Free Advertising Sites in South Africa – Top 10 SA Classifieds for Online Ad Posting

Best Advertising Sites in South Africa for 2023: Listing of Free Online Marketing Sites for SA


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Post Free Classified Ads in South Africa over the Best Advertising Sites for Posting Ads

Free Advertising Sites in South Africa- 2023 S.A. Classifieds for Business Marketing


Advertisements always play a pivotal role to have more business conversions, especially in the online business fraternity. There are many ways of advertising a business or products today. But, online advertising is the most popular and commonest of them all due to the reason that it is free of cost. Though, we can have paid and a free ad on different online media. Classified sites serve the purpose of posting free ads on the Internet.


Online Ads in South Africa

Like in any other country in the world, online ads play an integral part of digital marketing. They are an inseparable part of digital advertising in the country. Online ads are used in online marketing or Internet based advertising through web and mobile based advertising. As per statics offered by, the digital advertising in South Africa is projected to reach US$566M in 2023.

Online ads are reached to the target audience through Mobile based advertising or computer/laptop based adverts. In other way, you may call them as web based and app based ads. Nowadays, people make a good use of Mobile advertising apps to search and post online ads in their locality. Otherwise, majority of online ads are still present though web based advertising. For the later, we use classified sites to publish online ads. So, for this segment you can use the below mentioned sites to publish free online ads in South Africa for any locality or regions.


Top 10 Free Advertising Sites in South Africa for Posting Online Advertisements:


Small business owners and advertisers from South Africa love them because Online Classifieds offer easy, simple, and free way of advertising. To make free online business advertising in South Africa you can confidently use this list of top 10 SA free classified sites.


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Top 10 Free Online Advertising Sites in South Africa-322x189
Top 10 Advertising Sites in South Africa


Free advertisements are also a good option in having an excellent business conversion, though the tag ‘free’ gives a cheap feel. You don’t feel silly about the tag ‘free’ as long as it can give you good conversion edge. The online business directory is an excellent source of reference for finding out free online advertisement sites.



Top 10 Free Classified Sites in South Africa 2023 for Business Advertising Online:


People who want to take their business to the next level of growth, and want to utilize the unlimited scope of free online publicity options, for doing business in South Africa, then free classified Sites from South Africa is a good choice. Most of the small business owners in South Africa prefer these advertising platforms as they are free, simple, and easier to use.

In this article, we are introducing top 10 best free online advertisement sites that are offering best online services for free advertising in South Africa. These sites can boost your business in South Africa and promote its scopes to the global level. It can give better search engine results and increase your business conversions.



#1. South Africa Yellow Pages


Yellow Pages are very popular all over the world, and South African yellow pages are equally popular and doing incredible results in promoting business in South Africa. For the marketing services and supporting businesses, it gives quicker and accurate results.


South Africa Yellow Pages-yellowpages-co-za-600x300 Most Popular Business Classified Website in SA


In the Yellow Pages, you can easily create your own profile and write the relevant information related to the firm. It offers great features and you can easily keep a list of suppliers, product rates and can have easy access to the customers.


Online Yellow Page advertisement sites are second to none and are a perfect platform to give the unique identity for your business. South Africa Yellow Pages is a great advertising site and you can take immensely important benefits of free digital marketing for your business.


#2. is a lucrative South African free business advertising portal for promoting and accomplishing your business objectives. On this portal, you can easily update business details, and its category section makes things easy for the customer to identify the seller and product.


SouthAfrican-za-net-classifieds-site-600x300 Business Directory Submission Site in SA


You just need to simply register and login into the online advertisement site to enjoy the business marketing services it offers. It is a business directory submission site.


#3. OLX South Africa


When it comes to buying and selling a new or old product OLX South Africa is indeed a better choice to have territory targeted service. You will have the option to upload your product pictures and also can publish the product details and contact address.


OLX_south_africa-top-classifieds-site-olx_co_za_600x300  South African Best Classifieds Site


The site provides a client to supplier direct contact and is virtually free. You can also have paid service, which shall be having more customer and sales notifications. The site has unique interface features, make keyword searching a hassle free experience.


It also has mobile app, which will let you get in touch with your customers and stay connected with all business alerts when you are on the move. The classified sites offer various products sections which make finding a product a smooth experience. For sign up details, check Free South African Business Advertising section of OLX.


#4. EasyInfo: to Promote your Business in SA


EasyInfo allows the free listing to promote your business in South Africa. The South African free online advertising site assures 1 million audited impression per month, which shows its might in terms customer reachability.


Registering and uploading your product images are simple with this site. The site will also offer free entry of your business details, helping the clients to know bit more about your organization.


In addition to the free online classifieds, the sites also offer paid services. Contacting the help desk service will provide all required information, for paid and High Domain Authority Classified Submission Sites.


#5. Locanto SA:


For people who are looking for end to end or people to people classified advertisements, then Locanto SA is the most popular free classified South African site targeting main cities in South Africa.


LOcanto_south_Africa_top_classifieds_site_locanto-co-za_600x300 South African Top Classifieds Site


You can find all your petty requirements on this site. For selling your used car, household items or receiving babysitter service, or part-time gardener, whatever you want, you can find it.

The site covers almost all section, one need to have, and the postings are absolutely free.

It is very popular because of its metro reachability, and it works like a metro classified. You can post your advertisement city wise and also have search option city wise. Great options and thus you will have guaranteed results.


#6. South African Small Business Directory


South African Small Business Directory is one of the densely searched Business Directory websites and business advertisement portal offering free and paid classified ad services.


The site provides augmented standards to optimize your online presence and thus helping to have quick business conversions. Categorized and item wise classifieds and points system are the highlighted features of South African Small Business Directory making it different from the peers.


Publishing business advertisements is made simple, and clients shall have maximum exposure for their products.


#7. HotFrog SA

HotFrog SA has a straight-forward reporting tool, helping to promote your product visibility online by their free advertisement features. The South African online ad portal started in 2005, and today it has the presence over 38 countries with a reach of 120 million plus customers all over the world.



The portal, Hotfrog.SA, offers excellent business promotion scope for South Africa based business enterprises and individual traders.


It offers an array of wonderful features such as publishing business profile, editing profiles, customer oriented publicity strategies, tracking of customer behavior, distributing potential customer details from other free domains, etc.


#8. Findit


NO matter what kind of business you are doing, Findit is the best South African online advertisement sites to promote your business/products to the best possible level and create business conversions.


Whether it is a trade, commerce, business or any other business, you can easily post free advertisements and reap amazing results. After signing up with Findit Page, the member shall have a dedicated space to build the brand and promote the product.


The site will allow you to upload the product pictures, YouTube presentations, audio clips, Press Releases, etc. You will have the option to compile the advertisements to a ‘Right Now’ post and share with different social media platforms and index the ads on search engines for better reach to the targeted customers.


It is one of the best South African Business Directory, accepting an online listing, helping people to find various business opportunities in South Africa.


#9. South Africa B2B


South Africa B2B is leading free South African Business Advertising online site for wholesalers, distributors, and small businesses enterprises. The online portal has various business sections, which are indexed with proper keywords, allowing visitors to meet the right products.

South Africa B2B free advertising platform

Simple sign up process let you activate your membership, and after approval of the registration, you are free to upload your products. The online portal started its operation since 2002, and more than 651,700 companies have been using its platform for various business activities.

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#10. Anazi: Top South African Real Estate Classified:


Anazi is an exclusively South African online advertisement portal, which accepts ad materials that have any connection with South Africa. So, if you want to put your company web details on Anazi, your domain should have a generic TLD za.

Anazi is basically a free real estate and job advertising site in South Africa and you can also browse jobs on this. Find here a list of top real estate advertising sites if you want to post ads exclusively for property business.




The portal has two sections, the Search Engine (SA Web) and the directory section, the SD Directory. Your advertisement shall be publishing after admin approval, under the submitted category.

The admin keeps a strict policy to publish materials relevant to South Africa and South African market. No other advertisements shall be posting on this portal.

Keyword search options, Meta-tagging, etc., are the highlighted features of the site.

#11. SA Classified Sites, like Gumtree, Craigslist, etc


The sites as mentioned above in this listing are mainly for business advertising, leads, SEO, promotion, and free digital marketing. If you want to check out what about the tradition online classifieds in South Africa like Gumtree or Craigslist then check the below mentioned sites for your reference. The ad sites given below are very popular, trustworthy, search engine friendly, and highly visited portals.


#11.1 Gumtree South Africa:


Gumtree Classifieds for South Africa

Gumtree is a very famous classified portal, specially for UK and Australia, though, it is quite well known name in SA as well. You must check out this classified for SA for several categories, such as: Cars & Bikes, Electronics, Home & Garden, Property, Jobs, Automotive Vehicles, Services, Boats & Watercraft, and many others.

#11.2: Craigslist South Africa: Craigslist, as you may already be knowing that it is a world renown network of classified sites, including South Africa. Craigslist offers separate portals based on local areas. For SA, Craigslist is mainly present in the following regions: Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, and Pretoria.




Free online advertisement options are a solace for millions of people, who feel internet ads are expensive. You can find many South African free online classified ad services in South Africa, other than what has been referring in this article. If you have got a budget for making online marketing for your business then you should visit here to find the most popular advertising platforms for generating leads and sales.


Some of the popular ad sites such as Craigslist are city centered, and they have few options available and is an excellent option if you want to have a city-specific free advertisement. They don’t offer service coverage to the entire South Africa.


The Things that make free online classifieds popular are:- They give many advertisements options, such as keyword centric, city-centric, client-centric, providing information about the clients’ behavior, etc., and give you excellent exposure by doing few tweaks. These free classified South African sites are helpful to promote your business, find new clients and offer more business conversions.


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