back to the client? Is it necessary to clarify the availability of goods in stock? You can set tasks to each order or customer. At the appointed time the user of the system will see a reminder of what needs to be done.



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Set Task and Reminders for successful order processing for your Store


Employees are able to set tasks by themselves. What do we get as a result? Firstly, we can delegate tasks and monitor their execution. Secondly, now the poor memory is not an excuse –it is impossible to forget about the task or skip it.

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5) Integrate CRM-System and IP-Telephony

This is one of the essential bundles for an online store. What will the integration of CRM and IP-telephony give your online store?

– Customer recognition during the call. You can see the full name, previous orders, and can open the customer card within one click.
– Fast creation of a new customer card. You can create a new order and fill in the data during a call with a client.
– Reports on implemented and missed calls.

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6) Monitors the Status of Parcels in the CRM


Another important bundle for optimum work of a back office is the integration of your CRM and delivery services, which an online store cooperates with.

It allows:

– Ordering the delivery directly via CRM system (choose the method of delivery, location, and time)

– Calculation of the delivery cost

– Tracking parcels

– Working “in one window” (no need to switch between systems)

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7) Send a Notice to Customers about their Orders


You can do it manually or use CRM system, which allows sending notifications to customers about their orders automatically. Buyers consider such email or SMS messages useful. Due to these notifications, customers are aware of what is happening with their order,
when to wait for the goods, etc. This increases customer loyalty and their confidence in the quality of your services. In addition, via CRM system you can limit the time of sending the messages, for example, do not send a notification at night.


And the main rule is to keep your customers informed of their orders, anticipate their needs and do everything in time.

Strategies to Improve your Customer Onboarding [ Tips for Sellers ]

7 Killer Strategies to Boost up your Customer Onboarding and Retain More Customers

For retaining your customers you have to follow certain tips and tricks, formulate strategies that will help and guide you in different stages of business. The first stage, first interaction, first impression sets the tone for your relationship with the customer so make sure that it is impressive and overwhelming.

Failing at which may bring in lot of trouble for you making it difficult to survive in the business. You must work upon improving your service and focus on things that will help you maximize your growth.


tips-for-sellers-Strategies to Improve your Customer Onboarding-550x250
Improve your Customer Onboarding for greater sales and revenue


Customer retention is as important as getting new customers. Many brands fail terribly just because they are on a constant lookout for new customers while fail to deliver or retain old customers. Lets learn the strategies to improve customer retention.

Here in this article you will read about strategies to revamp your customers onboarding:-

1. Individualized Welcome


Be it online or offline, the best way to start a conversation with someone is greeting them. Just like you do for an offline event i-e, having a registration table with people incharge to welcome you by greeting.


Similarly you have to handle things online as well. When the customer sign up/register or login make the process easy for them and do not complicate things. To help them get started you may as well offer them eBooks  or other bonus material.

Give them a very personalized experience and welcome them to your brand by sending a personalized welcome message. Mention the person’s name or company’s name when interacting with them be it through emails or in other form. Greeting would leave a good first impression so do not forget to greet.

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2. Product Demonstration

In general, your customers might know what  the product is meant for but they might not necessarily know about the working of the product. Therefore it is the responsibility of your team to train your customers about how the product works, making every step clear to them.


The best way to demonstrate the product when you are into online business is by creating small video tutorial showing step by step the working of the product.


Highlight functions as well as the benefits of your products because unless you do so, you cannot excite the customers to make a purchase as they may leave out of frustration of not understanding the exact purpose of the product.

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3- Set Goals


Next strategy in line is setting goals. You/Your team must know what goals you customers want to accomplish using your service. You must invest time on this front and ask your customers about it through emails or surveys.

After you get to know the goals that your customers hopes to meet through your product/service, a series of steps can be created and listed logically to help the customers guide in reaching their expected goals/outcome with your product.

Setting milestone and then training customers in the direction of meeting their goals is the strategy you must follow.

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4. Good Customer Service


A friendly, knowledgeable and regular customer support will benefit you always. Customers will always have a query when using a product as might get stuck somewhere in between and they will need an answer.


You cannot leave your customers hanging with the problem they are facing. Your service does not end with the sale of your product/ service rather you have to provide after sales assistance to your customers.


You must ensure that the staff you hire for customer service is friendly, patient, polite and knowledgeable because rude service by customer support will only damage the brands image.


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5. Deliver Value To Customers Through Great Content

Produce content that provides knowledge, guidance to the customers, solve their problems and add value to them. Be realistic and do not fake things up. Mention how your product can be the solution to their problems but do not unnecessarily make your product a solution for every problem.

Earn the trust of your audience by finding what issues they are or may face and how your product can be the saviour for them. Be logical and relevant. Do not just force them to buy.

Lay down the features and benefits that excites them to buy your product. This will help you earn more sales.

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6- Flaunt Your Achievements & Success Stories

Just like your background, past records, achievements speaks for you similarly in a business, its achievements and success stories speaks for it. How to assure customers that your service/product can be trusted?


How to develop confidence in them towards your product? Well, here’s when your success stories serves its purpose. These boost up your brand image in the eyes of prospects and increase the chances of converting them into loyal customers.


7- Regular Follow-Up With Customers



In order to stay in business, you need to retain the customers for long. For this you must look out for the ways to engage your customers regularly through calls, emails, contests and social media.

Sending personalized thank you notes, discounts and gifts to loyal customers, appreciating them, giving recognition on social media etc can do wonders for you. Maintain your loyal customer base in all the aforesaid ways and follow up regularly to retain them.



Practical Tips To Keep Your Customers Asking For More.

Get Your Customers Keep Coming Back to you and Asking your More


Many businesses especially the SMEs consider customer service as a burden. They fail to understand the importance of customer service and how it gets them repeated sales which in turn generates more and more revenue for them.

Online reviews and relationship plays a crucial role and are key driver for about or more than 80% of the new customers. Having said that, there is a great need to go out of the way to show more support to the customers.

You must know  who are your loyal customers, who are just merely satisfied and who are new ones. Make sure you bridge the gap between these. The ones who are loyal customers can be your best brand advocates and can get you more customers. So there is a huge need to show extra care & support to your customers.



Tips to Keep your Customers asking for More

Now, this article will throw light on some of the practical tips that will keep your customers begging for more. Let us take a look at these:

1. Avoid Long Waits


No customer would like to wait for long before or during the chat is on. Also until and unless some meaningful action is seen taking, no customer likes to put in any kind of details or information.

Therefore, it is recommended to make the process fast and without any long pauses. Giving unnecessary stress & frustration to customers by making them wait for long will only damage things.

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2. Train & Empower


Different solutions are needed for different situations. The solutions can be provided when there exist authority.

Mere written policies and commands are not enough. Providing training and empowerment is much needed.

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3. Personal Touch


Customers prefer to talk to human being & not a machine or automated response. Although automation is less expensive but it is a waste when customers are not accepting it.

They like to to talk to someone who can understand, relate to their emotions, their values and generate solution accordingly in the best of their interest.

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4. Engage & Connect


Do not think that  just answering the questions is enough. No, it is not. The work does not end there. You must connect with the customers, build relationship with them.

Today, due to social networking, people are more into relationship building & connecting. This is what liked by all. So moreover focus on empathizing, understanding and connecting with your customers through different ways like social media, texting, mails etc.

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5. Show Promptness in Your Actions


Be quick in responding to emails, starting the chat with the customer etc. Show in every possible way by every gesture that their satisfaction is your priority and their urgency is your urgency.

If you fail at this front and delay things than they will switch to your competitors and will give no mentions to you anywhere which will result in loss for your business.

6. Generate Trust, Stay Proactive & Do Not Hesitate To Admit Mistakes


Often it is seen that new prospects are given special offers while the already existing customers pay more for the same service.

This creates a feeling of partiality in the mind of existing customers and leave them thinking that what wrong have they done to receive such partial treatment of paying higher rates as compared to what the  prospects are paying.

This thing can damage your business and get you into losses. Therefore, focus must be given towards winning the trust of customers, giving them due respect by admitting mistakes when wrong and offering fair service so as to enjoy the repeated patronage of these customers.


7. Match Performance Against Competitors


See how your competitors are performing on this front and match your performance against them. Your support team can be asked to sample the support of competitors, not on regular but monthly basis.

As far customer repeat business is concerned, make sure your goal remains to exceed every time against your competitors. This should even be used as the criteria to give rewards and bonuses i-e judging the performance/wins against the competitors.


How to Make your Customer Hero of Your Story [ Customer-Centric Business Tips ]

Customer is the Hero of your Story – How to Make Him a Superstar with these Effective Business Tips


Often it is seen that brands try to make themselves the hero and overlook the interest and concerns of the customers. Meeting customers need is not the end. But apparently many businesses are not able to understand this.

The result comes out in the form of failure of marketing efforts, low customer base and hence business loss.


Customer-is-King-How to Make Customers Centric Business-600x400
Make the Customer the Hero of your Story- Tips to make Customer-Centric Business

If you want that your marketing efforts must reap fruits than you need to formulate strategies that revolves around your customer. A business must put customer’s interest over its own.


To put in other words, your business as well as the marketing strategy should be customer-centric. This is crucial for the long term growth of the business.

Wondering what customer centric business is?

To keep it precise, customer-centric business is one which considers its customer as the most valuable asset.



How to Make a Customer Centric Business?


The whole idea of brands and products selling itself revolves around the customers. With no customers brands are nothing. Using these tips you can make the customers the hero and keep winning more customers.


In this article we will read about how to become a customer centric business and make your customer the hero of your story. The following steps will guide you through:-


1. Identify your Target Customers

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To make the customers the hero of your story, first of all you need to understand them & think from their perspective. You can organise surveys or watch out the behavior of your existing customer base on social media platforms by regular monitoring.

In order to get your target customers interested in your content, it is required that the audience must find their benefit in your offering. If it is not so, then you must make a list of their defining characteristics, like their location, industry, age, needs, goals, weak points, and motivations.

On compiling all these characteristics in the form of valuable information you have complete buyer personas right there in front of you which will help you in creating relevant content that your ideal customers can relate to and which speaks to their needs.

When the target customers will find the content full of topics of their interest then they would like to share it with the people in their network. The friends,coworkers, family or others. This way more people will come to know about you and get attracted.


2. Involve Everyone

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To ensure that customer centric culture exist in your business, what is actually required is that not merely the customer service department rather each and everyone in the organisation must understand the needs of your customers.

All the employees should know how important is every single customer for the business. To create such culture employees must be provided training, education, and mentoring at the time when hired which must go on in the form of coaching, guidance throughout their employment.

With this, all the members in the team will value their work and understand how their decisions affects the customers and business.

3. Boost Employee Morale

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There is a huge connection between customer satisfaction and employee morale. They are more like complimentary to each other. If you go as per Harvard Business Review, it says, contented employees are 31% more productive and generate 37% more sales than their disengaged counterparts.


There is need to first of all look into the culture that exist within the company before focusing on bettering the customer experience. Job Security, recognizing the needs of employees, providing them training & guidance, advancement opportunities etc are necessarily required.


In the absence of these employees morale will remain low and they will not perform to the best of their abilities be it providing customer service or any other work.


In order to ensure up to mark performance from the end of employees in the form of more productivity, more engagement make sure you are leaving no stone unturned to care about employee welfare and needs.

4. Let Customers Participate

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Involving your audience in your campaign, your brand’s story will help in creating customer centric culture. Let them be a part of your marketing efforts. Monitor their posts on social media channels.

See to it that you do not miss out on any mention of product or company or anything related to you. On finding the appropriate content, try to engage with your audience but be relevant and ask them to share it.

All these gestures will motivate them to spread the awareness of your product, your brand. They will end up becoming your voice.

With all of the aforementioned practices, you will be able to create customer-centric culture in the business. This will reflect your concern towards the customers and they will realize that the business value their needs and all the decisions are taken therein by the business are after giving due consideration to their opinions and concerns.



3 Steps to Build a Successful Customer Centric Marketing Strategy

Build a Successful Customer Centric Marketing Strategy to Win more Customers and Retain Them


To stay ahead in the race of tough competition organizations need to plan differently and restructure themselves. More and more brands coming in the market with each one of these struggling to grab more and more customers via way of gaining their attention.
The need now is to find the loopholes where the things are lacking. The answer here comes to be that not every organization is able to get the customer centricity concept right.

Some are taking this strategy as the one only meant for the customer facing units and not the organization as a whole. Customer centered approach and customer centricity is not just the responsibility of few departments. Company should focus on creating a marketing network that build its image as a separate customer-centric entity.
Steps to Build a Successful Customer Centric Marketing Strategy
Learn How to Build a Customer Centric Marketing Strategy



Now the question arises how it can be done? How to build a marketing network that is customer-centric? Well, it’s easy said than done.

Today, reaching your target customers is just the game of how well you frame your marketing strategies and how well they get implemented. Your customers must be the center of your universe.


Brands, products/services, media, taglines etc are the ones that speak about you. The gap between customers and the business is covered by these vary sources. The relevancy and importance of 4Ps i-e product, place, price, promotion cannot be denied even today. And above all, today our marketing has evolved by focusing on these along with a more detailed focus on making the buying experience of the customer a memorable one.


Highlighting few steps that tells you how to build a successful customer centric marketing strategy:
Most of the Companies often do talk a lot about putting their customers first but not all go by their words. Only few of them work in the right direction. Find out how you can be sure that you are serving your customers the best way possible.

1- Customer Centricity Must Be The Concern Of Whole Organization

Directly or indirectly every section, every unit of the organization is linked and affects each other. When you talk about customer centricity, then confusing it to be a merely the responsibility of the marketing department would be absolutely unfair and wrong.


The importance of customer centricity must spread through all the levels, all the departments, sections of the organization and not just marketing department. If not getting to deal with customers directly, other departments still can contribute to customer centricity by playing their roles effectively.
It could be in the form of timely delivery, keeping their promises, meeting deadlines, keeping a regular check on the processes to ensure everything is going as planned and the business is running smoothly.

2- Understanding The Customers Must Be The Focus


The more you are able to understand your customers the better you will be able to serve to their needs. It is of extreme importance for the business to know their clients. Customer intelligence paves way for customer engagement.


Unless you know what actually your customers are looking for, you won’t be able to give them what they want. There are so many sources through which you can get to gather as much as knowledge on your customers (exiting as well as potential).
Social media has made things even much easier like never before. You can easily reach out to your target audience, know what they are upto, what products and services they are speaking about and what is that interesting them and so much more. You have this source to gather huge data on your customers and meet their needs.


3- Take Into Account Your Customers When Making Key Decisions

No decision must be taken without keeping in mind your customers. They are the makers or breakers of your business. Our business will flourish smoothly or not depends upon the satisfaction of your customers. Make sure you take them into account.


Any decision that has a little bit chances of negatively affecting business must be eliminated. Keeping customers happy is the focus of the marketers but this focus should not overlook the fact that customer centric climate should exist in an organization as a whole.


Businesses that keep this customer centric holistic approach tends to grow big with the passage of time and nothing can shake them easily.

On the opposite of it those fails on keeping up at this front fails in a very short span of time that there existence becomes a question itself.

How to Say NO to your Customers? 8 Customer Communication Tips

Why is it so Important to Say NO to your Customers and how to say it when required?

How to say No to your
How to say No to your Customers?

It’s always better to be upfront and say no to the things you can’t do rather than making false promises and keeping your customers in dark.

When you are sure that you cannot say yes to a certain request made by the customer than do not keep him pending because that will cost you a lot in future.

It is not a good feeling when you cannot fulfill what your customer wants but there’s a way to say ‘no’ firmly that your bond doesn’t get affected no matter you meet their demand or not.


8 Tips to Remember while Saying ‘NO’ to your Customers

Following are the tips to say no to the customers without shaking your relationship:

1- Assure them you are Hearing

Listen to your customers carefully-300x200
Listen to your customers very carefully

This is the best thing you can do. Genuinely make them feel that you are listening to what they have to say. Even if you cannot meet their requirement do not just disappear without responding.

Tell them you understand their concern but unfortunately the things doesn’t lie within your control. Make them feel you are equally concerned about their problem but helpless.

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2- Highlight what you can Offer



tell your customers what help you can offer-300x200
Tell your customers what help you can offer


Do not just make excuses or ignore them. If you can’t fix their issue then you must focus on giving them advice and the sources where they can get the issue resolved.
You must focus & tell them the other things where you are able to help them if they need.

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3- Be Polite in your Tone & Speak Gently

Be Polite and Speak Gently when you are using a ‘No’ word to your customers


Transparency is an important factor when dealing with customers. You must know they know it all or if not then they will know it all with various sources.
You can’t fake anything. To be upfront with them is good but not in a harsh way. Be gentle with them. They will only come back to you again when they see the honesty factor in you.

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4- Guide Them Through The Next Steps

When you are saying ‘no’ to them, do not forget to guide and inform them about the companies policies.Providing them with the solutions, steps to be taken therein. Make them feel that you are trying to make things fine.

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5- Time is Precious, Time is Cost

When you talk in the context of business then time is your cost. Every single minute you invest in any task counts. The customers who are churned out affects the business because a lot of efforts has gone in getting them for the first time. The time you invested in providing the customer service to them and others.
If they take your lot of time, suggest them the best solution and thank them. This will not be a rude gesture. You will manage to get rid of them without flaming the situation.

6- Kindness & Gratitude Go Long way

There is a limit to which you would like to or to which you can lend help to your customers. Neither you want to leave them with negativity towards you nor want to compromise yourself.
When you say ‘No’ in a respectful manner which reflects your kindness and gratitude towards your customer, it will only leave a positive impact irrespective of the fact that you were not able to solve their issue.


7- Alternatives are there to your Rescue


When you’re unable to fulfill the requirements of the customers than straight away saying no to their face means they are gone. You lost them.You must be smart enough to tell them about the alternative providers who can offer them what they require. This will make them happy as they will feel that you do care for them so what if you can’t meet their demand.

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8- Positioning & Image Creation

Showcase yourself as an expert in your field in front of your customers. Tell them you know what’s best to be done or what’s best for them or who can be the best provider of what they want etc.

You must tell them this product won’t be good for them although it can be good for some specific people. They must try the other one instead.

Try to position yourself as an expert for example when you deal in cosmetics and unable to provide certain product, offer the other best alternative available with you.

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Tips to Deliver Proactive Customer Service through Social Media

7 Quick Tips to Handling your Customer Service through Social Media

Online Business Tips for Customer Service and Customer retention via Social Media.


You must know what it takes to get the social media customer service right. To excel in your social media customer service you need to work on certain things.
As we know today more and more people demand customer service via social media so we don’t second this thought of questioning the worth of social media customer service.

Important Lessons to be learned for making customer centric Marketing Strategy

Various studies have revealed different statistics in respect to customer engagement, service subscription rate, customer relationship and more as a result of this online customer service strategy but the fact remains that all the studies have shown that this strategy is definitely a boon for the brands, for the businesses. And it must be implemented and carried on in the most acceptable way.

Tips for delivering Customer Service through Social Media
Customer Service through Social Media

Customer service Via Social media has its own benefits that’s why most of the brands have fervently adopted this practice. Find out the quick and easy tips for the same in this article.

Here’s now bringing to you certain tips to deliver proactive customer service via social media:

1- Choice Of Social Media Platform


Choose the right Social Media Platforms for your business-350x200
Pick the Social media Platforms that are most suitable for your biz


Don’t try hit and miss approach here. You cannot just guess or take advice from people to find the best social media platform to get in touch with your customers and your target audience. Chances are they might be wrong and you may suffer the consequences.

Best thing that could be done is conducting a a one question survey by sending emails asking customers which social media platform do they use most and listing down all the options from which they can choose like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, YouTube, Slideshare and others.

It would be hectic for you to continuously checking your social media feeds. How would yo come to know when your customers need your help in that case.

Well, to your rescue here are tools like social mentions, mention etc available to alert you when you, your product gets mentioned on social media. These tools work wonders for marketing but they are as important for customer support as well.

3- Check Out For The Misspelled Names

Many of the times customers doesn’t really know the spelling correctly and he/she may type the wrong handle when trying to mention you.

Therefore, you need to search for your product or business name with the possible misspelled variations that customers would likely have made. Making assumptions won’t be right here. You just can’t assume that every customer would know or write your spelling correct.

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4- Response Time


Speed does matter on social media. Unlike emails, calls or personal service where speed hardly counts, social media is just opposite to all as far as speed is concerned.

The response expectancy varies with time here on this online platform.People moreover expect a 24/7 response time. Try to respond as quickly as possible when handling customer queries online. A little delay can force the customer to give up on you.

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5- Tone Of Voice

Social platforms like Twitter where there is word limit restriction and it takes 140 characters to get to the damn point which can be quite difficult as you might not get the right tone in that word limit or be more expressive or show concern or appreciation towards your customer.

Try to tailor your tone according to the needs of each customer you encounter online. Understand there tone and reciprocate. See if they use emoticons than you might use as well.

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6- Transfer Sensitive Issues Offline

Not every issues need to be discussed online. Some issues requires privacy or some might require an elaborated response which could be hard to carry forward online.

Therefore, you must understand the sensitivity of the issue, information and change the communication channel. You may go for telephonic conversation instead or email.

How to make a long lasting relationship with your customers

7- Good Knowledge Base Helps

Using your knowledge base for customer support service can be of immense benefit. It can make your customers happier and help you build your image by delivering better support on social media.

With a good knowledge base you will be able to deliver faster customer service. Providing the customers with ste by step guide with easy to follow steps therein would save your time and effort instead of explaining the multi step process yourself.

Chances are they might miss out on some important steps. Switch to knowledge based articles instead. It will be helpful for you as well as the customers.

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Social Media Customer Service Strategy Tips for the Best Customer Experience


4 Simple Steps to Formulating a Customer Service Strategy for a Remarkable Customer Experience


Social media conversations if carried on in the best manner can build your reputation as well as brand name and nothing gets better than providing customer service via social media.
Before getting into the detailed discussion on this, you must first get the answer to some questions from yourself:-
How active are you on social media?
How responsive are you to customers queries?
How often do you go out of the way to solve their problems?
Do you really customize your interactions with them?
To what extent are you able to gain their trust and satisfy/convince them?
Social Media Customer Service Strategy
Social Media Customer Service Strategy


These and some more questions can be added to the queue. This very article is going to help you out by elaborating some points highlighting the ways by which social media conversations can create a remarkable customer experience.
Let us take a look at these:-

1- Leave An Impact

Providing customer service via social media is a great deal. It will allow you to connect with your customer in real time without any delay. Resolving issues on call is not a bad idea but giving something beyond a generic service holds more value.

Connecting with customers on social media is a positive approach and creative thinking to handle customer’s issues. When you see the customer comes up with a query on this online public platform and you see and fix that problem. This whole thing is not hidden.

People can see the way you solved the customer’s issue and get impressed. You might get potential new customers this way and make your existing customer happy as well.

Therefore, you must address the customer’s complaints and compliments and must not leave any stone unturned to create an exceptionally remarkable and unforgettable experience for your customers on social media when doing so.

2- Be Attentive

There are those conversations where one is giving due attention and the other is lost somewhere in their dreamland or putting the conversation on hold every now and then due to some or the other work.

This is something very annoying and leads to frustration. Conversation is a two way process. For communication to be effective both the parties must actively participate in the conversation. Now similar goes for social media.

You can only create a lasting impact on your customers when you are attentive and supportive no matter what the situation is. Listen to what your customers has to say when you invite them online. Do not mess up things by multitasking at that very moment. Your efforts must be reflected in your conversation.

Make sure your attention does not gets distracted from your customer and fades in & out as that would be more than irritating and you can lose your customer forever which would affect your brand image online as well.

Example here can be given of Netflix that is known for its superior online customer service.


3- Stay Active On Social Media


People who would want to know more about say your prospective customers for that matter, would go on social media to search for your page or account.

Now when they see dull and sluggish page/account they will develop a negative perception about your brand.

In order to create lasting relationship with the existing customer base and open the doors for new ones, you will have to be consistent and active along with being responsive on social media.

4- Go Out Of The Way To Provide Support

A little extra will only bring you favour. Look out for and make use of every little opportunity that come your way to up your business game and help you grow as a brand.

A regular check on your social media accounts on all the platforms/sites is a must. You never know any moment opportunity can knock your door.

Make sure you are monitoring on regular basis.Your customers want to be heard. Be prompt in your response and appreciate what customers wants to tell. Now go out of the way to extend support to them so that you get customer for life.

Customer Care Tips – How to Build A Long-Term Relationship With Customers?


The Marketing Science of Building long lasting and better relationships with customers.


What are the Basic Tips to Follow while Serving your Customers?


Marketing doesn’t means selling goods or services to customers and you’re done No, the process doesn’t end here rather marketing is aimed towards providing satisfaction to them by establishing a good relationship through way of delivering the best quality, quantity with reliability.

This helps in retaining the customer and you will enjoy long patronage of your customers.


Customer Care and Customer Retention Tips 


The Role of Marketing Channels in Customer Care and Support Services


But as we know it’s easier said than done. Building relationship with customers is itself a process that involves various stages right from the very first meet & communication to recognizing their taste & preference (needs & wants) to keeping up in touch via messaging, emailing, etc.

Emailing has proved its great role initially and was quite successful for the businesses but when any idea implemented becomes a success people start adopting that technique, way or medium.


email Marketing Tips for Beginners


Let’s take an example of emails here. Emails might be easy way for you to reach out to your customer but as every business must be doing the same think about your prospects/ customers who would be receiving emails in bulk from everywhere every business.

Mere dependency on emails won’t work in the current scenario because success & efficiency of channel diminishes with the time.

Gone are the days when single channel marketing used to reap the fruits.

Today with the regular advancement of technologies in almost every field things are changing drastically. Automation is the trend these days and to a great extent it has helped the marketers.


Personalization of emails with data could help in maintaining long term relationship with prospects/customers.


Combination of Email & Data: Next to perfection- This is a fact of emailing in the context of marketing that it won’t work until & unless it personally relates to the prospect.


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The solution to this comes in the form of Marketing automation. This is a platform that allows businesses to streamline, measure marketing tasks and with the help of data collected from the prospects or customers this helps marketers know the need to employ personalization for the purpose of ensuring that the right message reaches the right person at the right time during the purchase process.


Role of Marketing Automation:-

For a successful email campaign you need to have understanding of how to develop personalized nurturing strategy and marketing automation does all the working here for you in this segment.


Customer Care Basic and Fundamental Tips To Remember for Establishing a Long Term Relationship with your Customers


Customer Care Basic and Fundamental Tips-500x400
Some Basic and Fundamental Tips to Follow while Serving your Customers
Highlighting few points how it works for you in establishing relationship with your contacts or prospects:-

– Understand their needs


On the first interaction of prospect with your brand, make sure they are convinced with you. A positive behavior showing understanding towards their need would help & then list how your brand can satisfy it.

– Email greetings


A welcome email would leave a great impact on the prospects.

– Personalized Emails


Avoid repetitive mails rather personalized emails would make the prospects feel more personal connection with the brand.

– Listen Carefully


Listen to what actually your prospects are trying to say & what they need or what improvisation or changes they need or are suggesting.

– Be Polite



Be Polite to your customers-500x400
Every Customer likes to be Treated Politely


In a positive tone in a polite manner respond accordingly after listening to them.

This was all about how market automation can help in building & maintaining relationship with the customers or potential customers.

Social Media Tips for Customer Care and Support


Other ways through which relationship with customers can be developed & maintained are:-



– Maintain the much needed Reliability


The product or service you are selling should be reliable and be able to fulfil their expectation. Your product  can be a thing which could make their life easier and better. Never give up on reliability aspect as it is of supreme importance.

Customer centric marketing strategy

– Build Faith and Trust


As they say trust is the backbone and foundation of great relationships same is in the case with customers. Once you are successful in winning their trust via your product. They will keep coming back to you.

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– Quality


Focus on quality cannot be ignored. No quality means no customer.

How to make customers satisfied

– Constant Communication


Establish a connection with customers via emailing & other channels. Tell about new products available, take their advice, know what kind of product they need & satisfy their demand.

How to Deliver Customer Support through Social Media


– Appreciation


Appreciate your customers for its is imperative for establishing emotional connection with them so that they would prefer you over other market players. Look out for the genuine reasons to appreciate these time to time.

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– Goodwill & Reputation



Your goodwill & reputation in the market will speak for itself and it will attract maximum amount customers who can be retained.

Upselling and Cross Selling Tips to get Loyal Customers

– Loyalty & Respect


Give and take of respect is the ultimate weapon for maintaining cordial relationship. Loyalty is no different. Make sure you treat your customers the best you can.

– Be Responsive


You should never ignore your customers. Answer their queries in a proper way. Do not delay in responding as may lose them.

Make the customer the hero of your story


– Feedback


Take time to time feedbacks from customers about your services, their demands, are they satisfied and stuff like that.

All the above things can undoubtedly help you in maintaining long term happy relationship with your customers.