Top 10 Classifieds Sites in Denmark. Free Online Advertising in Denmark

What Are The 10 Best Denmark Based Advertising Sites to Post Classified Ads Free Online?


Top 10 Denmark Classifieds Sites- Most Popular Online Places in the country for Free Advertising!

When it comes to selling your business, may it be products or services, then it’s best to go online! The Internet has a ton of opportunities you are able to check out. With millions of people using the Internet, you have much more of a database and potential clients to make connections with.

Plus, it’s a more affordable way to sell what you have to offer! There are a number of websites that enable you to post your advertisements for free or for a small fee. That way, you introduce your brand and products to its many visitors, and you will get to build your business that way.



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Online Advertising Places in Denmark used by most of the advertisers in the Country

What Are The 10 Most Popular Free Classifieds Sites for Online Advertising in Denmark?


You can find websites list based on regions and countries. For those in Denmark, we show you the Top 10 best Denmark-based online classified advertising sites where you can post adverts for personal reasons or for marketing a business.

Here is this list:-


Denmark Craigslist:


As you already may be knowing that Craigslist is one of the top classifieds around the world for its reputation, age, simplicity, popularity, and credibility among users. It has a traditional look but very fast to load and browse and creates no burden to anyone whoever visits this site for searching or posting ads online. Craigslist Copenhagen is in full Danish language, though you may use Google or other translator if you are from out of Denmark.

Craigslist Denmark is free to use and free to publish advertisements. It is a great option for Danish buyers as well sellers.

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Gulog Gratis.DK ( is also a great option for anyone looking a good Danish classified site for personal and business purpose. They have around half a million ads on their site and thousands of classifieds are published on daily basis. It offers great browsing and searching features with modern look and advanced options for anyone interested in buy-sell old or new items, housing property, business, sales marketing, home, electronics, etc.



#1. DBA- Denmark’s Largest Online Trade Portal



DBA’s website is already filled with many ads by people who are either selling new or secondhand items. You will be directed to a page where you have the newest ads lined up, and the different categories you are able to check out.

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#2. Gumtree Denmark


GumTree has a light and friendly interface that allows you to scroll through different ads and post yours as well. You have all the ad categories available, and you can even search for other places besides Denmark.

Gumtree is a world renowned advertising sites for personal and business reasons.

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#3. Adsark Denmark


AdsArk has one of the simplest interfaces. The design may not be top notch, but it definitely does the job in serving you when it comes to posting ads and viewing them. Their ads are SEO friendly. There is no registration required, and you can even link the ad to your website.


#4. kugli business local regional classifieds for DK


Kugli, just like AdsArk, doesn’t have the best design but has tons of categories and ads posted, as well as the huge traffic that will view your ads. Registration is free, and posting ads is as easy as 1, 2, 3!


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#5. Justlanded English Denmark Classifieds Ads


JustLanded doesn’t only show categories for items, but you can also sell your pets or even look for a job. You can post job offerings and items for sale with ease, may it be properties or cars. They focus more on moving and real estate.


#6. Expatads- Popular Online advertising site for Denmark

What’s great about ExpatAds is that there is no registration required and it’s entirely for free! You have the choice whether to view or post ads being shown almost everything you need in one website. This is another popular advertisement posting site for global locations.


#7. denmark.usauk-classifieds


This doesn’t only cater to Denmark, but to all other regions and countries around Europe and US as well. This increases your popularity and chances of being seen by other customers around the area. You also have the chance to feature your listings on their sidebar for more views.


#8. Vivastreet Denmark Classifieds ads


From real estate to services, VivaStreet is a local advertising website that has you meeting up with many people around you for products and services. The featured and newly posted ads are immediately shown, so you will be assured of visitors when posting your ad.


#9. Denmark global free classified ads


While this is a worldwide website, it caters to Denmark as well, with more people looking at your ads and being able to link back to your website. That way, you earn more followers and traffic, thus creating potential customers.


#10. Denmark qtellads


QTellPlus has all the categories and items for sale, so you are able to post whatever you need to advertise and have the target audience contact you with ease. Whether it’s an event, service or item, it’s all free of charge and easy to post.



In Conclusion


The Internet has become a source of gaining connections for business and companies. You have millions of people who will be checking your products out, and you’ll be assured potential clients and an easy form of communication when transacting!


Luckily, there are now websites that offer free advertising of your business. With these Denmark-based online classified sites, you will now be able to properly show your ads to your target audience with ease. Not only that, but you will save a lot of money and reap the benefits posting your products online has to offer! So what are you waiting for?


If you have something to sell and want to boost your business, then check out what classified advertising sites will be able to give you.


Did you enjoy the article? If you have any comments or suggestions, then post them below! We would love to hear your thoughts and what you have to say about these advertising sites.


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