Beginners Tips to Sell Technology to the Ones that are Not Tech Savvy

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Selling Technology to those who are not Tech Savvy Needs a Different Level of understanding About the Consumers : Explore these Killer Tips


The focus of the tech marketers usually remains on the young generation because of the very reason that they are quick adapters of latest technology. They see what’s new in the market and grab it. But while keeping their focus to this limited segment businesses are unable to tap other opportunities that exist for them.

It is just that a little more intelligent planning, strategy making is all what required to serve the untapped.


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Sell Technology to those Who are not Tech Savvy

Yes, you might have guessed by now who I am talking about. It is the older demographic which are overlooked by almost all in the technology sector especially. Targeting people who are not tech savvy can boost up the business ten times more.

You need plan and adjust things according to the audience you are targeting. Rest things will fall into place itself.

In this article we have listed down some of the tips to sell technology to those who are not tech savvy. So here we go!


Many tech marketers prefer to focus on the younger generation, as these customers are already used to adopting new technology. While that’s not a bad idea, think about who has stable jobs, disposable income, and kids or grandchildren to buy gifts for. Targeting an older demographic, especially when they’re ignored by other marketers, can create a huge opportunity for your company. You’ll need to adjust your tactics to reach people who aren’t as tech-savvy, but it can be done.

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1. Emphasize on “easy to use” factor


The thing which stands as a hurdle in targeting &,capturing the Older generation is their misconception about themselves that they cannot understand this new technology.


Here’s the catch now. In order to make this older lot of potential customers you need to show them how your product needs no prior knowledge by anyone to get started with. You need to give them a demo and make your product look simplest to use.


It all starts with the product packaging. Not only does your package shows but it should speak of its key features at the forefront. On holding the box of your product, ‘that’s not tough for me to use’, ‘I can use it easily’ & reactions like these must come from the consumers.

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2. Offline or In-store Demonstration


With e-commerce trend today online shops has taken over brick & mortar stores. But still major segment of the potential customers remain untapped in some sectors because they don’t have physical retail stores. Especially the businesses that are into technology products.

Apple retail stores being one major example to quote here when talking about the importance of retail stores.


When you are selling technology, no matter if you have the best demo video, best product descriptions and guide to use the product, still people are skeptical to purchase tech products until they feel it by using & taking its trial.


When you have a retail store (offline) people can visit, take the product, test it by using it. The employees therein can guide the customers through the key features of the product, and impress them which too can motivate the people to buy the product.


The older generation or let’s call older customers here in this context are more likely to visit brick & mortar store instead of purchasing online. So if you want to sell technology to people who are not tech savvy then the most important thing is to have a physical store as well.

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3. Offer Live Customer Service via Phone


If your target audience is not tech-savvy then will it be fair to offer them customer support that becomes trouble for them more than a support system? Chats and emails will not be their thing but let us not ignore the fact that the trend is moving towards these.


Every customer at some point of time needs customer support. Why not provide the target audience with the customer service that they are comfortable with?

At the end of the day, you want your customer’s issue to be solved and him/her to be satisfied with the service. So here for the target audience offering live phone customer support will be the best idea.

Although it will add to your expense but will return you threefold in the form of increased sales. Even added expense too is not a big deal.

You can provide this service free of cost for few initial months and later can apply charges after the time period gets over. This will help you control your cost as well. But make sure that in initial few months you are focused on capturing market by all means.


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4. Let your answers be more genuine, relatable & need based


The universal question “Why should i buy your product?” never stops chasing marketers, sellers, retailers. Now herein when you are dealing with old people who have life long experience in doing things in a way different from the modern style or let’s just call it in simple words old fashioned way, so in such case you cannot go ahead and escape yourself by giving common answers like the product will save your money, time, energy & will be convenient or likewise.



These answers won’t work here because they might not be having any problem that needs to be solved. Therefore, think out of the box and see what this old segment of target customers must be in need of and accordingly be pro with your answers.


Hit their emotional chords via your answers like the product will help you to keep in touch with your family, watch your near ones live on phone, help you to keep record of your important things, plans & to-do list (as old people tend to forget things), help you to match with the moving technology, share experiences with family, children, grand children, etc.

So think about all what an old fashioned person will need and frame the answers that best fits in.


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